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November 3, 1961     The Observer
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November 3, 1961

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 ! '-, FAMILY CLINIC " i: i ,Five Years i !i AMBoY Sponsored by St izabeth "un-r ELGIn 3 p.m. in church ham First day : Uii Nov. 8- Pancake and.sausage garian Ladies ,S~eiety ,] Nov. 7-14--Book fair with books for adults, second day for chil- ~ ~,A= ~iili ;i;;:;;;~i::~:~: i suppare from 5 to 8 p m at St Dee. 1 -- Winter Fantasy ]from St. Thomas More hook store dren S, ,nsorea k, + o F I~g%l 5 I~ ~ I all I ~ Pier ~ii!ill ::~:~! l Patrick parish. Adults, 75c, chil- dance in Sacred Heart school hall. Sponsored by Altar and Rosary - -- w~,~'U o //~.l q~: |'~g R,|l o~ly ~!i::!: ::::~!ii~:iiii::::iii!::}}~ii~i~ii~::;~ii;fi::!:::ii:!:;ii::::i:ii:~ii:/: i;;:: i: : : ii dren, 40c and pre.schoolers, free. Sponsored by St. Anne Society andI society'of St Joseph parish. Altar ann t+osary society - ~ }~:}i:i.i ~iiii~z::z~i:~:::: .:~: ::ii::::ili:~fi:!~:!~ii:iiii: :!ii~i~: ;~:i~!~i~ilU~i:!i:~:::~!~:!~i:!!iiii:~i:: :~i:!:::::i;i~t Sponsored by the parish for the Holy Name Society of Sacred N-v 18 19 ~h~o~,~:o ; Nov. 1O, 11- Rummage sale at BY FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. ~i:~iiiiii::i:~:iii}:~ :: ; :!i!::!~ii::ii~:i::!:~.i:::) ;:~!::::!:i~!::iii::i::~::::iii:::::;7::::ii~!iiii!~!: : ! :::::~:! H ri h -- - .=:==.=====:: ~+====== : :~:- :::::+~,:++~::~: :: ~: : bem~efit of St Anne school,ear+t pa s . Izarre" at St Thomas More church llO N. Court St. all day both days. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University ~ii!iiiii~i!i~::!::~:~!:::!!i~::?:iiii:i:!:i~u:~i;~ii::::#:=(+i~ :~!:.?:::~:~:i;:::.::::!::~::;::~:~! : : ~!:: :i AURORA ' BATAVIA [-- Sponsored by St Thomas More Sponsored by Muldoon Education-i How do you correct five unha ears of marriaoe" M, h,- ~]~iiiiii!i~.:~:iiiiii~ii~!;i:i~:::i: ~:; :i:i;(:~:::i;i~i~i};ii::~~::: :~i ~}i~ NOv; ~ and 4-- Rummage sale inNs ~l~l~au~li.~oaZau7 :~d~y ~hoe sas Woman s club. al assoclaUon. " Iband complains that I don't keep h:us:~ght, don't cook right/dr;;s ~}iiiiii!i:!iiii!iii!iii:iiiiiii:~:::i!i:i::i::~!iiiii::i:::::~ii::~:::~~ at l-loly angels chapel taown FREEPORT iNov 12 Annual turke din ri ",~"i~;"~i~i!~:~;:'::t:ii::"~::~:':~M::~i:~:~;:~:~:ii:~ ~;~:::~: :'~:~ " an h startin ' 1- 30 a m with I -- y - ght, talk right, etc When I do something he doesn t hke he hts ~ ~rs}~.~- S. ponsored ?y Cathohc Puncheon ser~vgda~at 71:30 am andt Nov. 10--Sixth annual Feathertner m S! .Mary church ,hall -:]me, uses foul language, spits in my face or punishes me in other ~~~:i:::~: ~'+,~"~,o ", ~'=-~".' ,~ ,~,~ Ipar~y a~ ~ pm in aauin uentrall~ponsoreu By bt lvtary ~utar anal " :i~:i:.:: : : ; : i::ii~;it" . -~":'~' F -" " . - . way.---mr In irong at me enimren, we've separatea six times--men ::;i:.i~::;:i:-::. ; :,:i~:: : .:L : ::!!~fi v~ ~V~a~e]~r~21l[:s~" CARPENTERSVILLE ]h~h~hn~llu~etae:~ci2t~3s red ~l ~:Tc~l~ie:y" $1.50 for adults, I'm wonderful and he wa~ts me bac~, but it doesn't last. Whatshould ~ii~ilillI iiiii!i:)!!~ i:: I}!~S us. Sponsored by Marmion Mo~-. Nov. 11--"Harvest Top. Dance"/ ~No~. 19 Holiday specialt-i Nov 25- Holiday dance at Uni II do? This treatment has been going on since the third week o| ll~;iii~};~!~iiiiiiiii::i::i:~::: :i:i::i:::::::~::;:v :::::::::i;:: : ,in new cnurea nan smrung at 9 -- J . " " . : ers club. n m with Erv CJ+l+~'.~ nrohamtra /foods sale after all Masses in"St. I vermty club. Sponsored by Young our mamage. ======================================================= Nov. 7 -- Fall card party in S~nsorect by St -~Iomca"~dali~y/Th mas Aquinas school hall. Spon-IMatron,s guild of the Catholic! I used to believe that such situations could be found only in ~!!ii~::::::::::::::L::: i}!i;i:.!i:!~.::::~.:."~ [~ church hall Sponsored by St of St Maraca -irish /sored by Ladies guild of St Woman s league fiction but have since learned a ~. +.^ ::::~!i~ii+~ ;i~ " ~ ",/ " I they are far from ~,~ o.~ ay u~ '~: Anne society of St Nicholas " " ]Thomas Aquinas parish } ST CHARLE I ~ii~i::~i~ ,~ " ~x~'l'mb l~Alt~J ! " I ~ on me mcrease in our societ .y~'As in your case, Rose, the pattern ~:t[ church. Nov. 18 -- Bakery and linen/ GENEVA I Nov. 9 -- Annual fall card party'tends to be set very early in marria e. As a matter of fact some ~~ ~ov v, 1o -- ~qignm's inn sale from noon until 5 p.m. in [ Nov. 14 -- "Holiday Inn Fall]at 8 p.m. in the social center of counles never mandate to estahli ~ g:-~,~ ,~to~ ~ot~,~oh;,~ PARTICIPANTS IN A NOVEMBER 7 and i cu io,", card party Thursday afternoon all- rtm nn~o + ream .m,+,n~,~,n h, [Festival" from 11 a m until 5ttho oh.reh gnnn~nr~d. h, W,m. I. '+ o e p d S ss n on ~aee relatmns, are shown at a. planmng . ~ ----- -r ~ . v J masmuch as sus ici n sessmn wtm ~wo at me directors of the Thomas More Adult Edueatmn centers (Left to rY'ht, ~eat- and evemng, Nov. 9 and Friday Altar and Rosary society of St /p.m. wzth smorgasbord served at/an's club of St Patrick narish furl p o, rejectmn, or mmunderstanding may appear ~,n ~,~= ~ a . s . eveninNovl0 S nsored b " " ' " ev i " . . . ~ -" ,u~ ~ auu .~OUIS Williams. t;~ganolng): l)Onal{1 J.YlUSICfl~ l 11SS ~Otla Leon ann lvlrs. a;mg, :. -': .po Y Thomas the Apostle parish. /12 and 1 p.m;atS!;Peter church lthe benefit of the church redecor-[ en. dur ng thel.r .honeymoon, and the resultmg tenmon and &strust Louis Williams. Miss Leon and Mr. and Mrs. Williams will participate in the panel discussion to he socm y ox acrea eart DEKALB ponsorea oy wamonc woman s luting tun . provmes no healthy cnmate mr evemping a sense o[ unity and led by John Kearney, national director of Friendship House at the Marmion braneh of the Thomas church. . Nov. '4 -- Kris Kringle Crea-]Clun at St. Peter parish. I STERLING Imutual concern. More centers--(Park Place photo) Nov. 16-19 -- "Round the World' tions Tour a Christmas sale held MORRISON ! ' [ ~ [ Nov. 6 -- Card party in Sacred l BECAUSE THE PROBLEM GENERALLY GOES BACK to the ~ . . . . ~na J~I~gh ~1 t:::~iaigaa~ttvca~a. mn'[~ six, locahons sta~ing at St: |. Nov. 5 Smorgasbord withjHeart parish hall. Sponsored by/beginning of marriage, it may be worthwhile to taken closer look at tlll'41~l'a,~ P~lrlt~l IFamllg Med cme, Morals Topic e. -Imary nosp~tm trom to a.m. until!turKey ana ham trom 11:30 a.m.!the parish /some -f th^ fa-,^r- -^,-,J ~. t. r- I1lVl~i /~ill~l . . first two days, 8 p.m. third day, 5 nm -- Snansored by St Mar-lto 2-30 nm at Norrish o,m / " ! u e ~u ~ remteu to ~ts manta, w.ea t. average cuu~,~e [ a. ~ . " ~# .- I ~ . and 2 p.m. last day. Sponsored bYtho~pita1 au~liary " " ~/torium S~nsored bv St Mar::! Nov. S -- Card party in St. Mary|enter marriage, we may reasonably presume that they feel they are Ill ll a |J~]" l~arav/a l:oucarlonal ~,enrer the students, Men's club, AhmnaeI DIXON [sodality "- " -lau~tormm. Sponsored by Altar[in love and can lead a successful married life together ~l|| |~|C~||,BATAVIA Dr William J a T and Ladies auxiliary of Madonna Nov 11 Chicken fry from 5 to| P""P ano r~osary socety o~ ~t. ~vlary/ Wh are some f " "" I l|| II,fl~ll~d~ ] --. I L me aomas more ~u~ r~uu- " i -- ~ ~u nr~a~um~ lnarish I Y o mem so qutc~ly utsnlUSlone(1 once mey are /we~ge~, ~w u Aurora will speak cation center ,may. n ,-- t~aru party Sunday]9, p.m. in Kmghts of Columbus~ Nov. 30 -- Fall bazaar in St.!~ " [married? During courtship they apparently found little to criticize k l~,| [on "Medicine, Morals and Fam-| Dr. Weigel is a graduate of mmrnoon m a~ ~tenoias tiau I cmnrooms Catherme ansh hall S ns r ~ l~. t fly Problems ' here Monday No~ Loyola umvers~t school of Med~ I~ " P ' -- PO o ed[ ,p }'n each other they readily acceded to each other's wishes and [~- ~[~ l~Tl~rl~| . ' '.t " y - +~ ~.1 ' ]by st. Catherine Women's Society[ P~ov. ~, lu- annual nanKs-i,+, ~ ^a '~'~rina oaoh +~tha,'~ th hfo .~,a r+++~m ~ ,~ + uvv affiV U=e~==~[6' tram 8 until 10 p m. This islcine and practices in Aurora. For " ivin te rival i l i-,~y =.jvy~u ~,~ ~, o -,""~"~o ",'~ ~--so. ,y uv J'.~t~v~],~ ~n~me.s ~ [g g s n Sub ette Commu- . the fifth lecture m a popular the ast 14 ears he has been a n ri -, P Y -- ~ P Y --" norteslserms on farmly hfe being held speaker for the Cana and re- mty hall w~th card art hrst t ey a I to aeveiop amng mmuar unes m mamage AURORA l~acmlMi i i Nov 9 -- Bazaar from 11 a m ~ni ht,m e " " " P I |[ : ' "l g,~,a es, s rand mght. Spun: ONE OBVIOUS ANSWER is that they did not reveal and con- and Sacral Justme, will be thel tcana conferences sponsored by ! l~ll~l~lr"l~ ~l~ll~ ~I~DllU/~ I~D i[ um, .:ou p.m. in scnom gym --Isored by Our Lady of Perpetual se'm"-'*'-" -~:-~ ~ i,^ It L l 1 ' 4-0~;~. topic of a panel discussion to be bishop of Chicago Kearne heads the Famil Life Bureau of the I *VO- O~'~a~, m'as. ~rn,=llWmE~k IISponsored by Altar and RosarylHel -'irish ,~ y ~,u .u~ se~ tt, ~ tue,r tea* ~e~ves uurmg ~"held a* *h- ,m. I ' Y .l ~Y . 1,' i" Most eo 1 " " ~ t v xmmm~ ~vxuxe ,'-xumt a IUll scale program at Interracial mocese at l" OCKtOrU. He is a Well- U S Choice Meats Home Made Sausa e socmty of St Patrick church Nov 26 Card ar P p e are on thew best behawor when they date, for they Educatmn center Lake streot rk a d I " " " -- g ]]: ; " . -- p ty at 7:30 " wo n education. He holds a qualified speaker on medical- I ,~ ~ +v. - u~,~rL" Mv,~.^"- IlIi ROCKFORD ~, .n m. in St. Mary school. Spon- see~ to pmase. 'men too, lovers are not notea mr their clear vision, eampus o[ Marmion Military bachelor of arts degree in 'Philos- moral problems which every fata- l Ph ADa " |] Nov. 8, 9 -- Christmas bazaar sored by Band Three of St Anne " They tend to see only what they wish to see, dismissing defects academy Tuesday, Nov. 7, at 8 ophy and is a candidate for the ily encounters. He is also an ac- I . m~ z-o/~z . PreeporL mmmg [land luncheon from 11 a.m. until[society. Lunch included, in the beloved as either insignificant, "cute " or easily remedied p.m. The session, which will be[master of arts degree ]in English tive member of the Aurora Serra ,']- ~ ' ~the fifth in a seminar course en-I literature from Loyola university I club ----'-- ~[[ ~ name are wmmuy Dnna, caremny avolumg anymmg mac might titled "The Church the Layman[~-- t M O N U M E N T S ~e = Ill threaten the courtship because they feel insecure in the relatmn- and the Modern World " ; II . FOR MEMORY ~111 an K shi or e ir " "" " " ' I g e III p dsetobrmg~ttoasuccessfulconclusmnatanycostl to the pubhc. ,o,e~,[FLAMINGODELICATES FN / - - ~, ~ II1 ~ Such lack of realism during courtship may account for many l The panel-discussion will be I t~ Z r.~, ~ . conducted by John Kearney na ~s ~ ,~ ~u~.r u u ~ HN~ r~sruurunr now [ i u soa ml ~ Ill LOESCHER HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING difficulties early in marriage, but unhappy situations like yourl ', "/I~ ~.F~/~/~ offers the finest in imported cheese tionm ~ireetor of r rienasnip . r tl " Ill "%,/',~ Ill 311 E. Sauth St. ~IEEPORT Phone AD 2-3613 own usually revolve additional factors. In many cases the harsh, House and "-ersonal ex-eriences/j ~~3~ --sausages--meats for hohday af- I;t I1'- critical, contemptuous treatment accorded spouse or children is in the Aurar:area will b~ relatedtl ~++'~ fairs at home or office. Select from -~ III I1['I~1~ owing primarily to dissatisfaction with the state of marriage itself. [by Miss Sofia Leon and Mr. and[[ ~ our choice line of imported ~'~ "~ III I,l~V ~ THAT IS TO SAY, SOME PARTNERS RESENT the limitations Mrs. Louis Williams. /I ",~~ ~1~ a a~ea~!a~ ous to becoming nat,anal,~U U~ Monument Works ~-.d.'-- ~ -.J. H on personal freedom necessarily involved in marriage or parenthood [I ~" .~~ ~[1111 I~UUU~ . . ulrector o[ J~rmnusmp ~ouse m ~)Tli.$?tlT:~7.H. B~;:~t,IO?;~r~ ~aint an?Hardwore Itl and .bhndly proceed to transfer their resentment to thew spouses or 1960, Kearney worked for the tl Fancy platters for all o as, ons " III children. What they are really rejecting are the demands made upon Commonwealth of Puerto Rico as/I FLAMINGO 3 12 East State FREEPORT. itLINOiS ~2s East Stephenson--Froepart Ill them by the situation of being married, yet rather than face up to assistant director of the midwest [| DELICATESSEN (Dam Gandolfi) ll their own selfishness in rejecting obligations they have freely as- area He also organized and still~~ "' . . Freeport's Favorite ATLAS sumed, they vent their hidden guilt and frustration on their families, heads the Committee for Painting Paper Hanging Dry-Wall Taping and Finishing RESIDENTIAL -- COMMERCIAL Phone: ADams 3-1916 841 S. Liberty- Freeport PLUMBING AND HEATING Department Store for over 84 years 18 West Stephenson St. SERVICE Tiros Batterie= Accossorios Adams and Winneshiek Phone AD 2-8010 Freeport DON'T MAKE A 512 South Cherry Freeport, Illinoig Dial ADams 2-5316 John W. Barrett O.D. OPTOMETRIST Originatorg of DRI-NU PROCESS 1448 S. Galena (Office & Plant) 221 W. Galena (Drive-In) 120 S. Van Buren (Downtown) ADams 2-7714 Freeport UNTIL YOU CONTACT TRANSFER & STORAGE, INC. ADams 2-2512 Freeport 7 EAST STEPHENSON ST. SUPER KEMTONE Ry2BER WALL PAINT (Over Woolworth's) ' KEM GLO ENAMEL [.~'~e| THOUSANDS OF COLORS AD 2-5011 ' NEWBERRY [] i i -~-~wr~ WALLPAPER AND PAINT COm~ ~-= ~-- .~ it,s . . .CAPONE' For Home of Freeport's First 3-Minute Car Wash i Polishing gl]l nil Italian Foods ltlllit'l U " " +~ . Steaks illll~X~ ~1 Sea Foods ltlISN~LI PJ U S 20 ~" Corner S Galena ~""-- Chicken i!I!!!1~.~1 Freeport ~ and S. ,Chicago j~ ~ and Pizza llU]llll=,L.Lll~ Served ot Table or Carry-Out JIM MYERS SHELL STATION ~ "Always Prepared to Perfection" FREEPORT--Car. East Main and South Chicago--Dial AD 2-$$15 WE GIVE S &H GREEN STAMPS the beer refreshing Ask For BIG "D,' Di;ewrys Distributed Throughout Stephonson County By-- FRANK LASSANDRO 22*24 East Spring Street AD 2-4036 r Froop~'~, Illinais Through countless years it stands :stalwart . . . =The oldest llvi'ng thing on earth is a tree, yet its time span is but a fleoting moment in the realm af eternity. At life's ond- "~ qng tho Ipirlt is born anew to abide forever. A funeral should beautifully express thls faith. Following a somewhat similar pattern, some people enter mar. Credit Practices in this state ~iage with either no awareness of or intention of accepting the per- is a chairman of the Freedom oi sonal adjustments necessarily involved. They assume as a matter of Residence Committee. He is an course that others must adapt themselves to their dispositions and officer~ of the Chicago Freedom are highly indignant if they fail or refuse to do so. Action committee, vice-chairman ATTEMPTS TO DISCUSS THE MATTER or to work out some of the Illinois Citizens Committee mutually acceptable program prove useless There are only two for Migrant Workers and a mem- sides to every question--their side, and the other side, which is her of the Archdiocesan Lay Mis- "Famous For Fine Food" Steaks---Chicken---Sea Food Distinctive Atmosphere . . . Delightful Cuisine Air Conditioned Comfort Year 'Round wrong. Of course they do not state their position so badly, rather they argue, "Let's be reasonable--do it my way." From your brief though graphic description of your marital situation, Rose, it is impossible to discover what the real, under- lying causes of your difficulties may be. Since the criticism started early in marriage and appears to be so all-inclusive and persistent, I would hazard the guess that it falls into one of the patterns mentioned above. At any rate, it is quite clear that the situation must be changed, for the actions you describe are utterly beneath the dignity of Christian spouses and should not be tolerated Have you sought the help of your pastor or of a competent marriage counselor? EXPERIENCE SHOWS THAT TEMPORARY SEPARATIONS sionary committee. As director of Friendship House, which oper- ates in the Chicago archdiocese under the auspices and support of Albert Cardinal Meyer, Arch- Shoemakers for "Our Home, Your Home in Time of Bereavement" BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME West Galena and North Walnut Avonuo FREEPORT, ILLINOIS GENE BURKE ADams 2-0613 ORRIE TUBBS Four Generations without counseling seldom produce lasting results. Reconciliations SHOE SERVICE based upon even well-meaning promises prove to be mere wishful thinking unless both partners recognize the real source of their 205 North Church St. problems and agree upon some definite, practical steps for dealing with it. KOCKTOra Hence you need outside help If your husband refuses to see your pastor or to consulf another counselor, he is obviously in lll~ll-i-llli bad faith, for your marital situation is intolerable and no matter I who may be primarily at fault, you are both obliged to do all that i t'* !. ~. [] you reasonably can to find a workable solution. u purlnl Five unsuccessful years should .make it clear that somethinz is I-" ~ ally,- ; -" radicall wr wi . . v [] ~ VlII~II [] y ong th your relahonshlps. If your husband refuses to |[] [] cooperate in seeking competent help, you may as well plan for a r[] FUNERAL HOME [] permanent separation You are not now living as Christian spouses, ! I . I so why continue the disgraceful performance? [] Two Chanels [] ~= ~ [] r []: ~1~1I DIAL -Ii . [] WO 4-6332 u Patron,ze [] []' o [] 707 Marchesano ~: Our Adverhsers= Rockford I i nilmlnlJ mnluu munu nnnunununnnu m num mnuuuuu SMITH TYPE (ethylene glycol} Five Miles West Of Freeport on Rt. 20 Reservations FoT Private Parties AD 3-1107 T CRAWFORD S PRESCRIPTION IEADQuARTERS We Specialize in the :l INSTALLED Filling of J As near as J GUAR" TEED I your doctor's I Your PrescriptionsJ phone . . . 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