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November 16, 1952     The Observer
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November 16, 1952

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10A OUR SUNDAY VIsrrol~ The Observer Edition November 16, 1952 Urge ace n Wasington -- (NC) -- Discarding of the "rigid, impractical" national origins quota" system in present immigration law and replacing it with a flexible distribution formula under control of Congress has been advocated by Edward M. O'Connor former U.S. Displaced Persons Commission member. "Provision could be made for a joint committee of Congress, or an independent commission of out- standing citizens or a combination of both," Mr. O'Connor explained, "to determine how the quota num- bers should be distributed. If a dual basis of domestic needs and international requirements was used to arrive at allocations, say every six months, we would then be on our way to an elastic, dynamic immigration policy." Mr. O'Connor's views were ex- ~mressed in an article called "The migration Debate and Its Central Issue" in Catholic Action, monthly magazine of the National Catholic Welfare Conference "published here. Mr. O'Connor was an official with War Relief Services--N.C. W.C. before his appointment to the Displaced Persons Commission in 1948. ula a communism must, by law, be 'charged," Mr. O'Conncr wrote He pointed out Germany's quota is 25,957, but that 50 per cent of it already is mortgaged by the Dis- placed Persons Act. He also de- tailed the following quotas mort- gaged by 50 per cent under the DP Act: Estonia, 116; Latvia, 236; Lithuania, 386; Poland, 6,524; Czechoslovakia, 2,874; Hungary, 669; Rumania, 291; Bulgaria, 100; Albania, 100; and Soviet Russia, 2,798. Mr. O'Connor said that the total number of immigrants theoretically admissible to the United States in a year is some 154,000, but that l records over a period of years show that some 50 per cent of the total quotas authorized have been used The writer pointed out that if, as frequently has been advocated there was a pooling of unused quotas, it would make available between 70,000 and 75,000 quota numbers a year. "When all the debating is finish- ed and the dust has settled in the arena, the central issue will be Mrs. Stevens Visits Church Daily To.., ! ...... ? tngs Mrs. Anna E. Stevens entering St. Wendelin's, Shannon. As has been her daily custom for generations, Mrs. Anna E. Ste- vans enters her church to "pray a-while" and "look after things" Mrs. Stevens' life parallels the his- tory of the parish Her brown hair, erect carriage and seemingly boundless energy belie her 85 years. Annually she turns over hundreds of dollars to the Altar The urgency of assisting the vast whether or not we have corrected and Rosary society earned through n mb r the rigid formula of the nahonal n work u e s of escapees from com- . . .,, ..... ".. the sale of aprons and fa cy Ill orlglns act, Mr u t:onnor assertea ,, ,, , mu "sm who have found asylum in " i ' s western Germany western A,,s*ri~ He added that the national origins' she makes wh le keeping bu y. I... ST:. WENDELIN S CHURCH, SHANNON--The history of St Italy, Greece anti'Turkey by a~fford:l fu~t~lula w~l~[em~ionthto Pelag~erusi Mrs. Stevens, a widow for 20 ~9~,a~an'Se%at~l;abee%ntithper:8e~0'~y Thee P~s~n:nchUrnCh, erected in ing them an opportunity to migrate . . p g a a years, lives alone in a home ad- for "h ........ f ew carpeting -- - t e emlre sanctuary, nnoleum in the a 1 ,,. it is uomg us m a worm where we Is es and vestibule and a and join the forces of free men ........................ J joining that of her son, Walter. Inew oil furnace The ~-,, v~,.~ ~,r ............... w r t ev can wnrlr and livP in ~ rau t uave too many znenus ] ....... I .... -.~-. --~,~ ,vatsett, cnaplaln at ~t ~'rancls .ine.e ;,n_.. __... ..... .__.; _.__ :_. Pictures oz neT tour enimren and I nospital, freeport, is pastor. Chris Gabriel and Waiter Stevens are ~l, g mty, is stresseu Dy Mr. n..f-_ J'~t V__~L several grandchildren are promi-/lay trustees. (Polaroid one-minute photo) u~onnor.o ..... i ru 3u vr ~unn nently displayed in the living] ,~ne unta[rness .o,z tnelpr~enci Cincinnati--(NC)--"Old Mother[room. A special place is reserved [ ~'.~'~:~.~..f..';~"~ ~:'.."~^~'.'."~"~ I Earth is more sedate now than she l for the picture of one granddaugh- / & Jl~ ~ j ... :a~:'..~'~' ";;,~"~.~'~:~.~'~'~'l was l5 or 20 years ago. Butthere,slter Sister M. Helen AnnLfirst||~ ~il~dWll~lt~Wl~ [i'~" ~~1 h~"Mr' ~2~,~ns~r"'~-~'ann~%~a,~:~ In predicting when she will break member of the parish to embrace/~'" ~n~,~l~l~ll~l~ill~ q~' ~U~I~| ~. : .... :. v~:: ..... :'~ "~":'~."-"": J loose again" t the religious life Sister Helen / m. - a ...... ulat unuer me system a total at -- " has in "h " rish s heal * ~ nm ~ ~ r ~ I $ 8_5,57_4 quota .numbers, are alloted I__This observation came rom.Fa-J ~c~nrteac~lle, in~.e pa c a~j ~O~Cy ~rJ ~O~]rE~ a~l~tr~ca ~o ~rea~ ~rltaln, J.Nortflern lrelanaltner victor u. ~tecnscnulte, ~.J.,i ....... / and Ireland. He also pointed out lwho since 1,932 has been in charnel Mrs. Stevens has nau a tun rite [ II~ II~ ! ~z that last year 57,997 of these quota [of Xavier University's seismolo~i-[--a busy life. In fact she is having|~'~~ ~l[~[~r]~~ N~1~lv11~ numbers.were not used. [eal observatory, now marking its]a particularly busy l!fe. now fill-] I~ "Now let us take a look at the|silver jubilee For 25 years now, ling neT oruers tar unr~stmas up-i ......... ~~ ~ . .. . ". . /crucial on the international scene, I criminatory legislation seriously Mrs Mary ~raoow, presiaen~ o~ . r rre t " " " lm -- L- _: .................. |3udgmg f am cu nt deba es m ~mpaxr the exercise of fundamental IL., A ~t, am, ~t, -- ~ /me Altar an(] ~osary ~octety p~y~ l ......... ............. high tribute to Mrs Stevens when ~severai committees at me umted I human rights; that justice demands | | ~ ~ M O | ~ [she says "Whatever" we have been|Nations General Assembly here [that non Europeans be ermitted to m able to do is largely through her " " "letlye i; P ~~ ..... | For the seventh time m succes- g adually toward full par I~ ........ ]etzorts. ~ |sion the Assembly is eonsidering]ticipation in the political, economic I Read The Advert~ementu" |l| I'1 A W I. ~ |~ [the discrim'na] "o th rYAfritreatment ...... f/and~ culturaz ......... uze at me country; I I11 o~lqP"rl iI~lf,~ IAIP~lnl~[ I[.~~ I ~i~ A IIndians "n ~ u ca. when tne~and that "-" .... tins ev luh I And x... I/I "_':". '.~.'"". "..Y.~."~ I/i~:lhan:l [|J~l tad Hoe Pohtzcal Committee fm-~ ...... o on_requires I SL.............. IJl Soda Water at All Kinds I i~IMI Ikl lU ~ ~r~ lishes with this item, it must next |tHe earnest enaeavors'- of the non- I wno wm Apprecmro Ill ....... I Iconsider the whole matter of the|~urpeans to prepare themselves I .... I/I Tel. Main 21~ I I~1 I *--* --* I,,~,,or, ho~a,, or r~oi~ ~o,,r---qo,,|Ir the duties connected with the I YOUr Patronage Ill .......... II Ill~u~ Imimdllm,ml.,.~n,~lll ~ "z-' ............. s ~s,,- -~ri~hts | - |[I /33 W. Cleveland11 rlnUX I llltldtlUll [policy of the South African govern-[ s ~1 ........ I ment, This item, on the UN agenda/ In South Africa th, ~.,~,mo~,, m.|e . / Ifor t'he fii'st time, was submitted |or white, popula'tlon':~ co-mpr~s~in'~ I FREEPORT HARDWARE CO. It/i-.- ~..--J---,, Iby the Arab-Asian bloc. labour one-fifth of the total, hold d most of the land, wealth and, for , ............... llllllb UllU y [ In both instances, the South[ ..... I .... "_7?_?'::'_ II " ..^ IAfriean government maintains the/a~lit~ra~uea' purposes, the entire | Main 2B6 FgEEPOR'r l[ Galena~Court Isabella rqo. o~z, lUN cannot interfere in matters ofiP . o power, wne non-v:uropeans ,, [Catholic Daughters of America, l international jurisdiction [T--ameans, Asians and Coloreds--- I .. A AI, II .ARRINGTON-'-McKINSTRA II~'i~at~t~t~d~ayla~gvCl~g~ ~3~ap Is Irnna joint statement issued last[enanVe:nl~n:tdnrSh~Tr/:d thy ~o~ ...... ~m, in the Community hall" The ~'p ' g at Marianhill, the Bishops vf [and custom from equal opportunity I IIL ILl ! QUALITY COAL & FUEL OIL I/ " ISouth Afri ...... 'new member~ will be -'uests of the t: ca caueu tar pruaent |to empzoyment and in other social I Main 3130 FREEPORT I~o.., ~, ~+ . ~. ...... , +,, ~,^ h~M " land careful planning and the prae fields I .~ ............ ,~ ............ mltice of charit and 'u " " "| " y ] stme m deal I , , lethe Colonial Inn at 5 p, m.. Mrs. I]n with the racial -roblem in that | Though the non-Europeans are Ameda uangenoonm, grant; re- o ~" at varying stages of social develo I THE HEW BILGER STUDIO I/gent for the State of Ill!nois, tiuntt~Y~ s,}at!n.g, xt is a complex is.[amtent, theBishop,sstatementpoi~P- .... na aumi~s ox no easy sam- ,, I zn==p^o.r,e .,^eT .,^~n. e~-,,,~,^ IlWfll attend the ceremonies oz lnl-[~. ,, ted out, many of them are well I ................. . ~.ov,v I|tiation and the banquet. Iun" . . ., Iqualified to participate fully in I 11 N. Van Buren Freeport I1 wh~ ~.., ~,h;... T We.non.. / in a tour-point summary of tne the social, political and economic t , , I/o,,.~^'~nt^'~k,.="~~" e~'" ~in"~.m'~,aslprinciples which must govern any ! life of the country; some, because , o"w- ~ ....... ,, ....... C is i n 1 " " " ]HomeFree-ort, will address thet( hr t a so utmn of the problem,[they have a long tradRmn of civil- I -,,,u~~nee~n~m,?ie~u "u.~ n~.a.e',v It .~' P. ....... [the statement of the South African]ization behind them, derived from I /ng rl~l~}~,~l~lr/ivn~lIFlrll~ll~ffl~'~l~/ lrmemoers anct guests or ~ourt -sa-[ ...... ~ .... . .... - - o .~ ....... _..... _ ,_ ...... , ~r~zerarcny aeciarea- ma~ uzscrxm[ [their ancestry others, because I Accurate, Prompt Prescription ~ervice I/neua at me lnlUa~ma uauque~ In a tion ba d "x " " " "~" " " : " I/''The ma'or art of the charitable~r se e czus~veiy onlthey nave risen oeyond the eultur I Diabetic Food Sick Room Supplies 3 P " " thezr" " I 15E Stephen,on $tata 133 |/work conducted by tho Court islgl~und~tf, Cnlr's ffense.aga.mstlal. level of people through I ...... " , I]done on behalf of the children atJme g o~ on-r~uropeans to mezrleuucadon. . ,/St. Vincent s and the people of St./~ ~-- Jose h s Home m Free ort Thzs Ur CHRIST BACK IN CHRISTMAS WIr~ I FOR QUALITY PAINTS SEE I] P p . ] UT CHRIST wire I I "^'K........... I/work has been carried on in union/~~-,m~q . _ I I KV , rAl~/ ~U. Ilwith all the Catholic Daughter/l lP_lllkV lll' '[ r r ;1).fJ,ql[ _ll:k l i 2" " Main Tel Main "1 ,, . I/courts throughout the Diocese of/i~I~Bdll~i~i~l~ll~.~di~l u g a I rreepor~ I,,, " " I| ckfrd" 1 / Mrs. Bertille Neuwohner is |Adorn your home, ~our ~._. ,/ll~/c~l A rich red transparen I .... I I _ ~cwncnoy,~ I/-rand re-ant of Court Isabella J Christmas Tree, your-win-~l~]i~,~! background, with deep sun. l . Call For Ill ... ": ...... ".'_'. II " l daws ~nd walls with this i~'7~r,~l~f.~,,'~l[,~[ ',~.(_.~'~i burst etching, gives insplr-' I III ~ Wallpaper and Paint I t ~ / ~~ene2 l'~,~ ](r~ =~ fl[ I~-~ ins reflection by day and. I 1~:: _4_ _ Ill ~ nraoquar[er~I] Recently at a potluck supper/ l)eautifulChristmaswreath-~,~O~b'2",:~l~,/-/~e~.......... I u we ser Ill .dern St,,. ,. ill,st grand regents were honored.] The three.dimenslona, llli~'~'~~ ~:~:r:m"t'~;r~:"~;C~ta'~tV~': I "~"--"'~-:-.-~"""~" III I ~ ~ Walloanarl IITney are: ~rs. Mary Koempel,[ ity Christmas Wreathes. I DISTRIBUTED BY IllIi i~,~r~r=:l- I[Mrs. Mary Eberhardt, Mrs. Math-| areminiaturema.~etpiere$.//ll~/ ,.. tltla 1 " u -- ,, Preep.rt ]and Mrs. Z)orothy Chi]ds. |. ROBERT J SALERNO o.p,. ,o, w. STRELrlr. 14EW YORK !. N.Y., ,)