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October 13, 1961     The Observer
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October 13, 1961

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PAGE I0 L01~'DON iNC) -- A British a secret to them. Since the Bis- Carmelite priest who knows Sis- ter Lucy, survivor of the three children who saw Our Lady at Fatima, said her final "secret" may be a purely personal com- munication to Pope John. There is no certainty that it deals with world affairs, the Rev. Kilian Lynch, O. Carm,said. hop of the Fatima diocese in 19301 issued a pastoral letter record- ing what had apparently hap- pened during the s/x visions of 1917, some information about this secret had been revealed by Sis- ter Lucy, he said. Personal Matters This information is understood The fact that it was to be to relate in part to personal mat- opened in 1960 -- 20 years after ters in the three children's lives, being written by Sister Lucy -- to a vision of hell, to a promise THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1961 FAMILY CLINIC By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. Assistant Professor of Sociology at St. Louis University How far should parents go in trying to prevent their daughter from entering a very bad marriage? Our daughter is a college gradu- ate and holds a good job. The boy she wants to marry is Several years older, didn't finish high school and is unemployed most of the time because he claims he's not well. They spend most of their dates i watching TV, but if they go out, she has to pick up the check. Yet she wants to marry him. Are we right in trying to break up this affair? THERE CAN BE NO QUESTION about your right to try to stop this unfortunate affair~ but if we can trust experience, you probably ~oOUld simply mean that its con-l from Our Lady that in return for won't have much success. Strange as it may seem, some 'young nts were addressed to the new I the consecration of Russia to the women are strongly attracted by dependent and utterly inadequate pe John and not to hls prede-!immaculate Heart of Mary and men. Although this may reflect merely the flattering conviction on cessor r'ius XII ]the spread of the devotion of the their part that they can reform, inspire, or redirect such characters, - ears to be much dee er PREPARE FOR MONASTERY ADDITION--The cloistered silence the building will constitute tbe extern wing and wall be two ,~onversea film .ms~er.Luey I Five Saturdays present dangers in many cases the real source of trouble app p . " - Variou~ exolanat'nns It is maintained that some of the Poor Ciares' Corpus Chnsh monastery m Rockford ]s being stones hlgh The rest of the quarters will be only one story The ,va~ner byncn,~'rlor ozme ~ng~Ithreatening the world -- the ' 1 have been offered. " " " " " - . n whn ~l~et mmh m~n a~ n t s experience n unusual need shattered these days by the gruff roar of diesel tractors as wreck entire structure will include 70 rooms for the nuns Plans for con ash t;armente snrlne ol Aylestorulsnread of communism the anni wome ~ar ner,a . " - to have omeone de ndent u n them. Thls ~s ulte differ who was for many years Prior ~-htion of "ai ' ~ . " s De oo ' " a ' " eat from the ers demolish the old Broughton sanitarium section of the main struction were approved by the Most Rev Loras T Lane, because i cert n nauons, iamlne lr t~ be wanted, since it ~enerall d s~ se - . . . . . General of the Carmelites, spoke [ would be averted The final *'art nnrmnl d~' a ~ : " " g v i gui s an unconsci building. This structure, which bas served as tbe cloistered nuns the present facilities are over-crowded and in poor condition.-- in an interview published in the ~ th " e r "" " - - ~ . ousdrive to dominate or to have someone other than the self to criti- main building for over 40 years, WUl ne replaeed ny an L-snapen ~nerzog pnomJ i e s c et was contameu in cize and blame, building of concrete block faced with brick. The front portion of Catholic Times, British national[a letter written b- Sister Luc- y 2' weekly. Father Lynch has hadlthat was to be opened in 1960 IN OTHER CASES, THERE SEEMS to be a need for self-punish-,l several long conversations with0 ned B Po " ment Such women are fascinated by men who show them little con- " I " " * Inou,rvC asses St. Rita Parish Soonsors Dance /g,shoo Sheen Sister Lucy, now a Carmelite nun/ pe y pe sideration or respect during com, tshlp and thoroughly abuse them in -- -- -- . -- Father Lynch said he did not in Coimbra, Portugal, who with/ . " " marriage. Although they may lose no opportunity to complain bitterly CARPENTERSVILLE -- A new ] AURORA -- The "Gatherin' of L. Kreeger and Mr. and Mrs. ]Will Retu r n doubt that thts letter was fo] her two sisters saw the vision of[ "- about the treatment they receive they consistently refuse to make series of Inquiry classes is sehed-[the Goblins" the third annual St Edward W Siebert head the Our Lady ~t Patima " /warded to the Pope and has sure- Father~Lynch notedlnthat1917 Sister['lY been opened by him' . "There one positive, move to change the situation. In spite of their protests, uleder toM begin at St. Monica parish[Rit~ .f r~. ~'~ v ioh n al dance committee, and Mr. and]In they thrive on mistreatment and exploitation as others do on affectlon h e onday, Oct. 23. Classes areI b hen a Mrs. John Schah are m charge I .o. k~ ~. |is no certainty that it deals with 11 e u t ~t nnarew t;ouncry L.=y ~ u~c. a nun mr many, and respect. It is usually easy to discover how unhealthy their attrac- open to a who are interested in l . of the tickets. NEW YORK--Th,~ r~.~t n, worldaffairs Father Lynch years in a strictly enclosed con-[," '" hun" is" for as soon as well mtentloned relatives or friends start to learning more about the Catholtc[C ub Saturday, Oct. 28, from 9:30 Bill Havemann's orchestra has,~,lt ~. T ~ ~ ~h,~o, o'.--,-,-,-s~ "~""~;"" = vent When he met her, he said /added. 'It may be a purely per- criticize the offending partner, they rush to his defense. Faith. p.m. to 1 a.m. As in previous been engaged to play for the three-year absence from televi- ~ ~ .~ ~ L ~.^::/sonal communication The fact she h,~, --v~u --- w ~r/that it' was to be opened' in" 1960 IT IS DIFFICULT TO JUDGE from your brief description wheth- ~ years, the dance will be spun- dancing Mr. and Mrs. Frank sion will launch a 26-woot~ ~,~j goodness and trustworthiness. She / e vo d ~ " " ~ ne f the above mentioned neurotic I A collective marriage Involving [sored jointly by the Altar and Dozark, who head the entertain dlcated series New Year v may simply mean that its con is now 54, still very much a[ . r ur au hter is followm.~ o o [ "]' " 's e e, atterns or wheth r she i so des rate for a man that she is willin 43 couples took place recently in Rosary and Holy Name societies merit committee, have arranged]nln,accordm to l nl p e s pe g 1 at1 still warm Althou h she is not et o tugal Iof the parish Mr and Mrs H for a brief lnterm~sslon skit easant gay d earth an tents were addressed to this Pope p own-to- d [ . P r g g co um st very balanced, the Carmelite add- [rather than Pros XII. to settle for anyth'ng th "s ' . g ' Y .Marie Torre. ed / "There is no confirmation of twenty-five, because American girls have become obsessed with the l ~ Bisnop ~neen oy announcing his need to marry young she may feel that at her age she is in no posi / ~,~ I~ n~ ~a I ~ [return t ' Pr ions the statements that Sister Lucy ' " o the medium of televi- eoccupat,tion to be too selective Atanyrate she thinks she's in love, andyourl ~.~|||~[~ 'r~ ~'~tt~r l~ ~'%%~|P&~ "She has certa'm ecDr o cuoa -[knew, in advance, the course of roblem is to dissuade'her from entering this marriage,"~. ~,~,~,~ n~ ~,~g sw I~ I' I1~ islon, put an,eno ~o wna~ marie tions," Father Lynch. "She longs ]history during the last 40 years, P ', t I Worre calls an interminable in: As I have suggested, this is not going to be easy. She s of age and I WBBM, Channel 2 Chica~o,Tuesday Oct 17 Tuesday Oct 17 i~i~ :. t.~ ^ .t ^. for people to dedicate themselves [mat she knows now whether the PRAYER EMBLEM -- An will probably resent any advice you try to give her. You are not hke- saturday, oct. I4 ~." " ~ Ma end of the world is at hand to the Immaculate Heart of ry, [ 4'05 Movm 5 Matinee "Rock Rock 11'30 Tuesday Theater "Tortilla h, fn ant ,~a*,*, f~, hw m,itloivlna fh ra, mo" man fnr ch~ will ,'e this as 4:30 The Early Show "A Wing and ~xoc~ ,~,-i,] ~lat. A-ll l The syndicated eolumnls[ also to say the Rosary daily,to prac-.[whether the age of communism, is adaptation of Dali's famous .: ~, ~ .7.: 7 ~,: 7 ~.;~ ,7/ :o: : "~" "~'~. ~ ~ / a Prayer" I WITI, Channel U, Milwaukee n.30 Acawde:mneS~F%Ye'a~ecL' "~e Phila noted that Bishop Shevn doesn't an impliek criticism oI nerseli oI her judgment sense ol seu-respec~ tu:l~ The uesc or ~=u~ "Assignment ^ . ~ ' . - - . 1 ev tl n he F e Firs al0out to end or when Russia will t'ce the d o'o oft iv " t [,"Crucifixion" has been adopt- and emotional balance. What can you do? / in P~r~d'aA-Ioct 15 I 3:30 Ear~yat~r;oawy' '~'~fl::heny Up- 4 'aeiP~haurs~d rY Oc~t" 19 0~y e~cn:t iTe:nl pl~::etdh by the Saturdays. As a good Carmelite ]return to Christianity. ed as the emblem of an inter. [ FIRST, YOU MUST MAKE IT CLEAR to her that you are not try- 9:3o LOOK UP ~ND LIVE S 00 ~limng"f:oI the Fifties "S nt112:0 Movie "Molly and Me" A-II pl: .p y e reason she wishes to.promote the devo-[ national prayer movement ' . . 12:00 The Late Late Show "The : P ', WKOW, Channel 37, Madison mat ne Wlll agam nave me op- mg to run her uie oecause sne is now oi age, anu you respec~ ner Decision of Christopher Blake" ~econa" n-*l . . . . .~ . tion of the Scapular and she re- which is marking its 25th year I ' ~ ~' 1-- fa-- th- fact that A iI 11-00 Late Show "New York Con- Saturday Oct 14 pormnny to speak ~ou's message ' rlgm m make ner own ueClslons ou~ she must a so ce e " ' " e t ' : Monday Oct. 16 fid n tal B 10:00 Fanfare Time Limit" A-II among more oeonle within a half calls that in the vision of Oct. 13, on the Feast of Christ the King, ishe will have to live with the consequences of her decisions. Has she 4.30 The Early Show "Champagne Sunday Oct IS Sunday, Oct. 15 - ,~'. " :-~.; " . "Z-': 9 ' Waltz" A I 9"OO MASS FOR'SHV'T INS 10"00 HOUR OF ST FRANCIS hour s ume on xv man St l-'aul 1917, Our Lady appeared as Our Oct. 29. The Soul Assurance given any serious mought to me meaning o~ ~nrlsuan marriage.Tuesday Oct 17 Lady of Mount Carmel." . 11:00 Late Show, "Caught in the 3:00 Fanfare "Time Limit" A-II talked to in his entire missionary Father Lynch noted that from Prayer Plan founded in ~hica ~vlarriage is a holy parmersnip oealcatea to me servme Ol new llIe 4:30 The ~now "~ne t, ood uraft" A-II ~v*onuay, uc~ l~ , '," ' Earth" (Part I) A-II Mon S 10:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS 1lie. the beginning Sister Lucy and her go in 1937, aims to nromote de- and precisely because it involves the sacredness of new hfe, it is not lO:1~ The Late Show "New York 9'00 Early Sd~oY~vOe!;T~ev Knew 10:25 The Late Show "Cover Girl" ~.e two companions were insistent votion to the Sacred Heallt to be.entered, into under the ~omPcU, ls: ofi:c:Omatt~swhim or to an- 12:oo ?~nfiLdae~etia~'ateB Show "Duffy's 10120 LWahta~ They W,~%t~d'o(AiII nf A'llTuesday, Oct. 17 (Catl::l;;:~in":;e~;~ckf:~d area that Our Lady had communicated swer tne shallow neeos ol neu ot s nu n p . Tavern" A-II ' ~ ~ ~ " 10:25 The Late Show "Invisible " among Catholic laymen. Holy ~ ,4 h,~l. he. thh~b- th ~,ah th n,-~ot;,~l h~m~.Ao that r~a Wednesday Oct 17 --"~": Man's Revenge" B Iwere ~iven a chance to hear the ,~u,~, "~'V '*~ ~'"'~ ~"'v~6" ~"- 1J ~ ~,o ~, - 4'30 The Early Show "The Good *uesaay, oct. 17 Wednesday, Oct. 18 I . ~ r~ . ~ I nours are now being offered in ria~e and family life inevitably make upon a couple and on the basis " Earth" (Part II) A-II 9:00 Early Show "Practically I0 25 The Late Show "So Ends Ourlnauonally Iamous orator ~eptem- . o " " ' Thursday, Oct 19 Yours" A-II Night" B ber 24 when he s ke at a " rarems Plan several dioceses m the US. and of these obvious demands, ask her to judge whether they are pre- 4.30 The Early Show AIt Happened:10:20 Late Show "Too Hot to Han- Thursday Oct IS I po diocesan ~l* 'l -- * " 1 ~ ~l 1 ~v 1 ~ -- unuerstanolng nared to marry Whether this man is really sick or merely slothful, " in Brooklyn" A-I I die" A-I 10:25 The Late Show :'Special De. IHoly Name rally in Rockford.) ,mrougn0U~ ~lle WOlln ~ 11oi r ,7 v J live ['al Your Teenager' will be the sub- " Y . 10.15 The Late Show "The Un- Wednesday Oct 18 " ry" A-II I I enetlt he IS clearly not capable of assnmlng the serlous and sacred respensl- " seen" A-I 9'00 Early Show "Sealed Verdict" Friday, Oct. 20 [ I ject. ol Ine nex~ ~ecmre. m me n otlr nOOK has neen puonsneu in hilities of marriage. A man at his age who can't hold a job has no 11:50 The Late, Late Show "Advert-: A-II 10:55 ThemLea,teBShOw "Keeper of the ]Sheerin C.S.P editor of The Ca- ROCKFORD The Home and seminar course on Liulnellnes ior 11 languages . . cure" m iu:zu La~e anow "miacKDeara me ' -- i " right to think about marriage even though he can talk some lm- Friday Oct 20 j Pirate" B u,'~xrn ,~. o. ,^ ~ thohc World. ~!i s:! iisi~:~orn~tgf2~t:~u~a~r:ck ~a~;~:E:!t~!3t~eCe~:!e~rrh~,a?ri~m rl D-~I~,'~ ~/'~ mat~gRDl, iA~Kd~Rg hAliGfH~S~rE~MINE her motives 1::31: ~ta ~? L~ra~y sHS~W~':Do:::st: 9:00 ~.~Tyhur~awY O~asl0 Living" S:::S)~~:hilat,?:~i;~ies du:W; iH ~odoTh::~oTnr~h~l' fl~s ~a : -- Y -- P'm;Ito 1'0 -m will be iven hv J.h. |~;ll|~! IIIO ~,~ When a grown woman with her education and background acquires 12.1o The Late Late Show "Great110:20 k. Show "Fort Apache"lid:25 The Big Movie "The Bad and tional Council of Catholic Men. ~n me cnurcn nau. r asmons wlnlr~ r ~.~ ~, ~'" ~ ~, ! ~ such a blind attachment to an obviously inadequate man, one may ' Man's Lacly" A-II I " Frlda" Oct 20 I the ~eautiful~.B "Look Up and Live" is produCed ne IF m Car - ,-,~, o o - . . .-~. .~ 0 son, Plrle Scott WISC, Channel 3, Madison . . ' '1 10 SChOOl well question what real impulses and needs are drwmg her on. Toan- " - - 1 I 9:00Early Show "Night Has A/12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITh by Richard Siemanowski for the West. The ticket committee in- Holds Master De r :aaturaay, oct. 4 [ thousand Eyes" A-II I0:30 Hnmpnrey Feature Theater - - s g ee swer that this is love is to be the ueshon for we want to know why h Red Public Affairs de artment of CBS [,g q,10:30 Theater T ree " Danube"ll0:20 Late Show "Only the Valiant" [ "Dar0med Don't Cry" B P , clunes limes. ~oner~ x. ~,ucas, [ Mr Darcy is the associate ex- ROCKFORD i 5 =, she must "love' in this humiliating, demeaning self-destructive way. n.1 I A-II [~ News. Joseph K Chomyn directs t~O . " . . --O ,~t~]" vl~r lileo- ' ~unaay, ueL la ~. ger ~eeay, ~oger Costello and/ecutlve director of the Council of Y Finally, you should work for a postponement or delay of the mar- 9:30 LOOK UP AND LIVE I WOC, Channel 6, Davenport [ ~ . e, Jganlel ~oooman. [Community Services and Corn- aore, an eighth graue teacher at riage Time is on your side and though your daughter is wasting a lO:35 Theater Three "My Little! = Saturday, Oct 14last or enes, . . *. xne association meetin will be " . ' ~mc~aaee" u '10:o0 Premiere Performance[ @ g . ]munlty Chest, Aurora. He holds St. James pIo-cathedral school, precious oart of her life on this affair, if the postponed, Friday, Oct. 20 m .i "Caged" A-1I IIIAl - 1,q2,dlht/i uct 18 at 6 m m me church 11 00 Theater Three Har on o~I Sunday Oct IS ~ P" ~ . a bachelor of arts degree in so- will demonstrate a new method oi there is some chance that she will come to take a more balanced view : " . . u . i r]Ol~ Iru[~$! J~]~l,~,t~ -~. " " Y 'P [ton college and a masters degree meetln- of'St~.~James'School asso rlage s s e c,g,A II nasemen~ A panel cfiscussion and ml 1 r hat mar ~v,~m~a, ,~-~ 1i:15 Premiere ~ertormance ~ '~"~/)t , . [ciology and psychology from Bos- t~ohi.~ ,~th~m~i~ ~t th2 of the situation Be firm and objective in re "nd'ng he t - WNBQ, Channel 5, Chica o 12,30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH , $11aes.aoout. a mlSslonar trl to " ~' ' i a acrd" ommitment but avoid excessive crticism or na- Saturday," Oct. 14 g "Bunchhack o, Notre Dame"/ n Form or Panel Geor ta will b r ~ 30 T g e p esented by Mr ' " - .: HE CATHOLIC HOUR ~ " ~.~ T~- --:~ ; ]from the Boston College School ciation Thursday Oct 19, at 6 glng Such action may only precipitate the decision to marry and it s.00 Saturday Night at the Movie Monday Oct 18 -~-- -, ~ .[%It:Ila1"{] ~vluras~ ann -' ' ' " ~ ' " ~ 'I' -- ~.~." f :;~. . .~ . [of Social Work. trim in the church hall won't be much consolation for you then to be able to say, "We told 5."G.arden of Evil" A-I! 112:00 Movie;Matinee "Keeper of the] . omorrow, t'art III oi a /~/IR~I IRI~IR~ .~w~. auu ~vlrS .wlarK uonnov,[ .~ . . . it- lo:~u ~wovie a "Au ~snore" ~ I rmme ~ ~three-nart s,~ries iH ~ ,w,~ B~HH~H~ CW~ t ~ .1- . ,~, / ne has anne consmeraole work, c~o~ ,~t~ A ;11 ~tro~ the you so'. Sunday, Oct. IS [ Tuesday net. 17 ] ~.~ "m " . "" ~m ~~.~ ,- [- ~,~, a~ y~ freT. wu- [with teenagers and has ~iven !, ,~' ~:~.~.~ 7~ 7"~ Father Thomas will be unable to answer personal letters 10:15 Movie 5 "The Jolson Story" [12:10 Movie Matinee "Cry Havoc"l n tu rnese zrums," revmwmg ~ ~e e/~ ua,l, ~wc~vmnon, u~lv~ cnaplain ~ ,- o ' ~, hanguage' ot me new system ior " ,~ I A-II Ithe develonment of American b,~ ~ ---':7 - staII assistance in organizing the . ~--- 12 45 Mionight Movie a "bcanaai in~ r -," I I I[Aurora Council of Youth 0rgani-[~: bne:wefit fthPo~re~t~in~hthS:Udp:d U.So Philoso-h'" ]the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- S rr~Inot daB Oct 16 ]12:10 M~Wvt!ed~anYe'e O'?hrleSe Men inll~efSp~nldosg:;1;,inw~a~e n 111~EVA I hlJII I |/zations recently He also teaches] y [temtelevisionnetworkincoopera- 405Move 5 ~atinee "Face tol " " [ . l,~.~=u I ~l"~l ||l-1 ~ t~ " isummer ann IS incorporating it in " I,: :,u ,~ xr :^ ^~ ,-1 ;i Face" B i Thursday, Oct. 19 ,on ' Look Un and Live" Sunday I IHn me ~omraternlty ot unrlsuan,her "e -- .~. =~1 1 I~[ ' =~ - ILlUli w*m ut~ ~a~*una~ wuutmn u~- ~~!12:10 Movie Matinee "Remember" - ~- .~ - " ! ,-, -- ~, I t aching program ~ms year. IV ,~no~f |on|c ICatholic Men [ A.II ,oct. 9:30-10:0o a.m ~DT on I~|~IAI~ t mectric Shop Inc. I/uocmne reugton classes tor pun-[ Mr andMrs C T VanAusdallI #!" I " %M:I^~. ^t n viI [ Friday oct 2o the CBS television network. |ll~llV~ I " I/lic high school students at Our / [ NEW YORK (NC) A discussion'~ II~ l~/ I~ [ 12:10 Movie Matinee "Higher ~ndj Parts I and II consisted Of a pic president of the association, an Higher A II @ Westinghouse Appliances Lady of Good Counsel arish, " " -] -- " " - - [ Amana Refri eratr " I/Aurora P nounce the appointment of Mr. lof contemporary U.S. public .~.Anjnscrlptlon on the Basihcaof To-ic ,f Series WISN, Channel 12, Milwaukee torial documentary tracing this WEATHER I ~r rs g '" I/ l~tnd Mrs. Joseph Turiciano and i philosophy will be televised on]~- f nn ~a~eran^,~n, ~ome~e; [.~ v ] sa]urday oct 14 [development from earliest times Lectures .' x enslvel,a.u to th re I I| Y Attorney and Mrs Stanle- Rosz-/~hA "L,~,-t- *~- a-a Live' ~,r -ramI g"~ '1"~1 {~'= =--,J 1:00 Saturday Cin'ema"'Code of the e p sent, Part III will bring ~l~l~'f~ I Electrical Contractlng & I| He has lectured ext~noi ^~ ~ " . . ~ i~ ~. ~"" '~Y ).'~ . ~k~s /of all Churches in the world." %Jll IV ~,2UilUdY I secret service" A-I ito~ether a distin-uish~n -anel ~ ~I~JK/~ I Repair It ' ~ o v~:ly uu K0WSKI as program cnalrmen. Mr' unaay, uc~ laann lJ.'~Jo a m [Founded in' A D 313 it" was fo1" s,Sunday net lS [ .~ . ~, "-~ 1,',~,u. mental health to various rou s ' " 8 3o SACRED HEART PROGRAM diSCUSS the subject The panel will ,- t, g P Turiciano will also serve as Boy CDT. The show, thelast in a,loo0 ears the'seat oi the Po es 'The Wiles of the Devil is 9:3o LOOK UP ~ND'LIV I 2 - EVERY NIGHT AT |0 PHONE AT 4-00|! in the Aurora area and is a mere I Y P E mcluae dames u t ara, managing I : I/" " " Scout representative on the board, three-part series, is produced by] .~~ "the, topic of the second Sacred 1014s The Big Movie "Slave Girl" [editor of The C"m ' -- I 213 West First Street |[ber of the National Association of Heart program in the present A-1I ], u .~u.w=m, ~ IA/II~I~V '1['%! I I~I~N ,~,~ I|Social Workers, Fox Valley chan- 'P t ~"~,~ ,~ ; m~ ~ ,~^.a,~ Friday, Oct. 20 moueramr; John Cogley project V I~I~,/~'|V u-,-- ;n~ngh: V-10"45 The Big Movie "Odd Man Out""r ' | |/ter CU m ~gREP[T?n~td10:15Cha.mTe:: Subny. WREX. Channel 13, Rockford dp~l~ fa :dT~:U;dv! j~he R~ In . days. Saturday, Oct. 14 surance Exclusively r~r~l |01~ 10:50 Crown Theater "Tarzan and "~ I~.annr~l Dnn~|r|n~ ~CaLUVeU ~p~at~er tillS ounuay the Amazons"A I ~$UU~ ~ UmlUlal nutu nuFuum.g will be the Rev. Thomas W. Cur- Sunday, Oct. IS 9:30 LOOK UP AND LIVE DLUE STAR DIXON NATIONAL BANK DEUCES Thomas M. Delehant~ Automatic Transmissions ry, S.J Rockhurst high school, 1o:45 SACRED HEART PROGRAM BUILDING Kansas City, Mo. 11:30 Sunday Movie "Mother Wore Tights" A-I ~1~ ~1~ Friendly -- Personal Services 1312 EAST MAIN Each program includes music Monday, net. 16 @Package Store Phone JU 4-3655 by well-known choral groups, 12:40 Monday Theater "The Mad' I~ of 11~ I~--~ @Cocktail Lounge 401 River Lane Loves Park 11s INDIANA STREET recitation of the Angelus with ap- Martindales" A-I DOUG CURRAN TR 7-7491 Phone JU 4-3581 propriate visual aids and the ~---- ST. CHARLES brief ceremony of Family Con- Proprietor 24 Hr. Ambulance Service secration to the Sacred Heart. PHONES OFC. AT 2-8174 222 West First Street RES. AT 4-7071 Dixon, Illinois Oxygen Equipped -- Prompt, Efficient Service BURGER Prescription - Specialists NEED EAsT MAIN STREET Phone JU 4o238S ST. CH,ARI.ES We invite our Catholic friends ta call us about becoming a TUPPERWARE Dealer CANADIAN STYLE Full or Part Time P.O. Box 2043 Loves Park, illinois TR 7-4022 a n/~ Distributors for Tupperware Home Parties I YOUVi Plumbing Healing Air(ondilioning NEVER Aluma Craft Boats (:0 II TAg[R) " " " " IT gO Skin Diving Equipment ~OOD Everything for Above and Below the Water Serve Your Friendly Yourself Independent HARDWARE for Hard Water and Save Grocer ED THORNE'S FINEST IN MEATS AND MARINE CENTER ! slieedin We Give S&H Green Stamps 7928 North Secund Street Rockfocd PHONE JUNO 4-49 0 er JUNO 4-4981 I Brinton at Bradshaw Dixon, Illinois Open Men. and FrL 8 to 8 -- Saturdays 8 to 6 1