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December 17, 1950     The Observer
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December 17, 1950

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December R7, 1 50 THE OBSERVER EDITION OF 'OUR' SUNDAY !VISITOR ' NeWs Section--Pag IlK 'Mirabile Illud' Vatican translation "Mirabile Illud," addressed by His Holiness Pope Plus XI[ to all the Bishops of the world. It urges a renewed crusade of pray- ers for peace, particularly on the Feast of the Immaculate Concep- tion and during the Church's cus- tomary novena in preparation for Christmas. City--Following is a of the Encyclical i that--having called for public prayers--you invite the flock en- trusted to you to obtain from God peace and concord among peoples, i so that under the auspices of relig- ion there may be a sacred struggle, as it were, to offset the abominable strife which threatens the whole human family with so many dan- : gers. The marvellous spectacle of Certainly you know that at mid-_ brotherly concord, offered during the Holy Year by the numberless night preceding the Feast of the groups of pilgrims, flocking to Immaculate Conception of the Vir- Rome in pious pilgrimage from al- gin Mary, we will celebrate the most every nation, seems to Us to possess a warning voice and to constitute before the world a sol- emn testimony that the. peoples of the world do not want war, nor discord nor hatred, but ardently desire peace, a union of minds and that Christian love which alone is the. source of a more prosperous and happy age. It is Our ardent wish that all should at last hear that warning, as with anxious mind We behold peoples engaged in a fearful pre- paration for war while in certain places a horrible fury of slaughter is already reaping its harvest of courageous, youthful lives. Who does not see how th, bloody struggles bring ruin, mas- sacres, and all sorts of miseries? The human mind---destined for other things--has discovered and introduced nowadays instruments of war of such power as to raise horror in the souls of all honest persons; above all, because they hit not only the armies but often wipe out private citizens, children, women, old people, the sick, and with them the sacred buildings and the most outstanding montiments of art. Who is not horrified by the thought that new cemeteries wil be added to the many of the recent conflict and that new smoking ruins of towns and cities will accu- mulate more sad ruins ? Who finally does not tremble at thought that destruction of new riches, the inevitable conse- quence of war, could further ag- gravate the economic crisis from Eucharistic Sacrifice and through the radio We will make Our im- ploring voice reach all listeners. We desire that on that holy night especially, all faithful, united with I the Vicar of Christ, should invoke from the Father of Mercies through the intercession of the Virgin Mother of God, preserved from every strain of original sin, that at long last, with hatreds ended and all differences justly and equitably settled, the light of a real and genuine peace may ra- diate to all nations and peoples. We further desire that with the same spiritual ardor and for this: same cause prayers be repeatedly offered during the novena of sup-: plication customarily held in pre- paration for the solemn Feast of the Birth of Christ to beseech the Divine Child that the peace pro- claimed to men of good will by angelic choirs above His sacred crib may shine forth throughout the world and become firmly established everywhere. We must not forget to pray ar- dently to the new-born Redeemer and His Divine Mother, that the Catholic religion, the securest foundation of human and civil life, may enjoy due freedom in all na- tions and that those who "suffer persecution for justice," and who are in jail for having strenuously defended the sacrosanct rights of the Church, or have been torn away from their Sees, and also those who live in misery awv~y from their fatherland and family or are still prisoners, may obtain heavenly comfort and finally reach the oh- Medalist Aloysius L. Fitzpatrick, K.S.G., Philadelphia, who has been award- ed the annual St. Vincent de Paul Medal of St. John's University,! Brooklyn, N. Y., for his leadership in social service work. (NC Photos) Paper Publishes 'Red' Ad; Gives Cost To NCCS Asbury Park, N. J. --(NC)-- in a page one article, The Asbury Pork Press advised its readers that Cardinal Talks At Sociologists Meet In Chicago Chicago --(NC)-- His Emin- ence Samuel Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of Chicago, will address delegates of the American Cath- olic Sociological Society at the so- ciety's convention here, December 27-29. Family Communion New York --(NC)-- Joining of the family at the communion rail brings its members closer to God and to each other, Mr. and Mrs. Hensy Mannix of Brooklyn, said in a televised Dumont program, last of a series of five programs dealing with different phases of family life. Mrs. Mannix is form- er president of the National Coun- cil of Catholic Women. Another speaker at the 12th an- nual convention will be Bishop ......... ' Edwin V. O'Hara of Kansas City, honorary president of the society. Catholic sociologists from all over the United States will attend the sessions. They will discuss such subjects as the counseling needs of married couples, increas- ing religious tensions as viewed by sociologists, and the effect of institutional environment on par- ochial life. A student session on sociology will be held, with participants drawn from a dozen Midwest col- leges and universities. The Very Rev. James T. Hussey, S.J., president of Loyola Univer- sity, here, will welcome the dele- gates to the convention, which will be held at the university's Lewis Towers. The Rev. Ralph A. Gal- lagher, S.J., head of the university's Institute of Social and Industrial Relations, is executive director of the sociological society Fine Furniture And Carpets Modern and Traditional Styles to Correctly Dec- orate Your Home At Real Savings. House of Lindbert Brooclway & 8th St. Rocktcrcl, III Main & Galena Free,'~orq III. reepor it suspected an advertisement which appeared in the same issue was "inspired by o desire to divide the J American people and to weaken I them to the point where they will succumb to the blandshments of communism." Consequently, the paper told its readers, it had con- tributed to the Shore Servicemen's Organization the $49.92 paid for the od. The Shore Servicemen's Organi- zation operates o center for mili- tary personnel which is sponsored by the Notional Catholic Com- munity Service in Long Branch, N.J. The ad appeared under the heading "Give Us Peace -- Not War," and read like a communist party line statement, the news- paper felt. It bore the names of 25 Monmouth and Ocean Coun- CRAWFORD'S DRUG STORE EXPERT FITTERS OF TRUSSES ELASTIC STOCKINGS AND SURGICAL SUPPORTS I I I W. Stephenson Street Freq~rl, I~1. YOUR SHOP Lingerie Knlckernlcks .-- Vcmseretes -- Hosiery -- Handkerchiefs PEARL HEINE BESS BECHTOLD HOTEL FREEPORT BLDG. .-- TEL. M. 2074 which nearly all people, especially ject of their# very ardent wishes ties residents, who paid for the the poorest classes, are suffering? and earnest desires, ad. We, with Our mind above the We are sure, Venerable Breth- ,,,The Press' p.oge article said! tide of human passions, Who los- ren, that you, with your..custo- .h~e^ t2e s.p~ns?..~r Attend the NOESKE BROS. ter fatherly sentiment towards mary zeal ann pastoral nmgence, ~ ,.~ ,~,~.~,,,.=~. ........ ,..v?. ...... w,~-~ I=DI~I=IB~OT TIWII~ATDg PONTIAC --OLD$MOBILE rolrn oy navlng O s~mllor message peoples and nations of all kinds, will communicate these, Our lath- . . . r~=-f-rv~e u...-rtertb SALES --- SERVICE r x r r udvocohng peace and decrying md desire their safety and tranquil e ly e hortations, to you Lie gy ............ " security and the daily growth of and .to the people in the way .you ,mr,sm a~rectea, ro .me Kuss!on Regularly RADIOS -- APPLIANCES prosperity. Venerable Brethren, consider most approprzate. ,,L~e- nP~ewPJe venrd oPfUb~S:;/t'~an R~)s~)~ Home 0, Fine P|.,. 217 $. Gelone : Fnm~ each time We see the serene sky w~se, we are certain tnat au uur . ~.~ ,, ., . c,rculat,on The Press sa,d ,f darkened with threatening clouds beloved children in Christ, scatter- . . . the suggest,on could be corr,ed and new dangers or conflict hover- ed in every part of the world, will ............ Our, IT glooly WOUIO pay Tar The Go ins over humanity, We cannot re- respond s~ontaneously to thin m- " Optometrist Plumbing frain from raising Our voice, ex- VlrJ.lnon oi uurs. ~ "-'--"-'~~- ~ ~ - ~ J O H N W. AND HEALING AIR CON~IlONING hatting all to end discord, to cam- Meanwhile, may the A,~ostolicj. ~Sqt~V~~I~VA~ v|n& i~|~||vl~i~kftl~ ~1~1~1-1~ sTOKERS OIL BURhER$" pose differences and return to that Benediction which We im-o~t V = -- LING SEI;KEK -'" "--------- t,rue peace which will insure the from the ~ullness of Our hear~'i'n ~.u.~. A.~ Tffi~A CO. .r,lghts..of rellglon, of peoples, of the Lord, be a pledge of divine ~,/~du~l llqdl II W~II EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED "ONE IRIP PLUMBERS" ~ne emz.en, ana. make in.era pu?- grace and a testimony of Ol~r fath- Ii)m-'Am4,m I~ss~.,~ ~ :lnd ~n~lh~ Ilhl~ S12 Cherry St. Mein 1935 nc~y ann sincerely recogmzea as is erly love to all those in particulari sus~a@ /vusu~ necessary, who will pray according to this l Seoul Korea {NC~ The ~' ka hu Our mtentmn However, We know well t t - I graves of Bishop Boniface Sauer, man means are inadequate for such ~ [ 0.S.B., of Wonsan Abbey, and two II V ~ I~ a high task. It is necessary before #q R _ [ of his priests, Fathers Rupert | A ~1~ H all to renovate the souls, to repress q~lerm/'inv Ke[]HDrI[" [ Klinseis and Damasus Paik, have passions, to calm hatreds, to en- / [been reported found- through in- force truly the norms of justice, ~ ]formation supplied by the Korean ~t m~mm ~ | reaching a fairer distribution o~ J doctor who attended them in their GO,I L BROS, ~.O. riches, increasing reciprocal char-~ ,illness. Theyall died in Pyongyang ROOFING ity, stimulating all towards virtue. ~ ~ ~ /prison before the outbreak of the ' present war ' _~_L~ ~ro reach such a high scope ~~~/ ~. ; ...... " .ALL .~ ~orean ~enemccmne m ~-:Ol; ROoF~G" BUILT UP ROOFS A SPECIALTY doubtless nothing can be of better ~~i~ !.. .. ....... ~7 .... J ro ner wen to cemetery w tn '::'. ,. : "ASPHAI,T TILE FLOORS ; h~Ip than the Chrmtmn rehgmn .... ~ ............. mwne aoctrme teacnes tna~ [ the doctor and exhumed the bodms I~; ~.~ 11d/d St..' Office Tel.:'t283 -- Re~ Tel. g 1326 DIXON and then removed them to a place men. are brothers., and. part of. the - ~ ~ ~: [ apart, ........ where ne was sala ~o nave "" ': :':.~ , " ~. "': " i same famdy of which God ~s the ~~~~ [ .... ....... ~ ...... ' ' F~ther, and Christ the Redeemer ~~ [ pu~ marKe~on+~ne graves, u ~ ' r- ' ' ' ' " ' , F v~r~tnz~ng it t'ron ugn .......................................... rim neavemy ~ ........ " " ' =:, andof which "-"mmrtl ~~:~lofIthaca, N Y ,went out and held[ /.;i~f:'~v---'-O:.*vSNISR SON L " xatnenanagra'ce' ,.is heaven= tne i o a ~~V~ ] burial se~ees at the, graves..:;.~ r~ ~ ~R Y WATCHES t " I Father Cleary was accompanied by DIAMONDS If these divine teachings were ~~ [the Rev. Joseph Oh, a Korean ..... All Tyl~m Of Religimm Goods , really enforced it is certain there ~~~ [priest of the Taejon Vicariate would be neither wars, nor dis- ~~~ [Apostolic, and the Rev. Victorinus " 210 W. F'ird~. Dixon . '. eords, nor di~orders,nor violations ~~~J J Youn, of the Pyongyang Apostolic of civil and religious liberties to [~~~ [Vicariate. _ __ _ _ ' make public and private life pain- [ ~oot~ng-S~mn.s J [ Flo'ist i::~: ful; but a quiet serenity based upon [ Rnd Mn,. T. /~,,1~ Frozier Roofing and Ill Cook', Flower Shoo Justice would inundate hearts, and ~dlmC, J~,~--- ":'-'~;;, ...... Cook s Flower Sho._ ' ..~the way to reach an even greater ~//!/~ u. Itapenmg tar ngress y e:a"-- -mP I'I' ,08 ~. F~r~st t .~ ~:~rosperity would be open. : I: I, J Washington -- (NC) --" Bishop i~ This is arduous, indeed, but ~ I Joseph F. Flannelly, Auxiliary of We~nRoofi'ng In~lbr~. | | FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCA$1OH$ : ? m~Am~ary. And if it is necessary German youth are standing stead- ] New York, will ]~reach the sermon la~s#. ~ffia~ I | PHONE&7115iding and B~l:t-~J~-Rooh -- II~ '.we must not delay it, but do it fastly and true for the Catholic lattheannualr-eamass~osignafize-------'--"'"-'"--"'-------- t- tmmedlat~y If it i$ arduous and Faith, according to the Rev. AI-]the opening of Congress and the ~, : .l.~.. h-m~'~ stren~,th w ..... ,Icuin Heibel, O SB, (above)chair-|Courts on Sunday, January 14, it ~1~ ' an'Nn~i "w~h~avers'*an~i su~nl'~ca:tman of a relid committee spon-[was annpunced by Dr. Brendan F. I~1 t~'~-t~ the Jteav~]~, Father ~ our [ sored by the Benedictines of Mr. ] Brown, dean of the Law School of / A.~oti~t a~'Twau'did in ;1! dim [ Angel Abbey, Mt. Angel. Oregon. | the Catholie University of America. "~--,'"~', ~ -"" -' "-- -" .--" -'-" : " ' M i offe .nd l ~:~'' ]ml~#" ~4 h~t~ ~t~. 1 ~ns ~o stm~.v measures. . ~. u~. IllFUIUNIACES ANDSHEI[T METAL :~:,. :~ . :_ . [of re ief at the-reque~_ of the Ab-Jmaeuhte Conception on the ee /11 "