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November 10, 1961     The Observer
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November 10, 1961

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER I0, 1961 THE OBSERVER WORDS AND WORSHIP I Commun" By FATHER JAMES O'BRIEN Let's play psychological games, like association What did you think of when you saw the word, community, staring at you from the headline? Community Chest drive? Model Community, with bright green lawns, pastel bungalows with putty marks on the windows? The world community? Or did you think of some vague, shadowy, rather threatening power, which imposes restrictions upon you and your friends and the Buy across the street? Anyway, I think that community is an important word, a very special word, in fact. It is different from; herd, pack, crowd, mob, flock, school, bunch, and group It s not quite the same thing as congregation, which is a special kind of community So I invite you to make a few reflections with me, to put some life, some town, or even the city neighborhood. This community is based on nearness, on neighbors, and it is a' more demanding community be- cause there is more frequent and more important contact between the members. ' And finally, we come to the basic community unit, the family. And here we are dealing with a community unit which is, perhaps, more important, more vital for us than the other and larger units mentioned. For the family is based on the nature of human beings as incomplete and limited. As the book of Genesis puts it; "It is not good for man to be alone." And also, "Increase and multiply, and fill the earth." God intends, then, that we be dependent upon other people in order to achieve the full and deepest meaning of human life It certainly complicates matters, doesn't it? When we realize that our own little lives are desperately, urgently involved with the lives of other people, and that this is not. an accident, but God's intention, a lot of consequences are more or less forced upon us. Jesus summed these up in the second Great Commandment: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Mystery of God And a quick glance through the Old Testament quicldy confirms the judgment that "community" is no accident. God deals with man as a community. Whenever he speaks to Adam, we have the awe- some sense that this language is addressed to the human race as a whole. His promise to Abraham: "I will make of you a great nation." And to Moses: "You shall be to me a kingdom of priests, a holy nation." And indeed, we are involved with Adam's sin and Christ's redemption because we are a community. Why all this concern about "community" in a column supposedly devoted to worship? Precisely because God will work upon this notion, this reality which we call "community" and elevate it be- yond'our comprehension. He will make of it a mystery; Indeed, the mystery which we call the Church; the Church which is in fact the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ. Missionary Remembered 1 I PHOTO ENGRAVING ADVERTISING ART HALFTONES ZINC ETCHINGS George C. Howley Representing By INCHON, Korea--When an at- tack of hepatitis sent 29-year-old Maryknoll Father Benedict A Zweber, of Elko, Minn to an Army hospital, his roommate turn- ed out to be a U.S. Army General. [ The young padre talked continu-I ously to his captive audience about[ his parish on a remote island offt the coast of Inchon end the plightI of his parishioners, who lacked[ medical facilities of any kind. ! Eventually, the general and the priest recovered and went their depth, into this common word. separate ways. For community is a very common word these SHARING OUR TREASURE uaugnc up In me daily task ot days. There is a tremendous concern with our -- ' ministering to nis people Father neighbors currently, and I'm not referring just .~ . " , to the political scene. This concern is well ex-r-~n~u~ ~,-- r'~.Jm r e A e [[~l ueu co versauons uut~-wen-e-rnS -0n-'z' rg t-me ::: Pl~:nl" pressed by the desire of all for togetherness". V~| I~|l| ~|l L~ I[lb I~[]| [~leve[1 eral didn't' Last week a m:bil; It arises" from a sense of personal incompleteness, clinic' arrlveo'" on me lslanu--a of insecurity We want to have lather a sense REV JO A O BRIEN Ph D ~ a, l ' " I~ . ' ' "lnioat a week to explain the Catho- fess the same Faith receive the structions I m wife and our.nine gift, instigated b the eneral . . . Y Y g , of belonging a sense of being m with the group, whatever it (Universtt of Notr Dame i , y e ) ~he religion, same sacraments and acknowl- children were baptized and the from American GIs stationed m iiiiii(~fduoe~ewVlery~t ~ :p~ii!a:i!i~l~ple~:V!i! ~nr~!ii!I' ~igii!!ilS~e ~i~iiii~~hill ~iii~ilZ~~:ii!i i@ilf~~V~~a!i!~iiii i!ii!f;ii:i@~~i~! iii~c~ii!ii~~!i " " ; " g " nothin- beat --, ^-'~*-,~,g Y " ' 'g i Y" ",p " God we owe our Faith'to the mis-," - g s perso ~. u,~o~L Thm IS the way that God created us. To use someone s rather un- . [us on the teachings and practlcesland kindness wor. our hearts. But slonary zeal that prompted Fath- ,upon tills the ApOStleS anu me pleasant expression, man is a 'social animal", and, since we are first Christian . [of the Catholic Church Father it was the unmistakable evidence er Weber and his assistant to call HOKKAIDO, Japan--An ancient men, we are stuck with the fact, whether we like it or not. (And " s chleny ~,lied tOtbegan with the foundation of the[of the divine fuondation of the at all the 725 non-Catl~olic homes Marian lantern discovered by an ,exteuu unrlst s Kin aom l nrou n i we ought to like it, too, if that is the way God created us.) g '. g t Catholic Church by Christ and!church and her infallible teaching]in their 1 000 ~ouare mile narish " American priest in the yard of a all the Intervening centuries its "- L- . As a matter of fact, it is not quite accurate to say that man is Ishowed how He conferred uponjaathorlty that convinced our[ (Father O'Brien will be glad to Buddhist temple here is expected . .' . eltecuveness nas never oeen sur-/ i I o ~ . . . to shed historical h ht on the a social animal. Man ismuch more than an ammal and as a result, his ,that Church the authority to minds of the fact that the Catho-ihave converts send their names: g society is much more than an animal form of society. Men in a group passeu. ~s zrulmnness .touay lSipreach and teach in His name. HeJlic Church is the one true Church]and addresses to him at Notre persecution of Japanese Christians are not like a school of fish or a colony of prairie dogs. They are a Shog~enm me converslOnfamlly of Black I me lpromisedl to be with His Church I of Christ. Dame University, Notre Dame, three centuries ago. community, and this is a much deeper and more complex thing than ". " 'all days, even unto the consum- 11 Enter Fold - Indiana so he may write u- their Father Walter T Kelleher any herd or school or pack. UUCK, ~wlnnesota. I, mation of the world' (Matt. 28:1 "At the conclusion of the in-I conversion stories ) v M.M of the Bronx, N.Y. diseov'- "We live on a farm' related;, t . r,; ,o,20) to safe uard it from error ,~---- ered the stone cruciform wlth a lJlt~.~a~tt~ JtJVV~a~ 'air ~L ,t -- J 1 r I g ' I . . . ~vw. ~nogren, anout 16 mnesirom~ "Since every organization must l ~ . # r~ ~ .f t' r~ d,sgulsed image of the Madonna For one thing, there are many levels of community life in the Blackduck. One 'have a head if it is to function /~oPe JOnn t"r~$ L/811y TOr /-'relaTe in its base standing inconspieu- society of men of which each "of us is a tiny part. There is the uni- day we were sur- ~;:~ .ronerl, ,~ ; ~ i " -- -- ousl- amon,~ the tem,qe's -arden .t ~, . .:: :I:~::~Y ~:I:I:L & ~, 1~ j, u -o~o ealJ~uxltt~u ttl~ J ~ 1/ versal community of brotherhood of manThe great Enghsh prised to find a I 1 1 l ~ . "~zw. l t : ~ ~i~i;:.::~;~:::~:~:~i~::~:: Apostle t'eter me IlrSt po e sa -/ ,ruooe . preacher and poet John Donne, exoressed this Derha0s most strik-[Cathalie n,-i~,~+~i~i P '. y ~elO og t.ommunlsrs since - . . - - - ~ ,: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: g ThOU art reter anu u on tillS During me pelsecutlons o[ the ugly No man xs an island" entire to himself Each man's death!knockin on our: : ;: P I ." " " i g ~:i~ ~ rock I will build my Church and lWINNIPEG Ont (NC)--The audience recently at Castelgan 16th century Christian families nlmlnlsnes me neeause ~ am InVolveo in all ~wanKlna." door For-ear( ~"{~~} ' ' ',o " - " .-. ~ I ," . . : *" ~:::i~I me gates or nell snail not pre-{ head of the Ukrainian Archdiocese aolto, Italy,l earveo secret marks on me oase uur own ~ecmrauon ot muepenoence expresses one racer oi me we nag oeen so :~}:;~:~~ ;i ~.;~,~ ~ - : of *h~i- 1~,~, ~ ;.m + ~ ::::~.:~::~:: %," ' val,t a~Cllll~(, lb. /~IILI J. Will IVI~ . tll~ i Ollb~lll~ I~U lll~l~.~aL~ LI, J umversal communlt, of men in statin- that all men are created/en-lossed with :~:~~ - ~ of Winnipeg revealed here that xne premte said the Pope stated l : s g' ::~~ thee me Kevs o1 the kingdom of ,~ t.~ ~ - t omer unrlsuans mat mew homes ::::~:~ ~ e, uta~ .e r, evp~ a pnutogrepn u~ j equal, w~th common rights to hie, liberty, the pursuit of happiness the work of the :~~ heave HisHoliness Pope John XXIIl were a ,-lace of refu'e and wor ;iii~ . n; anu wnatexer mou snail . . Arcnoisnop ~lipyi on his desk and e s " We have too a cultural unity m western Clvlhzatlon. This vast farm that we had ~ bind on earth shall be bound in told him he prays daily for Arch- remembels him t ship ' ' ~," uauy m nls pray-~ " community shares common attitudes and values. A culture era-[neither the time heaven, and whatever thou shaltlbishop Josyf Slipyi of the Ukrain- ers I The local Lion's club, on learn- bodies an Interpretation of the always dlfflcutt question What is life Inor the lncllna : " loose oil earth shall be loosed in lion Archdiocese of Lvov, who has ~' ling of Father Kelleher's plans and how shall we best hve it~ It is proper also to speak of a na tlon to attend an church We been lm rtson b Sovle om mcnnlsnop ~llpyl was arresteo " !' ! . " ' Y . heaven' (Matt 16-19) I " p ed y t c - [to restore the lante'n, decided to ' " " nl l~0 ann sentenced to 14 ears uonai communny! wnlcn emnoales !he mut.uai interests ot.a. national wondered what this priest wauted. Difficulties Cleared Up munists since 1945. . ~! ~,Y. I accept the major portion of re- group ~although mere may Well ne large Oluerences ot opinion as to, r . ~mprlsonment alter ne led the'novation ex enses as a "memo ''I'm Father Leonard WeberThose words opened my eyesArchbishop Maxlme Iterman- ,: 1. ] P - now mese mterests are to oe serveo' e g tiotuwater-l-LocKelelter or ' '. . O,~,OpS Ot me western ukraine rial ro'ect without tell ious re ' ' ' ' ' the pastor of St Ann Catholic to the fact that the Catholic]ink C.SS R, Metropolitan of Uk- in t-"e [ P J' " g P " ' " ' "ej tung a demand oy tVlOSCOW - l-lotza tteutner ) " ' church in Blackduck he said Church isn't just another Church I I'ainian Catholics in Canada said ,~r z I judlce, to hand down to posterity Basic Community Unit 'My assistant Father Noesen, and It is unique among all Churches the Pope told him this in a private ~e;Ugi ve-e ~','-,- ov,-,*-,~,~s,-'Za:~r~rcn~i'~:exelN'matferi!hiSn relic of our ancestor's sub Closer to home is, of course, the local community: the home I are taking a religious census of in being founded directly by OurI ance to the Holy See g"' all the people living in the 1,000 Lord and empowered by Him to Hold Feather Party Ukrainian Catholic sources in The mother of a newly baptized square miles comprising our par- teach all nations, with the assur- ish. We're interested in knowing iance of His unfailing protection.! ROCKFORD -- The Young La-ithe U.S. reported in early i959 infant in country districts of Scot- die~ ~oda ' v o " n ' that the Archbishop had been sen- land used to give a slice of bread not only our own parishioners but[It is because of this infallible lit, f Sts. Peter a d: the non-Catholics as well.' That lteaching authority that the Catho- Paul church will sponsor its third tenced to an additional seven was the visit that led to our ac- lie Church possesses such marvel- eeptance of his offer to come one ous unity: all the members pro- Goodwill-Allen, Inc. 120 South Wyman Street Rockford WO 4-4615 SAT. 1:00 P.M. IOWA VS. MINNESOTA SUN. 1:00 P.M. BEARS vs. GREEN BAY You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than one: and cheese to the first person years' imprisonment in Siberia she met on the road after leaving for secretly sending a pastoral let- church and it was a great insult ter to Ukrainian Catholics. not to accept, JOHN P. SREENAN Is Qualified To Take Care of Your Everyday Insurance Needs Office WO 4-5977 -Home TR 7-6402 St. Bridget's Parish Prescription - Specialists 7-9 EAST MAIN STREET Phone JU 4-2385 ST. CHARLES and BLI Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Call annual Feather Party Nov. 12 from ,3 to 5 p.m. m the parish hall. Pro- ceeds will be used to send some of the members to the Summer School of Catholic Action. Committee members include: Bridget Gagliano; Madeline Du- Pont, Ruth Ann Linsky, Rita and Jeri Zuzevich, Cynthia Verstynen, ! Linda Krist, Ninette Basile, Rai- monda Jarosekon, Cecilia and Alexis Roberts, Kathy Harezlak and Margaret Polito. JULIAN Funeral Directors Wm. H. Poorman, Owner 304 North Fifth Street Rockford PAINT & WALLPAPER 1020 West State, Rockford Screens and Windows Made or Repaired in our own shop. Free Customer Parking Glass--Hardware and Lawn Needs WO 3-0267 ED REYNOLD'S Rockford WO 8-6101- WO 5-9673 24 Hour Service Home Oxygen Therapy Experienced, Considerate Attendants John F. "Jack" Long David L. Klontz Friendly.Personal Service Conveniently Located Our many years of experience enables us to serve you efficiently and within your means Long-Klontz Funeral Home 428 Park Ave. WO 8-2255 Rockford Cunnin ham General Auto Repairing Automatic Transmissions SMITH OIL FOR DEPENDABLE SERVICE PHONE JUNO 4-4980 er JUNO 4-4981 1312 EAST MAIN Phone JU 4-3655 115 INDIANA STREET Phone JU 4-3581 ST. CHARLES O Solve your driving needs ,with CAR FINANCING I Dubuque, Iowa i: Phone WO 2-0661 For Prompt Delivery in Rockford Insured Budget Plan 24 Hour Emergency Service PAGE 5 II2. OIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete blinking Im~icN: Sadnge Accounts Checking Accounts Christmas Club Vacation Club * Trust Services Safe Depol~t Boxes . Home & Property Improvement Loan Pe~sonalLoan$ AutoLoane Installment Loans for any purpose Bank by Mall,postsge paid both ways Free Parking while you banlt 4. Dr|ve4n Facilities Phone WO 3-3431 q RT. REV. MSGR. THOMAS S. GREEN Diocesan Director Society For The Propagation Of The Faith Yes, you are the only hope of thousands of women and children in mission lands who are dying agoniz- ing deaths merely for want of the simplest medical care. Without you, there is only despair for them. With your assistance, they will have hope, relief from bodily pain, and a better chance of winning their eternal happiness in heaven. From Brazil to Borneo to Bagdad to Timbukto, YOU are the most important. Here is why. Their Desperate Need Hundreds of Catholic missionaries, laboring for souls throughout the mission world, have deliberate- ly established their outposts where the density of population is highest. All too often sanitary condi- tions are poor and government help sometimes hope- lessly inadequate. Consequently, disease flourishes. Malaria, leprosy, tuberculosis and tropical ulcers are some of the killers that feed on low-vitality, especially of undernourished children Even before the suffering natives know what the missionary Priest or Sister really represents, they come in des- peration to the mission dispensaries to beg for re- lief from their terrible ills. They have nowhere else to go for help. Medicine For Souls For the missionary, interested primarily in the immortal souls of these poor people, medicine is the best approach Medicine is the golden key that un- locks the heart of the sick person and prepares him for the grace of Faith Medical care, at the hands of a missionary Sister or Brother or Father, makes Christ visible to people who need Him and have never known Him before Only One Source For many missionaries in distant places the only source of medicines, bandages, etc. is on the oppo- site side of the world-over mountains, through jun- gles, across oceans, to the United States. Availabil- ity of supplies is a problem, but the greater difficulty is money. These modern apostles cannot pay the price for the medicines and equipment they need so much in their work. Therefore, they depend upon the one source of medical supplies that sends no bill and rings no cash register, THE CATHOLIC MISSION BOARD. For All Missions The Catholic Medical Mission Board was founded for the medical aid of Catholic missions everywhere in the world. For more than thirty years, it has been sending to Catholic hospitals and dispensaries in all mission areas thousands of tons of surgical instru- ments, bandages, vitamins, baby foods and medi- cines of every type. Last year alone more than 100 tons of such precious supplies were shipped to about 3,000 Catholic missionary orders in every part of the mission world. The Need Is Now This very day ten million men, women and chil- dren are suffering the agony of curable leprosy in mission lands, two million people are dying of malaria in India alone, and tonight at least ten million tiny children will fall asleep hungry, to slip closer to death by painful starvation. Support the Catholic Missions around the world by sending in your donations today! ~ II II II n i iii iIt n iIii i IIIIIIIIIIWlIIIIIIIIlU iiii i i m i i i i i i m i ~ ,| | | ' The Society for the Propagation of the t | I : Faith I I : 507 Avenue B, I -' Sterling, Illinois ,I II I 1 ' I am enclosing my personal gift of | 1 : $ for the support of Catholic t | | | ' Missions throughout the world. | | | | 1 | Name | | | | | , Address . | II 1 |, Eity | | | | | gmNilUU~lNi~lniln~mlill~tlll m mmmmmm i ms mmmmim~m~m~t.