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December 15, 1961     The Observer
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December 15, 1961

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// FRIDAY, DEC]= MBER 15, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 Ma 0bserv Ch T Y ays o 't " . . W,thqmt Fas ,nl, I, ) 3 I q T S no ast , lay people may choose to observe or,abstam, ' he sa,d. . ::~IE 1 ~ By Ed Fortier not make them rich, but it does,bution and becomes one of Fath- the Vigil of Christmas this year . 1lz a person, ~rom a.sense ot ~ l~ PORTLAND, Ore. (NC) -- His help them survive. Most of them[er O'Connor's Co-Missioners. . . t plew, snoma cnoose ~aturuay, ~mlli~ mill ~ name is Father Paul C 0 r are rett hand wzth a fishm As a former member an c 1 without Keeping me traaidonai De, o~ 4` ~. 4`~.^ ; a ~~ ~mmm~mmlmm . 'Conno ,i P Y Y ' ' "g d ha'r- fast and total abstinence'-- '~ ,~,~v= .)= ~l~ h ~,/~-- ~~ ~i!~ S.J. But to 28 Jesuit missionaries, ]rod, a net or a gun. They also man of the Alaska Housing hu- "t ~ ~ little, ~lifl'~,f "th, [he may for eat meat ann is rim-i ~~ " many Brothers and Sisters serv- scout around for driftwood to keep thority, Father O'Connor is known 7: ". I,I ~ ~ ~ ing the far-flung Alaska missions the home fn'es burnmg s the salesman who engmeered I g II,~U LU Ull~ lull Ill'all "<'~ " ~' a " because of a pecuharlty m the] 'However, Dec 23 is an Ember[ ~ ~," Fe-'e " ' " " ' :*: ventlon s closmg ban net durln / [ u ral assistance in DUll l calendar" said the Rev Walter 1"- Blmll~ ~ ~ ne is a comb alton of St Nmh- A tall, lmpresmve man who be- . . . . (1 ng ann J. Schmi'tz, dean of the School of ~"~or those who choose to ob- l~ ~~ olas and an efficient quarter-lies his more. than 60 years, the]~eT~rmg 700 zsolated Eskimo the Sacred Theology of the Cath-[serve the Christmas vigil on the] mlP~ ~~ master. [Alaska Jesmts' procurator de- " $11 iie !;ii:iii a:ii { ii iiOii iir ii::i i iii "g' " " -] 'To sum it up, the faithful may[ ~~i ~~~!111~ " [ " '," " /conversation follows these lines: ber 23 or 24 ]meet their obligations by observ-[ ~~i i:~~~ [euow missionaries win ceieorate[own janitor, washes his ownI "Is that you Father O'Connor~ Father Schmitz noted that Dee.[inz Sunday, the 24th as the vi~ill ~ii ~~] the birth of Christ rich in spiritual[clothes. But to have a full-timelwhat are you ctoin~, here9'' " ~-4 is a Sunday and Sunday is[--with no'fast or abstinence; and[ ~ii ii!iii:~i~i~:i~!:iiiiii}iiiiiiii~ blessings [government job in order that heI "I am in the insurance busi- never a day of penance. There-[Saturday, the 23rd, as an Ember [ ~!i ~i ~~ Few Material Blessings [might survive is not what it should[ness." fore, one can choose to observe[day--a day of fast and partial[ ~ii ~~ Their special material blessings~be" Here is where I come in. [ 'Insurance business? What the vigil on this day and yet be /abstinence." [ ~i ~~ for the great holiday may be an[ Get Orders [kind?" . . . [ ' I/ ~ ~~ ~;:gte, b::c:pple or even a tm oflF brug:yt:ndlgSka tg:n~:~lYan~ caliC~tle~ttiealnLff~ireIxnd unrtalffe,to I "",~:!~:~::~!~!~:.~:~::~!~i~~ er O'Connor's best equipment for ~150 a ton just to get it on loca-~foum:eny :itds C:~heeSfr nmlm:nnY BE TO L D I ' hm job as procurator and execu t on The routes are dewous th 1 I sire II ~v I! S W O OR,THY M GHT--we pray thee, and come serves as a reminder that Advent is a time to prepare for the " " "1~ ' " ~1 e ong supply line which keeps / w orKers In 1[ Sarah Enright, Frank Nicolosi, and Gregory Huhsman, pupils at coming of Christ. The Infant Jesus will be placed in the scene tire director of the Alaska Jesuitt~ome go to AmSKa by way or]the Arctic missions alive. / ,#'/. II St. Peter school in Rockford, visit the outdoor nativity scene on Christmas eve.--(Herzog Photo) Missions is the nearly three dec-[~ewaro andNenana and then float[ The philosophy which sustains / Thin Vi~nrel j w-- II erected on the grounds of the chancery The empty manager ides he spent as a soldier forl~OWn me ~uKon river rnese or-/Father O'Connor in his search for [ ~17 ~u'~" f II ~-'~ Christ in Alaska's bleak Arctic. laers are nanmect as often as five /mission sunnort is summed un in / Chest Agency [ 'I ~ Ames before reaching the m~s these words " dl~ " ~ .|,I A [ I~ It -- 't "s not a question of building slons ' "'l '-~ ~" By LISA FERRIS [is coordinated by the Community ~c~S ~.aTflOIICS i-lc~ye ]4 LOT I~l~'~'l'ma~ expansion programs with me,"," [ "If the Church in Eskimo land Catholic Charities Staff Welfare council. I ~ m~1~ |~|~) ] ~ ~ ~ ~]1~ said Father O'Connor. "It is sim-,'Others go by Alaska Steam-]be but the tiny finger of the Mysti- !- . . . I v ply supplvin~ food to mv mission I snip company vessel to St. [ca[ Body of Christ, still it is part Getting ready to serve mdiwd ~ast year me t;nnstmas ~om " ~ " " M" " |~,ip~ t~,r~m II~f~t~ ,t~a,~l.o -- aries so "h^* *he : [ mhael Nome and Kotzebue lof the whole. When the hand goes uals and ~r-,-~ ,d m,~ ~,~ f.~. Imittee had $736 37 available, plus l 1~0 L-~q~l II I II~u~l I IIIIJI~IQ I I I0 A I ~ ~ a~ t y ~a. ~mvzw ;, . . . o v-t` - .~. o . - " ~ i~a ~ ~au, m m~ ~ ~ m ~. m, ~ Man, of them have ,~overnmentI~uu omers are nancuea ny reel to its rescue, me eye examines hate in our community is the 196 Igyts oz zooa ann toys. runs! of] ST LOUIS (NC) -- Catholics, "V icn' [ ! I II'L[]! I I ! I ! 11 I! I. K !I1 r.o%-o o i, [North Star, a government ship [it, the mind is concerned and the ,- me money was converted to zonal " ' "1 ""'1 m mm "~w ~m ~m m ~m j.oo ~ ~ ,~ e" All-Rockford Christmas commLt-[ lshould develo- the' "cor,oratel,~romisin, on the Catholic Faith* a tin" villa~'e [which calls at ~solated places hkelheart troubled--they do ~t not to ee" T z and gifts Last year 975 famthes,v e e s s t . h's committee is composed] " " "" [humilit-' to learn thin"s fro tin an" wa'"" he said "That is[ ~- ^ [King Island and Nelson Island. In stranger or a foreigner, but to of aaencies such as Catholic]were helped. Aiding this yuletide/ / s [ s if, " IIk i[ ~ a ~ -e~ps Tnem ~urv~ve The routin of su lies is ratherlone member that is a ar o r'rotestants, ~vucnae~ De la t~euo-qmte anomer ma~ter nut ~t ~s "The / g - pp -,p t of the -77. /4`~ ,yere sam nere. ta quesuon ot cnangmg our nadirs I W Vi N Ip' l ~n]p ~ t on s JoE Chnriti~ a v,r,n, ran.m, ~ a[spmt of kindness are members of[ t I~d[t~T IVI ] ~. ~ ]~m~ salary that they get does trtcky because ff I m~ss the boat whole. Ul~ lYlallll~ ~ ~Ol" ~, ,euo ~a [ --- - -! the i Weimre agencies in Rockford, .who [pi ~ v Y P "[ Editor of the Catholic Herald, ]of changing our way of l "-- --- ~ re s no other to follow. Work to.gerber m a umfied Chnst-/ ~.~ /one of the two largest Catholictlooking at things, changing our[ . SAN FRANCISCO (NC)--Neo-a- m ~. ~.;a ~ .: ~nm~v~m~ C'#'~mmv~ [ Look For Cash ]D]~ I~v~|, ] ~f^ mas effort The auencies workl me report is mat 12000 torsi. ,~ h. c~ ~ a.~t "l:e.H-.~;n l~,~/,qi ;4-;.- I- .1 .~.~.~ ~ 4`h 1; ! ' ~. ~j, ~a~u, a.u pzzcac~ ~|~lml'~ ~vv/m [ ,At'+ 4`K^ ~,^ 1 ~ -1^ ^.1 ^ 4//Iq~lll /K~llllly L-II~ . " ,-, . . . . ' ix,~vvot~ca~a~to a. ",-~-~a~ a.~xx~o~ a-o~/u.o[s~az~a~zx cuwazu .u.-~a u.~.~. ]five anu-commumsm is not the nruvlna ant']~aorifiolna fnv fha [ ~t,~l lily XUUU Jti~ UtUeleU dllUd,P W with needy farmhes all year, butlnave mreaay.neen collected and la Bedoyere is convinced the days[ De la Bedoyere minks that toohob of workers in the Catholic ,e e T,-, D, ,In freighted to Alaska I look aroundl I,n,-, need the s ontaneous zwn s mt t s hoped the total wall reach .~v ~ ~, P g g P t I of 'fighting the Protestants arelmany Catholic customs datetChurch's missionar-effort Auxili [will s,~read missionar" --n ]for the cold cash needed to pay l of various groups to prowde each 25 000 to 30 000 usable toys The ast fr : v z "" "="' the balls A I ',[p . [ om an era when the Churchlar. Bisho,~ Fulton J Sheen oi-m~n-- "h-i 1"~.~ u' .J C~--I.& [ " . missionary costs[ " " " " to s ill " a t, u v ~ t er people. ~,JII I-UIIU ~P II/ ~L t~uun~ tJ.'~u~ -- The l~tiz farmly wath the tittle extra plus ] y w be pmked up by agencms Need Positive Program [had to be on the defensive against [New Yort~ o~;d h,~.o i ~P [about $3 000 to $5,000 a year to ~ : so important during the yuletideland distributed to needy families.[ " /Protestantism [ Bisho-'Sl een "n'-ti-nal t oiaoo icm t ampaign /live in an isolated district in conven!!o zf th? Life Bu- nelson /With this t,~-e of nei-hborl, d,~," [ ~'eop~e WhO stu) may ne right-| .- .' . . [ ~ - ~ % a o mrecLor~ Bishop Sheen told his audience wa~mr~t~'~ur~ w~ -- 'rneIAln~ka 'P. livo m t,-, ,ofreau' ~t~Wt~, win oe neld at the - ! at- b a "'~" in rear u rd ctl n 1 n raranoxmal ~esuk ot the faith tom Olocesan rmst, "]" g g a a "o s aga'nst a -/ I," P' -Jthat a 'diabolical' camoaizn is U.S Supreme Court has refusedt,~ ~,; ~ :,;::." a';:,~,~."~,;"+t~'~[Statler-Hilton Hotel here June 25 9 IL,mere zs no reason mat an,~ u~ uauzx~a ~wat,y u~ tzl~z,l How ~s this ro ram conducted Y Y director f th P g " child should l -V --- ,^,[ti'Cath lic groups might be more [ One paradoxical result is that] .s o e society at the!r under way particularly "in com. to review lower court rulings u~ do "~ot ta~ta a; annl to 28. 1. Indiwduals firms and organ-~ /effectwe as apostles of Christ if/the non-Catholics have actually/convenuon. ]munist-dominated countries to holding the r~ght of a New York[ ,An. ~,~ [ The Rev John C Knott diree- . . ' tms unnstmas ' "Push Back Satan" ' ~' :~'~" " " ' tzatlons give money and other[ " ]they adopted some more positive~mamtained a great deal of the/ Iwoo bishops away from Rome Catholic home for children tO]Fresh veao~r,~:y'~,:~]~,~,~.~` '[tor of the Family Life Bureau, gifts to the Christmas committee. 1, Perhaps a survey of-your neigh-[program he said. [early Church in some of the ac-[ "Our job is to push back Satan. I "Bishops apart from Peter are share in certain charitable funds, tter ar, *i~r~nl~"~'~:'~:~,~-'~''~ """ ]said the theme of the convention nornood would reveal children who If w r r 11 i " cid n 1 Because of our ositions in out '. - ~ ---r-g . 2. The Umted States Marine Corps [ " e a e ea y nterested m [ e ta s--not the essentmls-- [ P,nothing ' be said. "Our work is The Staten Island Mental Health ] In meetin the never endi ]will be: 'Love the Bond of Per- eoltects and repairs toys. 3. Wel-Imay be forgotten this Christmas]being Catholic, then it should fol-/which the CatholicChurchldioceses we are under great pres-lprimar~ly helping the Vicar of socket, had asked the hi,~h courtl tg. - - - ;,rag[fection.'' for fl n i,o a ~ taSK Ot provlolng loon ann iuel zor fare agencies and individuals reg-I "na.c'al or other reasons. If[low that we won't think of Catho-[dropped. The Churchdropped]sure to join this group or that to Christ.' to review a decision of the NeW/the out ost mi i [ Father Knott disclosed plans for later needy families in a central]this be the case, a call to Catholic/licism as a sort of separate body [them after the Reformation be- ]stop communism--to be 'anti- / Bishon Sheen -raised the sacri- York Cour~ -f A,~,~als which u-- ]--,-- p . ss ons tamer the convention as he met here - Charities or t,m ~ e v~ e o ~onnor rmsses no tricks He index, with gift suggestions for/ " . he Community Chest/cut off from the outside world, [cause it felt that it had to be on [corn un)stie.' That's n.otour job. l flees of visiting missionary bis- held the right of the Mission of/arranges for the sale of Christmas ,with members of the bureau's each family 4 The entire effort/wm rectify the problem. Take a [he said in an interview. ]the defensive, to be different. ]our anu-commumsm ~s tms: the hops -- from Korea, Japan India the Immaculate Virgin for the/ ooard of directors. ",- - -~ - - ~ ~,v |carus uone oy ~SKlm0 ann deSUl[ mmute and see that ever child On the contrar we should,propagatmn ol the r mm of oesus Ghana ] Y / Y, / Such a thing as the plain altar /,],Uganda and British Protection of Homeless and Desti- [artists -ires lectures, sell -ost [ ~- 1~nnbnbn [you know receives some little giftlthink of ourselves as apostles, as]for example on which the Sac-[Chrzst ]Columbia -- assembled to bring tute Children to share in the cards shows movies reviews (-~./~/O.]/~ . o o [this Christmas season, [witnesses, as the first apostles Irifice of the Mass was celebrated./ Sheen sp.oke at the con-[first hand eye-witness reports of money. [books' and writes article's ,~/ ]were--as people who will inevita-ISuch a thing as an interest in ~ ' q," g/the Church's mission needs to the Part of the iunds of a dissolved/ Newsletter " In f ~ which Gregorm Pmtro XV Car ,II/II~P~I ml'l d~ J~/'-- Z. /J [bly be wanting to spread the a'thlthe Scripture. There are quite a]~ * ~ .-[convening priest-directors of the charitable society- the Rich-[ i] I[/1|1~1~ I~ rori all the tzme to make ~t known uma~ agagmman prezect of the ms nest source ot m~ssmn m / l/ y /-/~.U/'.~ [,' . [few things we have dropped, and[v "i ' " ~ - "" ~ /s ciety" mond County Society for the Pre-[ "l[ IV||aI~ ~)e at can s ~acreu ~on re anon ior,come nowever, is a montmy I! I Learn from Fellow-Christians ]we have quite a lot to learn fromI g g [ "We are not truly in com- v"-"-- --t' '~-"^'"- "-- ,~.;,a.^ [,I - I I:1 I:t'TDIF II st: .Peter, Aurora; St. Mary,[ "And if we have this sense of]the non-Catholics. ]the Propagation of the Faith, em-/munion, with the Church unless had"~eenlaw;r~t'~ to th;"Cat~:/newslet,ter which he sends to]|UgVgD I m m L ~, I I~11~ l~,li,J. IIJ~ast uuouque -- rnird ~undav of[ ; i. ^ ^~,~ ,~. : ,: / lphasized the universalitv and ] ^ ~.~ - .~- ~ a~. o o "/Jesuit benefactors and potential]| I|lm-/U.l~dP . .i - i wu- ~ w uuz le.uw ,~--~t-m 'Btl[aoove all pernaps we I' . - s pwv licit3Ule U/ltlx~ liC home ,c e . t . /I Aevent - ' ' catnolicit of the Church,- oenemctors mrougnout me worm [[~ " Inns, we have got to learn h'omlhave as Catholics to learn a sense I' Y ]Body, hestud [ . . "[I Olll~amnr- I Oualitv Wnrkman~hln I! ~ "[~"~m 4`~" ~.~4` ~ ^. ~. ^1" . / Cardinal Agagianian said Chris-| H~ ~t.on ; ^^ zne ~vmnta~ taeann ~octety| Through his skillfully written/I - ~o ~a I~ r-, I/ tree rarmng ] ~ .~, ~u~,a y "a~elOZ' co rpo~'a,e numuny ~ot tO,inns must guard against the idea~i-- L:~ ~'~,- s ~,-~y ff~,ev sought the funds for itself. It]newsletter which reports on the[[ And iearnen trom us think mat oecause we nave the l zz III|II.U me symoousm oi nls I ror ver a ~uarrer or I] Drive - In Service [ '1 It . ' ~ that the older areas of Christian ["~wi argued that it was uncoustitution-[rugged life of the Alaska Jesuits /| HEATINI~ I a Cenfury If ~m~' ~, [le~tn;e~:-tY?:n?b~Onent~o~i here to]right thing, we are merelore per-ity "belong" to the Chnrch and[o~ an:;:gs t~t:;a,uce--m me to.fro al for funds of the non-sectarian]the Portland-based procurator [I "''-- I ~-Indu$,rla/ I/ S COND [phasized he was net aYg:ca~imglc::t~o~irsth::n::: br~ ep to:~,as the newer:reasmerely "benefit" [in the Mass- it~:u~ ~::~taot~ sn R~chm:~db C Un~s s?:it~Y t:t::lbrttncgo~t tmh~ssd~St:ntnt:t~ldr::d:he[I 2711 B:~:3R&$1"REET irom me tmurch g y p e u s ,~ . . If ~'[-' /U=~.~-.~ "/r I /any compromiseon doctrinal~ . - [as to all corners of the world. ,: i "i* *" " /I PHONE I'W 2-3944 I "K~.ommerc, al II 'I [VOIIO/I ]I t)(ltll~ t I~ All Should Be Commit'--",~ . " uc ust tuuon, mlnu, neart--anct quite olten nls/I matters ,cu IfUDK Ot me missions ann pray . I "li'Residenfinl [[ """ '" [ - [Pupils in Christmas Every Catholic, he said should [for them." ' In appeahng to the high court pocketbook. He makes a contri /I I "" II r:''~''f@~~'~::~i~ C~:~;.';,',''.:'.~,''' [I if be a member of the Society for it contended that such action I Contractor II : /[ MI:MtIIHaI [[Program for Parents the Propagation of the Faith, com-[~ . frustrated "the interdenomination- Downer & ttlver Sts mmlmmuenuvuutnm-w~ %dl|ll~,~lll|a~ % uIIt.l~ll a r ] 104,1 Ofivor Avenue ][ " -- " /I I/ ROCKF"RD mitted to the worldwide effort of' 1 pu poses of community gin- ~, ~u~u~, u~,u -- ~upilsotst,-~-if-~ S nce 1906 the Church comm~men RO mg "LI: KAIINO I AURO. I[,I] --a t t sus- CKFORD -- The Men and James pro cathedral school will tamed b daft ra er nd B T I AURORA If FRIENDLY & COMPLETE [[ [l'] - " ' y 'y p y a sacri- oys' choir of St, Patrick church he New York Court of Appeals I Ph, TW '-2,'I, II Member o, F ~,C /I I[ participate in a Christmas pro- rice "that never ceases until time here will present their annual upheld the awarding of the con- " i '~ I |1 SERVICE SINCE 1871 ]| Ilgram to be.presented for mem- s no more. Every Chrtstmn Christmas concert of sacred and tested funds to the Catholic home, , ,n IIbers of the St James School as must be a missionary, he said, popular music at the Mendels- in a 4-3 ruling handed down last We can help you . . . '[sociatio M " : "even those who never leave sehn club Sunday, Dec. 17, at 3 May 18. n onuay,Dec IU, In i I[verdi hall " home.' p.m. Featured on this year's pro- The Mental Health society's . i~ The Cardinal declared that no gram will be excerpts from Brit- principal argument was that the IdlTCHELL S " OLD SECOND 301 New York St Aurora, Corner Lincoln HEA77NG OIL "KEEP FILL" SERVICE Tel. TW 2-0974 Joseph W. Heitkatter ALL GRADES NUMBER 1, 2, 3, 5, AND 6 FUEL OILS DON KERR'S For - FISH - SHRIMP - Dining Room ~ Delivery --- Carry-Outs 1045 Main St. TW 7-8320 / . Mrs. C. T. Van Ausdall will "~ ', ~ "z,~ preside at the business meeting o.z~ I nU~r~ . ~o, at 7:45 The program, in AIPI' ~1I/ rout which members of the choir of v,z,"~ e,~,~i," ] St James 1 and first, second and third graders of St. James 2, will AURORA-LOHMANN take part, will start at 8 p.m. MONUMENT CO. Sister Marjorita of St. James 1 727 South Lincoln, Aurora and Sister Aimee and Miss Emily Phone TW 7-7270 Zeppieri of St. James 2 faculty will direct the presentation ALWAYS ROOM to PARK MEATS WINES priest is fully a priest without see- ten's "Ceremony of Carols." The ing the universal claims of the public is invited to attend Tickets Church "Every priest in the will be available at the door .~.~: :~.- ~ ~ ~ ~, ~ ~ ~:::::::::, ::~:: :.~~i:: ~.:~l !!. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE ? ~i The following clergy of the Diocese of Rockford passed on to their eternal rewards on the dates listed Your prayers are requested for the repose of their souls. Dec. 16, 1950----The Rev. Thomas O'Brien, pastor of St. Patrick church, Rochelle, is buried in Rochelle Dee. 22, 1945--The T. Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Patrick McGuire, pas- of St. James church, Rockford, is bu~ied in Sterling Grant, we beseech Thee, 0 Lord, that the souls of Thy servants, Thy priests whom in this life, Thou didst honor with the sacred office, may rejoice in the glory of heaven forevermore Amen. WARD and GROCERIES AURORA LIQUEURS GOOD FURNITURE 60-62-64 South Broadway OPEN EVERY DAY 7 A.M.--10 P.M. Aurora, Illinois Ln, 14OM: APPLIANCES HI-WAY LOUNGE & STEAK HOUSE Sales and Service--TV--Records--Stereo--Wiring FINEST DINNERS & LUNCHEONS ".'7 ,;'7"'" ; ,Help vourselr from our m ,# | : Salad Buffet Table : lower court erred in a technical interpretation of the state at- torney general's legal standing to appeal in such a case. AURORA RALPH M. EBERLY DRUG Ralph M. Eherly -- Carl R. Fender Hugh C. Kleckner Dutch Boy -- Acme -- Sherwin.Williom$ Paints 27 North Broadway Phone TW 2.0783 Aurora KENVER S3oo.oo Wedding RingS100.00 EASY CREDIT Exclusive In Aurora At "~ll q . tl Aurora ,"iool. Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repairing--Parts ~!iil!i!ili!~!ii!!i~iiiiiiiii!ili!~!i!i!i!}~i~ I 1518 NEW YORK ST AURORA !::i::iiiiiii::iiiiiiiiiiiiiii::iii::iiiiiili!iiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiii#~:: iiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiii}ii!i}ii~ ~i I I ROUTE 65 PHONE TW 7-4832 ii~i:;!;iiii!ii~iii~i~;~i~:i:i:;:iiiiii::.:!iii!~ii~i i:i:iii i i i ;iii!i i ii; ii ii . I 61 Fox Street -- Aurora TW 7-9171 " ~!{~i~i~ ~;:~!~i~i~ ~i~i~i!~.~ "--" -- "~'~,- ~~i!~::~::~ ~ [| Even straight shooters need our ~tna I I dbrotection for their savings. | For the season of elegant evenings I A . i!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!!il}ili![iiii!ii!ilili}ili iiiii!iiii!i}}i!iiiiiii}i !i " - " I v l A Ikl u : eason s ureenngs ell I Have Your Party Clothes Cleaned and Pressed iiiiii!iiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiii : : i!ii!iiiii i !iiiii i iiii From At The . r i::i::!::iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii::ii::ii:: .:::iiii!ii::iiiiiiiiiiiii!!iiiiii:.i::i::iiii::i . " ' 2:o::: t",' . AURORA CLEANERS ' " ii iiiiiiiiiiii iii iiiiiiiiiii!i iiii :Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii & FURRIERS . IJl I/~ ~T~ At The ~~[~ YOUELCAIIN~ A~i:rdc:OstGiav~ An II I ALENA 0LVO. ,00 H STREET I11 ' " |. PHONE TW 7-8771 PHONE TW 7-8773 ' Ill,We Specialize in Navy Blue School Pants-- W/zere /'amines r 17 Jewel Elgins nil VA 0 0AXS 7-1161 n AU O Start ~vl v.i. mvv VAKI~ IIl~lm UARa IIOI R RA ~ E" ",~ $ Charge 7 " I Au.o.A I/I " Light 0|no Shirts. All Sizes. " I/ A, Jus,- 19.95 I / / " " ~ " [ AURORA. ILLINOIS