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December 8, 1961     The Observer
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December 8, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1961 DORIS REVERE PETERS Dear Doris: I'm 23 and came to ths country from the British Isles a few years ago with my parents. My one desire is to be married and bless- ed with children. Recently I made a working-vacation trip home. f renewed old friendships and made many new friends. There I am accepted and usually liked by everyone. While here in your won- derful country I am a completely different persan, withdrawn and ill at ease. I do not indulge in alcoholic beverages and on occa- sion feel rather left out. I think tience could be the cause of your other anxieties. While there is a trend toward young marriages it is just a trend, not a law. And you can still get married any time you find just the right man. But this depends on who and what you consider "just right." You may be foolishly looking for perfec- tion. Do not be afraid of your wom- anly instincts. Continue to pray The Lord will reward you for your motivation and your faith Re- member God created you a wom- an and gave you the qualities nec- essary to fulfill the role of moth- erhood, whether that role be physical or spiritual. Dear Doris: I recently read an article in a newspaper on whether or not to Military Academy Boys, grades 5-8. Conduct- ed by the Brothers of Holy Cross. Trains boys to be- come true Christian gen- tlemen, while fostering personal initiative. Well- balanced program. Solid foundation in the funda- mental skills. Individual attention, small classes. guidance. Creative skills encouraged. Sports: foot- ball, basketball, baseball. tobogganing. Dormitories. 40 miles from Milwaukee. Write for folder Headmaster Box 1095, 743 W. Main St. Watertown, Wisconsin tell a chi|d he is adopted. I would A well balanced diet, fresh air like the Church's opinion on this. l exercise and sufficient rest When should he be told and does should keep you healthy and help his age enter into it? you develop at your normal rate. John [Everyone develops physically and The Church has no officiallmentally at different speeds. Some opinion on this. But the personnel[years you grow inches and add of child caring agencies of all pounds while other years you religions recommend that the seem to stand still. child be told as soon as possible. This is done by introducing into his vocabulary (when he is able to understand the meaning) such words as "chosen child" and "adopted." When this is done naturally and gradually with prayers and anecdotes that fit Unless you are underweight, don't worry. It's easy to gain weight, but difficult to lose. The school nurse will be glad to check your weight and recom- mend a diet and/or vitamins. She will also recommend a visit to the doctor if necessary. is::: : ,~!t[ii!. [l[lll!:i,il' :, :~I i:i,'~@ ,::, ili:': '!%: ; ,~:~:~: " 'ii ~, TITANS, TOMMIES IN THRILLERS my nondrinking is one of the rea- the particular family situation the sons why I lack confidence. I go child's adjustment In the idea is Dear Doris: : " " I' out rather often but not as fre-!easy and in most cases complete- In a couple of months !1 be quently as I did at home. I like ly satisfactory. 17. I live with my uncle and i to dance but feel ill at ease at Dear Doris" ~ aunt and we get along very wellI ,~ ~i,~ ~.~t .~ mv friends are l " l exeept on the subject of boys. J By ROBERT A. WILLEMS m'~;rried "or"en~'aged but at this I What does a boy mean when he I Is it all right to double date asl Catholic high school cage teams a says seriously over and over, kno " " ,- f el I shall never meet l I long as my tmcle and aunt wi in the diocese had little trouble la.~ date I e [ "Will you wai~ tor me:--I ,u u I'm with where we are I f;,~n; ~o ~o~o~ o~ the w,~k Philomena I as ume h m Desperate ]and what time I will be home? ] end with the result that six of I am sorry space makes it neC-lwait f:r me te g~e~ Slp t:lifiYO~ 1 J:Irif:c'l BOOK FAIR AT ST. BRIDGET--The Home and School association of St. Bridget parish will be the quintets posted a total of essary to condense your muer I~ou smteu me ru es p [ Y held toda Frlda after 5 30 m Mass m r r seven wins I ~ . . y, "y, : p To o - ow, Dee 9, it will be held from 2 to 5 p m Sun- " ' , . scnoot, co get a joo an ge~ set- he who-- " . ' Many young women, foreign boinlq^d~, If "o- "~-*-'* n-* ]Juhe. If you !ollow t . day, Dee. 10, the4air will be held from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Standing aronund the poster from (left) are In the winners circle were or American face some of the~ ~^ ~ f: ~ "'~ ~o ~ a,:~.o.~ where -- what tormma your aunt Lvnda Lvneh. Sister Paul Mary. O P. Sister Ma~, Deelan O P ana Den-i- m,h, ,~h,~': u, Aquin Marmion, Newman, St. problems yon'mentioned" alp= th Id b= ,1 h,g wait. and uncle will probably agree to Bill's Photo Service) " " "~ ' " "' -" ~ Thomas Boylan and Marian. On .~ VaST t~r~.V w~,t to{ann a lonesome one. why no~ aSK i ~ when you are 17 ebl side were St. Edward r~ double dat n~ ---- me'~- u~ "~ " mm exachy what he. means the[ a Marian and Newman maKe a Hie Here i " IT- . - . nd also " , in the U.S. you nex~ time ne mentions 1~. uear uorls:. "" == V ~ which dropped one of two con- must concentrate ~ Dear Doris' ----- what :Ide limk2keY:Ura lP'.;]e?ro~d' .lementarl -chools U ocese tests in weekend play. on the good and ~i Do you think 15 is a good agel. rl shY:ld wearp Most7 of =~[ Win Tourney pleasant h e r e ~~]to start dating? I don't insist on l ~'i.mao wear li"hi e ebrow -en-I I" A / 1,| mlrn I r~ Although St. Edward did not and strive to un . ~ ~ v " " ~~ ]going out alone because m ourlou a eveshadow to] If1 /.~fl~nT IM~ IA/ /p~l"ln('l I-'r~r ~m ,ost a win in regular play stu- " ~,JA~ lmwn everyone goes out in groups to parties and dances I II V v aems at me ~igm SChool nag tinue our social I Y ~::'~ of three or four couples to the l Anne I ",reason to be happy just the same ~: ^ P should ~ttt~::~ I I ROCKFORD--A series or mee~- a~iliry octooer; graue 6 acnieve- niques in order to develop new]f ~ t~.~ ~ ~,~l t nh, ~, i~ m~. ~ ~::~ I various parties ane uanees, etc. I Vnur 1a-roar-aid trienus must* ' ' . . n ta~ ~ ~- v-J ~ t M r 7 eaucattonal ideas and materials to help you adjust ~~ I Gall Ilook rediculous. And if you arelrags was held throughout the din- ment est, a ch; grade,edu- aid teacher i i . lthe victory cup from the Thanks- to our customs. ~~1 Depends on you Gall. If youlaware of the fashion news vou lcese this past week to acquaint rational ability, October" andt s n mprovmg me lgiviug tournament which the True- Your nondrink- Donis Peters want to start datin 15 is ~ d . . ~ . . ' ,quality of their instruction and to e holida g, a ~oo will limit your eye make-up elementary school teachers with grade 8, high school placement, I men played over th y. mg snOUlO no[ . - - - . muveu~e stuuents oeslre [o learn - . age to negro--and in groups as[even for parties to a minimum of/,~ ~-, :11 ~ "t I, taking the cup, the Green make you feet liI at ease. lvlany v-, m,mtinnod You are lurkv to ' ]L,V LU~l.l|lg V U~L/:III| LllCtL Will ~U i lalc||. Among me many large and im-Iw~,o m~intof daumod Want C, hi- do not "indulge" and are popular ~)e~ livin'~'~in~a town wher'e"tt(e ]'"~z~'~,~ f,ll ,~ ,i, Iint effect in 1962. In Rockford, It is hoped that by means of the portant contract programs the ~," ~.~'~":~,~en-dum"ne-~l C-e-n- and successful socially. You can custom of orou~ datin- nrewils I^~"]-~ '~ ,[~"'~[~.~. o-~s~.:- [the meeting was held at the office information secured from these company is currently conducting ~'~"~ o'~ rder a soft drink Who ~ v ~ v ,~ u~ u,~ u~ ~,~ ,~,~,-s --,*,~'-v: standardi ar th Na" " ~,~ .~u-ou. always o I zed test scores along e e honal Merit Scholarship ' It makes it easier for you to as-lartist's who advised ~irls to re-of the Bureau of Education 405 " The first victory was eked out Knows wna~ s in a glass': sume res-onsibilit, ~nd d"v^l"-'- ! t.~ ~ ~. ,~^ ~.^ " With the proper inmrpretive ma- ~ualilying Test; the Betty Crocker ~ :, .~ ^:.~^.~ t.^i,~ht a-%an v : o ~ ~ uv .tuv~ o.~-.a.u.a ~ a~-uv ~ommers ~t " In Aurora, at ~L . . . . . . . . u~vl~ a u~tu~u .= s u - YOU SOUND IMPATIENT our ersonalitv in a n~tur-i o-~ t~ ut -- k,~ ~ ~,~, ,o,h ~ ". ceriais, pupils ann [eacners wm HomemaKer tesung, me Norm ^ ^. ok; h,~ ~lla=~ about marriage, and this impa- Yorm:i fashion out:th~ door~ : Peter SCHOOl; in woodstocK, at St. be benefited. Central Association Superior and m~an st~an~"6~tUwhYl'e"the ~True~ Mary; and in Galena at St. Requirements and Purposes Talented Student Project, the men's scale ends at 6-2. Dear Doris: Michael. These tests will cover A testing program is not in it- Naval ROTC, the New York State I'w very ~ both the IQ and Achievement self intrinsically valuable. It ac- Quality Measurement Project, and Keep Growing In both games St. Edward set ure ~ l all. areas. Mr. Dave Tripp of the quires value only when it meets the American College Testing Pro- its own pace and held it at a me b ~t I w~ Science Research Associates led some need or needs within a gram. deliberate speed. High point man weigi I. the discussions, school or school system. Tests also ~ ' in both games was Larry Evans A testing program should have should reflect the educational with 14 in each contest. Follow- --- sequence and continuity, which philosophy of the schools of the St. Charles Student ing close in the scoring column I l llll~r II ' " " - ' nd e r sults shou d be will permit evaluation o1 the cur diocese a th lr e 1 rlculum and a study of pupil incor ST. VINCENT'S JOTTINGS porated by teachers and ad- Has Role in Play was John McGee with 12 points. rowth The pIoposed proglam for mlm r f g " " " "st ators or a better under- After the victories, Coach Gregg the Rockford d!ocese is schedu!ed standing of each pupil. The cur- DAVENPORT--Marianne Carl- Tru stated that he was "very FREEPORT -- The spirit of at Champaign last weekend. Pat for administration at the riculum evaluation, the planning son, St. Charles will play the part satisfied with the team's per- Advent is much in evidence, returned home. the envy of all times and in these respective!of school work for individual pu- of Anna of Cleves in a student formance" but added: "in order Wreaths have been placed in each the girls as she gave a detailed grades j pils, the making of pnpil adjust- production of "Royal Gambit " to for the team to keep on winning, Grade 2, achievement .test, lments to school situations and as- be presented Dec. 10 and 11 at they must keep on growing." department, and daily the cus- account of her thrilling experi- March; grade 3, genera! ablhty, sisting each child in planning for Marycrest college, Davenport, In their first game of regular ternary prayers together with the ettce, season play Friday the Newman- candle lighting ceremony are per- ---- October; grade 4, achlevemen!:continuing growth are among the Iowa. - Doctor Peter Griffo who at- test, March; grade 5, educational recognized purposes for ad- The play concerns the relation- ites lost to St. Patrick of Chi- formed This together with a sin- care effort to let the spirit of tends our children, and Phenie ministering any tests, ship of King Henry VIII and the cago, 55-39, on that team's home PaSta our plumber who took a Christ infhience our thoughts, . Clarke Students Science Research Associates six women in his life. Marycrest court. students are playing the roles of Rockford Thriller r turn at cooking last Wednesday words and actions thronghout this " ' . The Science Research Assort- The two other games dropped by ^~ ~ ~ as they prepared a delicious spag- hu,y ~ ,~s 'wdy o, i"o Receive Honors ales, Inc is a research ai~d his wives. diocesan highs were those in which ~ .~ . ~ .~ nests ann meat nan uinner ior tne paringtot me comingoi me publishing organization. Founded Marian Central bowed to Round i~t Child sisters ann priests I~ was a ae- Chr. . lightful experience "for the sisters DUBUQUE -- Clarke college, in 1939, it was one of the first Lake Saturday, 70-65, on the Hur- tur a to be waited on for a change Jim Such fine weather on Sa d y . Dubuque, Iowa, has announced publishing companies to provide Forty HOURS ricane home court and Newman occasi d a trio o the state Groshans, Bob Corrigan and Russ that seven students from the schools with vocational and occu- lost to St. Thomas and Boylan the one . ~ t park In" Lena. The children en-.Hoefle, our other, employees were Rockford diocese have been pational materials. Its growth and St. James, Belvidere -- Second same day, 50-49 and 31-27, at Rock- the in chat ge of serving the meal ant joyed every moment, ga ring awarded academic honors on the development have closely paral- Sunday of Advea~t. ford. nuts, acorns and ell the varied doing the dishes. treasures so attractive to young- stars. The long trek around the lake took its toll, and it was a mighty weary group that return. ed home in time for supper. Pat Zvam, one of our Soph- omore girls, had the good for- tune of being chosen to partic- ipate in the state music contest PAINT OUR COLOR MACHINE Gives You 3000 Colors To Choose From For Every Decorating Need. DICKINSON HARDWARE AMBOY ILLINOIS THE Our seminarian friend, Bob Will. hite, sent us a note from the Ca- tholic university where he is en- gaged in his 3rd year of theo- logical study. It is always a pleasure to receive his friendly and interesting letters. As the Christmas vacation approaches, the children are looking forward to a visit from both "Mr. Bob" and Mr. Mike McKinstra who spent the last three summers working with the boys. Sister Celine, O.S.F diocesan school supervisor visited our school on Friday. Sister's ami- cable manner seems to charm the children, for it was with eager enthusiasm they displayed their store of knowledge. We all appre- ciate Sister Celine's sincere in- terest, concern and encouraging words. We hope she will come back real soon. ON YOUR SAVINGS BANK Made With Original Formula of 1893 Distributed by Blue Ribbon Distributors Rockford, Ill. Blue Ribbon Distributors Dixon, Ill, John Knobel & Son Freeport, Ill. ~~ @ a @ NOW (Member F.D.I.C.) FIRST NA.TIONAL IN AMBOY Dean's list for the first quarter grading period. They are Judith Augustine, Sterling; Ellen Clark, McHenry; and Mary Lou Hermes, Rock Falls; juniors; Jo Ann Accola East Dubuque; a sophomore; and Mary Jo Carmody, Rock Falls; Barbara Helm, Rockford; and Anne Schwirtz, Elizabeth; fresh- men. Hall Eckert FEderal 8-0158 Woodstock, II!. leled that of the guidance move- ment in the United States. The SRA major activities include Educational Tests and Services Guidance Publications and Serv- ices; and Reading Development Materials for elementary schools, high schools, and colleges. The company is carrying on a continuous research and evalua- tion of modern teaching Seth- IN WOODSTOCK For A Quality and LOW COST Diaper Service Call Rockford "Collect" WOoland 5-2625 Where you can save up to $500 on a New or Used Car. "Where Cars are Sold at a Savings and Serviced to Satisfaction." FORD FORD TRUCKS FALCON THUNDERBIRD 237 Throop St. FE 8-2440 Woodstock, Ill. CRYSTAL LAKE SAVINGS iWe Always HAVE FOR YOU Savings Account Every Member The Family Children learn best by doing. The best way to teach thrift is by having a separate sav- ings account for each of your children. They'll feel proud and important with a savings account in their own names. They'll learn the important habit of sav- ings. Bring them along next time you come in. C0nsidine's Insurance Agency Oft. Phone 2551 Res. Phone 2861 Illinois Fulton~ Funeral Home --Since 1878- Corner of Sixth and Eleventh Completely Air-Conditloned Phone 2121 - Fulton, IlL CO-DIRECTORS J. M Fay Llewel]yn Fay John O. Seesser "W en the wm ou[ney i T~e 50-49 thriller bet e " s the th'rd straight for thg Comets and Tommies Saturday Bulldogs while the Pirates hold was the first victory of the sea- 1-1 record. son for the untried Tommies who Sparking the Bulldogs win was had to stage a fourth quarter ral- Jim Woods who scored 21 points. ly to pull the game out of the hat. Weekend Schedule In fact everyone thought the Schedule of games for this week- game was over when Mike King ot end is a f llows . S 0 : Newman missed a free throw with loaay' Aqum plays yearn troy, no ume leit accoromg LO lne St Thomas BO lan ar " clock. But there were two seconds " " y e a! Sou.m ~eion ~vLarian goes agains~ ~eioit leIt ann me teams nan to oe caueu ,~ ". . . ~ . . . uatnollC Ivmrmion iaces lmmacu- Irom mew uressmg rooms ann tile, ' . . late ~oncepuon at ~lmnursL t~ew- uoor clearea m play me iias~ two man takes on Savanna and St. Ed- seconds. ward challenges Notre Dame o[ ~mge ~auy Niles. As for the fourth quarter rally a'ur'a "" Th m " ' " ', S t u y: b~ o as-~oyian a~ me uome s leu at me ann o[ mree . . ' . . . . . ' i ycamore lvlartan at tloone, ~u-~ ou~ me Tommles roOK a [. . ', . . .~ ' /lvlarmlon takes Hle courI: agalns[ mree-pom~ leaa wltn 3:22 i0 go -- . . rancls ue ates OI Unlcago ,me game arm nelu iast ues01te a/ '~ ,~. ,~ . " ~anu hi. r-,uwaru iS ac uunuee. narrage oI snots Dy me r~ewman-[ ires / luesuay: Aqum goes agains~ ue- The same night Boylan Stagedil it Catholic at Freeport. another last quarter rally to edge l~ the Sterling sophomores, 31-27, in, r, ~ the preliminary game. In taking urge ~'ros Back the win, the Titans outscored their i,- i~ r- .a al opponents 12-6 in the final period !l~oiie~e I'OOTDall Pacing Boylan with seven points each were Jim Richardson andl "CINCINNATI (NC) -- Profes- Pete Gullotto. sional football teams should sup- Other Wins port college football programs, a Jesuit educator said here In other weekend wins, Marmion " edged past St. Francis of Wheaton Father Paul L. O'Connor, S.J FridaY, 58-57, and then '.rounced president of Cincinnati's Xavier Thornton Fractional, 70-51; Mar-University, called the financial tan beat Immaculate Conception, outlook, of college football 73-47; and Newman shot its way to "bleak.' a 52-41 win over Riverdale. Speaking at the annual Xavier In the final win of the round, football banquet, he suggested Aquin of Freeport romped over that colleges look to the, pro Galena 65-34 Friday night in the clubs for "direct support' be- first Stephenson conference game cause college football benefits the of the season for both teams. The professionals. SAT DEC:. 9 Rams vs. Baltimore 3:30 P.M. SUN DEC. 10 Bears vs. Cleveland 1 P.M. Legion of Decency Moral Classification of Movies The following is a moral estimate of motion pictures showing in the Rockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the National Legion of Decency, 453 Madison Ave New York 22, N. Y wlth cooperation of the Motion Picture Department of the International Federation of Catholic Alumnae. A-I- MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL PATRONAGE Absent Minded Pro- Forever My Love Purple Hills fessor Francls ot Assist Queen of the Pirates Alamo Frontier Unrising Question 7 Alakazam, The Great Gambler Wore a Gun Romanoff and Juliet All Hands on Deck Gorgo Sand Castle A Majority of One Green Helmet. The Santa Claus Amazing Transparent Grevfriars Bobby Second Time Around Man, The Gunfight Secret of Monte Crls- A.III -- MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS End of Innocence Summer) Sins of Rachel Cade Eve Wants to Sleep League ot GentlemenSomething Wild Exodus Make Mine Mink Facts ot Life Murder, Inc. Spartacus Fate of a Man Ninth Circle, The Stop Me Before I Kill Fever in the Blood, A Nun and the Sergeant Summer and Smoke Five Golden Hours One-Eyed Jacks Susan Slade French Mistress One Plus One The Singer. Not The Girl With A Suitcase Operation Elchmann Song Grass (s Greener Plunderers. The Three on a Spree Great War. The Roman Sprtn~ of Mrs. thunder of Drums Heroes Die Young Stone. The Town Without Pity Hustler, The Return to Peyton Tunes ot Glory King of the Roaring Place two women 2o's Ring of Fire Unfatthfuls, The (was Blg Bankroll) Rocco and His Virgin Spring (Swed- Brothers ish) Season nt Passion West Side Story Senechal, The MaD Wolf Larsen nificent Young One A Summer to Re- Guns of Navarone to member Hand in Hand SerengetiShM1 Not La Notte Brave Ben-Hut Honeymoon Machine, Die (Italian) Bernadette of The Sergeant Was A Lady Loss of Innocence Lourdes ! Was a Parish Priest Seven Wonders of the (was Greengage "Beyond the Time Bar- Invasion Quartet World tier Lad, A Dog Silent Call Big Gamble, the Ladies Man Snake Woman Boy Who Caught A Last Dawn Snow White and the Crook (was Boy Left, Right" and Can- Three Stooges Angel Baby Who Found $100 . tar Sword and the Drag- Bachelor Flat 000) Little Shepherdot on Capture That Cap- Kingdom Come rammy rell Me true Back Street sule Man Who Wa~,~ed Hisreacher and the Big Show. The Cimaron Tall. The Miracle Bimbo the Great Cinderfella Master of the World Teenage Milllonaire Cinerama Holiday Midsummer 'Night's Ten Who Dared Blood and Roses Comancheros Dream There Was a Crooked Breath ot Scandal David and Goliath Mighty Crusaders Man Carthage In Flames Days of Thrtlls and Misty Thief ot Bagdad, theCry for Happy Laughter Modern rimes Three Worlds of Gul-Desire in the Dust Dentist in The Murder, She Said liver Devil's Eye, The Chair, A Mysterious island Tomboy and the Entertainer. the Desert Attack Nikki, WildDog of Champ Esther and the King Dondi the Nortb town Like Alice Explosive Generation E1 Cid Pie Rex Trouble in the Sky Foxhole in Cairo Errand Boy One Hundred and OneValley of the Dragons Girl in Room 13 Everything's Ducky Dalmatians VOyage to the BottomG. l Biues Fabulous World of On the Double of the Sea Go Naked in the Jules Verne Operation Camel Watch Your Stern World Fidelto Parent Trap, The When The Clock Goodbye Again "" Five Guns to Tomb- Passport to China Strikes Head, The stone Pepe Wings of Chance Hell to Eternity Flaming Star Police Dog Story, the Wizard of Baghdad Her Bridal Night Flight that Disap- Pied Piper of Hame-X-15 (was The Bride Is peered, The lin You Have To Run Much Too Beauti Flute and the ArrowPirates ot Tortuga Fast ful) Herod, The Great g--MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL House ot Fright (was Proper Time Two Faces of Dr. Purple Noon JekyU) Right Approach. The Jazz Boat Joker, The Sanctuary Last Sunset Sex Kittens Go to Leda College Let's Make Love Shakedown Look in Any Window Sons and Lovers Love and the French- Splendor in the Grass woman Squad Car Mad Dog Call Terror of the rongs Man-Trap The Mark (Irish) Matter ot Morals Thunder in Carolina Marines. Let's Go Too Late Blues Mary Had A Little Two Loves Milnonairess 20,000 Eyes Minotaur Underworld, U.S.A. Most Dangerous Man Vice Raid Alive Warrior Empress Nights ot Rasputin The Paris Blues Where the Boys Are Parrish Wild in the Country Peeping rum Wonders of Aladdin Pharaoh's Woman World by Night Portrait ol a Mobster World of Suzy Wong Portrait of a Sinner Young Helions (was Privates Live ot High School Con. Adam and Eve fidential) A-II- MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS Atlantis, the Lost Gold ot the Seven Risk, rhe Continent Saints RommeI's rreasure Ballad ot a Soldier Goliath and the Drag. qardonteus Battle at Bloody on Scream of Fear Beach Great imposter, rheSecret of the Deep Beware o; Chndren Gun Street Harbor Black Sunday Hand The Secret of the Purple Black ril~hts Home Is the Hero Reef Blue Hawaii Homicidal Secret Partners Blueprint for Robbery Hoodlum Priest Secret Ways Brainwashed Journey to the Lost Seven Ways from Bridge the City Sundown Bridge to the Sun Judgment At Nurem- Shadow ot the Cat, Canadians. The berg The Cat Burglar Konga Sniper's Ridge Colossus of Rhodes Last Time l Saw Ar- Song Without End Counterplot chie S.O.S Pacific Cow and I rhe Long Rope, rhe Stalag 17 Dead to the World Madison Avenue Steel Claw Deadly Companions Magic Sword Sundowners Deadly Duo Magnificent Seven Tess of the Storm Devil At 4 O'Clock Man in the Moon Country Dr Blood's Coffin Man Who Died Twice rime Bomb Eleventh Command- Mask the Tormented, rhe ment Mein Kampt trunk Fanny Most Wanted Man Twenty Plus rwo Ferry to Hong Kong Naked Edge Two Rode rogether Fiercest Heart Neapolitan CarouselTwo Way Stretch Flower Drum Song Operation Bottleneck Walk Like a Dragon Frantic Pit and the Pendulum Walking target General Della Rovere Pleasure of Rts Corn- Weekend With Lulu Gidget Goes Hawai- pany White WarriOr tan Possee from Hell Young Doctors, rha My Geisha Raisin In the Sun, A Youn~ gevages A-Ill--MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLB FOR ADULTS Ada Armored Command Claudette tngllsh All in A Night's Work Bachelor in Paradise Come September Anatomy ot a Svndt- Big Dem on Madonna Couch. the cate Street Crimson Kimono (was Btg Operator) Blast ot Silence Crowded Sky Angry Silence, The Brealffast at riffany's Dark at the rop of Anna's Sin By Love Possessed the Stalrs C -- CONDEMNED Adorable Creatures Love Game (French)Passionate Summer (French) Love is My Profes-Please,Mr. Balzac And GOd Created stun (Fr.) Woman (French) Lovers, The (Fr.) Port of Desire Baby Doll Lover's Return Pot Bouille (Lovers Bed ot Grass (Greek) (French) of Paris) Fr. Bed. rhe (French) MademoiselleGo- Prime Time Breathless bette Private Property Cold Wind tn August, MademoiselleStrip Question of Adultery A tease (French) Rosanna Come Dance With Me Magdalena Saturday Night ~d (French) Maid in Paris (Fr.) Sunday Morning Desperate Women, Marie du Port (Fr,) Savage Eye ' The "- Mating Urge Sins ot the Bt~rgias Expresso Bongo Miller's Beautiful (Frencl~) Green Carnation (was Wife Sins of Mona Kent Trialsof Oscar Miss Julia (Swed- Smiles of a Summer Wilde) ish) Night (Swedish) Heroes and Sinners Mitsou (FrO Snow Was Blaelt Husband fm Anna, A Mum and Dad Stella (Greek) I Am a Camera Moon (s Blue, the The Green Mare [nicit interlude Naked Night. The Third Sex (Swedish) (Swedish) Trials of Osonr Ig*~,de Karamola Nana (Fr) Truth, Tl~e Ladv Chatterlev's Never On Sunday Wasted Lives and the Lover Night Heaven Fell Births of Twins Liana,JungleGod- (Fr.) Woman of Rome dess Oscar Wilde (It~1.) SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION (A separate Classification is given to certain films which, whlla et morally offensive, require some analysis and explanation as a protectlen to the uninformed against wrong interpretations and faJse cnnslus|ons.) Martin Luther Case ot Dr. Laurent Suddenly Lost ~- Storm Center Girl of the Night mer Anatomy ot Murder Crowning E~p~l~ee Circle ot DeceptionLa Dolce Vlta Never Take Cgndy Adam and Eve King of Kings From A Str~g~ :