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December 22, 1961     The Observer
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December 22, 1961

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FRIDAY. DECEMBER 22. 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 7A Home Little ones, big ones, Round ones and square; Some shaped like animals, Reindeer or bear White ones and red ones, Arid chocolate, too; Some frosted with sugar, That sparkles like dew. Some like sleigh bells, Some like stars, Others like trees, Some like cars. That's Christmas cookies In Mom's Cookie jar. Mark Newhagen St. James school Rockford--Grade 5 Lo! Near the stable door, A small boy looks in wonder Glory to behold. Faith Benson Boylan high school Rockford--Grade 10 Waiting It was the night before Christ- mas and all over the earth, Everyone was praying and awaiting the birth. Mary and Joseph were waiting with joy, For soon they would have the Christ Child, a boy. The star was guiding the Wise men that night. And the moon was shining with all of its light. HAPPINESS OF A CHILD-- While most American children awake Christmas morning to the glitter of fire trucks, tricycles, doll carriages and rocket launch- era this happy lad returning from the Christmas party at a Maryknoll mission in the Guate- malan mountain~ treasures his gifts--a small box of candy and in By ELIZABETH PETTIT Santa Claus now. jets his way south of the border to take part in Christmas festivities, especial- ly in the Clamorous cities. But Our Lord, as He should be, is still cen- ter Of La Navidad--the Mexican Christmas, which is celebrated for 22 color-rich day~ throughout that country. The traditional Catholic spirit of Mexico is reflected in E1 Na- cimiento (The Crib), heart of the quistadores over the mountain Singing the Litany, they go to the door of the house of the host for the evening. In song, they ask for posada -- shelter for the night. From within, sleepy sing- lag voices answer that the place is not an inn, that the travelers should be on their way. Then the pilgbims sing out that it is Mary, Queen of Heaven, who needs shelter and the door opens wide. All Kneel for Upon entering, all kneel the Hail Mary and Our Father. The evening continues with fun around the pinata -- the paper- decorated clay jar which is filled with candy and trinkets and sus- pended from the ceiling. Object of the game is for the blindfolded Bethlehem is where Baby Jesus was born. His mother and father are Mary and Joseph. Mary is very kind. She loves me. Saint Joseph loves me. Baby Jesus loves me, too. Philip Asprooth St. James school Rockford--Grade 1 Goldie Straw Howdy do! I'm Goldie Straw. That is, my name is Golden Bot- tom Straw I was the very bottom piece of straw in the manger (that is where I get my middle name), the manger in which our Blessed Mother laid Christ on that cold, dark night of December 25, First Year of Our Lord. Now although I am delighted to have Jesus born in the straw in which I dwelt, I think "It Is Little Tree The shepherds stood watching a holy picture of St. Lucy.-- guests tO shatter this jar with Deplorable" that He couldn't have their sheep until morn, (NC Features) and beauty-loving Mexicans and a stick, releasing a shower of been born in a nice inn, in a warm In one of Holland's smallest For soon the Christ Child would,is lovingly presented in every cur- goodies for all. bed. But God's will is God's will. be born &|,cn:r of the country. Early in De- For the next eight -evenings, Our Lord led, very happy child- towns there was a legend LawS'earn Wood ~lpna ber, streets and market- this is repeated, with some varia- hood. He obeyed his parents, and told, St. Patrick school places are jammed with little tions in prayers and a new played nicely with other children, On Christmas Eve the kind-Rockford--Grade 7 Rejoice! stalls and open-air factories, pinata:each time. Let's try to be like Our Lord, Men of God. which offer Nacimiento figures in On tha ninth ~vonln(~ 't~h~qot Eileen Sullivan " eat tree would wear an Grace, life and happiness or nd ~,--v - eye dazzling array of col a angel gold ,4/, ~ d,/~" &~///~/,~ Have their beginnings today-- " " mas Eve, is the Birth Small Martinsburg, W. Va. design Some are so tiny that an One Yule tree in a downstairs] ~,~ ~ Life's Birthdayt ! . " children dressed as shepherds entire grouping could be set up p en? den stood there all gleam-] '~2~-~7~h~ Sue Hyde stand guard at each side of the (:at ent Son m the palm of the hand Some ing bright, ~i t fl~"~a.~~ Mt. St. Francis School ' Nacimiento. Between thempass come bigger-than-life size. Most the s~leetod C.odraathpv ~nd a ~l It thought of that time long ~~ Rockford -- Grade 11 are hand made, hand decorated, " Child "n a Ma g , " ' father tenderly bearing the Holy Carpenter's Son, night,ago that men call Christmas ~~~~~ ~ no two exactly alike--formed of ^ ~. pa er or common clay, carved Infant. He is placed on th o.- Wrap us, materialistic fools, ood P ger, as all chant the Litany and In Your humility; wood lavished m polychrome or ',then He is lulled to sleep with a Clothe us, selfish ones, exquisitely-detailed wax. They gentle melod It thought of how the twinkling 1~ LX~ % ~ / 0 wood cost from a few centavos to many y . ~. ~, In Your love. star up in the sky so blue "-" - - ~ O wooden crib ' American dollars", at mmalgnt, tweworKs, wmsues SCULPTURE IN' BRAZIL CATHEDRAL--Dating from ihe 17th century the above sculpture depicts Dan Shomler Had led the Three Wise Noble ---- . IJoy was yours when you held . " ann oeiis annotmce lvmss callea the flight into Egypt of the Holy Family. It is a polychromed wood.carving and one of several life Boylan high school ~'amity ~ltars . - ' Men to find the small youhg WoflderiRg IA human, a tiny baby These are se~ up on mmny al- lviass . t the .C ck" After Mass, sized pieces on the life of Our Lord in the Florianoplis cathedral in Brazil.--(NC Features) Rockford--Grade 10 I w "e " " " - " " v / A God t i most Tarralies nave ainner parties Jew. onu r wnet ~e WOUlO na e] tars in senumentaI arrangemen s . ' . " U ,where mey serve traditional dish-Lovely Lady Mary Christmas Song Room for Jesus Baby Jes s For that wee Messiah they done,I . ot amazing ann someumes amus- rou j es Common are bunuelos, thin That wonderful, marvelous u woo, mg aruswy ~enter ol me g p " brought treasured gifts afar '/u woonen cross " . ' pancakes with anise- flavored Lovely Lady Mary Oh, i'd like to be a Christmas Christmas is Jesus birthday. Baby Jesus, from your crib is always the ~msterlo--me rmly brow s neautliUl une, Joy was yours when you held They told him of their guiding If I walked up to Him and start-[ Family The a nree rungs crea-lswe; n yrup, and white atole, a On this Christmas Day song, It's too bad He had to stay in,the above, " ' " ' ' ~ t et cornmeal gruel Lift your newborn Baby Singing to Jesus the whole day stable with the animals. It's too Watch us with your tender love. tures Ot great elegance, stann ou - A human, a crucified man light,light they called a ed to speak "" a e Yo n a r w .' A God Passion Plays bad He couldn t st y in the inn. Our h arts to u i pr ye e star. Ann tossed mm on ms uny sloe me moss-arapeu woouen -~La-i ~rom .is nee ot nay; tong. It is nice that the kin s came to lift cheek . ble in stiff formation. I Next on the Mexican Christmas Hold Him and enfold Him Just a little Christmas song g - -. ' The " u wooo " " "" "' i usuall-" calendar come the astorelas and visi~ ram. There ~s room m my rmase taae us mr your B~rm- ~e{.ttrloPllt~; ~::~:.~ IIfW~;d;~aY~dh~it~e:~eupand !:t:ifl~iit~r[OaH!mxchange r~p~en~:~?mS~:~!:a:lihtgr~ndiii!!~Oqiar~hM;::sliip pX~iySi.O~2!e:~ For u){:lioanW::i:iiin:~T0 Smsg:r~r~:Sii:::ay long heart f~hJr~!o~:rscThh:oTpSon daygl~:;d~:sMU~o~UPt a pup, " Hindu and erie a Negro monarc . re p "reed om ec. to (Word of the newborn Savmr God s Idea a h " - Rockford--Grade 5 . Rockford--Grade 5 Rockford--Grade 1 Rockford Grade 2 'th" Kin" said the" must I wonder if He played with a ;" The snepaerns are mere in wrote a n. ~1 m u urea annexes ann ~ $" dtlUl[n lVllCnaleK . d - " - ~" The bwTsge' Men heard of Herod's Orballi~]e and Seek with one and RM:ck~to.r:ranc~s:;:Ol~ pe~)n~r::rbang~hg sdmawUn stt~aw ~a~eSi:cfludh: de~o~ Caha~ta~eve: ~a~~'l~~~~~'~~~~~~~~~~~~~ all. -- backs. There are cows, burros and shepherds, angels, devils, and l2~ " 2~ plan ano went .homer way ~ ~tO "~ I sheep, other personages of Christmas, l~ ~ ~-xv2 The Yule tree knew--his an- There is so much I do not know T~ TA T~ ~[~ J Beyond that, almost any and as well as common fold andI~ ~ .~.~,a "~ cestors had watched them /IIIIU /I~ /111111%. A i 1 in ma be, and often is, le endar heroes who act and ~ i~ bout that Ittle Babe of nag J everyth g y g Y,J e~ / . . .~.//./ ~,~ ~ go that day. ago; Christmas comes ladded with sometimes startling speak with unaffected beauty. ~ /// /~ I] ~ ~t~'/~'~.4/ ~ The 2~tleta:(%~tOtdoSl~?igho~ Bi-iut tl~SesI thsinkod:;,alalsd~ikn~7(t O,ns aa ~:ltodt~ink [~::trastl~eTh:re ~ ~l Che:ra~:e;~ cTh~ud2:d d:aY:. Gf bChyryl~ma~osar: ~ " //(X )~ ~ Lk~/~f/ ~ g long ago. And a time to pray. heroes and tortilla women at their de Reyes the Fiesta of the Three 2it " ///V ~/ ~ N~ ~ "~/~ rmro~'s scneme ' " h " h' . . Patrlcia Paynter The Birthday of a Kingmetates. Kings, which is the day Mexican J~.~ ~,~ /~ /~ /~ .~ ~ r///~ Ann as.e,mouq~t of~erod's St. J~mes school. To light our way. . Tree Of Life . children get their'Christmas gifts, l~ " /k/ [~] ~r~'ff/.]/.~ '~ ~ . plan ne mougm ot ms own l-tocr.rord--~raae 5 . At the right ot the ~vdsterlo, a Served at the parties on this day ]R~ / ~ I U ] /, ~'l [ [(;"~"~ / .':.; are"m-- -- The night of His BirthTree ot t,ite is always placeu, are rinz-sha~d cakes in which ]~ J Ik fi ~ A ]k/x~tO ! J.~ ~A . / / o be the chosen tree of all, as Hark The angels .sang a song of joy and the whole layout is swathed aT-'e ud~-u'--;Y^'~ uny 7y~'~ ~aay^'-" uuf^l'-~ u~'~'^-- ]~'~ /1t I~.IVY N~/f.~J ~ / / ~ was the legend told Because this Baby wasn't I wlth real and arhhclal flora and ~,h, ~,t ,t.u~ i. their o=Ve =~]~ /~ ~'[ I I ~ ~ ~ And wear upon his topmost s*:e-n~gntfl;erW-n vS:Ua, a.~ An ordinary Boy [fauna. Tropical orchids peek d"e's]gn'a'ted~"as G'odp'arents-'~ff ~el~ //J [ [ AA]V~~ ~ branch, an ANGEL OF :gorld~ st omoe On His Birthday Ifrom cotton snowb~::s a~sire~ Christ Child, and are obligated/~-- ////~y~v } ;/ / ,r ~]1 PURE GOLD' ~e rece ed n t a toy crepepaper roses h Her First.born had come - . ' r . - to entertain with another party in, ~ . /'~/,/~ ~ :~ I I~ /( (f ~ . " I theiateu san as " . D(~ /~UVi[///;"?" f'~"~-f~}! "~ Maureen,Ann~ Jensen. Beverly Oliveri He lay in the stable The traditional date to put out FHe~ h;nor on Candlemas ay, ~ ~ St Mary s chool Boylan High School it e x a e Hol " ' W'h th o en nd sheep. Nacimiento all but th Y . i Freeport--Grade 8 Rockford -- Grade 10Thou,~h He was in a man-er I-f~nt io Dec' 16 This is the anrougnout me entire ~awnaa =~ " ' 14 |.'.q / I I [~ ~' ~' "= ' " ' 1' " " r ~"~-,I :, season, Catho lc traditmns p e ~. Mary and Joseph heard not Ifirst day of the posadas, the "1~ " //l][[f/ [/, /I, /J vau and there is room [or mm I g~. g~,~n o .peep. Christmas novenas held every, ver he rt '~" .'*'" ]/~l[~ ~Y~ .//i " So out on the cold hillside Jplace which are climaxed with m e y a . I~ ." ].]]~[ ~l ~ ./ ] -~ Little Baby Jesus had to sleep, the coming of the Christ Child on *~"* '~*"ADITIONAL I~ " /! /#1t~'~~ .~'- / - - " : - - --] Cindy EvensonNochebuena -- Christmas Eve. at ,r o rur .r, j/ / / ~ ~ St. Joseph School Posadas are cooperative -- fatal. MEXICAN CHRISTMAS DISHES !~. |x~. / ~. ~ ~r .- " ~ ~/ Harvard -- Grade 4 ]lies and friends join to share ex- Bunuelos / ~|~! ~ ~ -- . pease and pleasure, i~ fax ~ / ~" ~" "~ ~ Snow ' Posada Procession 2 cups water ~ f'~ . . ./ . ~[~l ~ ~ Each night, just after dusk, the 4 cups tlour ~ /~ '~ ~ ./ ~.~/ '~ ~ The snow is very beautiful. I posada procession forms with all 2 eggl I~."J '."~ ~ call it the falling flowers from lmembers of participating families 1 tab espoon baking powder ~ ~, ~ ' ~ ~ . .:.'j~ ~ heaven. When the snow falls hard. carrying lighted candles. The" are % teaspoon, salt [~.~ -'~ ~ ~'~ ~ I play that God is just giving us preceded by two children who 1 lb. dar~ nrown sugar. !~ ~ / ~ ~ more grace from heaven, bear a small litter draped in I cup. lara. or snortemng or ~ ~ f X ~ ~. - ~ ~ Michael Foss greens, upon which rest little fig. COOKmg OU ~ ~.| ~ [ ~ ~. Saint Patrick school urea of Mary on a burro, St. I c~p granulated sugar colored !~,~' ~ m~ wlm ve el,me coloring ~, ^ ~" ~ ~ Rockford--Grade 4 Joseph and the Angels. P ",g,i~ ~* ~* ~ ~ ~ 1 cup canny sprinmes . . ablest us n ~, R E S ~ AY E N ~ i~ hA f'~L. : J ~ ~l Boil one tablespoon anise seed}~ ~ ~ ,/~ I " '~ ~ i~ 204 ~.Th|rd St. = -- nIX?N, ILLINOIS ' ]~ ff~.[~ "'~'~ Ths little cherub is ~1 ~hhe ebak~ngn~W::: ;ndnS~twAdedr I~ -- ] ~ us e gg g " ~ "i -.g~'lO "-/~ runn,ng to say for ~ to make a dough of good con. i~ m .~, ~, k . -~- I |~ r', t ~ x-~ (/// Thank you for your ,~1 sistency. Knead thoroughly. Pinch ~ 'l'O xou zor whom me angels sang J J[~,~ ~:~ . vatronage, and have ~[off little balls of dough and roll]~ I - - ~,~ |l~ ""~ (~-~ 4,~]~ '- an extra ~ out as thin as possible on a/~ And heavenwrought a bright new star-- i .//~ ~. I ~ % '~K ~'F',/ // t~ ~[floured board. Place them over l "~ Ir~ Merry ~ nr~stmas ~ a cloth and than them out gently I // ~ ~ ~ ~ ~$ ~ Jl~ ~~~ ' ~]w~t the atm~ of the t~ands Let/~~ ' Whose manger-crib was piled with gifts ' h p I // " rest briefly on floured boards,} Greatkings had carried from afar- i I I ~J~ J[ ; . =Tr'lI'~l * ~ then fry in deep fat. Drain and/~ I I I ~"~ ll] LI;II;INI ~lserve on plates cover with the}~A~ . " I ' f# u . anise-flavored syrup and deco-[ TIT,r " ese" a w-r I ~k ~~ It~ ~ rand rr~ojj~gutvvyv, o ut,~u rate with the colored suga ~ " Bu,ck Pont,ac Co. , " candy sprinkles. (In Mexico, " " . - in That s filled w th love,a little whale, .~ the custom to serve bunue s on .~, $~tt~ Dixon, Illinois =~ ! I~ ~ inexpensive pottery dishes, which, ~ , ! "~" ~ " ' ' at "for -ood luck ")~ ~ I - H~'$ = o,dkl to l;ght e en -- Th: S ru " [~ busy mother's tender smile , I WaY ~YuIey ~=Y y Y P I,~f~," fhe Boil the brown sugar with one J the belt #f everything come 'ablespoon anise seed in one cup ~ f~ ] ~'11 4-1 -,4- 1~ 4- rm,h to yo~ end you~l ,rater until the s -'up is thick ' )~ ~tuu~ Will bll~b -~UII~ Ut,tb WLbLL W~ b "~ ~train and our ov;Y/the bunuelos ~- - - - " P ' And welcome for the lonely stranger; Atole Blanco- " White Atole Laughter that restores sad hearts- 4 tablespoons white corn meal i~,~ Bless these andus, Lord of the Manger!] CITY NA ONAL BANK IN DI XOI (Member F.D.I.C.) Dixon Illinois II I I I . Funeral Home Dixon