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December 15, 1961     The Observer
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December 15, 1961

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RIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 11 THE GENTLEMAN with the donkey's head is named But- tom. The airy lady who appears to be in love with him is Ti- -" . : " " ~ ' ~,AT 2tass6513u nears PATRICK JONES" eeZins n as its airector ~ [[ ] "Atania" The play is Shakespeare's,[ . f . . MIDSUMMER NIGHT S BOYLAN The two recently dried organ-] students on the bulletin boards, chartering a bus to out of town day, Dec. 14, with the public invit- be Marian's top ranking students DREAM" and the production is : PAUL CAccIA AND izations are the closely associated Sponsor Skit games, ed to Friday's evening perform- in English. Other students with by PLAYERS of Washington, D AUS~ DES LA~IERS Band Award Clubs Both are open t The Newman aids' sodallt, it Thursday, Dec 14, the' senior ance The plays were" Evelyn Nu- percentiles of 95 or above in En ROCKFORD -- The combined only to athletes. The B-Club's]sponsoring a Christmas skit Mon- class wen, t to Chicago by train enburg,s "Distant Thunder", di- lish are Walter Boman, John Car- C. Sunday, Dec. 17, at 2:30 and forces of Bovlan's glee clubs and membership = consists of those[da, Dec i8th i- the ~,h,] o, m tO view The Lark', currently rected by Paula Arle; "Joint roll, Diane Dahm Margaret Do-J " 8 p.m is the time and Sacred " J " lain t ", ' ' ehoruses under the direction of players havmg major letters'[torium. The.admission will be a p y g a the Goodman theatre. Owners in Spain,Ahce Brown's lan, Jim Gallagher, Miekey Gan-[ Heart seminary auditorium, Sister Mary Assumption, O.S.F Sophomores (minor letter, men)[doll. These dolls will be given to ST. EDWARD comedy, directed by Charlotte shirt, Judy Johnson, Joan Peeler,] Geneva, is the place. In the are vigorously preparing for this will make up the B-C!ub ~is, year[the orphans. ELGIN -- Tuesday, Dec 5, the Chrlstoffe!; The play involved the Cheryl Smith, Tom Uliek, and] scene above, the Fairy Queen ,ear's Christmas"resentation ior laCK OT major letter nomers./ . ", ~ es ol two inmates in an din Fred Wrobliski a v " Tne ~amolic Students Mission ~t. r~awaru Trl t~eta science ClUO wom n, ~ ~ . L, I Titania is played by Carol The -ro-ram is entitled sim,q, ~t me ~-taun's lnlual meeung, L ~ ~ ~ home waG, mrougn 4 v 5 v ~, .~ /~rusaae has recently sent many pre~enteu an assemnly ior me childish ~tl lo~ MULDOON " [ Keefe, a vivacious voun~ lady SONG, S" OF CHRIS'I~,MAS, and will ~0 ~ty'l::d ~sTC~ci:;resS~e Uu~le[pounds of second hand clothing to student body; The presentation the owners;i'p'~of'~a'~'room'~ an~t~ ROCKFORD -- The studentsl from Arlington, Massaeh~settso ne nela in me ~oylan aualtormm [Africa in response of an urgent was openeu ny uruce ~immer- Valros^ ~:-~' L ' - . ~ ~ now in her second season witlz on Sunday, Dec. 17, with perform- ann wearing oI letter sweaters. ]~lea for this commodit- man, the club president with an,~e ~ii~Ul.~y ~ ~u,~p~:~e mrl.~- and lacuny are ousy mesa nays~ PLAV~R~ ,rho h~,o~ n ~ adces at 2-45 and 8 p m NEWMAN [r New C" "f " J" introduction of this year's officers or, '~asy .~xlt:', wire ~neua wu- preparing for the annual Christ- erafisma;" and "am;;eu~''~'" " N E W B E R R Y O,al SHerwood'" ~ . 'i2577 DIAl. WO 3 3313R tries." ~On Sunday, Dec. 24, part of the By JIM JOYCE [ The recenq1 who are:BruceZlmmerman " mas play to be held Monday and! bian who finds himself with the t y e ecma iresnman ~yte ~now group will be seen in a live tale- ,w,r~T.T~a ~,~,~ ~l ~l,h~ =.a[ president; Alan Bachawitz vice ~ - - Tuesdav Dec 18th and 19th This] head of an ass. is ia e b ca~:nBWl~E:;Vied color-guard organizations have'b:;n"very "ac':-/~:Sid ~l~:eGloa~: GM~k:nd,MU~li:en: sPre~fern~ M:~YKR~;e inV:~aor' ofI~e::a[adyeprl~'entthe~ 7:~tley year's production is entitled "To Da~d T~:bivnsitO:f p~Ay~iEndRgtoi~ eom~'etitionv Dec. 10, included nine live at Newman ]president Sue Grennan, secre- treasurer. 'lshow the purpose, of which was You A Savior" part" "" or an eight-month tour i~ t.~ T,T ~. vr,e |tary; and Tom Loos treasurer Patricia Ketelsen thenro [to help the girls select modest Tuesdays, Dec. 5th and 12th, . - l~2IlI,Yl~i l'e~l'e~lltlIl~ tIlr~ ~L~Le~. lll~ ~cwl.a. uuyo ~ o s.v.v, ' ",r " made ever ear b this nor The contest held in" our 3,100 ca. has recentl.y initiated" a program ~ The visual aids department has gram's first speaker, gave a short]f rmals for the Orchestra Ball. elimination contests were held to,getie andY resourceful y Y younge ,The show s moderator and nar pacity gym was won by Rock-to promote religiousreading, es-/added the following eqm:pment! biography of the science clubs/ ~ decide which Muldoonites wouldl troupe. ' ' ial an overhead projector, to De used patron saint St Albertus Ma nus rarer were oeanetm ~agorce anti fords own PURPLE KNIGHTS. peclally the reading of the sue [,g [ . renresent the school in the district J - - ' 1 b he students of in the science and math depart Following this, Adrian Bachawltz ~naron nueneger" a Mitwaukees Mercy high school encyclicas y t ]" " " ' " " ' [ " contest of the lllinois state speech [ r~mlm [ J~o'~tm~*,4i, m~-s,~ team and the Starlights followed Newman. In addition to this the[manta; two tape recorders, ,one explame.d the purpose o! the Tri/ Fashlons were chosen, from contest The entire student body [ I-- I i,| ] I ~ ! K;;I,~O I ii I ~li~il /'~ll~l ~ I|| ~i || recora player one transcriber, tseta, dim t~reen explained the various ClOIBlng stores in me area - with second and third respective- group has taken the responsibility[ - ] acted as judges. There are el htl -- :STAMPS for be inners and advanced - b, of ~ostin- items of interest to theland mree lenticular screens, principle el me gyroscope wnue Fwnose names were given along differ.n, + ~^~ g I ~ Be t collectors Lowg low prices--Mint or,I ~. r ~ ] FREEPORTAQUIndNa- Dee 10, ~:uc eB~t:;st~:deLeartY~gib:lli~]M~hris tsh:ellPrj:dd fKaet~yhstgP:~ Bar~a~a~e:ATht~Czanktej:n~t Jura Ka TI n !Is ~[~Tien/aOr~l~adamt~Oe~.e~d :~g~rdvB~.el~PL [ Moder2y iDNcairy ] ,~: ~l. .~, . . :' . . [tational pull on e rotatin~ body {Ellen O'Connor and Karen Beck[ . ' "l Ratings were given by the Legion{ Ch es, Ill. [],[ ,in ,~. ~lthe Aquin t/me club, under thai Usin m'- ~" " / ~ ~ Isek uane Wirry Joyce Zordan,{or Decency when films were re-t~ll I ~,~ ~ - ~, . ~ . . ~ ~ a co umauon m cneml-,muuetea nomemaue mrmals. J ' . ~ ' leased. Editing for TV use could]AND ROOM PROVIDED C'OOKINGI| rifle Utllry ~roouct$ I ,~<-.~ |[direction of Sister Mary Rooertial.~i~ o.n .~. w~h ~ ~.~/ i~aargaret uooney, uonna L/OII,[ehan~,e their evaluation Generally I^~,w, r 7,~ /I I |~~ ~ |[0. P gave a public performance T[= ~'~=":~'~' ,~'":~ ~" ~,~ :~,'~:| MARIAN Patricia Murphy, Mary Ellen/howe~er, Legion ratings may b'e ~'~ER~'.~I~'I3 V~l~'~i~", ~.~: Via SH 1-2536 ELGIN ~~7~$~.m |. um ,Jumu lva~t--u u~ VauIUUC/ I /acceptea as correct; az, general/PERViLLE ILLINOIS TELE-,I i a~~~.~ ~ ~.t,~i ~lot rzal~l~Jzu'~ ~vn~lnn m me,colors of red white and blue [ WOODSTOCK -- Students of{~arKerson anu ~amleen ~eyrl01flSEPatronage; A-II adults, adoles-[PHONE EL 5-1081. ' ]' ! ' s k cents A llI adults B ObleCtlonable ' ]~ [[school aud!torium. On the fol-[Michael Gartland then showed the[Marian's Junior class were able[ P e under the first category-- ]ln part; "C, 'eonde~ne~L Films were/~l] [ {lowing Wednesday it was pro./students the effect ,f ~ea |to measure their abilitv in En~lishlverse t~eaolng, maryjo mgrassia, {scheduled as of press time Those ] ] ~'~U B v-,-~- " ~ Jo C - not listed were scheduled later or ~New & used Pianos and Organs [sented for the benefit of those m]sure on an object mounted on a[and mathematics when they took[ Y e Muldowney, Wlllamay Dal!had no Legion rating CONN--3 locations Woodstock FED [ vn~EN [ ,iaAi~,mm~aLn e.~-, aqLs~ |[St. Joseph's home. This perform-[pivot" This device is known asithe Preliminary Scholastic Apt|-[Santo, Janet Hwuer and Sandra[ A-I ",8-1574, McHenry'EV. 5-2251. North:]] IliA# lll~l~ll~ ] ,/t/!1~lUl~l lN1 l~L/AlllMlk9 |lance was followed by a social/Heron,s en,ine Lani Allan-'-'- .---~[tude Tests Nov 30 The test was[K ehler demonstrated the 0rigin-{nhhot and Our Vines Havel towne, ~ockford, TR. 6:1905. JI i~m1[~a I~l[~lll-~/] . ~ ~Ull OIIU " " t,UVt:.IX IUU INew ancl USeD a' hour durmg which the members ann N a ' "n the sch 1 " ality and wit of Muldoonites in cos et o in Tender Grapes Pianos and Organs to Choose From A ] --~R-;~-fA'ri~-N-- ]Jt [D y elconcludedthedemon-lglvenl dO cafeterla.~Re-[ Hollywood Paris Holiday I dams 3-2211, Freeaort I |[of the glee cmo, representing the [strations with a display of the |cently Sister Elizabeth Ann C S C |the seclion of original Monologue. {Adventures of Prisoner of Zen.[?' u ~A~O~I~. ~iu~(~TV~E~ /] '- ] |' ~ " . . ~lentire school gave small remem-t~as laws {'~rinci-al-~ M~-~ :'~ ",( '~Laurel Smith was the lone par-IT m- Sawyer .da ].- ~ | ~ ~ m m---.m= ~r- -- "" ' t& " I V V o~ ,alton, lvt=vzv~u rue / . |~.nriscmas in ~uiy ~xetormer and the L MONUMENTS -- VAULTS ]. ~. i~TO l~lecTrooiaTlno 3~r, |lbrances to'those residin~ in the! IL~o~ ~ ~ ~ ~^ ,~/tleipant in Extemporaneous speak- /Connecticut Redhead i ]l inr tree r. I, ~ l -- o ~ ~'a~r~r~,vt t~o~ o~u~, wm~II, mLUW UUW t.ue~. Yankee in King Secret Garden MARKERS -- MONUMENTS JUt rrru:! Home ~u~uu~ut,~ students ranked with other Juntor lng. Arthur's Court Sevens Days ROBERT TRIGG & SON l~r ~-V~:I:--]lIDuring the past week a Pep[ MARY STERNBERG [: [ 0nDecemberl2ther.main~ ~]Destination Leave ll4S. FirstSt. WO4-2741/1 IN.~III~ANP.F /~li i """GEii~i~~iiii~~iiANT-'- i!i!!at~iii~ii~itlr~nlsl ] ~!i~'~tili ~i[Ji! ]ii~i!!~~iilfi~]i~i! ]~iih ~1 fgiiiiiii~rs/i~i~iii~~ii]in t~i ] GR!]A~!IE~!IiiE-- i1~l~!N [ " "" P g P browse around 101"9 West State St high ranking students wlth per- Opened by Godfathers Rockford in ~.u ora "' [ TELEPHONE- ADAMS 2-6139 ~il l~#'~'~ ~.a~a,~t aJ I]hcentlles of' 95 or above are MlckeY[Hick" Mary Kay Lynch and Mary Ann I Mistake YoungEdisonTOm ]rage is located' rat 201' CathoIiCNorth Lake/]Sal" CtARK S SERVICE STATION I ! ~, . L |ll i~vi~ VVqbn in/lidlll Ikti IlGanshir" "irl / ey ol(t a sertous reaolng. Toe / {st. 11 : I l bK/MM~rl I~L~IMI |1] ][t t, ~n^?y ,~rlstensen, ~,~O:[radio speaking contestants were [ . A-II l /I Pur, o, Co. Product, I reen lviysyK uneryt ~mzm, Konald As Long as Naked Czty ~ "- Be $ur i'~ET. ROCKFORD. ILLINOIS |l] l rll rl l~,Ill,[Mary Kay Artlin Marlene Rush J -. . [inch. Contracts -inch 13 consecu [] WIth Pure I |~ L- -. ' - ~ll /VII~' ~"~-~-~p IIAnderson, Carol Kaiser, Mar-ret{,~ . ~. ~, . [ ~ou're r~ear :vie Naked Street I tive weeks: $1.96 weekly for a total]l phi,= e'~: ,~ oa,tt | |~O E: WOODLAND 2-6451 Ill - II: h, T ~" ~{ano ratrlela rlnley. The program}~acpe~or lVIoLner Overland Pacific[ f $25.48. Contracts ~/2-inch, 13 con-ll :,"7-" "~'"~: [~"" l UULdll DILl l~mt ~ .t.~e~ lull,anu ~"~"~" secutlve weeks $3 78 weekl for r~rtn ann ",tate Streets |: ill vvnere you can save up to $500 on ]|~ :: : Y /closed with the category of origin-[Down Three Dark Ox-Bow Incident l . . : Y I I I |~nils anU emmnt |[| t~l tto t r. . |tTom ulick. |al orations with Sally Duel Mary [streets Perfectfinob a totaJ ic~ ~y~To Advertise I ~eneva, udnoi$ [ ~ ,I . . i| The results of the tests showed.Ann Lasplsa and K~thleen Van [Great Waltz Night [I '| i / u t-~t=~v u~ tJ~t~ ~w u~. { ' ,J ass Key .~ememner toe Where Lars are 5old at a Savfn S r Hatters Castle Sea Hornet For Serv ce Col TW 2 3971 : [I g ]]No een Mysyk and John Leahy tolAusdall participating. ]Her Adventurous Square Dance I " - III PARKClD= [ : ]1 and Serviced to Satisfaction." ]],Night Jubilee ]] m m B P H *' " ] ii iiii i ii :ii iii: i @ iii! t lii,F ',7 --I B i TIERNEY S HIWAY FOOD I, LOVE S PARK , I I:" mumlnum . Itl II MONROE, WtS. II ]Bermuda Affair Purchase J Open Nite$ -- Sunday I. c~ "h ~;^. I/I Ill I. II l~~i~ii/!~i~i~ [Best of the Lucky Jordan I Am-le Park net I JEWELRY j ~:!:!:!:!:i:~ ~':~:~:~i~:::.~: Badmen Lust for Gold I ' : E[ in Hamihon B = ~ : '.~:~:~ ~:~ ,- o ' g -- -- ulova Watches "W-- -",n III II,|Black Tuesday Miracle on 34~h I Centre a Brand Groceries I , i::::::iiii~::ii::::iiiiii~!~ii::ii::i::i~[~i~ '< " ~':~i Blue Gardenia Stz eat . = ~osartes ~c ill ill .--'-- 7- .~ml~l~ II /Cash on Delivery Never Say Die II 1119 N. Washmgton Ave. Ill E pert Watch & Clock Repalr[n9 i I,- "" I|1 @Water Heatert for Ill . " " . " II /For Whom the San Francisco II TR 9-3050 Batavia, III. I[ i 5416 North Second Street i I" I]1 ~ ~:, = o~ ltl ~r~it~i l~. "-,~-~.~ " ~ II ll~~!i / Bell Tolls Story I| ~1 2 |: AT 2-9231 Itl - Ill . - . ~ "- II [Lady Takes A South of St. Louis[ F [ t~ e--t a n; i~l I~ t. III ~ I! ~~~: --,Sailor VaIentino rl ILl i I:" III III CHRYSLER -IMPERIAL " DODGE -- PLYMI~UTH li ~ |Louisiana [I WELL' DRILLING H I.I I: DIIf'LI l) Cl'lklC I I II I--,N L PIvZ lil "" "" ,au .H I ~ ~ ' II -- II II Plumbmg, Heat ng Contractors [ I l i l- I Ji Automatic Water Systems |r| Kitch en Aid Dishwa i ~ shers l II I/I :eputanon Is Your Guarantee Jl IJl 3, N PrOOf"Ira g I!1 . ghwoy Ea, I s Ine $ II ~,~~ I] / ~~ li P=~ A ~'~IL'~II~V III . " ATAVIA lil Phone EV 5-0048 | ]1 ovm t . It / II I Ill Warehouse--203 .ous,on I/I McHenry, lillnols I NA(HUSA li II .o . li / II /i ;;:;:'r" 4anging I/i WIDHALM SHOE STORE Ill o'"o. i N Ill' l=,v, mcrarland Offic" I IlVVk#m" ,~l II ill I]1 I| I[ ODry-Wall Taping ill Shoes for the Entire Family" Iii ; I II IrAl-III I "% II ill JONES I/75 DELEGATES from I0 area " II Fo, Men For Women II Equipment Co. I Downtown Dixon !li """ " I I VAILE I[I . . i| colleges listen to Ted Holm. i III L::7 I/I JARMAN- ENNA- LI FURNITURE FILING EQU,PMENT I ~[ [] Electric Shop, Inc. I]1 III Funeral Home I/president of the Newman Club I Llnelnl~ M' l i Ill WOLVERINE JETTICKS Ill 227 So. Church Dial wa 3-0427 I !lnnols I-,nest ~111 i III III I/ at Northern Illinois Universit", /I Itl Phone: ADams 3.1916 IJI $IB South State BELVIDERE III Rockford, Illinols I Motor Hotel CLOTHIER Ho r Servlc. " | ]1 I/I $ III " I] conducting a session on corn il x - III o = : :Z,I/ [ ' ! $ TV In All Guest Rooms ~[ II ~HinOiS-" Itl Ill I/munlcations at the recent New-][~ ~ li o,~, ~. ~ ~r,y -- rr .por, [1[ ]~ ! ~ ~,man Illinois Prov,nce Leader ChildrenFREE MensandBo,s Wear I]1 I/ " " -ti I1 .1 ALTHAFERSDRUGSTORE Rockford p,i ; I " " " " III MRS. ELIZABETH JONES I/ship and Workshop Weekend /I I i) III. ra e I]1 Prescription Specialists III . a I ~ BUFFEIDAILYinLUNCHES ~i~101 [I Ill LEO A MILES. I " "'GJnn,nter'tchaplainThet e nniversitYRev.andHUberttheStUdentRevMC. /II1" ~CO'ockford' 0 II ' TelephoneW COPELAND4590232R PH. II 4 SsUo:i:: I g THE TRAIt 'OOM ~!i ] 112 First Street, Dixon DIXON James McKitrick, assistanl, Crystal take 21 E. (btonday thrn Friday) .~: '~l BUILDING I[i Itl PHONE ~ ~, II chaplain, gave keynote address- /I ": port'ng t oocls Ill li: I' DINNER NIGHTLY ~ i " " " l' 'i~f es on the Mystical Body. 11 "Point and- Hardware i/i ,~ lil~il ~ In ' ~ -~~ ATLAS KUNAN & BUK~H THE 7.OO I WIN Matt II II Henry Lindbera i s i. r, ,0 Pm !i I|1 WAiLI'iI:b- III utAUN I/I FOR ~ORY I/ /I SERVICE Ill MORTUARY III ,o:, " I t "" ' Oa |i !1 AGENCY II DIAMONDS II IT'S Itl I/ Patron,ze /I Tires@ Batteries ;=:::o:: II ,o Oak Street II I Phone AI ~-164| k~' " Adams nnd Winneshiek DeKalb, Illinois l IPHO;;fORFI .C, -A i'.SI: Hll-- ,::::' :Z I1H0WI:[L lie """ ill I1 Our Advert,sara II :7:=:,:'-"=: I1 ltl of Religious Needs I{I i i Ill I/ " II . " 11 III III I/ WM " u u.- II LAMPe I ,I, ,/, " OE"ER'Z;O2X:: 0 ' Ill J.H. PATTERSON CO. [ Sales & Service I I FLA HT ER A,r Cnnd, homng Smce 1930 C EMEI W,II,am MURPHY S SUPER MARKET III ' -ta hshe ' ' " ] ""Lamps I Monument WORKS Es b" d 1886- Telepnone ADams 2-7132 "" "~,9,~'='~ III nn Dial SH 2-1134 717 Linden Ave. I 3103 Wali,n Rockford I I I]I H.A. "PETE" HOWELL E.H. Brown--W. H. Brown, OwnersLumber and Building Material 324 East Stephensan Street ~/~,u l r);rd ~J~ q nA')A | S.~ APilI'IrlPIIPI ,ou, rid, I ~.xo~, ILLINOIS I[I AT 4-9021 Or AT 2-930' $07 S. A:;ETORT IAD;~I~ 2-2312 Fuel, Paint and Hardwore FREEPORT, ILLINOIS : I You i;Pi(iiPiPii I.d.p.nd I v, t ond Sava Vbli/lliR~l~ Grocer ------- t " ; I --, - -KEMiON BER--W -- t;lL I I ' P R . Blalsdell Street ' If/l lli AND U { l Irll li INC, IS[t I ~ and I MEAT MARKET I FINEST IN MEATS Ht LLIH ill ntmHH At " KEM GLO ENAMEL,IL# I wKenn:tb J. P,op,e,o, i - vur r ~|, ~ THOUSANDS OF COLORS I hol sale and Retail Meats I We ~-ive &H ~r"en c PLUMBING & HEATING CONTRACTORS I ,;,~~ | Everything fo, the MOTORIST i ,3S~ Blaisdell St. Rockford I Brinton at Bradshaw Dixon, Illino|s 1037 THIRD STREET DIXON, ILLINOIS ~, ' " I " I - r---- - WALLPAPER AND PAINt CO " II Look for Studio Store John W: Barrett O.D. AD 2-691,8 Fashionable w. Stephenson OPTOMETRIST Fur Ideas 7 EAST STEPHENSON ST. Bennett Hoefer (Over Woolworth's) at 110 North Galena AT 2,1211 Dixon, Illinois FREEPORT, ILL. AD 2-5011 UI ADams 2-4141 I; Dixon, Iliinois,I1~ I[i e Cement Blocks Everything Available At 1 ) @Lightning R ds MERCK Old Furs Remodeled @Fuel @Siding Religious Articles for BOOKSTORE @Kava Troughs Ill The Catholic Home =,4 West Stephenson t FREEPORT, ILLINOIS COAL and OIL Mens' and Boys' Wear Sterling, Illinois "Official Boy Scout Store" 24 Kimball Street Elgin. Illinois 364 Division - EI9in Dial SHerwood 1-1400 Thiel's Drug Store CLIFFORD THIEL Pharmacist Expert Prescription Service 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 ELGIN HAYWARD SOUTH ELGIN PHARMACY Open 8 A.M. Till 10 P.M. Every Doy Route 31 Ph. SH 1-6655 So. Elgin I~ Me~psg9 OIPlll~ I s2 3~ tocus ~ S tre~et . Sterlln ~g. A. J. ZIMMER Farm Machinery and Hardware Phone EM S-322B Virgil. Illinois HUBERT PHARMACY G. J. H ~bert, R.Ph. Tel. Federal 8-0434--Woodstock We Give "S & H" $tgmps