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November 3, 1961     The Observer
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November 3, 1961

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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1961 THE OBSERVER WASHINGTON. BACKGROUND Priest Uses is Disarmament Really . Punch-Cards [ II By NORMA KRAUSE IIERZFELD agreement to disarm down to internal forces even though we don't Some of these "ste s" now embedded in some sta e of the US ,n Catechlsm ONE; OF THE LAST acts of Congress was to estabhsh" a new U.S. Iknowl If it is posslble, proposal can be takenPright now (study commissionsg and a UN}'" Arms Control and Disarmament Agency This Congress, which ap-i Stage I has nations ah'eady well under way reducing their eonven-'agency) and should have been taken long a o, but this new catch-alll SANTA ANA El Salvador -- A propriated a total of $98 5 billion about half for arms also appropri-ltional arms armies missile systems" stopping production of fission- propaganda proposal may serve as an exc~e to kee us h'om mak 'Boston missioner has employed ated $I0 million about one ten-thousandth of the total appropriations fable materials; beginning to transfer fissionable materials fl'om ing any realistic progress toward international law anp order or arms an old m~,~h~,diT{,(~ ~'ti -tol to start the arms control agency off on its in- ~ [weapons stockpiles to peaceful uses; observation posts to check control. It could even hamstring the serious work of our new arms I~,~-'~ '~',~'~'~-~'~h;~":~,~,~vl credibly difficult perhaps impossible task. ~ I military movements; and "such additional inspection arrangements leontrol agency." Iv'*~" ~ s "l The arms control agency will soon be giving out ~ I to reduce the danger of surprise attack as may be agreed." While all r THE BIGGEST HOLE in the entire U.S proposal is that it does not iism class here. He uses the punch [ research contracts in 12 specific areas related toI this is taking place, "States shall develop arrangements in Stage I]include Red China, and one could not begin arms control of any. kind lcard system. [ arms control. The first area alone covers 'the I for the establishment in Stage II of a UN Peace Force." twithoat this aggressive militaristic and ruthless power being brought l Maryknoll Father James M.I detection identification inspection monitoring, ~i~i A UN POLICE force, which even now exists in a rudimentary way ~into a~reement also We seem in fact to be making every effort to Scanlon of Boston Mass had an elimination of armed forces and armaments in- should be built up wltti real powers before any disarming. In any of~keep Red China from ever being brought within the scope of interna- i,-,n,~, i,~ f ,o o~,~h; ,~ eluding thermonuclear nuclear, missile conven- ":i}:i:):::~*~ii:i!:iii~ii~i these stages a nation could be put at the mercy of another nation/tional inspection and control '~.'~m'c~':.~r'.~ ~[~"-~';~:~ "~"~'-~ "~' tional bacteriological~ chemical, and radiological ~~"::::::::: ':: I which has hidden decisively powerful arms ~ President Kennedy told the' UN that arms reduction is "a practical -e o u, am, ~a~ ~,: t~--t- 1 ' ' "" :" " eQ. I weapons.' A httle bit of work in this direction ~ I A provision m the UN Charter calls for a real UN police force but lmatter of life or death " But the U S plan seems directed at fleetin" , aho m 1 dl h s Famer ~camon gwes the has already been done by other agencies, but this ~ than " n,'cu "ngte U.S has pushed its implementation. And itlpropaganda purposes. Perhaps it is all right to kid the neutrals or the catechism with its 35 -uestionsl could probably keep hundreds of people busy for ~:~m~lll can hardly be said that the U.S. has been in the forefront of develop- Russians, but is it very smart to kid ourselves~ Maybe the fledgling - ' " . I years, l ng such real mternatmnal law smee !he UN began. The admunstra-lu.s' arms control agency can concentrate on a few vital proposals-- 7; ;ns:;rS'a~nat$:aC~aH~tST:n~ THE OTHER AREAS FOR STUDY, as they relate to arms control ~hon has not even pushed for the tmald step of the still self-judgingisuch as self-enforcing mechanical and electronic inspection systems As the student' memorizes each include outer space and underwater, national budgets, international!U.S, accepting compulsory jurisdiction in extremely limited areas ! that will get us back to reality ~ath,~r ~,~,l, n,~h,~,[ organizations accidents or surprise attack, economic and noliticalibefore the International Court of Justice. ,Co-,rloht lfl6l The Catholic Re"orter~ ~, -. .-" r ",'~ i ,~ . ~ . I ' v,- " me matenrng numoer on ass earn I consequences, ann mre|gn poncles, rne agency can also go into the! I ; when all 35 numoers m'e problems of training scientists and technicians for manning interna-,SHARING OUR TREASURE ,unched the student turns the[ tional arms control systems. And last but not least, it can study "the r,I ' car4 in for a Doctrine Certificate scientific, economic, political, legal, social psychological, military, I I o, I " " " ~---" WhiCh "entitles' Aim to make msI and technological factors related to the prevention of war with a view U nlrv a r First Holy Communion to a better understanding of how the basic structure of a lasting peace ] " - I i may be established." he'~The plan is working ,well Even though it has such a wide field to cover, it was no accident REV. JOHN A. O'BRIEN; Ph. D. bets. The services were dke those versity of Virginia, I went to study lleve shall be condemned (Mark,says Father Seanlon, and that the agency's name was changed from the bill's original title of (University Of Notre Dame) in a Protestant church. I was in France There I became ac- 16:16). All preached the same most important, the children are "disarmament a ene to ' arms eontr rm w wha of e shocked by the radical difference gospel and hence all the mem unusually eager to study the g y" ' ol and disa ament agency." Do you kno ,t is one th " " -uainted with the Benedictines of " Few experts today believe that -eneral disarmament is feasible and in fait~h and worship from what I "~,~,hers of Christ's church have the I catechism." s mos~ cusancme marks ol me St. Wandrille at Momins. m visit- same Faith i mey nave attempted teenmcai oreakmroughs m the held of arms con- Catholic Church~ It'" her w~rl"~ nan oecome aeeustomea to m my : ,~ ~.~ I ' ~o n,~ ,q. im " ] -- . ~ u u- home ari -,s o~ -,~ a~,~,~:~ ,~o ,~;v ~ - trol, the art of trimmmg down a natron s forces while leaving it a l P sh. There was no con- "ressed b" the sehotarshi" and Prayer of Christ [ TUNG CHIN CHEN, Formosa feasible deterrent or defense, wine unl~y. ,an ner.memt~ers pro- fessional, no Mass, and little of e ~ .~, ~ e How im-'ressive too was the ~ --Before you complain next time YET TH I3, Ifess ~he same Faith receive the the litur nonness o~ me monks ann me ~, abou " E .S. has just gwen the UN a new plan for complete[ ' . gY' ~o~.+m. ~,~.~, ~. ~.n ,h~,~,;~, ,~ nraver of Christ on the ver, evel t the long drive to the super- or "general" disarmament, an approach condemned as such by U.S Isame sacraments, ass,st at the "A Protestant would have been ].~,'~'~ 0~ '~"'~ oo,ff~,:,:~,~, oaf "His nassion' 'Hal- Father Imarket or the shopping center, spokesmen when the Russians first began putting it forth. The plan lsame Mass, and .acknowledge!he comfortable at the service, cert. I~r~)~tt~gy' ~erehw:,~,h::~~ ,':~,:~ keen in ~lav name those whom!think of an American missioner ,same supreme splrnuai neaa. Tnls . ,- -~-, ,~-,~ ,-o,-r, ,1,-- o-o ,- ~ her wh ' " : " ~s so vague that, although President Kennedy s presentatmn sounded t tered around the pulpit and the [ o~;n,~o,mo~ ;o~ mo thou hast given me that they ma- I e o oiten dt rues o00 miles is the mark which Christ stamped s o ~ magnificent, many who heard it must have had some second thoughts choir How could the members of ~,'~,-"~," be one even as we'are' (John 17 Jto pick up foodstuffs and sup- when the rhetoric wore off upon his tmurch to dmtmgutsh her IMt. Calvary church and those at lt'~,u}cn'~ ~ ~ 11) The same solicitude for uni"lplies' " Ih'om ll h r ~ unae "took a mo "ougn stuoy - if a t e c eeds founded byI I . [ And they had second thoughts then, they must have had thwd~ the academy call themselves An-,f ,h,~ ~ath,qic reli-i ,~er the tv is echoed in the words of the, He ~s Father Wenceslaus F men. lell y0ur non-uamone i . . v ~ ,~ .~ v ~ ,~ thoughts after seeing the whole U.S. plan as it was presented to thel lglcans or Ep~scopahans when[direction of Father Chervier, Apostle Paul: 'Even ff we or antKnotek, M.M of Racine, Wls General Assembly. It seems to call for the immediate signing of an I,trlends .aoout m~s mmK ~na so,unit hey diffeerd so widely in belief ]O S B, and soon came face to angel from heaven should preach lwho has two missions in his huge ,mey Will De neaamgtarme 9 'agreement,' to abide by a long series of steps divided into tWo lchurch,s o~'en d=l ' and in worship. The lack of unity I fare with the unmistakable evi- a gospel to you other than that[Pear Mountain parish among the stages. Almost every step, however, will call for actual agreements[ e ". !unsettled my faith as I couldn'tldence of the divine foundation of which we have preached to you,[aborigines, one on the east coast, This ~s dlustrated in thecon see how both r u to be worked out bringing down arms levels until there is nothing left "1 g ops could be I the Catholic Church 'Go "into the let him be anathema. (Gal. 1:8). the other on the west coast, bur- but internal police forces, a UN police force with power to protect lversi n of R. Gatesby Taliaferro]right. Surely Christ coul&a't ap-[whole world' said'Jesus to the "Through the centuries thehng the rainy season, when land- of Baltimore now associate pro rove eontradmtor doetrmes a every nation~1~-om aggression, and lots of international law that real-[ ",-Ip Y " ndlAnostles 'and re'each the aosDel Catholic Church has held fast tolsl'des cut off the road between ;:~'~[aeV~Un(:e'r~.e so~ of mathematms at the Um t racUees He 200 p~msts flora the U S Canada ly works. Iv ",P Ira e~ery creature. He who be-unity of faith and practice, in/his missions, he is forced to drive ers~ty at ~ou e oame rromssor ALL THIS WOULD BE DONE under a new UN agency, the Inter- Tall f ~i " [, Impressed By Unity Ilieves and is baptized shall be that mark is found Christ's signa-[25 miles around the island to I a er[ o(12o national Disarmament Organization. Most of the model textbook pro-i " After graduating from the Uni- Isaved but he who does not be- ture upon His Church With ;o,]split his time at each. cedure is so "iffy" that a number of steps merely set up investigatory post - graduate !'~i~ --- --- -- and thanks,ivin~, I entered ~l The wiry littl, wi ;, M C mm;i~eSg t~heStUd:r'iffi:~ 'rn:~an~eon tah:d fe:::bi~i~' :;]dm:~ionS f:[ :uc. Heads Canon Law Society ?:e ~Oled' ~v~l~, thet~n~ie?h;P~:td~c/mainly onhe:Sne~lO;:ods :nUrfflrV}:: clear weapons stockpiles." So the U.S. is saying we should sign an ~ oi Paris r~[ ~ ~!i~/ MIAMI BEACH Fla Ms r of America eneral se ~etai ]Church of Jesus Christ. simply because vegetables and ~--]sty. " ', ~:~~l ' "' -- g" ' g c' "Y'i Father O'Brien will be glad to meat are unavailable. [ I a I;7,4 ~,- t" -- ilce~wng ms hoe-~i~:i,~~ Andrew F Quinn of the Arch: treasurer ihav ' +. " -" ",v ~enu melr names tie also aepenas on ms me I ~~,~ LA;N;ERING I t ]atHen iPhll~th :~tdi eese of New York was elected Bishop Coleman F. Carroll ofland addresses to him at Notrelehanieal knowledge to keep his I l~l~.~k~. . . IIp y" . ~}president of the Canon Law so- Miami was host to the two-day,Dame university Notre Dame trusty jeep running despite land- I c ~. ~ $1["~ w~ G;~. I[ a pnuosopner ~~, Ind so h ' " " " e may wrtte up then I shdes oo~ ~oads t hoons and I -"~ r------',~,lil'r" . .-:. =- I ann ~ m~thema ~/eiety of America at its 23rd an- meetingwhichattracted some ',P " ",yp ~t ~ ~t "" '" ' V ' " " / con ets]on storms floods I C rrt~ y ]Jli~~ "VamP;:en I ticianofnote."l nual meeting here. succeeds " ' "' " " I ~ "-"~' -~. "-".~ c.' n ~'r I was reared in the Anglican faith," Msgr. Sylvester F. Gass of Mil- the Bahamas and the Philippines. -- he related, "and attended Mt. Cal-I waukee ~lvary church in Baltimore. It ~s Other officers elected were: r' ~ o U .~" ~ .~ liHigh Church or Angl 'Cath liCthe Rev Charles P Koster of FUlly I-IO1,113 ~~ ,~. ~ EAST D Bll Bf}lIF ~VINGg RhNK l, and eVenshockedhaS aBconfessional.Difference the Archd. ocese, of hadianapolis, St. Thomas Aquinas Freeport-- ~.~::~.~~ ~i:i i|.~[.: :~:~ t:-:: i:~ ~~~,:. . Y vme p~es]dent the Rev James w af t ~ : ' ~ ,~ It T enty-fomth Sunday ter Pen e- ;:!:;:::::,i~ ~ ~.orerul, Conservattve" Banking Since 1891" Ir 'I enrosma at me' ~plseopal]ivlarKnamhe of the umcese, at ~vmn- cost" ::::::::::::::::::::: I lacademy atLynehbui'g, va !e ster, N.H recordmg secre- . . " ;~;~:~;~;~;~;~i~!{i~iiiiii~i;i;!~;i one 42 {Member F D I C I East Dubu u* wh ~ l St R~ta Cherry Valley Twen Q - """ q It e'e the clergy and professors ta'y and Msgr. Clement Bast-:,-- " , ,llwere mostly Low Church mem-,nagel of the Ca ~olic University ty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost. PLATING !:i!!!!!iii!i):iii:ii:ii!!ii! Dundee, Illinois Route 31--North of Tollway CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121.129 SOUTH HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 NORTH MAIN STREET, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 Write or Phone Us for Details and Estimatex You can bank on the Illinois National in more ways than onet. Build security for your future with SAVINGS iJ When you deposit money ~ a:ne~dUly Hu;'faeavlmiSl;A:lle am r?:teScu:~:?,N ILLINOIS NATIONAL BANK & TRUST CO. South Main at Chestnut Complete banking services: Savings Accounts Checking Accounts Christmas Club Vacation Club Trust Services Sate Deposit Boxes Home & Property Improvement Leans Personal Loans Auto Loans Installment Loans for any purpose Bank by Mail, postage paid both ways Free Parking while you bank Drive-in Faeillties Phone WO 3-3431 Hazel 6-3031 e PAGE I RT. REV. MSGR. THOMAS S. GREEN Diocesan Director Society For The Propagation Of The Faith Pope John XXIII used this expression when speak- ing of the mission of the Church to the peoples of all nations and places. His Holiness was outlining the tremendous role of the Church in modern society. His Holiness spoke of the ancient origin of the Faith and yet its perennial youth. He stressed the un- diminishing vigor of the Faith in pursuing the pro- gram outlined by the Master Himself for the Re- demption of all men. The Church is alive because it is the Mystical Body of the Lord With Christ as the Head, all mem- bers in communication with the Head of the Body share in the Life of Grace made inevitable through union with the Redeemer. To share the Life of Christ is to be filled with a great zeal for the things of the Lord. To be Christ-like is indeed. TO TEACH THE IGNORANT; TO HEAL THE SICK; TO CLOTHE THE NAKED; TO HELP THE POOR AND THE LEPER; TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT AND THE AGED--IT IS IN A WORD: TO BE A MISSIONARY. As millions and millions of cells make up the human body, and yet are one despite their multiplic- ity, so all who are baptized in Christ are His One Body or His Church. As the body is governed by a visible head and presided over by an invisible mind, so too, the Mystical Body of the Church is presided over by a visible head who is the Vicar of Christ, the Holy :ather; and by an invisible Head Who is Christ in Heaven. As Our Blessed Lord through His physical body taught, governed and sanctified, so too, through His Mystical Body, He teaches, He governs and He sanctifies Because He teaches, the teaching is infallible; because He governs, the au- thority is Divine; because He sanctifies, holiness is truly imparted to our souls. PERPETUAL MEMBERS Enrolled in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS John B. and Mary V. Howard Family INDIVIDUAL Mrs. Anna Barrett, (1) Rt. Roy. Msgr. Michael B. Krug, (d) George M. Monroe, (l) MEMBERSHIPS Luella M. Lacharite, (d) Rev. Eugene Baum- hofer, (1) Julia Brechon, (d) James Venneri, (d) - Leo G. Brechon, (1) To care for our own physical bodies is a natural responsibility. To care for the Mystical Body of Christ in which we have membership is a superna- tural obligation. Through the SOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH, by prayer and sacrifice, this responsibility to the Universal Church finds a practical and valid fulfillment. Limited as we might be in, ability to do great things for Christ and the Church, we serve the cause of the Vicar of Christ very effectively through PERPETUAL ENROLLMENT IN THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH. |111 iiiii Ull ul i ii Ul ig iii iiii ii u ! Nnl ilUl uw UllllUlUllll ImlNININIIIdl I I i I I 1 | | 1 | | 1 | | | | | | | 1 | | 1 The Society For The Propagation Of The Faith 507 Avenue B Sterling, Illinois Dear Monsignor Green: Enclosed is my offering for the following: Individual Perpetual Membership $50.00 Family Perpetual Membership $100.00 (One immediate family) I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 | 1 | | | , Name , | | Address | | | All members, living and deceased, share in | | | 15,000 Masses a year | | m m ml ml m ~ i, m ~ ! nl m i~ ~ m i~ ~um i~