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December 8, 1961     The Observer
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December 8, 1961

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PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, DECEMBER I, 1961 O' O IC al DALLAS, Tex. (NC)--Americans end of eatechetical training, but WASHINGTON (NC) -- A State forts as "matters of internal abundant labor supply, and needed have produced a Catholic educa- it is not by any means the total Department official said here that mobilization, not of foreign aid." marketing and trade reforms" tional system without precedent end," Archbishop Vagnozzi stated. promoting birth control in under- Nunley told the meeting, rep- Catholic View " in the life of the Church, the Apes- The child, he continued, should . L developed countries "certainly is resenting U.S voluntary foreign Catholic thinkers "also insist tolic Delegate to the U.S. said be helped in findingthe sources Fashion Heiress Enters Conven, not a policy objective of the relief agencies, that he did not that the goods of the earth have he!e zi a" ~e ~:~gmthn:mee~ntsd. ;~e emat~is~ United States Government." I have 'the slightest idea what we been created for the use of all .Arcno.lsnop ~.JglUlO. v a,gnoz~ t- can furnish such hel- he added CAGLIARI, Italy--The 24-year old. heir. apparent to Italy's foremost William Nunley, special assist- will be doing one year or 10 years mankind. so that the resource- trinuted this system to me Amer- . " P'" rt ' ' fashion house has announced her lntenhon to enter a convent here. ant to Under Secretary of State from now" in the population adequate nations now have a man talent for organization and !t n.e mars me ennu to.pc ta.ze J . adaptation." noting that the sys- of the spiritual strengm which Gigliola Fontana, daughter of Zoe Fontana, one of three sisters George W. Ball, declared that the field, serious obligation to aid the re- the cony,who ownn otm, blstersand 'perate'the ~shci~ih t~s:r, dn~ as a o! Sorellenov,ce.F --n-'ta-na' will enter U.S. will not make population con- Explains Position source-needy regions through fi- tern embraces Cathmic cnimren comes iroma sacramenta, ,it, e t e g trol a condition of foreign aid to But he added "there are cer- nancial and technical assistance to both in and out of Catholic and from a strong devotion to Educated in England, Switzerland and France, Gigliola has grown other countries, rain things which I feel certain the extent" that this appears schools. Mary !mmaculate, the mother of up in the world of designers and buyers She was said to be con- Nunley, who stressed that he that the United States Govern- feasible," he said Voice of the Catechist us all. " ' the -,I ' Further" he continued "Cath The voice of the catechist is Of the third element, the virtue sidered by her tamiiy tO oe me most SUl[aole heir to carry on was not speaking in a personal ment will not do ' " " ' " I ' ; +~.~ ; ~.'o .~; +~; Cho+ nro~,~,t i heard in every section of your of charity the Archbishop said zamous ianmy Ouslness. capacity but was presenting "the "We will not attempt to impose ~"~ " ~ I~.~,t.o o~n ,T~ t~ ~ ~h o ~.~o~ ~h~,M .~ a.;,o ~. . . . i - n,n.l~ti, nre~sures in man- con ] *,~, ,~ o-.~ ~o ~v~.-o ~o -,~ ~o~,o~ o-.- ,~ ,-.-~ -,o current attltuues ot toe Depart- population controls upon other v v v ~," . - . . ~ ~ ~ .A~ oor cn.t,could be i wlm enmuslasm anu persever- cnim toward goouness trom mo- ment ot btate ' SpoKe at a sex- overnments or eoples We Wlll ~"--.t" ,1 "."*-t~"-~r" , f' C II DAT~ D~e ~e4e,Ig P " " "-I- OBSERVE WORLD CHURCH MEETING--For the first time, ance tines of fear but lead the child ~d|dVall~ ,J~l! rv/o, /alga, ,~.4~ .slon .on popu!atlon problems dur-lnot make .population control a [::nl:Veabe~:enrSl ;;;mYu2iYtieslg~;; five Catholic observers were permitted to attend an assembly ] Archbishop Vagnozzi, delivered to the sincere acceptance of the MOLINA, Chile--The latest gimmick developed by communists lingernma~:o~l Ealo :n~eren~e s~nlc ndltl n of our econ.omlc ass] s.~; trade freer access to needed raw of the World Council of Churches, a Protestant and Orthodox ]the sermon at a Solemn Pontifical Christian life and tea personal h ~, i -f tr,ck~ which sell household items to the Door . ~ ", ." -tahoe to omer cou,mrm.s, wv w~u ~';~l~ ~th ith i~1 Christian organization representing some 300 million non- ]Mass in Dallas Memorial audi- commitment'to Christ as to his ~,~ ~ clm ueveinpment, not advocate any particular tecn- ~-.~o, ~';~ ['~: ~'~-' ~' ~:: Catholics. Attending this year's meeting in New Delhi, India, I torium which was the liturgical most merciful Saviour and most "*':~f~'- an travels from one remote farming area to an- Multi-Faeeted Approach I nique of population control in pref- aaF:~e3eiPT~:Omsnsa~ n~at~ol~c were: (from the left in background)the Rev. Edward Du.ff S.J Ih,ghhght of the 11th National and loving friend." ~~!~i::~'blPriYPtrla~cki~:i:~ahiC!!~:v3~rYa ~i~:f u:~i ~ii~ J~a~i~A~ edv!il :i~ ~i:i:i~i~ !~l!::2i;S li!! r~!::~iil ~acif!i ~reaahil;~:~n;~:!i~f :~:i~i!tii:i~;~J;t~!i:i ~:ieilfii~e~iiii:i:~iiiii:iih~ ~f!c~m~p:~n~e~d: quickly. . "multi-faceted a,~nroach" to tsolv- I tv" but in hart, upon lack of methods of lowering popula ' Catholic seminary, Warmond, Holland. In foreground is the Rev. [ P g " dv nta e of low rices the must ~r " ' ~ rowth rates ccu SChOOlS oi reng]on in me raes[s in thtJu elinrts But before the poor can take a a g P " ' Y - inn ,~,~ulation nroblems and in-]information about population g Joseph Edamaran, S J of Calicut, director of the Jesuit Vice P listen to a Red huckster extol life in Russia. He tells them that the si~t oar, he duty of rich nations to ]growth. And, he said, "it is also Moral Reasons Province of Kerala, India.--(NC Photos) ' [U. S:lasty.ear o{!ered mstr.uctlo.ns "While there should be no less- Sowet Union will soon surpass the U S in everymmg anti men create a 1 me ca able He noted that Catholics con to aoout z ~ mmmn ~amonc cnu ] f ur eft roll " " ' " ' aid underdevelo~d n tions[based u~n certa'n " s ~ " - '[ " en'ng o o errs to en more m to v.- r-- = a paradise on earth for all members of the party, He urges the. . o ~ v~i~b.~ ~r ~ th~ ~. facts of international political life demn abortion, sterihzatlon or m n| go offlcml Catholic observers, [mine- dren. and more laborers m this apes- immediatel because membershi ~s ~" fill out membership blanks y, P ~;0 ,~.~ ~ ,~ ~o ~,~h l--the nature of the relationships contraception, not only for tradi- ~||i['~ ]diatelv sent a note exDlainin~ thel He appealed to catechists--most- tolate, he stated, it would be.I limited. Unfortunately, some do!" ^"~" ,":.~'~'"-"~i~.;~' ^v" ~ ~.~.-"'-~[~ lamon~ free governments and the tional moral reasons but because, IIAR||VBR~ lCathoiic aesir]on to the pres'iding/ly trained lay volunteers who mistake to conclude that this c'ont"~o'~ ~: relationship of $overnments to "the control of man's basic drives (Continued From Page 1) officer. He said: /teach under the guidance of activity could be left exclusively . t~ .- A .1 I ' -- I.~eo.-le" according to the order of reasonl ~1 -Apriests--to carry out three ele. to lay teachers ' ~~~ e v " f hie Theo[o ical 'm view ot me seriousness m . -. . " rrlesr rlTes ~mnem Lyrics 1 No* A Ma'or Issue constitutes the necessary precon-Itime dean o U.n g- I,~: hh, Mr Ch.'rm uv[ments in their instruction: knowl- "They may have great enthust- " ~ Seminary, r~ew YORK, tOin me uu j, 1 ~.--, m . . . ~-t a~ears to be i~a~n -~l~'#t~tl ] ~ "i do not know dltion for both personal develop-] [I humbl*' re-uest that an errone ]edge of Christ, observance of the asm for their labors and may pOS- DAK-V.~-bAI AAM, xanganylKa--m a coauuvut ta*a PF ~II~|ILJll IIIMl.'~il~l I~] t~umey ~a~u: ,assemmy mat much ot me ~eacn-, ~ 't ", ,ion "=''~" men, anct at, proauctwe social Commandments, and love of God seas the re ulred knowled e but trying to wipe out all traces of non-African influence, the new na " ] / whether o? not the United States ing material used by Christian I ms statement be corrected. [ q g ; of Tanganyika has chosen an Italian missionary as one of the win- . ]Government will ever consciously en.oeavor ]bodies needs to be revised so as[ "The Roman Catholic Church] Child Can Understand . all else being equal they cannot " i--al anthem t u~ontinueu ~rom ~'age u t-rw-'~ cific assistance in con win]am ,~. moran, aean ot me~ ~. - ~ In teaching about Christ he be as competent or as euecfive as ners in a competition ior lyrics to its n-L u ~] p 0 m~ ~Ve " f r i rvice cho 1 at Geor-e ,to eliminate me seeds ot anti-,sees not regara me marriages oi~ . . - 7. i The Rev. Michael Musso, IM.C who has served in this countrylhours of prayer, they are busy at I trolling population growth, and I t3~nlgnu:7;ersit.s helle acted gas Semitism He said that His Holm-non-Catholics as invalid and con-[said, it ]sa mistake to beueveipnests memseives, ne concmoed. since 1925, submitted one of six entries that were used as a basis for lthe many duties of house andt am even less certain whether we y I ness Pope John XXlII early in I cub[uRge On the other hand the! that the child cannot understand[~ moueramr ofthesession rl ~e "fficial text ]garden, in the making of altar l will ever offer assistance in sup- " ]his -ontificate had deleted from[Roman Catholic Church upholds/the doct "ne of the Incarnate Word tl " ] ~,] Stipulates CondRmns V them is a prayer for God's blessing on the nation, It includes breads, altar linens, vestments port of birth control programs. .~ /th- Good Friday liturgy certainlthe sanctity and inviolability of/and that Christ, therefore must]l ~ ~ I thTsh: ;nerds: "God bless Africa, bless its leaders, Let wisdom, unity and First Communion veils. They.[ "At the present moment, in- The aev. A~er~ .~, lphrases which could be construed/those non-Catholic marriages." ]be presented "as someone less/| j#~~~ | a d eace be the shield of Africa and its people God bless Tan- supply over 6,000 large hosts and/ credible as it may seem to some prmessor at. me wrginla, xneO:[as offensive to Judaism I |than God become man for our/| llr~"~ ~~'~ [ ann P~a, rant eternal freedom and unity to its sons and daughters. ]over 215,000 small hosts a month/ Americans, birth control is not l.oglcal. ~emln.ary( an v:plscopal[ sembl- in takin- s-ecial]" - [salvation." [] ~t|~ ~-] 1"-" "~ ] g y g ~n~ a~ y ~ v , ,lnSUtUUOn, salu me great nul~ o^~ u,~:o Wan"an"ika and its -eo-le' to the Diocese of Rockford so that] a major issue in most parts of," 1 Head Departments / 'From the very beginning of[| A~'~a' .4~-fl ==s | "~at~;; Mus~ learned the S~wahili" language so quickly after his [priests and people might partake[the world It certainly is not a of Protestan!!sm would no! up-/note o[~^merpresen~ n:~] "rACUWnTON (NC) The| his catechetical training," he said, I] ~ |lie ! - . - sea UDUC 0UC o[ aloin uw~$auuu u ~,auy ~. .~ . o ~ v --, arrival that he was able to write verses in the language for use in I of the Eternal Bread of Life. ] policy objective of the United ~ .P P . Y . g[ HoP" See to observe a World Coun / Catholic Universit" of America] the Christ to whom the child/] ~ ~ r|,~L, I , iorel n countries in populauon y ~,IUII! :) g learns must be the Incarnate Son 15 school stage productions only four months later. He has had close/ The invisible but powerful help/ States Government. " foil assembl ex ressed the he ;]has announc " a intment Oil |1 SA ~lUllll$} I In control programsprovided cer Y, P P ~ Ppo i contact with musical com sit]Dos as the conductor eta miss' n that they have given to us and He said, however, that the gov-. -. ' - "~*~, -, fi ,~ ca,hullo/three new department heads" Dr[el God, not just a holy oh'[d, a}l ~ en||Aru I po I /,- - - rain conuluons were met [u,a~ t.~u e, r " "il~i,a r,~n nr tt brilliant to~oh~r "I1 ~ VU|e~s I school band Ito all in the Diocese cannot oe!ernment is 'prepared to consluer: " A,~.a.^~ a "~^~-t Chris~James G Brennan nhvsics Dr| ~ "." |i ' . i r~e sam mese conamons are mat ,--,~,~^ o,u ~ - ' ~ " ' " In teachin observance of the Imeasured except in the rand of/on their merits requests from, . ~ :]] a ^ * *~,q i /Manoel Cardozo history; and Dr[ g . ]1 43 Fox St Aurora I me am-receiving countries make u,~ wu, u~*=,~v ,~,--, $ - ' " " Ten Commandments the ins,rue- " s s,~ ~ ,it ~ . IGod. In our gratitude to the Poor/forei~n governments for certalnl /,~^ [B deB Darwent chemistry /,/I Phon* TW *-8~4t I . the use ot contracepuves smeuy L,~ m~u~. -~ ' ~" tor should realize this is the "first I Khrus cnev i-telos tmlta Kectory IClares for all that they have done|types of assistance in the popula-I / ] -I | -- -- if " a ./ L VOluntary and mat countries wire! ~eea ~onstam l-'rayer I t ~ ' VANCOUVER, B.C.--Soviet Premier Nikita.Khrushchev probably[~o~ ~ wa~:;r3n%aur W;ar~n]3/t' n ne;:;ulation Problems icatholics in the population make! The assembly resolution laidl . *o. /I u,L t.u,e am,I doesn't know it but he's helping to build St, John the Apostle parish/helping them in every possible[ "In fact " he added "we have an equal effort to perfect the upon "the hearts and consciences] ~=* / / /I I~111~11-1 ~ rt~B'- e I rectory here [way toward reducing the consid-lalread, be'~,un to advise and assist[''rhythm method of birth contro!,lof all member churches the im-~ 't~U oscrl De11 o, c:::r,:"~:i: I Diane Allison loves dolls, She has a conecuon oz mem irom ~o/ erable indebtedness that the-have/ . ~ s ]wnicn is accepteo ny camoncs, tn.~t~ o nf eon~tnnt nrnver for] v I I me ~, ~ I different countries. Her dad, Jim Allison, got theatre~ her duringlincurred so that they may be/~or~t:to g::q:;eme:d3iti3n:~e~a~o:Zl']~-'~--- ]t~he'ir-'C'l~ristian'l~ret'hren-in-every[ / |l HIGH AND FRONT STREETS I his travels as an international public relations consu re erl sheltered as the con ~ art of the world ,I- r*i~no dldn't h l~.~i~n d.ll So her father wrote to[p. p .Y, ~Y "ledge about their own populationfNl~ W Enarcl [P [ /I Phone TW 7-9E0, Aurora I ."%" ,"L' " " " - i-- / mue to WOrK anu pray nor our! ~'roblems snecificallv in the con [ [ One instance demonstrating that/ E~ E E E ~ [ Nikita Khrushchev He recelvea a snort note Irom a secretary n]welfare ]v v ,~ - - -. - ' ' ' I'~uct of censuses' I~ g o- Imisunderstanding still exists took[ . |~ the Kremhn--anu a set ot iour russian UOilS. I . {u ~ --A. .L [ al Benediction Prayer Father Thomas em haslzed that place (Dec 2) when Austrian Diane's dolls were on exhibition at the parish Christmas carn'v ,/," ],p rot LITurgy [fhL --.- --./1 atmn a cc . I a benefit to help build a new rectory. [ Their humble. . spirit and,societies -"e 'inte~ratedo svs-t a ,iLutheran Bishop Gerhard May[, Vk#'~vevv| ][ }~'~- ['~Ir ~=~",[|/I rs~ot~=trtt Dtt l:tl t~MAVva'''=" .11 [charity and their expression ofltems," so that "gradual or piece-[~/t~-41~-,#'El~ll~ itolu me assemoly ne nopes met [i " I ra I Ig aLl I I~ cumin Vatican Council will re ~ . [g titude toward all is beautifully[meal reforms such as mere em-] ~ I " g " " " -~~] One Downer Place Aurora I Franco Cut into ApostolIC Areas ~expressed in these words of a phasis on family limitation offer ]vise what he called the Catholic[- :ll Phnn TW 7.R69& I |- ]benediction prayer composed bylno solution to existing population ACOLLEGEVILLE' Minn. !NC)--]view that holds "non-Catholic[[ ~ -- -- II PARIS----The Cardinals and Archbishops of France have divided[their foundress St Clare: May problems " ppolmment ot a new auvisory/marriages as invalid and concud! ~a~ ~4t' f.e.-~ ~1 the country into nine "apostolic regions," each with special problems|Almighty God 'Bless You. May The Jesuit said Catholic thinkers board for Worship, review devoted/binage /I "- I]- .r eu I of Christian life calling for specialized action by the Church. He look u n you with the e,es] ~ to the liturgical apostolate, was! /i I~Wtk- "~-" s~ ~ III ~JIVIP'LP|r KrrsA|K ~rlt, Jr" [ . . [ 130 7 ~ul! pOpUlaLIUIl promem~ ~uppor~ a,~xpiains t, aUlolic rosidon /t i tl~',~l,~=lk~',~;" -- I l I The geographical divisions correspond to broau mvlmons m[of His mercy and give you His["multi-faceted a,~nroach" to the announced here by the Rev. God-] The Rev Ivan Extross chan-II ] ~ (~,~ '~d~.l~,~ I1| 132 S~ Phane TW 2-5991 Aurora I /~:1 ~d ~lil/~ili ~!~iii/i~ltl ~ tl T.A. :::::e VaC~:rAl: ::::upplie' migrants, family life, men Religious, sem'n ","ql cTr~R= i:Ot~KITC I! . Universit; faculty" the Rev Ber-|l BUS SERVICE ill{-~/ I ~"""J ~ I G . y ~ siena, women Religious, liturgy, social action and information and]l,v ,v It. Your Docfor nard J Cooke S J, chairman off| f'M611tTl:l~ Cf~6CI-II:~ [[] "I ~-~-'.-.~- I P M t'~ D ~t6 ~ Ct~ op,mon. " i/ W,IIPrescrlbe h:et[he3 vgeYrsdi;:7 l;:tu::eMthrell ';'EL. ;as3, I! i AI /*! Pl' II l f S ] Furnace.R~pairlng I[ ~ [Rev FrankB ~orris SS,ofSt[I " Ii tutlnUR 0 /VtODlie %llnics usea Tor Le e Patrick seminar San Franclsco . III P A C d,i I/ I y, " :/ Jol|et Aurora -^ -,~ F^X STREET "-= f le-ios- Ventilating Skylights I/ ~IIM/ [the Rev James J Kilgallon Chi-tl -- . . MAKE RESERVATIONS OW : YANk, Korea--lvionue clinics useu in me treatment o P' Y Gutters |/ ~' I " ',~. m. . -- cago author and assistant pastor /ranslT Lines AURORA PH TW 67761 II II here are helping overcome some of the social taboos still maintained l/ I . ! - .11 " FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS PARTY 469 High St. Aururo OI Annunciation parish there; and against its vmt]ms. It 12 Downer Place I ~i I~t" ~ Large Or Small ,a o ent TELEPHONE TW 2 3126 James m ~nea, associate editor I i1~1 Some Korean towns are so fearful of leprosy th t n treatm I| Aurora Phone TW 7 9618 I ' Ii ~ " . .-. . " i/ = " i of the Catholic Tele'ra"h Re"is I ~ ~~ center is permitted nearoy the r~ev. Joseph A. Sweeney, M.M l/ Children s Shoe S-ecialists i s v - s "1 13s Trask Street /'jt'~~ 21~- - - : ' ~,---, ~- I rCi i i te nc nnat the reported. ~~,| ~ ~ ~i~ t ' ,~ c,:. :~^~^~ ^"'^~'~ "-- "-an" Koreans le'-ros" "-at]cuts are -- ~~il~ ~ -- JJ Call ]~ ,~I . . . otzss ~uu~su~z~u uut~a~,~ uy z,s v,P Y F '~ I~EUUIIM~.~=I ~ aAIMI,~UI=/~ mue forced to live in mountain caves, woods, cemeteries and under,DINNERS ~ PARTIES I/I Raymond M hdler Agency m f~//~y~ ~ ~1 Aurora .~ e "K ' TW bridges Since they cannot come to the hospital for treatment, th Aurora Ill,- ~' orta on Koutl 6S "a, ,o~,es uecorafed LanTern mobile hospital goes to them, searching out lepers in their remote I/I REAL ESTATE 8.4741 Lar e n al care ~ . RESTAURANT ghettos to off r medical aid, food and spi"tu 1 MOLDOVAN S CATERING SERVICE Re d| Mtx Ill # ~ .~ ~ ~ REST, The mobile clinics, originated by the 65-year-old Father Sweeney, ' Ill : ~f I l ,411 ~.all TW 2 0725 or 6 7234 AURORA 720 Lennetz Avenue I wr m ,~ *~. q -,~ -n.'~ - -~ are staffed by doctors and nurses who administer to thousands of 7 neref ill,I . PPYP ' Y " L[ll James Coleman II ~).~)~)/~ k~Imf"/ Genuine Registered ~ ~~ . 1,o, Concrete for all purposes Ill L J44U ~m,j ~r - e ~ " " ~ ' ~ ] :~ ' ' 1 neepsaee Town Strikes to Kee Prtest ELEC] P . II +.r. O=oo + NICE, France--The people of Mouans want to keep their priest, nrt,:tr, oc RCA Whirlpool I(I Residence: Ph. TW 7-705E )g,l" 1/ II ~ ~w atl~ and they've blocked off the highway in picket-line fashion into this ,~l,~s~&~t.s~s~z.a Washers--Dryers Ii fflovaao,V07. TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN AURORA High and Liberty Streets So. Lincoln Ave. end Clerk St. ALL PHONES tW 6-7734 AMBULANCE SERVICE REPUBLIC Refrigerators--Stoves Oishwashers Let Us Wire You New Hemo 594 5th Ave. TW 2-9613 AURORA J. P. FRANZEN Plumbing & Heating Remodeling --and-- New Construction Free Estlmates--Bank Financing Prompt, Courteous Service Phone TW 6-5156 James P. Franzen- John B. Welch AURORA a gift the whole Family will enjoy . . . SPECIALISTS 5'x9' Regulation Ping Pong Table %" Top--Folding Legs $18.75 %" Top-Plywood Base $21.25 Auror VICTOR COOK HEATING -- VENTILATING -- AIR CONDITIONING SHEET METAL WORK 708 N. Broadway Phone TW 2-9614 Aurora BUILDINGAND LOAN ASSOCIATION/AURORA 4 % Reserves of Nearly $3,000,000.00 On All Soy]rigs Assets Over $50,000,000.00 Per Annum (Current Rate) 77 $. Broadway Aurora, Illinois Save Ey Mail--Postage Paid Both Ways r*lephone: TWin Oaks 7-11761 SAVINGS INSURED TO $10,000.00 Watches Rolex Watches Longines Watches Towle Sterling Gorham Tom and Dick "Wehling $30 North Broadway Phone TW 7-8734 AURORA TV AND APPLIANCES Ste, lin, III Visit Our Furniture Department I International III w. ,eature, I Sterling I/I WAD' BROWN It. PHILCO I Dirilyte I[I BA.ETT ROPER "A '.O" I Tableware ~ I 907 S. River St. Aurora TW 6-1761 Star Sapphires Fine Cultured Pearls Krementz 14K. Rolled Gold Overlay Jewelry YOUR CHARGE INVITED ~!~ DIAMOND ilOU$~J AURORA resort town to get their way. They explain their problem to motor- ists, then let them pass. Shortly after young Father Blond] arrived in MouRns, he had the town's social and religious life in high gear. He had a way of turn- ing energies of young troublemakers to constructive pursuits. When the townsfolk heard of the priest's transfer, the mayor went to Nice to ask the Bishop if they might not keep their priest. When the mayor returned with the message that the priest must go, the people paraded up and down the streets with signs reading: "Let us have our priest!" When there was nobody to read the signs except them- selves, they began halting traffic on the main road. The Bishop said he will settle the affair once calm has returned to MouRns. Hindu Leaves Convent in India TRIVANDRUM, India--V.P. Gangakutty, 21 year old Hindu wom- an who created a stir in the Hindu press when she entered a Catholic convent in Pailai, has left the convent to return home. Last October, in the face of charges that she had been forced to enter the convent and was being kept there against her will, Miss Gangakutty told newsmen and police investigators: "I am here of my own free will and I desire to be a Christian and a sister of this convent." Miss Gangakutty's father, a Namboodiri Hindu temple priest, had threatened to go on a fast unless she returned home. Her brother visited her and she left with him for home. Ads Attract 4,592 Inquirers SYDNEY, Australia--A correspondence course in the fundamentals of the Catholic faith, offered through ads in popular publications here, has been sent to 4,592 inquirers, of whom 403 have been re- ceived into the Church. The course has been prepared by the Catholic Inquiry Center here. A group of~5 laymen help the center pa~ for its advertisements. VALLEY HEATING Ask for Bill Perez 220 So. River TW 2-4090 MICHEL'S FREE DELIVERY 223 Spring St. Phone. TW 6-9661