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December 22, 1961     The Observer
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December 22, 1961

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))AGE 2 THE OBSERVER Early Christian Church Found SALERNO, Italy -- Archeologists at Paestum, 22 miles south of here, believe they may have uncovered a church dating back to the first Christian centuries. The church stands on the edge of the well-preserved ruins of a flourishing Greek city that dates back to 600 B.C. Archeologists believe that the heavy baroque stucco on the church's walls and columns hides the structure of a primitive Christian church which dates back to apostolic times. They have already uncovered monolithic columns of the same "pacstum" stone which was used in the two Greek temples in Doric style which stand in the ruins of the ancient city. ,FRIDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1961 :AMILY CLINIC uals Must hey're BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. Assistant Professor of Sociology At St. Louis University After twenty4i~,e fairly happy years together our marriage i start- ing to fall apart. My wife and I still love each other, but we've be- come so irritable and impatient that almost anything seem to lead to an outburst between us. I know her age ha something to do with it, and she's probably correct in saying that I've become elf- centered and unsocial. How can we break the tension between u and regain a sense of warmth and unity? Since we remain constantly on edge, I feel the situation is rapidly getting worse, yet what can I do? w w As you are well aware, Ted, every couple represents a unique com- bination of personalities, family backgrounds and connections, shared experiences, intellectual, moral and spiritual development, social status and so on. Hence on the basis of the limited knowledge pre- sented in your letter I can do no more than offer you a few general directives and indicate some considerations that have proved helpful NEWARK, N.J (NC) -- An l"Because it doesn't hurt you, you Archbishop here observed "it ]here no right or authority to co- would be difficult to excuse from operate with someone who is do- sin" parents failing their respon-t ing harm to others and, if you sibility in regerd to the movieslare supporting (bad pictures), their children are seeing or the you are cooperating. You have no books they are reading. I right or authority to give scan- Archbishop Thomas A. Boland dal to your neighbors." of Newark said further individual and public efforts are needed "if i we are going to reach any kind :of an ideal or standard where we can safely say that children may go to moving pictures or that they may enter a particular store." Individual Responsibility "Legislation," the Archbishop continued, "is hardly the enswer, The answer is an eroused publie opinion so that these people will know that this is not what the people want." Parents' Dutie Discussing the responsibilities in similar cases Regarding the individual's re of parents, he said "Certainly READING THE BIBLE ON TELEVISION--Expressmns without end seem to tell a tale of mterest " " "" "1 o " : IF A COMPETENT MARRIAGE COUNSELOR is avauan e, y u Sister C,tod C afot, Pra,ers as the National Council of Catholic Men show that children reading the Bible aloud can be a " 1 be sponsibility to follow the film ret- if you heard that someone was . ~, sv, should consult him at once You and your wlze nave apparem y I I 1 ! m he ew Btble rags of the Natmnal Legton of going around selling e drug or marvelous experience for'adult ears. The children are reading se ect'ons fro t n " .- . " ' " " : ' ' come revolved m a kind of cold war, with negohatlons mr peace TORONTO Ont Two Ro,al Canadian Air Force auxiliar, s-uad- for Children, on the TV program, Directions 62, produced by the NCCM and ABG.--(NC Photo.), ! Decency, the Archbishop said, it narcotic to high schoo! students, ,' ,-- ~ J, ~. - paralyzea at deau center, when SUCh s~mauons occur wtmm me zn- is not enough for a person to say you WOUlU ne erouseu ann you rons nave nonoreu a sister WhO mr me past nme years has nan her ' l " c m f h famll circle it enerau re rares me ne p oI a o pc- students offer dull ra" era for the safet- of s'~uadron members a r,I ~, ~ timacy.o t e " y ",' gY q that a particular movie is not an would have the whole neighbor.- ,e,~ miss ion eeKs ] ~ L L ~b ! ~, I,f ~ ~ .~ ( tent neutral outsider to break the deadlock, for both partners are occasion of sin for him. hood aroused and that thing would Sister Mary Fleurette was g~ven a tour of RCAF Station Downs tic e ob ectlvel and , . ~ ~ [~r~ [ U~ fi ~r~ ~V A.~ ~Ii U too personally involved to view their dif" ultis j " y, There is a social responsibil- be stopped instantaneously. view ann nonoren at a lUncheon m me omcers mess ~ I d to make an conces," 1 Kaalo vDeramr I since they are in conflict, neither is incl ne Y "itv in this matter he asserted Yet the spiritual heath of you~; When two squadron Vampire jets collided near a school at King-- sinus directly to the other. ~J child is worth more than physical City where she was teaching in 1952, she organized her pupils to help WASHINGTON, (NC)--Francis-/~,I! ~ Although vour wife has probably consulted her doctor concerning L ~1 a s II health and you cannot believe, in rescue efforts. Since. then she has encouraged them to offer daily can missionaries in .Anap lis'. TO ff the than as'shag is apparently undergoing, I suggest that you have a NLLW Me~c~ and you cannot say that you be- prayers for the Chars. Brazil, now have a radio station reennos thorough physical examination unless this has recently been done here, that what they see has no During the years, she has received RCAF navigator's wings and a and an opening for a papal volun- / "" -- The irritability and impatience you report may be due in part to A .- -. - * ~ J,ILm. effect on them," he said. "For the "math-buster" pin usually reserved for pilots who have broken the tear who is a radio technician I VATICAN CITY, (NC) -- His in the world and for the solution physical fatigue or nervous exhaustion, and simple remedies may be ~ 1[~| [l|~q~ |U eyes are the windows of the soul sound barrier. " "The call is indicative," saidlHoliness Pope John XXIII's con-lot international problems through available for both. --. Eie ~ and when this thing comes the Rev. Cons|dine, director ofitributions to world peace and the sincere negotiations.' FURTHER, YOU AND YOUR WIFE would do well to make aI~,l a/"~ll IL~,~,~,h le through the eyes it is bound to I,r- a I the Latin American bureau, [ solution of international problems[ In reply the Pope said: closed retreat either separately or as a couple, if facilities for the 1 ~IP/t,/~ y ~,J/a/~ O lodge in the soul, and even Bishop ~aeers Mis rlocK National Catholic Welfare Con-}were acknowledged by Soviet/ "His Holiness Pope John XXII1 latter are available You may protest that you are both devoutl -- . though the effect may not be im- -- I,i . . " WASHINGTON (NC)--Margaret mediatel adverse it me come . . terence, of the. type of respons - Premier Nlklta Khrushchev.m his expresses, his thanks, for the good Cathohcs.' but it ts easy for couples to fall into a spiritual rut, marked . . y Y OBAN, Scotland,Bishop Stephen McGlll of the rugged West Scot-lble persons desired for the apostol.lrecent 80th birthday greeting tolwlshes and reciprocates to you bv such routine and monotony that supernatural viewpoints and mo-J. Mealey, executive secretary of back later es a source ol tempta- land diocese of Argyll and the Isles has spoken personally to about late in Latin America." / the Pontiff i and to the entire Russian nation ti've~ cease to be onerative in their daily lives Moreover, it will be |the National Council of Catholic |ion." 9,000 of the 11,000 Catholics in his diocese since becoming bishop last The radio station is a cam-1 Soviet Ambassador to Italy, / cordial good wishes for the in- excellent theranv to withdraw for a few days'from the tense situa-lw,~e, h~, bee ointed b- year. . [martial one, but its primary pur-/Seme Kzirev, sent the following/crease and consolidation of world ~,;,~, ,~,Lg~l~'l 'll'l'lTrl|')d Don't say YOU haven't the timel - "-re,J &A.- Ikl'l r~'A Todo this. he visited every one of his parishes scattered among pose is for educational and re- message to the Pope: peace through successful under- :-'~=,~:;"Wtlati*sthe succes's"of'vour marriage'worth to you? IPres,dent Kenneuy as a member /V|lb. I~111~ IJl~ me ts and ann laths of the Atlantic coast f lligious instruction. / I have been instructed to re-/standmg o human brotherhood f-w considerations that ma" .-rove helpful A1 lot the President s Commlssmn on ~ow ~e~ us turn to a e ~ v " AU~OI~A--A mneral ~aass tot The bishop has visited all 30 of his priests Most of them live U S headquarters of the Papal quest that you (Archbishop Gra- and for this he offers fervent ~ ~hi, are th, -~tatu ,~ w,-,~, , alone in tiny highland towns or small fishing ports and have to IVolunteers for Latin America are/no) communicate in the name of/prayers." mougn you sugge [ ma~ .y:uu q ut~t~e~us;~o} mo, n~e~ ,,'h~abits, ]~-:~.-- 55".- " :' .-5" " Mrs. Elizabeth Nilges was outran ' " and u heat . . . mere any speclHc areas ~ut:u ~t~ ~, t,'~- lilt~ cOiiliill~lOll wi:ls U~L~IDIIblIt~U serve two or three churches in the nun~ertcally smallest to g located at 720 N. Rush st Chl-[N.S. Khrushchev to His Hohnessl~ ~ ; [ Monday, Dec. 18, in St. Theresa diocese in Great Britain. ]cago. /Pope John XXIII on the occasion / ~ . . r~ . ~|. ,L ::da[~V::si:~:et~yS'::u~s: ;utmn::t:?V?nm;:al~:;nwat~ '~[m~]:;'c;s;sU'II n the recommendation of Labor church, and burial was in Mary' of his 80th birthday congratula- 11~r~ L~ ~|U~ v ral s " Secretary Arthur J Golberg to: t / have discovered that see uch major areas usually exist andI wood cemetery. Mrs. Nllges, who ~etl. ~*'~rr~e r~,~m~ l~,]e]. v~me I st. Clement's has, hen, Rome, t!ions and,smcere good wishes ~'1 L=' f~ f% l have been the focus of quarrels for years because no constructivelinvestigate, idled Dec 14, is survived by her ~o, v~H*,~,*o L,~.~ ~, o ~o residence at the tirst popes, was/his gooa nealm ann I0r me suc-/[ ~l~l,l/,~(~ ~1~1 "~[ J[ /l~lan for dealin~ with them had ever been developed. / Employment policies and prac- husband " Theodore" two sons [lost in the llth century and re-lcess of his noble aspiration ot/vsw~*,~ ~ffal~'~'v[r .~ :o LEFT AT LOOSE ENDS Nothin'~ was everl i,' . '~. . ,'; ~r~rtbu,~--t~ermans unfler rteo rule flreafl ~nristmas itseli De-, ~ .~ a ,~.^ ~, *h ! i ~v~xlttu'~ wexa ~ jutes, [eoeral social insurance analAnmony ann me t~ev uarolu | mscovereu only too years ago un-|contrluuLmg mwaru u,v ~t~=-t~t "It * " " cc ssiv uarrel followed the attern o[ me ' cause t~ remmas mem oz au may nave lost sara ~unus t:aralnal| uil~in lenin- and consolidation of '~eace}|~" LJ*"~"I'~'I ]resolved, so that each su e e q P - Itax laws federal and state laborlNilges, assistant at Holy Angels Doenfner here ]ner me presem o u g. ~ ~ v }|U [1U~JI|Cl I |last For example couples will quarrel over the use of money forI ~ ]parish Aurora" and one daugh- r ~ " ' laws neaung wl[n hours,u,t;u~ ' ' . "In the Soviet zone many people are afraid of the Holy Night be-/~ . / lyears, yet never keep a budget or itemized account of how their/ !ter, Sister M. Cheryl, School S~s- HUUI~I