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December 1, 1961     The Observer
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December 1, 1961

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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1961 PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER e Parishes to 'Adopt' Missions PUEBLO, Colo (NC)--Diocesan mission churches will get a financial lift from better established parishes under a plan set up byI Bishop Charles A. Buswell of Pueblo The parish adoption requests that a foster-parent parish guarantee $100 per month to a mission parish for one year. Parishes not able to l give the $100 per month could arrange smaller contributions. Bishop Buswell stated that "The infusion of the missionary spiritI and interest throughout the parish will lift Catholics eyes beyond! their parish boundaries to the greater issues and problems confront- lng the Church today." $10,000 Donated to UNESCO VATICAN CITY, (NC)--Under the direction of His Holiness Pope John XXIII, the Holy See has donated $10,080 to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to preserve monu- ments in Egypt's Nubian desert which are due to be covered by an artificial lake created by the Aswan Dam. After the Pope had given his personal encouragement to UNESCO's preservation efforts in 1960, Vittoriao Veronese, former UNESCO di- rector general, visited the Pope to thank the Holy See for enrolling Vatican City in the register of historic places to be protected in case of war. I Jewish Group Honors Diocese T,~GANHIKA RICH IN CATHOLIC TRADITION, GAINS IN- native African to head that See. At upper right, Auxiliary Bishop DEPENDENCE--The East Mrican nation of Tanganyika, which Julius Angerhausen of Essen, Germany, on a five-week tour of HOLLYWOOD, Fla (NC)--The ninth annual Humanitarian Awards will gain its independence Dec. 9, already embodies a rich and East Africa, joins Bishop Karolo Msakila of Karema in ordaining of the Greater Miami chapter of the American Jewish committee was growing Catholic tradition. Boasting the only native African three native priests laboring in Tanganyika. Shown at lower left, presented to the diocese of Miami. Msgr. William Barry, dean of Cardinal, several native Bishops and a few hundred native a Maryknoll missionary chats with a small boy at Iramba mis- Florida s Catholic clergy, accepted the award on behalf of Bishop priests, this African nation of nine million will also have a Catho- sion in the diocese of Musoma. The priest is one of more than 800 lic, Premier Julius Nyerere, as head of state. In photo at upper foreign missionaries in Tanganyika. At lower right, a Medical Coleman F. Carroll of Miami. left, Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa, Bishop of Bukoba, presides at Missionary of Mary, whose motherhouse is in Droghoda, Ireland, In recognition of the diocesan program for aid to Cuban refugees, the enthronment of Archbishop Mark Mihayo of Tabora, the first ministers to a sick native woman in her home.--(NC photos) the diocese's sponsorship of a labor-management seminar and the Interracial Plan desegregation of the parochial school system in south Florida, $100 Rehred Priest CAB.---- -- U "t worth of books will be donated to St. John Vianney minor seminary I1 Vt;: !=/U y r%- &t Home PROVIDENCE. RI (NC)--The in Miami. ules I A[ ~ .- .=== Catholic Interracial Council of In W sconsin To Fnrmul f Opinion Providence has formed a parish Priest to Lecture on T. S. El=ot I r"--- v committee to aid pastors in into- STONE LAKE Wis ' The Rev SOPPORO, Japan, (NC)--Efforts to interest Japanese college stu-,-- -, grauon oz mmonly groups in meir eiend Peter Cichozki, a retired1 KANSAS CITY Mo (NC) --ticuiany toaay, wnen zt is no dents here in Christianity were proving futile until the Roy. William priest of the Rockford diocese,lCitizens haven duty to contrib-longer popular to that PaM~h:s. arishes here have ex u a natuial law exists, pub c sere y P D. Bicker, M.M learned that Hokkaido university was looking for a died at his home here Sat rday ute to the formation of on- " " ',o ", " ants "need me guiuance oi a perienceu or are unaergoing re- lecturer on T. S. Eliot, famed English poet. The young missioner vol- mornmg l~ovemner z~ ~ne ~u hghtened public opmmn as a way mature, balanced public opmmn." cial change. As part of its prac- e NEW YORK (NC) --,The Catho- lic Bishops' committee for mo- tion pictures warned here that if the film industry does not show it can self-regnlate its product the public may demand manda- tory classification of movies. Key points in the bishops' state- " ~' m meat, entitled Films--Freedo and Responsibility," were these: --Film industry "leadership has expressed unalterable opposition to voluntary classification" of movies. --The "Catholic preference is for self-regulation on the part of the motion picture industry with minimal legal controls." --"There has been no decrease during 1961 in the number of ob- jectionable domestic films." Foreign Films --Foreign films . . . "have in- tensified the public impression that today's motion pictures are: for the most part reprehensible " --There has been an abuse of statistics issued by the National Legion of Decency. --Th ~e publi ~c resent. ss th ~e "vena ll Vatican Warns 'No Reprisals' VATICAN CITY (NC) -- Vati- practices" ,of the film industry's advertising departments in pro- moting movies --There should be "reasonable provision" for safeguarding youngi people from viewing so-called adult films. Turning to Legion of Decency statistics in regard to movies, the Bishops noted that "there has been no decrease during 1961 in the number of objectionable do- mestic films," with the legion re- port showing that "such films con- stitute 26 10 per cent of this year's domestic product." '% film-maker forfeits his honor and integrity in the public eye," they said, "every time the blan- dishments of the dollar lead him to use sordid sex and sadistic violence to sell his product to the public." Adult Films The statement stressed that one factor which "has caused parents, religious groups and legislators to look favorably in the direction of representation and distortion of the reasonable expectancy of par- ents that in an era of adult films they be assisted by the guidance of honest and dependable industry classification in the very exercise of their right and duty to decide what is best for their children." "Perhaps the most important responsibility of all for good films rests with the public," the Bish- ops stated. "Their patronage will largely determine whether film- makers create work worthy of the human spirit or subhuman trash. In the free and intelligent dis- charge of their patronage respon-~ sibilities the public will look to a discriminating choice on their own part rather than to the law." uiescant mandatory film classification by AURORA--Mrs. Rose Marie An- the states" is "the indiscriminate derson, 59, Our Lady of Good Counsel parish, Nov. 22. exhibition of adult films in a mass Charles Bleneman, 52, Sacred medium of entertainment." Heart parish, Nov. 25. Mrs. Dorothy Bolden, 40, St, "We wish to repeat," the Bish- Peter parish, Nov. 24. Peter M. Frisch, 65, St. Joseph ops stated. "that we deem classi- parish, Nov. 24. fication of films necessary; we Mrs. Lena Korpf, 73, St. Mary par- ish, Nov. 23. can Radio has warned against would urge self-imposed classifi- Emil St. Jules, 77, St. Mary par~ reprisals against the Congo Re- cation by the industry as not only tsh, Nov. 27.' f r i s f violence cam" CRYSTAL LAKE -- Mrs. Cathryn public 0 cr me 0 - feasible hut also as the sole pref- Babcock, 64, St. Thomas the Apostle mitted by a few Congolese troops, erence of free men. We clearly parish, NOv = 23 Th- radi~ commentwas oc ~regory r.rommgnam, mmn~, ~ . u " envision, nowever, an unuers[ann-Thomas the Apostle parish, Nov, casioned by the murder earlier able popular demand for manda-21ELGIN Miss Mary Irene Kell', m November of 13 Italian air- tory classification should the in- st. Mary parish, Nov. 26. men serving with Unitea r~auons dustry refuse to regulate itself" GALEN.A- Joseph A: FeUenzer, ' 8U, :~t. Mlcnael parlsn, i~ov. zo. forces m Kmdu in the Congo 'Vh,~ l~i~hnn~ t~n denied "that LA SALLE -- Thomas J Her* The Vatican Radio commenta- --~ y-:?-r~. ~--. "7" fron St. Patrick parish, Nov. 17. ciassl[lCauon is censorsnlp De- MCHENRY.--Harold H. Bell, 55, tar said that lUSUCe must De om~ ,= it ~ o ~entiMlv a ,~rr,~-aer st. Mary parish, Nov. 26. satisfied He added that the ex- ":" ,'~,~ :'~"~: J MOUNT CARROLL---David Taets, ' . . . OI parental aumority. ~17, st. John parish, Nov. 26 nresslons of mdignatlon over the NORTH AURORA -- Joseph ft. ~-~n A~ h~-rd throughout Parental Authority weistroffer, 60, Annunciation par, Lxizl~ata ALL~-~ =~,~ ~ ' ~ah Mr~w 96 tewh orld "do honor to human- "The sophistry of this asser-" 'ROCK'F{}l~V--Francis M. Corley, ~^ th.~ A~,~|,~,~A "i~ exnn~ed 62 St. Mary parish. Nov. 26. . n:y. ~*m*, u,~y u ao,~u, r ~ Lr,-= Anna G~r,v R7 .qr P**trlcffi v-, But, he continued, it m r~ot first by the eqnahon of voluntary parish, Nov. 22. Mrs. Anna Winning, 87, St. Peter honest to blame a whole nation industry classification wlth man- parish, Nov. 24. or race for the crimes of a few datory classification imposed by ST. CHARLES -- Charles L, . Franck 83 St. Partick parish, NoV, persons prone to violence and the states; secondly, by the mls- 20 ' ' urged on by a propaganda of ' ' hatred . . . It is not Christiarl to s I tmteered for the job neral Mass and burial took place T,m~dav morning November 28. of supplying "guidelines" for pub- "They need the guidelines of tical program the parish commit-abandon a nation to its tremen- STRANDELL required "T. S. Eliot is reading in most Japanese universities," ex- Tl~e -son-of Joseph Cichozki and lic servants, a nation of decent, responsible, tee will offer the services of an in- dous difficulties and to its destiny plained Father Bicker, "and to use the distinguished poet-philosopher Frances Ruby Cichozki, Father This point was made here by concerned citizens," he said. terraeial panel of speakers for because the blood of a generous MOTOR SALI to bring the students to a closer understanding of Christian culture is Cichozki was born Angust 12, Father John J. Reedy, C.S.C Father Reedy said the special parish society meetings, provide people has been shed on its soil. well worth any effort. 1864, in Chicago. He attended the editor of Ave Maria magazine, in duty of the Catholic citizen today pamphlets and materials on the The expansion of Christianity and ~ HARDWARE We Lead-Others Follow Redemptorist college at Kirkwood, an address to a midwest region- is to recognize and make a part Church's teachings on race rela- civilization would not even have ~ HOUSEWARES P .I r~ . . ,e~ I IMo and completed his philosophy at meeting of the Catholic School o[ public opinion "the social as- tions, and establish contact be- begun had missionaries not re- family uoclors to peclallze and theology courses at St, Fran- Press Association. pacts of Christ's teaching." tween minority group families turned to the places, lwhered" their Free DeliveriesM HighBoughtGradeandUSedsoldCars cis seminary, Milwaukee Father Reedy said that "par- Robert G. Hoyt, editor of the and the parish brothers had been kil e . Open From g A.M. to 6 P. NEWARK, (NC)--Ever woiider what became of the old fashioned He was ordained to the priest- Catholic Repprter, ne:spaper :~]i Ill Man. & Fri. Till 9 P.M. |[| 1213 New York Street Aurora | family doctor who was nudged into the medical background by the age hood b Archbisho Quigley in r- -J z I 1 the Kansas City dioc se, u g I .-, ^a~= .-=o= !11 24 N Broadwa TW 221 II 1 of specialists? 1907 fo~ythe ArchdiPocese of Io JuuH] ~ ~ the students attending the meet-El PERNA I'LUK IlrtN[ II II o w I Well,At St. Michaels hospital here and at fourhe's going to become a specialist, tOO.other hospitals in the cago He was serving as an as- RIVER FOREST, Ill (NC)--A ing to try to understand the I ~, ~rt, t~~ sistant at St. Nicholas church, guide to Catholic academic and facts behind the news, b.o.!h as l SHOES Aurora, when the diocese of Rock- professional journals, including a re,po.rters and as mature elhzens [|ll FOR MEN Ill BOB TOSSING'S I/ll I I~ADIh/I/ ~ I~II II,{IPO~IIIP II ford was formed in 1908 list of such publications; details If you will bring to yourl, 4w. WItSON BATAVIA PHONE I/I "'% %. " , U.S a pilot project for "specialists in family practice" is planned hy the council of medical education of the American Medical association. He is survived b a sister, Miss/of their requirements for articles; journalism the realization that[! ~ ~ tl t~l ! ^ ! ITV C OIllt~l: If| I rfln$T~r ~e movers | y . - . . "" " "" ' " ~ - ~ nsla- - "' - ' "r-in" to " ~ *a ~r~.-m,J~v -I I The purpose of the two-year training plan is to help offset the grow- Frances Cmhozki, who ~s uvlng[a ns~ oi iore~gn-ianguage ~ra what you are uomg is t y ~ ]i ~/I at Adolorata Villa in Wheeling tars, and a publicity manual for learn how to see what is in frontMORRIS J. LAR$ON NewLocofion I/I ,ca, one ~ong =g,anc, ing tendency of physicians to specialize in a single branch of medi- Ill He was receded in death by' professmnal" journals" has been of you--a very rare gift" to un- I . ' "-'" Ill Storaae cine by offering a top-grade program of medical education for paten- p,~ ra,e a brother the Rev Frank Cich-[published here by the Commission derstand it, to put it into the con-tl Ill .7 El m Watches @ Jewelry Repamng auniun ~ vvm=r .~.=, I, rtvate Kooms tial general practitioners, ozki and'two other" brothers on Journals Academic and Pro- text of the rest of your k~owl-ll Diamonds 9'' ' "%". : """ I/I va,o Kooms ' " " A AVIA ~! aullaer $ fessmnal. The comm~ssmn was edge and experience; and finally, l 23S W. WILSON ST. B T AI' aunaers [ l Greyhound Van Lines Agt. I J:.- ^^L O; k . [established in 1959 under auspicesltO translate this experience andlI Phones. Office TR 9.1234 Residence TR 9-3547 " I/I ,I IllUlalla ,~G~ ,'~,~,to 1 Pros Associauon ds ca able I ~ ~.omplete Kepatr >erv=ce TW 2 9717 Pope John: Erie =s a Journey tot the Cathole s lundersta.ding into wor p I- omp,ete .epa,r =erv,ce I/I TW =.9717 ERNAKULAM India (NC)--AI- ~ of brmgm" ' this" same experience" Ill . =o, .===,o n ' ' . g ]elepnone Tw x/oou VATICAN CITY, (NC)--"What is life?" asked His Holiness Pope C~!!l~aS lo~W ~eli:hs~i~do a~ann, '' FOLTOS BBhARB!Ro osSl B[AoUaT7 .~'/ ~]L iLt~~'C:c' 'A~rer, John XXIII. ~:~ 50i~v0~ La~i:ceRs~te ofl~l~:[i::nf~rote da~r~ut:~ [hop mingy U~mply Stl0P lelep,one . It is a period, brief or long, given to man for the exercise of the through Ernakulam to de Nicholas I in the 9th century, y ' . : It -- CARS tRUCKS SPORTS CARS bigger voice in state and national Beautician'. Luc/le" Lohman virtues infused by holy Baptism, and for the acquiring of perfection and depth of the treasures of charity and good works toward one's neighbor," he stated. "At the end of the journey," he said, "an angel of the Lord, per- haps the same one who has been our guardian along life's long path, will announce to us that the journey is finished. The door to time will be closed and, at the same moment, the door to esternity will be opened. And then begins the true life, in which there are no struggles, no tears, no end, in which there is eternal light and happiness in God.'~ affairs Some speakers asked for more representation in state civil sere- ice and others demanded that the ruling Congress party include Catholic candidates in the coming state election to India's Lower House of Parliament. Comic Book Quality Improved CINCINNATI, (NC) -- A re- view group which found objection- able nearly three-fourths of the comic books it surveyed eight i years ago now finds fault with less than one-fourth. The Cincinnati Committee on the Evaluation of Comic Books reported that its 1961 review of 191 comics published in May placed 78 per cent of them in the "no objection" class. Joan Bollenbacher, research consultant for the committee, re- called that in 1953 the committee classified 72 per cent of the 418 books reviewed as "somewhat or totally objectionable " Emperor Awards Culture Medal KENVER: TOKYO -- Emperor Hirohito has awarded the Culture Medal to Sanichiro Mizushima, a Japanese Catholic chemist noted for his work on molecular structure. Mlzushima was made a member of the EASY CREDIT $300.00 'Wedding RingS| Pontifical Academy of Sciences In August. i~ Exclusive In Aurora At YCW Promotes Road Safety [ BRISBANE, Australia -- A road safety program consisting of a publicity campaign and a study of driving habits was recentlyi ITHEDIAMoNDHOU'-qE[ launched by Young Christian Workers here. : High Schools Needed in Congo Aurora, Illinois LEOPOLDVILLE, The Congo-- A lack of enough high schools in the former Belgian Congo in this country's educational bottleneck, the rector of Lovanium university has asserted. "The government has under- stood this problem and wants to solve it," Msgr. Luc Gillon noted in a speech opening the univer- sity's academic year. The Belgian-born educator said the government is not only trying to recruit high school teachers but also hopes to train Congolese for this work. Prime Minister Cyrille Adoula, was at the cere- mony. "In this country, even more than in quite a few neighboring countries, it is the lack of devel- opment of secondary education that has constituted until now the bottleneck of the educational system," Msgr. Gillon said. "To broaden the network of secondary schools, to multiply them and maintain their quality remains the real means of forming a suf- ficient number of ybung people of higher intellectual and profession- al qualification." (In 1958. about 1.5 million Con- golese children attended elemen- tary school but only 44,000 at- tended high school.) ELGIN STARLITE. You CAN Afford To Give An ELGIN This Christmas! 17 Jewel EIgins s.a, $19.95 cha,g. At Just-- It "Better Meatsat John & Pete's Cut Personally for You" COMMUNITY CASHMARKET John and Peter Gricunas 15 East Wilson St. Phone TR 9-1445 Batavia THE Rexall STORE RACHIELLES PHARMACY 12 East Wilson Street Batavia Phone TR 9-1400 RESIDENTIAL -- COMMERCIAL -- INDUSTRIAL BUILDING 1133 So. Fifth Street St. Charles JUno 4-0296 PARKER'S BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. SELF SERVICE THE BUILDERS SHOPPING CENTER Where Your cash $'s Buy More "It's Easy Parklng at Parker's" LUMBER ~ ROOFING INSULATION HARDWARE A FULL LINE OF O'BRIEN PAINTS GOODYEAR: VINYL TILE COUNTER fOPS SANDRAN RUGS, E. MAIN at 11TH AVE. PHONE JUNO 4-0057 ST. CHARLES 2 West Wilson St. Phone TR 9-3464 Batavia FEED,HARDWARE, LAWN EQUIPMENT M-M FARM MACHINERY "We Service What We Se//" 845 E. Wilson St. Time Payments BATAVIA TR 9-355~ Johnson Funeral Service 9 South Batavia Avenue Crane Funeral Home 222 East Wilson Street NORMAN E. JOHNSON, Owner Office 9 So. Batavia Ave. TR 9-1491 BATAVIA TR 9-1487 MIKE AND ALICE PLUM "Lovely Flowers For All Occasions" 781 Aurora Ave. at Forest TW 6-3500 Aurora NEW AND USED CARS LARK by STUDEBAKER POCUS MOTOR SALES PAUL P. POCUS, Owner 100 and 148 South River Street Phone TW 2-4376 Aurora FIRESTONE TIRES Everything Fat Car and Home ROBINSON'S AUTO SUPPLY CO. AURORA -- Broadway ELGIN .- State & & Clark Sis. Chicago Sts. t Phone TW 7-8468 -- TW 7-8404 Ralph E. Dunley Insurance Agency Complete INSURANCE Service 43 Galena Blvd. Aurora, Illinois Johns-Manville Products Roofing Company Roofing, Siding. Insulation and Water Proofing 219 Woodlawn Ave Aurora Phone TW 6*6479 Sales and Service--TV--Records--Stereo--Wiring ILLINOIS CLEANERS For Finer Drycleaning e Free Mothproofing e Fur Storage and Repair Waterproofing Dyeing Draperies Rugs and Carpets Suedes Formals Shirt Laundry Specialty SANZ CATERING SERVICE Weddings Club Socials Banquets CoffeeCatering Church Dinners Picnics NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER Phone TW 2-5900 Aurora Cash Terms Lay.Away--All Repairlng-Parts 61 Fox Street -- Aurora 1P, V 7-9171 AURORA CLEANERS AURORA ELGIN ST. CifARLES GENEVA BATAVIA DE KALB SYCAMORE CARY Since 1911 . . . you are a stranger here, but once . . MITCHELL'S COLD STORAGE VAULT We Specialize in Drapery Cleaning 129 GALENA BLVD. 800 FIFTH STREET PHONE TW 7-8771 PXONI TW 7-8773 AURORA