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December 17, 1950     The Observer
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December 17, 1950

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News Section--Page 8A THE OBSERVER EDITION OF OUR SUNDAY VISITOR Sunday, December 17, 1950 Rural Li[e Controls Prices Suits Ove/ ro Sa.-F~ l~nn;e~e, eu l failed to halt Ya, prominent Cath. Washm ton NC The U S ............... z .... " g --( )-- . t ohc daily here, from pubhshmg the Communist Party is facing libel /Vatican City -- His Holiness lmoral classifications of films show- suits over its use of the names of I~ppe Pius XI[ will name the three ling in theaters throughout, the nrominent Negroes in a new drive ~ardinal Legates who will func- city. Ya, together with 30 other .';" ...... ....... zor ~egro members, accoralng to a tion for the closmg of the Holy[Spamsh dailies, began its practme Civil Rights Survey released hero Year They will officiate in the ]of listing the moral classification b,, the Social Action De,~artment closing of the Holy Doors in the ~below film ads after a pastoral ~'; ............. ~" .. . ' Basilica of St. John Lateran, St.[of the Spanish Hierarchy called ~a~lonat ~atnollc weJiare wonier- Mary Major and St. Paul Outside/attention to rulings of the Sacred ence. the Walls, as the Pontiff himself [Congregation of the Holy Office . In this campaign the. commun- officiates at the same event at St./regarding immoral movies, lsts represen~ea promment No- Peter's. , | a~-,-. . . . .. . rJ~Fr~e~ groes throughout the country as ." . , . ,, I In, Joyl'ul Mour .......... I" people indorsing the party and its bigotry LOSt l'lere ] Hollywood -- Major television The following incident is told of aims," the survey reported. '.'As Rochester, N Y- Danish-born/netwrks and individual stat!ons Am~ieCa~>i~,~~al d::: inAnElder a:e:ulli~beal~s~S~ne ~e~nP~l~rSleDa~Y" ~nrougnou~ tne country are lan- ~" *" J Bishop Knute Ansgar Nelson, O.S. [ ......... Pro. m~oH,,~, *- ~oI~ ...... 1 ...... ~ o.. ened agamst it by people so ,~'.'. "~'."~", ~" .~"~..-'~."~ "~'" /Joyful Hour" an hour-lon~, film hortation to be prepared at all .~,.~u. ~~li~ ~]is~c~:::dn' tl;a~net Uw~sX~h: / drama tellin$ the story of ~e Na- times for sudden death. No one, - While stating that there has ..'.. ........... It]city, produced bv the Rev Pat-/he explained, would die before God been no major gam pohucauy m anT;1-~anollc prejuulce uurlng zne " " " late Alfred E Smith's cam.~ai-n trick Beyton, C.S.C. CBS-TV willt so wfl!ed, but whenhm time had Mayor Michael V. Dlsalle of To* the field of civil rights recently, ..... - . ~ ~" /carrv"The TO"~"~~^'.~"-- -~come tnere woum De no smvin~ ...... ^,,~ ~.. me survey Iouna ~na~ me new for ~ne u ~ rresmency m 19~.8,|~ -] City PNothlng In Amenca corn r " C ri the hand of the Lord aczal pohcy in the armed forces h stmas Eve feature from 3 to 4 " man who has been named b that led to hismterestm the . . Y has been ver effective p.m. Eastern Standard Time After the serwces a newcomer Y Cathohc Churchand his conver- ....... , .... President Truman for the Job ofIn education the Social Action - . . approacnea ~ne J~laer wire a pro~ .... , . ~In~o,.Af~er hyocn.ver~n ~rnm[ They Win Again I lem. "There is just one thing that nab.anal pnc.e control direct.or. ,Department survey said that 7.-:':'~'-~.":-'" "'~.'.::'~: .... "; "~"~."/ ., 1- - .~ , . ! nuzzles me If ,,m, ~o ,~,,o~on ~e Is a graauate oz ~aannattan scnoom ~nrougnout the country ule1ne friary a~ rorrsmou~n, z~. z. ~ew IorK~--t~omplaining tnat a " " " .....~"~*" ...... | ......... I for death, and there is no sta,,in- College, New York. (NC Photo,) have been adm~ttmg Negro stu- i:tiehe,,, D,.me A~,,^n |~anlaga~oS~kn:r?SSo~naraS~e~[~nelthe hand of the Lord when yo~: dents asa result of the recent -" -- --I-""" r*i''"'" I ~ ',.. ""2~ "-'*"$1tim~ h~ ~,,mo ~ho..,,h,, a,, ,,,. -=---~---~--- := ~upreme ~ourt decision. ............ |newspaper'.wum2reach-"'the-~un-[carry"a'-we]i"k'ept'~mus"k'e~t ~loa~led a~ * === [ "In several dioceses the local uKmnoma ~Aty, ~Kla.--AS long Iaamenmi r~gn~s at ~ree~om of the/ . --,, , I==~....~----..~.-- i~ ~Ordinar- ~ ....... as he is Bishop of Oklahoma City /press," the Freedon~ of the Press/anThPeriEl~de~,s fac I~U~l?~IlllUII It# ICatholicy ;:l~oo~pene~t a~.~e~rk~:de" and Tulsa and is able, the Most|Publishing company, which pub-/ e broke into a D~.~ kj~A-JI..I [ This has boo, ~l .... ~fl11~= T~,1~%" ...... in " 'T's " |%q~ ............... ~'~" Rev. Eugene J. McGumness wfll[hshes the paper, has obtamed a[gr i.. true, my friend, I I~IVI~ /~II~IUIIUII Ii'~v ~.J ~..~h .... h~ h~o. know not the t~me set for me ,, don an apron and ~,v_mld a carving [temporary order in New York Su-/ ....... , IP__../_____II___L___ ]effective. - ....... DU~ anu ne raised hxs musket rur knife at St. Ann s home every|preme court here to restrain the[ -- " i. a rsnip [ Thanksgiving Day, he has an- [Newsdealers Association of Great- ]to send a volley into the bushes be- le ,x__ nounced. Assisted by 14 priests, [er New York, Inc., from taking [yond his questioner, "I always] Brooklyn, N. Y.--(NC)--Aloy-[~rrer ~.ll'Oal/are ~ou1'$@$ know the hme of such as on dead the Bishop cooks the traditional]such action. [Indian whhn I sh Y lsius L. Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia]At CathO[IC U. O~ Tokyo turkey dinner and serves it to the [ ...... . / oat first. His tbusinessman and member of that| ........... 80 residents. All get a "kick" out [ IU'IF ]rears Ula[time came." city's board of education, has been[ ~zogyo---t~.tJ) --z,'mat plans xor ' ' - ........... ~or~ering graduate courses at Cath- of the affair [ v .....r_u~ ~ _^~ ....~ / Possibly to some self righteous Inamea ~v~u reczpmn~ oz tne~ /~,: .... .~ ~'~~.u,~,..--r~ guzu~,~w~u ..... "UZLC tgnlversl of Tok a " - Pdgr~ms this was supreme wisdom Vincent de Paul Medal by St. y . . yo re being drag anniversary attended by the " , completed Add~tmnal f a c ul Reds Face Suits /~room's 104 ,,ear old re-'her wao[But does our national philosophylJohns University, here. / t --.^~t~^-_ "--..'1~ I__ ~ ] Y - ..... Wh m ,.v,.~[~ w,! ve appoln~ea soon Washington The U S Cam [observed here rec~ntl-;- .~t [of hfe today differ much from the[ e edal, awarded annually by] ............ ~" -- " " " " ~ -~ ........ St John's fo " anu a new wlng Wlll be ereczeu zo munist Party is facing libel suits ITheresa's Church with Msgr I~ungle philosophy of our early[ .: . .. r.outstandmg leader;Ivrovide lecture room~ and .d~.u.t~ over its use of the names of "rural IJam'~ ~'- r~...~__ ..m^;~+:.~. n~.~ I OaCKWooUS era v I stop In ~ne social service nela, wm ~ ~. ....... --" ........ "~ .... v "~ ........... ~ ........... ~ ...... " ~be "resented at the St Vin~^'* ~^lnrary Iacmues. 1sent Negroes in a new drive for]mother, Dana Albina Arrieta de[ To take but one example: The [v...~ r ~ -- " ~="~"=/ The new courses will be off~rod ~- ...~. .~ec~ure on me cam us ~e- - - .... Negro members, accordmg to a iGallegos, came here from Los An-l human r~ghts of family farmers, l~o,~,~.. ~ mo~..... ~m.~uJ ~ IPhflosophy, western culture, eco* .C~wl R~ght.s Survey released here [geles to attend the jubilee of her lthe mor~ and sacral benefits accru-]Mollo'- of Brookl"~" chancell-~ -elnm~cs and theology accordmg to by the Sacral Action Department,]son Albert de Gallegos, 75, and]rag ~o me nation when a large,the ~iversit-" wi~l"~reside GueSt]the application sent to the Minis- se ent of the ul ~' National Catholic Welfare Confer-lher daughter-in-law Angela Rivas gln pop ace is prs-Ilecturer will be t~e Ver-" Rev [try of Education. ence. TheReds represented de Gallegos, 68. I perously engaged in family farm- I,#on ......... r ~# "I The university, was authnriz~1 ...... hr. " " " in ar re n . mc~owan, ~..~a., ~uperlor . . prominent Negroes throughout I m. .,, ... I g, e adily by-passed m favor/of Mar~, Immacula+~ -~,'m~ .... [the Sacred Congregatmn of Semi- the country as people indorsing the / rrovloeS /~IIK Iof industrial farming which fur-/xr^..~..~.^. ~. -- ...... *'/nartes and Universities a year a~ro party and ~ts am~s, the survey re-[ ~..~.... ~ 11 ~u~ ..... ~^. ~ either concentrates the weapons of/ Mr F~tz.,atriek i ..... ~ ^# ] to arrange for the awarding of all ported. I.. ..... **~.~-... ~,~^~:...~^.~1 atom power m the hands of~Burk Brothers Ph~lad~--h~- ~^-*~-|the usual degrees in philosophy, ~"' ~''"'~ "~'*~"~"~ '~'"' ' those w~'^ lo.ot ...~A .~:,~ __1 t , ~,v--, ,~-,~-,- / ~,,~1,.~.,- . J^~,^..,^ Irish Donate Meat Ithroughout Australia will be bene-|wealth ............... m.ozm,/er manufacturers. His charitableI? ......... ~ ........... Ificiaries in a nation-wide free t There---.t ........... [giftshave includedpractically/- . ~ zzz-~ those w/Io nolu tna~ rm " " Rome--A gift of 30,000 pounds [milk program scheduled to begin[t h^ fa---:'--" ............ . l every f,of sacral service, in-[I I c z,z.y zmrmer u ctme nas come, of canned meat from the Irishlin 1951. Catholic schools here doIl ................. Icluding assistance to hospitals, or-]l l . el, nil oe llqulaa~ea. AIter all, hana a" ; government for needy Italian I ot recelve any endowment from l farm;--"-- ~'-I-,.-."..... i- ..... I P ges, voc tlonal schools, and[I ~ n.... v .... I people was presented to His Hal]-Ithe state, but Catholic children in i_ose o~ which i .... " I Protectories. Much of the success [1 . I ness Pope Plus XII by the Irlsh[most states, besides this new ser-]~ealth a ~ s to ~ne ~of the free lunch program of the|[ WI^^N mm*I ~M-',A,~w,n I no power or a selecl; group =.vv.~ u..w vv ...~vwm Ambassador to the Holy See, Jo-Ivice, enjoy the same privileges as lirre.................. /Phi_ladelphia public schools is cred-/I I ..... , vpccbzve ux wna~ ~nls system i ized to his efforts II seph P. Walshe. The consignment IGovernment-schoo~ pupus In rela-ldoes to the reli " " -' ........ [ gmus, mora~, soela~ A duate of La Salle Colle ~i ~ur ~.ompm~e urm forms part of a grand total of six Ition to bus, rail and tram truss- I and econo ........... / . gra ge,]l I million pounds of tinned meat I port, bursaries, university exhibi-I ....... ~mm ~e ~xammes, anu [he zsthe fatherof five children, two/I SrHdloom Caq~inI I ~ ~.e zm~mn ..o ,. ~,,v,~. are ~is~ers oz ~erc~ne con is which the Irish people, through|t ions and scholarshsps, and m rl Such a -hiloso-h- _, , ...... / ........ Y" . .. /I Linoleum l~b I their -overnment imve -iven to.I ..... :_^. t.., p p y u~ ,iv has/a JeSUl[ m zne rnidppmes mr Ii .... - ,-~ , a ~c~wcc~. tirol .... " "~-d" P ........ ~, .:.. ,k .... ~ I e m common with true democ-[Fitznatrick is a brother of Ms~" |I g,tI~m C~I~m e~I r~ I -,~ ~ .=,,.-,,w....o ,,---,a ~.ov,.a~ ~ rac Where economic ~ -" three years, t. . ..... , l-- y" . .d..em. ocracy [Fenton J. Fztzpatnck, rector of ][ Curtainl and DrepeII ...... IArrlyol Ut U. I ..em,e s _a ne -Lmposs,bility, PO-/ e Ch.u h of, the Incarnatiou ]nil w s a. I I~AVPAIPIP~AIII I I zz~..:uz ucm~zr~cy IS a no/low ~err~ I ~'hilaGel nia ""I""'' --"'"' i ,_ ,, . . . ._ P Ii I ...... lI~ .__l _ ___ __z_ I~__*_____ l~na zo aate no major study has I II Plmm]ng Services end Estimatel I ~naarid--A boycott on ads by ajI lOlOmOr Drlng$ Iproven that industrial farming,|g~..j~r P-Mr Rl.ou,I II Frea I number of theater managers has/ = /that is, huge-scale, single ! ...... r ........ /I , " ~j~ "' IAffack On Churchlae'culture wh,ch necessitates/ Houma, La.--(NC>--TheHoumall " a3-9 1 I II sl .................. learner the employment of under. [Courier, weekly secular newspaper, II #~a~ ..... o,u, I II I] .......... The r Ipaid labor or the displacement oflwas blessed as the climax of theII q~AIK-rII-I.IINI I II AR-KI-TECK II ~ex.~co t~z~y .-=.(~t~)~,,~_~ a "]family farmers is good for the rpaper's "Mid-Century Open House]I 'r/'~OI I II II~ValnnereunZite~n~e~ ~mber~Sicommunity or the nation. To the/Week." Msgr. Maurice Schexnay-ll .v~m " I I I _ I I' ....... : I contrary, it is evident from many I der, ])astor of St Francis de SalesI] i~. I II I~I~i~I-~ I]ar nas ~een maue me. occasmnoxlscientific studies in the United]parish, officiated." John B. Gordon, II ............... I II I~I~LII~ LULI~ Ila new at~acz upon one ~a~nonc/states and in ms-- ~^---;---- ~--~-!a Catholic is edit,- and ,~ublisher lI ,zo ~rn ~L KOCKrOm, m. I ....... Church and clergy by Martin Luis "'~ ..... ~ ...... "~ ,, ' ,,~ ~" " II II~ ....... Ithat the concentration of land/The Mid-Century special ediuonll i t~uzman, airec~or O| tM magazlne II ...... II-% /ownership is the prelude to relW-/featumi a number of historical|~= l lempo "~ II rI IIkIIII I[ /ious, social, educational, cultural/sketches, among them sketches of| II MI3 I II II II La Nacion, a weekly of this cap-/and economic decline for the cam-/St. Francis de Sales parish, St./I llLI/ ll II II-- ~IIllII~II ~II IIital, hal answered thi~ onslaught,/munity. Weakened communities/Francis de Sales Academ~., HolyIIIII! III~ II~, II I[saying the opinions its author[mean a weakened nation /Rosary Parish at Daiglevflle and/I II AI/IiINlll II i IIveices "are but a repetition of the I We are at present engaged in the/Sacred Heart Parlsh at Montegnt.[ II I I I - IIsame falsehoods, the same blas.-/tremendous experiment of trying/ ~ |~IW II IIP Ignorance oz wmen.anu-[te teach democracy abroad. One ofl m~ * I ~/ / I, ................ II InteriorfiniIkm I[~;amonc propaganda has azways/the first steps toward fostering[ umversat ~,.I]LU'crl II ~i~I~g~ ~ I II E.l~rio, safeguarding., dem ocrae;/ Tonchuk, China Men-" thin-s II 715 South Main Street I , . u - aoroaa snomo oe me enactment of --- y w II ,.,.,~.,..,,,.i.. I]~udes to GuzI's reputation ofhegislation which favors economic/ ILC n .o co~nter.l~rt in il I sn~ ~ IIhaving left Mexico to fight on the Idemocracv at hom~ ~,,.,.;,,,.~,...~/ united 5rates, according to I| , I II ,, IIs!d? of the left,s~ m the S.panmh/legislation which favors the in-I " Y Y" ............ " ........ ~"~"'~'=" Fath ..... er W, Ihom J Morr.sse , Mar II Rat-St.Ira ro~ia IIc wl war, and hsI ~i~m~ to/d-o+ria~ ........... ~_ . ..... / knoll Mls~oner from New York Jl I II wood or cenves IIthm country as a refugee. The / farmer is less a mark of democracv / " - -- : II I pares w,th the horsn scrapmg souna II IIweekly says such individuals re-[than of--wer ~oli~;~o I " ' II ............. I II SCIENTIFICALLY AND IIgard the Mexican people as "able/ When ~on-re~ r~onvenes ___I of wooden clogs on stone streets, II ~TATt and ~;APITAL I II CAREFULLY FORMULATID Ilneither to understand nor to de-/of the "ruble's ^-.z. .... :~ u_=u,e,I or the sight of a former driving II ...... I II IIfend their own aspirations." /be the ~nactment"of~'le~s~]a~n~-~/ hls fuffolo through ric, e fields wlth II IHi ATKf I II BY li .. , ........ I ...... " piercing hoif-screams, says Fotb- il I I I . acr~cK upon zne t~ath-|xeezmg agrmm~ure. ~ome yearII er Morri~e~ R,,t h. ,~t,, ~ II CHARLES HOU~ INTERPRISEI. 114. I II ,. tr i ~ - IIolle unurcn and clergy was first|ago sizable appropriationl wereI ,,. ;='E'" _;'-;,-. "';'Y" --" fl --" I KOCKlrOrO taint ublished s .... Tnln~ wnlcn protXIDly IS TH ~Ollr~ I IIp a an edit*hal m his own/granted for a thorough stud of | ,~ .... ,~ ...... T~ ....... r_~ / I . _ . ~, IIz aga me, then printed as a paid/agneulural condztmns as related to | olics stay in the beck of the church II ..... . ..... ,... I I Manufacturing t,O, Iladvertisement in some daily papers [the total economy with a view to-/ kovinn the front ~s unoccu,,ied J II KI I'I/-I'KUIgLI I'I I II ................ II"as a gesture of friendly welcome" |ward adopting a long range agri-I ...... " ...................... I ----I ] I g~I-IEVDt~tIIT ~ I K(~I~KrI~KU, tLI.INQI:~ 0 " ~lllmTi%Vw--ib/ ~Ve II IIt the new Ambassador. It warn- /cultural program. The study was I ll =11 -'led" Ambassador O'Dwyer not to [made; but party politics took pro- JUCDe.rt z ne .nur IS la~er caan Jl ~n r....,~ rh.,r.h ^* ~-r--n Ct I ~ ~ Ibe taken unaware by the Catholics./edence over national welfare to/..many minK. ~eep posted, and let II ..... '-'.' " "~.?.'." ~" "" I I .... ~ I I ~ ]the extent that ultimately onl~j~n.e men in Washington hear yourII rhone ~I-U4ZI I J InA/ ~g~IIk~ IIM.J.._..__ B-~-. Istop-gap legislation was enacted.|TM, or we may suddenly find|| ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS I I IWIl a~OL,N, IU [Confusion bas had a strong lmnd/that our time has come. [| I .... I l@OOO , II l J _ II Lake Success, I.~ I.- (NC)_]t~ver. since. Such must not be the|' ' ' "' :i I IIUoited Nations Assembly dele-/eondnuing policy if we are really|i ' " .. I SMITH OIL SERVICE I[~ates h~ve a new chapel-like Med-/intent, on keeping the Bear ~romll ViOLA'S BEAUTY SHOP I : Ilitation ~oom at U. N. headquart~Ithe near. As will be seen fromll HAIR DVRIN~- -na PERMANENT WAVINa " I ' I IlIi~ll&lldinielCo. md I|erehere--andtnthepmentdark|later columns reflecting the[I -- O"U]~'SPgCIALTY -- I I Am~ De~lem IIworld situation Iy are visitingItho~ht of the NCRLC annual con-II TeL I-8~NL 10~ ~ ~ I ~ I ,,, ,,,, ;, ,, ,itti top ldm Stat t w doal MllZ U da Z ,ad ll :,, ,,,,/ , ,, ,, ,, ,j! ,,,/,