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December 29, 1961     The Observer
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December 29, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1961 THE OBSERVER pAGE T @ the Rural Life Page THE REV. CLEMENT P. PETIT Diocese of Rockford Rural Life Director St. Charles Barromeo Parish Hampshire, III. mffi=ffiffi mffiffiffi Prqma in moi ratioa with the Natim Csth $801 Avmue, Des Mohms Iowa , CROSSROADS COMMENT By Rev. Edward W. O'Rourke the people to eat horse meat. mental: the family type farm has ing has a tremendous bearing on The communist nations have This year grain production fell been replaced by large cam-thestrugglebetweentheEast and Jesuit Just Fair Hiring WASHINGTON (NC) -- Farm employers who claim they must offer their workers "subhuman" wages and working conditions ought to close up shop, a Catho- lic spokesman said here. The Rev. James L. Vizzard, S.J called on government off[- cials to enforce strictly provisions of the Mexican farm labor pro- gram which require equal treat- ment for domestic workers. Father Vizzard, director of the Washington office of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, :estified at a public hearing called by Labor Secretary Arthur Gold- berg on the administration of the program. RURAL LEADERS MEET--Diocesan rural life directors and the board of directors of the National Catholic Rural Life conference gathered recently at Brainerd, Minn for the annual meeting From left are the Rev. Albert Ruschman, Warsaw, Ky.; Msgr. John J. Neylon, Delavan, N.Y.; the Rev. John A. Wagner, San Antonio, Tex.; the Rev. Alcuin Heibel, O.S.B Portland, Ore.; and the Rev. William C. Hughes, San Francisco, Calif. Father Heibel reported on his recent tour of Spain, Italy and East Africa. He urged the NCRLC to intensify efforts to bring Catholic rural philosophy to the peoples of these countries Father Wagner engaged in a NCRLC-sponsored project to improve employme opportunities and integration of Mexican-Americans iu Texas. Mexicans Imported made significant advances in 36 per cent short of plans at the munes, the West It has been said that mining and manufacturing, famous virgin-lands project at Most Efficient armies march on their stomachs. . un.aer me program "~UMelx~- Khrushehev boasts that Russia Kazakhstan. In Kirgiz 20 per cent In addition to providing many It might be added that factory: tce~e%U~r~:rs%~?:d~aceros are[~." ,e will soon overtake and surpass of the arable land has reverted social advantages, the family type workers and professional people ] ;~.n~ ~n + ~,; ~ Ird||,-~ the United States in industrial to wilderness, farm is the most efficient way to soon grow inefficient and indif- -,l~, ~ ~" reduction. Tbe Soviets have al- In China matters afe much produce food and fiber Agricul ferent when they lack proper food c u.: ~--^ o.~.~.~AtNEW ORK~rqa)--'rho ~rrnw rk on U.S. farms. SpoKesmen or ready gained a two to three year worse. A few months ago Peking ture.requires many skills, long Exhaustion and apathy is rapid- ~a~o;ean~tuu:th~rU;r~ups,~l~v31Oat. ler.asa recipieni.~of income l.' cal~-~'t']~at~,~,~, o~ ,h vf.;rmS~vor~erseil~,eve~ lead over us in ballistic missiles officials predicted that 1961 food hours of work and much pains- ly destroying the gains the Red l [ ~ ,h. + ,^~ : . . mcKea me program on me cL,rb .~, a, ~, ,= t~ ~ ta.~y mdy enjuy ~om a~ and spacecraft. According to Rus- production would ieach 375 mil taking attcntlon to details. The Chinese have made in mdustry nip ~ rofp fn|c]~^:.-tn" n a ~or fn c] thp C~th ~rl~.~f, ch ~e ~, b,h~ sins propaganda, this proves the lion tons. Now it becomes evident family which operates a farm for Throughout the land factories gr~p:~ti?:~ ~o~ r~Pomes'~e ~arm[Ofic-'Ee~nomie~associ'atian- at-its ~nisa"nd a~t'ecent~l~'ffel~';'' superiority of communism over that not more than 150 million its own support will be willing stand idle for want of repairs[ l~k ]meetin~ here. a,~h z.~ ,h:. ,^. =~.~ capitalism. Most Russians accept tons have been produced Food o o t is sort of work Hired or raw materials Railroads are l Farmers as a a " " The program was extenaea ior' group re not warn l)UIt, b J ~ OI Erie lnst:l~ute this conclusion. Even in the free tons have been produced hands especially when they are unable to transport essential sup-I kee in 'ce ' " ' " ' two years in the last session of' p g pa wJm me mcreaseu or ~ociai uruer a~ ut ~ouis Us[- world a growing number of pen- Chinese Plan employed in large numbers sel- plies perishable goods are rot- [material ros er'" f " " " I ' ' ' Congress But it was amended l p p lty o me non-yarrow, aisenssea me encyciicm ple are begmnmg to believe it. Only 11 per cent of China is,dom muster the skill persever ting on sidings ] " 'farm sector o " ' " " to require farm employers to of [ me popmadon, in relation to me uncial ~ignitic- One phase of the race between arable Chinese Reds have man-lance and diligence needed to Lessons for Us " said James E Kenne rofe r a " ' "" ' far domestic workers the same l y p sso i nce ot wemm ~is~rinudon in me communism and cap]tahsm has aged this limited resource very I farm well There are lessons for us in this, ~ ~,'. ' 'working conditions as are of tot econotmcs a~ ,e moyne col-it;nltea ~ta~es been overlooked Communist na badly During the first five year During the 1930's Stalin de- tragic account Since only 8 per " le,e " fail at farming, plan (1953-1958) 75 per cent of spoiled Russian family farmers cent of onr people operate farms, fered the braceros. I ,~ii'n 1;~e, us;; :~a~id "the aver ] The uesul~, wnousen m~ro'pertyEvolu~O~e tions consistently Meanwhile, food production soars their capital was devoted to indus of their land and forced them to we Americans tend to consider The law also forbids hiring,", , term " ' braceros in situations where their|age for all industries was $4,705 I wealth to stand for private in other nations try and 8 per cent to agriculture work under overseers on large agriculture a minor industry,while in farms it wa ' " em lo, sent will ' adversely af [ " " g " s $1 555 "Iproperty, said that there Ires been Short Food Supplies Although many causes have con- t communes This arrangement Hunger today in communist lands P ~ ~ " " i,' Food supplies in Russia are so tributed to the communist failure ]proved so unpopular that event- is a stark reminder of the fact[ fect" wages and working condi-[ Kenney, basing his talk on the ia constant evolution of the !act ba ]c tlons of domestm workers examination of farm problems in I ann me concept at property mat short that Khrushchev has urged at farming one is most funda- ually Soviet leaders agreed to al that agriculture is the most s" " " " ' " "~ ~ lot to each farm family a one-industry All other industries and 'Justice' Expected tth: ency~lit7: i~Ma~3rstetonM:gt~-h~SlfO~oWeds economic and pal[- ]acre plot to till for their own use professions are affected when He said -ublic statements by| " " y q ' " e " g ~ I~IPII~ ~lP~l~ t~P~]l'~l~'~]P'~'~" ]These one-acre plots representlfarmers suffer economic reverses.] President ~ennedv, Secretary|! ll wing: "Can we say that the' "The power that classical liber- |1[;Ig| g g / |I[;i| Eli I ~b~| g l~| IS |only three her cent of the land| The failure of communist com-I ~-ldber- and other administra-I1armer is not getting a fair share olism sought to situate in private ~ ~ f ti " ~" " o the na anal raceme property has passed to new sacral /farmed in Russia. Yet, a 1959 re-tmunes should also teach us that[ tion officials have led the groups " . . . ' ~'~q ~armin~ i or~anizatiens, he continuea such LI I t / i/* l / [port shows that much of the food the family type farm is a precious[ he was representing to expectl * ~ * s --, '. " " ' e must ~It~ILVILLI~ ~ADUATI~ T~AUHIIN~ IN BKAZIL -- Miss,as Dig government, the gree~ cor~ ,~rw rnr ~ Jl Imn IXla /production of the nation eamelsoclo-economic system W [ 'strenuous and effective' efforts[ 'Farming, p~rtmularly that . . . . . . g m vt t,~= mm-,~ ~ v r ~, .~ ~ ,m, n. ~^n ~, ~ n ~ ~ ~ vmSCUla r~ivera teaches catecnism anu community riving in rurat ~ .~ .~ . . t ,~ ~ .:, . ~oorations and the untried tracm [ ~./UtJ.l LJ.I(7~ ~C ~)l" /b~. "Lll[:;~" Vtuuu'cu i "= "" Sua'u '~S '" ~ ''~'0 "" ~'-"" I *o,m, "~,''' I Oy me uovernment m oo~aln j UUlle Oil tllt~ l~tllllly lOYlIl, IS ~l -- . o~,- -s o, ~ ~, union movement 13 per cent of the milk, 20 per nomic policies which unfairly .- decency and ~ustice for farm[fundamental American institu- By DANA C. JENNINGS ve precious hufrflTan:::OUsC:~e j3e/cent of the meat, 49 per cent of|handicap the family farmer. We/ o - o-. [workers" ~ It[on," he stated, and "low or fall- "The fact of this dispersion of Traditionally we farmers ha president o s t "" " " the potatoes 56 ner cent of the should be proudof American[~/~l J ~A, ~ J, D [ " ,ling farm income threatens the power however, may well pro- r tie prenlctea, however ula~ u ' sent our bright boys to the city verity, Dr James A McCam, re V~,~l ' .~ " eggs and nearly 50 per cent of farmers who provide so abundant- / ~J |l|~;~,~'~| ~,] ~) ~ |d L I [,d |i~) *~^ '~-vernment makes 'such ef- [extinction of a way of life which vide the equilibrium assuring our to seek their fortunes and kept cently wrote in Kansas earmer ~ "= /the vegetables ,lv the food and fiber we need / I /should be preserved for the good freedom he stated It may well , ~' ~ " .' Ior~s in aoministermg me nracero . ' . . the dumb kids on the farm. If He noted that we are failing to/ In China, too, family farming|We should remind the peoples oft I ~ ~'~.~41,~.~l~. ~ v~ ~ r',~Jm ,~-~41 A~,~ i ~ m -,me under at'] f the whole notion." be . . . that this new mtuahon a lad moved to town and made a make full use of their talents, is getting a new foothold Small the world that our family type /,II ~a |l~li,~ [[ I ~,| I LI~ uli a N| U II v.~,~.o . ~lo ers and 1 He also said that "a smaller substitutes for what a regime of living he was considered success- Strength of Democracy [~lots of land are being, given back fair|culture is vastly sun~rior to/ irom tars emp y [rural ""ulation rorlneorl in nnm widely distributed private proper- ful. The boy who stayed home on "One of the nation's outstandin~l~'o the neasants ~' [the auriculture of comma%[st ha-/ Miss Priscilla Rivera, a recent,help people raise their standardslmelr spokesmen [bars bevOVoconomi'~ a-ttriti~n-~ "m'~.":: ty was supposed to achieve, the the farm and made no more than industrial leaders of this centurv~[ The communist failure at farm-Itions. [graduate of GL'ailville, Loveland, [of living if no education has been ! He said ~e employers win p],o-/a laroer urban"-o~miati'on"-~--'$ protection of the person. - ~ ' test that strict entorcemem o~ me o ~ ," "" , a living was considered a failure. Owen D Youn of New York, ~~ 0 is now engaged in community vailable to them and they can t [~h~ ~,~ ~ m h ~o~ ~ A v nn~lurl~ that . . g / - ' mestic ~ " t an, rate, we c Any moron can screw tne same gave his" vl'gorous suppolt" to rural [ z~,P I ~ I 1 1 I luevel pment ann catecnetlcs in a ] get a uecent job without it". How . provisions promcung .uv .- /f lu ffo or, t~ on th~ ontir~ n~finn in the hlstorlcal" nrocess salaries" nut onto the same bolt all da In ~ ~,iural section of southern Brazil do you stimulate their will for workers woum mean mat mey,"" and the wh r Y. redevelopment programs,' Dr.t~||r,~l ~,~N~]||~C %h~||]~1 |~|~ [" 'l /, . [ If a reliable anal-sis of farm ale se ies of mecha~ animal trainer recentl,I~UIUI lUIlllllq#J ~dlllqtUllMI dlVlll re ress advancement and better mJght as wen close up snap fact, an " " Y McCain wrote because of his[ / When a small girl on her fa-[P g,[ " /inc-m reveaN ~hat it i* in~,~, isms which the encyclical call ~put two trained monkeys to work dean conviction that voun~ Deo-I /ther's New Mexico ranch, she|living conditions if this is beyondI Subhuman Wages f-an~, i~-,'~, su~.~.-"~l -~ -~-~.:"-~h~ 'socialization' have been substI on an assembly line while the ple'born and reared on~ our~farms [I - ~ e.L ~ .L.e [wanted to become a nun. Then she |!hew reach? And so continues the [ To !his he replied ,that .','if they [~ontmu'e~ "or~t~'at'athe~f%'r~' ~e[ tuted for, the traditional role II an workers collected their pay r ~ niincinal source of strenath/|ll tnnlnlllnn tnanaralrlnn [decided that "We have a resnon-/litany oz neeas--nunger, sicKness, tcannot oizer more man me sun-r. - '- nronertv 1 nRUS ~VBIIIIIVIII W '~,~,~ik~,~m~,a nv / /a heav- climate We ar- face toh- ---a-as and workln" condi-1 ,a e r"r o n 1 " . [or IS trailing me nomarm sector r ,- -- ] r n uzzawln at me slonn not onl to rive goou rives y e human w ~ ~yanu ng a ou a g g in our democracy.' i I r i Y Y . / ' [ [by too wide a mar~in we are Distribution Of Income funny monkeys doing their work He went on to ,~oint out thei -. [ourselves but ~o help others to |thee wire a a.eep-rootea ann cam-luaus they now, no, mey ougm m [drawn inevitably into an invest[- This has resulted in "a m~re v ~y ~AnA I= a~n~ organlzauons pieen memselves ucateu rooiem wun no eas she , for othln hve good lives She decided she p p y close up p e mtabl n ' g" " " r the " ' " ' " " " " gut[on of the possible methods or q " e distribution of income, Farming Takes Brains ::~eSf~o]~Yv:fca;d::alh ~idf:nce He inIn fgaOmgIabout th~en;t~O:mit;~ls 3nc~haeii [#agtgedGo~n,~l~ldj~lll~hm, l~e~d/.eould fulfill the latter respons,bll-]answers We are convinced that[ "No man has a right to make|techniques to be adopted in im-Father Duff said, but he warned It takes hi~h-calibre brains to ~. .: ,i g "s ann . [ e,s P[]lty better as a lay apostle rather|the SOlUUOn mus~ sprout irom a profit or to provide consumers ravin the farm income situ- there is "a constant dan er in an .~ o aepiorea me iact tna~ vocauonal about the National t;atholie Rural [they seen. /than usa religious [deep and constant faith and hope, l,i~ha desired commodity through [P ,g urba,i~,oa Jndn~tri~,~,~g ~oi,~ mana e me complex assemblage . . . . ~,- ~ o auuu ~,~, g guidance is usually unavailable Life Conference as the official Granted, we can tet alan an enduring patience and cam other human ~ -f H-h-riced land machine ' g g t Children Fed At School I |the exploitation of /,:~ that initiative will be stifled r- - ~, -r ' "~' ou ida at cit SChOOlS - ~, ~ ,~ here said Kenn,that Ma-,pe ts y work of the Church for the s lrlt munlt action,Y P without God s help r e Y beings the Jesuit said,sonaht blunted, a sense of re- livestock buildingchemicals ' I "1 " / Miss Rivera is now in cha g I " ] ' ' " "' lter et Ma~istra will be 'a ~od "Y ' . ' ' nat ann mmerlm wellare at me " " ~ ~ " s n i "' " seed, tools, etc in the maelstrom ~ I countr famil I have fre uentI Neighbors Need Help/of a training center recently as-I~ [ Father Vizzard rejected as hal- [send for those economists who po s bthty annulled. of gyrating markets, ravenous Y Y q v ff w coul alanwl h[tabh~hed by Grallvllle at Chacara[ flow and h pocrltlcal" the argu[ he i He orated out that Mater et pests and equally-ravenous mort- Safe Water occasion^ to point out their moral neE helnen" bute the dcreator,sget g that [Manhangawa.'t ~ There little' Brazlh- ',- ~ t~,',re [ment that governmentY activity in ]positionhave so farvis.a.visS'tatedthe tOlegislativeadopt a Maglstra argues that socialization" p " gage-holders and the normal .va. In case of radmactlve fa!lout, [ I suggest not only trading work lw uld not absolve us from the Inn childre,n are!aught catechism /this area underrmnes private en-[program of the Federal govern- properly contro!!ed offers, h.ope o.f |aries of weamer ann moioglcai water tram a covere~ wen tanK o,~n ,~,h~ A ~o1,~ ,olobligation to help our neighbor [ana pracucai SKinS. t~,~ |~;~n ~t,zr ~terprise. |sent as it pertains to agricul- promoung in mere unmvlauais~ ~. ~ : v s ~ . . ~.~ ~ v,v,~, ,v. " f a Mexi h ' forces, or cistern, or from a freely run-I.~o~ cm h~ ~a,~ ~.s ,~ ]Just as we are obliged to dress[ Miss Rlvera reports that most[ [ The very emstence o -[ture. t e expressmn and development "Our farm-reared boys and girls ning spring, should be safe for l u:'~'wa~,war~ h'o':s"'but a'iso'~ael'=lhis wounds when he is hurt and ~of the children are undernourished]~ ~.ryt W~,'~'b,".~,e |can farm labor program repre-[ Government Policy of their proper characteristics.' " constitute one of America's most family use and for livestock. ] hi~ h~ ~i.~i,~ with h~m i~ d to pour water on his house when land suffering from internal para-I~j~ v.~.~,~ [sents the employers' effort to[ "In the Post's view" he added "While we applaud its eencern," ~~t:."~.-:.'~.^"~:-.~/ ^~':'~'~.%-:~";:.^~'"~::~'[it is aflame so we are obligated|sites. They often come to schooll ,^ ,Nc~ A m,ro |nullify the operations of a freel~overnment ~olicv "s'hould cover said Father Duff, "for an even ~.g~lo o [ginU~'daa'nVdelio"ns~on~the~c"~hur'c~lto help him in myriad other ways,|without breakfast. To partially[~.o~'*~" ~-','^"~" :~':~:-o':'[market in labor," he said. [~luestions of "taxa'tion, credit, so- wider distribution of property-- o .w ~ ,~,~mu.~ ~,~ m .~v ou- " er Wa for Mi rants lawn to co-or~ marketin~ associa- including 3ommg with him in co-[remedy th~s problem, the school [ H~gh ge g [clal insurance pr!ce protection whatever its forms--we remem- I ~ -,I1 tions. ~ ~' ]operative endeavors from cutting ~now provides ~ bowl of s~3p and l~:l o~C~Oneftli~:nW::~n~m:nga:~g:d [ f Fath~c~lZ~ardssa~de th, eug~:n~PS [the fostering of processing indus'-bar end we are g.rateful fern I I -- ,'~ I I/ Ru"ed IndividualistsIwood for the church furnace to |glass at milk or each c . t P g g I or. po g Y [tries. and the adjustment of farm guarantor of pohtlcal freedom. I r l~l~ll~,~ll~l~|~lklA I /! 1 -- /~ 1 I/ [market[n-his ,~roducfion and ~et [ 'The Brazilian -eo-le, writes|labor to continue its efforts to|recommend' that migrant farm/managerial structures :available to millionaire and pan- But I run into some curious ~, v ~," t. v ~. [ ; I I ! I I/ [.~ ,' [ vibrmgagrmulturalworkersmtothe[workers be paid a wage higher[ The nanal view ~id Kenne Iper our nerltage of commo~ ,~ ~,~.~,; ,/~ z~/[~l/zrJ~ --,situations ~ fin~ tram time to,tl% a viuce for it. ,Miss R]vera, are warm, frlendl r ~,Y, ' I DMUI:D I ! I I/ ~:1,~ Catholi~ comm,-iqes/ I don't care how staunch ,ourfend hospitable. A loving patience|labor movement. [than the average farm wage. [also favors the working out of allaw.'' I"HE .GHOtL WlT~ T~.~EAUTIFt'L blzzlv~, wztv ~ ~, nil t, J ,w w, liar good, staunch Catholic farmtfaith, how much you depend on/is their deepest quality and their[ The petition was addressed to[ He said this proposalh, as]ustifl'/speeial credit policy for farm-l~ ' " I[families who receive the sacra-|God. Helping each at ' "-[ ' / g y, p " [ "[ ;action t help farm familiesl f.~/~ o o son SATIA P one her is charl love and faith are often a great Gear e Mean resident of the catmn in the fact that tradition ers o s " all seasonal and mobile labor ~---,r-- Jments fre-uentlv sa~ their nrav [tv and St Paul tells us that[source of inspiration to u . |AFL-CIO, which was holding its Y, " [supplement their income without has commanded a remmm wage lea .-- liars morning, noon and night, without charity we are hke tink-[ Faith And Hope Needed tannual convention here. The pet[- P ! ving a rural environment; and[ I N[ORRI~ J. LAR U |freud spiritual works and think ling brass or a clashing cymbal./ In a recent letter Miss Rivera[TM was signed by 35 persons,|because of lhfih?:dshlps mherent/two forms of insurance: one toll I i JEWELER Il spiritual thoughts -- who absolute- [ Even if you don't need your[asks a question which confronts|mare than half of whom were|lnsuen con .ton . [cover tar.m prouuc!s, the other[I I ,un me DaSlS Ot ast experience to cover the iarm la I Repairing I ly will not join their neighborstneighbors help -- your neighbor[all missionaries, Peace Corps and/Catholic, Protestant and Jewish P ,[ oar zorce anall MI~AI~t~IIADTI~D~ I I ~o,r,ng ][in anything They belong to nolneeds yours. [PAVLA volunteers "How do you|clergymen. }the p~31.ksa~ha ash ~eSwUlll l [their families II - " I " my re s y Kenney concmaen his mm oy I -, w. WILSON $1". BATAVIA If Catholic leaders among the sign-[receivin a number" of letters[ /I Far 9.4 Y~nr~ I I ~3 Residence TR 9-3547 I[ C~ 191 --~.! / C~ ~.?' ~ lers included Archbishop Robert/ g,/ozzermg tms suggestion: wnavil I II ~,xt, o . ! o I ]ranging from Are you telling me/ever professional studies of the/I I ,~ Lucey oz ~an Antonio" .tllsnop ,~, , - .I [~[ ", o" [that I am m bad conscience [farmers share of the nationalin.[J i~|l|P|||aIPl~ J ,Stephen S WoznicKi OI ~aginaw . I an' do " I I]~[i I] '[to As an individual c t [come may be pursued in the fu ~l KI~I'IIIVI~K I I THE Rexall IURk I,I E~B~il t~ild qPl~ll~qPl~ll ~ Ill .~- I/Mich ; Msgr George G Higgins ~an thin- about it'" ~ture "h se wh a "li I " . . ' y g t os o oaress mem- director of the Social Action de I ~,~,v II w. III f(~/l/ r 'To the first, he said. my|selves to the problem of enalyz-[I Kimba|l a~N. Grove I I ~n|=~=~ rn~|v,~-- Ill RES DE~MMERCIAL -- INDUSTRIAL Ill liPartment; Nationa! Cathohe Wen/answer will be: 'Subjectively, per-ling the farmer's economic status[[ I Batav,a tare conterence, me t~ev james , I ~ |as! Wilson Street " I I BUILDING Ill --,:a.~ i/ . ", ]haps not. Objectively, yes To/ should consciously and con-/I ELGIN,I Phone TR 9 1400 [ L Vlzzard S J, at me ;~auonai - I,I 11~3 $o. Fifth $~.t St. Char[~ Ill ~o East ~rd St STERLING I/ [the latter I will answer: Per-|scientiously. regard.~ the end or/I I l ,!I JUno 4-0296 III "' I/Catholic Rural Life conference;[ha.s .ou can't do much, but youl ~ ' the Rev John Wagner, executive ,have an inescapable moral re- ' ,Oshkosh Overalls " eta S secretary of the Bishops commit s onslbfllt t ever thm ouH REINERT REAL ESTATE Better Meats at John & P," '- p ""y o do ,Y g y Cut Personally for You" Haines T Shirts tee for the Spanish-Speaking; and can individually I j jj j u+o t " ' + J ' -- Ms r William J Quinn exec " ~ g Se/I or Bu,Remert s Your Gu COMMUNITY CASH MAR E [ II ' secretar of the Bishops' commit- Y Y K T A H CARRY Y ty and powerlessness, farm work I, CASH & CARRY i W01verlne Atr-0.Matm ~ tee for Mi-rant Workers I "S:llff?rm ,UYa k,R: n::f'n :a:/ oGe:y'e John and Peter Gricunas g ers cannot organize themselves ' -- II sE,v,c II I I . II 0ond n ",on. 2-,22O I 1 15 East w't e TR 9-1445 Batavia Ill c Ill II The letter said the nation's two|without help from their brothers|! ~"~'-'~" II~lmillion "seasonal and migrantlin the labor movement -- the I,- t l WhereYour Cash $'s Buy More I I I workers are the poorest, most un-lsame kid of help that was nee-I ,~. -Z.ZA K.IN G . I 'qf's Eas Park;ng of Parker'd" I I - . ,L a . I!der-emp]oyed and least protected essary to organize the steel in- I ,r,e~ t ne u=t ~ ,n =esr I I PETIT & PETIT I I [UMBER ;~oFIEN~ P;rk;nlgSUtL:~lrkoNr'd' HARDWARE [I ] members of our labor force." It dustry and the textile industry I I A77AD~;t~ ;;;K,~7,U~f /~DIII I I IllJt l II Ai II I Ill ~ FULL LINE OF O 'BRIEN PAINTS lil Ask For iladded"Because of their pover-lin the thirties." [I ~" ~ ". ' ' " " '? "? Y'~'"" I 1 lll l Vl J ll llm ! i ~i!i :~ I I TER rOPS SANDRAN RUGS I i I] I ueuvene, co, SN -34a2 I I TR 9-1464 Ill AVE. PHONE JUNO 4-0057 III II,/I Carry-Outs 58 National St I 110 West Wilson Batavio I s CHARLES I I CHAMPAGNE I / I i, ,[ VELVET u o o,o .nd o.u.o, ,v t ILLINOIS CLEANERS I ( I I II TWIN CITY II PASTEURIZED " /,I ADAMS AUTO PARTS I I Finer Dryc/eaning Better Laundering II .oouc, co. !1 ~.~+ +ss FOR YOUR HEALTH" I I s I Sterlmg Phone 184 I Phone SH 1-6160 I Holy Cross Parish Ill OFree Mothproofing OFur Storage and Repair Ill II Phone 6-4~12 De Kalb II i ,Waterproofing Dyeing Draperies ii j t I I II @Rugs and Carpets @Suedes @Formal IIfl ~1 I Johnson Funeral Se~ice II .Shirt Laundry Specialty II GRIENNAN I! Mor vv II SWEATERS Ill ~ ~ ~ I I ~ Soulh BatovioAvenue III AURORA ELGIN II II ":""',"2 II o-, =ooo In Stock Ill I I Crane Funeral Home I] ST. CHARLES GENEVA II+ Z'Z. 2:? + I I [ql/Jpmellt t 0. 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