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December 22, 1961     The Observer
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December 22, 1961

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PAGE 2A THE OBSERVER .FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1961 (The liturgy has been Joan Mor- ris' special interest through most1 of her adult life, whether in decorat-/ ing a church, editing a sacred art; paper, lecturing or producing re- ligious films A native of England she spent many years in the United States and received a Master's de- gree in liturgical research at the University of Notre Dame. Joan Morris is n member of The Com- pany of St. Paul, a secular in- stitute.) By JOAN MORRIS Every Christmas crib set up in church or home, besides the main figures of the Nativity scene, has an ox and an ass, by tradition placed close behind the manger according to world-wide custom. Have you ever thought why these two animals have been chosen rather than perhaps a mule or a ram or any other animal com- monly found in Palestine? The answer to this question is to be traced a long way back to early Christian times It is quite surprising how often the ox and the ass have been included in f r e I Transplanted from Europe a! century ago under the auspiciousi ~ign of lowering mail rates, the custom of sending greeting cardst at Christmas survived moderate-] ly in the United States until early The Little Traveler in this century. Since then its growth has been phenomenal and Sprawled by the roadside he wept Bitterly. They carelessly shoved him aside Into the road and the dust. He sighed and reckoned, "No one cares about me. But I simply must get there, I must, I must!" He picked himself up and brushed off the dust Disgustedly. He tried to follow the big boys-- He started the half-mile tramp toward the city Dejectedly. He wondered where the great king would be. As he pondered this through, the cold nipped his ear. Then he sighted a stable close by; "Could people possibly be living here? How queer!" He stood outside the doorway Shivering. continuous. By 1954 Americans were ex- changing about t+wo billion Christ- mas cards a year. Last year the figure was more than two and one-half billion. This year it is estimated at three billion. Thirty per cent -- or about 900 million -- of these three billion cards are what are known in the trade as "Christian Christmas cards." This proportion, low as it may seem, is six times that which but gosh! What was a poor little fellow of six to do A hand upon his shoulder beckoned him to enter His heart gave a joyous leap, prevailed 15 years ago. The pro- portion would look more substan- tial yet if placed within the con- GREETINGS AT CHRiSTMAS---Introduced into the United States a century ago, the custom of sending Christmas cards has grown with the years. Many religious congregations and charitable or- ganizations sell Christmas cards every year. The above two Nativity scenes, in spite of the When the largest boy of all yell for he heard angels sin,'t, text of the first cards and thetr" were sold this year by the National Council of Catholic Women. fact that there is no mention of " A ~ .~ ,; "s h ~^ ' Proceeds will be turned over to Catholic Relief services--(NC lng, "onoo' r~uu aa u~.= a .= wad, .~ . these animals in the Gospel ac- ur). - .-'. ~. ~ + most obvtous ancestors. Photo) ~ o o a~ woutu a great Klng flo wILnt a~tla~:u ,~, to of th Nativity m either Christmas 'Pieces' a gift That at last he had found : " " ~~ St. Luke or in St. Matthew ANCIENT CHRISTMAS CRIB--This engraving, first published in 1632, was copied from a tomb of w~,~,~ ,9, I His Kin~ i The most obvious ancestors of after the German revomtion or Ioeen me mutuat mnuence ot re- Earliest Representation early Christian times Only the ox and the ass make it recognizable today as a Crtb scene. The I Annette Kaiser r,h.~o~ ~1~ ,~o th Chrl,t 1848. Jlgtous groups saymg they would The earliest known representa- Babe here" is pictured on an altar and the other figures do not look like the traditional shepherds . I ss Peter and Paul school ".~. "' ~/ "",'.~.'-"E~nilh.?h The first product of his shop[buy only the Christian cards and n l h the mas pieces wmcn E g tion of a Nativity see e w't It is not known whether they are meant to represent shepherds or prophets.--(NC Photo.) P" Ut/ I Carv--Grade 8 was a lithoaranh of a bououet of ,the Christmas card industry say- ox and ass present is on a Roman [m E ~ I I/l~ ~s~ I " ]school children used to write, roses done ln four colors * ing it could make the Christian tomb dating from the time of Con-. "e represents Isaias. The rea- the West, such as St. Gregory of because of their infidelity to God My, but .it's o 1 o*,ett'n late. That t ,-----------~ These sheets were bordered or I- '1~ h~ i d hi, f~ t o,m- cards only if they sold. stantme the Great The year glv m is that m the first cha ter of Naxianzen m his Natlvlty hormly They let themselves be misled by ~'/, v f rt e P ' iollv ole fellow with the long t~ L, n ~e[headed with engra ed lou'sh s nlete line of Christmas cards nut- At the time the bi~ secular man- en by the archeologtst De Rossl alas thre is a reference to an and St Ambrose m his commen stories of the pagan gods and to c mm ~':'" ":'- "~' ] p" . p g g g p . . " white beard should be o g . - --. and tctures The lctures -- us- hn it on the American market ufacturers were be lnnm to ut ls 343 A D Here we have the two " and ass as follows tar on St Luke, chapter 2' and adore idols Ismas tells them ani- wn "s " " "" "" " " " " Y,' do thl chimney pretty soon. ~,~-~.;~-,z ~,-11- of birds battles coronations as well as the foretgn, out more religious subject mat- anlmms gazmg at me intent "u~r c, ,~ h ~vono ~nd -ive again by St. Jerome m nts ~et-I mats uKe me ox and the ass know/i,m sorr, I for~ot to introduce l ~,i>"~/dilk ~"~'~ I ter there was also emer,in,~ from ~,v :~ ~ ~ ~, ~s . : ~, ~ ~- war l~rln s increase, however,~ ,and the hke seldom retated to g Jesus m the manger, and two ear 0 earth, for the Lord hath ter on St. Pottle to her daughter]the man who brags them their]myself" I m a Christmas stock-t .'~./]/~--~"~"~ ] ^'/- . i ,~.~ i,~a f-r 'he m-st monasteries, convents, Catholic figures either side There is no ~'^k~n I have brou"ht u" chil Eustochium speaking about Beth-lfodder and hay in the stable; theY~in,~ with no name About this[~ ~l~-NI.'-I~/~ -"?~,~, the oirm ot unrist, t ? . universitv and college art'schools, ~t,- ~ s e - . -. o, -- :-e. part imported until the first dec- ~ o figs]re of Our Lady.or of St. Jo- dren, and exalted them: but they lehem. ]recogmze thetr master, but men/time every year I seem to windI ~"~o::.~ ~:eo Although there exists a reportlade ^f this centur- when a few Catholic book stores, liturgical seph There are qmte a numoer S m lm wron inter reta are so foolish that they do not th fl lace I dont mmdI -o- --L*i, that W C Dobson, a o ular " su 1 sh - " 1 have despised me. The ox know- o et" es a g " P -I [up on is "rep . ' ' . . P P :^ ,;a. ~.~ fpmo he pp y ups and private studios of other examples of mls KlnO lV thl ssa e know their Creator and their true,~*,e.~a. u~-o~taF*u, x ~ u . " ' ' eth its owner, and the ass his tion has been g" en to "s pa ' g [ " " it at all not one bit. ~ English painter of the time, litho- " here and there throughout the sometimes with two figures and master's crib- but Israel hath not as though an ox and an ass were] God. ] As long as we're on the subject p~t~r ~ graphed a card in 1845 and sent:gan co prouuce mem as a sm eun e, country, a renaissance in Christ- ' ' i " v rnenumoer o~ sucn 11 Ii1~ 11t- . somehmes one figure by the s de. known me and my neople hath really present at the birth of] This was true in the time oflof me I might as well describe cop ~.s to his frtends at Christmas . f mas art whlch'offered some count- - ~,' . - - creased uurmg worm war i, a- . . The figures are generally con- not understood" (Isaias 1'2-3) Christ and not in an allegoricali Isaias, and it was true also at/myself. Let's see, we'll begin at Little Pedro, so soft and furry, of that year, credit for the first i "mas card er-action to cloying stereotype and I nd Mlcheas ter me war me st sidered to be saias a ' ' " or symbolical way, and it was[the time of the birth of Christ. St./the top. Up there is a name, it You saved Mary and Joseph card is usually given to Sir Henry visual heresy. or Habacuc, prophets who fore- Fourth Century " thought that the animals really[John in the first chapter-of hislreads, Wilma. No, that's not my many e worry Cole ale0 John Calc,tt Horsley. eust m:wass wetie:/a:2:?nela m M ~o,rn~ ~1 ~ih,~oa o* told the coming of Christ It can This passage is cited by fourth adored God This idea was started Gospel says the Same thing in dif-/name it's hers, the darling little When they were in a great big Copies handcolored il pastel L~= y ~u ,~ . ~.'::" 7",: """": ," ~'~" . " shades' were sent out to his num me firms negan to speclanze in tms renaissance oy reprofluclng Cole and John Calcott Horsley Museum " " in astei s also contributed to Copies andc~ ~retl p hurry, shades ~ re se ~ out to nls u - . ' be taken for certain that one fig- century writers in the East and in by the Pseudo-Matthew, an apo- ferent words: girl who has been tearing me ' ' n m ds renais, nee )y reprodu ng erou friends b Sir Henr production of cards medieval Nativity woodcuts and -- -.---.-S-;-- I cryphal book, not recognized by l "It was the true light that en-lapart every Christmas morn for uomg to tsemienem, s y y. " r n like treasures on cards This" ren ,~~./~t l the Church in the canon of the light,ms every man who comes in- the past three years. I am fur "~ i " "~ rds As the popularity of ca ds co - " - " -- [Scriptures nor as being the work[to~'tl~e world ~He was in the world I trimmed from top to toe. Before Though you were little, -ou commerc?l.t;a . f tinued to increase, so did the aissance represented a trend ~'~e~'~'~--'~" ~m~~i~~ reall'" of St Matthew - ; ' bein,~ hatched un a cou,qe times Y The commerctm, impact o. me firms specializing in their pro- away Irom the realistic and tra- ~ ~ Y and the worm was mane mrougn~ ~, r r r,were strong, Christmas card did not begin to ~uction There are toda" about d~tlonal, toward the use of sym, ,-, . t i~ was kmtted a clear scarlet as j~ ~ .~ [ Isams, in this passage regard-I him, and the world knew him not. [,Carrying Mary swiftly along, become noticeable until the early u t ~. #--.~ ,~mnlavi~:v ah,nt b01s and stylized figures for the ~r : ~;t~n~l [~ ing the ox and the ass, is speak- He came unto his own, and his red as Santa's nose. Hey! Here As she sang a happy song. 1860's, when a small card simply ~,^?u ~ r-~,--o -~-- expression of s iritual realit t~ I,he comes now oh boy~ - - - ~"44dl/~J,~t::[~! -~ing to the Israelites, the Jews of own received him not,-- Going to Bethlehem. inscribed with the common greet- zo,ooo, peopie JovtuI ~ ~]his time and he is complaining] Adore Him [ Baroara ~oroan in~ was on the market in England m me. 1930's me American art- ~ wi]~ ~3d~-~l r" ~ .;el "' / I St. Patrick School And when in Bethlehem you saw As demand for the cards grew in ists Group made an influential ~ . - illll~ll,I i~]~,~=~~==.~=~] Some people really get misled/ Rockford -- Grade 8 Little Jesus born in the straw, England and spread to the con- move in behalf of better design byl li,ir]lFl,~irllrlU~ ll~K~| ~ j ~]~ ~ ~[by these ideas even though all You uttered, a soft and happy tinent, the card publishers began reproducing on cards paintingsI .~ Hee haw and drawmgs by serious contemp " l~] [ ~"~.~k' ~[}~ ~ [~i these laws of nature made by God l . to add holly branches and figures, " " . t~ ~ ~]~ f~, ~!existed a long time before they lhe (&tt There in Bethlehem. sometimes embossed, orary artists. t~ " ~l~ I |" :| ~ ~ were discovered by man. The . . Constance Van Ausdall Most authorities ~ive Louis Religious Cards - FREEPORT CARBURETOR & ELEeTRI i~l ~ d!scove~'y.should have the oppo-IoCa i'stm s Vemf a dnyeaV "ar st James school Prong full credit for the first Since the war the proportion of ' ~ ~ ~ g/~ ~IT~---'~ ~islte ettect an~ make man reat-i~, ~, r v " Rockford Grade 8 Pran was a Ger telt tons cards has mcreased to 1 Free 0. ' tans foi the commg of our Save 209 West Spring AD 2-267 P n[~ ~--- ~ ~ ~iize the ~reatness of God, Creator ' " " "" -- American card. g - " "g' ' ~ ff~ .~ ~l~ ~r ~ 'li ~{-f -11 +hese com'qex laws{our. Since all of the world's chil- ~. man lithographer, a native of 30 per cent. Among the factors ~fl~,~ -- -~- 1 K~~t~~~:r~~t;~~Ul~ 'i" ~ I ~, a ~ v ' " .Idren could not ,ers,nall, h---r ]houghts I'rom lots B e au, who fled to this country contributing to this increase has ~ W~J~ --------------~ ~ " ~ ~1 How is it that animats are not v,~ ; ~---v~~~ 1~. ~ so stupid they know the master Christ on Christmas Day, Gab- Christmas is the time of year ] l~ it ]~ ~1 who brin'~s them food in their[riel sent the littlest attgel to of- Free orE ~ fer a gift to Christ on the Chil ~, .~. ~ ~ P .~]trough, while men do not recog-[ " When everyone is fullof cheer, oUGr/./ e . . 1 i2 i I ~ dren s behalf Whtle journeymg Our hearts are light and gay I~,~L~l~]l ~ ~ fll ~ ~ ~, ~ B O h I ~[ nize their Creator, God. has put l " " Christ was born on this day ~.~:m~:m~)m~.~~:m~i~m~.~~ ~.~11 l| ~i / "- ~ J~.I~U~ O~ LIIIUIUUIll ~lHimself in the trou-h the man dto Earth the littlest angel flew ~' ~ elk ~ i~,~ ~ ~'~-'~.' :[thirty stars past the Milky Way Michael Holtz ~ '. ,itm~qL~ m il d ~l / I ~ ]. t,~~ ~ffl ] I~ ~ z~ i~ .~m u ,~lger mr u~ a~ oeuaeaem, ne ~ Ss. Peter and Paul school ~ ~ ii~-:.~~ / E ~ l(dF-TY'~ff"~! ] ~Vlll]$Mlly ~[our nourishment and our "Bread,"tinstead of twenty before turning Cary--Grade a ///-I I It left Somehow he managed to E [-r,~:l;~ ~l~ 3 Maln Street, Freeport ~ which will give us sustenance in- Jesus died for our sins. Hewasl~ ~fl~;iK-x~--~ ~ ~ ~ ~/]lff7 ~ 17. ILI~ I'ql,~ ~ I~ ~1 ;~. llano on ~arm. once ne met mree -- f~ !;: : -~ ': '~.],~. Itl ~ ~ 1~~-'~~ richly clad kings and asked them born in Bethlehem. Mother Mary l~ ~:::~ ~ = ~" ~ |~ll,~ ll~, /i~" :~ II --,~ I,the. way to Bethlehem, Jesus's, and St. Joseph took care of Him. K ~':-"~'M~l !~-~ ~ffi~]! ~ ~ ~ 'bl [i "lx ~ I;blrthplace They answered, 'Fol- He did everything that they told ~ '~~ ~1 ~' ~ [~ '~llW/~z/~'-r/~ ~ ,~ ~.~.~u Illow the sky's brightest star Him to do. He was a good Boy. ! ~ ]i o-~, 1! The angel soon found the brigh- Glenn Daugherty - Aw ~'% It ro~ ~ I'm ~ ~ li ]1 litest star. Nearing Bethlehem he Ss. Peter and Paul schooll -" - -, . ]l ilrealized that his heavenly gift Cary--Grade 2 Stouher,s WlhJ LOW gHt)l l t') l for Jesus was lost. There was $. Z :=: ]'lonly one more thing to give. The Christmas d-'~'~sn't mean that ~ 1LY":'::'~"~f~ ~T/~;i[ (~ ~ '~ anv,'a ~. [| ,~r~ I, [!littlest angel offered to the Babe toys make you happy. When you ~ " m the manger his heart So, to look under the Christmas tree, ~ r'KIA C'rATr" I~ kKl| KIerCHIK r,epo o;, ,4 We S,e,h so. s Ii ' . ~ ]1 ~" / Ilthis day, Christ always listens Jesus lays in the itchy hay. snow-I trl l#, II~# I~ll I[to little children's prayers, for men make you happy too, butl~ LENA, ILLINOIS - II F ~Sl :P( [: CO, I]they come from their hearts Jesus is more important. ~ . i 23 East Main Street Freeport, II'n*'l,s |1' Cynthia Cukla Jeanne Pifer ~ Operating continuously since 7867 [at( her I I,I St. Patrick school St. Joseph school ~ MEMBER F.D.I.C. I Rockford -- Grade 7 Freeport--Grade 2 ]~, Leno, lift.o;+ Hatchery ~,;~.~ ~,~ ~:t~ .'~i~.~ ~+~.~ ~ ~ ~.~ ~.:t~:~ ~+~ ~.~ ~JL~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Leno, Illlno;s I J '- ' 2 + n. 3,- , [ ~lr ~ .o~ . ~,~ ~ & 369.- 4313 I! + + -++ TOM' SERVICE +. House of Lmdberg I -qw I " Corner West Ma'n & Sonth Galena Ave. o,+, II I, Freeport, Illinois .L 111H 111rlall1= lala 1: III I "Acr ss fram St" IV'ncent+s" "h~ ,'~ ~ %.~IJL IbJL1~ll+ k.2 IL, I~IL Ib11~ II |,| ~~T~ I ,R O Galeno ond Jefferson ILLiNOiS I ~m~mmmm~m +~mmmmmmmmm+[~ 11 TMRI~.II~ I~4"~ m ,-~+ + I I .+ + + tn Lena '" ]~ J'Li]es'Mgr' ~ Lene llli.ol, - II ~. . m ~ Lena Illinols ~ .' ,- i i 4 ~ m . I~,Member r.~.i.~ "~,' lii / " t,m~mmm. +II " : ~ I W ~ & +II m+ m+ m +",+ " "" +II / +" ": +: " "v + to y ou and y our famdy ./[}t ~ and thanks to all of you , ,FLYNN'S & BURTON, III. |I +il .t, Spot-L,te Food Marl ) I +l ,+ 0, I State Bank of Freeport i II Len,llllnoi, I Member F.D.I.C.- Federal Reserve System Western States Mutual Insurance Co. ".; L+~l~t~++++]~ F e2pLrt~lllL.++.+++.f~ Freeport, llfinols --. ~k + ) + + t