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December 1, 1961     The Observer
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December 1, 1961

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] " Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese Vol. XVI--No. 48 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1961 10 PAGES "--, t ii ] / i . J i i i I J i i GIFT SUBSCRIPTION I i l P t DAR ES SALAAM, Tanganyika, E role in an independent Tangan- TO" " ~ NC)--Religious observances will yika particularly in the field of i dim I ii~6~ ~,~i::::i:.:.::iiii!ii~: ~i be a major part of national cele- education Education, he stated, is . u t ~ ~ii::~i~ i~ brations here when Tangany ka his country's major problem, TUg /IIIII I DUI becomes Mrmas 29th independent along w th econorme development. ' ~ i:.i:::~: i:: ~i" !!~ii"- i~ !~ " " i " IIII. VUUhlIII, i: country Dee. 9. [ Church Not Affected It : I 1 : ~ ~ j ~ ~ I i On the eve of independence, the The coming of independence I I,I ~ i i i ~ ~ ~ feast of the Immaculate Concep-l will not greatly effect the Church ~nr,stmas ~,r, t.ara : lnn[]l II tion,thousands of Dar-es-Salaam'slin Tan~anvika, he said It is free e . ~ . . . "-+ " . " : Will Tell ; DALLAS (NC) -- "The eate- and served in our own particular ]~~ ~ [+ Catholics will attend an open-mrlto spread the Faith now and an i ; chist is Christ's helper in the work environment: the home imposes ~~ ~[ Mass to be' celebrated by Africa's lindependent Tanganyika will J Whom The Gift l of redemption." this obligation on us for the mem- ~ ~ g ' ~ ~ ~ ~ only Negro cardinal. Laurean]guarantee full religious freedom. ! ~ T. ,~ o~,~,1, ao.~.o~ bers of our family, and so, too, the ~ [ ['~. ~ ~ ~ Cardinal Rugambwa, Bishop of But the Church will benefit in lLl,[ LI II t,~ Ollll }dll~ ~% % 1 ~ & 4~, t.4~Jll ~ ~ w * * . . - - o o g ~ ~ Bukoba Tan an lka, will offer on nn rtant res ct from m- Is From arlsh It is a dut m comm n t g Y e po pe Amleto Cardinal Cmognam, rapal !p ." Y ~ ~ [ . provme mr me nousenom anu its i:::::: :.:: ::i:: :::::.::::::~::iii:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: i!i!ii:iiii::i::giii:i: i::i:.:.i!:.!i:. . the 2 Iass before the unveiling of I denendence he continued It is Secretary of State, underlined the ~ ~; ~ ~ ~;~ ~;~ ~::~i~;~;~ }~ Pre ~ ' ~ members all that is vital and es- ::~ ~ ~ <~ ~l~ *::~<~:~:~':~ :~+ Independence Monument by-Inowsomewhat harmed by the Alkll V ~d a'~# high mission oI me catecmst ior :+ ~ ,"~ sentiai " ~ ::.:: ~ ~:.;i~:.~i~i~i~i~[{:::~:: ~'::~::~ ~!~'::~::~i~i:: ~::~[~i*~ ~ mier Julius Nyerere, the ilth i fact that many Africans assoei- ~l LJ ff'l~o~k$~ t the ecclesiastical and lay leaders ] + i:~i }iil ~ ii!ili!i ::i~!!~ ~i!ii~i!ili~i::i!iiiii Catholic to head an indeoendentlaf0a it with-tt~o hatod ~,wnr~n ,~ n.^ ~--.:.: ,; + ! In rep v to me quesuon wnat :~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,-~--- ol my ~ c~,~,m ~u,u.v.~. :~:~ :::~ :::: +:::::: ~ M i vernment I I,o, I a,~, eornh, oI Cico.nani ~,~a:~.;~ ~| r can go,[colomahsm.This attitude, he r I Cardinal Clcognam legate of +" " ~"~ ~:~:~ n ; . I reminded of Pope John's wish ~[~ ~ Dee. 7 to Dec. 12 [said, will not carry over into the THE OBSERVER ~ His uoiiness t+ope oonn XXIII m e :::::*::~::::: i~ ~, - era of i, de endenee [1260 N Church St ' [ the fourth Inter American Con-[that the CCD be in every parish ~/ ~+ Organizers of the lndependencel P " r Ill " n " . ' observances--to last from Decem- Was U N. Territory Rockfo d n gress of the Confraternity of Great Contribuhon . " u un J " OPEN HOUSE AT NEW CONVENT--An open house will be held from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, Dee. 3, ber 7 to 12--are stressing that the A German colony before World Enclosed find $ for ~ I ~nmsuan ~oc~r~ne nere, op~neu[ "Your parishes, it is true, are at the new St. Patrick convent in Rochelle. Construction of the convent was begun in 1960 and it first days of freedom should be a]War I Tan~anvika was a United u tile congress Tim an auoress ~ov m he ' u subscriptions to be sent as Christmas n ] "I composed mostly of simple people was dedicated Oct. 5, 1961, by Tho Most Rev. turns T. Lane. Pastor of St. Patrick parish " t time of peace and gratitude to I Nations trust territor" under n z~ and closed ~ Tim anomer an- u ion" mothers Y Gifts to the followin,'; n [ ~ ~. . I of ordinary ed cat . Rt. Rev. Msgr Leo J. Keenan God. /British administration from the m e, ui ess Dee i l n bus w~th their household tasks, i ' ' n [ " ' ' Y " " -- - In a joint statement welcom'ug end of World War II, until in- : n Praises Schools ]fathers and sons engaged in their ~ ~ independence, Tanganyika's Bish-[dependence. Name ~ ] In his opening address Cardinal daily occupations and jobs that ~ ~.-.L. ~ ~P~ ~ ~ ,~ =,~m ,a~m --L ,~L Aa~m ops urged the nation's 1,500,000 The Church in Tan"an,ika is u n J Cicognani praised the parochial Iare hard and often monotonous,",~'~ lr [ n. ~.i m ~ t~ ~rn .w ~ff Catholics to take the lead in the[ oa ,hr h ~6 ~rch~i "' 'Address [ I school system in this country. He[Cardinal Cicognani said. . Li, ~1~ ~| ~ ~111 ~1~ ~1~' '~1~ ~il quest for nat!onal unity /ancl~d"io"cesesT'~four of" Which"'ar*e n n I called it "the great secret of thel "Yet all of these can contribute,A county me size ot ~;admrnianho~a~a h, -ative -relates Three tate nn I Church's strength and vitality"lgreatly to the development of the j = and Oregon combined ' Wangan'/:~h~'~{ h' ~ ~%io=n 'a~,xiliarv. City Zone S ~ I but asserted "the Catholic schools[Confraternity of Christian Doe-I W ~ ~1~ ~1~ ][ U ][ ~ yika has a population of about 9,- J bishops' There are two i,de- n n I are not able as yet to accept all trine, perhaps incalculably more ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I ~ ~ "]~J"~ ~ ~ ~ 500 000 including 120 000 Asians/.e,dent abbeys ' 'Name " . n I the vouna oeople who would like t than they themselves believe," he[ I[ ~ ~ ~' ~[ 1["~ ~ ~ and 23,000 whites. There are more]v ,~ / : n ; J t, ~*o.a+~'h~m'' I~ddoa / /I,IJ /~J~liw wv ~m~ I~~=~,thantwomiilionMoslemsandan.t ine coumrys t=amoncs are .- "+--" ~ il ." "- served by 1 098 priests -- 245 ot Address n I "Hereit fs that the most el-I Next in the order of What canj " + ,p . / n . roxlmately 500,000 Protestams A mem nanves -- aa~ Kromers ann n I ficacious Confraternit, of Chris I I do~" Cardinal Cico~nani said [ CHICAGO (NC) -- A total of umbrella movement interested,whether the candidates from our majority are pagans. / ' n,- e, i zt~ ~lsters. ~viore man ~,tr~ n n,112 Pa alVolunteers will be prlmailly in getting lay apostles diocese enhst as members of n Orderl Transition ;,= 4= ' t:ia,n tian Doctrine enters into ac-/ It is clear that your efforts mustI P - I I. - - - " Y " [schools educating over 200000 stu- n ~"" : I tiou," said the Cardinal, who for] aim principally at raising the [ working in Latin America by l into Latin America.' ! ~epena, em, se.nmng socm~!es or i Independence here is not ex-t dents are operated by the 'Church w n e Rev John J mrou n me diocesan senmng ot :-. ,; : n I 25 years served as Apostolic nele- [standard and the training of the early 1962, th :J Father Considine stated that 40j . g ":!pected to result in the disorder[ ~ e.;^ [ u t, iver s r~ame n I rate to the United States I teachinu nersonnel " t Considine M.M director of the I.~ ,ho ~ i~i.atoa i. l gamzauon, m elmer case, an Otl a ,~.~ot.o . ;.= o,I *mlganyma a-~ me .~ ~tt.:au i A dress of Giver ~m J Cardinal Cicognani then set[, "The fi;t and fundamental pre- Latincatholic.AmenCaWelfarebUreaU,confet ence,Nati nalsa]d fouri dioceses and 72"ini "36e N ther I USrth sormg.Sh UldcostsSeearet ltsuppliedtha! thebySpon-di ~ave "pl'ag~ "the'';e~gh~bo['~i'ng l~ :u~:nt~:ta~:a~ ~aut/VL~dmaal~g d ~ n . I'forth the purposes of the CCD, requisite must always be a solid,' " doceses, with Sees 'n th o t,~ -. on .~h~. ,~ on +n~ Congo since it became free a year r.i~,t tn tha ,~neratl C~lle~@ in ' ". ~/~ congress' ]spiritual formation, which will nere. Central States supplying the larg-j~esa,"+.",~"+" lago Premier Nyer~re has de-/~-re~ 1-960 - - I .- ][.~ ~ )make the catechist not merely a[ These Papal Volunteers or lest number, 62. ] ' . . I clared that 'there is not the least/ .{ f . rapal VOlumeers, . a, . I Purposes oi t~ongress ]teacher, but an educator and anlLatin America (PAVLA) consist[ i i Father Considine then cited the lchance of what happened in their. +~ I e torlV~ ~taust es ~Ihe congress is nt nded to of 71 women and 41 men and the [ fundamental attlactiveness ot {~ ~ a v ~L~ [ -' appestle in the true sense of the ' Y I" ' " [Congo happening here because the[ D~P f-'l~ ra~ ~~ .~ ~~ ]bring home to all -- to pries ts, lword, Cardinal Cicognani said. [comefrom 40U.S. Sees, the. Mary-[ He.gave mese s.tatmncs~lthe personal,idea among)circumstances are different.". ]Iggl ~II~II+~ ~ men and women. Rellglous, to the PP M 'knoll priest' said" at the third na- --~ighty per cent. ot .the rapai. American Cathollcs. Tanganyika not only has greater. ~~~ [ y pe y [tional Lay Mission Conference at ]'From Maine to California we national unitythan theCongo, but Plan to lav lair and es cmll to those who oposes odds Volunteers now in service are in , belong to the Confraternity of Another fundamental of the Mundelem colle T r five occupational categories ,+ ~$lV///l ~ ~~1 pt//J ' I ge. he confe- ' . " " :/are receiving evidence these dayslrace relations here are venerally] 1 $ Christian Doctrinethe rave trainin of catechists he said~ teachers 44" nurses 20 credit " 0 ' I|1~ '1 " " ~ ~l~/[l/]I ~' '~ I[I/IJ~ I " - g g, l ence was sponsored by the Catho-] of a steadily increasing ground- ~ood There is no .resent ",ommu- ~ - ' " ' --" -"llllll'~ "Ill and stark reality, namely, that should be the study of the catech-]lic International Lay associations union specialists, 12; catechefical[swell of interest in service over-lnist ihreat ~ ~ i .ornersmne ~ the people tc be saved the chil- ism, itself. I Father Considine stress~l thai specialists, 6; and aocial service seas " he said "- - dren and outh to be instructed The Cardinalto sed two he Pa al Volunt,~,~r off,rt i~ [workers, 7 I ,/ " I l, aee ~ssue l=n P~ t m I I P, u n [ Y,I P PO I t P ~ " I m many cases this service will I In 1959 Premier Nverere spelled I ~ut;v.~ur~u--~ornerstone lay. /he Kev. YVllllS Draalev Ithe non-Catholics in need for the catechist--one a|~l --The Archdiocese of Kansasl . ~ he add I y . lin~ ceremonies for the new 1 . . . . .u~ u~a~ ,~ ,v[ y~, " out nis smnu on me race issue, o ststance, are a multitude, while/humble nun and the other a great /City, Kan supphed the most ed "but there is no doubt of . ,~ a.~,~o ~ ~a [monastery of the Poor Clares, I ~ . i I [ the pastors, the catechists the[pope St Bertilla Boscardin, aI. n n n e,~ [ Papal Volunteers 14; the Chicago ~ I, we I, ~'~:.s~.~ . ;.~ 12111 S Main St will be held Sun- ' ' ' ' m~ z~numc~a ut m,uJy tv ~u uw~-,i 1 WiCKeU man " I~llll~ U~'~AI~ ~A -kD lapostles are but few--and furth-ihumble farm girl who became al I'lOIV I~av /archdiocese 13" the Wichita dio-t fl be eve tact ony a,o )day Dec 3 at 4 nm ff ' n 1 1 ' ' ~a~ ~u u~ m~ va~w.~ ~, can make COlOr me criterion Ior ~',v. ! ! ! I 11 m more the dl lculties encou t teachm Sister and this ear was cese 7 and the Boston archdlo , ~ r~ ~1~,-] g y ] / ']Catholics by the thousands tOthumanri hts Ever thing should/ Officiating at the ceremonies V ered in the practice of a Chris-Icanonized, centered her whole [ Friday, Dec. 8, is the feast. /cese, 6. Other Sees supplied less/spo, sor those who do go " [be avoidegd, he cont'~3ed, "which twill be the Most-'Rev Loras T. . t tian life are much greater now-/life on her love for the catechism, of the Immaculate Conception,than five, and 21 of the 40 Sees~ /Lane The "ro"ram will feature r [ +~. .~ J[. ~,A ~ L~ =i| [adays and the dangers to the]he said. [of the Blessed Virgin Mary /sent out one each. / Imlgn't+lea ,a ma] rl.'~Y, t. ur PeP"[*~-^ Dioh~" ~X~u~cloon high school i - ve " t . ' pie into thinKing mat trm omy ~,= -,-' o ,v %. ~TI:II flClllUI! J U IO II Fa th much mole gra . / The Cardinal quoted Pope Pins and a holy day of obligation. [ Rockford Volu,teer [Sacred MUSIC [men and women who ou-ht to/choral group, a Knights of Colum- I --"From these realistic andlXII who on the occasion of St. t All Catholics are obliged to at- ] ~: "+:'~- ~+-+- K c~ [ Ire-resent them are" those /bus honor guard and Robert '~r,T~,+ m~ ~ ,~mn~ ~n ~--,~,~--.~-,~ lstartling statements of a fact'Bertilla's beautification in 1952i tend Mass on this day. [vo,~=~ u uu~to~ ~,~t.f.r,~ is' *~l~et bi~W YO~l~ t~t;, -- Tne]wi~h a black skin " " /Lynch, Rockford as emcee. ~, -- *,~ ~. ,-,o *~ ~ v ~ " " " i feature a ' ' I /there arises the logical and un-lsald: "This little book has in lt-I Thursday, Dec. 7, the vigil /fi,~ v~,~ v,h,~oo, f,m the/ Catholic Hour wll ] Durin,+ a visit to the US lastJ The new monastery will re,lace l~raoley, pastor ot ~t mary -o~ -"w. -",~,~- .~," ~ - ~, + ~ ' i ~~ ~ j avoidable conclusion, namely: wet self greater value than a bulky en- [ of the feast of the Immaculate ] ai- e~o . n,~,'kf-rd ~he is train ] study of sacred music on threeL,ear Premier Nverere n-i,tedi the already demolished Brou~hton ch wil - r~ ~ o urch, 1 celebrate the twen-I tmust increase the number of ourleyelopedla; it eontams the truthst Concept.on, is a day of fast iing in Cuernevaca, Mexico forlof its December radio programs, lout that there are no Church-isanitarium section of the main ty-fifth anniversary of his ordina- iii::ii!ii:i::iiiili ]catechists, we must prepare them lwe must believe, the duties wet and complete abstinenee assignment in Peru ' [ Guest narrators for the series I State difficulties in Tan~anvika ]buildin~ tion to the priesthood Friday Dee. ~ ibetter, we must give more impe- must fulfill, the means to use tol This year, Dee ~, the feast,2~ . ' / :'lHe also "raised missionaries forI The new eoncrete block and ' ' +~ '- - "~ ~ 'sanctif-" ourselfs What i "~-r el " 1 --xne Jarges~ numoer oI eapa /enfineu ~acreu music rnrougn~ e I tus m me mmauves ann or anl y s me e oto[ me lmmacmate Con e 8 .ii::::ii::iiii~i;:iii:.~<~i~::~i~i~:#~i::~:~:~,g " c ption " ",their contributions to the devel- face brick building will be in the "A Mass of thanksgiving will be I [zations dedicated to Christian greater importance on this and a holy day of obligation, /V ~nteers,a ee rdi~ng t hdls~rlbu'/the Ages, will be Father Peter opment of his country. /form of an L with a two story ,: trainin " earth~ Blessed Bertilla had falls on a Frida and there ~'"" "~ ~ "'~ " Peacock, 0 F M, of Oxford Eng offered in St. Mary church Sun-t ~~11 [ g' ] . "," "-'- - ] Y' ' " ]si-ned to Brazil There are 23 as/ " ' " In an interview with the)wing in the front and one-story nay uec+~ o at, i ~o a in wltut" nm/t ~l~:'++~ /~ m~- m~l""- c~umn~ ~; auur~aa m~l"- '+'U'l~ -++ lunnerstood this and it created her]/ fore, the usual Friday, ab- r] "~s o +~-'on" ':|land, and composer and conductor N C W C News Service he said]quarters in the rear previding 70 :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::.:::: - Sl ne t m x1,zo to reru anu Excellency, The. . Most Rev. Loras !~:::::,::::::::::'~::iii! ::! :.iii :: ::::::::+ :.:~iliiii::i::iiiii::i::.: ili: dinal responded to two questions, nappmess ! stinence ceases, and meat may 15 to-Chile= "The-:remazmng' " 21 are C. Alexander Peloquin. [that the Church can play a major[.rooms for the nuns. T. Lane, premding. [ ~i~ ~+i~+~ ::i :: ::i~ ~ ~~ i /-- Am I called to do something Christ s Helper be taken on that day. f assi.ned as followa, British Hon- :!~:: ~i::: ::!i: .: :~.~ . . o ,~ At 12:15 a social hour will be[ ++~++ii+++++++P+++++P++il ~ [for the Confraternity of Christian[ The other model cited by Cat'-l [duras (9). Colombia (4). Ecuador ] % A/I I I ~ U I~ I c'r" C I~ ~ D O r" held at St Mer rector and a Doctrine9' h ca Y Y . / ~ t " .' and "W at n I do. j dinal Cicognani was St' Pins X, ]~ 1(4) Bolivia (2), and two are un- VV I LL. lXl Oi o ix L 1 30 dinner will be served at the, : ' " ] i:ii~~i~l [ Need Divine Means Ipatron of the CCD who for eight[~ 1 &I m ]assigned. I Elgin country club I Fr Bradley attended St Jamesi ~~li / Cardinal Cicognani underscored years explained the catechism to ~osDeIs N01 Father Considine said that 47 i,i~l~l'~'~J TL IIC~ f '~L.! I'~ i~'TJt~ ~ ~'~ ~ and'St Thomas schools i~ Rock-[ u~ + / the serious conditions of the times [ !ne populace o t rmme game.rea/ n of the 112 Papal Volunteers are1 I--ll ]lNIt "nKI /l"ll,~ t r . .~: ~ .~ ,~ ,~,~ ~ ~r~ut,~x| ~ in me courtyarus ot vatican ulty. I . . n members of four indenendent iav i m m v v ,~w m v ~ - - v--- -, ,I- - ioru ~t Amnrose couege uaven-[ l-- me worm is in peru, pernaps On the Iole of the catechist IIIR~,~.~,~ Lm L.~,~ I . e ."l port, In. and the North ~erican[ant at St. James Church, Belvi-[greater than any other in the long[ " '/IVll~lq$ IIlMUIV .[missionary sending soc!eties: the[ i -~. r ~ ~r ! t rl : xl L -I -I colle'~e 'Rome After his ordina |dere and in 1944 nastm of St !histor- of mankind" t;arainai ~Acognani saia: 'm suo- / Association tor International ue- In Tne i.~locese OT KOCKTora, $cor~ or ~.dsrm~ ~ Hu~nyry u~l~;~u uH you gion ~n'1936, he was appointed as:/Paul' the Apostle chVrch in Sand-/ "Though we have the comfort-/ rdinati n !o the!sh priest who] 1 nu velopment, Paterson, N.J.! the to lighten their burden of physical want, Won't you help by con- ' " a oi ed occupies me OIIlClal cnalr ot ~-rall ~vlovement L,Ovelanu u ; ~sistent of St Patnck church, Am-/wich. In 1957 he was pp nt [in" assurances of Christ of an/ - / a MC le CIIIT ], I ' / a" r f St Mar church El-in,~ ~ catechetics he continues and ex- ~md~U~l'~ dP~Jl~lll [the International Lay Auxiliaries tribufin" to THE CHRISTMAS BASKET FUND I~OR IllI= POOR? " noy m 1~,~o ne was nameu assist- p sto o . y ~," " " ' / exentual trmm hhe said and , ',P,/tends the magisterium which is of Chica,~o" and the Re,ds Col- -- -- ]have also the "serene and spiri!-[nothing more or less' than the[ NEW YORK (NC) -- Catholic]lege Lay~'A'uxiliaries of Boston: / ~.~,f~:~.~ ti~.~.~.~.~.f~.~.~~~~~ ual example of Pope John, it r 1 n l G Indnnln nr ( r nfed I [pod gaton of the teachings of t doctrine "does not demand thatJ The remaining 65 are being sent [ ~ : ~ ~ .: ~ ~ ml.~vm- Ivn u= vv "v ~ . Imus[ de reauzeu mat "mere nu'/Jesus ! -. ~ | v ' ' ~we regard the Gospels as eye out oy rAVbA diocesan senomgl .-. . ,~- / . ,- A r~t .' l: ~:: :::.: : .~:~ Iman means are not enough: we/ r * "~i ' -i -. ~ L, nrlsTmas DaSKeT tuna ~,n-i~ m:~::.:~::: ~ ,~ Ivw /+e +o+ +s + oe'i ,o++uon +,+ need the divine' 'w tness stenographic records of[ " i . ~+i~ : :~ Offering of Dan ork The divinemeans-areindicated work of redemntion" th, CaP exactly what happened' a pnest- All Should Be Happy ~t Diocese of Rockford I ' " catechist is Christ's helper in the ' . ~ . : !:. . . ' V,"~ "~" . ,~ " :~: ::":: : Ihe continued in the teachings ofldinal said theologian s~ald here All of us should be equally]~ ! VA'I*IUAI~I UI'I"Y tl~4U] -- HlS termg wlm a prayer on conm- . ' .- " - t ha ' " I " :: ' Christ the writings of the Apos- He warned that the role of the, Father Edward J Messemer ppy, he stated regardless of~{ 405 Summer Street I I mouness rope oonn 2kAlll ,as tion mat ne nas"a contrne,7, ~,~ :~i?:l I.anf*a ina-1 m ,~ver I heart" j ties, me alrecuves ot me popes: I catechist is fnll of disappoint- [ S.J Fordham university theology ~ !~ I [ r, +"~ "~;.~ ,"% ~" " ," that is, that every baptized person ,~o.+~ a~m m a ;t; nrofessor told a lecture audience n n,~n / i~ RoCRtorcl, IllinOIS,~~::~: [ WAd driers nls ual~ty WOrK tO I &AA~.-II~O9 U I&LI',* U &~ 1 ~ O el~llU ~ ~ *,~ [ J, LI ~ ~ i~ g 9 ~ : I An indulgence is the remlssmn l is bound to spread the kingdom of[ and that he will perservere in his]at the university the evangelists Leg Ion r'leage i t God of the temporal punishment due God on earth h f '~ ', I work only with faith and con-t ad no intention o presenting a "w" ~ ~ u '+~, I enclose m, offer n" of $ A decree issued by the ~acred~ to those sins whose guil~ has neen " i in Parish fld n mere historical record " He said IO Be Kenewea K - ~, g Apostolic Penitentiary," high lforgivenl. " either" by the Sacrament ll ssas s [+ e ce. [they wanted to "testify" to and l~ to heir bring halaniness to Christ s' poor I :::!::~:i. :::::i~;~!ii~ii!!!ii!~!~!iiii!!i!iiii~ii! i:~:: ! .: :ii!ilI : :ii!i:: . t f A of t;armnai Ulcognanl traceu orlet-I~ ~ - ~ :': m Church court that deals with in- of Penance or a per ect ct ~ :conve, the incredible Good News 5undo, ] [1 ~ I : .:::.:: .- .r - ~,~ f I,~ '~ m v ~ ~:x dulgences, states that a plenary Contrition. They are plenary--re-ly the.hlstoryof t!m Confra!ern,ty[ . ./. [that in Jesus Christ God hod l I~ ot Christmas time. .~ indulgence may be gained once mitting the whole of the temporal]?~egra~t~ana~pC~mh~a~es~ ~at ow] //2 tilts issue !definitely entered history, w~s Catholics throughout the nationi~ a day under the usual conditions punishment incurred ny a sinner victorious and offered all men a " ~ " " '" ~, ro~h.~i.~, h ~t~. ,hol. a~. ~---or ,~artial remittin,~ ~art of thelin France in 1560, how it was re-[ I will renew the pledge of the Leg. 1! Name I iii::ii:::-::::i::::::ili::7::i~::::i:::/:i ,-~ --,~,- -.-o ,--. ,-*-- : o' t-,~, r Re i a ~ snare in Ills victory . :::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : ': ::::::: qu esc nt ~ 1 :::::::::::::::::.: - rived b Pope St Pros X and h- on of Decency, Sunday, Dec 10 ~ work -- whethel manual or in- punishment. ] Y,- - [ 'nail'" i""~r'~orated into the code World News 2 They did not hesitate to modl- .~,- - i! I ::::::: teuectual -- to tioo in me morn- Purnose of the new Vatican de ! y ,~u v ] It ha --a V---" a^,~:,~ :-- a On me silver anniversary of the~ - ~;~J~:.;~: ~>:::":- I 1~ " ' L! n[er ~lue ~ll dud L dHU alley UeLdLl~ 111LII~ ~ I ~'.O.~.i:i: ~:?~:i!~ili~!~iii!~#i : :: mg to canon law, are confession Pope by Women's Page 6 ample, a study of such intention- Le~ion by checkin~ the moral City |iiii!i::::i::ii::i|i:-iii:!!:i:.i:::?.::::~::~i~i~~- . ~| "~ and Communion within eight days sirin~ thai Comin~ Events " 7]al variations as the parallel ac-,~ -: - - -~ t - " I~ ~ ' ~' ciassltlcations It gives ann men,I prayer for the intentions of the more -re~ Family Clinic 7 counts of the Sermon on the ~t ~~;~~t~~~t~l~~~~ Pope, and a visit to a church rated ~y May They Rest" :::: 7 Mount, the cure of the centurion's oy tollowing them. 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