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December 1, 1961     The Observer
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December 1, 1961

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PAGE I0 It THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, DECEMBER I, 1961 VATICAN CITY, (NC) -- Par- ticipants in the general assembly of the World Council of Churches at New Delhi have assurances from the Vatican of the best wishes and prayers of the world's Catholics. A Vatican Radio news commen- tator briefly reviewed the history of WCC assemblies He pointed out that the first was held in Amsterdam in 1948 and the second at Evanston, Ill in 1954. He said: "Although, as is evi- dent from the regularity of the meetings of the World Council of Churches, the New Delhi meeting has no reference to the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, Catholics watch with sympathy the efforts which the separated brothers are making irr their at- tempt to recover lost unity. They THEOLOGY FOR EVERYMAN Social psychologists assert we live in an anxiety-filled age in which there is widespi'ead consciousness of guilt. Considering the plentiful abundance of sinfulness in our time, the presence of guilt complexes is an under- standable condition. Some arm-chair theologians imply that the whole problem of sin, short of open animosity to God, is a bogus one, since the weakness of human nature precludes real responsibility for most so-called sinful behavlor. The following commentary was prepared at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, Mass. It is reprinted from The (Boston) Pilot. HOW DO THEOLOGIANS EXPLAIN THE EVIL OF SIN? A. We can understand the true malice of sin only by analyzing the ) world to God, to will to return to the service of Satan from which we have been redeemed by Christ. God claims obedience by reason of His love for us, as well as by reason of His infinite power. Hence re- fusal of obedience violates the right of God, Who has reconstituted man after original sin in the state of friendship with Himself. THE INJUSTICE OF SIN IS, moreover, a manifestation of enor- mous ingratitude. The life of grace, in which man shakes in the life of God, demands constant expression of gratitude towards God. By committing sin we trample under foot the Son of Man Himself. The relation of man with God which is disturbed by sin. St. John in his effect of this act of injustice is the state of guilt, which consists in the first Epistle tells us that "whosoever committeth sin committeth also iunworthiness of the sinner to live the life of grace. The sinner must :-: i" d i i ini uit " (3 4) He notes further that "all ini'~uit"" [ recognize his guilt and must follow in the way of penance that will ,qu ~y; an s n sq y ~ly . ' . bespeak his reeogmtlon anew of the ]usttce and mercy of God rs sin, and there rs a sin unto death. (5, 7). The most fundamental ~,: meaning of sin is loss of God. From this point of view the term sin may designate the individual act of transgression, or the resulting LY'J;ARE~WUV~T ~FPETR~STRIC:N~;NU~SB~OLI::EI~S~L~C~S?HD~sEAI~ state of soul which disposes us to commit further acts of trans- " ]REALLY ASSUME THE" ATTITUDE OF HOSTILITY TOWARDS gression. . GOD WHICH THE STATE OF SIN SEEMS TO IMPLY? THE REALITY OF THE STATE OF SIN, and the difficulty of over- sin. Even sins of weakness may involve a degree of malice that will bring about the loss of sanctifying grace. Granted therefore that there is a distinction between mortal and willingly unite their prayers in invoking from Christ the Light of coming habits of sin have led some to regard sin as a moral disease A. As the state of sin becomes more and more protracted, the sin- evil spirits are involved whenever men are tempted to commit sin. her tends to lose his awareness of the horror of sin. As this happens, This is the inescapable implication of numerous passages of Sacred the World the grace to find again for which a person has no responsibility. It should be noted, there- however, he becomes guilty of self-deception. In the beginning the Scripture which assure us of the reality of evil spirits and their power the way of return to the only foldl PRAYING FOR THE DEAD--Italian Catholic schoolchildren and fore, that what we call the state of sin is the result of acts of sin free- sinner does not ordinarily have the intention of turning away from over the souls of men. Temptation usually arises directly, however, under the custody of the only l orphans from Costermano, Verona, stand before the stone crosses ly committed, and is to some extent a punishment for these acts of God; he is drawn rather by the attractiveness of some created good, in evil influences within the world of our experience. These-evil in- shepherd." marking the graves of German soldiers who were killed in World sin. The very notion of sin, as we have defined it, assumes that man being led astray by his undisciplined love of self. At the same time, fluences are dangerous because of tendencies to sin within man The Vatican Radio commentator War II. The children were encoturaged by their superiors to pray is free to do good. One who commits sin abuses his power of freedom however, he is at least confusedly aware that he is acting wrongly himself. also reported that on Sunday, Nov. for the fallen of the war, even their enemies, on the National and thus becomes less ca"able of chaos|n- freeb, to do ,~ood St Paul and that he is endangering his state of friendship with God. He is " " " " "~e " t * v ~ : ~ . . . . . . . :. au~vm r~,~au~N~ a~r~ lvlu~, av~J~r.lm.r~ to sin man omers. 19 a fetter s~gnea Dy air m Ar'misuee uay.--tr~ rno o~ moving, SlOWly, perhaps, yet urrectly, |warns me iUil renunclauon "-" herlands was develops this thought m Romans 1, 18-32. And St. John m his Gospel ha'r " nd sitive re'e ti f God It rs the problem of every man to drscover the hmlts of his strength ~isnops o~ u,e ~et oz uoa ma~ is evment in ac~s ol ~ ea apo ] c on o (8 34) speaks of the slavery of sin as divine ratification of the sin- ' and to guard accordingly against the occasion of sin. Even if a per- reaa in all ma~ nauon s ~.mtnouc i "J ' ' ' " * * f 1 " " " a'holies to r'~,A,A ~ h'L ,~,~, J B'~ ~,~ .'~'*'~,~ ner s fll will. son ee s confident m his own strength, he must be concerned about churches lnvr~lng ~ t [] []~- - ," UiJ~U ~ ~11 |~l~[,['~lul|~;~ * * * IN EVERY SINFUL ACT, THEREFORE, there rs refusal of the weakness of others, who may be scandalized by his attitude of in. Over F ,ith D,ivisions ;i: i iiiii ii Evening Masses were offered ' " " " " mrou" nou~ me zo,l--owin~ week in upsetting the order which God has established. To sin is to refuse to God. While froth" and hope remam there ~s the possibility that the sln-[agamst tendencies to sin that are never completely arrested even in g WASHINGTON (NC) -- The Na-I way of hfe, ' "he said. God the honor which is due Him and thus to worship oneself instead her will become aware of the injustice against God of which he has I the best of men. : e Netherlands for the success,' . ' . -- ~the WCC assembly tional Conference of Christians l He sm,d, the NCCJ hopes to of worshipping God. It is for this reason that sm sacrifices the glory been guilty. His faith may move him to confess his sins; his hope * * * -~ -- - " - - a-~ Tow was described here as]Pr mote ' patient and continuing which man should give to God and the happiness which man himself will assure him of God s willingness to pardon him. The fact of hu- Sometimes we find ourselves in occasions of sin which we cannot " ~ r .~,o The Vaucan rca(;lo commema o "deeply concerned" about differ-]cooference and confrontation by will experience in the fulfillment of God's plan for his earthly life. man weakness does, however, attenuate the attitude of hostility to-l avoid. At such moments we may be confident that God will strengthen reportea tna~ a smniar ~e~er was li i . . , ~^-~ *~ "revious week in all the ences among rehglous groups on groups on these ~ssues through A PERSON WHO HAS BEEN BAPTIZED has been freed from the wards God which sm essentially |valves. As long as the ma ce of lus by His grace, It is presumptuous, however, to count on God s grace ehurch~ ~f Swttzerland. [mT~erSt, e fpoP~ibl:mP:hC~om Dr i~d::~elC!~n:fle~FP~I~flii~ :n:lra:ingb;Hie: ;:a~!~:H{hrehes~te/i!:HH~:mr!~w!(!,ht~.~i!~!?nn~de :in, dwOi~~ ~sbi~e~7: ;b:~n:~e,salhe~;n!U~mwgh/:t~th:nda:OeP~tu~ ~e;(~. ~}t~:iemfOrtwh!ms ~wehh~.a~ W!a;!ej~eih::leYo:!!i!Fp:~eeS~h!(~ii:!~ Lewis Webster Jones president of " " the reality of the cons " P " Y " P p" 14 V.-II. T:,la I ' Imation was aided by a four-year, ~, ,~ v evelo in odd habits which will strengthen DOES THE WEAKNESS OF FALLEN NATURE MAKE IT IM-!and the evil of the world Temptations often prove to be sources of lU nlanu u~ un, --,~ * i o~ ~ hvh, vlztuousl b d O me ~5-year-oiu organtzut on 2 : s " :, . P g g , laymen of different faiths which ' his resistance to temptation. P " g" g POSSIBLE FOR A PERSON TO COMMIT SERIOUS SIN. - ! $3 5 000 grant fiom theFord As a ezson iows in holiness and lves ~ strength Our success In resisting temptations which we are power BOB.DIOULA,SSO, Voltaic r~e-]is devoted to promoting good will lF nndati n' glory to God in the virtuous order of his life, and experiences the |less to avoid will afford proof of the depth of our love of God. If we pumtc, ~r~ ~ne study or worn 'Th A A o~suncuon mus~ De maue nrs~ oz au ~e~ween ae~s ma~ are -- - - "["-*"'~e- reli-~ous "rou~s [ ' e cherished constitutional ha-niness which is the fruit of virtue, he becomes more and more love God sincerely, temptation will drive us to seek the compensating en.s.halr styles !s part oft he Faihu'e to find some con principle of 'separation' appears aware of the malice of sin Sin reveals its true hideousness as an act objectively~sinful and the osLmjecuve slam or sin ~n act may ,De llnfluence of God s grace. ~a~e na~York~rgmmgngt~he ~an~e sensus on such Church State is" lo be uniquely American. Other of retreat from salvation. Sin is, moreover, an attack on the salvation :loas~it:it]:bal~:7:b~e:ltn~ ;:vni~yr Th:gr:TsoP:~:r t~h:~i:~iecWi:: THE MOST EFFECTIVE SAFEGUARDS against temptation are r. ~o,~,o -o~-hh,-i,: [ sues as nublic sunnort of naroch- I countries, such as England and of other men. It has anti-social consequences whmh are even hmder . ~ the sacraments of Pennance and Holy Eucharist. Our own prayer and a child or whether she has e-I,",I . " i " [ ' ' P Y to seculm and sectattan schools has orated out that the law of God is m sms of clirect and expnm~ reoemon against ~ou tms learn ng ts , cently given birth to a boy or a working together to strengthen na- ] ',lion to men's lives. St. Paul p " . . ]grace o~er the power of the evil spirits when the actual temptatio girl--or even to twins. ]tional unity and our democratic always of course with the gay- written in men's hearts. It is not necessary to discover the law in dangerous and untenable. Even sins of weakness, as distingulshea[arrives" ~ }ernment supervision of academic written documents Even ,m-ans are ca-able of committin sin Their from sins of malice can be imputed as serious. It is necessary only 1~ ~ V ~ " .' n i] standards m non-rehgious mstruc- wren" acts are not mereb, in violation of reason- they are in viola- that they be committed wzth awareness of thmr ob]ectrve malice and " " ' " ~' J ' ' ' " ' X " ha| Classioom s ace and time is f nature with a de tee of freedom that is predommant ever e ternal and m [ iP~~ilR~II ~ [I " " P ' tion of the will of God as made known in the created order o . ] g " ~~ [ -.-- ~ ~i~ ~ I[allotted for religious instruction; It is wron,~ therefore to sav that the notion of sin has developed [ternal compelling forces. It is erroneous to assert, as did the Reforma- ~~ [ NhVNI hh,the few 'free-thinkers' in-~ermanY under emote|anal imoul'se h'on~ an unreasonable feeling of guilt 0nly tion theologians, that the only mortal sin is a sin against faith. The [.~~ I II may use the time forother ~'- have rejected the realit- of God can look on sin in this wa, /will of man in his fallen state is weakened but not helpless and ~~~ ' tz~u~ rw~u j j a . . I AND II academic work but the vast ma N"-'NCE ai t God It is[inert We are reminded by the Councd of Trent that even those with ~~ SIN IS A DECLAKATION OP' INDPSI'P5 U~ ag ns . [ " ~ [ [! lorztv take religious lnstructmn. ' n ,~ ~ r U;o,m h,e, eho ,~t. I faith can be excluded from the kingdom of GOd by commrtting serious ~~ m, .m ,~, a n -, ~ ~ ~ |i 'L " iilgnt Irom me clearness oz Uuu ~ l~::VclCltlVll us /,lid ",Till lll$'J ~li~. uuAa- ' ~ . . ]-- -- [ UUrlnl IrT,I, ness of ignorance in which God may be forgotten. Through the coming ~ l i[- ir Vil lll i l [l TfCh: :h: glad: OtfheGr?d:isere:era dst:Sn t:ts;: ea:fo h on:Wwla:h Jesuit Foresees OIL ,I," "' ' . "" ' FOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE We ot LOU BACHRODTS CHEVYV LLE are concerned !1 ~o~ makes known through Christ The sinner hardens his soulon La,tv ilia, .E,E.OaB'E SERVICE " " v----~ 1 ~,:-.~ " Z n with two things-people and products. We cannot exist ~n r~ against the influence of God's law; he chooses to become a law untoI .~j~ -~~ [ or depend on people for the volume we enloy, without ~,~! himself. When weneglect or reject the graces which God gives to us[ BALTIMORE (NC)--Thecom- ~~ l=l~a~'lelll: U sa~:~u;dL~UB~;;~)DWThc~F;ERs?Vest'gate today and see It ~ l:t:nabnl::; ::mli::n~?:~a~!itHu];e::;sin~:la~:fli:d:nog:rG:fd,fsalwli~lg ~gyt~pk:{~s~le~/] a:i!~:~ ~.~~ n COME WHERE THE CARS ARE, 11 Thirdly, sin is malicious refusal of submission to God, Who is our Church a priest-theologian said 1~~~" $11 I[ ~[~!~ 0 I I n n ! I I ~ I Lord and Master. God has revealed His dominion over man through here. I I SUPER CAR MARKET NO. 1 I I SUPER CAR MARKET NO. 2 I the redeeming love of Christ. Man's refusal to return this love is thus Father Gustave Weigel, S.J capr'IAL II ,o, s c,urcb wo ~,2, I I's's K,shwaokee--WO ~s6, I II a heinous injustice against God. To commit sin means to prefer the i professor of ecclesiology at Wood- "~'~" I Ill ~ i stock (Md.) College, also express- raan.v "~n,t,nrl~ ~ r '~ I I SUPE. CAR MARK O. 3 I I SUPER CA. MARK O I lil O--,oo t, D :,^ l: J, ,(^, 7:ai he?:::cilhat:he Vt te r/'li|V|lL| U[[~II~iI'I~ ~ ~I [ I ~ 111 I I n t,th St--WO 2-3705 I 13206 Kishwaukee--WO S-77841 II I "~ I iut:~ |u r~(~|~q~ |u|iu~l |u| . . y And ~~iJ~ ~L~Li I ! " I I I In I I Church-Staterelationship in so- ciety. ~~-~ I,i:l r,i The Jesuit-riest whoisacon BREAKFAST SUPER CAR MARKET NO. S P," ~ I I 49,7N ,o, s, I II Journalism cnolarsnlDS sultant to the council's Secretariat |1 " I]]| /~' i / for the Promotion of Christian Is A Special I " ' ' i ]i| ~ CHICAGO (NC)- F A Fink Three new members were added Umty, said that m the laty -r . At. . I D| cunnl 'r cu ',tl D/M II mann-in~' editor of Our" Sunda,' ' / to tile fund's board of du'eetors at Church and worldmeet," and "we . "' ' Phone WO 2-0661 I 11glgl ,nRula/ .V I tJL Ill/VL~UI= WIII'I /1"11" ~ s : a meeting here In addition to must understand the rights, obli- ~hurct~ on I I/I Visitor, has been named to head a For Prompt Delivery in Rockford J ROCKFORD IJ ORIGINAL committee of the Catholic Journal-~enker~eYi~:agee Zg:frZGeUm 'JA'. ~:~:n: t~:tP~w:r:h:ZriCsne~iYm::~ Sunday .Insured Budget Plan - I .- ,- . III F, RMnnnA 1 9 ism Scholarship Fund, Inc to Pflaum Publisher, Inc Dayton, not from the Sacrament of the ,wnere rou ~Lvv~r~ t~e ~ure,| ~ UL ~J O O raise funds among members of the Ohio, and Msgr. R. G. Peters, edi- Holy Orders." = . 24 Hour Emergency Service ' The Faust lakes Pride [ [,Catholic press, tar of the Peoria, Ill Register-. He told an adult education audi- venial sins (this question is not dealt with in this article) we must not hold, as have some theologians, that grave sins can be committed only through acts of pure malice, and that any sin that results from human weakness is by that very fact not serious. It is true that hu, man weakness, and also lack of sufficient knowledge and awareness of the malice of sin, reduces the guilt of many who commit sins that of their nature are serious. It is true likewise that no one, without a special grace of God, can avoid all sin. We must not, however, exa~ gerate the effects of original sin to the point of asserting that tho only mortal sin that man is capable of committing is that of direct rebellion against God Q. ARE ALL SINS THE RESULT OF TEMPTATION BY THE DEVIL? " A. The possibility of sinning arises in a defect of the power of free will in man's present condition. In some manner the devil and his mild lean tender FULLY COOKED Top Family Enjoyment? THURS. 7 P.M. WREX.W Channel 13 Preliminary plans were made for a February Catholic Press Month drive to raise runds for the scholarships program from mem- bers of the Catholic press. Named to assist the chairman, Fink, were Father Donal O'Mahony, editor, Far East, and Msgr. Peters. The fund will award its first scholarships and grants for the :1961-62 school year. Founded early this year, it aims at providing well-trained and well-educated Catholic journalists needed by the fast-growing Catholic press. OP AL Dubuque, la.--608 Main St. Clinton, la.--222 6th Ave. S. Rockford--105 North Main St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Coren--Optometrist Rockford--Rockford Plaza Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. PartolI--Optometrist Aurora--6 N. Broadway Dispensing Glosses Prescribed by Dr. Frank Santelli--Optometrist Dixon--110 East First St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. g Rubin--Optometrist Sterling--21 W. 3rd St. Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. R. Cobb, Dr. N. L. St. Germ~iin--Optometrists Elgin--121 S. Grove Dispensing Glasses Prescribed by Dr. H. Mall--Optometrist dience at the College of Notre Dame of Maryland that laity and priests cannot very well unite in corporate worship in the liturgy "if one speaks a language the others don't understand." "So the question of vernacular in the liturgy will definitely come up,'-- he added In the Gothic cathedral of Gni-[ ezno, Poland, hangs a bell whichI is rung only once a year, on theI anniversary of its capture fromt the Turks in 1621. j in Preparing the Choicest Menus. E. State at 4th Rockford CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SOUTH HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 NORTH MAIN STREET, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 Write or Phone Us far Details and Estimofes 1 5 DAYS FREE BONUS THE MONEY YOU SAVE BY THE 15th OF THE MONTH EARNS FROM THE 1st Savings Insured to $10,000 by Federal Savings and Loan Ins. Corp. All Withdrawals Paid Promptly. Face to Face Teller Service. Open 8 a.m. Daily Open Man. & Fri. Till 9 p.m. Postage Paid Both Ways. Now At W. State at Church St. WO 5-7711 /