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October 27, 1961     The Observer
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October 27, 1961

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PAGE 2 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1961 NB i 0 at t ere as een extens.ivecom-iactions, he said, such activity URBANA, Ill --The first two. future, social, upheavals in Latin munist imiltrauon of the US {"weakens the reli ions'g" forces' of Peace Corps mismons to Latin America w!ll produce strong clergy: ~. [the United States which have such A " "ll win' friends" for the I waves, oi antl-Amermamsm . wnuam, u. sunivan, now ,assist- i an important role to .olav- m" meet- . Pike has been associated with ant director of the Federal Bureanling and solving the communist U. S. among these lower classes Notre Dame university's program of Investigation, said he made thislproblem ' " upon which our previous diplom-lof Latin American studies for statement "factually and without] On the positive side he recom- ,-- , ac has had no impact,' an ex- several years. He helped instruct eqmvecatlon." y ]mended a thorough understand- pert on Latin American atIarrs the iirst two reace t~orps groups ,Any aue.gauon is false whichjing of communist thought, oh- said here. If or Latin America. The first unit hulas mat there nas neen aria is, ]jectives, strategy and tactics. on a national scale, an extensive Frederick B Pike retiringt trained at Rutgers university, New " [ Pi~,h~ e,~,~,i=,~ ' " or substantial communist infiltra -o nresident of the Midwest Council{Brunswick N. J and arrived in "lTo fioht communism ho ~,ta ' i f h " ~, " " S 6 The second . . t eli O t e American clef,in ~fml~antin oAm::~c~n~Snt~'sh~;:d"w~i~l tcor2 nmblaat NoPlre Dame and ar CARDINAL SECRETARY OF STATE HAS BUSY SCHEDULE--To help offset th, center, the Cardirn:~ls=nSof :~t 3L:r?:SAm;:Yi:fmWthh:La:3 v:~:;eb~:nhe:l:Swtithh~: ]particular the Protestant clegYgy, clftizens should remove the cause " g " ' .' ' " pressure of his many difficult duties ~s Secretary of State at the Vatican, Amleto in studying the p o e se . "d y " " I c.~r : :~ ~ .~ A, ,~^ IO communism in local com- ,l" " " in Chile in.early ucmoer . . . . . ~. L.~.~Lt.~-.- thus reduce the lkelihood that,rwed ~e~oes~n~F~r~:~i?:!h~u~d~i!~j~!ii:!:aff~rayP~iiy~!~if~ii~!::~ff.!ecleni mdi~/n~a tmtiehme~;ih ;Pwp~!~lyl~e~a~a~:i~neg?~:tW~i~;~y/i!:i::~?~te~ IHlghlandP:rkiMl:h:d:SdtChurch. ~~rtto!:;i;~n:i!C~u:liiii! ~t Y g Y, ~, " " " . . " While a few clergymen have " ' " " q ' May Beatify Norwegian Pries foreign. As Secretery of State, he has in effect become the Pope s otherself, with fortheday, Cardinal Cieognani returns once-more to hm desk. He often remaIns at lh~f,n inflnpn ,~ h ,~[moraldecadence andother social -- so many tasks delegated to him from the authority of the Supreme Pontiff. At his desk until II p.m. when he goes to the chapel for night prayers.--(NC Photo) ~ J,w,i~o'"~' ~h"~.',~'land personal evils. VATICAN CITY-- The ~acrea man. y where ne necame a ~am- ~ ~ " ~ selves wLth' communlst" causes, he'~ ~uuivan" " said the "basic ques- Con re atlon of Rites is studying olic in 1854 ~ --ffi a ~ I~ --e --,1 , .grg rlesSchil He entered the Congregation of :It n ,jta~ LL ^ J .'z. tal r*-.---Cardinal To Isaid' 'therecanben d ubtaslti n'"faclngthenati nis: ,Do wnemer me Kev. tma . "lSt Paul (Barnabite Fathers) in ~||~ r~t~|l ~t~t ~ ~]~ ~r~rl#i~ ~twr r~'lEl~'~ ~|#~~! i to the loyalty of the overwhelming l We nave me necessary con vlc- t~ Norweoian-born convert what./.- - ~-.-- ~, ~ ~- I I v~'w= st =~= ~ w w ~ ~ "~" ~'~'~q~ m R=L I maioritv of the clergy to our na- uons, vames means, enos ann in- ~"~, ~, t l~tm in ~umgny rraucv ~tnu wa~ ~ q~ ~ mm m w -w -m ~ ~ # o- t ' a ' ' ' -- I tion " ner strength to unleach within died in 1907 practiced virtue to ordained in 1875 From 1880 to Ir' l a. l /ATTerla Lt l.J / . . . ' I ~'aster of novices m ~'ll'~ l~'ll" ~ ~ I= I ~ ~ - ~ [ He said clergymen have beeniourselves, our local communities, heroic aegree t.~.n~wa~ vice . -//q~l/~ ~"'t/ ]jr "~ - ~ ~. a A.a~ '-~,~,~,| a~ "IA~'~aO [~ ["among the most consistent and/our states, our nation, and the Father Schilling WhOSe oeatiii- at me t$arnanite house in monza, .- =. =- =---,- = = 'o ened here in'Its{'" - t%,V! Ill ItJ I|1 |WJl|t IL.onvenTion /.edicated opponents of commu[world a continuing revolution of cation cause was p y. = - -- -- fe re to ~ ~,#'1 ~ nism and all other forms of totali- the spirit? . was born m Askershus Nor In 1887 he was trans r d l ~l { I,' 1946 " " {,aria " way, in 1835, the son of Protestant Mouscron Belgium where he ~ I 1,It It~:Wl BOSTON (NC)--Robert Welch "in an unreal ~ d" by confusing per cent of the U. S. Catholic. WASHINGTON, (NC) The . nlsm, and added. . .t parents In 1853 he went to the t served ass parish priest until his /founder of the John Birch society, ]the possibility communist in. clergy were "Comsymps." ta~teCt~e becr~a? atI l:ta~eth:~l~ tim3naV~eLO~nemecg2atuam::~Za:~] r s . U r ~t in Duesseldorf Get {death in 1907 UNITEDNATIONS, N.Y (NC) has admitted his uess that one- filtration with litv [ 1. h;~ In+to. +. +h { P I . Y- I rolly noul-~ unive s y ' " " ~-~--~ ~--~ missionar" efforts/ g i, 7" . ?7 ,'"" ":~.7" ~:':~ ":~ " v~v~J'levents during the llth national[spen~ propagandizing the Ameri-] -- --on behalf~"v ~ "~"~of the world's:less de- /nal~ o~ one per cem oz o. b. t~am-I/ 'It is nossim mat communis~slwelcn saiu ir WOUlU oe naive" tOl ongress of the Confraternit" y of can clergy, it is" a remarkable, trl-" St. Patrick, Dixon -- Twentp ,~t t ~t ~ t ~ ~ . . . ]olic priests are communist sym- could penetrate Le ranks of the doubt that communists have infil- Christian Doctrine in Dallas next bute to them that thev have re-jthird Sunday after Pentecost I-'{ans Decona ~onvenllon veiopea n~lons were swessea DYlpathizers was "simply pulled outtcatholic clerg but actually{trated the Catholic Church and alllmonth Isisted so successfully'" / St Mar, Woods+-,ck Two-+, ST LOUIS Me Citizens for CEF is a non-denomitnaional tt~: H lt~d~at~onr;'P~;~t~Ta~II~ec~{ f a hat" {where is.the, ev nce that makes{other churches to some extent. Amleto Cardinal Cicognani will Scores False Accusations {third Sunny after P'~entecost.~''' '.~ ', -" . I ;~; h;~h ho~t.~ o "~U'- ^~o;ot plo,~in" conference / Welch said his estimate on thet this possibility a present reality. ' t He put the number of ' Corn-I greet delegates at the opening ses-[ The FBI official stressed that/ Educational rreeaom Will noLo ~'~8%'~-~;:1'~:: ::'~',~'~'~of mai h'~'~ ~ ~' /number of "Comsymps" among{the Pilot asked. [symps" among Protestant min-lsion Nov. 28 celebrate an eve-lreligious people and church or-/ ~//9~O.~ their second annual convention at ~i' iCatholic priests was a completel "It is also possible that com-[Isters at three per cent of thelnlng Pontifical Mass Nov 30 and}ganizatlons should be the very/ ' lug reueral alu oval,awe m cn ~- Auxiliary uisnop James r~ t~rir-,*,- " the Coronado Hotel here, Novem an" - - -', {guess and without any substan- munists might wish to infiltrate total but said the figure is much speak on The Lay Apostolate and last to engage in vitriolic harsh [t I bet 10 and II,3~:r ~nTva?emn~'ay:rOan~Im hi-~ f!ths at i~ew OrK announcea ma!]tiation even being claimed " He{into the ranks of the FBI Are we]less for priests ]the CCD" at the closing session [gues, misstatement of facts, falsell For Any Occasion l m p g g the rmly ~ee naa pieoged ~z,ooo . " ' ' ~-.---~.~ made his comment m a letter to to conclude therefore that there Dec 1 Among featured speakers will schools, to be divided equally between the],~ ,: t, ~ ~; Infiltration Slower " - { [{ BUS SERVIa: I ii etix]ii i ! wSa !d thi! MDh!!eilo! !!i.n sp2~e~Uc~::lp~, editoria1 tti2/!ieYo~hg:tc:V:;alWo~[hcte o~e~t~; is also some smalL percentage ~ii~ed ~,manfi21~r~:~r~tii3r~/lhaOi!i~ ~;~ee Announce .cneaule eL ** has responsiouny ior me ~TET~C?.~H: i S to education and parents' rights Isehool of their choice. " ,:.~ r :,:,~. ,^~a ,h f,~, [the Pilot suggested Welch is livinglBirch, society; have we a right,tolhe added are the long time it[n unced,here by the National Cen'[ ~P P P "Il |--I.*,Aao~,--~,-- I 9,~.~,e ~,-,~-~ "-',': ", - ----- sa, men mat the, are there9 ' 'ter of the uCD /sentatzve m me uniteu ~mres tromta $~II~I=ptUIW#IWA , ence that the Vatican c ntributi nlJ~ s - { ~The world of possibles is farl~ak?^to.b e~ me fl~fr.zesy, ~, wi thl The congress, held every five[1933 toJ958, will ,ffer an evening[I I" ;a. at --.I Condemned D ,-, might not appear especially im a f ears will be the 11th nab[~v:ass lsov ~0 in me Mum|l /[~llil~ll LlU~ I I " way rum the world of existing,y," "anal ' ' I a nu ~,ressive unless one were aware]'vt~'t~'~'~" to;, +, ,ot.o +h;o n;o /Investment on the part of com-g .g t /cipal auditorium [I I v ' ~ ireall~les; to - ~u~i~+. ~ ,~^ ~ ~, ,t,~,oatherlno and the four,h Inter-, ;. ; ~ , ,-~c a~.~w~ we A ,~,~,~a ,4 li ~ from tha laaion dafinit~lv of the Holy See's contribution ot{=lp l l,lJ~ I tinction IS' to live" l'n an unreal['" ",',~,~ -- .?.u. mc ,ac~ m,a~jAmerican assembly. . The last con-{ .Toe sermon Will De Uellverea oy[| Ill1~e { t~o ,-~s~o ,~ e, o In s"thousands of men and womenworld ] woutu-oe mnltramrs woula nave gress was held in" September his successor as Apostolic Dele rating from the National Legion eliminates a number of book' g, a^a ~.~^a . ~-t[O r~eaa ~,t ] ,to forego marriage "both beforel.~ "[,ate Archbisho-w-ia;- V ill 13s Trosk Street ] " vi fadeu=u,~a~vu ann un~a~,u*~'u -- w.u, ltt0t~ in ~uIIalo 1"~ y ~e 1 ha! ~, v ~o-,-s,~ of Decenc hurts at the box of Daffy Variety, me e t / [ Editorial m Pilot [and after orn-; +,{ g o [ [I ~i:~rev :i n~s::itrl~n~: ~:C~p~!i!!:~st~Sed cht~t C::~ ~i/~ii!~rv~p~Pt!i { lTe.SOyti:rL~O~!~ (mNw~i ~Ukm~K~f~i:i :anTrdi~ee!!~ionr~ilS ~renotW~h~/~iI acW~hth:;!d~hr~h;:: ::~i=: tCeCrDenT:g:i!!;a: h~: ;thet in i[ Joseph N. Strotz {ll Raymond M. hdler A pncy [ Distribution Co. president, said current condemned movie would g "" . . !of the Knights of Columbus at a {newspaper took the John Birch he addeY~.Ps"ih " does th'nk, The. accent, at CCD congresses I III RBt ESTATE ) ~ ~, I lack of a Production Code seal]play only 3,000 out of a possible Tqe msnop also noted that the!K, of C. board of directors meet-[o,;o~, h,~on +, +,of. ~,~ o+o I, ,atthere are 'uom-[tradihonal!y is on the. laity, furl[ Olt,IKg rKtJl~/3 Ill ~.w/.~,~:~ I { .1;.4 ,~t ~ a film from nb [6 nna dates because of the "C" Holy See sends 'vast sums ot ing here 1 : s lsymps' wno 'get Into your ranks lthe comramrnlty is primarily an ! III $ / ~,'t~ :=' I I +':i~-;::~, bVoo~k'in'~s ~bui*'a ""C";" rat:Ir'ati"~n~ accordin~ to Variety meney to missions in underde- Hart t~as held the office since tpublicly that it was his "long land masquerade as priests" --]organization of the laity trained I Ill [ . I I FOR THE ULTIMATE IN AURORA ~T'S THE continuously to his captive audi- stigated by the general, from U.S. ence about his parish on a remote troops stationed in Korea The island off the coast of Inchon and first vehicle on the island, the the plight of his parishioners, mobile clinic, staffed by two who lacked medical facilities of Sister-nurses, will attend to the any kind. medical needs of 13,000 islanders. Woman to Direct CRS in India CALCUTTA, India -- A Boston woman has taken charge of the vast relief efforts of American Catholics in India Miss Matthia E. Marley will be responsible for the distribution of from $7 million to $9 million worth of American relief supplies an- nually through Catholic Relief Services-National Catholic Wel- fare Conference, worldwide aid agency of American Catholics. About six .million people in India benefit from the work of CRS- NCWC. Miss Morley succeeds Armando E. Sonaggere, who was CRS- NCWC program director in India for four years. He left India to undergo a series of surgical opera- tions. Miss Morley was CRS-NCWC representative in Calcutta for the past two years. Before that she was with the organization m Germany. Her new headquarters are in New Delhi. Open Training Center in Brazil NEW YORK--A training center tcupy the grounds of a former for personnel sponsored by reh boar ch "[" cling sool and will offer gious or secular agencies to work I students a 10-week course in the in Latin America will open Dec Ilanguage history, social, eco 11 in Anapolis, Brazil. . , The Portuguese-language school will be conducted by the Center for Intercultural Formation, an Independent educational unit as- sociated with Fordham university here, university officials an- nounced. The center conducts a Spanish-language school in Cuer- navaca, Mexico. The new training center will oc. @ nomic and cultural life of Brazil. The Rev. John B. Vogel, O.F.M who has taught in that country since 1952, has been named director. Msgr. Ivan D. 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