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December 22, 1961     The Observer
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December 22, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1961 .THE OBSERVER PAGE 3A ,as a I i ~wepL italian moumamslue : IIV~,A 11~21~ i J J g V Blo'wn "i jumped'at the chance b l / y r em uo mls ior st l ee s wnen ou on ~ ~,i mat ne nac1 ouered Ili see you y " !' 'The Saintmaker's Christmas, Evolving as a dramatic fable By L J Huber moiect H f Eve," an absorbing drama of hu- of human nature and the Divine ~ . ." j . e ollowed me to the man nature and spiritual revela-"The Saintmaker's Christmas B Ms r -a Came Chi istmas morning and basement and we started to work, I Y g . J rues L rueeK ~t ~rancis nan an eauy been m I was fully repaid for the aches Now that I had a little help fi'om tion, with music especially corn-:Eve searcnes out the conuicc- GRECCIO Itab The stor" the HoP Land and now as the pgsed by Norman DeUo Join ing personalities of the brothers, c ok.: ~ :ff :~ -,~ ~ ~ ' i anQ pains that n had gathered someone who knew th= differ~.n~, ' i . . ,m ~,ur~uua~ ~s mu~tvateu In Lea~t o~ tmrlst's mrm orew near~ while doing my bit for St Leo's between a claw hammer and third Pu~t~:r pPrZte;lo~er,D~nrec~ig::s! ear~do,:e~liv~tSatl~;; Robt. 7:r~le~SutC~:herSsttho~nOughouto~~ lt~eth];eYea~ ~::23, ~eCOs~:e, ved A salesman's hands are not made base in the Yankee Stadium, 62," Sunday, Dec 24 (ABC-TV, ney to the little town of Sam g y or] for holding nails while his other there was a little brighter outlook ,ever Knew remains isoiatect and tmrmtmas more viviu in me minus . to the entiie situation 11"30-12'30 p m, or 2"30-3"30 Christohal on Christmas Eve / I fist is swinging a hammer that is " " remuvety unknown on a wind-or me snepnerus an(/tarmers wno p.m.) : Mr Dello Join received his :,:--^-~ sure to miss the head of the spike We got along quite well putting The drama written by Robert Pulitzer "rize for "Meditations on l " . i . ] and land on unsuspecting knuck- up the back section. The only . ' i v ~ was m a cave nere in Gave instructions Crean, m an adaptahon of the i the Ecclesiastices " and Horaanlor --:~ ,~ r . I [ les. Nor were mine made to hold casualty was my right thumb. It , ,-. ~,-~=,u u,L o~. rra,c,s ta a~s,sil The hol man of Assisi ave in h h ha novella by Pulitzer prize authorlwas awarded the prize for hisla--e i Y g "1 t e b "sters that are on them d lost a bout with a splinter. s~ mmea me nrst t;nrls~mas structions for what Paul Horgan. It is being pro-[book "Great River" a hio~ 1 I he wanted and] now. But, as I say I am fully Mr. Muse Brown didn't do much . o~v-.r crecne ine warmm ann numnlty h - duced m association with the Na-I of .ht ~ Ri, arn~d~ / n " " t e people joined in enthusmstm-, repaid for my efforts, talking, he just put his head down tional Council of Catholic Men, ] "Th '~a / ] ft all started on the morning . s . . . e lett on a night 738 years ago ally Even Lord Giovanni Velhta, and went to work I rea oned that . . e ~ re]maKer s unristmas Still remains, who lived in th c Set m New Mexico m the earlY}Eve, was ,roduced b, Wile",[ ] e astle, joined m.[ when Father Flynn and I were it was my duty to take up the v : J ~teep ~:nnmn ~rancls nad this cave and in it slack I ke t talkm 1800 s, The Smntmaker s Christ- IH ] I ' ] standing in the small areaway P " g. a v "" ance ann mrecteu ny uioyu The cave is approached throngh there was a rock led e that he " m s E e is the tender and deep- Twe a l . . . g [ between the church and the rec- You ve done this kind of work l~ ~Hrrlna ~tn~,t ~f fu,a h ~-,~h* ~ I ~a3"' /a narrow vauey, aotteu with tall proposeu to use mr an akar. inet tor . " " " bef 9" " a ~'~'-~ y I didn't know it at the time ore. I asked him. sculptors Roberto and Carlos Cas I~ " cypresses and shivering poplar peasants brought him an ox and but-I had been steered there b "I tilln a. L ] I%.: r D I trees lined on either side by a donkey certainly also the pro~- Y ! was an all-around handyman, ar+ of ~;.+ ~m.; I |IH~ U [mountains. It ts the Valley of[emtors of.those we have seen[ Y p " iDoc, hemformedme. Under the brow of a hillock [Rieti. At the end of the valley along the road And someone[ Change of Plan [ "My name's Jim," I hinted. ~ ~ * ~ "- [ Out ide a-an,'~e-~ t,w-'* ,~-t,~ ]in the mountains is hssisi, and brought a little wooden statue of] Actually, we had planned toJ "I'll just keep calling you Doe rl~m~|e in ~1%[rl]" i . ']only a few miles away is the the Chdd Jesus. . / take a short ride into the coun- until Ihkeyouahttlebetter,"he r [ Bathed in an Eastern star'S /great city of Rieti To the right/ In front of the hermita-e is -~ try and a walk throw h the fieldslgrunted Christ was born On the first glory is M n " . n s "/ - g . ' [ j o te Lacerone site of the ifli~ht of stens oerhans 60 or 801 that were ready for the wmter's j Took Nerv Christmas day A cave in expectancy, waits,~ - : . e J, . . ]cave. The approach now leaveslof them which lead to a stone[ snow The long-legged priest andl And in the cold stable there He For a mianlght thats holy and the highway, crosses a river, and ] archway' and a tiny garden I had many mutual interests" ai~ ,vi :a:ed o t. 'n'A:i~n on my . lay. silent, . along a winding white stone road [ carved B-St "ran'' motoring and walking were two oiP'7 : .gyou to we nan no warm clothes to Wear,when time, ]or a moment snall/climbs the moun'--' ' / I I ' Y ' ~ ~a,n. ~ mem All ~fllS nau ueen me pmn 'don't belon~ here Wh And many more hardships He}cease / Not much ha I uver me uoorway are me same l 3 "l g . ere on you ' s cnangeu nere . one mat ne nan cnangea wlmout belon 9" I un h i had to bear [ And the world will welcome the lsince St Francis I words- that St Francis had carved/ j g p c ed w thou] / ~ . ume ~ne neios~ ' .-. . t temng me anout 1L ~e was in-~thinkin.~ oirm ot are farme ". . mere ~ years ago" raupter ~. / ~ d with rustic lmple " . . . I dlcatlng the opening between the l He did all this for us to see [Mary's Infanh God's Prince of/ments b'" sim-le rtate owes' tweaimy poverw/. In- I tw '~ I %ver mink ot minding your y v peasants, ~ressea i i " o vuuumg~. . Just how important it is to be ] Peace. Jmuch the sam J s de s a room carved m the rock, J I own business, Doe." he snapped. e as mey were in Time m get me Umlstmas Humble in spirit if we wish to go I Katherine Marko Jhl ]hardly more than 10 feet square I " I To heaven and in graces grow. ]~ [o1~ ~aYn ~::Zdgn;nea rtao~.:~:ela~[that was the. dining room andt creche erected, Jim:' he told me./to c~2 l:hgaZ~e~:#a ~hn:~. ~I~ Cl::y Mary George ] ~ ]c-r* a t. ]kitchen. The~:e is also a long[ OK, I agreed, 'So get some-/ ~ ~;. ~ ', ~ ~ St Patrick school,~ ~ ~!~-,! land a woman bala . Ipassageway, iour tee] wine anal one to put it up ann me prooiem/done it to be nose" althou'*h that ncmg a copper i lve" ~ s St Charles--Grade 3| ~.'~,~f'~'~ [-o" ^f [about 15 feet long, which was theJ s so d tis one of m, attributes I ate v ~ u waLuv on net neau aney,] d ,v / ", . I dormitory. At the end of this ls l 'It's all stored in the church rcrow for a different r g h~ I,-- greet me traveler wlm ' bauuatur ,~IW ~'~IITI ] ~ ]Jesus Chris]us" (Praised be Jesus/a l'oom so small !hat one couldi basement," he kept talking. "You[had quit on me now I'd have been t mmx~ ~'~ (/ u ,~ ~ ~ ~- / omy sleep in a sluing posmon. [ might as well get started on it / in mud un to th~ ~xl* w~ wo ~ / i]~'~'~ ~'~ ~ |~nrl~t:, ann ne answers, ~em-iThis was Francis's own cell where] right now or you won't ,~et itI -~[ 'Y-~- "-~-~" -'~- ,'~"- i ,~,w aim ,~ ,o ~ . ~ ~- .H, r*.- -,er'v taiW~-O vo ." he slept, winter' andsummer,on ' done today,D lll~l~lll~ great neauway anu mere In poor marts feature and form, t ~ ~ t~l / Monastery on Ledge It' e bar " n [ Iwas no use in ruining it. He made ,n e sto e ur r" God outlined in rags. ~ ]/t ~ - u ~ u t The road grows narrower . ". . [ S p use Plan better progress when I had sense Prudence Warner [ 6A~[ [steeper and more windin. Onl Ou!s~de the kitchen is the cave:/ "Now this is a surm'ise," I enough to keep out of his way. " I ten feet s uare and seven feet ~- Boylan high school ] ~ull~ ~ ~L--~ ]the top of the mountain to the l q J ventured. "I thought that we I Finish Project "~ '~ "~' left ar th mgn ~ere on t:nrmtmas eve m , Rockford--Grade 10 ~ [ e e remains of an old[ " [ were going to Bv mid afternoon we were read~ ~---~1 ~, ~ ~ ,~. I1223 the tirst t:nristmas crecne n ''" ~ - " I~=d~ue, ann naitway up me moun-i,a~ fa~hi,n,A Th,~r, w,we n, [ "Change of plans, Jim," he to place the figurines. By this tai /H, ot'/e/]a~b~P' ] n to the rl ht is the tinv] " [ said soberl but I knew that hehme I had also noted that ne "" "*'D'~''" * * * [m g 71ngures ]or Josepn ant lvmry anul Y' I o onastery nun] up arounu bt the Ma i There were onl the twot was grinning to himself ,Father Flynn was entertaining Francis' cave. It is perched re-[. g." Y ' him " [: " " P,'Aw come on " I nleaded but[ self by being a silent sidewalk [c i lwe animals, the ox and the[, ~ [~---~ ~ [4 a mousiy, on. a ieage I donkey: And there was the Christ] there was little use. "I'll need isuperintendent. He kept looking ~- ~ ~ ~ ] uow.n m me vauey neiow, St. [ Child which St Francis lay in a ] help," I said [ out of his study window as I kept ~ - - an. .J- . ~ [~:anc~s usedto passLIn the year}bed of straw on the altar ofstone.[ "I suggest that you go over [gathering aches and blisters. I ~v~ne resuve seoso~ uows ~ ]~ ~e,nu~eu me. nrst crecne, i ,~ - ~, [ awl a~" M- Rrn~, " h ~,started taking the statues out of we ~ ,~e occosio, ton'z~, me 'poverello" of Assisil ~ * ~ / ,:T ~- "Y-"':-', "'~.':Y? ""~lthe box where they hnd h,n ,ne's reureu ancx ne nugnt Ilnfl v ~. ~----/~[~ ,~ ~ :~ ]was old before his time. He was l One of St Francis companions [ ck J ~'" ~~'~ '?~: ~ ]only 42 years old, but within three ]Tabo~a:ha:fm ~lano, wrote this ] lllk::hoi~ar;ot~ngj~LWollk with the l aP;e eu m su aw to prevem oreaK- ~ . -~ ~-.- - - ' .~ ]years ~he would die. For some "g :,"~ ' ,m ", " . "Which one is that? Mr. Muse ~//~,~ " I~ness. ~ }time now his eyes had been"The human element of the In-[ en a Catholic Fath- er " I started to ex lain "I d I asKeo as n nanoea nlm me ilrst i m m" feel like besides, he and I ' ~P'//~![I~-": ~ t!roubling him, his sight was fail- carnation and the charity of the},P ontlcrib LAc HAwK BOTTLIH. @ [it:g i2nRdieht? had:OegrOe:Oo; 2c P:;til~ant ~:r;ar~l;~tLdo~ghht sf ~y.[ FIRST CHRISTMAS CRIB--In a cave on a windswept Italian mountainside near Greceio, St. Fran- JU::k:dadane:lllgt~mente2eh~use I pllaceg~tt~hee ~e~i/~cgt:desT~ndv~re. ~, ,~ . K~K,O~ ~ Iful treatments. [thing else. In this respect one[ eis of Assist assembled the first Christmas creche just 738 years ago. Now a tiny monastery sur- P y . " n s ga-I - Shepherd's Hut Imust recall and praise with rev-/ rounds the cave (upper photo), but the cave and original creche (lower photo) remain relatively un- rage doors and he had troublelgin M arywas 1.n a Kneenng po. s!- ,getting out of the "lace" luon ne nan a nine trouole nnn- ~~~| There is a little shepherd s hilt terence what he did at Greccio on,disturbed by the years. St. Francis built the creche with the hope of making the idea of Christmas e I. ' . lng me i~gnt place mr it we goc - ~]farther uo on the too of the hill Ithe day of Our Lord's nativity [ more vivid in the minds of the shenherds and farmers who lived nearby Now, all over the world, Protest Useless " ' . ~~ ~Jhardly more than "a heap oi[three years before he died. ~ this practice is imitated in homes and churches for the same purpose.--(NC Photos) I was sputtering like a' two-!to tne erie and to me Christ ~-~~I~JL.'~:~~ ~lstones, where Francis liked to/ "The time of joy and of ex-I" ~ lunged mower motor but it wasJC~l,in" ~~~'~l ~l;oPafor the night along the way.]ultation had come. The friars~ored, poverty exalted humilitYIKing O[ Kings Pra"er at Crib useless. My buddy had walkedlse)~U~n~hiM~'~ht ~e[:s~unctS:d Jo- I l~.~*'J]]~~ ~,~ . ,L-- L n . L ~[l e dded a few more stones and~from different localities had eomelpraised and Greceio became a:t Y away leaving me with my mouth[ l .Y," " . : ~ rl~~.3~F,~i ,v,uy /r~ n?,y, ~cap iloC~ll~.ds lteoah:rim~ag:~:Utwe;Ome/together and the men and women[new Bethlehem. [ fin Ic~ Ultdmab: c~ methmg I eome to the crib open, something that happens[ Never Too Late IV'~X" 53,~g~f*IEI py spirit of the tirst ~1t P a /of the place brought, each accord- I [ " Y, j.~,^oa.~ ll." quite often. Iknewlhadlostthatl He took the image of the Child /|~~.~ ~}~ ]J ~lbit more corpulent than the[ing to his means, candles and/m ~ rit~r: Pme ,pi.e ~m fm~ anl-t In Bethlehem town ."~[ ~"'' "~ .", . round so I hied to the basement, land made an effort to put it into Lmrlsrmos ci O U n abstemious Fra is a s ee eu t e ui nay so fal awa Ann nope you wm always ,l~----'~~~][,il " $1~ ' nc" asked him to/torches to illuminate that night I ' "1 "" Y' It was as he had said the ma Ithe crib but faltered. I was about ugm on mat ueugntmi mgnt ahle ~l~~~l dont[y b ] e s s you ~lmove the hermitage farther downlLastly the saint arrived, saw allJTh i'h ' -JlI might be the st Guard me where I go. terials Were all there 'and theylto blm-t out one of my usual out- ~ . ~[the mountainside to make the]the preparations and was happy.] e w~uu~ [aug ,w t, voices art so cold and forlorn--- Billy Lamphier were marked for easy erection !of-context remarks when I noticed 0130 ours ~ chm le me ~oct~s ecnoeu me hymns o~ juy ~~r~~ Y ~ " b ss arduous Francis/The crib was put in place the hav/ " ,]Which sheltered the Christ Child " - "lth=~ h;o h~.a,~o ,~ t ;.- --. m ',-, ~ - . ~ .~,~u mat I neeoee to oo was to ~o .'~ g. n]s ~~'~t~l~]:l~ ~[moved it to the cave where helbrought in and the ox and donkey[ 'The, solemn rite of the.Masst on Christ,m as m.orn. S!. Jose!mscnooi match the ends that were marked[head bowed a bit lower. He was lll[r~ '.[~N~=,L~v~] ~ built the areche. ]led forward Simplicity was hon-/was cemm'ateu over me crio, and/ Or 1 coum pretend t~arvaru--~raae ~ ~r"i w r- lZ~,'~ A,~ " " /the -riest en:o-ed an -nusual/ .~ . . .~ ~ A anu [ne sules mat were num-,c y ,g. ne mamtalneu mlS posl- ~~ ~ ~'~,~J leJ~r~r~ttG~ ~.~t Z ' ' [ ~ "" ,~J y - u ] mat ~, was t, ne, nay, ~ bered. Sim le. So sim le that it tion a long time before he moved ~f.~', ) ~'~'~l w=*=v~ii~ ~f ,~'~ ~ . [eonsolauon. 1n e, sa~m,] And I d uly ~ De soI~,~. confused mPe I made np~ move to to place the figure in the crib. ~i B, t ~ t~.~,~-- n ',~J i g, ~ the oeacon oz me lviass cnanteu/ ]or me unrist cnim to lay. ~- '~ call out Father's su estion and 'We did this wh n w i~ l~7~-~'~,W ~l and ~011 i lthe Gospel He then preached to/ But since I can't ~,"'y ggo" [ e e were !, v.~~.:.: <.:,~, ~ ~al ~ "~'~i~ ~ the eo le and said ver tender~ be an of these thin~s [ ~'z~k/ ~.- KnocKe(I on me aoor oi one Mr. KmS, oim," ne wuispered to me. ~[ k~-~J~ SUPER MART ~/ ~ ~~ ~lthin:; ~out the birth of Yhe poor/ I'll juYt pray to the ~:by, Brown I"And !',re lost what it means. I v .t,| ~ ~ ~ Here'~ hooi~o v~ur ~h~i~- ~[King and of little Bethlehem At/ The King of Kings ~/~r-~] Past Disagreements gu, ess its too late now." ~I~- . I me e S noDmg your Lnr,sr ' f~r I ' "' 707 K,Iburn--Rockford ~ mos wilt "rin the bell" fo~ the end of the solemn vigil, ev- Connie Mutchler ~ ~ I The man and I did not see eye! . I gu, ess l! s never too late, Mr. I~ ~ Ray, Frank, Ben, Pel~ ~ ~ 7~ Z!~!/~!d~e!il/ifSw ri l/eryone returned to his home full[ ~St. James school ~:~ i] to eyenor did wehear earto ear. l ' ' i~, ~ ~i ~~fuE'~e'd ~]of joy. / Rockford--Grade 4 ~" =~111Lt ,! Three times within the past monthl " '' .-. , ~. ~1 ;a ~r ~ ~" 21 ~,~ F/A~i |'~1 he had -fowled n~ - u ~" ,in cnurcn on tmristmas ]Jay ' " ond dreoms come true . . . ~ ~ ! g a o gr mmeu " ~=[~:~l ~ll~ll ~t~ Yc~f~ ~l~~Y~'~ ~~:~ltCrounj ~[ : ~ " T " ~ ~/r~ ~tlI about my bad narkinc~ habits It I Knew More Than I ~-~tv-~---~v---~.-~,~.-~% ~l~.-~.~.~-~:.~.~,~-~-~;n ~'~;". ."' 7;= ~1 ~ .~. ~ ~.I/,~ ~ ~/~,~ would not have surprised me if he] He kept on with his work but ~ ~ ~ve fun for one and oil ~[ ~," ,'~II, l~'.~ ~ ~ had slammed the door without I stopped to turn toward the win- I . / --- ~[ ~/~. ,~,'~ ~ ~ even bothering to ask what IIdow where my Msh friend had ~] m,~a~t ~nnKnaumaJ ~ wanted He m 1 hi r ndst nd ~: I /' Moy the Stor of . see ed a b't amazed "s g a a seat. He gave me ,"--' """"'"" " Br,aht Star and amused as he looked down his the all-is-well sign with his thumb ~ ~ ~r~k ~1 ~ nn~ J NI~ . ~]~ ~" 7 ~ " Bet~ehem shine ~ ~ nose at me. I opened by telling[and forefinger. He had known I ~ -,~Nd~l~ Mav this h01y ~i i. M. reter$ ~,~ / ~ : ~ In a little stable one beautiful [ him that I needed a little help. imore about Muse Brown than he o z / In your neorr Ond, ~- i L f~,~~l~'~ . ~1 ~ ~mJ I. your I~eort Ot~d ~ night i 'Yeah?' he muttered: ;had told me, more than he would "~ l'trestone ~tores I,~ever tell me ,~L ~~W~,~E Christmas Se~soll ~l ~ Ftrestone 5totes ~ !~ II~'. ~ inspire you onew ~ There shone in the sky a veryI Father Flynn wants me to . 1] ' ~, r.] I ~,I eoun:x see wny ne nao usea ~li~J~ V "~ eml ,i~ "- ~i'~l~dL with if~ nrnmk,~ ~ brightlight, erect the Christmas creche andl ~ i"~ dF~v,~fJ"J~ ~k~.~ lift yOUr spiriTS, 9', I ~ t~ = ~ h'~ fi n +~o~ ;,~,~ ~, [me in this role. There are times " -, ~wnen a layman can do this kind I J, . ~ . . p~ J ~ ~ ot Fence on Izarth. ~ Brighter than others was seen little time on your hands and that ~ ~ 'l~]~.~t'{K~ warm y0ur nean ~! ~ ~[I~ ~ :~ onestar vou might " Io~ work qune weu was me "i t "' ' ", ,''" I laborer while Father had been g, ~ ~~~.~i a,I k.| ~, ~ ~ I ~, ~ "' q Int ," ~ That brought shepherds and 'I don t care much about help-ithe architect We had Li't " .u uutn~g yuu ou ~ two n B 11 ~ ~ ~ ~AI~ ~. ~1~. ~n ~ ~e ~n~ ~ adorers from afar. ' ing you, Dec," he interrupted me.]cribs One between the church .- : - unlold j'oy ~ *= - ' ~ g- ~ "But. I like Father, Flynn and l'll land ihe rectory, the oCner in me" i~ I ~ and ~~-'=J~ ~ ~~-~~ t :'~'~ ~"~ ~ ~ His mother held Him In her do it for him.' I heart of Muse Brown I was sure ~, 11211 ~ ~ ~~ happiness. (t northern illinois ~ loving arms Almost Silent Partner of iton Christmas Da;when Mose "~"~ ~ ~~ ~! ~~ '~ I~ i ~ -- -- " ~/ ~ AS the Babe slept soundly, At this point it didn't matterlsat in the same pew with me. "~ ArI / l~k I~ ~i ~ ~//"~/ " ~ .- ~ [, ~l ~ ~ ["~! /r / ~ ~ An, ~1 7 ~ never alarmed, too much whether he hated me or[My blisters didn't hurt any more. /" ~ ~1~. '~/' ~] ~ ~.'~/ l'~l~l ~[~ ~v i . a~l~ ~/~q[A, ~ not, I needed his muscles for the iln fact, they felt very good. ~ ~ ~ ! ~ an~ ~ ~"~,~ ~1~ ~ b ~ +~ q t "~ v ~ Angels in song adored their e /A a --- s l, s ,~.~-~P~A'~~ ~! ~ ~--~~~--~~ ~]~~! Sfr,l'. Roekf a ~ the very same thing. --~ ---~- ~JLLIII015 /~~d~N ~ .~. ./ .- [ ~.:.v. ~ [.['Walt ond Dick Muroski ~ St. Patrick school ~~~-------------------- ~ ~ ~. "- ~ / Rockford--Grade 6 ~ [ CO"l ''I [[To our wonderful riend. OLIOAY Chr}stmos[sogoo~ ~~T~ ~ ~ I " [g Iil' l time for thinking of mmmmmm r " 1 Most Rev. Albert R. Zuroweste P~! ~ es thot t h e holidavs bring ~~ ~"'~.~./ your good will a ~~ ~J ~~i~ ~;~.~11~1~ St=to Chaplain ~ . " ~ ]~ ;~~:n f or your potronoge ~m~P~~-'.~.' -: ~. ~'//,~l,///~,/~,il~r ~ Hon V,ctor N Cardosi Marco DeStefano ou much happnness. ' ' . iimF Herbert G. Downey Joseph M. Schiffgens II l,l l 3JL: much to us. * I V . I' "S St Advoc=t* St=, Warden 81 ,---- ~'+.'.~. ~ V --- " "~'' " ,/ " Suprem Dire ter ] [ "~ n,n,l IJi ~J Hon ~' O ~ O]jlcers and Personnel ~, . John F. Bolton Leo M. Flynn [~,Be t W ]hes Raymond F. Gleason Dr. John T. Murphy#~ f~t F THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF Harry H. $onnemaker George L V I LEO S - John H. McKeown Francis J. onnin P. . . . 1,1;;111101 IIglllUIItBI I ALENA ~. Past Sta,e De.utio. " - ' ' ' SUPER-VALU , ~' ~ ~ i~ And Trust Co. Of Rockford The Bank of Friendly S~rvice" ~j ~ames a. ~.ocnrane wauter L. mc~innis ~'# ~ ~ [ ~ "o i e . a, i,j i. o,s ~ I~ a I " (M~b~ F Dj c ) J m~ ~. General "Chairman Adm. Asst. to State Deputy .~.1 ~ ~ I~ 201 North Main Street