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December 8, 1961     The Observer
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December 8, 1961

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I IDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE | .WOROS AND WORSHIP I ,- .I PAl; ISI'! apa : Th V,s,ble- uni in i Use Lottery by FATIIER JAMES O'BRIEN a basketball team when they are actually playing a game? And thelacts. And she acts, she becomes event, in a particular place ate-- TO Get Flat The Church, as event, is necessarily a local and localized commu- playing of a basketball game is an "event' ; it is something which [particular time. "rhe place is the parish; the time is the time of Sun-I nity. Had you ever thought of that? I'd be willing to bet that you "happens". When this event happens, the society (the basketball I day Mass. The Church is most fully, most perfectly what she is, in[ TOKYO, JAPAN -- Apartments hadn't, because that simple sentence is loaded wtih profound theology team) which exists (permanently) to make it happen is most real;/the parish church at Sunday Mass. ' [are scarce the world-over but in and history. And for this reason, I'd like to ask you to read it again; is most a basketball team. It is not a new team each time it plays; [ If we here seem rather repetitious, it is because what we are pro-l bustling Tokyo the larvest city slowly and thoughtfully, savoring, perhaps, its strangeness: The it is the same team. But while the team plays it is for that time, p senting is a deep and complex eoncent It is also a most imnortant[ " ' " - . " ' . . - m me world the problem is stag- Church, as event, is necessarily a Ideal and Iocahzed ommumty. most perfectly a team. ]one. Because the Sunday Mass m the parish church is the center and ] . . ' germgingenious Japanese mnu (Fear not! There are thousands of words of explanation following.) Essence of Church Expressed, [climax of the Church's continuing life on earth, taking part in this l ' " In our past ramblings, we have taken a couple of looks, one long, The same is true for the Church. The Church exists permanently, l act becomes the most important moment in the life of any Christian 1 lords, taking advantage of the ,one broad, into a couple of seemingly everyday and yet she also exists for a purpose; she exists to make something (excepting only the moment of his Baptism--and even that moment[situation have devised a sweep- ] words. One sweeping vision emcompassed the happen. When this "something" happens the Church is most real is really takes place so that he can take part in the Mass ) This is why stake system of renting which is ,notion of community, reaching to the very border- most perfectly what she is intended to be. That is what is meant by ]the Christian life is not measured by the size of the Sunday contribu-[profitable for them naturally [ ~ lines of human society. We followed with a long the Church as "event.",lion nor bv the attendance at devotions nor the membershi, i- -- ' " ~ ~ look into the far-distant roots of our history as a Now the Church is essentially Jesus Christ the Incarnate Word of many Catholic organizations nor bv the number of holy nicturesVand To get on the waiting list for a iChurch. We must now draw together these two God, remaining present in history. But this presence is, as we havelsubscriptions to Catholic p'ublications. There is one standard oflnew apartment, says Maryknoll [ :~ ~ notions as we approach ever nearer our topic: said, most perfect, most evident, in an event. This event is the mak- Christian life in its deepest sense' participation in the narish Sunday IFather Graham McDonnell, of De- [ ~' ~ words and worship. They draw together naturally ling-present of Redemption in an act .of worship. We call it, simply,/Mass. (It would seem, therefore, that there is a lot more involved in I troll, Mich a prospective tenant ,m the notion of parish. :the Mass. The Mass is not something continuous; it is an event; it is t this word "participation" than merely "going to Mass", but this is a lmust buy lottery tickets each ,| Lacuna in the Law i something that happens. The whole essence of the Church is directed t toDic for another time ) I " . - . . . - " - monm at za cents a cnance li ne As we turn to the dusty tomes of the law of the ]to this event. And when this event happens" the Church is most per- / Are vow deenlv conscious of belonain- to a narish9 Of shari - Po I " , . . .-v - ,-- ~, o r n~ .o Is lUCKy ne may win a spot on Church It is strange that we fred no dehmtmn of a parish, but only fectly what she is' Christ present and acting m the world hfe Is Sunday Mass a areal moment for you or a matter of routine~ -~ ; [ ' " o v," rme already long lemfli llSi~, ii at-I of a pastor. And, even more strange at first, the person whom we [Particular Time and Place ~ ]Perhaps the thoughts we have so shallowly presented above might ]ter 12 unsuccessful tries an inert-I call today a "pastor" is not called pastor in the law, but rather I So again we say the Church as event, is local and localized. The/suv~eStoo the rmssibilitv, of a diffelent vision of the ,~ iCh l~r~ ~h.~ ,~ ,~';~" I '," . I ' . . . e ment numer is SElii WlUln to parochus, which means something hke a host, a purveyor, a suppher Church is a wslble socmty, but she becomes wsible only when she/of the Church itself g a" imil bu" 1 m a'" "i i - I gamom ms name Is moved to a l ot necessmes. Tne mea ~s somewn ~ s ar to,~ ass sy p tnet c t, ' ~ specmi tottery nsc w~m a mgner ~,~m,~,~,~.fJ~.i~7~.~,~~,~,~.i~ than, that of pastor, which means shepherd or keeper of the flock. SHARING OUR TREASURE riorit [~ ml~ The word pastor immediately invokes Christ s own description of P Y' ~ ~'hrtt'z~'t'l~' t '~ ~[~=~w~-~, ;~ 1 Himself as the Good Shepherd who has such a personal concern for/i ~ ,o, l,' ~o ~ [ MASWA TA-NGANYIKA -- A ~ ~ |:~l.||| ,g~ J[t~,[,l]~L ,~l~,~j~| the flock. This is no accident. For the law recognizes that the Bishop, [~][ l@~ttl ~ |~ ~t ']ba ~sv [~,~ m~,~,m ,~ ~ ~ " [fledgling missioner has learned ~ " "- and the Bishop alone, is the true Pastor, the true Shepherd of the[ ~ ~ Ill I~ll ~-.-~fli,~ l~ ,~,]~|,~~| IV~[~l~|l~ {that Western technology can be ~rf~t~r,~~a~~~r~~ flock. The priests who surround him, who assist him in carrying on/ confusing--especially in a prima . his work are merely supplying the "necessities: of the life of the/ Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. tus how much the Faith meant to Holy Communion, mother went to[ "God blessed me withe reli-]tive native village near here. Our Goal for Chr,stmas $500.00 Church. /UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAMEithem. IMass with us and joined us in ourlgious vocation end I joined the] Recently Maryknoll Father But have we not wandered from our topic of the parish, to find our- i Do you really love our BlessedI "Soon mother and I were attend prayers at home. { Sisters of the Poor Child Jesus. George C. Cotter, of West Orange, RT. REV, MSGR. THOMAS S. GREEN selves discussing the notion of diocese? Yes. But we were trapped bY[Lord9 If -'ou do -'ou will striveI [ Six Conversions IThe Faith meant so much to me[N.J, decided to show a slide film i~|noo==n ~h.=,f y y mg an inquiry t;mss conouctea, the magic or trickery of language and could not help ourselves. Let's ' [ . I 'Iris was keeping company with[that I wanted to share it with/on the Life of Christ to some Be- -- clear away some of the confusion, to snare ~nnst, wno is me way, lby Father Thomas Fitzgerald, James L. Prince, a non-Catholic, lmany others. Naturally I'm con-/sakuma tribesmen, along with a Society For The Propagation Of The Faith Bishop True Pastor Ithe truth and the life with others.lpastor of St. Vincent's de Paul's[She explained how important for corned about mother. She started[running commentary in their no- The word "parish", which means neighborhood, was formerly[This is one of the finest expres- Church at New Martinsville toithe success of a marriage is e]us all on.our w~y into the Church[five tongue. The only trouble was Uncared for, abandoned by their loved ones, the synonymous with "diocese". The Bishop was the sole pastor, his lsions of your love, for Jesus warns ' common tilth. Then religion ~and she hor~s that some de, she ~thht the Basakuma nau never oe I Y . y wmcn me mission at radon taty ". " hide in cav " priests being at h~s command for the care of souls m the ep~scopallto live in every heart, ou canI serves not as a sword of divismnttoo will be able to approach the/fore seen a movie or slides. The as, under badges, always on the outskwts rl i her b bear oeiongs Starung w~th the town bu city. As the number of the faithful grew, priests from the city were share Ch "st w'th ot s y "t " " . t as .a bond of unity. She[Communion rail. Won't you ask/young missioner had a hard time of society. Abused, derided, feared and even tour- delegated by the Bishop for the care of souls, m outlying places; but ling witness for Him and for the ldation of the Catholic Church by brought him to Father Staud for your readers to pray that through controlling his audience most of bAtegi:; !]~'ti!~iP!:~i ~:~::~eLYY~!i~:Ce~!~mte!!:P::!heses!i~i~!~s: !h!~:~ !~ t!i !~or~:ilc t~f:tt~:c~h ~P; i~i:!:t!: ~i ~islh!!:i!~:!t~ iah:Cit~ ~mm:a:~ l~i!;:eg~'aCeyehs:rsP:i:Y:rweW'i~ b~l ~iecmt:::ugh:c:~:u:lCt~u:::la~ier: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: classlhed . title of Pastor primarily to the Bishop. i men. - o n, Blanche Smith, 1 (Father O'Brien will be glad to[~,There are over 15,000,000 victims of this disease 1 name m me rmth and she is now a de have converts a AndlocalnOW,and baCklocaliZedtO OUrcommunity.theme. TheButChurChwhat aScaneVent,we iSmean ,TheneCessarlly[ tratedTh~s in~Sthedcon-US" "Mother Held Back vout Cathohc'. Because the Shin-- ] and addresses sendto him" theirat nameSNotre [skirts' The of'PilgrimLourdesCitY'has Ongiventhe free Ut" in. the . worl'4u ~uu,ay.*',4"--'. ~ue~'r t : ~tces ~ LOll me storv oI pain, hurch,~. as event''~. We know from our ~nast readinvo that the Church ~[versi n of four ,'Christ conferred upon the nons told us of their wonderfu11Dame Umversity, Notre Dame, Ilodgmg to oveI" 61,000 poor pfl- aespalr, hopelessness and lonehness. Of the total is the gathering together of the chosen people of God into a worship-I members of the - ~atholic Faith, six conversions Indiana, so he may write up their grams and served 725,500 free n Apostle Peter the power of gov- h ,-.~ ' . /,umber of lepers, only approx matel 10 er cent 1 [ l.VlO01 in au~teu ' conversion s~orles ~ meal Y P ping assembly. The Church is a special torm or express'on o the Joan "" g " / s. . . ermng me t~nurcn and mat power are recelvln n oommunity of men, which we call a society. As such, the Church is a family of Paden, . g a y care. I 1 est Vlr has neen passed on to all his suc permanent thing. Its law, its structure, its authority are always C'ty, W " " " Le " prosy, as a name, is both ageless and lobal present; they do not come and go. I ginia, who sub- cessors. The long unbroken line g Church Existing, Acting sequently won two other converts, of pontiffs from Peter to the pros- Contrary to usual misconceptions, it is not heredi. But the Church has a special function; it has something to do. The Church acts. And when it acts, it makes its continuing existence more real, more present, more perfect. The Church not only exists; it happens. To make this clear, let's take for example, another kind of society; a basketball team. The team, once the roster has been established, has a continuing existence, (at least until the end of the ~ason.) The existence of the team is a fact. And yet, isn't it rather clear that this group of boys are more truly "I was a member of the Church of the United Brethren," related Eleanor Mooring, "but when still a young girl I began to shop around. We became acquainted with the Shannon family, and they explained many of the teachihgsi of the Catholic religion, and told lans O ool ant pope constitutes the title deed of the Catholic Church It was then crystal clear to us that the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ. I was baptized and received our Eucharistic Lord. "But alas! Mother was unable to enter When only 17 she had i married a youth a year older, but in less than two months the mar- riage broke up and they were tivorced. Mother consulted her minister and he told her that un- der the circumstances she ought to marry again. This she did in SYDNEY, Australia (NC) -- A lhop James Freeman of Sydney lwittingly, by people who are oth- good Faith. But as her first bus- prediction by one religious leader lwho stressed that parents must[erwise jealous of their rights is that state aid for Australia's not give up their rights and duties I just another example of rights band was baptized, the Catholic church schools is a certainty for I in the education of their children I being surrendered by default or Church considers the first mar- the future has been offset by a unwittingly, lost by encroachment, riage valid. "Learning that we were taking warning from another that par-I He said. ' So man, people seem I " lnm~s Ale rroper :instructions, my sister Iris, at- ants are letting educational re-ito take it as an established fact "W tending college at Huntington, spensibilities driftintostate 'that all the rights and duties of e are oemg so conmuonen to state control in so many of took instructions from Father hands, education are prtmarfly vested m our activities that we have be- Staud at St. Joseph church Anglican Bishop E. K. Leslie the state and such rights as par- un no only to accent it and was received into the fold g t but even of Bathurst, New South Wales, ents have in this matter stem to encourage it " - My other sister Alice and my who made the statement that it from the state or are exercised ' brother John also became Cath- msnop LeSlie salf.l mat me m, . is only a matter of time before as a result of a species of state school aid he consi ere ^ ~n:,^ I o,cs. ~nongn unan~e to recewe private schools receive some state benevolence, d d d ~=" I ly forthcoming might appear in I o . aid, also had a note of warning "That this view should be held the form of scholarship grants or[JUdge rmnoreo about school independence in his by those who accept state au- tax concessions to parents remarks, thoritarianism as their political " " I ST. LOUIS (NC)--A past presi-I Incorrect Concept philosophy is understandable but It was Catholic Auxiliary Bis- that it should be held, even un- You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than one/ It's not too late to join our CHRISTMAS CLUB Imagine being handed a check for $100 or $200 or more in time for Christmas shopping! Start your 1962 Christmas Club savings now at Illinois National. IILINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. 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The care should be taken to see that laward is named for the late private schools retain their inde- James R. Blumenfeld, a past pendence," he emphasized, president of the Jewish agency. christ is christmas express the true spirit of Christmas giving with a memorable religious gift as created "by internationally famous designers. All ~ dl',llm~ WORLD'S FINEST RELIGIOUS GIFTS IJ~$urpass4d religious lifts from $l.00 to $300.00 ~R~ll~ ~ L~ I~IARM ImlA~ L:~I~ ~R~Y CHAINS HOLY WATIIR BOTTLES &ND FONT~ elCK CALL Slg~$ CONSTANT' COMPANIONS R~LIGIOUS JBWeLRY A new wine classic is born: by The Christian Brothers A delightfully light-sweet wine appropriate to almost every occasion. A naturally sweet light wine from California. Produced and bottled by The Christian Brothers of California, makers of fine wines, sparkling wines, vermouths and brandy (84 proof). Sole Distributors; Fromm and Sichel, Inc New York, New York. mild lea n tender TULLY COOKED tory. It is not contagious. It is only mildly commu- nicable. Caused By Bacillus Low resistance is a contributing factor. Poor housing, diet, and social conditions generally weak- en the body so that the invasion of the bacillus which takes place at this time affords periods of low re- sistance. It is for this reason, also, that children are greatly affected as the child goes through various changes of childhood. Many times, however, the dis- ease does not manifest itseff till later on in life. Leprosy is caused by a bacillus which enters a weakened area of the skin. It settles around nerve tissue. Depending on the resistance of the individual, the,organism either dies there (no leprosy); at- tacks the nerve only (tuberculoid leprosy); or find- ing a completely weakened person, invades beyond the skin (lepromatous leprosy). Three-Phase Care Care of leprosy in general is divided into three phases: strengthening the victim, medication, and rehabilitation. The patient receives treatment for concurrent diseases. His diet is corrected and his general condi- tion is improved. Medication specified for leprosy is then administered. Modern treatment can be administered in a hos- pital or an out-patient basis. It has been found how to utilize hospitalization for a limited time for an ef- fective analysis of the patients response. Early di- agnosis, a building up of the physical condition of the victim, and prompt proper treatment not only prevents disfigurement and crippling, but also con- tributes to the disappearance of lesions and the general psychological improvement of the patient. Assist Missionaries If the missionaries have the necessary medical supplies and drugs, food and clothing, much greater advancements could be made in this area. Assist the missionaries who are doing our part in caring for these suffering members of the Mystical Body, by becoming better informed about leprosy, and by spiritually and materially aiding this program to eradicate the fear and superstition that have lasted for centuries and caused untold hardship and misery for those afflicted with leprosy throughout the world. m $m||lllm||lm|m| |m||||||||ll||l|l||nn|l|| ,The Society for the Propagation of the Faith : 507 Avenue B ' Sterling, Illinois ,: Dear Monsignor Green: | Enclosed please find my sacrifice for the medi- [ | : col care of the Lepers. | .[ Name | Address | City State | II l : Amount $. e II [mmmmmmm ml~m m~mm m mmmmmmmmmm~mmmmmmmmmmmm~