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December 29, 1961     The Observer
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December 29, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1961 THE OBSERVER SOURCE OF CONTROVERSY 9ire m isis r II J . PHILADELPHIA, (NC) " The Con I WASHINGTON (NC) -- The L created by the 1958 National De- mecueal commission ol me"1 : . federal government will spend [ fense Education Act. gregatlon of Rites in Rome hasi seven million dollars next yearI It said that $4.4 million will approved two miracles in the to step up its program of traininglbe used to finance a year of beatification cause of the Vener- counselors for high school stu- graduate level training for some able John Nenomucene Neumann I dents. 600 cotlnselors and that $2.6 mil- fourth Bisho;of Philadelphia, i;.The program played a role in i~aO:r ~iellssb:n:S~odr tOa=P~ert 27{~ l the recent Congressionat contro- was fllSCiOSeO nero. l versy over federal aid to educa- counselors. The officials in Rome said their|on because it denies equal bone- The new emphasis, said the of- decision approving the miracles is fits to counselors in public and rice, is on graduate training a striking advance in Bishop in church-related and other pri-I,which eventually will be offered ~vate schools who attend train|n-i In all counselors WhO nave neon Neumann's cause and indicated ~ ' institutes tramed under the program. hit is possible his beatification " ~ The federal money is used to !,The U.S. Office of Education reould take place before the end announced the seven million dol finance training institutes at pub- of 1962 ' I 1 f r "h ro-ram" r lie and private colleges Loyola ar allocaI:lon o t e p g," Miracles Cure Ailing -- university, Chicago; Fordham uni- One alleged miracle involves a[ --" -- fversity, New York: and Mar-[ ." I~lg E~ ~Ylfl~ll [quette university, Milwaukee, are] gnlfrom Modena in northern IJIIJ1~: /"tEgEE "" ',] Y ]Catholic institutions scheduled to[ Ital who in 1923 at the age of Y, ',I'R~ i1~ e [cooperate in the program during] ~:,st~llSalC:e.ed of peiltonlt]s and /O r'res.enr /thThneX~oSghoolsiYea;'controversy The other alleged miracle is thej'r~i ,~J,g~e /centered on the program's case of a man from suburban,~P~/I~,~ lstipends and other aids provided] Philadelphia who at the age of 19, ]counselors from public schools l l '- 1949, suffered a fractured skull/ NEW YORK, (NC)--Blue Army. while attending the institutes, but ] and multiple internal injuries /tclevis|on has completed "Crisis," ] denied to student advisors from' When he was reRarded as doomed/a series of 13 films exploring the I church-related and other private by doctors, members of his fam- threat of international communism[schools ' ily and friends made a novena tolto;he/~en wo:~d.the program to !e};b~m SwCehe ~l p~e:chelSl~:e:n~:i WHITE-ROBED PROTECTOR--A few of the 275 children eared Bishop Neumann for his intention PP g for at the Talc le er don ' " " l "i ~ " f ach de endent p e y s nursery flock around their idol and A relic of the Bishop's was appliedlanswer qu:SUr0nn:n ar~Y pr:a~mglpIffvl;t: :e~oKol t:achersPdo noi: protector, Father Anthony Leo Hofstee, O.P of Seattle, Wash to him and within a matter of Amer can " wh ca ] o red for over 800 children of lepers m hm 14 years In the hours his condition imnroved He/John F Kennedy Rmhard Carut- get these oenems out are cnargeui v /,~" . ', ' : rnidppines. A ~ormer Air Force chaplain, the white-robed was discharged from the hosnitalinal tmsning Arcnolsnop ot t~os- no tunmn ~, .-, " . vominican came to Tala after World War II and with the aid of less than a mouth after he had ton, Sen Hubert H Humphrey of The Senate ~aoor ann J:-uonc; " ' ~Welfare committee ro osed in government grants has developed the little colony of 2,400 into a entered it and has since enjoyed Minnesota; former United Nations P, P, . thriving community. normal good health [Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge;[me last t;ongress mat equal ,~. o m IAmbassador Carlos P. Romulo oflstipends be given all teachers, ,-~*L,~,t ~L, e*A~,r. rmaa wieeungs lo ~o e Ithe Philippines, and Gen. Alfred!but the House Education commit- ~K/-~I~ ID~/-~I~ D~I~: Before a fmal decision .on theiM. Gruenther president of the!tee refused to go along with such Bishops cause is reached there[American Red Cross inn amendment No action was f%xL n J ' l !~ .' . will be three major meetings by Eo,~h film is phoned with a five.ltaken on the floor of either qk J| []llF~.r I~.~l[|nl'-]l~71| r~[711rllrllE ~ .~.~ an[ a~ t~ [~ . "q~" aB nVl n "qk~niVl nqk~n ~'qa~li iq~ me bongiegauon o[nl~es n lllustrat c amber : Iminute dramatic sketch " -] i antepreparatory, attended by con- asnect of the communist -- ] sultors .of the congregation;,'i"Thies will be followed preparatory one, attenfleu oy me .in series of interviews exploring!r||~| YV lll~l i|lF|~y L-J%I~|,| cardinals;C ngregati n'Sand theC nsult rSfinal or plenaryand [ the pIoblem in greater depth a ~, II n II IT g% ~ I'~e~ K Ur~I WASHINGTON (N C) --A Fran-,would be above their natural de- one, at which His Holiness Pope[ ]EV ~w I ciscan theologian says God could mands, he claims John XXIII will be present, n l " " II t .I,! ! f have created rational beings with Preternatural Gifts addttmn tothecaldlnals and I "' '" I~ll ,~aT['~O||C ]loUrlmaterial bodies ou other planets. , s,He could preternaturally en consultor. 11 I 'The existence of such beings ' ' " ts not o osed t an truth of r~ch them with infused knowled e From the final meeting comes NEW YORK (NC) -- Father]' pp o y " ' " g , the decision that a party is de- K e ~,] ~- ~ ~- a n t Hubert van Zeller, o S B British:the natural or supernatural or- with freedom from inordinate clared blessed, and a date ~s set "1 Benedictine writer, will discuss der, writes the Rev. T. J. Zubek, concupiscence, freedom from suf- for the beatification ceremony the Christian vocation in the mod-[O.F.M of St. Rita's church, Buf- fering and death, and other gifts Bishop Neumann, who was born ern world on a four-part nationalifalo, N.Y in the December is- of body and soul, without elevat- in Bohemia iu 1811, died in Phila- ing them into a supernatural or- on Jal]uary 5, 1860 He, der,u :i[hout imposing upon them worked among Germans in a s p natural destiny and with- t. a commercial and ~i~gt~a F~eN" Y;'ib:f rHJ in~ ?:: sg~c~lganth:md ad~q:awt:.itmseans, a ~col~e~m;:;:sran~Oa; ~:n s:?S~ c:I%S:u~tetp~V:;'on going to college, . g P. f Z r' I ' ' Iwouldn't it be better to take the commercial course? Dmceo in me c~ypt o bt ~ete s In la~s case he says the life chtu ch in Philadelphia. of such creatures can be imagined [ A. iNlO~elf y:s~lehat~e :h:naebfl~lYmfothtihse eO~age Pt:Pt~t:t~Yr~et~:i The vice postulator of his canse as "quite beautiful " And he It w e . g "-" P" "~ " t is~ Father" Fl'ancis J. Litz C SS R ,lparish Dec 17 itsch 82 H i broadcast on the Sundays of I, The priest's article deals main- adds, "we could infer quite iogie- i course, rather than to attempt me opposite. J~VenarU yOUouOOnfor ~technig 0 Mrs Anna B De 0 Y h ourses that ou take will better pre e of St. Peter's church in Philadel- Angels parsh Dec 18 ' ' January from2:30 to 3 p.m. ly with the ways in which other ally to a great cultural develon-Ic llege' t e c ,y P Y " h]n '~ t Peter A. Scimlz, 59, Sacred Heart (EDT) over the National Broad-, creatures might be related to -.---.rn~'~ ~ohi~,~a~.~,~ * h ~,~,h ~ h,;*=o,Cal, trade or commercial SChOOlS niter toga scno01. ----~[ ELGIN--Richard Struckman, 27 castmg Company radio network. Goa. [through a period of time" ------- [ PAUl. CARLSON AGENCY [ISt F o a iS lD Ce tones 72 ~he program is prodnced by the~ Two of the possibilities he dis-i Father Zubek als- wr;~oo *~*[ Q I am much concerned because the colleges in which I am in- I NSURANCE -- REALTY Jlst. Joseph ho~l"~ for the 'aged, Dec: National Council of Catholic Men cusses are that they are fallen space creatures because ;]~e~~ tere'sted take only one out of three or four who apply to them Does J Phone 105 Erie 1t21GENEVA Mrs Carmela Alongi in cooperation with NBC. beings, "devils incarnate," or w la .~ ~ .r~'o ; ~ A.~.~: a student with a hiuh B average who is not a genius, still have a I ~ 1161. St Peter--parian Dec 19 '~ that they live a beautiful life. ~'~': ''~. ;,-,-or,~,-s,- ~ i hance9 "~ ' ,I ~ ~. l/ Celso Forni, 94, St. Peter parish, Ifr"'- * fferin- ann death iwoma no~ oeiong to me numanl,- I r"--/ilT,--I I D c.lZ. TV Show Exa-,in I ~ "~ ~. s.o .? . /race and consequently would not' A Yes in a very large number of our best colleges and unlversl- / rtartvet~t~--walter u, uurKe, ;'~'1 ~ ~o Or fie continues it rA'lere turns ' ' " " " i on the i ] ~.',~' i ]!st Joseoa parish Dec 21. e e . a " . '. r have Adams ongmal am. :ttes We suggest your attempting to get more reformat on |i MeHENRY--M(s. Tillie ValoR, 45, r~oaern ~rr imaaes [out to De more man one omer " i ( Ittl~i [ list. Patrick parish, Dec. 23. ~ / statlsttes that you nave quoteu. l 925 - . I II ROCKFORD--Joseph DiTomassi, J ~ -a~i, inns' officers leave voun~sters with wrong impres- 66, St. Anthony parish, Dec. 23. ~'~".~ . I ~"~-~$ II Michael Quirk. 70, St. Patrick oar- t si0ns when they quote only the size of their freshman class and the i i d / [ish, Dee. 21. tA:?hmo~ t number of appllcatlons which were received "YOUR Insurance Policy Is I p~,'i l~ Do-" 23 ',t [ To appraise the situation realistically, try to find out the number '~S'l'~l~hLI'l~G -=John W. Drew, 71, [ who were accepted in order to get the correct number in the fresh- A Symbol of Security" II st. Mary parian, Dec. 20. man class. ~ p Ba:hd,e~ar" R~.driquez, 10, St. Mary The type of program the applicant wants is also an important factor 10 PEDIGREED COCKER SPANIELPUPPIES FREE OR $50 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS COCKER SPANIEL Just Come In And Register During THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY If You Already Have A Rock River Savings Account, You Con Win Double! Earn $2,000! Free! Refreshments and Gifts all! @ Each Year (added on Jan. 31 and July 31) Plus % Bonus on $2500 or more, in for 4 years or more. SAVINGS IN BY JANUARY 15 EARN DIVIDENDS FROM JANUARY 1! LOAN ASSOCIATION W. State at Church St. WO 5-7711 'in part C condemned Films were will be shown and commented[redemntion was ~ranted thev~;, L U 1 . ' .1.-Ischeduled as of press time. Those upon by artists. I could have been punisneu in me,r [not listed were scheduled later or had no Legion rating ------- --- -I offspring as well . . . I II i "We can imagine generationsl A-I i of evil beings, a sort of devils in- Bad Bascomb Malta Story ~lll~lll~lNr~dL~"-~lll~l. ~- 11~ 1 [ '~ [Beast of Hollow Men of Texas iHllllli~L]~ ]earnate, newrttes. / Mountain Nevada I~I~Illlr~MUUll I "~lff. l On theotherhand it is also[Billy the Kid Prince of Thieves ' ' . Boys Town Red Canyon I.~ml~ ~ I ' "-P I possible that God could have glv-Icampus Confcs- :Rock Rock stuns Rock lllI~]l~l[~]1~ [ar~[ en thesecreatures giftsthat[ i ' ' i~"ml~ ~a~u [ -'11 [ ]C ay Pigeon Rose BOWl IlllilllBllllff[l~ll IS .~-,--L ' Faithful in MyStory of Sea- n I. 11 'Fashion biscuit Ill~llillllWglll Illll~l[I I ~ e~5 Glamour Boy Tell No Tales ff~--'[~,~--~--.~. I ~ Glory at Sea Till the Clouds llHl~tilllllllllll~ll I= "~ll Hansel and Roll By I~.~mt~ I F Gretel Treachery Rides ll4141mlll~i-li]|lll4Mil I" |i i Hondo the Range ffi Little Women Wagon Train A-II since some curricula may be oversubscribed and cause a greater rate of rejections In summary, we have yet to find a good student who was not ac- ceptable by some good college. ] (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following group of questions and answers in with family expenses. Invariah lv fh ,~, relation to college admissions, opportunities and courses is the first In a i . 1 series taken from a set of articles prepared by Boston college under the qualities tlKe responsibility, lnous~ry, ano title: "It's Your Decision." They are reprinted here as a service to those lv re~arded hv mn~t ~nllpa~ students In the diocese Interested in choosing a college.) a e, - -a ~--- Q. I have heard a great deal about the difficulties Involved in get-,' "~ tmg into college. I am wondering if youngsters like my son, who is Q. I don t know what type of course to just an average student, will have any chance at all next year subject in high school has always been m~ A. The college admissions situation is not as bleak as some au- that it would be wise to choose this as a major thorities would have us believe. It is obviously true that not all stu- know how I will use it? dents can be accepted to the relatively small number of well known A It might be a -pod startin pint after ou and larger universities, On the other 'hand, there were hundreds of factors g g p ' Y last year which would have taken more students if they You m --ust colleges h m remember that even though your college could have found t e " a t ntlon Is the course has prepared you for college it has liimted your Your use of the word average also merits some t e ' those few academic areas t'ha't are oirerea'~ in sucn a program student average for his room, his grade, his age, average in aBnny ~.~ ~ ,~o 9 v ~.=~,~ ~" h,~ " n ecause The second important factor is that the nature of a high or av~as ~ 111 lm~.ortant b " : t subject can change as you go into it more intensively in college most colleges would prefer a student of average and high grades o a student of high ability and only average grades.A third consideration should be the factors other than ability interest, which are essential for making a sound career choice, -~- considerations such as personality factors of successful adults in this Q I graduated from high school in June but I have been having - - ,area; the supply and demand in thm profession and the monetary re- trouble getting accepted at a Catholic college What should I do now? turns in the light of ybur anticipated needs A Write to the Catholic College Admissions Center Assumption ; :.^ ^-: " Y,u a.= .uL a popgun. LU give complete answers to mese ques- college, Worcester 9 Massachusetts An application to the above ad-I ow .wovor ;r ,^- I ,~ ,tions n H ,You r.e=p mere ou your mmu, you wm De dress will help you find colleges that are looking for students able to make a 1 a ' ' " . s t'sf ctory decisions before you reach the point of no return in college Q Since colleges evaluate scores of standardized admissions tests in making their decisions, is it advisable for applicants to take these C[ ~'~']'~]~'~ A~tlP~'l'4'~rt~=~ tests for practice as juniors in high schools? I ~IU~I/I~II /'~IVI~III~I I1~ A Yes, for several reasons The important thing is to approach ~ . . STAMPS for vegtnners and advanced the tests with the right attitude it you wan~ me scores to renect your collectors. Low, low prices--Mint or ~. ' " 1 f used Send self addressed envelope true level of potential Above all, don t overemnhasize the resu ts o - ." ~ - --A~,~A~ .- . ror mrormauon, r~o avprovms, foxVl d~,lSB'lM~dEdl~--.$~ these tests in your mind while you are taking them or you wall be- Valley Stamp Service. PO Box 391. Iqk~,i~l~PIEl"~wl~ " ' " 11 st. Charles. Ill. ~' ~~ come nervous ann not on we . ~ -- PIANOS AND ORGANS II~'~ -~- ---.~ -,-. -- .-~ -- Everything for the MOTORIST JNew & usea ~lanos ana urgans .~ . . . Q Where can I get information on the careers in which I am inter- CONN--3 locations. Woodstock FED urn, ~t~erwnoa ,-zaH - '-9 8-1574, Mct-tenry EV. 5-2251 North. esteu towne, Rockford, TR. 6-1905. OVER 100 New and Used A. Write to Career Information Service, New York Life Insurance Pianos and Organs to Choose From Company, Box 51, Madison Square Station, New York 10, New York. 330 N. Main St. Rockford WO. 3-8234 '~I~UllfELI ri and the a ro riate JACKSON PIANO STORE ~Vrlllkll%Kl~l listing the careers wnicn you are expto ng, pp p brochures for these or related fields will bg sent to you free of MONUMENTS -- VAULTS RI~/~ r~B.i;~to ROBERT TRIGG & SON 114 S. First St. WO 4-2741Adams 3-2211, Freeport tI Q I have been getting mostly C s and B s in high school bu ' -- ~=tutl ~ IULIIIIIg. ~urnl[ure.~lsnes, know that I could have done much better Would it help me to be Lamps and all household articles t~/enlot~ ~'mrmP n~ ~'mt, i"in the Rocktord store wehave a b/~ll~ ~ ~I'K~[~I' ~|~||U~ admitted to college it i starter to make me nonor r011 now, or is t new department dedicated to Re- ~ l~to ~i o T ~m n ~enior'~ ligious articles. Prices to fill your Pure Oil Co Products immediate budget. Come In and . A It is late, yes, but it might not be too late A great deal will de- browse around, 1019 West State St oe aure w~rn rure ' Rockford tn Aurora Catholle Sal- pond upon how low your grades were and how much ability you have rage is incited at 201 North Lake .Phone CEnter 2-2431 can stren then st I'itth and State Streets In general we can say that it will help you if you g ' ~--. Geneva, Illinois your record now. Many colleges will be impressed not because your open Rate--10c ]a word--S3.50 per " 11 '- ~:--~---- ~''" ~" ~ ~ ~ur"^ will be a manifesta Inch Contracts ~-inch 13 consecu- ~l"aues Will oe Ill,lilY UUL ut:~au~u ~ut.x* a ~ ~ " tlV " ' ' .~ ' . '-". . ' e weeks; $1.75 weekly for a total tion of your newly-acquired interest, motivation, ano serious appuca- of $22.7~. contracts 1-inch, 13 con- ~Dkr~l~ secutive weeks: $3.50weeklyfor ~r.~,~,~ ~ uon. a total of ~45.50. FOOD MART " i case It Pays To Advertise We should also cautton the students who are in the oppos te - MEATS ~ROOI;RI~ nn~nll 'e or . The student who has been on the honor roll consistently can not -. g Y and let his marksEor Servlce Coil tW 2-3971~nop In This Most Modern afford to become camplacent in hls senior year --i I 1 1 ~* CompleteSelf Service Storo slip, because then the colleges will decide that this student has lost [i L I :) SS4S North Second Love. Park the desirable qualities, which the other student has just acquired. COAL & GRAVEL CO SAND--GRAVEL--BLDG. " MATERIAL IS PARK Rt. 2S North Aur*,*] JEWELRY jElgin--Hamilton--Bulova Wc " Rosaries t TIERNEY S HIWAY FOOD Expert Watch & CLock Rsp, Open Nites -- Sunday 5416 North :~econd Street Ample Parking ~~ Centrella Brand Groceries ,119 N. Washingtnn Ave. H.E. BUCH & SONS TR 9~050 Batuvin, III. Plumbing, Heating Contractors Kitchen Aid Dishwashers Highway 120 Bast WELL DRILLING Phone EV S-004g N. L. PITZ McHenry, Illinois Automatic Water Systems TR 9-1243 LAMPS ELEVATOR 3IS N. Proirie BATAVIA Wnrehouse--203 Houston Sales & Service William Lamps 3103 Wallin Rockford t ALTHAFER S DRUG STORE Dial WO 5-0626 Prescription Specialists R. W. COPELAND. R.PH.Henry Lindberg Telephone 4S9-0232 Q. I have the opportunity of taking advanced honors' courses in my school, however, I am worried that, if I do, my grades will drop and this will hurt my chances for college A. Your high school principal will indicate on your transcript the type of program that you have taken. Invariably, admissions' com- mittees will be more impressed by the student who has been exposed to a good competitive program, rather than by the student with slightly higher grades, in an easier program If you avoid difficult courses because you feel that your grades will be better in an easier program you will satisfy your ego, but not a good college. Q. Is it essential that high school students participate in extra- curricular activities in order to be considered favorably by colleges? A. Most colleges would like to accept young men and women who Dial WO 3-5409 Storage Inc. 330 s. Wyman Rockford, III. EVERY NIGHT AT 10 Act of Violence Alias Nick Beal Ambassador's Daughter And Now To- morrow Assassin B.F.'s Daughter Beachcomber Big Store Bride Goes Wild Citizen Kane Cloak and Dagger Clock Conquest Patronize Double Dynamite Dr. Broadway Fuzzy Pink Nightgown Our Advertisers Good Die Young I Dood It I Take This Woman Come Fill the Ciap Fort Yuma Hello, Frisco, Hello Men in White V[iracle on 34th Street On the Riviera In Which We Serve Intruder Jivaro Journey for Margaret Lady on A Train Lone Wolf in London Love Letters Pirate Rose Of Washing- ton Square Round Up Silken Affair Slattery Hurri- cane Tall Stranger Two Girls on Broadway Vacation from Marriage Ziegfeld Follies B One Big Affair Postman Always Rings Twice Road to Utopia Sangaree Scarlet Street Three for the Show Uncertain Glory have demonstrated that they are able and willing to contribute to ~llllllliilllllllllll| group efforts However, when some applicants submit inordinately long lists of outside activities, colleges can reasonably suspect that these applicants did not devote sufficient time and effort to their prior obligation, their school work. In considering the other extreme, we can't say that somebody without activities would be excluded We have been very favorably impressed by some applicants who have been in this category, but had no choice, because they had to work after school, in order to help YOUR RADIATOR NEEDS ATTENTION, LET OUR EXPERTS DO THE JOB FOR YOU! ONE DAY SERVICE 30 Minute Drive-In Exchange Service Complete facilities to remove and replace radiators COLLINS Y. SUNDBERG ", Winnebago County Coroner Conveniently Located to Serve Cathoffc Families in All Parishes 21S Hall Street WO 2-7743 ~t Ii FUNERAL HOME Two Chapels DIAL WO 4-6332 707 Marchesano Rockford Since 1888 ROOFING COMPANY, Inc. Roofing Acoustics Rockford, Illinois PHONE WO 4-679S NEW LOCATION N. Madison Rkfd. Radiator Repair WO 8-9871 Crystal Lake RONAN & BURCH MORTUARY 310 Oak Street DeKalb, Illinois WM. L. HOWE GENERAL CONTRACTOR "Since 1930" Dial SH 2-1134 717 Linden Ave. ELGIN COMPANY. INC. 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