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November 10, 1961     The Observer
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November 10, 1961

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| , FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 7 a / OPERATION CLOTHES CLOSET] Un the o lCatholic Charitiesl NoYdoubt about it winter is Cigeveland where the ehe~0rlea~eirn ~t~ ~ ~ ~ ca~YoliLclS~aFi~iR:IStaff Satn ~?a f c e~ns:d goods, our free here "The signs are apparently for Christ the King grade school's R L T ANZ: let t~at favor ] The "1961 B,sho s Thanks Iv tion thYene~e 2~lofu~ arned1 recrea- subtle but in reality they are quite ]football team began chanting 'we . E UC,T to let that favor- " P' g" "1 mose'L-; wn~ . ~ member well-defined The timin~ is orettv/want a touchdown" when the op- ire old jacket get promoted to ling Clothing Collection for the/ o nave no names, wno nobler ervie ~ I ul ve . uve in llovels ana wno nave no much the same each year, usuallylposmg team had the ball. s . e. t co d pro Irehef of the needy overseas, xsI ~h.~. c a messing to some xreezing in- + occurring between the last de- A prehmmary examination of ]again sending out a plea for help .# . ! ~{ct~ue~e~!~i?b!~o~hi!i~i~ir!!itli!x~h i~i!~h~dii!l:e a~!r e~! ;~ha~y~ i! ~ni~iin~ e:he~, aed~; ~! :~ese~- /~:l~ecty:'u'' s:h: :::;a~2gl:~:~]tmLrSYurr~gfYiii~gi?~in~in!Sam~ COMINC EVENTS O+or,omo ,ma+ ,clot o. co, ec,e, ive Another unmistakable iMication]Peru, as he watched four ducks [~ ~ ~ ,~,~, r ~,m ,shield hundreds of thousands of/~ ' : is the ever quicker lengthening of]splashing merrily in the water I~U| |~t,$| lilt I I Ithe ragged people, the undernour-Ii:mm|h, I=~ AUROKA ]cmDrooms. [ LOVI~ rAl~tt l I~OV. lz--~amer ratty Irom ~ shadows which scurr, into thai ~,~:-, ,-~ v; I lished and the sick j stm ! ! ! ! my /l IICI l Ilvt~ N 9-- " z ' . j ~m.t .+~w -- Nov. 15, 16, 17--Hohday Open[ ELGIN l ov. 1 Chnstmasba aarfrom]to 5 p.m. m Ss. Peter and PaUl ~ darkness of ni,ht before our work / I~,~ ~se,~,~ J In the comin~ da"s millions/~ ~t h m 8 til 2 ' . s " The t;oiumDan missionary ~,j~,11',I ~,U :~ s #, House from 7 p.m. to 10 p each] Nov. ll-14,-Book fair with books[ a.m. un p.m. in St. Bndg[pansh hall--Sponsored by Youngh day i~ hardly ramnlot~ / - -,~,f ,n a,~,; f .n fo,~ho IOOIC Oi' ~au|r ' ff ,rtl 1,oh2, I i ' .-~, .--, - ~ qmcK y couarea me owner ot tlaeI ~, , day at Samaritan plaza of St. from St Thomas More book store church hall Co ee and ros Lad es sodahty t dueks " " t ~;S~:s~it~cy:o~iP2~;1--Sponsored t ZcSiP~7~dby AJj~:~p~nd Ra~y ~:;W:~ ~rom 81: :':'pSm.~'--'S~;:]p N?Vin16~t Tu~ikae # ~::Yhath:l:130 / thoS::dgo~e/eo::?~zeft :utthat,convir ::dhwimthhaa/e~t~erg~rd2] mRg:KtFaOcRn~ t~e hT~k:?d;i"th~ c~i llsetb: :2S~Cukien:usth~ Educatl n Lecture v " " " P " r b leaves are crumbling to the belong in water they didn't nec- missions in the Con o from their for good, wearable clothing and No. 16.19-- Round the World/ Nov. ll--Bake sale at Nails onlso ed y Blessed Sacrament[Sponsored by St. Thomas Pa- . I ' g Ioh.e~ ~ho~h ~. ~ BATAVIA -- 'Family Finances " ' o i~0~r~dd hce!?h ;hf [ od li ~nn~ea!~e~t~mK. n' gr~un~in~rime~wn~itgwni~tiessa~uy~e~ngmn~iywateranub~innini~88~t~958~wi~bef pi)ni I wmi~' ~i ~i fiiT i~!" ui~!(er *t iIsp~r el?~v~g~e n:~ s in Four Days festival at Mad n-E. Chlca o St. startm at 9 a.m.s a ty. tro s club. ' ! tu rec .OlYnr! og Cn iy ,N vl9 a~f pm /~ruilthaatndthb~Yi:ets " " " ii ~t~t~. :!~a~sSl i:~ ~n'~otn~!r!e ~ ~i ,~ C~ffntMa~t ol~ubl feNffa:m1 7~thMba;~eM{~!y~:ln~*~i~.dn~fy~dadh:cb;~!~ii~~i~tiid~i~!:ic~veet~i~:~i~a~!~;~btea~hseh~ei~1 i~i!ilt:ie:~i!!dt;~i!~h:n:naSsi~n:e~U~:c;uiil ' the students, Men's club, Alurrmael Nov" 14 -- "Lohengrin Prevue" [Park town hall--Sponsored by St./Woman s league. I " pa ' g u e . ]y . y. W,ybe yo 're lau p" s . e " d Offer o /and Pestilence strike I Thomas More adult education and Ladies auxiliary of Madonna. I*~ ~-n" ~h ~ ~a no~), i,/Mary parishioners / SPRING GROVE I Even the air around us so ten-/right. An anonymous writer in I St. Francis fraternity, ann mere-I " t career ~ eaKers to a ear ~vion Nov 17 -- Polka Dot Hop fall]~t r. h,~ h,]] ~t ~l MAYTOWN I Nov 20---Fall festival and noul ]derly warm just a short time ago [speaking of points of view put it bars extend an invitation to all to These gifts, priceless beyond be-I. ~- P,PP " ," ~ t /. ~" - "lis suddenl, -rown harsh with the/this way" ]attend /lief of those who have not wit.luay, ~ov. 20, at 8 p.m in Holy aance m cnurcn nau worn ~ p.m. /o m Svonsored bv Altarand/ ~ov. ~z---t~aru party m ~t. t~at-/try snow at ~ p.m. in ~. eeterl # ~ / - + " ~ ~ " " -- " rusthn cold of winter s fla m hen th her fellow tha The movm wes produced b the nessea melr aesumuon, wm oe Cross school here, will be Mr and until midnight with music bY/ osary society./riek hall at 8 p.m.--Sponsored bytparish hall -- Sponsored by/ " g " ' PP" g/ W e ot acts t/, " . Y / I ' ' Madtie Madura's orchestra --] Nov- 18, 19 -- Christmas "Bi-/Altar and Rosary society. parishioners. ]garments as he icily approaches.[ way, he's ugly; noted r emlsn ar!lst, the late couectea, re me cnurcne3 .or Mrs. John Langdon. Sponsored by Holy Name society]zarre,: at St. ThomasMore churChl MORRISON / Nov. 15---Card par'tyin St. Mary/ Here, Then Gone / When you do it, it's nerves ]iGne~ass~7,1t958 mae;::fflbI::rl~aemerl::kSo~ ~ v Pl; stne~Gn~r~ngl Langdon is a Certified Public of St. Joseph parish I-- Soonsored by St Thomas More] Nov. ll-12--Book Fair in church]auditorium -- Sponsored by Altar] Th~r~ zr~ nthor 1~ nn~Ho} When he's set in his ways, he s,I ; ~" Y.]~ +~,~ o,n ~ f .Nov. 17, 18---Rummage sale in Woman's club.- " [hall from 3 to 5 p.m.---Sponsored ]and Rosary society of St Mary ]si~ns.'too-sueh-as+~e last football[ obstinate; /hail, ed as an outstending film on wu,De. S~tO me warenouse ot ": . " ~. "'"'~ ,? American Legion hall from6 p.m. FREEPORT /by Altar and Rosary sadality of/parish. [game' putting up~ storm windows/ When you are, it's just;~aolic omvii:sloniSn .- e "r tha:nm~ill~etsor~t:d~C:Snct ~n~r~ s~ructor in accounting at ~oyoia ~ / ' ' ~ When he doesn t like ,our / e m s .~astm n coin / Y university He is resenfl em to 9 p.m. ~ov. 17 and 8 a.m. to N " ~t. mary .enurcn. ~'r~:r~t~t+ ' " he ~ " " P Y " 6 p.m. Nov. 18-- Sponsored by ,~a~::'alt Tn.~X~nanL?,?l,~::threa~/ PROPHETSTOWN / Nov. 13--Card party in Sacred/s r'rnghi. Utfor avy,oC a 's and] friends, he's prejudiced; land runs for 90minutes. ]f~;shipmentt areas f suffermglployed as treasurer fora large Troop 50 Girl Scout troop from ~i~l~~ sehoole'ea}eter~a~.'~o~sorec~/ Nov. 12 -- Breakfast after all,Heart parish hall--Sponsored, bY/~oots in'ealmost ~or~'otten~corne~[ When you don't like his, you /~ - - a~h~sUV~::u~ Chicago corporation and also Our Lady of Good CouflselN~cah~YasParish.Ha~ly.[bysAquin Alumni jassociat~gn /Masses in parish hall:Sponsored/the] parish. /] f closet or basement But these] l are simply showing good //('OITIITIUniSITIK. o,f ~ubiec[ / ~ 1 !h aces n adulte ucatm e~n-]to sh~p as~a~su~t~ofWthisr:nnua]]keeps the books for the Chicago Nov 19 Cardart Sunda b St Catherine Men s club SUBLETTE judgment of human nature C. Speaker arc " " afternoon in St. f:de:'sa~: a~erHa~l~v~Yss:pecla~Iy ROCKFORD I Nov. 15, 16- Annual Thanks-l~gon: ll~:kgth:r:Ubdlesb:~u~ ~[ When he tries to be accommo-lOf lappe~emmatest~tepo::~tlel ~eUS ~Iters~diThe-aLang~lonsdha-ve-ntl~r~o Sponsored by St. Elizabeth Hun-) . 'I Nov. 11 -- Rummage sale at ]giving festival in Sublette Commu-lho, o ~ l,~.o~ ~ +.I dating, he's polishing the ap-I AURORA--Dr William Wiegel I overnmont d--o~oa f-~ ~. -Ichildren and have long been ac- i " mamas Aquinas senool nail. bpon- 1 r ~ ~ " ~'" # " m",~, - ~, .v ~, ,~ . . . garlan.Lad es Society. ~v,=u~"-'a ~,:,~"" ~o,~,~r"a; s~',na ,"r o~.c+ /! 0 N. Cou t St. all day. linty. . hall w th card party, flrst],~ve --q"'+ +. / when "''p ' ou " it" o 're us] ]well-known local physician, willlnoint~ where we are now heln'vm~" twe m. CFM. and other apostolic BATAVIA 1,1,1. : 1. /Sponsored by Muldoon Edueatmn-}mght, games, second mght. Spon-~ . y an,y u ng ]be the guest speaker at thetto sun~l, the basic necessities ,fI rgamzatlons" Nov. 15 -- Bazaar and lunehoonl~"uma~ ~qu,ua~ w~,~u. ]al association. /sored by Our Lady of Peroetual/ it you naven t been aware or| tact. /~,+,~,c,),m~,o ~ .~1 :~vf, " } ,rh ; ~,+ m ; ~,~ ' NE A - h i s o ,~u~ me to me poor in t~a countries ~,~ ~.tu~r w~. at~xuuo Vtauo in school auditorium of Hal Cross GE V Nov 12 Annual urke n l " them stop take a moment to When e takes t me to do y -- t y di - He p parish. ' assembly annual dinner in the around the world With strife and tical pointers on how to budget narish startin~ at I0"30 a m withl Nov. 14 -- ' Holiday Inn FallIner in St M~rv church hall --I Nov 26 Card ,~a~) ~ llook out and think back. If you re/ things, he's dead slow. [ / ' / r ~, ' --~ -- v ,~ ,~ ou ' IK" ot t: nau nere ~unuay r~ovtc nHict political upheaval, disIme iamuy income ana mey wilt llmeheon served at 11"30 a m and lFestival from 1I am until 5/Soonsored by, St Mary, Altar and lump. i, gt wr h,) "v",'e'~'" ]lucky -vou'll catch the overall[ When you take ages, you are + ' . " " ' ' : - " 1 " " " - .m ,or + ree warm e. erato ' " -- . lz at ~ p.m. His topic will be as~er, tamme and sickness ram- a so outhne a phuosophy of firs~ " " 1 " " ' t t Whe" he ~'ick- flaws ~-'- t ~ommunlsm in ooum america tpan~ m so many areas at metmlngs nrst in me wise use at CARPENTERSVILLE lz annp.m. at ~t. veter cnuren]$1 for cMlaren /society Lunch included /image. it's worm it. / - v ~,-~ ~ t L t t ,^ - - " " / / .+,~,) lne iourm fie Fee oi me lxnl rl[s worlfl, we nave out mnqs omer areas to De OlS- Nov 11 -- "Harvest Top Dance" -- ~ponsoren oy vamoue woman s/ Nov 12---Chicken dinner from,WALTON / To change the subject (or al / #; / ~g g,n / - . . to look a!/ * It'~h k -, '~ ;.~. t+" " " " ' ) ") When "'ou dovnn'r,= di~oriml |0I Uolumnus lvlarquette assemmy/our papers to ooserve some otieussea lnCluae credit ana install m new cnurco nail smrung a~ ~1 a~ ~. re~=, vo-~-. /11 a.m. until 2 p.m. in new St./ Nov. 19--Card party at 8 p.m./most) it's November, month of) -. ( " "tconsist of the followin- councils'/the devastation that h- ~"-*-u^"tment bu"in~' how to figure i,~ w r ' es r HARMON na[lng o ,~ ~,~.a.~, 8, ~, * - p.m. ithE v Coles orch t a -- . ]Stanislaus church hall--Sponsored]in St~ Mary hall--Sponsored by]the souls in purgatory and a good] ' [Aurora Batavia, Elgin Elmhurst'tmillions of people /terest rates, and how to achieve Sponsored by St. Monica sodality Nov. 16--Turkey supper from 5|by Parents' council ]Altar and Rosary society/time to remember in ,our nra-ers,Feasts And P S. / " ' ";! ', - m in S" F'an aris" " -" ~ ,7 r .7 t /wes~ Lnlcagonapervme anu -when we consmer our outgingmusoanuwim harmony in money of SL ~v~y; ;LI?AKE ~Oall~ponsored~ by nS~? PAns: ~ ~mmll~l /th se WhNeh:VL~ekft Oka /sto/pppdngllohngatou~ bt~dreY Un~di;:u/Wheaton, tclosets, our second cars, our t matters. Nov. 18 -- Bakery and linen[society. 1 ~i ,- lulav ql,mv ~t*,~ ,H ~ ~,~ ~ ~ / It's a ":+:~: ::~:::: :~ o " about recent movies the most ~:~;~:~:~,! :~>~:~ : A /~"A":N [ is buried in Mt. Hope cemetery, Elgin. ' ]qu?;:mew; c~mg~: amcte~rliT:d mthge~one and all. I /~] ~ "~ I1Nov. 15, 1924--The Rev. William T. Whearty, assistant at Our Lady[ / / ~--,~r v~ ~ - s . /tnlru Illmlng ol a r anme taurstI / I'wJ~lIlliW/ml'//ll~ II oI tiooct k;ounset Aurora is nurlea in ttocnester P~x / . .~ ,~, / x~,-,) / I ' ' " ' nove~ as smtermg on SnK vvonaer t.aKe lk, vv : ~' l,~I ~ ~t : |lNov. 15, 1927--The Rev. Julian Burzynski, pastor of St Stanislaus] "" "l | ' - - . - " worm a ousnet at ~ermuua onions :::;*~:: '::~::+i::: ~:~::~+::~::::~:~::~:~: : :::::: I/~l~-I ~='-'~'~ ii1~ I! Kostka, buried in St. Mary cemetery, Rockford. / I~:l~c) ~ N~w C)fflc~r~ / I to me meenex corps.' I ;!~;: ~:" :~'~i:~;~:~*~~;~ ~>~!'~> ~:: I':| ~ ~~~"~ :: I, Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the souls of Thy servants, Thy/ I / |~:~t~++i~ [[priests whom in this life, Thou didst honor with the sacred office,[ The unlvers!ty oI wlsconsl.n[ WONDER LAKE -- The Young| ~- came up wnn an Item recenuy in ~ ~ ~ , Ilmay rejoice in the glory of heaven forevermore Amen,IChristian Workers of Christ the| l~~tq~'l~l~ I~- " " /the form of a lament best titled:l r / I,I|"Pitv the Poor Potato He Has King parish here elected officers| I|1 NOW," l/His Troubles, Too " recently and held a badging care-| I13Oio s: i s i ii! t ii i i:/ i i ~ '~, ~ |/problemsl (Sounds familiar). In Y; ,| " " ' '" -~'" ~ -" ~ " treas,rer * ~~ I +u.-u n,r, I/any case, t)e not alsmayeo, ior m l ~',~~ " ' ' ,|1 Tur Iltheir five-year study the potatol The YCW meets at 8 p.m./ " I|1 /nr r,na. a~i~,~av~,~,r~il,~L O/~l~llx I|nrobers have also turned un some|Thursday in the basement of the| ~" ~+~ " rectolyAll young interested +~ ~ DELmaury FUmE~AL tlnME Ill IN AMBOY I[cures for these afflictions. There's[ ". " / ~iiiiii:i~< . ~~ mmmnurtm~u nu sl m, . v. [II |/always a silver lining, ladults are invited to attend. -/ Thomas M Delehant Then of c ur e i h r Friendly- Personal Se;vices i l I. I/, ii ,n H*R * D I/ The Christian Brothers tablewines i ~:: i:iiTR 7-7491 "+ ---- OUR PAINT sieep nn the bottle as well as un the cas - i Bottling is a mild shock to a good table wine The 24 Hr. Ambulance Serv,ce i COLOR MACHINE " I,I ill IJ I/ Brothers give their wines ample time to recover and Oxygen Equ,pped -- Prompt, Eff,c,ent Serv,ce I]1 IIT- I I 111 [] ] -K71. I IIIO+,e, Y.u 000 C*).r, T* I]1 I/ LI II II ]l 7se e ie: aae; n aeicBi:::h::s" NEED EXTRA CASH Serv,ng $|nc bet F.D.|.C. A IS M~HENRY STATE BANK AND MARINE CENTER Prescription Department and Sam/cad to Satisfaction." UCENSEO AND BONDED UNDER STATE SUPERVISION FORD FORD TRUCKS FALCON BUDGET MANAGERS Open Man. and/FrL 8 fo 8 -- Saturdays 8 to 6 117 S. Batavia Ave. Phone TR 9-1466 Batavia THUNDERBIRD 7928"lqorth Second Street Ro'ckford 237 Throop St. FE 8-2440 CAB NOW! WO 8-0406 Woodstock, Ill. 907 EAST STATE STREET, ROCKFORD