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October 27, 1961     The Observer
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October 27, 1961

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@ FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1961 WORDS AND WORSHIP T Is By FATHER JAMES O'BRIEN Our age is called (by those who put names on such things) "The Atomic Age." But it might just as well be called "the Age of Words." Did you ever stop to think how many words you see and hear each day? Did you ever realize that we are buried in words --absolutely bu- ried in them? From radio, phonograph, loudspeaker; silver srreen and jukebox, television, news- paper, magazine, digest, news- letter, pulpit and publishing house, at every moment of our waking lives, our eyes and ears are washed by a steady flow of words. (And here I" am, as well, only adding to the overflow!) The effect of this overwhelming flow of words is clear: we are becoming anesthetized with words. The gentle stream of language lulls the mind. We sink into a sleep of wordless dreams and dramas. Result: words now mean nothing. ~ ' Importance Lost Thirty years ago, the canny businessman had a comeback for any sales pitch: "Talk is cheap." .Today, it's cheaper; cheaperthan last year's Christmas wreath. It used to be that words were rather important. They thought that words were vehicles which carried thoughts, ideas, from one human brain to another. This amazing process was called "com- munication," and every advance in communication was hailed as an advance of man himself. We used to celebrate Neanderthal man as he furrowed his sloping brow and painted his simple stories on the walls of caves. We saluted the Egyptian with his block of clay and heiroglyphics; e THE OBSERVER Im St. Bridget's Parish the Pl~necian with his alphabet; John Gutenburg pressing ink against a page. Revert to Spears There are some who would even go so far as to say that human society itself is built on a founda- Lion of words; communication; compromise; agreement between two parties; between two tribes; two peoples. The United Nations is an institution dedicated to our faith in words! Purpose of Column And so we arrive at the pur- pose of this string of words; this column. We hope to search out certain basic words -- urgent, necessary words -- and dig into them, discover them, reactivate them; words like worship, church, community; words like love, and prayer, and person. For it is through words that we come to know and choose. Even to know God and to choose Him. For we know God through His words, or, better, through his Word. For, as St. John put it: "In the beginning was the Word and the ~ord was with God, and the Word was God." But we are losing faith in words. We fear today that words have lost their meaning; and once more, we must revert to our spears and clubs. And the only real problem is that we measure the power of our clubs in mega- tons these days! -- I regret that I am not in a post-! Lion to guarantee that the hap- hazard reflections of this column will produce a sudden.harmony of / REV JOHN A O'BRIEN Ph D thought which will sweep through- ". " ' " " ~ . ~unlverslty ol notre dame) 0U[ me worm. z can only nope I " ndia has a teeming population that here we can affirm that somef . . o 406,869 000, of which 5,550 480 of the. thousands of words we hear (1 4 ) are Catholic "at' liei m each day are more important than . ~ . . t~ no s . was mtrouuced in the first cen- tan:r:elelctC:nf::iYo?~P:s:~or~: ~r/:YseStt: dTahoma:e~h:r/aP::t~:. and try to rediscover them" awak- P -- Y. .' . oorlng wltn great zeal to win more en in melr uepms me gleam ot of this great nation ~for Christ. It an mea. - is interesting to note how people there respond to the same historic truths which bring converts into JOHN P. 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Kreeger, Aurora making final plans for ,'The Gatherin' of the Goblins" ~ John Schalz, Frank Dozark, and Edward Siebert. dance to be held at the St. Andrew country'club Saturday, Oct. 28. SHARING OUR TREASURE Not So Simple source of all grace, rejects the "In contrast, Catholics all over source of salvation. It is morally the world profess the same Faith, impossible that he should ever receive the same sacraments and meet the conditions for absolu- acknowledge the same supreme tion. This shows how neces.~ary spiritual head: the Pope, the suc- it is to have a divinely authorized cessor of St. Peter. Upon him interpreter of Holy Scripture." Jesus conferred th~ power of This started Dr. Utarid on an governing, saying: 'Thou art extensive study of the Cathodc Peter, and upon this rock I will religion, lasting 28 years. From build my Church, and the gates of Father Theodule, O.F.M. Cap, helI shall not prevail against it' at Lahore he secured lists of (Matt: 16:18). Because of this di- scholarly books and studied them the Church here. vinely bestowed authority to guide carefully. The evidence ot the way into Christ's fold one of the This is illustrated in the con- the ChurCh aright, she alone pus- Catholic Church's divine founda- greatest scholars and lay apostles v~r~inn nf l'}r Mir~n R~Ir~h lIt~rid sesses the unity which Jesus said Lion and authorit to teach all na of the Church in India . . . . . . y - was to characterize HIS ~nurcn and his family of ." Lions was'too strong to resist. Be- (Father O Brien will be glad to Lahore Punjab, ~i~~ But, said Dr. Utarid, "I cause of divine guidance the have converts send their name Born of Muslim iiii~i~ think the Blb!e is so s!mple that Church was protected from er- and addresses to him at Notre anyone caninterpret itcorrect r i nd D parents of the !i!{i:~iiiii~ii~,: o"a was able to preserve amy University, Notre Dame, Sufi sect, : iii~!iiiii~i~ ly:: unity of faith among all her mem- Indiana, so he may write up their attended a ~~ How then," asked the Catho- bers. conversion stories.) Church of Eng ~~ lic, "do you interpret this pas land school and ~ sage: 'Every kind of sin and! ~a e * *. I~ . embraced the~ blasphemy shal! be forgiven tol,~Tl~Te UnlversITV l:lesTows Anoh v'can fmth.' ~~ men', out the niaspnemy against ~' n Later he became ~ the Spirit will not be forgiven'i A l ~ ~ . ! a doctor and--''l'l'~ (Matt.X2:31)?" !/awara on 3lster IImOtll( g rose to a high post in the govern- Dr. Utarid's, brow knitted in ment medical service. One day puzzlement. You ve got me MINNEAPOLIS; Minn (NC)-- tute, the graduate school in he was treating a Catholic patient there," he confessed. "I thought The University of Minnesota con- ence, Italy. from Goa. The conversation lall sins could be forgiven, and ferred its Outstandfng Achieve- Upon completing her term as turned to religion. I can't imagine what ~blasphemy ment award on Sister Mary Timo- president, Sister Timothea spent "I'm interested in knowina o," re- iagainst the Spirit' means." thea, O. P past president of Ro- a year in Europe at Pins XII in- marked the Catholic, "that you Lengthy Study sary college, River Forest, 'Ill stitute in Italy and at the Institut are a convert from Hinduism to "The Church," explained the and a graduate of the university de Hautes Etudes, Fribourg, Swit- Anglicanism. But I wonder why patient "discloses its true mean- here. zerland, before returning to the you didn't embrace 'the Chhrch ing: ascribing to the devil the The award was presented re-department of Spanish at Rosary which Christ founded and author- works of the Holy Spirit. One cently at the third annual meet- college in 1958. ized to teach all nations instead who thus attacks directly this ing of the College of Science, Lit- of a Church established 15 cen- erature and the Arts and the Uni- versity College Alumni asaocia- turies later by a British king. Marian Theater With no divine authority to guide Lion. them, Anglicans disagree in their "SATURDAY NIGHT" will be Degree Programs interpretation of Scripture and heard on Marian theater, Sunday Sister Tirrlpthea received her 'hold conflicting doctrines, evening, Oct. 29, over the Mutual B. A. and M. A. degrees from the Network at 10 p.m. EST. university and held a teaching This week's drama, "SATUR-fellowship in romance languages DAY NIGHT," presents an appli- there. cation of the First Sorrowful At Rosary college, she devel- Mystery of the Rosary A 35-year- aped master's degree programs in -~ old war veteran acquires a res- library science and fine arts. The toratioaa of his faith and a new degrees of master of arts, master found happiness through the of music and master of fine arts r ,runerul Directors prayers of his mother and his are conferred at Pius XII insti- brother's widow The Rev. Patrick Peyton, Wm. H. 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Rockford, III. / Missionary Gets Witch Doctor Title LA PAZ, Bolivia -- Maryknoll Father William F. Marley has won the title of chief witch doctor 0f the Aymara Indians here with- out even trying. When the Belmont, Mass mis- sioner pulled into a remote, moun- tain village~on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the curious Aymara gathered around to examine the small, strange car (Volkswagen) he was driving. Accustomed to trucks and jeeps, the Indians were flabbergasted when they opened up the hood of the Volks and found no motor. Be- wildered, they-withdrew to spread the word that a chief witch doc- tor hadarrived. ,k DAVAO, Philippines -- To catch the thief who was pilfering money from the church poorbox, Father John F. Coholan, M.M of Lynn, Translates Bible Mass stationed two husky par- ishioners in the church vestibule. w~:" ~:~:ed nil~toWl~;e achu/:::The sentries slept so soundly that they awoke in the morning to In gratitude he spent years in find not only the poorbox gone but translating the Bible into Urdu, also their coats and shoes. the-language of his province. His ~-- translation was featured at the BONIFACIO, P.I.- Names can missionary exhibit at Rome in be peculiar and Father Edward A. 1925, and Pope Pius XI conferred DePersio, S.S.C of Milburn, N.J uporr,him the Gold Cross -- Pro isn't sure but what he has run Ecclesia et Pontifice. Tiros did the gamut of them all. a Catholic patient start on his At a recent baptism here, the Columban missionary inquired the name of the child. "Daddy," came the quick response. "Daddy is a very nice nhme," explained the missioner, "but unfortunately there is no known saint with that specific name. 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It stres es the Universal Family spirit that unites Christians in every part of the world in Christ. This understanding of the great mission of the Church moves our people to a renewed spirit of charity and sacrifice for the prosperity of the Church everywhere, particularly for its missionary members. BUT MISSION SUNDAY MUST NOT SERVE TO ISOLATE OUR THINKINK ON THE MIS- SION PROGRAM OF OUR HOLY FAITH. An important program of any nature, charitable or commercial, in order to succeed, must have sus- tained continuity. It is spotlighted occasionally dur- ing the year-to give it impetus and spirit. Mission Sunday serves this purpose well for the work of the Propagation of the Faith. It serves to renew our de- votion to the Vicar of Christ in his demanding role as shepherd of the whole flock. It acquaints us with the progress of the Church over the previous year, par- ticuiarly in Mission lands. It reminds us that more than lO0,O00 missionaries are working in every chan- nel of apostolic action to establish the Church, to train a native clergy, to form native religious ac- cording to the high ideals of the Faith. BUT THIS SPIRIT OF MISSION SUNDAY MUST FIND CONTINUITY IN OUR SPIRIT- UAL THINKING THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE YEAR. The sacrifices of our people on Mission Sunday are vital for the material support of the mission program. The home and foreign missions share these returns on a 40-60 basis. Limited as they might be when spread over more than 700 missionary dis- tricts of the world and many mission dioceses of the United States, missionary bishops count heavily on these annual subsidies from the Propagation of the Faith. Missionary bishops have informed us that their annual grants cover only about one-fourth of their mission needs. An additional source of income for the Propaga- tion of the Faith every year is that realized through charitable legacies. This might well be called "an uncertain quantity." Occasionally we read notice of such bequests in the secular press, but not too fre- quently. Last year the Society for the Propagation received $109,000.00 from the estates of benefactors. For the most part this represents an accumulation of small bequests, the basis of our mission support in every channel of income. The Society does not look for great endowments, but it does beg for a modest remembrance that this annual "uncertain quantity" might become an increasing source of assistance for the Mission Church. NOVEMBER . . . MONTH OF THE POOR SOULS ENROLL YOUR BELOVED DECEASED AS PERPETUAL MEMBERS IN THESOCIETY FOR THE PROPAGATION OF THE FAITH j~l n ~l~'l l i i i q i i Iii Ii in m iil Ill i i i miiI i l i I!11 i i i~ II 1 1 l ' The Society for the Propagation of the 1 | Faith = | | 507 Avenue B, n n Sterling, Illinois s I s / | 1 Iam enclosingmy personal giftof | s 1 s,| s .$ .for the support of Catholic | s | | Missions throughout the world, n i S m I I Name s s S | | S Address s | | | S w | City s | | |