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December 15, 1961     The Observer
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December 15, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 ,equiem !Cana Meeting FAMILY CLINIC Set for Sunday ' II HANOVER -- St. John parish II here will sponsor a Cana confer- =e once Sunday, Dec. 17, at 7:30 p.m. i I | BALTIMORE, (NC) -- Pontifi- gate in the United States. The conference will be conducted[,or write semmary ]or ricKets btu , cal Requiem Mass was offeredI The sermon was preached by by the Rev. Andrew Plesa as-i " BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. " here for Archbishop Francis P. l Archbishop Lawrence J. Shehan, sistaut at St. Peter church, Rock-] Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University Keough of Baltimore, who had ]who only last July was transfer- ford. ! * * * served for I4 years ~ s'plrltuaI [red from the Bridgeport, Conn The Cane conference is open l Do most engaged couples qnar-Imind-reader, and she pretends to leader of the nation's oldest See. [diocese to be Coadjutor Archbish- to all married couples, Catholic ltel frequently? We've been on-]be hurt over just about anything. Archbishop Keough, llth Arch-lop of Baltimore with the right of and non-Catholic The purpose oflgaged for almost a year, and itIShe hates to discuss a problem-- bishop of Baltimore, died (Dec. 8)]succession to Archbishop Keough. the conference is to help mar.[seems lately we spend most of ll'm supposed to guess what she in Georgetown University hospi- Pope PiLls XII named him ried couples concentrate on think-Iour time either quarreling or/thinks or feels. We're really very tel, Washington, D.C where he/Archbishop of Baltimore Nov. 27, ing learning and praying about Imaking up after the last one. drouth in love, yet I keep asking had been taken after suffering al1947. He was enthroned by Arch- their marriage vocations I Among other things, Janice I myself, what if she keeps this up heart attack Nov. 30 at his Balti-/bishop Cicognaui Feb. 24, 1948. ~ 2 " claims I never consider her feel- when we're married? more residence. At the time of his death Arch- e" o e,~. tings. Maybe I don t, but I'm no/ The Archbishop, who had also bishop Keough was spiritual lead.lgasTetn uloeese / . . served as Bishop of Providence, er of some 400,000 Catholics in le,~l e,~ .o / That's a good question, Ed, and if you're wise, you'll give it very R.I from 1934 to.1947 and had the Baltimore archdiocese. Dur-i~-r/ans Ke~rulTing ~serious consideration before committing yourself to playing a guess- nolo nigh posts with the National ing his years there the Cathdliclr~t i c ling-game for the rest of your life. Marriage offers no magic solution Catholic Welfare Conference, was population increased some 50 per l ~J" I~ew ~ls~ers [for differences or disagreements that a couple are unable to handle 70 at the time of his death, cent. i [satisfactorily during courtship, though all too many unadjusted cou- The Requiem Mass was offered In November, 1948, Archbishopf BURLINGTON, Vt (NC)--The ~ples take the step in the vain hope that "everything will work out l FIRST DEGREE INITIATION The Ore"on Mt Morris councilKni"ht; the Rev Norbert Richter cha "ai (Dec 14) in the Cathedral of Keough was elected vice chair-Diocese of Burlington has given alall right once we're married " ~. o . ~,~ " . s pl n; ant r~uwaru ~on- ,' m toe Jadalgnts el t, oiumous nelfl a lirst uegree initiation Ior it roy, uistrict uepu~ ne canuluates are (1 to r ) Larr, Mary Our Queen by Archbishop man of the NCWC administrative booklet entitled 'Where Do Sis-[ MOST ENGAGEMENTS LEADING TO SUCCESSFUL marriagesi Y" -1 " . . : y Mer- L l canuma~es m me oregon cmnrooms recenuy unuer me airection rit[, ~ssac ~v~onnanan, Jonn r~van, John Mullins Donald Griffin, Egidio Vagnozzz, Apostolic Dele. bO:lredc.te~htoft]hlOtlnogstYe:: hel~Vaa~ ~eSnCiOngeMFar3?; V:;Alnlt adults~roc~e~urar~he?: ~t,m:Oath~garifsi~3ut~shlp::icm~kaedre~Y:nl~le~trs~:t:r:;i of a degree team from Dixon. Shown with the candidates prior Richard Kirtley, Dave Broderick, Melvin Frid'enbach, Michael -- -- - -lff~ P Ten " I~a th ,',g P Ito the initiation are: (front row, !. to r.) Richard Brown, Grand Broderick, John Broderick and Michael Seaworth. ,IT~ the position of chairman of the t years ago, the publication ~ t e couple nave not learned how to resolve their differences in[ ~~ [~I~ I~ 1~ ~1]1 ]~|~I[~!~,~ducation denartment Ipoints out, the Burlington diocese l a constructive fashion. In other words, although a stormy courtshin I I '[ b'U. H. ~, O' ,uu[,d=,'J,t |iHe was ele~ed chairman of the]had 10,698 parochial students and may supply rich material for a novel or movie, it's a poor prepar~ Parish Io Sponsor AJ A|L r~ Educators pl n association of Catholic school 412 sist r tion for a stable marr",- -- i nwa m lmn::~tfl H an i I "" '' teachers and administrators will lizard in April 1950, to fill the[ e s to teach them, while lage. Skit Sone's Oinn"r ~rlu w'lHui~ i,~'~1, )PT( M TRIST lll~oexpired term of Archbishopltoday there are 14632 parochial This does not mean that you and Janice should expect to see eye- i ~ ' " 1~ t"~ml,-,~],-,-, be host to the convention in De. i hn T. McNicholas O.P of Cin.istudents and 470 teaching sisters to-eye on everything. We can be justly suspicious of couples-- ROCKFORD -- The Home and ~ I~ i,/vL ~ilV~IIIi~II itroit,s new $54 million Cobo Hall, A ^ ~ |[~nnati who had died. He served This represents a 36.7 per cent[married or unmarried--who claim that they never argue or disagree, School association of St. Berna:lKeview D0arc [ WASHINGTON (NC)- The Na-i The NCEA said a Pontifical UI :11 ~ U ~-OYI'/ |~g~ chairman until November, increase in students, but an in-]for by .the time men and women are old enough to marry they[dette parish will present a chil-/ Itional Catholic Educational asso-[Mass on April 24 in St Aloysius i~52. [crease of only 13.8 per cent teach- should have acquired some highly personal opinions, attitudes, goals, i dren's Christmas program in the lii m [ciation has announced that "Fos-Ichurch will open the convention. ,'~ $ :aN.^ i iThe followin~ year he was elect-Iing sisters, it says. I values, likes and dislikes, and it would be quite extraordinary if/school gymasium Thursday, Dec. I~t~ i ~ i'1,~ I tering the Ecumenical Snirit" will The first general session will be r't'el ~" ~'~'~ ~" In 1951 there were 66 nursm any two redly]duals, part[cularl a man and a woman should be 21 a 1 Ill/BilliaRd1 ~IIUil I-1 ' |~. chairman of the Legal depart-t," g l - ' ' ' ' Y /,t :30 p.m to be followed by/ I be the theme of its 1962 convention held at 11 a.m. the same day in ~ent. In ~November, 1954, he be-~sisters in three diocesan hos- pertecty matched in this regard. ]a parish dinner, l !in Detroit Anril 24 to 27 ICobo Had. Re :KF ~D |] ~me chairman of the Social Ac-[pitals caring for 12 599 patients of] INDEED, SUCCESSFUL MARITAL COMPANIONSHIP is so on-r The Area,ram will feat,r,~ ~ ] ROCKFORD -- Ad Altare Dei! ' '~ " ! ~n department tall races and creeds "comparedlriching and developmental not only because masculine and feminine [Christmas ~'skit choral nt~mber~lawards for Boy Scouts in the dio-I Archbishop John F. Dearden of L~ =- -~--- -[with the present 59 'nursing sis-Idifferences are complementary, but because the daily reconciliation[by the St. Patrick boys' choir [cost of Rockford will be presentedlDetr it, president general of theI The mother of a newly baptized Ilters in the three hospitals, which lof these individual differences involves an appreciative awareness lscriptural readings and commun:lat ceremonies in St. James Pro:l ~ iinfant in country districts of O JI NOMBMADI: PI~ Ilnow care for 22,960 patients, the[ f.t.h,e[r existence, together with the gradual curbing of their narrow]fry singing. [cathedral Sunday afternoon, Feb.]Feb- 11 ceremonies and John J: t Scotland used to give a slice of IIbooklet says ]selfish aspects. Love between a man and woman does not eliminate] At 6 n m ~ ~ ;-~,Ill at 3"30 n m by the Most Rev r~unms~i wi, neaa a group o~!oreau ano cheese to the first per- " " ~ " such differences rather it rowdes the motivation for ~wn them e e,~*,~," ~" ~ ' t[oop committeemen to arran el SeA she met on the road after -- Are Delicious I/ This means that although the/,P " " " g'" g /Christmas dinner will be held in/Lores T. Lane, Bishop of Rock- " g due respect and conslderatmn ,n the recess of reconclhn them hne of march ate the cathedial leawng church It was a great [n ~1t ~ ~ ~ p',I]need for nursing care has in-] " " P "'g the school hall. The newly or-/ford, i " " ' "" l~ ~ ~ ~ Party ,utters ,or ~a~creased 82 2 "or cent the number ~[or unl[lea action uuring marriage "anize-~ h:-"-~,~ ,*~-~o' ,~,- f co~h,] ~ ~, o ~,m ~ ;,~ ~,~ The Rev Charles W McNamee is sult not to accept ~ nil *ccos,ons of nursm ~ t r This ~s all by way of saying that although storm en a ements I d~ocesan d~rector of scouting I/ g s'ses has droppedt Y g g will be featured at the dinner un-/Blackhawk area council will gel " ,are mu~cauve ot serious trouble the ma serve a more usef 1 Tasty F,sh Menus For Fr,day Ii 8 er cent Y Y ul pur der th ~r ~ ~ ~ " " I/,p [ - e d' oct'on of Mrs. L. R. Ibefore a review board Sunday, ---- ~[~ ~ ~ Take Home.- I ,p se [nan courtsmps m which the partners never quarrel or disagree Hanson ]Jan 14 startina at 2 n m in St I PAUL CARLSON AGENCY ~~a i Ready To Sere J] /L~-- -.~ ,d~ [for the latter are not realistic Either the partners are not revealing ' t. " ' ,- t. ~' t-. "I INSURANCE -- REALTY I " ' ltheir true selves, or one partner" Is" completely dominatin~ the other ~ I oases cnurc, ,d i~ Phone 10S Erie announ ,COS with the result ha " ' ~ne trey. raui r~. try, Attornqy! |A~ ~=i eu e ~UeEeE Ul I I l'~ t t such couples will enter marriage w~thout hawng t', r " tJoh Hall n Alex . 1 aEIkn ~ ~niEiE~ n~ l II - " ' n W ock a d W i a new iAAI It ilI~I~IL2~eLEIIIIllITIT-11",h ~ [tested their ability to get along under normal conditions .omlncl l:venrs " $131 Aubur. St ROCKFORD we 3 094, II n lilBi u I "% l Iadole COASt,Lute the spec,al re I d~'~] " -, .-----,--- -.----.----- H~N n~.~vu ma~ you aria ,Jamce nave n~s- view board for the Blackhawk / ~':'" I I~SZ !t I~ii~~ i: :."~ ]covered your problems now. From your brief description it is diffi- GENEVA i council ( .; -~.-~ ] .~ ,~,-- ----.-~,~,~- 1 ~cult to judge what .their prmc,pal source may be, but one semous Dec. 17--"A Midsummer Night's] Adolph Chiodini will be in ~,~u~u, I feature seems clear You are not makmg any progress in learnmg . JRPEE- WOOD [[ II~ ~i 1: :~ ]how to settle your differences in a friendly fashion. I suggest thatDreamtouri presented''y,yb Pla ers. I charge of gettmg ushers for thc V~ ,~ ng company a] ~aerea tleart I1 [i~,mlll]+m~n 11 8~ [you give careful consideration to the following points II--------- +-- *k. ~L~ ] ~emmary at z ~o ann ~ p m t:au kit I~IA/ U f'% &A r I/t~~/PIII~P [a l-" I~! [ It may be that Janice is correct in her assertion that you never : . . J l Since 1888 I~llZl~Jl~l'l- n~|Y|17" Ii j ~J~ot+~ll~ ~ [consider her feelings. Most young men tend to be rugged individual- . ' ' iI YOUR Insurance Policy is It lists in the sense that they show little interest in the thoughts or (tents, $1, aoults, $2. !l ~ A I~1 4~hlk I .4 Symbol of Security"~ I AmI~PlI~ III 420 North Main Street If [feelings of others. In their struggle to become independent of their ROCKFORD ]l ~,~I~L~|'~Ii I~ ~l~l~|l~ I~F IN Rockford I/ Dial" we 3-5409 [famfl,es" " and to assert themselves as mdivlduals" " " m" their own right Dee. 15-16 -- Rummage sale in II, L~V/L-II II1 II /they acquire the habit of seeing things only from their own -oint oi building on southeast corner of I ROOFING Grade A l/ [view regarding others as objects to be used or manipulate~rather South Main and Morgan streets![ ~I~IMPAI~IY Inr M'lk Products DflM nerving omce iooo h r ~ ' 1{ II j l l ilill /t an as equals having similar needs and aspirations from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.--Spun- I / I~UII/II[, I[ IIIIIIIIIP'III / THIS UNCONSCIOUS SELF-CENTEREDNESS is probably a nor- sored by Blessed Sacrament so-J eRoofi " MARSHALL B. WOOD |[ liVIIIlill ]real stage in development, Ed, but marital love requires that you dality of St. Bridget church, i[ "i ' ?:~":'}:~k~")~. ,~ I~ 11 41~1~111111 II dl~FI I/- . |move beyond it,and acquire a delicate considerateness for the STERLING Jl OAcoustics YI.~II::.':'~/~Y~.!~ IWI/lil~lHllh;l" thoughts and feehngs of others Perha s w~thout thmkm v ~'~" /Ih~lBI i llllJ~in.- +,/Kfnrnna I"n Ine ~. . p " " g, you ha eDec. 18 -- Card party in Sacred][ Rockford, Illinois :*" v.I v. ]been acting as if Janice were a carbon copy of yourself. Try putting Heart parish hall -- Sponsored by [1 PHONE WO 4-6795 - ~ & it 330 S. Wyman i[Y urselfplaints" in her place and you may. understand some of her com-the ~p~ish" ]1 ~fi~:~ ~.~+.~~ . On the other hand, there is some evidence that Janice is either ][ [trying to keep you dependent and insecure by pretending to be hurt 41m~,m ~|~+-. l= ~, .-.g 4~ .g~+- KUI+K PALLb UAIK . . ~ ~ ~ ~"~ I/ KOCKI"OrCl, III. for she is guided entirely by her emotions and is incapable of takin+, a ~.~eRel.~e~s~ ~H~ v~ ~i~ ~ ~ ~" . ' I/ [consistent, rational view of things. If the latter is true, you would J - ~, 8,~, ~ ~ rnone mare ~-uv~,s ~~: ::: o well to breakt~ engagement, for she ]s not hkely to change. Pounra|n e'ens, .nma, ~/iver ~z/1z/z///,-,-,////////////z I/ ld ' : It" ~tl15 1~ VlII~KELY PRETENDING, ann you ~an judge this by,~~ studying how she deals with others, tell her to stop the act. Such an(] G/ass Jerry Powers ii:. We Carry In pretense is no basis for real companionship. If she isn't willing to :i} Stock Over state what she thinks or feels so that you can settle your differences Harvard III. i without quarreling she isn't ready for marriage--at least, not with DK. R. F. SCHLEICHER OPTOMETRIST Dial WO 2-6912 421 E, State ROCKFORD you ! IJIIIIIIIIIIIlillililili Fifth Ave Inc. ro~ 5th Avenue and East 3rd Street Sterling, Illinois Fomily Enjoyment? New & Rebuilt &" Oliveri 7 P.M. Walter J. Beyer Two Chapels Channel At Our New Location DIAt WO 4-6332 . 13 4 Catholic owned and GE Appliances 769 N. Madison 707 Marchesano i managed Funeral Home COLLINS Y SUNDBERG = Rockford RiEn ~ $~Now MATT GRENNAN, Owner New idea Impl's. Winnebago County Coroner ROCKFORD ,Fi,ggiglgggl,i,aDglgglgBiRlllli~ JIM GRENNAN, Assistant 202 Fourth Avenue RADIATOR A PERSONALIZED SERVICE S,e g -- MA 6-01~22 PAine Main 45--Stockton FUNoERAL HOME " " REPAIR Large A New -- ---- Conve " y o Serve Catholic Families - we a'9R~l Parking ~:~ Lacatlon in All Parishes Area ~~. ~ . 215 Hall Street WO 2-7743 i ~~~ More Than ----- i Air " :~ ~i 45 Yeors I g ;,+ + ,++++ con--, + + . Chapel Serv, e PERNA i FITZGERALD FUNERAL HOME SHOES BUSTER BROWNS m~o,~ ~a,~ ~,~,~, Frank R. Fitzgerald Robe. H. 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