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November 10, 1961     The Observer
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November 10, 1961

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PAGE 2,THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER I0, 1961 rid N i I " Asks Prayer on Thanksgiving JORG~' ZEA~cHE~BEBE ~::~irisn.ated in Marxist tenets and lt~,rths~irs:en~ecO/ticPatmri?t~atnO; t~a:y!OOdS and goods are lackin~ WASHINGTON -- President serve our blessings but also to (N.C.W.C. News Service) But this indoctr!nat!on is !all- better, the.y believe in the bestl. The people also know that arms Kennedy has nroclaimed Novem lextend them to the four coi'ners of The Faith will survive in .L;ana in.g on many counts m me first ideals ot the revolution that haslDuying from the U.S S.R and - ~ .~ ",-- - md the countr's future is hope- place, it is being carried out in been betrayed by Castro and are other Iron Curtain countrieshave ber 23 Thanks ivin l)ay and the earth' the Presideut ~aid y,i g . g . [. ' i iul despite the persecutmn of the a disorderly and impatient man- awakening to the bitter truth of ldeplete~ the few hard currency m ed Americansm make 1L a In his proc~amauu. L I r ur da"g of ra er ] "l~et" " us oy" our" exa,p~ ,~ Church and thepeople by the Red nor, as if the communist bosses the betrayal. [ eso ees Cuba still" had. The Y P Y, / :.'^ i,I regime ofPremier Fidel Castro. were in a race for time. Under Big Weakness ]vast expense .of the propaganda "Let us ooserve.mis any wimlweu as our mat~L:m, at~onsa?~oI A clue to the future was pro-the guise of "education,' and Cuban youth will show in due/effort on behalf of Soviet corn- reverence and with prayer mat all peopms o] all n .~ I, will rekindle in us the will and are striving to achieve a better i vided by the Castro regime s "literacy ' campaigns, Castro and time that it knows how to shakeimunism has also deeply is, show us the way not only to pro-]life in freedom," he urged, panic and violence in the face of his agents are trying to erase off the present nightmare, of lies/pressed hungry Cubans. the recent mass demonstration of almost a century of striving for and betrayal. The militias and/ Real "Hunger" A,~ ~ ~ [ Cuban Catholics. " independence and four centuries even the secret police are heavilyt,The so called "technicians" and 2U.UUU I elolans Fray TOt i-'eace on September 10 a vast crowd of Christian traditions, penetrated by anti-Castro youths.[' experts' all seem unable to v gathered in front of the Church Most of this indoctrination of- One of the greatest weaknesses/stop the decline in the Cuban BRUSSELS -- Twenty thousand[council. I of Our Lady of Charity in down- fort ds based on emotion, not on of the Castro regime is the effect l economy. The aid promised by . Belgian Catholics prayed for The marchers, who came here/ town Havana. The people wanted reason. And while it can produce on the people of its economic/Russia is long overdue. Not long- peace as they marched in proces-lfrom all parts of Belgium,/ to hold the traditional procession fanaticism and whip up rallies, it failures and extravagances. The]ago, while Castro had lunch at the. sion through the streets of Brus- gathered in five Brussels churciles in honor of their nation's patron- can hardly take root in convic- land reform program has been the f Imperial Hotel in Santiago, hun, sels to the National Basilica oftto form five separate processions/ ess. But the Castro government lions. most shocking of them. Hunger~dreds of hungry people spun- the Sacred Heart to mark the 10th that converged on the national feared that such a demonstration Young Cubans at first liked to is growing in this first communist]taneously staged a hunger march anniversary of its consecration, basilica. Each procession was led would be extremely dangerous to wear uniforms, carry guns and republic of Latin America and]i~ front of him. At the request of the Belgian by a bishop. At the Mass. follow-I itself and sent militiamen to fire become teachers among illiterate thousands of Cuban homes have/ Yet it is the hunger of the Bishops, the marchers also prayed ing the procession more than 100 on the crowd with machineguns, farm workers. Yet they have not felt its impact. A wide range of Jspirit--the longing for freedom for Christian unity and the suc- priests distributed Holy Com-j FAITH OF CMBAN PEOPLE TROUBLES CASTRO--A recent demonstration of the faith of the Then, without, any provocation, it --~]and above all for religious liberty ^F tho comin~ ecumenical munion ! Cuban neonle at the Church of Our Lady of Charity tn Havana has produced evidence that the Ideported the church's pastor, /~-~A']" I~AI I ~ AAI"~JI" fund human dignity--that is the ' o ~lx&.A'-~ ;t"~.-.-- ~ ~v~,~. ' r n n d i iv in r ki Communist regime of Fidel Castro fears that it is still on shaky ground. The regime squelched I Auxiliary Bishop Eduardo Boza ! [ st o gest a d ec s e c ac aa ~,~ t~ . L the religious demonstration with gunfire and deported the church's pastor, Bishop Boza Masvidal, I Masvidal of Havana, and 131 ' ' . ~ /communist power in Cuba. arquene Kecelves ,2rdli/ I but the evidence of the faith of people remains, fpriests and Brothers toSpain. KI------ ~A~.~ (~ L~== =~.~ -. / Cubans with religious convie- I Disquieting Questionsl~Idlllk:~ I |5U[ ]K.;iiUblUI ~tions, deeply devoted as they are MILWAUKEE, Wis.--A grant of grounds of the Milwaukee county 'DIHI= CMg LAW' EMPTY SLOGAN IN POLAND Unprovoked violence is often a ~- -- --~ -- [to Our Lady of Charity look to 4nnnf~ h. ~h~ Allen-Bradlev[insfituti ns' ,x vo [sign of weakness. Thus Castro's ~ ~ eRo "m~,e B ]their tradition of freedom and ~': .~. ~J. -", . ~[The facility which willbe ~. m. Ireaction to the Sentember dem- [[~|~tAi ~B av~|| |,~|~ t~v~]human dignity and above all to awaru- ' ~'ounda~lon lnc, has oeen I known as the AllenBradle meal,~.~ ~m~ ~|,| ~p|~| | " '" r' uette universit-[ - Y " r~,r~A ~ ~ ~'j" ~"~,L,L ~ onstration is evidence that his ~ ~ y ~,tp spiritual values and faith as the, ed to the ~wa q Yleal science laboratory, is operated J~'~l J~'~||~l|r~| |~ ~ ~-[]]-~|r~ ~|||[~[[ ]communist regime wiil crumble ]key to their salvation in the School of Me''dmme for phy'smal / under the j'omt superwsmn'" of the ~k~qk#B "I~||~|VV~ g--~||~ ~ "~- =~e~,~ before the religious fa'th,~ tradl'- WASHINGTON, (NC) -- Hls'l to the priesthood' on May 27, 1937, [present storm h~ ll improvement and equipping of the Marquette Medical school and t e! lions and ideals of the Cuban peo- Holiness Pope John XXIII has in St. Ann cathedral, Great Fa s, medical research facility, on the]Milwaukee county institutions. A ~ ~ H ~m~ ~,[ple. His government is now being named Msgr. Eldon B Schuster, by Bishop Edwin V. O'Hara who ,~ .~ ] I|~I~|IP~ l~ ~ 'r~ ~ .~l~ ~ |~ ~rJ~r ]kent in Dower only bv the cam- superintendent of schools in the]later became Archbishop "ad[ De vlgllant-Lasr r," P I J x-- &A----t l~lt[~||,~|||| |~| ~]1| V|,~il |I1~/~il ]paign of propaganda and terror Dmcese of Great Falls, MonL, tolpersonam and Bshop of Kansas/[n Television ienes rranclscan lsmrnoou m lyric waged by Red agents be Titular Bishep of Amblada and City, Mo, He made post-ordina-I --' ~-n~, handling' according' to [ EDITOR'S NOTE: The fol- [that it has jurisdiction in all mat-led to take court action againstI 'Although there is hope for Cuba, Auxdiary to Bishop William Con-I!mn s~dte.s at Umvers~ty ~ Ox-t ROCKFORD. iBe vt.gtlapt , CHICAGO -- The mum annum v ~] e, ~' " ' " i r f th diocesan r 1 sos dis uietin don of ureat Falls tara ~ngiana ann at bt t~ouis me s~xm ano una~ tops m me cur ]t~,~ Rev Ernest Latko O F M,I lowing analysis of how the Iters concerning httgatmn between prmsts and S ste s o e there a e a so e q g ' . . " meeting. . of me ~rancmcan. xeacn']~"'~preslaent'"; o~ me ~ranc,~ca,-'---' ~uu- '~: I Polish communist regime is ]the Church and the clergy on one chanceries of Warsaw, Gorzow[questions facing that island ha- Bishop-elect Schuster was born lumversRy, St. Loss, Mo, [rent Sacred Heart, telev)smn pro, mg Sisterhoods wall be held Nov. -ational conference slowly forcing shackles onto I hand and the government on the and Cracow who had used du-[lion. Where is the national pur- March 10, 1911 in Calio, N. Dak [ Priest~ Assignme~s, . gram serms, :lne Armor ot 24 and 25 at Lourdes convent ~ Th- Rev Pins Barth 0 F M the Church is the last in a so- other, plicating machines prior to the pose instilled in the pe6ple by ~ ~isnop - uesignate ~enuster Go(t," nemg oroancas[ over h~e ' i former pros!dent o~ .ethmee eont~ri ~:slt~fo:l:fa:l~cl~:Lt~h:n 7r in sum ~t~hh~lfdc:ff:~s Religious ~id:ne~"O:e~ebytrtl~[tohf~[cee~:la~:" ~:~hthP:t~S'c:StJ ;esMag;ieVfh t M i M I ~ M J~le~eedse ~;::ereeha~et~ th:fis~e" WsREeXk~TeV t~?:dayt:; wl~!/~e~i?~ The memo mr me sessmns s once, sam m a s ate n~ ",' - li'ious Affairs two nriests were ~ ~,~, 9 w~t ~ ,-in, *,~ ~ ~ [] ~ ~ ~ ~ op of Great Falls from 1940 to Rev ~rancis J. t'arrisn, ~.a similar to that for the Franciscan "poverty demands that ,we safe- land. ~ I Affalrs has arrogated to itself the convicted ' ~ ~.~;,:'"'~"'th:'""(h~,~',~" ~'f ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ / 1943 as rector of St Ann Cathe- professor of religion at Loyola i Educational Conference held dur- guard the alms of the faithful. S eeial Corres ondence, N.C.W.C. right to decide about the ~ate, :' I'=~r~- '","': t./- ~:[]-~. ^'[ ~ ~ii!i~ ~ ~:~:~:: ~iiiiiii ~ ~ /dral from 1945 to 1950, and as]university in Los Angeles Calif - ing the summer: "Franciscan Up-to-date fiscal policies are ex- p Ne~p Service !rights and duties of the Church .Th~ fight to( e~.tmma~e ~ne]yoUi~wasPl~:~ ~v~u ~c:mmun~;~ ~ ~ ~ ~i~ii~}~i~iiiii~::~::~ :~}:: : ~i~ ~ i superintendent of schools from[ A copy of his talk may be obtain-: Financial Administration." I pected of us by our benefactors."[ Communist Poland has two ma-and the clergy; it carries out its ~n:ne~snoUr~:~ ;h :~a~h~n~uenC:mna~t~op'agan~:~ Y ~ ~il ~ ~ i ~ ~ 11946 to the present [ed by writing to station WREX ee selected be Host of the meetln will be the . I Dolicies in an authoritarian man- ~ ' ~ lv ~ %i:!i~ll~ ll~::i ~ii~ ~ ~ ~, " The tops has b, n "t g jor devices for tightening up kS!nor without an" re'*ard for ~-rovi has declared the Church cam-[ The answers are that Marti's ~ ~ ~ ~!: ~!:;!i i~ ~ i He has ,also been pastor of[ann request)nil 5acreo rieart pro- cause o] the order s need to Keep ~tsters ot ~. Joseph lntr~ urfler ,i~o ,~ th,~ (~h,r,~h--the National i y ~ e " o.a ;o m^ ~ ;~ a ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ::::::i ~ ~ Holy ~arniiy church Great Falls gram ~'~o a~ l' -'~ ] sions" of the law or for the advice ~J(~l~ll ~:4~$J.II~L ~Ir~UIIUII~III lll~g~l, t#~'dUlllll~b WIll iJIE)", Clll allu tll~tl, ~!:.~!~.~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::: ;;;:::~:::::: ~ ~ ~ ' abreast of u -to-date techmques of St Franc s,"::' from 1960 to e r ' P / Office for Rehglous Affmrs m The Catholic Crusade for Tem-lnot all young people have been $ ~iiii~ I !~ ~iii ~ ~ th p esent, a dto- Warsaw and the local provincial lu~ pLut ~ ,~ ~Apc~L~. erance"--a movement with nei-1 deceived - ~l~l~~ii!iiii~ ::k~::~i~ ~i:~~, cesan consultor, Consi]ium Vigi- ~J.Lt~]/~ . Under its aegis the Church and P :::::::::::~: ~::' li " " |~r~nA ,~ ~[H~',~ ~ ~rt'~rlr-~rltt~ and town officmls' Thei'r ap-its members are bein" hamstrun'' thor by-laws nor mcmbershlp feest" Indoctrination' Faflmg ::::*~:: antiae vice president of the : ~ u o,~ v w,~ s.v~s ' if g ~ Clerical Benefit Assn moderator ~'~ proaches are somehmes d ferent,[in man of their traditional activ --~as ordered hqmdatedThe It ts true that Cuban youth ~s ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ', 11 [ Y " ~ of the Diocesan Council of Catho / TOKYO Japanese govern grams in Japan during a two day but the goal is the same: squeeze, flUes O~ganized Christian charities government's,explanahon waslbeing shut off from this antt- [] ~ ~ ~i ~ ~ ~ } 1[ ] merit officials, representatives of research co,flounce in social ofUn~e~}olf~SeiiPg:::: ~f~!:, wtha:lare made impossible, not only hh~a:sth:Stl~:d d ws ~:~/~s~ t~de ~ad~'on by being in- i ! ~ ~ i ~ ~ loi~ t~ m~ant~:l~c d]~e:s~it~:Pl;j~][ I ,work nero unuer ~amodc auspices, by income taxes levied on funds : I the semi governmental National ] ] Scoutmg " Meanwhile, new census statis- given jurisdiction concern'ng earmarked for such "~ur'~oses but Church in combatting alcohol-the effect is the same: there is B ~ i ~ i ~ ~ i }l [ e e I ~ ~ ~ m~ ~ ~ He was named a Domestm Pro I Social Welfare Council and Catho- denommatmnal ohcms as the ~sm no osstbtht of defense no os ' tics set the number of Japanese " " " P Y also by the fact that gifts from " "' P '[" Y- ' P " la~o a, p,no m,o v, ~. lOAf~ " I i lic social workers joined here in Catholics at 287 943 in a total affect the State. Cabinet. Mini- abroad whether in the form of No Order, Just Anarchy sibility of real justice, the son of John F. and Leonal ~,~ ~,z ,v /~ ster Jerzy Sztachelsk~ asserted m The roclalmedoal ofthe a vote of thanks to Catholic Re- population of 93,418,501. Figures " ' supplies or money, are either p " g The effect is progressive an- Osborn Schuster. His father is lie] Servmes- National Catholic showed the largest c ncentrati n atheletterofhce fhasFebruarYno conhol5' over1958' suchthat barred from the country or not toG mulkaower mregimeoctobe~when1956 itwasCamethe archy. The government in sup-deceased. His mother resides in c~/~:~,m~ ~ R & M Welfare Conference. of Catholics to be on the southern handed over to the Church author- p ' porting the arbitrary use of power Great Falls. TbeU.S.Cath~Iic~verseasre-Japaneseis~andofKyushu~wheremattersaffectingChurch~ifeasitiesTheStateinwithh~dingestablishment~ftherule~f~aw.byadministrativeauthoritiesc~n- Educational Backgraund (g~~ = lief agency was cited for its sup- there are more than 100,000 ecclesiastical buildings,- allocation such" ~ifts alleges simply that The government did clamp down tributes to the demoralization of The newly-named Bishop at- port of welfare and relief pro- Catholics. of construction material, supplies, "the charitable activity of the on the totalitarian methods of the its own officials. Lawlessness is tended grade school in Glentana,[;~"-'-Y-. ~ U ;T 3~ ]'. and taxation. Church is a polit!cal activity ", . secret police, and the Polish peo-theref re f stered in the e mmu" Mont.; Glasgow high school, Gins" I I,~Dq#l~ R1 :H ERI I; Assume Jurisdiction Correct Edict pie generally, in their day to day nity as a whole, for the people are gow, Mont.; Columbia (now Mexicans Pray for Cuba ,n practice, however, the Office Despite the ~act that govern- secular life, were relieved of the aware of the helplessness of those Loras) college, Dubuque, and the for Religious Affairs has assumed[ment representatives at the con- old haunting fear of arbitrary ar- who are wronged and -take the Sulpician seminary (now Theologi- //Ill []t'~ h~ ] Wing-Golden Sovereign |~ LEON JUANAUATO, Mexico--ilion members also prayed for the jurisdiction over all matters con-ferences which led to the Church-rest and imprisonment, example of disregard in high cal College)at the Catholic Uni- ///~;!1~/ ~/~ [ ond U. S. Archery Bows[: Members of Mexico's Catholic lsuccess of the coming ecumenical Action organization made a pil-[council and a new social order in heeled in any way with the activb State agreement of December 8, But in the regime's ,dealings places for lawful order as the versity of America, Washington, / [,] ~ -" ~ Archery Supplies ]! grimage to the statue of Christ]the Americas during the pilgrim- ties of the Catholic Church. It has 1956, assured the Church of its with the Church, the 'rule of norm D.C, He took a Master's degree on Cubilete mountain here to pray age (Oct. 29). become not only an advisory body right to use mimeograph ma- law" is e dead letter, and there- in educatioh at the Catholic Uni- ~ [ ~ ~ and Raw Materials ]: for the persecuted Church in Cuba. The pilgrimage followed a meet- for other government departments chines, the government on Au- fore but an empty slogan. Regula- versity in 1937. He was ordained ~ ~''~" ~ 53 Jackson Street ]( The statue was erected by]ing of the Mexican Catholic Worn-dealing with Church affairs, bUt a gust 4, 1958 "corrected" this to lions which vitally affect the life MIKE S. /IDTUIID'~ TW 6.2226 Aurora [ Mexican Catholios in reparation]en's Union, a Catholic Action decision-making entity affecting bar the Church from mimeograph- of the Church are often issued ar- for attacks on the Church during group, at which it was reported the whole life of the Church. ling material for information pur- ,bitrarily. Sometimes they areDrive - In Service ~|~|||U|| ~ Hours: 6 P.M. to 9 P. M. ] the anti-Catholic persecution inlthat the union is providing educa- Anything concerning Church i poses, The decree was retroac-brought into force through a fa- MEYERS their own country during the]lion for 704,000 children and 10,000 buildings is now within its scope. [five, and the government proceed- cade of legality. But in either case 60-62 FOX STREET Wednesday: | 1920s and 1930s. The Catholic Ac-/adults in 11,000 centers. Under directives issued in 1959, it PLUMBING 2 P.M. to 9 P.M. I AURORA PH. TW 6.7761 has the say in taxation ofI -kWEDDINGS -k BANQUETS And churches, religious congregationsi "k DINNERS ~t~ PARTIES HEATING To Preach at Pan-American Mass and priests. In April of 1960 it, Bridal Tables Decoroted WASHINGTON.Richard Cardi- Apostolic Delegate to the United l hal Cushing, Archbishop of Bus- States, will offer the Mass, it was ton, will Preside and preach thelann unced by Archbishop Patrick A O'Boyle of Washington sermon at the 52nd annual Pan The annual Mass was originated American Mass to be offered on iin 1909 as a means of thanking stated in a confidential circular MOLD0VAN'S CATERING SERVICE ~ ~L~./~J~ Call TW 2-0129 or 6-7204 AURORA 720 Lennetz Avenue SERVICE PETER A. 278BEACH STREET AURORA PHONE I"W 2.-3944 Downer & River Sts. AURORA, ILL. FRlENDLY & COMPLETE SERVICE SINCE 1871 Member of F.D.I.C. Thanksgiving day, Nov, 2,3, in St 1God for the benefits bestowed on ,-,~ . ,-, . ,-. ~ o~ ~ '~= ~,'.~:'~ :'. A ri ,n, vve,:,: ',g, - u,:, o,:.:, ,c,n,:,ue,', ,',o,' nce ,o-, r'atrlCK church nero. free me cas no o o e Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, lguidance for the future.Coffee Catering Church Dinners * Picnics HELEN M. FREEMAN, Owner ~~'" ~t~ ~" NORTHGATE SHOPPINO CENTER Phone I"W 2-5,00 Auroro 358 Cedar Street " TW 2-76,7 Auroro ~)""" "":'~'~ '~'~'~.'~)~ ~, Hold Rally Near Red China 1 I', HONG KONG--China's only Archbishop of Peking and Aposto- [ ~|]~l[m~D~ ~D~~H~[~ I~I[~ II co o o .s I,I cardinal Kept out o~ ms See oy nc Aumm~strator o] ~mpeh III . I, ~xt*-.~--- ~ ~.~. ' i RUSSELL ONAK ' his hotneland's communist rulers, Formosa, offered Mass in Hong I RUSSELL O.A~ II Sh~~ ms -- Band Instruments II ~, "" presided at a rally of 40000, Kong s largest stadmm at a [ One Downer Place Aurora Catholics here only a few miles Christ the King rally highlighted ] One Downer PlaC;hone TW 7-8694 Aurora I!1 z,mE~ Music oMphN,INC. II from the Red China border, by a mass procession in honor of! [ '10 $~ ~ P~one TW 2-190a Auroro ] Thomas Cardinal Tien, S.V.D /the Rosary " ' ; " PHOTO EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES Publish Encyclopedia Volumes Fast Processing Service (All Types) Alex G. Nagy's gren Pharmacy Telephone TW 2-0570 400 Fifth Street AURORA, ILLINOIS PATTERN REGISTRY invites you to sign up for a "bright" future. Juat come in and record your favorite sterling pattern James Coleman JS C RCA Whirlpool Washers--Dryers Refrigerators--Stoves Dishwashers NEW YORK--The 75th and 76thlPrinted so far. volumes in the Twentieth cefituryI The two new volumes are SilverGIoss Photo Shop Encyclopedia of Catholicism havel"Christian " Music," by British 4a Fax Street Ph. TW 2-200B Aurora been published byHawthorn music expert Alec Robertson, and Books /' Christianity and Science," by the tWI~OAKS ~-g~o~ Their publication carries the Roy. Jean Abele, S.Ji~ a~fheologian ih0-volume encyclopedia series and scientist. past the midway point. Hawthorn i The volumes sell individually Books began issuing the series in I for $3.50 eachl but subscribers to D58. More than 739,000 copies of the entire series receive them for books in the series have been $2.50 each 4t SOUTH ISLAND AYL, AURORA, ILLINOIS "' ~PECIAI,IZING I]~ COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY" MIRRORS Deplores Ignorance of Geography (so your family and friends will know). It's the DON KERR'S CHICKENLAND For FISH - SHRIMP - CHICKEN Dining Room -- Delivery -- Carry.Outs 1045 Main St. TW 7-8320 AURORA cLEANERS & FURRII RS COLD STORAGE VAULT We Specialize in Drapery Cleaning 129 GALENA BLVD. PHONE IW 7-8771 AURORA 800 FIFTH STREET PHONE TW 7-8773 M ortuari s tWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN AURORA High o3d Liberty Streets So Lincoln Ave. and Clark St. Table, Dresser & Desk Tops CLEVELAND -- Geography in- knew about geography." Glass for Any Purpose Lef Us Wire Your New Home struction in most U.S. public and Sister Marion, who calls her- i .: por.~h;o, ~.h,qo i~ inade-uate self a ' -eo-ra'~h' miooi-n -, ' S C H O R G L A S S CO S94 5th Ave. TW 2-9613 4-Pc. Place Settings, from $24,N ,= v,~ o . H~, 8, S.L." { . oo u ,=.y AURORA ALL PHONES TW 6-7734 Tee spoons, from~4.n BUILDING AND LOAN A$SOCIATION/AURO~I~ ann Qangerous Eo ]reeoom,' a saiu thiS lack o] KnowJeoge is $6-$8 South LoSalle Street AURORA Phone TW 6-8421 AMBULANCE SERVICE Serving Pieces, from$S,~ . '1 I1 Roservo$ of O~'er sister who authored a geography tragic in today's world, ~ . . ~1o~ fit] * na i v i ---~-~ SELECT AtSO FROM - textbook sa,d here She po nted out that the ot ng ~ ['"" "''''3 ~ I ] i ' ~ Auefs Ovor $47 000 000 00 ] ~ I~/I~KI~I~,IIU~,L [ un ~11 :~avIngs -- " ' " S~ster Marmn who ~s statmned balance of power m the Umted ] REPUBLIC ]1 II =.~ = = . .-- .--- m II GORHAt~ AND OTHERS II Per Annum / ~- ~ | m Wellesley Hills, Mass near Nations is now controlled by the![~ ~ ruau~. J. P. FRANZEN I[i MIIP.Ni;I I '~ IiiP IHIflM Ill OVE, Ili (Current Rote) /=4 "~-~ I ~u~0r!: ",