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November 3, 1961     The Observer
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November 3, 1961

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l i -I I I t earing t ROCKFORD -- Proposals for for expenditures in the treatment I state financed homemaker serv- of children who developed handl- E 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1961[ices in local communities, help caps after then" acceptance hy an 0ver Salesmen Deliver Dour land s ~--[forjand Wflham Sommers m St JosepnSl[ mentally~ .retardedv ~v children ageKneCnYn'etn w i e ivi - + PAG "~- t . M~ Andrew Thomas president - ~ : " : ann a specially constltuteO group " ~ LI:~ :] : ~ [ h e" ta e of the Ottawa deanery of DCCW, BI / r p . : ~~1 urged state help for retarded chil- ~ : ~:::::~ ::~ and give help m family emergen-i dren and advocated the formation /~~ --:-- ~~:~:.-- i cIes wei'e aavocaten las~ week oY /~ n~ ' r~~:~*~l ~ / I of councils in communities which : :~ two speakers here representing . : ':~ could give 'speedy aid to fam- ~:- rues m emergencies with help m Women The proposals were .# ::~ . ' the home and provision of limited voiced in a day-long hearing be- . . . /g:/ ~l . fnnds for their immediate prob- ,fore the Illinois Committee on ,'~~:~:~ :l~l ~ ~~ ~~~ B [Comprehensive Family and Child lram" I~ ~~:i/ ~~ IWelfare in the YMCA River room.[~ ~ ~ll/ [] I Mrs. Edward Sliney, Elgin, rep-[Aorora Deanery ~ ~ ~ ~: ~ i /resenting the Chicago province of ' u ~ /nl i~[~ [] /NCCW, made a plea for state fi-[~ ~ ~lt~l'~ ~i~]~ lli~ 1B [nanced homemaker services mt ~'~ ~ ~ I~ [] [local communities. She said the[ DEKALB--Women of the Aurora ~ ii~i~i~ :~ i~ i ~ state would benefit through re- ~ -~:~:I~ ~B~ ~::~ ~:: ::: I [uuceo costs at care or cnnnren In~' /deanery, Diocesan, Council of . .~.~ /~:~ ~~~: =:::::!~i ::~:~ [] [foster homes and lust" itutlons." [Catholic Women, electea ouicers ~1~ ~~ ~~ll [While state supported, Mrs. Sliney[for two-year terms at a recent ~ ~~ ~~~n [advocated the program be admin-]meeting held at St Mary parish ~ ~~ ~~~l listered by locaiagents and on thelDeKalb. Mrs. Joseph Heitkotter, AM?aDrE:n:l~oDsDING .GOWN S-~. ~.of the 33.weddingfllL:keTOadr:led:wt:h:boOvtto(bl:~tT:e:/~Tt?~l;~6e ROCKFORD DEANERY BOARD--Retiring and new members of to right): Mmes. Lee Hoover, Paul Waller, Edward Davy, W.B. ~loc~l ]eve]. . . Iretiring president, introduced the p~: Dewey; 19;6y K:~y ;hu~r~'t0rn ?9~; ~::S:a T~Y~:se~l; 1913, Bonnie Rau" 1923, Mrs, s;. Pear- " a holic Van Vleet Richard L Peterson, Francis S Murphy, Paul H She also urged that private[ " hn E en ' ' ' ' caner board of the Diocesan Council of C t . ' . . new president, Mrs. Jo v son: and 1961. Mrs. Ann May. Mines. LuCille Svihla and Thor O Neill were co-chairmen of the ~::::kmf:tdred:entl;Yto discuss plans for the coming year. Pic- Lonergan, Paul Williams and Tom Sm,th. [agencms not be held responsible of Aurora, and the other new unusnal program ve are some of the old and new board members; (left I~ " tured abo ~ ~. m . [ officers ~ I /(,ounc=l Recewes I John Millen, St. Joseph LA ~ . L= l[Pil, rim,s Inn /l rjl .l, A.J r iA F ll-lome Sweet Home 1 r~l Iparish', Aurora, is first vice pres- VIISS :orrenTo nlameat announce RO(;KIUIU utmm iyl . . . /rope s messing ident; Party lheme ICr ss pa is ,",~ ,- Pnfv the Insomniac 1 WASHINGTON (NC)- Popeipresident;Mrs, AndrewGreif, St.--.~.1 ~l~l~l=,l,~l~ ~111~"~'11"~1~ AURORA--"Pilgrim's Inn" will IIIIW lfimmllrlr~ tna,rm n / / ~John has sent his apostolic bless~]Paul parish. Sandwich. third vice ~|~,| ~.~t;~l II~l I,/I/ li /UI !be the theme of the annual card II~ IW ~=vmummmummmvv ,w==w= I t.~ ,; ~ +~.~ .~; + i,~+ ,~.~,o ~|ing to the National Council O~lnresident; Miss Betty Navarro I ~y ~r~U~Lr~ rtvu,~o ~,~ u~ ~ ,~,-~ .v-~.z Catholic Women in return for its r - ' party given oy ~t. anne SOCle y ROCKFORD--Mrs. Paul Waller, lorganization and . de!,elopment;I There are clubs for all kinds of lure said But not last night. ] [Our Lady of Good Counsel pari~h, LOVELAND, Ohio (NC) -- An-ithree years has been director all l1 lsla~Ive glI[ tO nlm ol a nook on me pro at bacleu Heart cnuicn it Will De newly elected president of the[Mrs. ~hn KuczynskL e~ ie;[ people -- tall girls fat men, pros, [ There were no lumps in theIceedin~s of its 1960 national con" Aurora, recording secretary; Mrs. drey M. Sorrento has bee. n ]the Grail center in Detroit. I held Thursday and Friday Nov lvlrs. ~ j, ~wcr~eown, uurar "[~m~ mothers of twins hobbyists/mattress Snouse wasn't snoring/ o " Ler~oy wilKins, ~t iwary parian, named director of the Grail lay An international women's move-a o:n 1. ,;+h ~,~ o~+ ~, o,~ OCKI0rQ oeaner,~lOeesan ~oun- . . ,-- ~*--, ~ '~ " ~- ",ve-don ' o , ~ Y . ] and htet ature Mrs. Charms ~v~e~-/ l.hh,A~t~ and bi-/No do~s baved at the moon My[ . [ DeKalb, treasurer; and Mrs. Rich- apostolate movement's national ] merit the Grail has its interna- i -~ ~ ~"~:~." ~"-" r~ ~:~.~.":: ::~ ell of Catholic Women, has an-lsersmith, home and school; Mrs.l:=~Y"~; e, r conscience made only the usuall A letter to NCCW president, lard Coar, St Mary parish, De- headquarters and training centerltionai headquarters near Amster-l.eve],':.~;.~a,~:Y, :.~:,~::O%h:,'~~ nounced her diocesan committee[ Raymond Lotzet, Newman co-, mh 1,h,- n- -",~ ", reli lnoises [Mrs. Arthur L. Zepf, from Arch-[Kalb director at large here [dam Holland * ~ "1 " / ' ~man lets. ~mtnony t~tlKas ann co- chairmen for the coming year ordmatoz Mrs Leonard Walsh del rallroadln a bishop Angelo Dell Acqua VaU a ' " " ' ' " h ' glans study mo " " g More Pr yet " ' - Mrs Ben Jungels of Holy Cross The center provides technic'l ~ chmrman" Mrs, Jack Komes prom- . m Fairchild rural life Mrs Francis Murp y can Subshtute Secretary of State, . They are. Mrs, Ja es ', z .~ pinochle, and pohtms. I tried more prayer' The word oo;a +~,~ D,n,~ ,ao.h oa ~ parish, Batavia, is new rural life training and spwltual formation A ;I; AA,~,t ise an afternoon and two eveninga ,-- splrltnal oeveiopmem' a.u ~,1~1~. m. 1 "~ " " bout' ~= u ~ e~ ~u^*,a. **,~.~ -~ ,I ~ :,mere are cmos tar lUSt a /s-illede out like r~roducts of a[ ], . " ~ ,"""~:"" ";".:"[chairmanw 1 for the deanery for women from the U.S. and oth-, Y r,-"f - ~ .-,~-~+h ---g sual at+~ Paul ~onergan, saiety, b insomniacs And sausmcuon trom me n te [ [[ . [everybody ut ~ /machine somebody had forgottenlh=~ho h~,ma of the urn-! " er eountrms who. wish to partier] ROCKFORD -- The regular/tions. ueaneiy otncets ale tins ~ insomnia ~s nothing new m me ff TH d c ld milk slosh ~ ~ ~ pate In the Grml movement m f he Ladies of ~lade W|~h I/bert D Johnson first vice ~resi-[ - ]to turn o,"'e o " ; ~ "]eeedings entitled 'These Works ofill = I! I'~ -- .[mo, nth!y meeting o t " . [ Tickets may be purchased at I "'' II r .lOin nays vemre ~eeemg gm~'/ed when I turne~ over, no omerl~ ' iIJl~'~l~l l~'7.-,-~lP mm-ucw~r ~u yuu.~ wu"'w"lCommnus auxiliary will De nelo[the door or bought in advance dent Mls F C Hughes secono kin s offered iansoms for sleep's,~uw I I%/1~1 U~ll~-Uu/}' from 10 countries be an this --= ~ a I ; "'. ", " '. - [ " g " " tresult iYied reading book was[ ", I " g ' [Tuesday, Nov 7 at 8 pm in thetfrom Mrs Patlick Cox ticket ~ ~ ~r~= ~mm,~m l~ vice presinent; ~WlSS ~vlary ~:.treturn |. . . shee stu| Arcnnisnop ueil'ncqua said the! - ' - ear's trainin'~ rogram Some all " . .~ ," - - :. ". .~ " ' I /11~ w ~IH~,~ II c ~ ah~o ,~orotat'v'/ . . [oormg. arleu conuung P; "~ t. ~ :, [ I I A .t :.', ~ e,'. . ,IKnIgnts ot uolumous natl. A guest/chairman Other chairmen are -~ om~,~ ,u r' e, "" " ,' Tell HOW lO ~leep,m yolUiill~ uuais emqueut w~ them Wlll De asm neo to social II. o ~ioh~"'Peters~record:/ ipid things refused to ju p. [ Luncneon 1,all . " . g : [speaker from the Central Illinois[Mrs. Johl Lehnert, refreshments; CA~. ~ |M ~ I ," " " ' / Some folk especially writers ] And then the birds started tui'n-I ,',~,:.~-"~o ':"":. ~"-: ann eaucauonaJ projects m l~razll [Electric and Gas comnanv will/~.~ 'rhn~a~ 14.ohar~ki &~r'ma ' " ' a lO iVIFS E~U ene~ r " i-~i~l~lt,e v mg secletaly, i ' g llin other eo 1~ ' ' h dawn lug accompnsneo ny me l,~auonaL~ a Ghana U anda Indonesia or oth ' I I[.; ~Hi h.--s-i.-r ]makemoney te g .P p-ling up. Haven t heard t ose "[o a ~r oo+a ~ u, " i~l" D~.I~IPL. ] ~ : g~ ' [gtve a demonstration on how toltions" Mrs. Juhus Tlhay, mystery I - -- I/*=.~Y . ~" "L" . . . . I how to sleep (Probably thought lheralders for a long, long time. l I~P/. /g//l%dl~ [er at me z3 countries m wmen me tmake Christmas ~ifts, and wran/booth. Mrs Donald Craig dough. [ ][ ~ i/cha~Vlrs ~.e t~bli~OO~le~io~: ~iiisnslnp those ideas when they couldn't Public nuisance, that's what they[ He said the Pope bestowed his'Grail works ~/,' : %' . I "g P ' sleep) [are Got so mad at those feather-[apostolic blessing on the officers] ROCKFORD -- The Altar and A native of Brooklyn N.Y. presents. [nu~:~,wal~?il~i~enaumer, ~o~r 'r, i 11 and 651 A D Christians refelred to I cold. Someread. Some "o I (But don't sue me if this doesn't[ . . . llamuntil3pm the first day earned her master's degree. /, /I I ~.m ~ ~ J;hat ante as Aloan S t~est I ~ Ill ~t,i*v,0r /toss. Some' slip on their coats forlwork.) /From First Lady [for adults and the second day for[ She has worked with the Graill ' ' " /I REYNOLDS I I ~ I',l ~ Tm0RS ]long walks in the moonlight. [~ i / [children. Mrs. Frank Schmit and|in Louisiana and for the pastil----- /il I I Ill ~ 7"P'.M? / Varied Cures ~~l WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. (NC)--[Mrs. Paul Eytalis are co-chairmen[ II Prescrintion Snecialists III Funeral Home I I Ill / Tim causes of insomnia are as[I i,---- ~1J[A contribution by Mrs. Jacqueline[of the luncheon, and Mrs, Wllliam]~ri.m--r/,].-. Retreats /I ~- r Ill I I ~~l |{1 ~ nl(l:A'l ]varied as their cures, Too muchIlllt ll[lIKennedy, the First Lady, insuredIWhelihan is dining room chair-[ [[ crr-~ ER^LD I!1 . - I I [~1 Ill ~,[pickles and ice cream: snoring/Ill[ t| // ! I I |Ill|the success of the post office man / WARRENVILLE--The Cenacleil rH--,~ ~ I]1 sroD sneo/u rears I I It Ill ~ Ckonn=, /husbands night noises, mattress~llll !/! L 1 illllbooth at the annual bazaar of St [ - ~ I retreat house in Warrenville is of-]l DRUG STORE I/I I ' " heat uilt umer memoers wormng on me . etrea f i I lumps, mosquitoes, g Y Michael arish here . ferlng a weekend r t o' col- . 13 and lain old P " two-day project are: Mines. Herb- R. F F,tzgerald Abe Renkes -- Owner I ~ I1 /con~,~ooc~ sunburn, p [ I[./L/~d[Ab~$'t~b~ Mrs John E Franch"r- ~r i [lege students Nov. 17-19 and ,the I " I . ' . -~ert voley ~yron tiogan t;lare. ' i 19874 I Ill -- |tension. /lll - IIII/char-e of securin- -ifts for the' "" " ' . [following weekend, Nov. 24-26, w utl I/I I i ht as I' ,I g g g Higmand rniiip xomeneuie, lvmry / Phone Morrison 2322 I l1 ~ ~ [ "Tense yourself up as t g / ]booth took a chance ana wrote t-/ ' [be for junior and senior girls at-[[ H I I l[1 ~ i~,~'~.~ [vou'll ~0 " says one expert "and] EAST DUBUQUE .-7. Joyce[ " " v ~plneno, Lawrence rieasnp, ~viat- tending public high schools Fur- " i 1 |ll '"- /:, ,~' - ,' ~Loeffetholz and Davia eeterson m|.wtr$. ~enneuy tar a uonatlon. ~ne,hew Zordan Glenn Smith Irene/ " tl I,I I l.~l ~men loosen up one muscm at a~st Mary church Oct 21 / =r: '~ ,t. .:. t. ~ t. ,L~ ' ' /mer iniormauon may ontalnea nYil 10~ West moin :~treet I" " ~ . ' ' . . ~pet;u,eu u,e ~;u~ ~uuu,u ue wurmlDem se Mrs Thomas Ha an - I lit,me. Wonderhll! ] ELGIN -- Miss Judith B emCk[not mar-the" 5" canto i P,Y'. " g~, ,]writing to the Cenacte Retreat/I I[, , I it' ; - /ill II "Think of all the pleasantl~hurch ~ct 2t " " [ . .' I a K r, ary we~te,lHouse Box f, Warrenville, Ill or]l morrlson, Illinois Ill I ~l~l- 111 ~11 ru[l~m~ things that have happened to ~ ERIE --- Miss' Elaine Van Damme ~ure enoug.n, a package came Frank Guzzardo, Cecil Phillips, by telephoning EX 3-1231,I ~' " - I 9 ~ I " ~zw another "Think of and Larry Clark in St Ambr se]fr m the Whlte H use" Mathew Bier, Chester Galluzzo,!-- ~-~]--~--I ~ ,~ I " " J "~'~ " 28 ~:~', I K~shwaukee Dairy--Prompt, Courteous ~'~b-~ I/ the ',qaces -ou'd like to visit" ]church, Oct :. . e[ P.S Mrs Kennedy's donation|Michael Domich and Donald][ []l Ill I Dr" t r' .7 " I MARENGu~vHss uariene r~raus F . ~. tel, ~rove$ i IJI/~,~IUIMU~--W-~/~M ~ "'/~ '~ I " ~ ~ II "Takea pill" advises No. 3. and Clarence A. Wilkins in Sacred[WaS a steel engra lug of thelBrown. Tlckets may be purchased]] I|1 Ill I I Finest Grade A Mi k and Butterm Ik ~,] I "Take two Tiaese aren't habit I Heart church, Sept. 23. [White House [at the door ]l nell'7 Rl Tldl I I SILVER--CHINA--CRYSTAL IllI I "~ ' MCHENRY --- Miss Clarice M ' ' I~I~l~'-~I~I~ll 1 /~g.'~ '~ I your parish. Safeguarded by ~ [Iforming." tmake and Ronald Howard in St:l! ~ 3 Ill ~,o~,sh ~ III I I Modern San tary Equ pment ~ I[ Usually Sleep Mary church Oct. 21 I I[I ARAIaI: Ill II <" '~~.~ I [ Miss Marjorie E. Justen and Den-I v ] " ~ "~,~'~#.'~ [ Nolmally, I m one .o! those n s May in St. Patrick church, Oct.! R I!1 IJ "OLENDER'S II I U I I --- u - ,=,-- I II I PROPHETSTOWN -- Miss MarYll n u II / fi 3 Ill i Ill 330 West Stote III I I(I HW&Ili(FF D&II Y [tluckypersonswoouivelntoohhv- I I ~ II ~lDonogne and Charles Payton m St. I 1 1 V 1 "1 1 1 ~ I I,I ri~ [-.~,~ III ~ I I I n, v.magren . h. DOnZlI I 1 Catherine church Oct 21. II I[I I 1 I # ald II J ROCKtOro, IllinOis III cDr'~IAL I I GRADE "A" MLK CREAM AND DARY PRODUCTS I [ 'I= J I/ I] aND ' Missludith E [I i e. '--. Ill nil I11 or,- ', I I ,h wo 4.9921 ' ROCKFORD 31] Caroline St. I/I iroxel now5 IlStil %od Job% J io s :!l Puller taemorml aoel IJ -- Itl Ill I 1 Joseph church, Oct. 21 ! i. .tl II "o " o"o--Miss aulette nnil I/I Ruick--P nti --GMC Trucks I/I Ill F'AMILY IJINNI:I I Ill llllIlllllll I Watson and Mathew J. Spinello in 1 lll Soles and Service .tin 1 ~ -,- " / ' MI1 ' CAT IMt. rn I/I u,n,v,uv[t S*M=t o:ic h rffe' O:is2: d GarY 'l Phone I11 III II And I T