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December 8, 1961     The Observer
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December 8, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1961 THEOLOGY FOR EVERYMAN I m i In an age of increasingly'Pagan characteristics it often becomes very tuted and which He has deeti-oA +- h~ ~ ~h+ ~ + ~.^. difficult to make the voice of the Church heard on the sacred character . . . . . of the marriage contract and the dignity of marriage as a saCracn~entac~n" zecuon m tne sacramentof Matrimony And if the married couple [hesf .e Lew2 %P72yyys ,L%~ ?~?L?ey~?g~,y, oSeTe,~e c~osetean~/themselves attempt to seek freedom from the laws of marria e -y, = ~,~t ero~,~ ~ v v.~ v .- . . g proper nature becomes imperative. The following commentary was pre-/wnlcllnature has indicated, they are subverting to their own desire pared at St John's Seminary Brighton, Mass It is reprinted from The f i : : ~ t ~ -- ~ ~ - :.+," [ uz p*~auuz'e an lns[ltuuon wnlcu ITOQ has se~ up Ior purposes wnlcn t-o ru "go far beyond their relations with each other as husband and wife Q. WHAT IS THE CATHOLIC TEACHING ON THE PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE? A. The Catholic teaching on the purposes ot marriage is founded in the nature itself of marriage as reason discovers it. Marriage is the act by which human life is perpetuated. God, Who creates men makes use of them as instruments for the continuing of the work of creation In the institution of marriage man is privileged to partici- pate in the creation of being which requires the power of God. Be- cause marriage is so deeply rooted in nature, it can find its highest meaning only in God. POPE LEO XIII HAS THIS THOUGHT in mind as he wrote to the bishops of Northern Italy in 1889 to congratulate them in their pro- test against new legislation which required civil marriage prior to the sealing of the contract in the presence of a priest. 'Union in mar- riage,' he said, 'is not the work nor the invention of man. It is God Himself, the supreme author of nature, Who has from the beginning provided with due order for the propagation of the human race and the constitution of the family by this union. It is He Who, by the law of grace, wishes to make marriage even greater by marking it with the divine seal of the sacrament.' . t There has been much discussion, especially in recent times, about the purposes of marriage. The teachings of the Popes of recent years have indicated clearly the position of the Church in this matter 'The sacred character of marriage,' wrote Pope Plus XI in his Encyclical on Christian Marriage, 'is the effective result of }ts divine purpose, God has, however, given to the Church a power over the contract of marriage. This power extends even to the dissolution of a natural- ly valid contract of marriage for reasons which pertain to its destiny to be supernaturally elevated. When a marriage which has been entered into validly cannot be raised to the dignity of a sacrament because of some difficulty which has arisen in one of the contracting parties, the Church may dissolve the contract so that the other party, willing to enter into a sacramental marriage with its sources of di- vine grace, may not be deprived of these supernatural privileges. AGAIN, WHEN A MARRIAGE which has been contracted as a sacrament has not been brought to its natural perfection by actual marital association between husband and wife, the Church may dis- solve the marriage in view of some higher spiritual advantage of one or other party. Apart from these exceptions, however, the contract of marriage is naturally indissoluble. It is likewise beyond the authority of the Church once it has been raised to the dignity of a sacrament in a man and woman who are validly baptized. Q. HOW ARE WE TO. ANSWER THE CHARGE THAT THE CHURCH'S TEACHING ON THE INDISSOLUBILITY OF MAR- RIAGE IS ABSTRACT AND INHUMAN? A, The permanence and indissolubility of marriage are necessary for the continuation of the work of education which is the natural complement of the act of procreation. These qualities are necessary also for the progress and prosperity of society. When divorces are THE OBSERVER PAGE 1l e e e e e TIME OUT FOR AN INTERVIEW--Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, Papal Secretary of State and papal legate to the fourth Inter- American CCD Congress in Dallas, speaks to press, TV and radio reporters during a special news interview during the CCD Con- gress. The~Cardinal gave the reporters 10 minutes to set up their equipment around him and then read a statement on Pope John's Mater et Magistra encyclical stressing the rights of the working man. He then answered the reporters' questions.--(NC Photos) on umenical Council WASHINGTON (NC) -- The Na- tional Council of Catholic Men has published a brochure of prayers and information on the coming chusetts Avenue, N.W Washing- ton 5, D.C at 10 cents each for one to nine copies; five cents each for 10 to 99 copies; and four cents DALLAS, Tax. (NC) -- The Papal Secretary of state said here that the Pope's emphasis en the "positive role of public author- ity" in his encyclical "Mater et Magistra" is particularly perti- nent because of the complexity of modern economic life. Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, in a comment on the encyclical at a news conference, said the stress of Pope John on public authority does not appear unreasonable "in view of the complexity and inter- dependence of modern economic life -- especially in the case of newly developing nations." Government's Role The Cardinal, without taking di- rect note of the discussion in the U.S. over the meaning of Pope !John's counsel on government's role in economic life, said, never- theless: prise to which they devote their lives; 4) That workers ought likewise to have a more active voice in the councils that determine na- tional economic policy; 5) That the wage contract ought to be modified by some form of partnership or some sharing in profits. Principles For All Cardinal Cicognani said that the principles in the encyclical are meant for the entire world and it is up to each country to apply them wisely. He noted that Pope John him- self said this in his encyclical, predicting that "conflicts over in- terpretation and over specific ap- plications will arise." He repeated the Pope's warning, however, that Catholics in such "Surely he will not be misun- conflicts should preserve mutual derstood if due weight be given respect for their opponents and to the strong emphasis he throws avoid being so engaged in debate on the primary role of the per- that they fail to take action on the son, whether acting as an in-encyclical's points. dividual or within associations From disputes, said the Cardi- that respond to his natural so-nal, "there will thou emerge for cial sense and buffer him against some the temptation to use truth undue state intervention." as e weapon of personal triumph Cardinal Cicognani made his or as a bludgeon for silencing comments during a meeting with their adversaries. newsmen at the congress of the Urges Mutual Respect Confraternity of Christian Dec- counsel that in their discussions 'Catholics should be alert to pre- serve and give evidence of mu- tual esteem and respect ' "But lest Catholics remain im- mobilized in interminable debat- ing, the Pope concludes by admon- ishing that 'at the same time, they should strive to find points of agreement for efficacious and suitable action.' " The Cardinal said commenta- tors everywhere have been struck by the "absence in 'Mater et Mat- istra' of polemics against those who either reject or ignore the Church's social program." Stresses Positive Aspect The absence of criticism, he ex- plained, is because the Pope has, "quite characteristically, prefer- red to ignore the negative side for the moment and to concen- trate on what positively might be accomplished." For the same reason, he added, ~oints of doctrinal dispute among Catholics are not dealt with in the document. In the introduction to his state- ment, Cardinal Cicognani told the reporters and photographers that they "are, and must be, apostles of the truth for the benefit of man- kind; propagating it, by means of the press, even far beyond the "Hence the Pope's paternal frontiers of their own country." which is to bring children to birth, and at the same time to bring frequent, the resulting disturbances in family life have their repercus- ecumenical council, as part of an each for 100 copies or more. husband and wife to God in Christian love and mutual help.' sions within the larger areas of social and political organization. The international campaign of prayer -- ----.--~ THE PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE are thus clearly distinguished, permanence of the marriage bond is necessary also if the marriage for the council. ~ Children are not brought into existence merely to people the earth, partners are to have respect for each other It is wrong for a mar- The international campaign is | but rather to make them members of a supernatural society which ried couple to seek in each other only the means of personal gratifi- sponsored by the Conference of will prepare them for an eternity of happiness in the Kingdom of cation. Husband and wife should remain united to each other in spite Catholic International Organiza- God. The perfection of their human nature which is achieved by the of the difficulties which so often follow upon their marriage, tions. Publication by the NCCM R e q u J es c [I ~ t married couple in their relations with each other is the direct re- BOTH REASON AND EMOTION are likely to rebel against the in- of the English-language edition of sult of their being bound to God in Christian love and mutual help. dissolubility of the marriage bond on the ground that it is impossi- the campaign booklet makes the ! The duty of handing on life by procreation is inseparable from the ble for two people to know how they will feel towards each other as United States the sixth country to AMBer -- Mrs. Bertha Gale, 67, duty of living the life of grace years go on. Again, an argument for divorce is often sought in the st. Patrick parish, Dec. 2. natural freedom of man which, it is asserted, demands the right of AURORA --- Miss Margaret Hoff- Since the act of marriage is naturally good, the pleasure associated invalidating a marriage contract when it proves to be unsatisfactory, man, 79, our Lady of Good Counsel parish, Nov. 30. with it cannot be sinful in itself. The purposes of marriage are all in- * " * " ' " e John M. Kohley, 84, Annunciation terrelated. Christian teaching views marriage in its totality. It re- The lcal Counctl, suggests that th se argumems overlook tne social character oi marriage, wnlcn Ember Da s of the -ear be days parish, Nov. 27. gards the primary purpose of marriage as the procreation of chil- placeSatlo responsibilities on those who enter it over and above the obli- 0I~ special" ' prayer y anu~Y penance for MaryMrS'parish,BarbaraNov. Millen,27. 85, St. dren; but it presents marriage also as destined to bring those who g n of ministering to each other's needs. To hold that marriage ~. BELLVILLE--Miss Anna Schlich, enter it to the fulfilment of their natural desires. It is wrong to sub me ecumemcat councu. ,~ con- 65. st. Mary parish. Dec. 2. can be dissolved when the parhes are no longer willing to remain CARY.--Mrs. Herman Louise rains specmc prayers ann linen vert the order of the purposes' of marriage and to make the principal with each other is to imply that the Drincinal nurnose of marria e is " Popp, 52, Ss. Peter and Paul par- end of marriage the fulfilment of the natural lo~e of the married ~ :- ~ ~- . tions concerning me councit, as ish, Nov. 2s. to serve the need of the contracting parties. Both the children who well as basic information on it CRYSTAL LAKE -- Mrs. Veronica McNulty, 67, St. Thomas the, couple for each other. But it is no less wrong to overlook entirely survive a marriage contract which is repudiated, and the community .' Apostle Parish, Nov. 30. the natural relation of married life to the well-being of husband and which must suffer the effects of broken homes, present arguments The prayer campaign is to be-DIXON -- Charles E. Brimble. wife. Mrs. Florence Celhotal, 64, St. THE IMPORTANCE OF KEEPING the ends of marriage in proper for the indissolubility of marriage which the contracting parties are gin in this country on the Ember cam, 65, st. Patrick Parish, Nov. 27. relation to one another was,stressed by the Congregation of the Holy bound to respect. These arguments are rooted in the very nature of Days of Advent, Dec. 20, 22 and Patrick Parish, Nov. 26. the marriage contract. No one is bound to enter this contract; in- 23. Copies of the brochure are ELGIN---James Gallagher, 61, St. Thomas More Parish, Dee. I Office in a decree issued on April 1, 1944. After a summary of ear- dividuals are free to determine for themselves whether or not they available from the National Coun- HARVARD --Frank W. Rafferty, 66, St. Joseph Parish, Nov. 30. ta~n questionable contemporary teachings in this matter, the decree will marry, however, they must conform to the natural requirements cil of Catholic Men, 1312 Massa- ROCKFORD --- Mrs. Rose Aloisio, states that it is wrong to hold the opinion of 'some modern authori- of the contract as an institution of human society. It is intellectually 67, st. Mary Parish, Nov. 30. ties who deny that the pprimary end of marriage is procreation and dishonest for a person to seek the advantages of marriage while re-IO -"-*-- -1 !-- . ~AParish,Tim thYDec.ReedY'2. 75, St. Patrick education, and that the secondary ends of marriage are not neces- fusing to bind himself to the duties which marital association natural-I~-- fle~ ~(~ u~thonyMrS'Parish,MichelaDec.Segneri'4. 66, St. An- sarily subordinate to the primary end, but equally important and ly involves. I~ i ~ ~I~ SAVANNA--.Mrs. Amelia Relmers, ~1~dependent'' SOUTH BELOITmAlbert H. Pfeif- k ~Q. DO THE PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE, AS THUS INDICATED, IN INTERPRETING THE LAWS of nature as requiring the indis-jW~r~r ~, [ [| 83, St. John Parish, Dec. 1. far, 73, St. Peter parish. Dec. 4. SYCAMORE --- Mary Murphy. 67. serious domestic tragedies. It would be impossible, however, to open g,~ ~ st. Mary Parish, Dec. 2. ~FCALL INTO QUESTION THE PRACTICE OF THE CNHAURRC~ALO; solubility of marriage the Church is not unaware of the possibility of I'" ~ee. ~e ~-- DECREEING THE DISSOLUTION OF CERTAI A U the way for the eliminating of these tragedies by permitting divorce Ira amenca WARREN -- David Foley, 12, St. Ann Parish, Dec. 4. VALID MARRIAGES? Individuals must be prepared to make sacrifices for the benefit of WOODSTOCK --- Frank T. Phelan A. When a man and a woman take each other in marriage, they the community; the good of the community cannot be sacrificed for By JAIME FONSECA 56, st. Mary Parish, Nov. 28. do more than to enter into a contract with each other. They are ex- the personal and private benefit of any of its individual members. DALLAS, Tax (NC~ -- United pressing their willingness to abide by the will of God, as made mani- Otherwise the community, naturally ordained as indispensable for the States help by means'of the Con- fast in the nature itself of marriage. Marriage was instituted not by development of its individual members, would be impaired in its as- fraternity of Christian Doctrine " ~ --- . men but by God. It was the institution of marriage, as thus rooted in nature, that Christ clara,ted and confirmed. The laws of marriage are sential function, to the Church in Latin America You can be SURE * * came during the timely rebirth of i It's Westinghouse not drawn up by human legislation, nor are they subject to the Selfish passion often clouds the vision of the truth which married Catholicism there e priest leader arbitrary rule of-the married partners themselves. Nor does the people must be expected to retain even when their married life is in the CCD movement said here Get It At Church make marriage by its own laws. The contract of marriage is unhappy Many years ago Pope Plus XII, speaking to a group of " . ,ne i~ev. James ivtci~iic, ~vt.tvt FREEPORT constituted' essentially by the exchange of consent on the part of young married people, answered the objection that married people director "f th^ CCD for the Latin man and wife. It is the contract of marriage which constitutes the who are unhappy suffer violation of their natural rights if they are " .~ sacrament of marriage; the husband and wife are the ministers of . American Bishops Council (CE- Hardware COo not permitted to obtain a divorce. It is true, the Pope says, .that. the LAM), declared that "in spite of the sacrament, each giving it to each other. The priest who represents bond of marriage can sometimes be a burden no less enslawng than t no t contrary We Feature n the Church merely witnesses the marriage in the ham of God. " apnaren re rts to he the chains which bind the prisoner. The yoke of marriage, however, the Church in Latin America has Complete Line of IF CIVIL LEGISLATION ATTEMPTS to determine the norms of can also be a powerful aid and a sure guarant'ee, shown unusual vitality during the Fireplace Fixtures marriage, it is interfering with an act which God Himself has insti- THE INDISSOLUBILITY OF THE MARRIAGE BOND is imposed pest 25 years " Two Convenlent Locations Fronz. Richards INSURANCE Freeport, III. General Auto Repairing Automatic Transmissions 1312 EAST MAIN Phone JU 4-36S5 IlS INDIANA STREET Phone JU 4-3581 ST. CHARLES 1113 WEST STATE ST. GENEVA PHARMACY Prescription - Specialists 7-9 EAST MAIN STREET Phone JU 4.2385 ST. CHARLES and BLI Plumbing Heating Air (onditioning Call PHONE JUNO 4.4980 er JUNO 4.4981 " ' W by the divine law not as a restraint, but of a mother s watchful lo e. The married couple will find in their continued association an indis- pensable defense against evils which are often overpowering when l people attempt to meet them independently If the common life of /marriage is broken, it will be easy for those who are separated to seek in further illicit marital association nothing but the gratification of selfish desire, with no consideration whatever for personal self- respect or for the human dignity of their accomplices. THE POWDER Fashions for the Discriminating Woman 109 West State Street Geneva Phone CE 2-0789 ~~~ ;------~ JOHN "TIRES" ROTHECKER'S STANDARD SERVICE TIRES, TIRES, TIRES ONE STOP SERVICE 206 East Wilson St.Phone TR 9-1273 Batavia $ o.9s S69.9s "k Millinery Sportswear Accessories LrrTLe 114 |elf Wilson Street Batavia Phone TR 9-7861 Hallmark For All Occasions Visit the Store with the Best Selection Prescription Druggists 117 S. Batavia Ave Phone TR 9-1466 Batavia The Maryknoll priest, who spoke Car. South Galena and Main at the fourth Inter-American Con- lOS West Main ADams 2-7127 grass of the CCD, said, however, that thanks to CCD congresses held in this country the Bishops of South America have launched a well thought out program to :escue the teaching of catechism from the hands of ill-prepared volunteers. AUTHORIZED FREEPORT BOTTLING CO INC. Ph. ADams 2.5712 -- 641 East Stephenson trine. He said that the encyclicalClassified --to Which he gave an English title, "Christianity and Social Progress" -- contains concrete STAMPS for beginners and advanced proposals which the Pope thinks collectors. Low, low prices--Mint or should win approval of all men used. Send self addressed envelope for information. No approvals. Fox of good will if the proposals are Valley Stam~ Service, PO Box 391, St. Charles, Ill. rightly understood. Five Proposals AND ROOM PROVIDED. COOKING He listed five such proposals AND LIGHT HOUSEWORK. ST. PETER AND PAUL PARISH, NA- and said "all of these do not PERVILLE, ILLINOIS, TELE- seem to our Pontiff, even in the PHONE EL 5-1081. specific orientation he gives them, ----~AN-OS---~-D ORGANS very radical or very different"-~w~anos-and-Organs-- from the line laid down in social CONN---3 locations. Woodstock FED. 8-1574, McHenry EV. 5-2251. North- encyclicals written by his prede- towne, Rockford, TR. 6-1905. cessors. 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