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November 3, 1961     The Observer
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November 3, 1961

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PAGE 10 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1961 D A YOUTH orisnswers " Dear Doris" Talk to your guidance counseloJ - ." rlst ST EDWARD eluded such topics as the history MARIAN mouth, carried in on a huge tray I am a iresnman in an all gl anti/or teacher THey Will Kn0w " . . . . " . high school. The only boys I know[the requirements and courses ELGIN -- Represehting St. Ed- of sets, notation, classlfleaUon of By JACK BURKE . ne~h:l :l~:aY; ::sSlaa~e:man wed- are the ones who graduated withI ii~hlo i r area The" will ward at the National Catholic sets sentenced, function, varia- W00DSTOCK--The Junior class = and the J Y . ' . mug. upon reaving me Hart, Lnu me from eighth grade Y ",~ Youth congress will be Robert ble range and domain and or-of Marian has iust observed one ,h fo t, ~h ~hot h. ~ik:n'~o W::othw ~W:w e::~e:t ::~de :~S~e~U Fost:~a~do~f;mReln:~tt,J~h ~iu~- dered pairs. Stress was placed on itf the most important days In had put aside the things of child- " . . . [ . " " . . 7" - the notion of a mathematical I their school year. This was the hood while the bride threw a new noys. -- anne 4. If there is an orpHanage In me Gee anti ivlarv iylClklel WHO are ~ ,- [ f,~rt, h ~h~ alrl -3 I.t fl ] ~, .;' structure anti ~oolean algeora[task of seleetin~ their class rings ~ w,o ~ou~.~ Join a cluo or two at scnoot, communtty go to see me ulrector. :i~: jumor stutient eounclt u/tit:eL-5. '" " a "~-t--teal' " torch will be next to mary-" You will meet boys here and at She can give you valuable infor Plans are being made to help was. ana).yzeo tr~ctul[le: yp I After much contemplation and Mter the ban-set was over, the . " i e all the mamemaueai s . . q parish affairs. You will also meet marion too. And probably would, detray the expenses s nc l admiration they chose the ring,t "nvitpd to vi, t fh- them at the homes of your fl'iends be delighted for you to volunteer i::: students will benefit from the rnel:::luSeOto~t.he~:rWar M?s~ Called "Starfire". The class isicave'ofW?hr: Cumaean'~S;b[:'fore[ and relatives, time now to help with the children. ~ I I I representation, the p g f lannin~ to receive their rin"s' teller of the future - I am interested in why you]This will help you decide if you! ~ ~ I ~ National Catholic Youth week M:rph/'B:ll :;PoP,re, laud; A~m ~efore ghristmas The rings w~l] MULDOON think the boys you graduatedand if so with/ill/really want this kind of work.~l ~wl~ilth~ about three mint tea m ~r me to grade and their Chemist, Sue| Bonzl;[~ Physicist, extending from Oct. 29 to Nov. ' " " " ",f M.~/klti" [!selected "have waslljdality~ of ~Our " "aren't worth two cents" My Do not be afraid to discuss this iii~i,[I 5 was observed at St. Edward ~oat~:mae::rtms~t ~:~'~ispeit[be blessed inn chapel ceremony] CYNTHIA PAGE :~ ii::::::i::i~i g g g" and given to the students ORb " h P r of hunch is it's because they are with your parents. Your contmued l ~ iiii::~iii ! ! in various ways. On Sunday, the was a profitable half hour ; / ROCKF,--~T e owe the same age. Boys a few yearslinterest and enthusiasm may |: ~:,~ Feast of Christ the King, me sin- L ~1 iwarlan is starung nlgneL~tthe r~osary,a snort out respiring older may seem change their idea about it being [],II dents began the week dedicated to ST. IVIAK mathematics class. A group ot play was presented by the So- more interesting ~/silly I 1,I youth by attending Mass and re- ST. CHARLES--All Mount or-students been asked Lady, Friday, 0cto, now but be care- ~/Dear Doris" 1 L ~,I! eeiving Holy Communion in their ganizations--Sodality YeS Stu- to joint this class. Students o[ ber 27. The characters wer.e very ful about passing ~i~ /,am in love with a young fel [ ~ i~ I ~ parish churches, dent Council and G A A --c0ordi- have entered meet each week on l ably portrayed by members of judgment on ~i-~ l. " ite - few miles I [] ~ 1 I Week's Schedule sated their machinery for the ob-IThursday during actlvl,Ly period, l the Sodahty, under the dlreetmn O . low WHO ,ve~ ,is o ~i:~ ~ ' Edwara usana, a memoer oi meltf Frances Shomter, prefect The your eighth ~i.iU [from me. I don't get to see him] B i~:ii i I iOn Monday, a panel, under the servance of Catholic Youth week. faculty will teach this new class.lsettin was a tvnical Caiholia grade friends. ~~/too often and I don't think he[ [] ~ilii,[[ [direction of Sister John Mary The. spiritual campatgn,[studen~s will receiveno credit for[home~in which ~he family was G i r 1 s mature ~~ ]thinks that much about me anyI [] ili:~i,~ ]with Paul. Mitchell .acting as !ouched of! last weeK.oy me ms-]the course; but it has been estab-] reciting the daffy rosary. As each taster man o.oy.s, ~~ [ more. But I really don't know. [] ~!!!!i:!:~ [ ~ [chairman, lntronueed me sttiaent !trloutton o[ me xoum week r,raY:l lished to give the students greater [decade was offered for a differ-' anti girls in mew m6w~-~ ~mw~ an I find out9 I have been l Im ~ ~ ~ body to thesubjects of ' A Ca.tho-ler and announcements almeti at/knowled"e of mathematics I . ,~ S . . ,now c l m ~:~:~ ~ ~:~ ~ 1 to Mass1 s lent intention mere was a mu~ teens appear and Doris Peters / ~ ,ah other boys but I lust [] ~ii!!~,lic AsAn Indivitiual" wene ~ringing every Mount gw } . I ' hree " ::~ ~ : " " ' e 'rin the munion on the feast t oman uanquet In" anti me intention was ShOWn act two or t aBe with an of[ ~*~ Plertck' Exodus: R sto g and Holy Corn [ don t feel at e Y :: ' ',Students have been ver busy being fulfilled. The purpose of the years older than boys the same[ I,~t him back9~ ~ll World to Christ' Wflham Feda; of Christ the King and every day] . .Y ] ~.~ ; tnelll, How ~am, 6~ ' . ' " in Ior tBelr play wa~ tu v.t:uut~S= u,= S,~,~ age. Be patient and ehantable,[ ! [] ~ ' :: ["Catholic Youth vs. Commu-of this important week. this past week s~dy g .I i. .~ ~ These boys may be awkward andl-- aney [ -" i'-. [nism" Sharon Burdock; "Catho- On the evenin" of this great quarter exams. rms year report ~o ~y,~-~,o~,~r~,:r~an~ '---'-'--' -~--. ~'-~ 'he" will catch| ~ou can't unless ne wants toI "GET ACQUAINTED TEA --Pictured at the registration tame curing a recent t, et aequamtea I,^ ' .t. r^ e lar I . ~ tcards will be given out tour ttmeslm~uate the power u p ,aye ~ U~I~II/Ul IIUW V~.t~, b ~y 1 II~ IOUtll ~UUllb'~t'a~.L O~' a " " iveti tnel - - ,n Tt i~ nmazin~ how manv bash-/come back. And don t make any Tea" sponsored by the ladies' auxiliary of Madonna high school in Aurora are (left to right): SIS- ~ 1 Car'i The Power feast, the senmrs rece . ]'t instead' of six times as m prevtous jespecallly of the Rosary. ~.e. ~ -- ~ "L- et at,t" ,~ -."n~,~u= ,~|obvions efforts to find out if hel ter Pit Marie, O.S.F.', Miss Susanne Streit; Mrs. Fred Street;" Mrs. Robert Bma" of Batavia;" and ]'~'~" ~:~'~ ~ :,','s'~ n,~ Iclass rings" and Father Jaco.os,[years"- [ Math formulas and theorems ml one s o~ me ~ ~ . c n't : ot ~.uue : 0 P reminded them of the slgmtt- . have been carried over into the th, fall, dark and handsome Joes~stfll cares about you. You a Sister M. Kenneth, O S.F land "Cathnlie Vnnth and Patriot- I " " - " ' -" ' eritas [ The Latin classes served a re how he will react -~~~ I I cance o[ its mscHpnon v n^ ,~ctobertchemlstry class me past tew nays. of 18. be su iBm' Terry t;arison. " " nd of rtoman oanqueL OH.Say, u . i " sure of o ' and its symbohsm of the bo m with a roximatel Chemistry students are learn ng Y Y I Rnvlan N|l h " Y unity which exists among t os " '~' i-atin- Guests to manipulate the slide rule and Since ou are onl a freshman One thing you can be AT MULDOON On Tuesday the student bed h e 29 at 2 p,pP Y w ald eas at)out mougn ant tnat is that yout ~ ,v "'"" " " " " " r eneral tat stutients partlc p you can be slo 1 Y . 1 ' I l ~ J ~. --- g a ]recited the Rosa y a.t a g. [who are dedicated to the pursuit[ at, th, bannuethv[Other intricate instruments. Each making new fi'iends. By the time oroKen neart wnl neat. fins t.ue ,iJ ~, ,~ ~, AA ~,~,~, ] assembly All Saints Day, the stu- ],f truth ~.~'~."'~:'";" ~': ~"~ ~ -1 -'*- student has her own slide rule r ad to date on will quicker you put your social sktlls I~ P,rCt Paronf-Stuu ,l| ~~l dents beaan a triduum of Mass'~s [the rrteuntarcn WHO announceu~tl you are e y Y on hoin~ F IC~,e~ se ~,s ~' .~ ~1 On Tuesday the combined or-[hvthe words"CenaParata" (din-[antic Huge one lsavananletoau have many. [to WOI K ann CO llC~CllLtate v-.--~--~o / [ . ]and Holy t;ommunions in meir] i~oti o ~.nn~rpd an Onen[:~.-; a,~ ,vh,~,~ ~11 ,]r,~,~d]students. This instrument is one . at ease with other toys me quicK- o arish churches On Frida out- s e . ; |" ~ ' 7" " i - DearDo~s a er the healing. IParont N,ahtl e k a a t M ~'~[P:andin-la-men were invYed toIF rum assembly for the dlseus-lin Roman costume, entered m[ f themany new pteces. t equp: A f ~ d f : ~; s ment available to enem~stry ann " " I ~ 1 .-1(-:rite.l[! |ll .r /or l lov. "71 Ision of the Youth Week theme Iprocession to the sound of music.[ " are interested in helping children Dear tmrls: ] ~.m ~,~ ~. ,~ .w - =~ = ~"-' -- speak on a panel contiucteti oyl,~ ~ Tr ;t, rl%.* fh " tZrounA klm~ a,;.n o.a fr,wth ,r~ar Lati.jscienee students this year. '- r ~'rin" a "irl~ ~ - r, ,v~ Need forI zuu"'-w"'s'x"u"'" "~ ixu~; ~ u j [ and would like to WOrK In an ~noum a soy eve u ~ S ROCKFORD--TIle nrst rarent dames uiccu ~.v orphanage when we finish high ton party where he knows there lNight since the opening of Boylan ROCKFORD -- The November i tellectual Group" with script by Unity Within the Ranks of Catho-[~ ~i~g: dcll:CsU:Ssl wnh::es ~:l:ellsn atnndl Swt~ldTto~h;er~Uwn:r~e saetatt~e tat)ms] All earl chnlch tra(iition de- school, We are both sophomores,[ will be drinking and probablyI Central Catholic high school in I meeting of the Muldoon Eduea- ] Barbara Kleczewski and Jane ~ lie Youth" was discussed by Mr. / [ . " I Y " mscusslons were Held on au Chmax of Festivities scrtheg a be ar named Servulus Neither of us has said much to some trouble since there will belseptember 1960 will be held at tional association for parents and]wirrv and under the direction oflFrank Schue, "The Need for [ " gg ' ' ~ ~ ~ . a, ~ ~ ~a .~ ,~ ~.~ ~ ' ~c'~m-li- Youth" b, Mr Thomastpnases o~ me meme. t Entertainment was provided be-/who passed his entire life in th~ our familes because mey mlnKlnew laces ~rom truer ne~gnuur- the school tonight at 7 O'CLOCK ~uu~.~ ~ .~ .~,u a~ tn~ ,~, v w - ~,~ - ,~, : ~ ' the idea is sort of silly. [hoods at the party?--Don -' The Rev Anthony J Becker school on Thursday, November 9, ,~ay ~an ausaau ann ~e ~o~-iGreen' and "The Power of Truth/ Friday brought a special Youth tween courses' and cons.lsted, ofl rch of. Baslhea of St. ',~ - ' - -~ " ' '~a~ ~ ,m ~dns Announcer wilt oe J~arnaralin the Catholic Youth" MrslWeeKnoonLwassoltereat)yMountlmusical selections, tianc|ng ]ug-/t;lement in ttome. Is :,:y~:;tleic~ailmsec&l;:';:e'~e:=~/ /~i2;al~ lI ne is wise ne wont] superintend~ntedsa:dd :Ill tp::~n~Ssl ~;n qnvitation will be extended !Kleczewsld Participants will be I Frank Tofanelle First Friday/elaaplain Father Molloy, to ,openlgling, magic tricks and a short[~ g " ' are being in "t,' ' - ', for sueh a career whatlDear Doris: will be present in their class- all 8th gni!s 7n~'~:thth~c ~ :u~fw~h~ twr~dUt~e]tah:d HWo~;dce:fmUlm:;;oknend F~rsi'Fr~]S-A'highlight of the banquet I kind? -- M. and A. ] At what age do you think it Is[rooms [parents to attena me programlLinda Zordan' Psychologist Jane . / I~ r.ast &i. with an an,qe in its|l 1B'~ I . . : :~ in~ o . ~ ~ ~ ~.~ u;, I ' ' stuoents a~tenumg lvlass anti re-/tiny ~aturtiay ann ~unuay. i,~ u P8 t-r J| l~ I -a.~ u-:~; '~t~: t::eewil~'de?end/pr per for a girl to tweeze her] Each student is taking home an]'~'~, vv~- * ~o~. ]WilTy; Semanticist, Mary Kay ceiving Holy Commmfion in their]/- I]] '~~k~ [ on what a e Cnllflren y0H t / " " ' " ' ' u :v ~ 9 reen bl$1:el ~vncnael ueleste UOOlUl M e a lclan Pat Bar . ake/eyebrows'--Mau outline of his class schedule] . ," ' . ILynch, ath m t,"parish churches. ]l *- ~ ~1--,- rAIl-- I/I ll' / I g - ,~ mh,~ word nroner doesn't really which the narents can follow on}nat r oetween me laculty anti melry. Geneticist Donna Goff. Nay- ,~i,mce .%minar ~| I 1gglll .#/. ~1~,1~ ~,~,e--~ [[[ [,~'~i]l~/. I :~l:i:: and whemel mey are we, l/eute'r~ into i~w?ih~:e iSo~lOthein: their visits ~his evening. M:ld nesE~:aat~ :~b?;;~g~l nn ra~}ie:itI~::s~:~:l L ~i,'lam the hSis'ter John dM!aureenn heado:j Cffnton, ,wo III ~ I ~--: chqd cmin" institt tions~wr ng with " gY ' Y To Tour School / " y P" g" t e scienceep "tmt sp '~1 .^ ~ ~n u,~ur~ I~l ~1", I~llk"~ I OUllle * I ~ " " [e as [OllOWS: "btuoents lntrocluce ' ' "r al ] s ' ~/~lrl~JLl~ ~ ~JLtl;~.~l~ r~en. vvv~w -:v- "hei~ own courses ran"in"[br ws if they need it If you a" Fathel Beckm exnlained thatl" . ; [students will take t.hel p "tit Tuesday Oct. 31 at the Elgm[I I|1 BIFfl x I g, e t ' . s s . " " " r rarents to i~/ooern ivla~n. ' i la r ms a ' ' ' ' " " ;- months to two ,ears [in your teens and your eyebrows o class ] [and guests to the r c ss oo t Science semurar at which time shell Now Offers Progresslvo New Concept, in I/I ~nlm,nu ~ lllTaD [ JLI'UII| OIA J ' . Lll~" LUUI"~ LIUIII ~Id~LUUIII t " Pr sen t rheor ' * ' " Oth-r~ affiliated with hosnitals]are bushy then thin them out a ill ~ot.o oh ~ o0 minutes[ e t Se y whichtime they will meet the discussed set theory, which, forl| Twa-Year College Plann,ng Ill ~Aln"~r~M~ [ ,m~ ,~ oh~i ~ .i:l,~ /little. Be careful to follow the ~ ~ a;.~ oh,~ m[ A group of Freshinan Math D -tfaculty. Samples of the students the mathematlcmn, clarifies. I Excellent Curriculum I[I ~,u um, nt nna I ~ ~ ~- --~ natural line of the brow and don't ~'.~" e~-.~ v~,~,:,s [partment students will present the school work will be viewed after simplifies and unifies the whole il - - I]1 IN~TRIIMFNTS I minutes m eacH Ol me seven ' . U S 30 -- 85 Miles west OT KocKrora ' I|"ull too many [ Set Theory as arranged and I the assembly, of mathematics. Her lecture m-l| " ILl Z?." L,L,i.-. I I ~ ]] e Doris Revere Peters answers classes, their cnua. at!entis, anaI directed by Barbara Drake and l~ ~]l e Highly geared foundation program far the degree sacker Ill r-- " ~~ ' '. 7." ~,~ I I ndedsurve ro ram for the two ear student I / " 1 I[ not b : . [Barbara Janczak Narrator willt Between 1950 and 1960 the cost Ill *Wa, you y p ~ y Ill I ,la~~ I I i~le~ers mrougn her eommn Y "" " " " "o class ' cHange irom classzoom t [ ~ I I, '~ ;i~ ~ I[mail Please do not ask for a per- "lbe Cynthia Putnam and mathe-[of living, exclusive of food, rose The Bank I.I I111 II room I 1 ~JI I I q,# I lIMI I I I ~ (~-- .~ I, " " "" " ar " I matical prop Catherine Simmer-125 per cent while the cost of the lil ,~~ i t,L- Ill l ~';",~'~NEO II sonal reply, xonng reaners e . .' . ~ :. ::~.- -. - ~. ,J[ areof Followlngtlletourrefreshmentslman ParticlpantswfllbeMarilyn[typical market basket of farm OF STERLING I!1,[! ~ T IIII I; invitea m write te ner in c . . . . : ~.~ ~ ,-,- I I ~ ~ JJ wfllbeservedmtheschoolcafe-]Ainsworth Mary Burke Dmne [ food mcreased14 per cent. Farm- Ill Ill' "1 The u~server ' ' 1 1 r ~ ,:t I [ ~~ [I " teria. At the same time the school[ Cattani Mary Cholke Diane Cox lets received none of th's "nc ease Ill ,~i~f~l / " Ill s I ,[ $ ,~T~fd~, ~[~ I I[ ~ . administrators will address the[Patricia Dahlberg, l~Iichelle Des[Prices they received declined 6 "V,ur FUlL SERVICEIII ~,~t~lr~:| ~ ~ ~ III ULLAKUU I L HAM,IIGive Advent Sk,t parents, for the first time gath-/Lauriers, Cynthia Dobnick. Bar-[per cent. "" . ".', [/[ ~=i~. '~,;;' ~lm-~ |[[ - --- --- - I r ~ 41 I] ered in an assembly about mat-bara Drake, Jeau Fanara, Pa-, oanl( Ill ~~,'~r't]"u~~ III SCHOOL of MUSIC Leggin Ruth Wolf Albina Basile Ho es for PTA zak Carolyn Kling Janet Kuczyn-] Get the Best . . ILl - III STO,E ",' ' P ] - ' Memoer ot the teoeral '-""~ 128 Albert AvenuS--KOCK~Ora FrancesSouvetske and Irene . . ski Janet Kudzma, Sylwa Lester ' -~ . Father Becker sa,d that he IS ' ~ ' [ Ask For Insurance Depositlil ~~~ III ~St~t:%K;lr;00 I I~Harezlak will present a sKlt aoout h ~; ;h~f Poren~ Ni-ht will soon l~ii~ buceK, Llntia lvleFall, ~aro-II Corporation Ill --- ' lflt Ill Our 27th Year - v-,s ~ 1--n Nash Maril--n Paladino Ar '~ I~ ~" III - I n,m,~,r na~ut~,t~ on I/Advent at the riome an(l ~cnool lead to the formation of a Home y ' Y,"]1 ~11 I lib I~lll" I[| I1" I uunuquc rat, rims us. Ilmeetin. of St Peter and Paul lent Perko Linda Provasi, Cyn-II LH][][J~|~'l][l[~l~lE " "' I Dubs-He iowa I1 " :' '. ^ anti bcnool assoclauon toy ~oytan a.;^ ~ ~.~-- r^~li~ o~ ~ II I~ H .= -- ~ - 1 *l, m/~,~,~;,h Nov. 9 al: 7:30 n.m. ; uua run,am, weuv a ~ot.amv, ~m - I U~a-,~" e high There has been no sucn A lU MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS Linda Rogozinski, Linda Scida ]1 ~/rll/rT LEGION OF DECENCY LIST " - . . orgamzatlon at the scnool slnee Janet Spehar, Catherine Zimmer-II ~Ll~i,1 Dark at the Top of King of the Roaring Rocco rsana his MERSASSOClATION INC its beginning " a a the Stairs 20'S . ~rotae THE MILK CONSU,' " man. I Elld of Innocence (was Big Bankroll) Season of Passion " Plans fortheformationofsuch ,I .W C Moral Classlf,cat,on of Mov,es Eve WantstoSleep League of Gentlemen Seneehal. The Mag. PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM :~ ^. ,;11 I~,~ ~- ;.~,~flay ocneumea !l nn,~r~ne, c ,~e% . . -"Exodus LOSS of Innocence nificen t Ctll ut~a 1x~aUUll wiz~ u~ [Ju~ .J~u rl~l~ %*V sho In in the was (Jreengage ~lns oi" l