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December 17, 1950     The Observer
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December 17, 1950

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Sunday, December 17, 1950 THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR News Section--Page 9A WMAQ--670 WAAF--950 WSBC--1240 KDTtI--1370 WGN--720 WCFL--1000 WEDC--1240 WGES--1390 KSTT--750 WLIP--1050 WMRO--1280 WOC--1420 WAIT--820 WJJD--1 lt;0 KR03--1340 WROK--1440 WLS---890 WLPO--1220 WJOL--1340 WHFC--1450 WENR--890 WSDR--1240 WLBK--1360 WFRI,--1570 SHORT WAVE LENGTtI HJV --- VATICAN CITY -- 31.00 WFJL (FM)--93.1 MC WFJS (FM)--102.5 For Week of December 14 to 22 inclusive FRIDAY 6:30 .m.--WFJL (FM)--Morning p~a~:- , m S er~. (ua]Jy~ K- s dm 12 Noon--WFJL (FM)--Angelus (Daily) . Pflll; rlCt %rtlrl 3:80 p.m.--WLPO--Sacred Heart Program lItll~lllt #~lllt 4:15 p.m.--KDTH--Sacred Heart Program stm ~ - 7:00 p.m. WFJL (FM)--Family Rosary v I. I I 7:00p.m. WJOL--N ..... toOurSor- IM~dlIV or# aK un rowful Mothez .......Jr ...... ~ ~ I~ 8:05 p.m.--WCFL--Novena to Our Sor- ~ | I s I rowfulMother V~IPIAtl fit I~tll"~l 8:15 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Catholic answers /WII;~ fit ~IL~I 10:15 p.m.--WFJL (FMl--Evening De- rations 11:55 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Meditations SATURDAY 7:15 a.m.--WSBC--Sacred ;{eart H,mr 2:15 p.m.--WLIP--Sacred Heart Hour 2:30 p.m.--WGES--Latin American Catholic Hour 6:30 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Ave Maria Hour 7:00 p.m.--WFJL (FM) Family Rosary 7:15 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Message of the Mass 8:30 p,m.--WFJL (FM)--Sacred Music SUNDAY 7:45 a.m.--WJJD--Sacred Heart Program 8:00 a.m.--WMRO--Ave Maria Hour 8:30 a.m.--WMRO--Saered Heart Pro- gram 9:15 a.m.--KSTT--Sacred Heart Program 10:30 a.m.--WLS--Hour of Faith 10:30 a.m.--WMRO--Hour of St. Franci 12 Noon--WGES--Holy Mass, Our Lady of Sorrows Church 12:45 p.m.~WMRO--The Observer Review 1:00 p.m.--KSTT--Ava Maria Hour 1:00 p.m.--WMAQ--The Catholic Hour 1:46 p.m.--WLBK--Sacred Heart Pro- gram 4:30 p.m.--WROK--The Greatest Story Ever Told 5:00 p.m. WFSL (FM) Holy Hour, Ray. William Flynn. C.M, 6:00 p.m.--WGES--Poliah Roman Cath- olic Hour 6:45 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Family Rosary 8:30 p.m.--WSDR--Ave Maria Hour 9:00 p.m.--WGES---Italian Catholic Hour 10:80 p.m.--WOC--The Catholic Hour MONDAY 8:30 Lm.~WLPO--Morning Devotions 4:15 p.m.--KDTH--Sa,.~ed Heart Proglam 7:00 p.m,--WFJL (FM)--Family Rosary 6:30 p.m.---WCFL--The Hour of St. Francis 10:00 p.m.---WFJL (FM)--From My View- point, Dr. Karol Ripa TUESDAY 4:15 p.m.--KDTH--Saered Heart Program 7:00 p,m.--WFJL (FM)=Family Rosary 7:60 p.m.--WJOL--Collego of St. Francis Radio Workshop 8:00 p.m.---WFJL IFM) --Inquiry Clau 9:48 p.m.--WFJL {FM) Sacred Heart Program WEDNESDAY 8 :$0 a.m.--WLPO--Morning Devotions 4:15 p.m.~-KDTH--Sacred Heart Program ?:00 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Family Rosary 7:00 p.m.--WJOL--Ave Maria Hour 7:46 p.m.--WSDR--Hour of St. Francis 8:00 p.m.--WFJL (FM)--Novena to Im- maculate Heart of Our Lady of Pakistan Paper Condemns Move To Control Private Schools Gas, Portuguese India--(NC)-- The Christian Voice, a newspaper published in Karachi, has condemn- ed the East Bengal government (Pakistan) for its attempt to take over control of all non-government secondary schools. The government issued regula- tions that would place all schools under a management board con- sisting of representatives of par- ants, teachers and benefactors and presided over by a representative of the government educational de- partment. While agreeing that such boards would constitute adequate advisory groups, the paper said it was a serious violation of fundamenta Sparse References To Churches And Religion Protested By Delegates Washington, D.C. ~ (NC)--So much secularist spirit showed it- self in the final sessions of the Midcentury White House Confer- ence on Children and Youth just concluded here, that finally a dis- tinguished Presbyterian leader went to the microphone and sol- emnly warned the delegates: "Some representatives of the clergy here are so seriously dis- turbed with the lack of acceptance of God in this Conference, that we are prepared to recommend we dissociate ourselves from this Con- i ference report." This came after a priest had begged the delegates to "bring God and the family back into this Conference right now." Religious I e a d e r s, including Catholics, who were among the 6,000 delegates made determined and constant efforts toward a proper representation of religion 'and the role of churches in plans for youth development. There was much discussion of the place of religion, in the four days' sec- tional gatherings. In the findings of the Work Groups appear such sentences as the following: "Spiritual values are essential to the development of a healthy personality..." ~ni {uh{yhi}~i !{di e~ dot hp~/t :{g~i il for religious instruction, worship, fellowship and service . . ." "Children have a God-given Hght and need for religious train- ing to attain healthy personalities and responsible citizenship . . ." from materialistic goals . . ." It supplies divine standards and too-~ tivation for right conduct." Nevertheless, the recommenda- tions presented were notably I sparse in their mention of religion, i When it was proposed to knife out the one section of the report deal- ing specifically with l"eligion, the storm broke. A substitute of a brief paragraph was finally adopt-i ed, half of this being of negative character. The words "religion" or "relig- ious" were used half a dozen! times in the very long document.I In one case, the word was brought in by motion from the floor. The word "church" was mentioned once Jailed By Czechs !! Iq Nine Czechoslovak churchmen including one Bishop and two Ab bats, were found guilty by a Red- dominated court in Prague and sentenced. They were charged with treason, espionage, spreading "sub- vers]ve propaganda" and helping persons flee the country. Above is pictured Bishop Stanislav Zela, 57, Auxiliary and Vicar General of the Olomouc archdiocese, who was sen- tenced to 25 years imprisonment and fined 100,000 crowns (about $2,000). (NC Photos.) dance with the wishes of parents, and that credit be given in the schools for this teaching. An effort in favor of "released time" in public schools for relig- ious instruction was voted down on the floor. A resolution calling for any Federal aid for auxiliary welfare services in schools to be made available to all American school children, regardless of the schools they attended, was firmly rejected although the Conference adopted strong resolutions against discri- mination. Federal aid to schools was de- manded, but the resolution speci- fically limited this to tax-support- ed schools. Even those who were dissatis- fied otherwise, expressed belief that there were some positive and constructive proposals included in the Conference's final recommenda- tions. The floor battle had a strange aspect in view of the address President Truman made to the Conference in its earlier stages. The President referred thrice to God, to "the religious and moral influences . . . on the children," to "our churches," and to spiritual and moral character. He said spe- cifically: "I do not think I am being old-fashioned when I say that they (the children) ought to have religious training when they .are young, and that they will be happier for it and better for it the and that in a negative sense, in affirming approval of separation of church and state; and once more in an amendment passed on the rights for such boards to wrest floor. This latter read: "That rest of their lives." rights of ownership from present churches of various faiths coordi- owners of educational institutions sate, strengthen and expand their irish People Donate | 5 and warns that Christian schools rehgmus services and activities for " " ,, Tons More Conned Meat will not submit to such usurpation, people of inadequate income. There was no reference at all to! churches in the 14 recommenda-!To Pope For Italians I I tions included under the heading,i Rome--(NC)--A gift of 30,000 i Bl::s.e, rages I DF~pm~!t hTHffra~?hP~a~m~!itey~ pounds of canned meat from the t Irish government for needy Italian I BUDWEISER[ ...... i people was presented to His Holi- I I racial Institutions. There ,were ness Pope Plus XII by the Irish | : SOLO EVERYWHERE I two references to the family in ~~ TWIN CITY PRODUCE CO the sectmn I " l The name of God was not men- I , , ~ tioned in the recommendations, but ' there were two paragraphs men- ............ I tioning It in the "Pledge to Chil- l ~K~M-A-rR~W$ I I dren," also adopted by the Confer-i '~/v Don't Mak~ Most F~,d| ence and to be printed as a part ofI 1 ---Only The Best" I the whole body of action. One Wutl$~lMSmollOip~ Lar~t ~llit~ electric I ~1 F,.t,d Division of I I such reference was offered from j hair eltpl~r iu the I "i St~H~-a-~n-Co lithe floor by the Rev. Gerald E.: worN. & reel Uuyl~ I Knott of Chicago, Executive Secre-i $9.7S I I ..... ....... l tary for the Commission on Chris- wast. Hond-E/ WAHL ~ ....... tian Education, of the new Na- ~~ Vibra-| Silent Drye~ tional Council of the Christian ~/ tO' |A home that one I lChurches of the U.S.A. ~ Com. /uses it ~au.ot Tk& Mn#innnl Rnnlr II As adopted, it read: "We will ~ plat, I~ ~ong wit* ~i unit l~t it. An E~z- .......... ;" ....... Ilprovide you with all the oppor- withI eelptlonaI Value, or I t tunities possible to develop your ~ t~? I S9.75 Sterling IIOwn faith in God." ~ ....... ~catorsaP" |/~Write to Dtqtm~t* .............. II There was amended out of the e~e~ ~s a~S6.SOI mint o-~o mq~ms reaerouy !o q~lu,uuu Mendm~ PeA. De " ins Car |I recommendations a provision that, pun . P" llP]ans be made for the teaching of WAHL CLIPPER CORPORATION , . , |lreligion to ~ children in actor- Sterlina, Illinois OF ROCK FALLS HEATING PLUMBING SUPPLIES PHONE 810 l Ambassador to the Holy See, Jo-I on old St. Patrick's School, here, seph P. Walshe. Msgrs. Ferdin-ieven though the 46-year-old build- , ando Baldelli, Pontifical Commis- I ink was recently condemned by the sion head and Andrew P. LandilFire Department as no longer Itahan M~s.~mu head of V~ar Re- usable for a school i lief Services -- National Catholic! ............ , 'l'ho~ oI(1 DLlll(Ung rioxv sEan(lln~" :X~ellarc Conh,rcnce, winch han(lle.~! .~ , , ' ~ , " , i the distribution of these relief cn~pty, was (!c.cmred ~o !mve a va!7 oods in Eu]o e were ies(nt at~ua~ln tour tnnes greater ~nan 1~ g . P. " P':' idid last year before it was con- i the ceremony. !denned. Taxes rose from $236 to i The consignment forms part of a! $502, and the valuationfrom i grand total of six million oounds of $1 280 to $5 130. tinned meat which the Irish people, I i through their government, have! On an adjacent lot stands St. given to needy Europeans during the past three years. The Holy Father expressed his pleasure and thanks to the donors through Ambassador Walshe. Los Angeles Doubles Tax On Old School After It's Condemned Los Angeles -- (NC) -- Los Angeles County has doubled taxes Patrick's new school, built at a cost of $81,000. The Tidings, Los Angeles Archdiocesan newspaper, estimates that this parochial school for 217 children saves the county $4(,),042 a year. "How ridiculous can things get?" asks The Tidings. Los Angeles County, through its Board of Supervisors, recently doubled and trebled taxes on Cath- olic parochial schools throughout the county. ALLEN FUNERAL HOME Sterling's Finest Prompt--Efficient, Ambulance Service PHONE 47 505 FIRST AVE. 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