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December 15, 1961     The Observer
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December 15, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1961 WASHINGTON BACKGROUND Administr Ition Face: By NORMA KRAUSE HERZFELD The return of General Maxwell Taylor's fact-finding mission from South Vietnam, the visit here of Prime Minister Nehru of India and the great increase in communist guerrilla activity in South Vietnam all herald a time of hard decisions for the administration. The future of Southeast Asia will probably depend on these decisions, if it is not already too late. The struggle to keep the former French colony of Indo-China from falling to communist control has been going on since the end of World War II. The French fought a dismal hope- less war there until 1954 when "peace" was ar- ranged at Geneva leaving four "independent" ~~ countries in the area: Cambodia, Lags, South ~~ Vietnam and North Vietnam. Since that time the ~:~ communist state of North Vietnam with the help r~~ of Russia and communist China has been infiltrat. ~~m~~~~ii~ ing the other states in greater or lesser degreo; ~~ TODAY LAOS HAS BEEN TORN APART, ~='~=~~ with much of it in communist hands, and some W~ of it still in the hands ofa faction supported by U.S. military aid. A cease-fire has been officially e tn effect for more than six months while a stalemated conference goes on in Geneva to settle the future of the country along lines of strict independence and neutrality. Whether the communists will allow such a settlement is ex}rdmely doubtful. North Vietnam forces have operated at will against South Viet- nam from bases in Lags, and strong evidence now shows that they are also operating guerrilla bases in Cambodia against South Vietnam They are also filtering into Thailand. Mountainous jungles and swampy lowlands make it difficult to operate against guerrilla forces. Most observers-tear that the West has written off Lags, and whether it is prepared to do enough to save South Vietnam remains to be seen. If South Vietnam goes, Cambodia and Thailand will not be far behind WHEN GENERAL TAYLOR WAS SENT to South Vietnam there was much talk about sending U.S. forces in to halt the fast deteriora- tion. Sending either U.S. or SEATO forces would risk open war with North Vietnam, Russia and communist China. After the Taylor ap- praisal it seems that the U.S. will attempt to stabilize the situation only by sending more military aid to the South Vietnamese govern- ment, and encouraging reforms and reorganizations. President Kennedy sought to get Prime Minister Nehru to take a more sympathetic view of the Indo-China crisis, particularly in view of the fact that International Control Commissions set up to enforce the 1954 peace in the area are made up of Canadian, Polish! THE OBSERVER i in i yet to complete, but it could transform the area. It involves "harness- The path will theft be open for engineering designing of the projects, ing" the Mekong river and its tributaries, one of the world's largest mobilization of major financial aid and actual construction. river systems which runs like a great artery through the heart of Just last month in Bangkok, Thailand, three new agreements were Indn Chin~ signed to carry the work further. The UN Special fund will under- --The'~U'N-Economic Commiss'ion for Asia h take mineral surveys, and Japan will prepare a report on a Mekong and t e Far East (ECAFE) tributary in Thailand and begin studies on a tributary in South Viet- is heading an unprecedented international venture to study the river, ham ECAFE officials were enthusiastic over progress declaring then build dams and increase the river's navigability Initial irriga- *h / " ' " ~ a~ me las~ rive monms nan oeen me most acuve periou tn me ms- tion alone would more than double the land under cultivation and per- tory of the "ro'eet mit vital diversification of crops Access to the interior and to electric ~ e J . . WILL THERE BE ENOUGH TIME to make th~s vast transforma- power would permit utihzatton of forest and mineral wealth now tion ~ossible~ Only if South Vietnam can be saved and only if Lags is untapped and industrialization not ~wall we'd u -mm i D i ' - " ' s o p by the co un sts. ur ng the present cease-fire m ALONG WITH UN SPECIALIZED AGENCIES and the four bene- Lags, U.S.-backed troops are holding the area along the Mekong ficiary countries, nine other nations--Australia, Canada, France, In- river where it constitutes the border between Lags and Thailand. If dia, h'an, Japan, New Zealand, Britain and the U.S.--are cooperating this area goes, the Mekong becomes the gateway for the communists with financial and technical assistance. Contributions range from into Thailand and Cambodia. aerial mapping by Canada to oil for operations from Iran to rain Whether the great river becomes a gateway for war or a servant gau-es~, from India. Until a few years ago the ways of Mekong were ,l f peace depends in large measure on the will of the West, and most as mysterious as the snowy reaches of the Himalayas in Tibet where[especially on the determination of the U.S. to take some calculated it rises, but by 1963 all the necessary data will have been collected, t risks. S.AR,NG 00R TRE U .--. u SHARING OUR TREASURE REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN, PH.D. (University of Notre Dame) What do you do with your Catho- lic magazines and pamphlets af- ter you've read them? If you throw them awayl you are wast- ing effective means of kindling the interest of others in the Catholic religion and thus spread- ing the Faith. Here is a simple means of sharing your treasure, that is surely within your reach. Its effectiveness is illustrated in the conversion of Mrs. Lauretta Fell of Enid, Okla. "I was reared," e I a t e d Mrs. and Indian members. The Indian member has generally sided with Fell, "in the the Polish member and the entire operation has been a farce. It was 'D i s c i p l e s of hoped to stiffen Indian participation and make the commissions more Christ Church and hymns, I felt completely left out of the worship. My inability to hear increased my interest in the printed page and I became an avid reader. "Years later while in a has- body, the Church.' Later he adds: pital for a few days, I read some 'What is lacking of the sufferings Catholic pamphlets lent me by a of Christ I fill up in my flesh woman who shared the room with for his body, which is the Church' me. Those pamphlets kindled my interest in the Catholic religion. Through ~hem I learned for the first time of the Catholic doctrine of grace. Later I went to the city library and read the few Catho- lic books that were there. I then ordered some pamphlets from the Knights of Columbus information bureau. Doctrine Reasonable "I had no Catholic friends but (Col. 1 18, 24). Here is the Scriptural basis for the Church's teaching concerning the Mystical Body, of which Christ is the head and we are the members. Striking Contrast "Thus it is evident that union with the Church is union with Christ Himself. Instead of being united with Christ and His Church, I was a member of the Church founded by Thomas and Alexand- ~A.D. 33, and governed by St. Peter and his successors for more than 19 centuries! "With a grateful heart I was received into Christ's true Church and received our Eucharistic Lord. Every day my holy Faith means more to me, and I find in the sacraments visible proof Of God's love. My supreme joy is in participating in the Mass and receiving Holy Communion." (Father O'Brien will be glad to have converts send their names and,addresses to him at Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, Indiana, so he may write up their conversion stories.) Library Catalog effective, but Nehru did not commit himself to this He reportedly and a t t en d e d my sister had one, Genevieve warned the U.S. against direct involvement in the conflict, saying i services and Sun- Pavlu, who, upon learning of my that it would only enlarge the war and that the Vietnamese shoulcl be [day school quite interest in the Catholic religion, left alone to work out their own troubles. I regularly. While sent me a large stock of back NEEDLESS TO SAY, THE SITUATION is not solely a military one. i in the elementa- issues of the Catholic Digest and Serious political and social problems exist; the war is further ravag-irv school I was Extension magazine. What I read ing an already poor land and economic help is as necessary as mill- i afflicted with an illness which re made me wonder if the Catholic tary help. Most U.S. economic assistance must perforce go into ]sulted in the total loss of hearing. Church might be the true Church, short-term programs, but another'project under way since 1955 will[Since the church service consist- which it claimed to be. So I took instruction by mail from the K.IPriest have the most far-reaching effects. It will take more than ten years led chiefly of the sermon prayers of C. bureau and then from Fath-/ er John J. Wade at St FrancisI LOS ANGELES, (NC) -- TheI The handbook and catalog, of- Xavier church. /temper of Africa is changing fromlfered free to all priests nuns s far back as I could re- the elatmn of new independence!teachers, librarians and PTA of- member, I had been dissatisfied to one of hard appraisal of the!ricers, is part of the Paulist with the non-Catholic doch'ine of political and economic facts of I Press's new Catholic Library salvation through faith alone The life, accm:~ing to Msgr. AnthonY[Service Catholic doctrine seemed reason-Brouwers, founder of the Lay l The service offers rofes i "' ablesince it squared with Christ's Mission Heloers Association of I P, s onany - seiectea ann compmtety processeo ~eacmngs. ~ eoumn't, nowever ac- mis arenmocese. I libraries to schools It was dexel i . y . cept the Catholic religion until,He has just returned h'om hisIoped by the Paulist Fathers after I overcame my doubts as to the fourth ,journey mrough .Atrma[a year-long survey on the need for Catholic Church being Christ's w.nere nenas now pmeea lwo Lay ,centralized library facilities in true Church. I turned to the Bi- lvnssmn helpers, grade schools. Year after year, the highest awards go to the wines of The Christian Brothers ~OOK at the medals in the Trophy Room of The Christian Brothers with consistently superb quality in The Christian Brothers Wi0es in bot- tle after bottle, year after year. There are easier ways of making wine. The Brothers chose their way long ago. They labor in an ancient tradition of excellence, and see no reason at all to change. California Ruby Port Winery. They were awarded to the wines of The Christian Brothers at the Sacra- mento State Fair and the Los Angeles County Fair. These awards hold a meaning for you. They prove you will be rewarded Produced and bottled by The Christian Brothers of California, makers of fine wines, sparkling wines, vermouths and brandy. Sole Distributors: Fromm and Sichel, Inc New York, N. Y. our Divine Word Sem;narles in India, Philippines and Japan, we have a number of students preparing for the priesthood. MANY ARE VERY POOR and need financial help to continue their studies. TEAR OFF-- Fafl~r: Enclosed find $ for sponsoring a student to the priesthood for weeks. 0 ~ (pl e p,~*l Af[ORESS CITY ZONE. STATE HELP HIM TO REACH His L MAll. TO ble and to history. "From both I discovered that Christ founded the Catholic Church and authorized it to teach EVERY NIGHT AT I0" Msgr. Brouwers said two things were responsible for Africa's maturing attitude: 1--reflection! on the excesses in the Congo, and, i 2--realization of the responsibili- ties of self-government. Africa, he said, has grown con- siderably in the past few years. It was an adolescent not long ago. "Now it is the young man." Msgr. Brouwers spent two months in Africa and reported that the lay missioner was in de- mand. Where a Bishop had four, he now wants 10. The Los Angeles priest said that experience has shown that lay- men are not only useful in the missions but necessary. Dubuque, la.-608 Main St. Clinton, la.--222 6th Ave. S. Rockford-105 North Main St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr H. Coren--Optometrist Rockford--Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. PartolI--Optometrist Aurora--6 N. Broadway Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. Frank Santelli--Optometrist Dixon--110 East First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. B. Rubin--Optometrist Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr N. L. St. Germain--Optametrists Elgin--121 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr H. Mali--Optometrlst WHEN VISITING YOUR SON AT THE BE SURE TO STAY AT AIR CONDITIONED PHONE 4-7436 CENTRAL HEAT TV Next To The Seminary Hwy. 14 La Crosse, Wis. PAGE 5 "Lest year," Father Connors re. ports, "only one priest was given free air time by a local radio sta- tion, to present a short Christmas announcement each day for two weeks preceding Christmas. We hope to duplicate this effort on 17 stations this year." Ingenious Plan Plans include the erection of life-size outdoor creches in the center of town with charts, music and a catechist on duty to answer questions on the meaning of the crib. Another priest plans a crib- making contest for his Catholic children, while still another is featuring a Christmas art contest. One ingenious pastor, whose church is next to a railroad track has erected a large nativity sign Christmas Campaign On Formosa l TAICHUNG, Formosa Mary- ] knoll missioners stationed on this[ home of Free China are engaged[ in a vigorous public champaign to[ make the feast of Christ's birth[ known to millions of non-Chris-[ tians here. i To implement the campaign,[ last month a team of four Mary-I knollers directed by Father Law-[ rence J. Connors, M.M of Lin-] den hurst, N.Y. surveyed the pub-] lieity potential of the 35 parishes[ in the Prefecture of Taichung inI central Formosa. 1 Radio Programs ] As a result, the weeks before[ Christmas ere being devoted to] the circulating of posters in[ prominent places. Large cribs] have already been erected ont most mission grounds. Also, gious slide films, to be flashed on ~ ~. the screens of local movie houses./~ * have been packaged and released./~ ttttmttta :mgpt:t 2Appt: ll Goal-$500.O0; Received to Date $86.00 rishnas: This Ye RT. REV. MSGR. THOMAS S. GREEN Diocesan Director Society For The Propagation Of The Faith painted with luminous paint and fitted with floodlights to make it visible to both night and day com- muters. In general, the 56 Maryknollers stationed in the Taichung Prefec- ture are concentrating on non- Christians during the weeks be- fore Christmas and on their Cath- olics during Christmas eve and Christmas day. In CRYSTAL LAKE For A Quality and LOW COST Diaper Service Call Rockford "Collect" WOodland 5-2625 Saint John Baptist De La Salh Patron of All Teachers (Pope Plus XIh May 15, 1950) INVITES YOU to work full time for God with his CHRISTIAN who teach almost 700,000 boys and young men in 76 countries of the world! For thought-provoking literature about how YOU can become a member of this team of specialists in the Youth Work of the Church, mail the coupon below to BROTHER K. DANIEL, FSC, Director of Voca- tions, The Christian Brothers, Box 221m, 1840 Mayfalr Avenue. West- chester, illinois. Name Age Address City. Zone State You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than onet. Meet personal needs with a PERSONAL LOAN Give your budget a "little boost'with an Illinois BANKPLAN loan. Payments to suit your convenience. Let us help you get the things you want. ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete banking eervices: Savings Accounts - Checking Accounts Christmas Club Vacation Club Trust Services Safe' Deposit Boxes - Home & Property Improvement Loans Personal Loans Auto Loans Installment Loans for any purpose Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Parking while you bank * Drive-in FaciliUes * Phone WO 3-3431 For many of us, the weather conditions during the various seasons present the greatest source of discomfort which we have to endure. It is either too hot or too cold, too humid or too wet, one thing or another. Yet across the world, two-thirds of the children have so little they are forced to go to bed hungry every night, only to slip a little closer to death through starvation. Thousands of youngsters in the vast mis- sion lands, unable to be cared for by their parents are left to wander in the streets, to survive if they can, to die if they cannot. Usually these poor children have not enough rags about them to protect them from the weather. Just Another Day? But, here amongst our superabundance, Americans last year spent approximately $200,000,000 for Christmas cards. Do you know that this amount is twenty times the amount which all the Catholics of the Unit- ed States gave to the for the support of all of the Church. Holy Father last year the world's missions Couldn't we send Christmas greetings to our friends just as well with a simple card? The amount we save could be sent to the Propagation of the Faith to help build schools, hospitals, orphanages, and leper colonies to further the work of the mission- aries among the pagans. When we are preoccupied with the thoughts of Santa Claus, Christmas cards, presents, and the Christmas tree, think of the many pagans who consider Christ's birthday, just anoth- er weary work day. Think of the millions of children of the world who will never have the opportunities that we Americans have because we failed to share our abundance. Time for Children This happens not because we are selfish; the American people are the most gener- ous in the world. It happens because we are thoughtless. The more grateful we are for the gift of faith, the more we seek to extend the gift of faith to others. The more we are conscious of our sins, the more sacrifices we make to convert souls that will love God more than we do, and thus make up for our shortcomings. The more we are conscious that the Church is under attack in all the Communist countries, the more we will direct our alms to the Holy Father to make amends for that loss of love. Remember that Christmas is a time for children. Your gift to this office will bring physical relief and the blessings of Christ to those in the mission lands. Hunger and sickness cannot wait for the world's solu- tions. Someone must come to the rescue of these suffering undernourished children, now!! ;I rim| m II II||;mm m ii,m m wllmll,||,|mmm||m|||l| ' Dear Monsignor Green: ! '. Please accept the enclosed donation i | . for the suffering lepers and children of| [the world. - | ! Name . | ' E ' Address . ! ; Amount