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October 27, 1961     The Observer
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October 27, 1961

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1961 , ' ,- THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 FAMILY CLINIC Is,i I ! 1 {:q,i i BYL FATHER JOHN L THOMAS S J (EDITOR'S NOTE: The fol- al church operation such as light- real estate taxes for the years,rectory is the same as that for ~ss"~-ismnt rrozessor ol ~oenology' " ' ' at ~t Louis:'-' " vmversity'* " " lowing analysis of how the Po- ing altar supplies, and church up- 1955 to 1959. the chancery. The Holy Ghost] lish communist regime is slow- keep and repairs. Take Over Ownership ]parish rectory rental is a mere What has happened to the Catholic attitude toward infidelity? I'm ly forcing shackles onto the These tax rates make no con- Immediately related to the |$2,083. These rates are completely an air-lines hostess living iu a large city away from home and have Church is the fourth of a series sideration of ability to pay or of Communist ' government's taxi- [out of line for general rents in~ been dating a Catholic young man who seemed very serious iu his iu- ef six articles on the persecu- expenses of the parish or in- tion program is assumption of|Poland. Adequate housing is very tentions, even to the point of taking me out to have dinner with his tion of the Church in Poland.) stitutinn taxed,t Thuslgacc rding ownership of all Church propertylscarce, in all cities, but rental[ Catholic parents. The other day one of our Non-Catholic pilots asked . .~TaT. ~tmRE.~paNr,~C~ to income rece'ved in. 959, the in the former German-held terri-Ifees themselves are a relatively me if I knew that the young man was married and had several chiI- "-~'~C~N'EWSeER~T%'E "~' income levy on Sacred Heart par- tortes of Western Poland. Govern- minor item in the budget'of the dren! Why didn't his parents or friends give me this information? Are lsh in Poznan is $10,416 and that meAt officials claimed as early [individual Pole ~ ] they indifferent to infidel ty, or do they think ~t s a joke. I don t. voiana has n~t oniaxes--aom m- of Christ the King in Warsaw. $5,- as 1957 that all "former German" I The regime has still another de-I ~:yeea~Oo:~ani itSsta~loeoe-~;es: m:; 833. The annual tax of the diocesan properties had become the prop-Iviee aimed at Church property: ] HER HELP ASKED--Genevieve YOUR LETTER POINTS UP a very serious problem Catherine, chancery of Katowice is $25,000. erty of the Polish State But last [A circular issued by the Depart' Caulfield, famed blind U S Cath for your experience is not as exceptional as it may appear to some of seerang Ine ueam ot me tmurcn. - - -- Jul the Polish Se'm" ( "" ~m " f " n ~ " " " The Warsaw regime led by Corn- .ake umns y !. par ua-/ aen! o t~mm.u liy ann ~ousxngI olie teacher, has bee, requested my readers. Of course this situation is less likely to occur in small Diocesan seminaries are even ment~ passea leglsmuon aeclar-faammlstration lssuea on January by President Ngo Dinh Diem to . :,: : ~::L ~ 1, : ~ munlst party cmettaln wlaoyslaw i - "'- ~-- t t [ . . . ] wwu~ u~ ~ucttetl t:UHIHlUmLle:5 in wlllCll people ave wen acquamteu subject to income taxes on money ng me t'onsn nation to De me/~L ,won, staieu mat contrary to organize a training center for 2 2nL ~ the r~ceive from narents and legal successor to properties}previous practice, the administra-] the blind in South Viet Nam. The wire each omers nacKgrounas, out in our highly mobile, urbanized y, y,?, ~-" Y'~"" 'benefactors s-ecifica'il" for the owned by Germans before theltion had jurisdiction over rector- 73yearnld ~ative of New society, it is becoming increasingly easy ,to maintain convenient mat me power to tax is me pew- v J western~errit " . / I " "'~ ~board of the students The taxes t orles came unaer lies, parlsn naus, cnancery Otllces York City is presently starting anonymity Under these circumstances, some young women do not er to uestroy, xt announcea mat, Polish control at the end f" ,/ . henceforth religious orders would leA ',feeding' can be staggering. War II Thus in eff " v" wor~n [semma~es, convents and monas:l a five-month lecture tour across discover the real marital status of their acquaintances until they have ect, lriually ierles The circular contranlcten the Umted States durra whmh be subject to a 65 per cent income IThe Pelplin seminary, according,~ |-. ,' [ " " g " . become deeply involved with the result that they either cause a di- HONOR MERCY HOSPITAL SISTER--Mrs. Anthony Pawlowie, " " to 1959 fi ures, is suh'ect to an:an ~nurcn properues m Ine west aruele ~ oI me uousmg cone, time she will speak of different ' tax. Before that, rehglous werel g ] ~ . . ~ / I vorce enter an invalid marria~,e or suffer a sadl, disillusionin~ ex president of aimnnae of the St. Joseph Mercy hospital School of necame state-ownea WhiCh ave me ae artment urls la ' ~ .7 sub'ect to the re ular tax on in annual tax of $30833 The tax on ; . [. g P J -] aspects of life in Southeast As" . ' " Nursin~ resents Sister Mar E e - " ~. J.c "" g [[ the Poznan seminary comes to [ As a resmt, Jocal government/diction only over premises desig-'] ~ perience - g p, y ug fie, ~ ?:M,9rst director of the QIVIGnals--usualIy :rom m to io I ~ I "~ / / ~ nurses SChOOl at Aurora, wire a set ot golu vestments for me nos- aumorlues are oegmmng to se~ notes for puoue hOUsing per cent $29,625, and for that in Wroclaw, r--t f Th / " .-,Ill III RUT THE REAL ISSUE YOUR LETTER RAISES is the amazing- pital chapel. Watching the presentation, which marked Sister Deprived Of Status $23,750. I i:nto e::'cen7 n;un s~r:~re aTu~/tie~s h:v:eS:;tr' e~ tlSn~g reacU~: ;lsl 11!' ~ ,~ ~ I t|| ly immoral attitude of Catholics toward such situations In your case Eugene's 50th anniversary as a religious and the golden jubilee ' . I The Church and its various[ P q y [ g /N] I /# t # Ill " homecomin-g of alunmae are *riv~ s rnmlp ~arthelser, toast "lnen tale iast winter the re-t ~ t ~,l~ ~ bimonthly for rectories and from|and disposed of accommodations[ ill ~/|/,o,-l,'-I~v~,r~A III it wa~ the callous indifference of the man's parents and friends. In . a~,~o o.~ ~,~ .~-.~ ~, t,~.~ ~ mls[ress and Miss Marjorle McCrea a member of the homeeom- glme declared that dioceses par-I : t. 150 to 60 cents a month for dio-]as they saw fit Rmhtful occu-( HI ~, i - t~ta. 4t4.e e.~ ~, I[I another case with which I have had to deal recently, the young woman ' " ' " ~' 'V nlgll l~V/t~, YWU! COUUC.U. mr . . ' " . . - lug commlttee ---(rarK rlace stuulo pnoto~ ~shes and seminaries are prl -] ~,~, aiff,-~nt -,w*,rnment in /cesan charlttes and seminaries [pants have been evicted in such( [l' - Ill renorted that she had met some twent married and unmarried ate associations.' Thus the Church ~titutions take different approach- Thus the rental assessment for }places as Szczecin. A parish hall/ II -'11 friends of the man who had Aroused marriage to her vet none of ~ ,~ --embracing over 90 per cent eles One a roach is" to take hens' the Gorzow chancery office comes has been seized under pretext of ~an Ann De ~ " - ~' I~,~eneva ~em|nar [ PP ] [ [ AURORA -- Miss Je " them had bothered to inform her that he was 'happily" married and ~ [ Y me people oI r'olanfl--was he-,m Church "ro"ert" Thus at leastIt ~t~,zou a year /panlic nonsing neeos m z, lelona/soteu and R chard L. Hughes in:, . prived of its status as a "social|~ th~r~--~i~" Poznan--h*~/ Claim JurisdictionlGora, and a monastery building/sacred Heart church, Oct. 21. nod three lovely cniloren. Will nonxor " " " i " EAST DUBUQUE -- M ss Donna IF" urgamzatlon and subjected to n-lbeen forcibl, mort-a-ed so that( The seminary rental is $24 125. ]has been taken away in Mled-]vanderah and Melvin KoeUer in St What has happened to the Catholic attitude toward the sin of In- g come taxes at the 6o" per cent the civil authorities~ ~ ~can secure/The rent fee for the cathedrallzyzdroje'" ]Mary church" Oct. 14 " 9 e qules unt v o[ ' - - ~ ~ ",GALENA tvliss Mar" Beth Miller tluenty, nave ~;amoltcs oecome merely inuluerent or are mey m |/UU'/III I~ IVICly~/.% rate. But the same uecree ot the~ a ments In some laces Church~~" -- . ' v , Polish Council of Ministers grant-/pPr~;erties" are bei:g seized andt~Jca~mdrcJ~,h~)F) 7W. ergm m St. Mmhaeligulded by the mistaken belief that what others do in this regard is i I GENEVA --Sacred Heart sein- ed the schismatic 'National/, o, ,~, h,~t, .o o/I,~,I( Miss Helen Einsweiler and Charles[n0ne of their concern and consequently that adults who keep com- AURORA--Aloysius L. Assert S0 inarv will snonsor PLAYERS hu h" s a u a " ub e.~ u au ~' '~"" Davis in St Mary church Oct. 14. . ,' St. Peter parish Oct 18. ] s . F . ' CathohcC rc tts sap "/nni.a r-smeAr Of hnok" fn~r~,~ h./I : qlt lqld ll :hJl~ll l~l~lll~l~t~ ][ ~ -- ,i "~ io,P} any must be m~ndful of the old marketplace warning, 'Caveat Mrs. Mary ~. Parks, ST, ourlINC in their presentation of ,Lad of Good Counsel pa:~sh Oct he association" and thus redtlCed/ ~,~,~** ~f nri~ t hav,~ h,~,/I ~'~ I" -~,mm~ ~m m'~m ~ ~'~ IliAd Robert J.O'MaUey. tn Annunci emrtor.n " Let the buyer be~are~)9, . . I believe that the immoral atti- ~, y ' Shakespeare's A MIDSUMMER its taxes " atmn cnurcn oct. 21. *" i , " [subjected to search in Wroclaw II I] ' " - I ' BYRON--Mrs Anne Mayewski NIGHT S DREAM Sunday De- ,~t ~ . . ~ / J,II I/ MCHENRY ~ .Miss bnaron Lee moe we are OlSCUSSlng snares in Join mese traits ' '/ ~. '. ne aecrec, prmtea in me oI-|ond household e-uinment has ll ~ liBeck and Leslie Bergstrom in St l,~o ~k~v~ary v~r~s~, y~: L~. .~ cemner 17, On t.he seminary o -1 v Mar church Oct 14 ' IN THE P . ~ i /~tl~x--tvlrs. ~ooert noHman ,~ ficlal government gazette in War-1. en s ized in N s An t| ' mr I[ y I FIRST LACE, there ~s indifference to the serious sin of st Peter and Paul parish Oct '20 '[stage De e y a aum- V - " ROCKFORD--Miss Ann Cacloppi I ELGIN--Walter J Noga 49 St ' [mobile belon~in, to Archbisho-ll Workers In [~and Thomas Badalnco in St An-Ilnfldelity This lS obvious on the part of the shallow Don Juans In-Mary parish Oct 19 ' ' ' This will be the second year saw stated that the tax le y on "private associations" -- includlngl.~ ~, o %:.'~. ^ ~V l: af[| ~ |[thony church, Oct, 21. l h.- l *or *h"- know ~'at th~'' ar- violati-" a ~-"r^n c"mmitmen~ FREEPOR'T -- Walter ML larkv that the seminary conducted by me Isnurcn- was retroactive Ior/~erli:iSiI Mai: ~it:~d::ou~:~::!i ]l ,ss Jamcett~ ~,o ~:~;; ~r~L~lSrl ~'h " " 'e~o fa i~i:hSttsc;i?~ t ~eCstT::::; It~:~Y~h;li--~M~ ~;~:;:i ~ s:i]BT::~ebr: i: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ;~:il~:{:;::: )i:rttMee:gS;~i; : 10MY:a::wShile, real estate taxes t~ The Vineyard ~: ar ' on all Church property with the churc Oct 14 T n 1 0 r Chmles F Gremer 84 St M~chael a:ea Man will lem mb r wl exce-tion of churches are betA" (off, allegedly to cover back taxes / By LISA FERRIS l into many areas. Help is given the| h, . . . hey appare t y do n t rega d infidelity as a serious offense, i partshl Oct; Zl . L y ' e e th v ~./owned by the Archbishop I Catholic Charities Staff ]hungry the sick, the unwed moth (b.WOO S rOC Tw t ng [aM r{: since they cooperate with the offending partner by helping him con- Mrs. M ary. hlarsden, 76, St. Mary!pleasure the PLAYERS' enjoy- " ~ " i " s * parish uct l0 assessea at me stee commercial bl ' " ]church Oct 7 ceil hls marital status This is a ositive act on their art Normall, . . . a e production of THE MER- Appeals Delayed To tell Rocktord about the serv- er, the homeless child and the ' " 'L ' p P. Y HANOVER ~ Mrs. Lflhan Pes- :r rate rather than the much lowel[ / . . ir~l ,4 h [ CARLYLE LI L&iMlss Janet Et- narents and friends would mention a man's wife and children, or ive caang 80 st John par sh, Oct 18 [CHANT OF VENICE last January ~ ~oo . ~.~.~. w.u ~umu~ ter ana ~arry ~ vatterson o~ Auro- ~ g HARVARD--Geor e J McGu ne regidential rate UlVli aumormes in yrzylep ices wmcn are gtven oy BOC1AL " g ' ',on the Geneva sta e " / 1 I through OU C nn" v Ira m St Mary church Aug 12some indication that he was married, during the course of a fr, endly 7s st Jose h irish Oct 23 g r omm. lt . ' P P . No Deductions ]~taty, m ~yrzyce county, even/AGENCIES in our community al ~ ] MCNABB, ILL. -- Mms Sarah Hen f HUNTLEY~Earl S Conlev 521 This veer there will h~ tw* The levvin~ of taxes on the in [tried to seize the monstrance from/.o,4;^ oaooo --:,kn| Whatever the problem, we try wolf .and Robert P. Finstrom in St. Mary parish, Oct. i7. -' ']nor.fn, r,'~: f; [ O '~ . ~ " ~ ~.~ ~ ~ =,o, .~ ~ ,a.*~,a~,L ~ J ~' I Mt vatatiue tmmacutate Loncep- ' TOC.~.TH~R WITH THI~ INDIFI~F.RENCE tnwnrd ~in lh~r~ ~ ROCK FALLS--Mrs Rocco Ma I r' r ~-~o, *.a~ ~ a~ a:o~ come of local churches htstitu- line local church m a iax action. / ~ I~ neap stove mem. ~o re-estaollSnttion church, Sept. 16. . v~ ~ . .'~ ----. ""-. ~' -', T ------ "~ I tern 59 St. Andrew parish Oct" 21" land evenin~ at 3 o'clock tion.~ and r~li~ious orders makes J Despite a provision in ~he Po- 1uct" ~z. :wemoers o~ me t=ameuclfamily unity is most important. I~ also a tack el concern Ior omers, xne atutuae seems to oe, '~'m not] Rbck'FORD--Mike- Ar~ato, ' 7s:!-=- ~ - ' St Anmony parish oct 24 r , ~ ~.~,i-:---e ~,utt %^"tu~ ueuu~=uuu~'~^a"""^'~ .o~^-tlish constitution o~uaranteein~/Charitieso participated Inter-[ List Services [r~ * . A . my brother's keeper He's old enough to know what he's up to, ,andl [Mrs, Marga~el! w,=: ~owell," " 84. St,]1 I |e'mal treatment to all citizens /viewed in an informal mannerl i rrolesl ~rresT the girl should be smart enough not to be taken in with his line. Peter parish, Oct, 23. I] m =*~ ~, ] t rTo= sltnCO a traXs:3VYw ntopa ivShe[r : e, vM; sa :rwYn'c Of Labor Leader thatTmhi:k ~;l~h~p:~r~sYh: :h~ta;:rt~:l:ettT~t ~t~pll~cy ~c~ip~nCe r ~t.S~n::: [ MIKt ) Funds snent for construction of|times the previous rate on Janu-| " ' ]mor'al res,^nsibilit- ~---~ .r :. I while the is bound to be misled by their actions Of] Vfrgil W.' A]/on, 22, St. Anthony[I Ml~Yl~ i e Ferris Introaueing me program r, ~' sa-~ ~vw.;.~,l~u. t;l,~, u~b~ -- one ' ' "i ff parish Oct 17 i II lll/iBll~l~ churches and chw'els and nut |ary 1 1961. There had been no| ilion to s- "ha .~ course they wlll argue that they do not want to run the r sk of o end-I Mrs'Linen iieck 49 S I| I chase of buildin"Vints are ~tso]risen in the taxation rate of lay/was Ralph Reynolds, who is cele-lin a hem7 t-ui~-a cnuo is p~ac e,a| ~eg, lonal, urganl- ing this double-dealer Doesn't this imply that they regard the sin aslparis~'. Jet. 17. ' ' :" ~awar ll D/,IhA~lKIt'~ t s e stame to me CnliQS zatlon of workers here has pro- " " l f e w If r hers9 I STERLING.--Mrs Mary F Pelts i .~.t tvtu ~,~ taxed So are exnenses for norm-[people since 1957. J bratlng his 20th year in radlO.]back,round [ trivial or acknowledge no conce'n or th e a e of ot . ,s9 st Mary parish" Oct 2i' ' iI " -- -- [ ~" / ~ I ~ " ttesten against me arrest ot a,~ I WEST B'ROOKL;YN Mrs" Frank~1 Ann I appeals ano compmlnts con- During this time Mr Reynolds has HOW DO SUCH CATHOLICS GET THAT WAY . Constant, un- -- . ~W~~l|cernin un'ust and illegal taxesj ["WHAT ISCATHOLIC CHARI-ICatholic labor leader hy the Cu- . [Herman, 7L St. Mary parish, Oct ll HEATIN~ ] I' L I * I ll&p&Al~e l~ g 3 g ]taken part in many CommunitylTiES9, It io al ~;M ~ ^ 1~, ,:.~ ,~ p ~;^. ~:.~ r~ thinking exposure to a secular climate ot opinion mat does not[23, I - / ! NAYAKKU'D II, `4.1 y `4 ,h~, ~ ~; [Chest~ publicity campaigns and islaaenc'v licensed"b~, ~'h~o,~'~'"',~el,~. ," "~ " " recognize man's essential dependence on God and his consequent/ter~er~aerVAsr~' foW~e"~l#rof ~ ~.oO~'1[ 278 8EACH STREET I ,c,to |tthem sometimes takes more than [today in charge of all Rockford[p~'ace children in foster"home~- a:[~ The ot-anization said that Cos obligation to live according to God's laws has gradually dulled their/st. Andrew 'parish. Oct. 18. v 'i| AURORA ( a ear In the meantime" re er . . s -~ - . SAN DIEGO Calif--Leonard 3" I ,ctu~'~t~ [}t Yis eino boino seized'P~ ,-}Community Chest pubhclty. Iwell as adoptive homes. Childrenltro's "Communist dictatorship Chris!inn sense ,of s, ln. They still profess behef re the sovereignty of/~r~o.r~i~7' ~e~y ~:.Oreg~n ~ndI P"ONE ~W ~-a~44 ] J s ~ s o l-' J Conduct Interview Gou In heaven, nell and the last juagment, and the InQ1VIUUalS per~ en par I I --.-.-. . L-- II . "] s " /who have problems of retardation Ihas once more thrown its terrorist,' "[:sh Oci '~9 "] i | MAKES |1meAt', ~ Mr Reynolds came to the point|who are handicapped or who havelmachine against a democratic sonal responsibility to God for his actions, but these beliefs are no/:: =- -:- :: "-: t~eal estate taxes are oelng as l ~ Th a 1 hke 1 fl lit d av i h l i n t no homes are asslste b 1 longer operative m thew 1 ve ey m y d s n de y an o d | OWNING SILVER,essed f r th eriod 1"51 t Y'57"[by asking t e part'c'pa ts "Who," d y us abor leader" Reinol Gonzalez ~' ' /I I~ATl~l~l~ / I~1 II'~r~0' I acv iIs o e p ~ o ~ ,/ 1. 9 I Ii~od ,ff c, ~ o ,~,~oti~ t.' it themselves yet modern society has conditioned them to regard itil r~/R~l~ J. KIJUIW/ n br~ 1E.~h~n n~rleh ohnr~hao ~rni~,ia~ /IS I.~atrlOllG UII~II'IU~. 17Or" triunei UUF Illes are illieo wi[n case his-/ ~,~ ~- u ~ o ,~,',o a. ,',- ' ". . . . ]1 .v " " " who ma not have heard the tOZl els nlon as a kind of clever game ratner tnan a cheap neceptlon ann a ViOla !~1 $.nc. Plat. Saltine t f lToSzWer:et X'tbroadca t the functions of our/hav:Sb :lnll gel;:d.l dh ds al:st : ConUzalez was arrested on tion of one's word to God and partner. I] " R.s:~UiMal~,lcNoGm~iyE?~2NGstrial [L.~ - "'" " : " [|o~, ~el~ ~,~ ~.~ ~ "Iagency are many. Catholic Chart-]need for social agencies such as[charges of "counterrevohltionary TtlE DEVELOPMENT OF SUCH ATTITUDES has serious impli-][ I,r" - is a social agency supported]Catholic Charities. People who]activities'' as an instigator of an cations for American Catholics. AS I have explained at length when] ~, u ~ ,~.~rO.C~tr) ~ l i*'. 'Z*,* I/'" iS|in its helping services by the Corn-/suddenly find themselves requir- anti-Castro demonstration by discussing the qualities needed for religious survival in mis secular I I; I| ~'~ "'|munity Chest It was organized m|ing special help tell us, "This islCatholics. society (The American Catholic Family, Prentice-Hall, 1956), thell : ~- I,'' I/I- |1937 by the late Father McNally,]the first time this has happened to ~ Catholic minority must also provide group support in living up to ] I I(I 1"1 I1~11~ I ID ]ldirected today by the Rev. Mich-|me." /Cemeter, Servic" them. Individual Catholics will ~aot long withstand/he impact of secu-tl I$. W. LLI:MENIZ I1--=--! 20.n . $tarler Set I[I s ua~ ~, [ I ael J Shanahan It was'organized/ ,~ . I "" Jar views if Catholics as a grlotlp thoughtlessly cooperate with the [ ! ? . t~vatuylng m~een it is io Know , II 2 I S-pc: Place |]1 ~,; ]]and set-up to "help people in their[they have social a~encies such as] AURORA -- Cemetely Sunday maritally unfaithful In their midst, thus giving the impression that[I AURORA WIRING ~t HXl"URE COMPANY l~--~* ,~; 8,1 "'' Iltime of need " Because these/ ~" :/services will be held at Mary- infidelity is a minor offerise or a matter of personal elation. I II ~" Irl I/ /uurs to turn to In then" tlme oil il 939 FRONT STREET PH TW 2-7380 AURORA I~ |ll (.arburetor* Overhauled I{needs vary, the services extend~need wooa cemetery here ~unaay, L~ov Father Thomas wiu ne unaole to answer any personal letters. I ' I'= ~'Y~ ""'- :~'" Ill ' I/~--[ ' 5, at 2'30 p m ! BAUMS Ill I Offirers 1 13 1,33, who SANZ CATERING SERVICE li I speut nearly 40 years of hel life O I ALL HOME APPLIANCES :: Itl -o- Ill . I ooher, a e a ev. ,ub IJ t lll Illl ll Club elected new dflcers for the dent in her outh is re arded as,her P,cmcs Sales and Serv,ce TV Records Stereo Wlr,ng II Serv~;P;;r8 Ill Ill II ' ' Y ,' g Coffee catering Church D'n s " III - - - - " I ~ Ill I|1 ~ . II 1961-62 season at a recent October patron of all who bear the cross of - I/I ,: -." I11 Ill m rtuartes Imeeting as follows: Michae][prolongedsuffering NORTHGATE SHOPPING CENTER Phon* TW ",-a,uu .urora j[ ~~ m: o-- ll~/I TWO CONVENIENT I[ earn, ptesluent Ior his seconu,in Im~l~[]i~ l'JF/~,~J'JlP'~-II~ I; ,- Ill -- --I/I LOCATIONS IN AURORA ' [Iterm Alan Barry, vice president I -- - .'=-. ,=- I I ifl] I. ",L- I[I Ill [|Sharon Worden, secretary ex-{I Aurora AUKUKA tUttANI:R I,I ; : . : . I~ ""': ~[']l/.'~ ":, I}1 ~."~ "~ FT ~ ~ I|1 H gn ana tibony Stree,s n] ' . /u - I~ Fur ~ase . . ~-" ~ Week iiI -/.'~P ~.d&~d,~Z, N, -. Ill So Lincoln Ave and Clark St irlS :vncnatsKi, treasurer; Marsna~. . ---- III I: I11,I[I"ALL P.ONES" ,w ,n34 " |tHudren' publicit and Linda Heft-i Redn-Mnx & FURRIER5 I11 Cash Terms Lay-Away--All Repairing-Parts I, = III I I~,% fln~# r:~:~ I~1 " I~man and Paul Larimer, social ll . III " I ae,ec from Ill I/ /chairmen. II Concrete COLD STORAGE VAULT IJ,Fox Stre,-- Aurora TW 7.9171 ! E :i??- III I/ oo s I! I i W'l n i CO. We Specialize in Drapery Cleaning II , CMI Nrl Concrete for all purposes ,9 GALENA BLVD 800 FIFTH STREET to help you achieve I '1 i " '"' ' --" "1"-n''-II ~~ JJJ - CHICKEN [,[ D,AL TW 6-97,4 ~ ~.~---~PHONETWT"8771" AURORA PHO;ETWT"$773 II HAPPIN[SS I il ARTHUR Itl ng olin--'- BBQ LBDBi?ry-Ciii,Outs- J rdlCUt ', :,"z MITCHELL'S TAP nOOM II '::::: ~}S Dini R i:lldAldrlA/ r { NT /I IIHll k IHL I -=o= L21 I[I Ill u,nmg Koom --- ueuvery --- ;arry-uuts J[ Your Docfor II I ""'-'--' III "" '--' I/I Ma,TW I Wi" Prescribe aon tuncheo.s and Dinner Do,y II I AURO, ,w,It 1 From Our New Kitchen H M:LHI I/I FineStwiE:NP ra I youareastrangerhere, butonce [I "1t" guide . The otog phy we're our ,[ A. Acr I 1250 So. Broadway J A, J I 1v*'-c/'