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December 17, 1950     The Observer
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December 17, 1950

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News SectionoPage 10A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, December 17, 1950 Euthanasia Was Not Supported i By Thomas More Mrs. Geor~:e Kleckner of St.).l. Avram, showed 200 pi(.turcs of ,~ .... . ............. iI,. I~Iary's pa is{ entertained the: a recent trill which Mr. aud bits. ;3eOtll--/l-l.a(llO, 1Nt )--i'or more ~llan one-nail: milliOn l,ondon --(N(')-- I.ord Iddesl- ('atholie Women's Study clut). ] Mi('hets made to Rome. Korean (;huts{tans this is once again the hour of (,eth,~emane. eigh, ('atholic, opposed a con- "(poking for ('heist" was reviewed i They understand clearly from recent experience that tile3' at'eitention in a t[ouse of Lords debate bv Mrs. Maul'i(,e E. Downes Mls. Eleven candidates bcane mere-". , , "~, " " E'va M. Steele directed the l)vaYevs!tters...... ol ( our{ ,~ur(}ra* ,~ .... atttottc'" ]lkel',,. to Stlflel. . under, the, .returning tommunlsts, that St. Thonms More had sup- t a U 12.'n LC I'S OI ~ nlellca, ' . " " . 2 . .... and meditatiou. ') .... ' at the This time it IS tile ( hlnese Red troops who at'e re-es|ab-[ported enthanasia. --- l)ecem~ter meeting. Martha Wed- hshm~" commun,st rule here, but it is the Korean Reds who, I I,ord ('harley, prol)osmg a roo- M s Thomas Mulligan aml Mrs. i ditre, gl'and regent, was assisted by will ride back into power on the tide ...................... Carl Wets were chairmen of the i the Rt. I/.ev. Msgr. F. F. (!armor, of Chinese armies. Tlw record of every Protestant foreign mission- lion in favor of legalizing volun- annual Christmas party attenteti(ou~t (haplain" Theresa Fehlottthese Korean communists in the v ov f,~,,nA in, h),t~n,, ~;.~ tary euthanasia, had declared that by more than i00 mcn(be)'s of St. I " '" " " " ' " " " ' -" " ~';" ;a~., th_~ ........ , ._.' ....... ~ s... of Balav, a, d .st act deputy. .... an{t the last five years n North. l~orea, an(l. Amelwan" Methodist." s; two An,.h-f, " St. Thomas in his "Utopia" had Joseph Metcy attxiliary. June[olticers" for three months thts year m enn~ nf whnn~ one wn~ tli~han Sul)porte(I the idea "in the sense Alyce Wihusc'n prcsente(I a play, 1 N,'xt meetin,,, will be hehl Tues- South Kntea" , sho~s" ,. hostility, to .... Cool)er,' .......................... and the Salvation Army'" dof a community-sanctioned taking "The Christmas Parable," she I," ~, " .. 7 .. - , '~religion ~'ising climaxed by the .....;ssion^r ltetbett FoLd There of life." The motion was with- wrote while a patient a~ the hospi- (my, aau. u, at ~ ll.m. msteau o, . . " , ', , : , ~,,-,,,,,.. ,~ ," tal. IIelen I,'l'eenlan led in cam-LJan" 2. Mrs. l.eona ('onnery will cant{station at (~ntl!;(~9 t)rropert.Y ann were heavy losses among the na- drawn after a three hour debate. munity sing'in~. Father Cottam, Ibc guest speaker, tim arrests an(t r~mmgs ct[ clergy tire Protestant personnel arrested. chaplain at the hospital, acting as i -- and lay persons. Some 40 Korean 1)rotestant minis- [ Lord Iddesleigh pointed out that Santa Claus for the auxiliary, pre- ,,.+t...,.;.,,~ T t,,,,n ,~nt,,)'ta ned St About 200,000 of the Korean ters anti ten ehlers of Seoulare in writing "Utopia" St. Thomas Anne~s='.'so[.iet'~,'Jof~ Ih~lv Angels Christians are Catholies. These all believed dead. siml)ly was describing the institu- sented gifts including a ehe('k fay :ht -1~ Autona at the "l)e(e hi{el remember that the communists are lions developed by a highly-civil- {' lrC , " " ) ' ~ $1 000 to the Sisters. Mrs. Joseph ized imaginary society "without Heitkotter past president of tim meeting in her home. Mrs.Fred ah'eady ,:espon~ble far the kn.own 1 t~ M"nth- Devoted any assistance from the Christian auxiliary, presided at the refresh2 Darilnont was. co-hostess. .... IandueatnstwTSisters'ne tltsnoP,The Redsten impris-prtests m ,s i ~,,, a -v - ' ' ' I revelation." ment table. Januarymeeting wdl be at the oned and took away tbe Apostolic raDar yvenr into rloly i Turning to l,ord Charley's prin- home ofMrs ~(L~and S(haeffeK Delegateto Korea, some 70 -- -- -'- :cipal argument--thatif animals Jack Finn, a son of Mr. and Mrs. " -. : ' " " Land Fdm To Be Telecast i a)e John l,'inn, St., St. Mary's parish. ---- p priests, 25 Brothers and 27 Sis- sparc(] ((ttS{mleSS pain" human Freeport, and a graduate of Both Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus '~ ters. (Bishop Patrick J. Byrne, M. New Yodk -- (NC) -- Fifteen being's shouhl be sl)ared it as well DeForest Fleetrical school, h'ft were I)rcsent at the ('hristmast M., of Washington is the Apostolic months of devoted labor went into',--he said: "If you feel that the party for the Areh Confraternity of Delegate and the Ordinary who the making of the new movie, "The l(lifferenec between a man and an with his wife to accept a position in the radar and radio division of Consolidate(l Aircraft corpo)'ation at San Diego, Calif. Mary tlelen Stanley and I'osema)y Finn gave a farewell party in honor of Mrs. Jack Finn, Jr. At the December meeting in Aurora, Ma(lonna Ladies auxiliary chose Wednesday, Jan. 31, anti Thursday, Feb. 1, as the dates for the annual card party. Committees and chairmen will be announced later. Memhers of the auxiliary cele- brated the Yuletide at a party and pot-luck Sttl)per attended by 150 women. Santa Claus distributed gifts to all present including the Madonna faculty. After a business meeting, Mrs. Ben J. Michels, assisted by her daughter, Mrs. (2 !1 W Stephenon ~ Fr,tport NEWBERRY'S Wallpaper and Paint HaodquarterI Modern Styles in Wallpapers and Point 22 W. Main Freeport EGELHOF FUNERAL HOME Tel. 26 E. Dubuque Illinois alen UEHREN & FURLONG Furniture and Rugs Chel~ Home Ambulance Service Phones, Store 122, Nite Ru. 70 GALENA, ILLINOIS Mary, St. Joseph's parish, Aurora. M)'s. Philit} Reutcr was (.hairnmn. A pot-luck supper was planned for the January meeting. Mrs. l,eo Nash entertained with Christmas carols at tbe l)ecember meeting of St. Mary's Altar and l.osary society, Aurora. A pot-luck hmeheon at I o'clock was followed by business session. Tampico Society Lists Activities For Christmas Season Tampico--During the 3'eat" 1951, the Altar and Rosary society of St. Mary's church, Tampi('o, will purchase gifts fol' "Shut-Ins" of the parish through a committee composed of Mrs. tIubert Schauff, chairman, Mrs. Harry Kcefe, Mrs. William ()'Nell, Mrs. Julius Vet'- (lick and Mrs. Albert Vandersniek. The Altar and Rosary society, at the December meeting, voted to have a Mass said for the rel)ose of souls of deceased members and for the (lel)artcd pastors, the Revs. T. O. Maguire and L. X. l)uFour. A Christmas party followed the business session. Santa Claus was )resent with gifts for the children. Sacristy committee for January: Mrs. Ilarry tlurd, Jr., chairman,~ Mts. A. M. Gholson, Mrs. Rol)ert Mohr, Mrs. Charles Peterson, Mrs. Gordon Garland, Mrs. Roy Devine, Mrs. Ernest Verhulst, Mrs. John Kirst, .It'., Mrs. Herbert Adams and Mrs. Albert Vandersnick. }Iostesses for the January meet- (lied was Bishop Boniface Sauer). tloly Land," which was filmed on l animal is prinmrily a difference of They (lid not even spare 81-year- both sides of the armistice line be- degree rather than kind you will phi Father Paul Villemot, and tween the states of Jordan and be much attracted by it." other missionaries, including aIsrael. Cooperation of all faithsI Lord Iddesleigh stressed that nun, who were in their seventies, was a necessity in the produt:ing afror the Christian "pain has also What was the Reds' record in this Christian story, a supernatural value," although North Korea? Made under the auspices of the "we are bound to relieve it wherg Prewar arrests and wartime kill- Catholic Near East Welfare As- necessary." He dds: "I can eon- ings left only one old priest rune- sociation and the Franciscan Mon-leeive nothing more dangerous than tioning in North Korea until the astery in Washington, D. C., the to suppose that by n Act of Par- liberation in October, while maybe new movie will be offered free to liament you can create nether two others are alive, but hunted, allwiththethenation'Ssuggestiontelevisionit beStatinSshown class licensed to bring death.') .n In North Korea, I was told, the at Christmas time. The movie had Reds taught atheistic communism its world premiere at New York to all ehildren in all schools. They Bethlehem scenes in the film, be- orres conscripted males from 15 to 54 lieved the frst to show Christmas and some girls for the Red army. ecremonies within the grotto in At Wonsan, outside of a formerthe Church of the Nativity there, Red office, I saw a crude, colored were photographed in I949 under caricature of itoster-size deriding extreme conditions. Intense cold His Holiness Pope Plus XII. When aml stormy weather hampered the the Reds occupied Church buihl- film crews. Electrical and photo- ings they took elaborate trouble graphic equipment had to be to remove crosses, no matter where hauled to the little town from Jet'-i seen. usalent alog a new and perilous The Red record in South Korea road. mg are: Mrs. Harry Keefe, chair- man, Mrs. John Kit'st, Sr., Mrs. Johu Kirst, ,it'., 5It's. Raynor Masher, Mrs. Robert Moh)', Mrs. Peter Mussche, Mrs. I,ena Neuhol- fin, Mrs. Oscar Pletseh. ..... ~ _ 22" 2- : shows the war intensifying attacks on religious freedom. For instance, in Seoul, three weeks after entering the city, the Reds took over every Catholic church. They even seized the con- vent home of a cloistered order the Sisters having to go to pri- vate homes as domestic servants. The communists made it impos- sible for any foreign missionary to remain anywhere he might go in South Korea. All French and Co- hnnban priests who remained in their parishes were arrested and taken to unknown destinations, ex- cept one elderly French missioner too ill to be moved. Nearly one- half of the priests seized were native Koreans. The Protestants likewise face persecution if the recent record in- dicates Red intentions. The com- munists arrested and took away A TV RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION GROUP Home Furnishing DE GRAFF BROS. Rugs and Unoleums Funeral Directors reepor FREEPORT HARDWARE CO. DU PONT PAINTS -- APPLIANCES Main 286 Freeport HARRINGTON -- McKINSTRA Quality Cool & Fuel Oil Main 3130 FREEPORT READY-TO-WEAR--Corner Hotel Freeport EXCLUSIVE HATS, COATS AND DRESSES et Moderate Prices to Please tho Most Discriminating Woman. STEINMAN BROS. GROCERIES, MEATS and CANDIES 3 PhoneI Main 24, Main 52, Main 55 414 South McKinlay Ave. Freeport, II1. OPP. COURT HOUS! "QUALITY" Clothing and FurnishingI DRESS WELL AND SUCCEm FREttO Franz-Richards Agency, Inc. INSURANCE EXCLUSIVELY FREEPORT, ILL. PHONE MAIN 73 Rev. Wilfred Diamond of the Church of the Holy Rosary, New York, is exploring with A group of Catholic boys and girl.s the meaning of the Ten Commandments on the CB~-TV's-religious series, "Lamp Unto My Feet." The series, which each week dramatizes the meaning of one of the Commandments, and now in lt~ third year, is produced by CBS in collaboration with Monsignor John Voigt, Superintendent of Schools of the Archdiocese of New York. Left to right: J~ek Haley, Robert MoriArty, C~role Ann Lewis, and the Rev. Wlltred Diamond. Front, Ursul~ Mghoney. (NC Photos) FOR PROMFIr REMOVAL OF DEAD OR DISEASED ANIMALS Phone Us Collect Sanitary Rendering Co. Main 2929 Freeport Tailor TONY GUCCIONE Custom Tailor Phone Main 782 10 North Chicago Ave. Lumber J. H. PATTERSON CO. Lumber, Coal, Buildln9 Msterial and Paint Free Architectural Servk~ PHONE MAIN 303 m | HAVE SOFT WATER In Yaw Home No Equipment To Suy No Work Te Do $2.50 Per Montk Avoro|e Culligan Soft Water Service Co. 407 S. Van Bum Ave., Meln 411 Frsepert, IIm~