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December 1, 1961     The Observer
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December 1, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, DECEMBER i, 1961 I III I I I III I ,i :iiii i ~ii II [,ll,i Ill i I' rI ~i Representingthe orchestra Tim Murphy. The group will rep- in the skills required of a good: ,': i Winter Concert ~,amed will be used m class and I the days at home, while those who lthe doctors and dentists who care/at 5"30 m Features of the fez = ' MADONNA er; and Terry Nye and Gent, [junior class have registered for ~ " JERRY HELLER AND '18 The interest" da" was s user {cla Flohan" Daniel' Geor e done anythmg I d be ashamed to lglxe you the courage to break ou ~March 31 There are no re 1 t! ]' he of il!i AURORA- The music goes Church, social chairmen, i the National Merit tests. The tests I I lll!l i' 'round and found' -- from the Student council representatives]will be administered on March 6. II [] ~iiiW ,! gym to the third floor music were also elected h'om each home- Dec. 5 marks the date of admin- 1 1 II!iilli ii rooms. Last week ,six music!anSlroom. They are Julius Simon|Hi !|strut|on of the Betty Crocker I [] t'!"!'/,;'~[ I were practicing selections wmcll . ! " !;~:: i: werp. used at an all-state music John Heldtke, Bill Redhn, Betty]homemaker tests. The tests, dl- ~ ! i!!![iiii!i i convention in Cham ai n Boppart Andrew Diedrich and rected at stimulating an interest ~'~:r~ m ~::::' ' "Junkman" b YousPl gand'Verdi s JUNIORS Alan Bachewlcz ante with Presldent Kennedy's request for physical htness training, t~otolo teatcnes me smoems sz ~: ::~,::~; were Pat Rahn, violin"" Kathey resent the class in all im~)ortant/homemaker ale desi--'ed$, w'" Ill [] III III [] I Foley, trombone; Andrea All-school affairs. Imeasure the practical knowledge ,-- '.'*.*',o ,^ *o Aqum Central Holds bright cello Nancy Springborn The five comptometer schools~ i ~|e VIFi~,[~| } JUIIIFiI$} Festival :Silver Tea ,: ' . . '~ i oi most smuents ~aKing me tests ! I ' i2!r~msc~ie]Pilr2~!!i~malehdfi ii!~hNwl!!i 2~i!~t!e~iii!s~soF~i ji.~smhtahvee sa~i!!!l!!il :h~et~sYffw ouFRyoEuEn~OeRT ~eMt:~i t::c~!g in Th:n~igi:a:gaD:;1.come visitor i0~i~!;, ~rO~;5~30H~hti~!?u~rlliil~ a representative in the band.[employment outlooks and thet Students at St. Edward's re/- with renewed enthusiasm after Aswe counte--d'-ouro blessln~,s',~ on n" uin' " "ra': a " P" ;'" - [ [ q uem I u ~noiic mgn Mary LOu Augsburg played her LAced to specialize m a specihe~ceived renort cards Nov 16 First~ enjoying a fun-filled ThanksglvmgtThanksgwmg, we were especiallylschool - bass horn in that section, fielda Useful. information, that was honors wer~ e awarned' to" me'~ IOb . ! weeke-,~ .~Ouite a numher~ snen~lmi ~.i~. ,~ th~ ~a'~'"i" oh~it,j " J Lunch" will be served starting T~ -leo club and orchestra arelin choosing a career ]lowing SENIORS: Eleanore Alan-I remained here occu led theirlf0r the children of St Vincenrs [; " .P" ' "" ~'* " ~ I son Sharon Burdock KarenI P. I .:. "/oval wnl be a book nook, hom:.~ preparing for the annual winter[ Library Additions I ' ' I lesure Hours with basKemau, lm recent years, me uepartment/h.t.on a al t~ ~,*rv . ~ranK Juoy ~oou James ureen, " " fi ~' ~o concert which is being presented/ Marian's library has taken on a f ' ' I roller skating, a Bingo party o Publ c Health has requested for the -hilaren and ,~a oin~ ~aren lXeller ooun Llnul: ~lleen u " " '* " "~ ~" Sunday Dec. 3 at 8 p.m. Glee/new atmosphere Two Italian I . ' - . [ Thanksgwmg night, and a Sunday lsemi-ann al physical and dental l ~ 1 ,h~ ~ ~ a ,u,: ,~- " exa " ti " club songs rnclude Lerner and~hand-carved statues have been] I o movie. [ mma ons for all the chfldren.[Mr~ nth,- ~ ~ol. a ~r. T.~wo'~ "C~rnolnt " a Rn~i~n/onno,~ ,vho ~ ~ ~h~ ~r~ ~ ~ 1~er' Jams wauer,anu uamyI PHYSICAL FITNESS PRACTICED AT SS. PETER AND PAUL SCHOOL--Sam C. R0tolo, tormer I Thi~ ~--e~k ~+h ~k V--7" ~"'"~, "~""':.'~':.'~ ::" ' "~'~""" ~"" '"" "* "'~ """~"~ "" Zelle "~-- ~ ~ -. - ~ ,~,~ooa,~, ana lvlrs, unarles Lamoun, ~. folk song, "Vonka and Tonka,"/Prague was donated by Florencel r. I Army platoon sergeant, practices cahsthemcs w, th 5th, 6th, 7th.a.nd 8th grade.students. In accord- Father Carney, missionarypriestlfollow up work, makes for a con-tThomas narish Mr and Mrs Y " "' 1May of McHenry. The statue of : ' ' " " " ~ " "it' k " of the Sacred Heart, celebratedl "derable demand on the time andlHugh Grow ~d Mr and Mrs. "Praises to the Virgin." 1St. Anthony was given by Dr and lMary Droz, Carol Dumaski, Rob-I exercises ~uring a special SCHOOl per!on set asme tot me training. THe noys. are m me euc. wae- Mass in our chapel last 'ruesday ltalent of our local doctors. May/Paul Preston St Josepb parish, 'Vho ~; ~.~. o,m~.~,~n ,~/Mrs William N,^ ~'~ ~f ~^- ert Foster Nancy Krepel James riling position, an exercise ~o strengmen leg muscles. me gins are pracucmg ueep nreammg ex- . ~ ~, ~ .'. ' . . ~ ~ ~ . y=, a,~,~,;,~= ~ . ann later in me any snoweo color lWe say, manKs 1or your servlces--!ana lvw. aria ~virs. James lvlyers Donna Utley Suzette Gehant and/ry. ILanms, John .McGee, Elizabetht erctses, slides of the Missionary work especially for the spirit in] and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Dowries, Alyce Ambre will sing Dreams| Also added to the library were McNabb, Stephen Moeller, Ann --, ing done among the natives of which it is given. [St. Mary parish for Sale" and "Nellie Bly." [sixteen sections of double-count-IRe|Herr' Robert Schaul, and Bar-]l~" ~ ~ ~',~" ~ New Guinea. Before leaving, he ~ barnSulhvan Piano Solos /er height shelving. The new shelv-" /[ ~~|~ ,~ II~lllN~P~l~l~' ~lr~r I~ ~~ promised the children he wouldlLfA,J L ~L- I.-. ~. -]- IT ~s a speciat mature, ouuy//ing' which is to be used for liter- SOPHOMORES: Mary Bolger /I ~l~|~,t~ ~i~ ~ V~l~ ~|~ J ~~l J,come back in the near future totl~t,O~JC~K r'[]O]-O ~,~Wc]t~ ||~[~ r,~ ~nr] P~ ~nb, will nl.v]ature and history books, is on thelLmaa ~urnell, Mary Conway, ll show a full length movie of the sol-o~ial'~ocon-certo-s-a'cco"m-nanie~t ieast side of the library. New/Mary Cox, Mary Ann Fairfield, 1 DORIS REVERE PETERS l YOU for a loop and right out of the [casionally leave the convent th~ mission activities of his order [ J~,A I I I e i~ e" "~h" '~ r a' ho~,o ' '- /shelves have also been added neartSusan Jacobs, Roger Kanies, Mau-[ Dear Doris'. Istate of grace, same principle, holds. And people---- IIMOW I-IVDIISDIe TO TUCleI'IIS ~the chapel wall for biography t reen Mack, Robert McCluskey I I have been dating for two and a / I COULD SAY, "stick to your go out of their way to help them, When thin~s ~et dull and the I ,~n~ an upHm4s~ c!UO ~anque~ on [books. Another eddition was the Thomas Miller, Dennis 0'Boyle: half years and I have always guns." But if you continue to date make a satisfactory readjustment, children don 'i l~ow what to do I ROCHESTER N Y --Tips on taking pictures and entering the 1962 ,nurs(~a J~OV~b ~wauonna s no t a bo /hi tlckm to our uns or re Y nl r Thomas O Lear Carol n Pablch ' .: i; [e a gment of the special refer-]' Y, Y " ,Ifound it easy to say o y "m s" " g y g "1 THIS MAKES YOUR NEIGH with their time someone always]Kodak High School Photo Awards now are.available without charge omuem councn omcers ~nerrl ]trice section. David Palachko, Catherine Re- Now I'm going with a boy I like slating temptation is going to be- BAR'S attitude" not only unusual" suggests a bus'ride with a stop to teen-age photographers. . . . /. ~':rrr:~l~ 'rnD?na~u~eyr~n~ ~'~;ncyt Sister Alberta Marie C.S.C /gOwski, William Schmidt, Dennis]very much but he is a "make-lcome increasingly difficult. WhY/but silly She sounds sick You for refreshments along the way All ninth through twelfth graders In the nation are ellglble to enter fi:o',~'~,~:-'~.r ",~,'~- ;~-'~['~,~-*':.'~ ~Sponsor of the Debate club the/Seisser Stanley Soucie, Marianne !out " In all other respects he is a I endanger the love of God that is/your moiher sister and any oth:lLast Sunday was lust such a day It he Awards which opens January 1 This year's prizes totaling $12 000 Marian Debate club nd Stralko and Eugene Wrl htreal nice uy He doesn t smoke, in our soul lust for a date9 Re Youth Appreciation week. / " a Sister],g " g " " "" r / Y ' ntl'/er members of the family shouldlfor our residents of St. Josephlmcludemcreased awards for color wumers. Ehzab th Ann C drink, swear ete ~vly mome ap ,celve me sacraments ~reque y ! ' e S.C. Marian's~ FRESHMEN Mary Pat Baker, "," "" /strive to comnletelv i~nore her]home, so Father arranged an ex-I Black-and-white prints color prints and color transparencies taken MARIAN tinct al went to l' ' roves of him and we have never~and stay close to our Lord He will ~ ~ ' i c A ri 1 I96 ma [p p,Ch'cago, .Nov, /Carl Carl|n, Sharon Dolan, Patri-]P,I . .",~/remarks. When she sees that they]curs|on through the countryside s n e p 1 1 y be entered up to the deadline of midnight 1 y po "i " '," g,San- . " i /fall on deaf, but cheerful ears The route included a picturesquei str'ct'ons on t make camera and film JACK BURKE led by the Stleech department of/dra Gordon, Donna Hake, Kath-I ten her anout. rnina mis is usual-lwim .mls Any. ~e w~.u a!so helP/and do not get a rise out 'of you I drive along the River road to used, Lo ola unlvers~t The to lc de leen n ly a pretty good grade Please tell you find a better social life Sunday, Nov. 26, Mr. Thomas/ Y. ',Y' P" / Je "y, Cynthia Koshiol, I . . . . " I ' t she will cease. This will be diffi-IRidott as well as the beautiful The National Association of Secondary-School Principals has placed~ bated w R lv,me now can explain to mm mat Dear nuns Parsley Marian athletic director,as: eso ed That the Cheryl MaltA Men|ca Marko Mi- .I : ]cult, but worth the effort And]trail throuoh Kra-e -arkand the Awards on the Approved List of National Contests and Activities held a basketball clinic at Marian. [United States Should Annex Can-lchael Marks, John Mason, Heath-[kissing can be wrong? I My youngest sister entered the]unless you want to talk io the[Woodside d~ve ~ v for 1961-62. . d T 1 A Fan convent at 18 and was there for Four officials of the Elgin Area ]a a." hey a so presented five l er McTavish, Mary Jo Nolan ],I ~pastor this is the only sane and ] 7 The free material may be obtained by writing to Kodak High School Offl lals i students in oil real orates and By continuing to say no eight years Due to illness she 'c' assoc'ation were on hand " "'g" "Y, Mary O'Leary Donald Pampel' " ' ' " / " . . . ". ~dignified approach. / Our congratulations go to Wendy Photo Awards, Rochester 4, New York. to illustrate numerous additions another group in oral interpreta, Virginia Rogowski Dolma Rutta' THE TONE OF Y, OUR LET,TERIleft. We live next noor to .a wo.m-/ Mothers can take a lot more Menke and Kimball Peterson ~--'~~ and chan es in basketball rules tion The climax came with the J.ff,-o, ~h,~ ~n n~ ;o u,~.'land the pos~scrip~ tomi~mu~ in- an wan at every opportunity uis-/ ' . -- -- " g ', ' s ,o ,~-~ ~than w-" ~;nt- D" -'"~ ,-'-~ ~winners in me tmristmas t~olormg I IUIo~ssM,I,~ tiara f'allae, a They also familiarized the f~ns/presentation of "The Kin~ and I' h,~ ' iolcates ma~ you ~.m~m. lcreults my s~ster ny saying she|. "1 t ,~.^. I gvg~ e~|sl~l. ,~a,~e- ,~*,eee~, with !he game and answered anYlsThme?yolat:ei ate ~:am gave.the] Second Honors d~i~ ~:t~its ::; ~/~VeaaSu[hrl~ynb ~tiSshewho=aand~U:~ds/UmrateoYn Ur%edSh~th pr brab/Yerl: Journal-Standard. We also corn-I Chntan, Iowa questions ma~ came uo. t e ga e a~ ~viarian, ~e ~~ ~ ~ ' end ~" le Ri --le "~hris'" - V-' " ' W~ m i - . - [Nov 30 t beconu honors were awarded tolabout kissing ~i~ [my mother by her malieioustteenngs man wire her own. And[m . ua n~e, ~, ~me a,- I CATHOLIC COLLEGE FOR WOMEN ne a n purpose was to lniormt ' ' 'SENI I - '" ~:~.:~.~.~, *-our sister who is reall" the*encla bneryl lvlenKe l~amona 1 ~D: VlrgUllaAnuersonnecKin anu tongue, one has me loea mat she J .y .' . ' the public so that more people ST. EDWARD Mar- "e ' "" g . ,- ~ ~ ]pivotal character in this situa Ruizand EddieCummins, win-[ Now Offers Progremve New Concepts m |.4 k.~ okl.~ t^ ~A ~ t J 1[ I y D uteri, oruc~ xH'anu~,[maKlng OU~; ne ~:~l [snoum nlue ann no~ enjoy ,el, " - - - - - - .~ .~ ~ I TwaY~ear College Planning ~, ~ ~ ~t, u,~ue~s,~,~,~u anuI Nov.21 and 22 were set aside I Terry Carlson, William Feda,[knows. And you ~~ [anymore loon seems remarkably .uncon-lners o] ann zna uraue sc.oo, i =. n i-- : L nave a greater lmetes~ in me c i re ects *.^~.~.vru u.u~.u~om A " [for personal interviews, Instead]Michael Gartland, Kathleen Gross !know I'm sure, ~~ [ My sister drives a car and thel e'ned. Why not take the eue/P ~ I game [ me close ot me clinic a fr I I ~ j ' /of following the regular format,[Mary Jane Guptail, Joan Junod'[that it is next to ~~ ]neighbor comes into the street[ om it'. [ ~-l, Horvol.'--~re~entlv in the,O.S. 30 -- 85 Miles West of Rockford varsity lnler-squao scrimmage . '~ . . -- -~: ,- ~ ~ tstudents followed a schedule oflPatneia Ketelson Maryse Ma-iimposslble to ~~ [to scold her if she parks too[- ~/ eHighl, ,"eared foundation-to-ram for the degree seeker game was nelo Tnls gave me,ill ' / " ~ ~ I" " I st classes. These were study[nelh Daniel Nlel Gene NoLtolini [change people or n I close to her property. She is at ,~,Well rounded survey progrom for the two-year student arts a pre~,lew Olme l~el-l~bz l" " ' ' ' " " " C " I-I i ' pe'iods which ran the same length Barbara Porter Michael Smith their ideas, partl- athohe too and attends Mass ~ I I 1 1, UTlcanes. tthe class would ordinarily run]Dave Vano, and'Robert Walter ' lcularly when they have a different ]regularly. /~ | n~',~s~, ] ~-~ l ,~ ~~]J [ ~ . | Elections ~ , with work provided for each JUNIORS' Stenhen Baker Kaih set of values different morals and [ Can you write something about/~UL~||L~ III ll| }:').: ~,:~~l[ [ 1[ [~r~ .~, Marian's freshman classelected]period ill the corresponding sub.]leen Conner- IKeith E,~a'n Pa"ldifferentideals" ]a person leaving a convent in not tl ,E,~*,U"~ II ~~~1.3 ~ ~L.~ '~5"t-- class officers for the 1961-1962 jeers. The entire faculty made tricia Green' Mar, Heimann'l It is easy to be lead along by a I~disgrace. My sister doesn't waHl/ i II ~r~ ca I n~,;~~ / ~ school year on Nov. 20. Frank ]themselves available for personal lcatherine l'n~.~l~,i~ Cha,lntt~]pleasant personality and the per-/me to talk to the pastor but this/ ~-~ -- l1 1 1 ~ ~,aqir, :ll II ~ Sh r [ - epe s, Crystal Lake, was elect-/interviews ' I son who does all the right thinvs /talk upsets my mother who is l[ ! l! I~ I1 ~PI~I~T~ I ed s' ,arsK1, ~anlel ivlarson, VlC~orla |v s s | vicePrerfs~'ntLl~v~iah0Hapll~t~an'[ Three students from St. Edward [ McDonald, and Mary McKiel. Is ctally; who doesnt drmk,/elderly. [ [I li ~l~l~'~ll[~lml~~- ~- p ; aei t en./attended the Universit- of Chi I /smoke or swear. But beware, this/ Name withheld / . l1 I :1 Y SOPHOMORES Frances Bunch secretary; John Adams, treasur-] s "] . : 'Jaura of respectability means[ Lay peolb]e often leave one ca-] ~| ill ~J~/Dl~j~ l'~r 1] ~.L~'~l~gRll~~ "--'- cugu upen uuu~e ~aturuay, ~'~ov, Geru'ude Bussman Linda Fran re n i c a e, n ." ~ u r A ~ T[18 The students Bruce Zi.~mer I' .~ ' [nothing when compared with the ] er to try a other and no dls-[ ] ['~ C P'%I I l1 " I I ~~ "~---~:A~I llLL~ .~=-. a ~ ~ ~ ~= u n c:~ ~! man Larr Annibali an~ ~'?'" ~ sen. ~=narles ~anius. Jo Ann Mar-/moral problems of necking and tgrace is involved. In fact they[ t~l~*'~/Y~/ ill ~,~nv L.~ uT aT,^ 1 I "~t"'---J~'~-~ " ~~]~;-r.-k.~ '~ Military Academy / li ;-'- 'Y ~ ,rucnaru[tm, Mary O'Connel, Laura Pro-]petting The former are some-lure often better for having tried'/ /~ ~v~, ~,~ni ~, ,v ~ I ~~ i ~, ~o s rades 5 8 Conduct o nKo V1SILeU me laooratory i eddy ghe Brotl;e~'s of Hol~; !whieh'hn.~ th~ .niv~,'~itv'~ --- /k wsk!', Richard Rowe, Kath e, rme]times just social habits that can]and also for having the courage[] [$ ~ - ! , Croses. trWrai~hboYi~to hue. ic]e~:reac~oran-~= ]---~ :,u-[~cnweltzer, James ~IaCK, limo-]be controlled. The latter is a seri-[to admit failure, regardless of[i "" tlemen, while fostergen~g ~ U au me uncuon[thy Sopha, and Albert Weldner, ]ous moral danger that can throw/the reason While Sisters only oc-]1 n . o ersonal initiative. Well- anu puIpose ot the machine ex- ~alanced program. Solid plained to them. Also includedont~ ]l |]] Legion ot uecency moral uassfflcm|on 0T Ivlovles ~ntaa~ti snkii~n. thedifv~c~auai the tour was a trip to see the St x~hol~ ,'h,',~ " 11 rleT n,n,^,r Ill attempt|on, sinai! classes,school's analog computer f011owed/~ : 7".~ ~o 7 ~.-,?, [I Cb~l/ I/UDU Ug ~/4 11~1t~ D/.U~II~ IllThe following is a moral estimate of motion pictures showlng in the A-Ill- MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS e~aU~anC~ed.~r~ot~,~e: sf~s. by a brief nroaram on 'satellites ]ouu~ ne~ween ~:wo anclen! ,pagan![ IIIRockford Diocese prepared under the direction of the Natlonn! Leg|an .End nf Innocence League of GenUemen Sins of Rachel aade ball, basketball, baseball, ~' ,~. o 'Immpies, portions oi wmcn lm-II "Careful, Conservative Banking Since ]89]" Illof Decency, 453 Madison Ave New York 22, N. Y wlth cooperation of EveWants to SleepMa ke Mtne Mink So meth!ng Wild tooogganing. ~ormitories t~auonal ~.vlerl [beuued in the external wall~ ~'iVpll l llthe Motion ~ictu * n ,~, *,k ~," I der',q n f ~,xoaus ,v~uru=~ ~ opa.~a~.u~ 40 miles from Milwaukee' ~ / - ~.~ ( ~ ---~ ~- v]| III Catho c A umnae r -ep o. e ,n.erna.ono, .e oo Facts of Life Ninth Circle. The Stop Me Before 1 Kill Write for folder ' ~or~y-sevenmemoers of the[l~ a pecunar~yunnmsnea up-,rnoee 42 (Member F.D.I.C.) East Dubuque |1~" " Fate of' n Man Nun and the Sergeant Summer and Smoke Headmaster ,'~arance tI I " Fever in the Blood, A One-Eyed Jacks Susan Slade BOX 1095, 743 W Main St t"- [,I A-I- MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAL PATRONAGE Five Golden Hours One Pltts One The Singer, Not The Watertown, Wisconsin SMITX MOTOR CO, Absent Minded Pro- Francls Of Assist Queen of the Pirates French Mistress Operation Eichmann Song I "The Corner Bank With the Clock" Fuller Memorial Chapel THE HARVARD See - Drive -- Compare STATE BANK Ford -- For -- 1962 Phone 5555 3% Interest Paid Now -- On - Display On Savings Accounts Downtown Polo (Hwy. 26) III. 309 Chicago Avenue Savanna, Illinois Member of F.D.I.C. NEW CLASSES START JAN. 8 YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN --- There is no easy road to success. Plan now to prepare yourself for the business world by availing yourself of a thorough business training. Take the step that leads to success. Two Year Degree Courses Accounting & Finance Business Management Executive Secretarial Administrative Assistant Automation Accounting Sales Management Medical Secretarial Legal Secretarial Diploma Courses Junior Accounting PAUL CARLSON AGENCY INSURANCE -- REALTY Phone "YOUR Insurance Policy ls A Symbol ot Security" Erie At to Coast Stores Buy For See the many toys, hardware and bauseware gift items available for mare, pap, san, daughter and the entire family. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL Coast to Coast Store Marengo, Illinois Phone JO 8-7336 SHIELDS OIL CO. Skelly Products GASOLINE FUEL OIL HARVARD-- WHitney 3-4131 Prescription Specialists FITZGERALD DRUG STORE fessor Frontier Uprising Question 7 Alamo Alakazam, The Great Gambler Wore a Gun Romanoft and Juliet All Hands on Deck Gorgo Sand Castle Amazing Transparent Green Helmet. The Santa Claus Man, The Greyfrlars Bobby Second Time Around A Summer to Re- Gunfight Secret of Monte Cris- member Guns of Navarone to Ben-Hur Hand in Hand Serengett Shall NOt Bernadette of Honeymoon Machine, Die Lourdes The Sergeant Was A Lady Beyond the Time Bar. I Was a Parish Priest Seven Wonders of the tier Invasion Quartet World Big Gamble, the Lad, A Dog Snenl Call Boy Who Caught A Ladies Man Snake Woman Crook (was Boy Lasl Dawn Snow White nnd the Angel Baby Who Found $100.-Left. Right and Cen- Three Stooges 000) ter Sword and the Drag.Bachelor Flat Capture That Cap- Little Shepherdof on Back Street sule Kingdom Come rummy tell Me True Btg Show. The Cimaron Man Who Wa*,~ed Hisreacher and the Btmbo the Great Cinderfeila . Tall. The Miracle Cinerama Holiday Master of the WorldTeenage Mnlionaire Blood and Roses Comancheros Midsummer Night's Ten Who Dared Breath ot Scandal David and Goliath Dream There Was a CrookedCarthage in Flames Days of Thrills and Mightv Crusaders Man Cry for Happy Laughter Misty thief ot Bagdad, the Desire In the Dust Dentist in The Modern rimes Three Worlds of Gut- Devil's Eye, The Chair, A Mysterious Island liver Entertainer the Desert Attack Nikki, WildDog of tomboy and the Esther and the King DeAd| the North Champ ' Explosive Generation El Cid Oie Rex Town Like Alice Foxhole in Cairo Errand Boy 9he Hundred and OneTrouble in the Sky Girl in Room 13 Everything's Ducky Dalmatians Valley of the Dragons G. [. Blues Fabulous World ot On the Double Voyage to the Bottom Go Naked in the J~les Verne Operation Camel of the Sea World Fidelio Parent Trap, The Watch Your Stern Goodbye Again Five Guns to Tomb- Pass~aort to China When The Clock Head, The stone Pepe Strikes Hell to Eternity Flaming Star Police Dog Story, The Wings ot Chance Her Bridal Night Flight That Disap- Pied Piper of Hame-Wizard of Baghdad (was The Bride Is peared, The lin X-15 Much Too Beaut|- Flute and the Arrow Pirates of rortuga You Have To Run fui) Forever My Love Purple Hills Fast Herod, The Great Girl Witi~ A Suitcase Plunderers. The Three on a Spree Grass Is Greener Roman Snrtng of Mrs. rhunder of Drums Great War. The Stone The Town Without Pity Heroes Die Young Return to Peyton Tunes of Glory Hustler, The P!ace Two Women King of the Roaring Ring of Fire Unfaithfuls. The 20's Rocco and His Virgin Spring (Swed- (was Big Bankroll) Brothers ish) Loss of Innocence Season of Passion West Side Story (was Greengage Senechal, The Mug- Wolf Larsen Summer) nificent Young One S--MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALt House ot Fright (wasproper Time Two Faces of Dr. Purple Noon Jekyn) 3az'z Boat Right Approach. The Joker. The Sanctuary Last Sunset Sex Kittens Go to Leda College Let's Make Love Look in Any Window Shakedown Love and the French- Sons and Lovers woman Splendor [n the Grass Mad Dog Call Squad Car Man-Trap Terro~ of the tongs Matter ot Morals Thunder in Carolina Marines, Let's Go,Too Late Blues Mary Had A Little Two Loves Millionairess 20,000 Eyes Minotaur Underworld, U S.A. Most Dangerous Man Vice Raid Alive Warrior Empress. Nights of Rasputin The Paris Blues Where the Boys Are Parrish Wild in the Country Peeping rom Wonders of Aladdin Pharaoh's Woman . World by Night Portrait ot a Mobster World of Suzy Wong Portrait of a Sinner Young Helions (was Prlvates Live of High School Con. Adam and Eve fidentiai) A-II--MORAtLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS Atlantis, The Lost Gold of the Seven Risk, ]:'he Continent Saints Romme|'s Freasure Ballad of a Soldier Goliath and the Drag- Sardonteus on Scream of Fear Battle at Bloody Great lmposter, TheSecret of the Deep Beach Gun Street Harbor Beware ot Children Hand, The Secret of the Purple Black Sunday Home is the Hero Reef Homicidal Secret Partners C -- CONDEMNED Adorable Creatures Love Game (French) Passionate Summer (French) Love ta My Profes- Please, Mr. Balzac And God Created ston (Fr.) Woman (French) Lovers, The (Fr.) Port of Desire Baby Doll Lover's Return Pot Bouille (Lovers Bed ot Grass (Greek) (French) ot Paris) Pr. Bed rhe (French) Mademoiselle Go- Prime Time Breathless bette Private Property Secretarial Science R.F. Fitzgerald Black rights Hoodlum Priest Secret Ways Cold Wtnd In August. MademolseUe Strip- Question of Adultery II II II"sw, ,s te-- Stenography ' "= - ! 9874 Blueprint for Robbery City Nu m Sundown Come Dance With MeMagdalena Saturday Night and Brainwashed J'ud~ment At re- Shadow of theCat, (French) Maid in Paris (Fr.) Sunday Mornfng Bridge rhe berg The DesperateWomen. Marie du Port (Fr.) Savage Eye Intensive C Phone :3415 ourses Bridge to the SunKonga Sniper's Ridge The" Mating Urge Sins ot the Borgias Bookkeeping- Accounting AgCORDION-GUITAR Ill Over 2200 In Stack I/I m o . [][ 105 West Main Street Ill Canadians. The Last Time l Saw At. Song Without End Expresso Bongo Miller's Beautiful(FrencH) Cat Burglar chle S.O.S Pacific Green Carnation (was Wife Sins of Mona Kent Gregg Shorthand Refresher BAND & ORCHESTRa Ill tquioment Co. II III Counterplot Long trope, the Stalag 17 Trials of Oscar Miss Julia (Swed-Smiles eta Summer I]1 $795 SAG95I'=' Cow and I. rhe Madison Avenue Steel Claw Wilde} ish) Night {Swedish) Speedwriting Shorthand S Morrison Illinois INSTRUMENT I ' ' - Ill ',I]1 Dead to the WorldMagic Sword Sundownars Heroes and Sinners Mitsou (Fr.) Snow Was Black I/I '1[I McCuIIoch Chain Saws II mmmmmmmm /I Doad,v companions Magnl,eon, seven Tesa of the Storm Hushand fo~ Anna, A Morn and Dad SteIIa (Greek} Comptometer, Burroughs To and Friden Calculators r---" Our Trial Plan '-''I / IIl~l~l~ Deadly Duo Man In the Moon Country I Am a Camera Moon is Blue, The The Green Mare Devil At 4 O'ClockMan Who Died Twicerime Bomb Hneit /nteriudaNaked Night. The Third Sex Typewriting I AIlovAllows you to try yourchild Ichild I| Dr Blood's CoffinMask. The Tormented. The (Swedlsh) (Swedish) Trials of Osoar Wilde Clerk-Typist Course [and instrument before[ I] THE UNIVERSITY I/I Kn[pca Space Heaters [[ Ill Eleventh Command- Mein Kampt Trunk Karamola - Nana (Fr) Truth. The Most Wanted Man Twenty Plus rwo Lady Chatterley's Neve~ On Sunday Wasted Lives and the IBM Key-Punch and Typing ] I D II/I ~ ~' REYN )LDS "" Famne~t Naked Edge Two Rode rogether Lover Night Heaven Fell BtrthsofTwlns ,s, - .o o Ill :=:::: II,III Perry to Hung Kong Neapolitan Carousel TWO Way Stretch Liana, Jungle God-(Ft.)"Woman of Rural [' [tI C, k Ph.d. 6- II Ill Ill Flower Drum Song Pit and the Pendulum Walking target owo 1/I bOW E ALB 72 Funera Home Frantic P.easure of H.s Com- Weekend With Lu.n VETERAN TRAINING Gene Clark Phone 6-5614/ L General Della Rovere puny White Warrior SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION GtdgetGoes Hawal. ~'ossee trom Hell Young Doctors, The Established 70 Years Jan Raisin in the Sun, A Young Savages ' DIAL'WO 4-9459 (A separate Class;ficatlon is given to sertain films whlch, while not SCHOOL of MUSIC THE MILK CONSUMERS ASSOCIATION, INC. A-,II--MORAL~Y UNOSJECTIONASLE FOIl ADULTS marally offensive, require some analysis ond axplanotian as a protectlon R kf d Ada Armored Command Claudette lnglish to the uninformed against wrong interpretations and false conclusions.) oc or AND STORE PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM Abe Renkes -- Owner All in A Night's Work Bachelor in Paradisa Come September Anatomy ot a Syndl- Btg Deal on Madonna Couch. The Martin Luther Case ot Dr Laurent Suddenly Last Sum. School of Business cat Street Crimson Kimono Storm Center Girl of the Nightmer I2g Albert Avenue.-Reckford "IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH" (was Big Operator) Blast of Silence Crowded Sky Anatomy o! MurderCrowning Experience 1 Block N of W State at 1900 Phone: Morrison 2322 Circle ot Deception Angry Silence, The Breakfast at riffany's Dark ai the Top of La Dolce Vlta Never Take Candy 319 W. Jefferson St. Our 27th Year Phone 6-4312 De Kalb Anna's Sin By Love Possessedthe Stairs " Adam and Eve King of Kings From A Stranger