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December 22, 1961     The Observer
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December 22, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 5 WORDS AND WORSH,P Priest Finds Horse Has By FATHER JAMES O'BRIEN confusion of the pagan world, and had spoken to the man we now God will deal with men in Signs. We will have more to say about this Bin Thirst Every time this year that you wrote or read the number 1961, call Abraham, calling him away from the normal routine of this subject in future pages. Let it here suffice to say that perhaps you ---~ you bore (perhaps unconsciously) witness to the central fact of fife:" "Leave your country, your kinsfolk, and your father's house, did not know. Jesus Christ, God-made-man, is a sacrament; in fact; I MOLINA Chile (NC) -- To history -- the birth of Christ, which we Celebrate again so soon. But for the land winch I will show you. And Abraham and h,s children the Great Sacrament. No longer must we stand with bowed head I av.iA ~mh e o TT the bl:rth of Christ itself is merely a fact, attesting to the infinitely now spoke of God as "Father" and "Our God". and dazed mind before the Theophany, the God-sounds of Mount -'."'~. "~'""~" ~"" : . " "~.'~." n s i rv i " h ma hi t I mlsslonary nere ~s aavlsmg tel- ---=--deer~r --- mystery. of the Incarnation. But this treme dun. nte ent on m u n s ory was only tne blnal. I~o longer mus~ we ne tearful zo rouen toe source at. ~ruml, . . low mlssmners to mvestl ate the And once m, ain we are un a~ainst our old most remote and distant preparation for the greatest transformation and Life. God walks the earth and man can touch Him; take His l " ' "g Droblem of a word gone dead with use Incarna- of all. God s revelatmns to the Jews only made clear the tremendous hand; follow Him And this Is the source of St. John s great, to- prewous owner before buying a tion is a "Church" word, comfortable in a sermon darkness and desperatmn which enveloped the world cut off from umphant cry: in his first Epistle, chapter 1: And the Word,was lhorse. ~~Ji~ :r ~ tha dnave ---hnnb hut awkward and forbiddin~ God by sin As St. Paul says: The Law intervened that the offense made flesh, and dwelt among us. And we saw his glory . . . I I The nroud buyer of a free" stal- ~~:i~ on the nrinted na~e of the OBSERVER In vain do might abound." That is, the Ten Commandments and the Mosaic write of what was from the beginning, what we have heard, what l d- " ,- ,- o non, ~amer wnomas J PlunKett ~!/ w,~ ~"r"t"~t th ehfllino" " ~, wonder" hidden law only made it clear how distant was man from God; how help-lwe have seen vath our eyes, what we have looked upon and our [ o . '~ in these four linked syllables How can we put less he was. hands have handled: of the Word of Life." [IVI.~VL, at vau raver, Mass was back the life, the meaning of" this urgent word~ Sacramental Principle Though we shortly Celebrate anew the birth of Jesus Christ, he l quite befuddled to find his horse Let us once a ain o back to the bones of the But now, in the fullness of time, the Almighty Word of God leaped walks the earth no longer But he is still resent, livin,actin in pulling to a dead stop in front g g . p g g ~wbrd and build it UD from there down from His heavenly throne. God enters human lnstory, not, as the world. The Sacramental Principle which he established by his of every saloon in town. The backbone of the word is discovered in the it were, from the outside, guiding, directing, correcting. He plunges incarnation is now the norm and standard for the life of man on[ On checking with the horse Latin noun. care carnis This word means "flesh" or even, some- himself into it; He takes on human flesh; he is incarnate. God is earth. And though we cannot touch his hand; we can eat his flesh [trader Father Plunkett learned times "raw fiesta' To make something incarnate is to embody or man, and the goodness and the glory of creation are reaffirmed. And though we cannot sit with the 5,000 on the Judean hillside, we[the stubborn stallion's previous ~'ive flesh to somethin" s'~iritual For exam'qe a statue is said to What then, is the principle that God is using to deal with men? can stin hear his voice. And though we must have faith to coutactlowner was the town's heaviest EJ ~ p" ~ mak e l'ncarnat ~ th*~ 1dec" of 1 '~ scul, ntor. A nublic buildina is often We can call it the Sacramental Pnnclple. In other words, God now [him, this was always" true, even in the streets of Nazareth even [ drinker. the incarnation of a dream There is" implied a great gap between will deal vath men m a way that man can understand and answer, for the startled shepherds wakened not by wolves, but angels. DOMINGAG, Philippines Fath the idea, the spiritual reality, and its appearance in the world of " -- " IL~LIAI~I[I/=% /'%1 Ir'JI 'T'l~tAel I[~r er A1 sueper, S S.C of Humphrey, . men. Center" int of History " i,~n$~tl~ll~l~,~ ~llU~ I~r~'~OU~r INebr couldn't figure out whyl(~~.~=~.~.~-~.~.~.~.~.~ -- = --- = /his new kerosene-ran refrigeratorl~ . The word incarnation is never more exactly usea nor more power- ~ re . . =1. / l I I / rm "1/ / I~ Ill II~ e~e,~'r4~t.~a.~ III ,~,~,~,~t~ W~t ,a~.~,A~l $ ' . was not proaucmg any me cunes ~,llLi~lll| 12~ ://,~g t: fully, than when we speak of the Incarnation: the taking flesh of the . . " ~ ~ ~| uel"lnll"e nswers I lnale Interest in raltll investigation--'A httle~ P PP ~econd ,'erson of me r]mty. Here Is a taeu stere ~s me tact oemre ~s ~ h; h ~l! ~h *~ ,f ,~. ~ho ~ f hi~ ~ th ' [ neaKy, out necessary -- me [~t~t~l~t~~~~~l~ ~' ~ ~ REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN, PH.D. ~ Catholics had definite answers to'.they have a dinner for all thelappointed Peter the head of His/Columban missionary discoveredl ~,~ ~ . ^^ ^^ extention and complexity of the universe itself, all these become Un'v rsit o ) Church I " [ " ( ~ e f Notre Dame on earth the reason m the sha e of two k~081 Tor ~.nnsrmas DUU.UU . Y all my questions converts and their husbands and P -" as nothing; or more precisely, come to be seen for just what they " - o -- ~of his housebo s cam d " fr " - - are: mere creatures. "1o snare your noly ~mm Vaml The teachings of their Faith[wives. I was privileged to speakI,t~rate|ul ~onvert [,f th,~ ~,~fri~,~e-. ,~ me Ao n~ Receipts to D~te - ~130.00 " " tri ' " T ' ' ~, At the moment of the Incarnatmn the hstory, the meaning of a non-Catholic nezgnDor or ena]were clearly defined, and theylat one of those meetings and I[ hou art Peter, stud Jesus~/ ~ k,-. ~-I man suddenly had a centerpoint, a pole of reference, an axis to re- isn't the difficult task which many[knew what their Church taught/was deeply impressed by the]'and upon this rock I will buildlc*VooUl;n;~'~t;ee~z~es~muy ~ajuyms ~.e[ g~l~ T,~,~ ~[|[[~ O~,~|F~. m a m of my Church, and the gates of hell /~,~! |W~,# i~|||l~ll 1-~,# |l~ valve around. His previous, frustrated search for the e n" g Catholics imagine. It dqesn't and why When I consulted my[large turnout and the enthusiasml [ '" " snau not prevau against it ann ~ life the direction of instory, the very purpose of his being ~s now TAICHUNG Formosa While macle clear mean that you must have a pro-[pastor about some of these doe-lot the audience. It would be will give thee the keys of the king-/ to t ', TT~ T[~ r~|,@~,~,~ . touna maow~eage at meomgy or "nes bea ar d e "d ff i : Indeed the ve,~, relationshi- between God and man has chan~ed Im,he t oun th bush]splencliths practice spread]dom of heaven and whatever/ a ~^.^ I ll I~/~ I0 I 1~ %,~11/l~ll I ,- r ~' " De a ye learnea person a~u u,uctgu ~ur~ty cu caw my pru-I i:~l~: aECsmea~uelA~":G~eg'hw!Yo~~bls n er ~d;u~s tfhG a~:~ ~r~ ~:~ ~milX~aneyS~rure'Y t~e~i~gYii!rY~mUreii! cqu~!~~pm;It F:;Y/Ri!tb~:,Clal:ntinued io~ ~u~sS~;i: ~i~il;n, ::: ' RT REV ~S::a:H?rMeAct:rS GREEN almost beyond measurement. ' to you, explain some of its teach- . p ~ g a I John, gave me a thorough course ]19) Thank* t" c' ~a', :. * '~o~/ "And it's all because of the [ Rno~,~t,r v:m. Th= ~ ~*~ aS "oh, ~.:*u Sublime Interv"nti^n : -I "~" u: .- ^ ~. l lovely uamouc girt. lot in-tru-*i-- ~* --^~,J --- --~ ~-~'~, "/;.f~ r ^.~.~ .^ I ~ ---.- ---,- *-,v,~--,u ,~, .a~ x.==~u ~, Milwaukee I was reared a Luth [it faithfully. Before our marriage [denominations. They came into[ I was when Orientals looked with] brats the Coming of the Lord. ~e'~'~'~'~'*~'~'~'*~'~'~'~'~'~'~r*'~'~'~'~///~/~/~~/~/~/~//X~,-" -,-'~I could see what a wonderful in ~existence onl after the reli-ious~an auoresses m aim at Notre ldisdain on forei err as "bi i eran, John related, and taught " Y g Dam . . gn g . . ,e Umverslty, Notre Dame,In the Arab Mushm countmes, in $a an and If You Dent Know ~lStinda sch^"l for *w"-'ears af [fluence it was'in her life It keptlupheaval of the 16th century, and[ Inose' people But todav, for a] " P ' " ~[ter ~-~firm~ttion ~" " "[her close to God and she was[hence none of them can right-I~:dniva:r:~: sh:oma.Y)write up theirlsmall $10 fee, many yo~g Far-[ most of the mission lands, December 25, is but an- [~ P~IAAA~kl P~ lived in a~lnever happier than when she re-jfully claim to be authorized hyI . Imosans are lining up at clinics[ other work day. Millions upon millions know not nneighborhood in lceived Holy Communion. Some oflOur Lord to teach or preach in/~ [to have noses just like theirI Christ nor His Ch,r,-h ~o a uur ~aayotangulsnstatue, ,o~ '~-'--a ~-~ u~sv,u v . v t[~~~lher nietv and devotion began tolHis name I ,Ifavorite American movie stars I " " k~ t~rlOw tour JeWeler: ~/wmuu ,u~= u= ~-~ " ~ ~' ~," 'Granad i ' " our own hemi h " " rub off me and I deterrmned a, Spa n, wears a cloak sp ere and Europe, Christmas is un /the neople-were~~[ on," [ This authority was conferred] I~ I " [ llt ll /Catholics So too ~[ to get the whole story. So I called/by Christ upon the Apostles, the ]bearing 620 stars of lieutenants[Fort. Hours / known and uncelebrafed. For these two billion peo- I[-~~ ~/were most of my lon Father Gordon Weber at St. [first bishops of the Catholic ]killed in the civil war Alumni of l Y I pie the Son of God was never born a child in Bethle- ~ Catherin ' for i ruc i ns - " ~[compamons. we l,es ,~t. t.o [Church, when He stud. Go.[Granada Mihtary academy, each[ St. Joseph hospital, Elgin--[ hem; for He does not even exist, in heaven or on C A R L E. L I N D Q U I S T g[had many infer.-~i~l~[ That parish, t oroKe in is ]meretore, ann make .o~sc!ples oI [officer had his star worked with[Fourth Sunday of Advent. [ earth K~ Jeweler ~[mal chats abom~~weu znown tar ks zealous on-|ali nauons . . . teacmng mem tol ,~ ,hr ~ f ~, t / ' . . ~ . gum c ~au rum uer croaK, VOW- ;~t. l'Tancls nosplta4 z, Teepo~-- [ 1137 Broadway Ph. WO 3-232t ~[religlon and I . . . [ye work~ Everyyear,the parish|observe all that Ihave command-ling to bequeath it to her on death [Christmas Day ] In Japan and the Far East only a few million ~/~.~f~~.~r.~.#~.U.~@$~/.~/U/~/.~rU/~[ was impressea ny me met that I~olas a ~onver~ r~ignt on which lea you; anu nenola, ~ am vnm you[ " " / Cathohc ~---- -- -lull days, even ~o the consumma-[I I] know "nSana. l-'rotestams, among a billion mortals, ~ litton of the world (Matt. 28-19-20)./I l/ a adore His first Coming. There one finds a QUALITY BUILT HOMES IlThis they and their successors /[ BUD KNOTT & SONS I/bitter cold of the weather, and a sharper and worse I[were doing for about 15 centuries /I I/cold in men's hearts before a Protestant denomination 3 bedrooms, 20x12 driftwood paneled family room, II . ' [I I/ " was born Knowing that every or 2 car garage, built in caloric kitchen, Plastered walls II ]1 --- II India And Africa ganization mat is co reaction et- ,I~ k -- Hardwood floors -- full basement. . ~'~ ~ " Make fectlvely must have a head, Jesus P ~ t u'e will finance I/ I I/ In India, some five million Catholics, atinyfrag. Res o ions Business " "[ !" " . "' meat of the 400 millions, assemble for Mass. Bare- For tu~:;e:n T H i P H 0 T 0 6 R A P HI E N T E R foot men with white cloth limp across emaciated Holiday Served Dinner At Noon 3515 AUBURN ROCKFORD Parties OFFICE WO 4-7885 MODEL TR 7-2046 327 West Jefferson -- WO 2-5S57 -- Rockford David L. Klontz Home Rockford John f. "Jack" Long Friendly.Personal Service Conveniently Located Our many years of experience enables us to corvo you efficiently and within your means Long-Klontz Funeral 428 Park Ave. WO 8-2255 [ :] DIAMONDS SILVERWARE WATCHES COSTUME JEWELRY Dwyer Anderson Jewelry Store of Distinction 111 NORTH MAIN STREET ROCKFORD WO 3-2122 Agnes K. Dwyer Memorials It is an American Tradition to Perpetuate the Memory of Those we Love and Honor with Fitting Monuments that Bespeak Prayerful Remembrance and Hope. GRANITE WORKS Incorporated WORLD'S LARGEST RETAILERS Quality . . . Beyond Compare Gai| B. Gamlin, Mgr. III. Branch Frank Stacy 1022 Kishwaukeo St Belvidero 4012 Buckingham Dr Rockford LI 4-4176 EX 9-2493 Bert Swanstrom (St. James Parish) 1924 Arthur Ave Rockford Clarence Hutten WO 3-7960 80S W. 13th St Sterling (St. Patrick's Parish) MA 5-4699 Factory Trained -- Direct Representative :r Increases More overheated furnaces multiply the chances for fire. The safest place for your important papers --winter and summer - is in a box in our Safe Deposit Box. It's convenient, too. Rental averages only a few dollars a year. FIRST NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY 401 EAST STATE STREET, ROCKFORD MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. "Rockford's Oldest Bank" FREE PARKING SPACE Noted For.The Finest of Food Family and Party Groups Welcome 4615 East State ROCKFORD I Always The Finest BEAUTY SHOP Hair Cutting Tints Evening Appointments PHONE WO 2-8634 I139 Revell Ave. Rockford CUSTOM-TAILORED SUITS You Select from 2S0 Patterns WALLER CUSTOM TAILORS 5130 East State--EX 9-2441 Rockford ss~j I" I| Dial WO 3-5409 Storage Co 330 S. Wyman Rockford, Ill. Phone WO 2-0661 For Prompt Delivery in Rockford Insured Budget Plan 24 Hour Emergency Service O 114 W. STATE ST. ROCKFORD we 2-7797 Known for Famous Makers COATS .-. SUITS --- DRESSES --- SPORTSWEAR -.- BOUTIQUES fashion 123 south main at elm corner rockford @ You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than one] To all the young-at-heart GREETINGS! and a hope that peop.le everywhere, young and old, will act like Christmas, and feel like Christmas, all year "round! iliii: .~ 4:' ::: '-'.x,' You're invited to see our giant Christmas tree at South Main and Chestnut . . . listen to Christmas organ music personally presented in the lobby, Friday and until noon Saturday . . . and sip a warming cup of coffee while enjoying the special music and our Christmas decorations. ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete banking services: Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Christmas Club * Vacation Club * Trust Services Safe Dep ~sit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Loans Personal Loans Auto Loans Installment Loans for any purpose Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Parking while you bank * Drive-in Facilities * Phone WO 3-3431 bodies, and turbaned gentlemen in otherwise West- ern dress, sing out the ancient Latin of the Mass, or the old carols of another world far into the setting sun. The words In English or Hindi tell a truth in tunes that fit awkwardly in Asiatic tongues and throats, and the accompanying instruments suit not at all the dulcet tones from the Alps and northern lands. In Africa black bodies emerge from dark jungles or in long lines out of the high grass of the plains, to form crushing congregations in mud and wattle churches, all vying for a position to the Communion rail or for a sight of the strange White Child on His bed of fresh grass or banana leaf. Unlikely Cribs Far to the north hooded folk gather in heated sheds that are Catholic churches, smelling like the unwashed greasy people their lives make them, and in hard gutturals and serPentine sibilants sing the praises of this night, and go back under a canopy of sparkling stars to shacks and huts to await the com- ing of nature's light the following spring. Try to imagine Christmas around the world. Out- side Europe and America, there is so little of the glitter, the tinsel, the hustle and bustle of a commer- cial holiday, and nothing of the public display of a great day on earth. But our 40 million fellow Catholics of the mission lands know in clarity or in confusion that Someone Wondrous came long ago to earth that men every- where might love and serve their God. Where there are Catholics there are Cribs. And everywhere the dark eyes of darksome children are aglow with the light of a simple joy as they glue their fascinated gaze upon the pasty statue on a pile of straw or grass or sand. RememberThem a But it is the Crib of Bethlehem. It is the birth- place of God's own Son. It is the focal point of men and their families whoever and wherever they may be. As you kneel before your fine Crib of Jesus and join in spirit your fellows of God's Church at the Communion rail, pray for them and the .world, and for the peace, the faith and the love which only a good God gives to those who profess His little Son of Bethlehem. qnnmn.n, nmm.m mm.mmm ml~ mmm.--mmmmmmmwwm~ [Dear Monsignor Green, [ for the suffering lepers and children of the world. Name Address ~ Amount m mmmm~mmlw~mmmmmmmmmmmmmm~mmmmmmmme