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November 24, 1961     The Observer
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November 24, 1961

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1961 THE OBSERVER WORDS ANO WORSH,P 1Priest Needs Church: the an ISome Smoke ,licated history of ideas and words has been not confusion but im-iA By FATHER JAMES O BRIEN lated into Latin, this same phrase was carried over directly from the ' nd ( ,eta It Did you know that ideas have histories, just as men or nations do? Greek with a minor spelling change: Ecclesia. ~overishment. Thus, we say today, St. Patrick church (Kirche,l I say this because today I'd like to try to trace the history of an idea; And so, in various forms, this rich idea has been carried down in Kyriakon), and the Roman Catholic Church (Ekklesia, Qahal Jah-I LIMA, PERU -- Maryknoll the idea which lies behind that so familiar syllable: Church I the various modern languages, all derived from the Latin. In Italian: You know that when you say: I'm going to church, or, 'TheiChiesa; in Spanish: iglesia; in French: eglise. And what about Eng- weh). And we lose the impact also of the words which Jesus spokelFather Robert V. Tobin made his Methodist church is on that corner." or, 'St. lish? Here is where the whole problem comes up. to Peter: "Thou are Peter (Petros--rock) and upon this rock I will,paint the hard way here last The word we use today to refer to this idea; the Assembly of the Lord, is Church. No resemblance to Ekklesia at all. It resembles rather the German word: Kirche, meaning: a Church building. The German word in turn derives from another Greek word: Kyriakon; meaning: 2~he house of the Lord. This word, Kyriakon, has a rich Christian history itself, drawn as it is from the word Kyrios or Christ. jBut, as we have seen, it does not carry the associations of community or assembly which echo back to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai Lose Impact Are you thoroughly confused by now? The actual results of this cam- Peter's is the largest church in Christendom," you are unwittingly and unfortunately losing the back- ground to one of the richest and most fundamental ideas in religion. How did this misfortune come about? Well, it is all a result of the language bar- rier, and not just one barrier, but many. The whole situation began in the Sinai desert, where Moses was addressing the assembly of the people of Israel, telling them of God's revelation of the Ten Commandments and the rules for worship. Now the Hebrew word for assembly, or community, was Qahal. The word is first used in the Bible (in its religious sense) in the 12th chapter of the book of Exodus: The Lord said to Moses: "Tell the whole community of Israel: On the tenth' of .this month, every one of your families must pro- cure for itself a lamb, one apiece for each household . . . you shall keep it until the fourteenth day of this month, and then, with the whole assembly of Israel present, it shall be slaughtered during the evening twilight." This describes, of course, the beginning of the Jewish Passover cele- bration. ;HARING OUR TREASURE build my Church (Ekklesia). What Jesus is really saying to Peter is this: "You know of the Chosen People with whom God made a Covenant at Sinai. I am go- mg to make a new Covenant, and you will be the new Moses, the leader and foundation of a new Chosen People; one which is not limited to a certain race of people, but one which reaches out to the very boundaries of mankind, embracing all people in this loving invitation. This assembly will offer a Passover Lamb, just as the old one did, but I Will be that Lamb, that Perfect Victim whose blood will bind this Covenant." What's in a word? Quite a lot, sometimes. week. Recently the young, Marion, :Ohio, missioner complained to his altar boys that they weren't put- ting enough incense into the thurible, the vessel in which in- cense is burned during Church services. Young Pedro, an imagi- native eleven-year-old who thinks for himself, came up with a solu- tion. During Benediction the next night, billows of black smoke and a rank, pungent odor rose from the thurible Pedro was swinging. After the choking irritated con- gregation filed out,-Father Tobin demanded an explanation. Re- in plied Pedro, innocently, "You REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN, PH.D. 'another Church' but was the one Catholics; that all the Fathers started a spiritual chain reaction, said you wanted lots of smoke IUniversity of Notre Dame) founded by Christ for the salva- and Doctors of the Church were Now she, her four children, moth- Padre, so I just added a few You've heard of the "chain re- tion of all men. She became a de- Catholics. In short, I perceived er, I and my three children -- old rubber bands to the incense!" nine in all- are members of Christ's My.stical Body. Would "Sanctuary " the custom of al- mat the chain rea.ctlo,n, could lowing churches to offer preSet- spread to all mankind, tion to criminals originated at the Father O'Brien will be glad to . time of Constantine's edit of Tol- th sue Pagan to study the Catholic z r religion ano enaea oy emoracmg Glass Hardware and Pro sea Covenant( ) r a al a whmh will lead excusea Tom nancmg masons u po action" in nuclear physics vout and enthusiastic Catholic. that Catholicism and historical Following the Passover, Moses, under the guidance of God, led the haven't you9 It's what gives the "a i . Christianity are identical . . . . u nc'ng or Loyom . " . commumty of Israel out of Egypt to the Mount of Smm, where God atomic bomb its incredible and "Hence the Cathohc Church is ,~ome oI net enthusiasm must proposed to the Qahal a special "deal, ' a contract; a mutual agree- appalling power. The first nuclear " . - the Mother Church of all Christen- merit, called by the primitive peoples, a covenant,chain reaction was achieved by have. rubbed off on mother, for dam, founded by Christ 15 can- If you hearken to my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be Enrico Fermi and a group of o - . " tur'es before a Protestant denomi- have converts send their name eration in 303 A D my special possession, dearer to me than all other people, though er eminent scientists on Decembe " ' ' nation saw the light of day. With and address to him at Notre -- ] Th~s ~t I was a ]umor et a private all the earth is mine. You shall he to me a kingdom of priests, 2, 1942, at Chicago univers'ty. ' ",' !, a joyous heart I too embraced the Dame University, Notre Dame, J n~fl~h.S use the acaaemy at the ume ann morner a holy nation When Moses had set before them all that the means they were able to ",faith of Christ and received our Indiana, so he may write up their I D|l~Ol~ first ex had plans for me to take dancing Lord had ordered him to tell them, the people all answered to-- unleashed power of the "-,* ~ ." Eucharistic Lord Barbara has conversion stories. I ANDERSON gather: "Everything the Lord has said, we will do." (Ex. 19:5-8) ploded atom as a fuse to explode masons when l oecame a sam, or. I---- L natea me laea so ilnany morner It was this same community, or Qahal, which was gathered at the a chain of others. By winning a -, I wouU be !Convention in Snrin 2 to 4 on the theme, "A World to J PAINT & WALLPAPER foot of Mount Sinai, where the covenant was formally ratified convert you may start a spiritual mane a oem wltn re.e: . o t- ~ Win for Christ."I 1o2o West State, Rockford Then, taking the Book of the, Covenant, he Moses e d oud chain re ction " ' l" went m boyom acaaemy next MILWAUKEE (NC)--About 14,- A special~college.level meeting I Scrdens and Windows to the people who answered All that the Lord has said, we will many converts into the fold u: will be held at Marquette Uni- I ' ' " i th Thisis illus year u~ mgn scnom smuems anu varsity on March 2 and 3. I Made or epaired heed and do. Then he took the blood and sprinkled t on e pea-- " j ple, saying, "This is the blood of the covenant which the Lord has tratedin the ~~1 "So I enrolled at Loyola and l adults from the Midwest are ex- ~ J in our own shop. made with you in accordance with all these words of his." (Ex. conversion of ~11 soon was the study of thelpected to attend the 16th annual A windmill, the perfect example " Free Customer Parkm Frederick B ~!~!1tt;atnouc rengmn ror me nrst z4:7-1~) Roots Of Idea Pike noted pro~i i:i~.~~ time in my life I'was stirred andlWisconsin Catholic Action Con-'of the English variety owned by,- a w h teaser of Latin ~!~~ fascinated by the intellectual ep- vention to be held here from Feb i Hilaire Belloc is now m'eserved t,wn Needs The Assembly the Qahal of Israel was now the Qahal J h e ~~~1 roach t the Thai sub'ect of "as a memorial to him.~ I we 3-0267 the Assembly of theLord. Godhad taken tohimself apeople, a cam- American . h)s-~lPr tw hi h the .:suits~ ene.~ /. ~ ~ munity. Throughout the Hebrew Old Testament, the phrase, Qahal]mry at [,~otre ~~[[~-~,~ ~.c ^ :~ ~ ~ ~p~: ~ [~'~"Q~" ~ d ~i ~J ' 1 " h uame x wean t " up. ~.~y .~u ~, ~u.u auu,~--~ Jahweh recalls both the first gathering of the Chosen Peope m t el "; " ~~lin" reason for ever- article of ,m:~~ n~n'- ~ !:iii!5 :iiiiii!iiiii}iiiiiii:~:~~ ii:~:j~i}:~ rearea m any ~; Y L'l ~i~~ ~!~iI~ Exodus from Egypt, and the later idea of the people of Israel gath- . ~t ~,~. ~ ~; ]~ ~-I~[~ ~,! ;uted~atth:b~e?~e fwO~r;.Or,sh~rN:gw we have the roots of the ,dea. P~essor re~ke:~r~en'ial~m=oremo~on~fsm. Here I~B]~[~ R t~--~ " " "and none of the family attended was the challenge of reason, his- s~ About three hundred years before the bwth of Christ, the Greeks I--~-~1~[~[~ oUUF~ " "~ I ~cnurcn. lVlo[ner naG, however, a tury ianu uuuJ. ||" ~i~l~VII;: -- i~*:'A~/'~i''~i under Alexander the Great, conquered the Jews (and almost every-, . " f r "has lendid train "H " " ' I~--~l[~[]~[~]l '~1"~ J nigh regara o t p - ow impressive was me one else, for that matter!) and l mposedupon them the Greek }.any ,u ,h h Sisters gave the stu- Church's long histor~ which v, ept I!BI~]~ ~'~ guage. After a whale, these Jews target tnew ?at]ve language ~wmcia dents in Catholic sehoo s back to the days--when Jesus ~IWII~ ! s? had evolved from its original state anyway and spoke and read 1 ~ eJ-i"L Hi- Ji al-n- IR~I~ ::7~ j:wS~lyfG~:kanTd~rel r~g~p~tU~etY:~l~5OeBstCamt::t Grr:ek[:p:2k~g to M :;e:;2; ~Y2~;: ~a:~ur~- ~heJs~ore~Lnof t~e ~;a'~?Gal~le~e |~1~1:1~111~. gi ~ John F. "Jack" Lan -David L. Kluntz ed by the Religious of the Sacred and over the dusty roads of Friendly.Personal Service Greek. This book was called the Septuagint. Heart of Mary Barbara was Judea and Samaria. I could see Conveniently Located Basis Of Problem deeply impressed by the scholar- Him saying to two fishermen, Dial we 3-5409 Our many years of experience The writing of the Septuagint was most important, because when ship, kindness and holiness of the Peter and Andrew, who were enables us to serve you the infant Christian Church turned to the Old Testament for prayer ,Sisters and wanted to learn more casting their nets into the sea: efficiently and within your means and to study their historical origins, they looked in the Septuagint about the Catholic religion. She 'Come, follow me, and I will version. When they came to the expression: Qahal Jahweh, they enrolled in the regular courses in make you fishers of men' (Matt. - ,--- -Lona-glontz Funeral Home found it translated: Ekklesia Sou Theou, the Assembly of the Lord, or religion and soon discovered that 4:19. ) sometimes just: Ekklesia. 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GREEN Diocesan Director Society For The Propagation Of The Faith Seven hundred years before Our Lord was born, the prophet Isaias compared Him to a leper, --for He also would be an outcast of men, and His Body would be so bruised and lacerated, that mankind would turn away from Him in fear and revulsion. There are more victims of leprosy in the world today than there are victims of cancer or tubercu- losis. In Africa alone there are 2,000 lepers. The mis- sionaries under the Propagation of the Faith tend and care for these public outcasts and in numerous cases these missionaries have contracted and given their lives to this most dreaded wasting disease. A Challenge Leprosy still presents a terrible challenge to the followers of Christ. The leper is still an outcast, not only from our society, but from our minds and hearts as well: many of, us would rather not even think about leprosy, so painful is it to our sensibili- ties. "Let somebody else take care of them let somebody else love them." And yet Our Lord made it unmistakably clear that the "sick" meant, above all, the lepers. His own life was full of occasions when He moved among these outcasts comforting them and healing them, Our Lord's sensibilities were certainly as great as ours, but He did not shrink from touching the withered, repulsive skin of the leper with His own hands. Nor were these miracles just chance occurrences. They were an integral part of His gospel, which was to be taught to all men. To The Missioners And indeed, practically every corner of the world to which this Gospel has penetrated has presented the challenge of leprosy to His disciples. It consti- tutes the sure test of whether a missionary practices the love he preaches, and of whether he really be- lieves that the soul is more important than the body. Most of us are never called upon to lay hands on the lepers. But that does not mean that wecanevade the challenge of leprosycompletely. The 1,250 Priests, Brothers, and Sisters who work in the leproSaria are only doing our work for us. In teaching the gospel of healing, they are our representatives; they are obeying a command that God gave to all of us. The Answer We may not have the courage or the opportunity to touch lepers with our own hands; but at least we can love them, and pray for them. We may not have the Faith to see that one sin is more repulsive than all the blemished skin in the world; but we can at least help those who do with our own small sacri- fices. Above all, we can make sure that the lepers are not outcasts in our own minds and hearts. The missionaries who work in the 300 leper colon- ies in mission lands are carrying an out-size share of the burden which Christ placed on all of us. The work is dangerous, and completely without earthly reward If we shrink from even a tiny share of the burden, from even the smallest sacrifice, we run a far greater risk than they. For God may well say to usl "I was sick and you did not care for me," and we will be the outcasts for the rest of eternity. mu m am a mmmm $ |m m m um mmmmuummmmmmmmummmmmmmm5 m i The Society for the Propagation of the Faith 1 507 Avenue B Sterling, Hlinois [ Dear Monsignor Green: [ ' [ ' Enclosed please find my sacrifice for the medi- i ,cal care of the Lepers. S i ,Name S $ | ' Address I i~ S"i Amount $ i i |ilmmmmilmmmlllmmllllmmmmmmmmmululu~lil~lnmuImmulm~q e,