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October 13, 1961     The Observer
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October 13, 1961

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$ THE OBSERVER |,THE OBSERVER q L F . oE 4B .tDAv. OCt 13. 1961 [] I F ,DA . OCt. ,3. ,96, PAGE I a test at Columbia, another at -- ~ ~ . ! -- - bility to keep the people informed I MGM. "something always ha~ J [pened and I went back to TV,' I [ he explains. ; I TV gave him a big night club ,~ audience and Broadway raves for I roles in "Mr. Wonderful," "Call ~ /Me Mister," and "Top Banana." ~ But while laughing it up with E /Buster Keaton in an early TV . ' ~ J l Karloff on a night club tloor, , ' " l!!ii t "I Gunsmoke s new hour length Iiii wanted to play were John Gar- :!:~:~: I IUL Lt:~It=~VI~*JUII, ILILIIIJIJIII~ . v ~i~ t "The next oig nk snow proud- . ~}:: oiy win ne a western-situation- ;~ i panel snow." " 1 i:#~:: He knows now what happened " h ~ to most of the TV actors and ~" " " . ~ crew members with whom he "'" - ~ worKed in l~ew Yor~ and ~ni- ~: /eago m years ago }~:~:~ 'They l e all in Hollywood now," [quite a start lie's me producer . i~!: ~ f a series and he said to me, [M y L ] " * / 'Remember me? I swept the stage "Our characters aren't super- :i~ fatter v h " " ~ ' f vir ~:: our s ows in Chica o. - m [ 'It was terrible I didn't re the of 1 ~iii!iiiiiiiil !i ~I critics Gunsmoke seems on nan ann me uencatessen owner, um ~ . 1 ,~end of JAMES ARNESS RETURNS TO DEFE D DODGE CITY [ ~~ilii - --" '~ " - in lows who became TV producers Horizontal Lieutenant " starring I[t~~:::~ "To" Car" Is I ~ ~ &l * = Channel 13 is always seeking just /" I m I Minutes this caliber of personnel to aid A - . J l [] I us in our immense job. I i I a'~,Our central core of newsmen ," I l l MS are all full-time staff members. r~l~ r~our l, ~ ~ They do not serve part-time as I ~ I~ r~ station announcers, salesmen or "Top ,Cat," a new, half-hour] ~ ~ I I L1t:ay' in any other capacity. The men situation comedy series featuring/ 1 i are trained in news, have the de- animal characters and produced[ ~ I By WREX-TV STAFF sire and the willingness to go "Gunsmoke " television's most ~ [sketch, or ~mpersonat!n.g Boris in animation, is seen on WREX-t .~ [ Expansion is the key word in the where news is happening at any TV, Channel 1~ (ABC), Wednes-[ ~ I Channel ro?m as it moves !time of the day or night, consistently popular program ~ I Carter ruefully remembers: days, 7:30-8:00 p.m. ] ~ ~ into its eighth ye . [ An excellent example occurred made its debut Sept. 30 as an ~ I - On New Path Hanna-Barbera Productions, pro-] ~ ] This season, WREX-TV viewers during the recent hurricane in hour-long presentation (9-10 p m ) i~ ~.: ~ ' a . ~ ducers of ABC-TV's top-rated] ~ ~ will see a broader spectrum of]Texas, where one of Channel 13's "The Flintstones" and one of the| ~ t news programming to keep ourlcameramen . was vacationing gives the series added scope in ~ l field-type roles." most original nroduction organ|-| ~ ~ viewers more fully informed on lWREX-TV was able to offer ex- terms of greater character and i~i a '~ ohm rl "l nuf him zations in television created the[ ~ ~ the events happening in Rockford, eluswe telephone reports from the plot development, but produee.l ~ on the path, he hopes, to straight """ i" ' [ ~ [ in Illinois in the nation and in scene becanse our vacationing new au-iam ty series ~ ~ ~ ' , "with the introduction of "The [] I the world. Channel 13 will carryI newsman could not pass up a big Normanclear that~Viac nnenthe extendednas maUeformatit ~!~!iiii~ / ~ character parts. He:~ : ~sees no future "l~,;nfef " thi ~.~t season"] mm [ 70 minutes of news each day, lstory. This dedication is one of will not alter their established ~i~ said Mr ~oore ABC Vice Pres [ [] J Monday through Friday. [the intangibles that can only make policy of presenting an honest re- ~i~ flection of frontier life in the ::::::i::~:: , |dent in" charge'of programming, [] J WREX-TV is happy to we!come]a goodnews team excel!ent. "'American television audiences [] I ABC network news to our hneup. [ Inciuae~ m me oroauer spee- 1870s :~::~i!!~ - " -" ~ ~ ' We can now carry 15 minute l~rum ot unannel ~ news to De were given a new ann retresnmg Rim, The crack production team wi I ~ - - f situation comedy J [] I round-up of world events gathered]offered this fall, will be a ten continue studiously to avoid "t e ~ ,w, r,~v, ~,~,~ believe that] [] I throughout the world by the ABC]mmute news plogiam for chll- cliches the phony West" that ~i~ v ---~ ,"~ I ~ I facilities at 5"30 Idren It will present events from Hanna-Barberahas again pro-! ~ ! " was and is a part of many popu- ~:: ~ .^ dueed a new and imaginative[ ~,This will be followed by a five-~the infinitely different world of lar Western publications ~ [ ~ I her Then[a child, available to mis area television, series, one ma~. wllll N minute rook .at me rWeatan ex "anded ~for the first time on WREX-TV. As Macdonnel points out, "There ~ he sa s "One fellow -'ave me strike a pleasant chord with everyI GENE HI ES Channel 13 will offeP [ '~.' was enough drama in the West i~i .~ Y " - ~ . h ws flocal and" mt ut our auvances m pro- television viewer' ! rresents t,ate a o 10 minute roundup o / - - '. - as it really was without trying to ~:: 'o " ,' " " t ar news /grammlng In eqmpment anu in make ~t a setting for fantasy Top Cat ' which has been m/ . ea . ' ' d hisCBS personnel, reflect our manage- development for six months, deals Doug Edwards an with a band of fun-loving, adven- an ate A, lov es Booked news correspondents wi. men s recommit.on o, . - - " " r~ withcom'-lete" eeu aria ueslre for more mtorma- men nor are they models o il , rare seeKin tennes WhO live In a " -- our lOCal repo ~ P / tue They make mistakes They're ~," " . " g " 1 c ver tion during these troubled times big city They have hilanously[~[~l~ ~ ~,~ Tll national and mternattona o -[ human." " b ]member him.' " ~. IV e~ll I~,~VIFII Iu an~ 6"30 The/ That is the expanded fall hne e ch iv. .l~ ~7 age between t) ~a u human characteristics and a / : ' ~ ter can now/up of news for the Channel 13 Gunsmoke's reputation for pre- ~ii~ has a distinctive personality of ." M WttEX-TV news cen . his own. Their leader is Top Cat,[ By GENE HINIES land ,Prejudice and Edwald, y offer instant reports on any late]viewers" senting dramatic, often humorous, ~ [ familiarly known as T C, a brash t We all recall the phrase adopted Son. breaking news from twonews[ but always realistically unglam- ~i~ / /~~ aggressive opporjlunisi " '[a few years back by the motionI From a selection of films from gathering agencies.[SARGASSO SEA orons re-creations of early West- ~ [ T C and his feline friends alsolPicture industry: "Movies are bet- various other distributors, WREX- Added to these reports from[ The Sargasso Sea has no land ern life are main reasons that ~ ' " :~i:{:~;!ii:: ha~ "dealings with human an| ~ter than ever." TV will offer box office greats like CBS and ABC our news center/boundaries but is set apart by . . . in opinions many ~ [ mated characters, such as the[ Possibly no better ~hrase can 'f~Trh~J ~; nre~ rs~Y 'b Gllld:ducan: sub.scr,bes to UmtediPret:iInte:~lPwr?~n?h ~hmf~r~e$2attsS,su ~fsea" e verso ans on io o,o . milkman, the postman the police-|be devised to describe fare for )Y ~. .~ : natmnaI, whose t YP l .' ; as entertainment and becoming a N,:~:i! ~ ' la. .-^ : ~2~, mon" the t "Distant Drums" ano "~ne uourt feed information to us 24 hoursllt is an irregular, ovai-snapen 1 f Bill M~tchell area of the Ninth Atlantic Ocean -- -[ur~vmxr ,~,~,in~ nublic for the[Martin o y a day from the world, the nation,] recognize(] part at me e t ~~! I[,',',~,~'-'~ :~"~',~n ~ r [ For the kids, from three to 93, Illinois and Wisconsin. /about 2,000 miles west of the Ca- the western frontier. I~.~~ I["V"".'~"-~ ~7 . . Ithe station has secured rights to WREX-TV has recently de-|mary Islands. A cast oi s~asoneu prayers - ~ . ' . machine,] quired " ,ther ace rele sin~' a new UniFax nenmy mentlhed as symoois o ~1 -,I . . . If. Wire rlonywoua lands tOpaPrO-[many of the films Shirley Temple f ~'tIP land cameramen "two days out of~J~m Hutton and Pauta Prentlss,~ ~~~ [ /high school. " /will introduce Carter to the b,g/ ~/ (~.nnlltls~ng|~! i[uucerstromo~ e p ~]made as a child star, plus films another round-the-clock service,The Nava, Observato~'y. i.n W.ash- me oest m western entertainment t ,~ ~lttt~ ~-- . ,~v M. i/more anu more at melr recent tu I. o '[ington is me natmn's omcm~ time -- lit I .Prom l~q~ to l~/t~l JaCK warier|screens, lae's playing a comeuyl - ~e~ ~t ,D~uvp i rrom me ~assie group, orovidinl~ pictures ot all me late-lkeeper The Navy got into time- Will continue in meir re~tuar - ' , ~J ~m~ [was all over the dial as actor [role but he can add gratefully: - * ' files ilproducts, ooupma w~m ,~r~.~-[ rr,~,-,~ in another side of the ~,oat~; d" h keeping because navigators require Ul(llll]comedmn stager mimic dancer I Its also a character part. I I/TV's holier of oro~ramming late-I " v- ~ e, ents of,t e[accurate measurements of time so tmnsmoKe roles: James Arness ',', ',r as Nlarsnall ivlar.t DillOn wilt ~en- mi ' ' " ' ' ' - -- - ,~ . . ~- : . .- - . . ~many taceteo temvlston program- world Here is another example OI/they could fix the position of the ton and,nstrel and pantom~mmt. I But a television image even one[ m ~m~ n me [/nlgh.t, cons[ming picture is further effort by the expanded service Channel 13|stars at any gwen |,stunt: his weaver, ~vmourn ~ e . . . ' ," mosu at to -nl nt mm orl in ' " " Am nd Blake featmed as kl ] Razle-Dazzle Days [10 years old is difficult to erase I "r'rnnu- ttorl - If Y --,p .-g . g 'Iehannel 13 to provide a well- brings to the viewers of our area.| "Chestera a Adams and" [~0V~ They were giddy, razzle-dazzlelCarter admits," "Im' scared. I" = "" ~=.r,i'tTlhe |/ nlgn~wr vmeOnatmrn~envgeSrWb~t/rounded schedule of viewing. ' While the equipment is a vital[J,| .~,Doc Kitty Ida s ,don't want to play the role too, ~ lJlmprove mis seaso as -~ - - "" ~usseu. J undenvorlal I|fore,~part of the news department, it[I - . I I HN""N t "The TV public knew me over [broad and yet when a fellow like .~*~ J~y ~AI[ ~IN, iNlff.~ JU ~)U " . ll[~":"~]ll It " ! O--How man~ memb*rs of the is no better than the men who~Ill d;h;nCll=~ll~'nI 11 Holb'wood~ Corres.~ndentr, /night. TV made and broke you al-[me undersells--underplays- it's[ E~ ~~ JlJust recently acquired f r play' "*" ~ - ilke den in our who el exist . Curie family have won Nobel use it most ~mmedlately in those days Y g Y -, f the silv r screen as "Viva Za prizes in chemistry of physics? Channel 13 has just acqmred all J------------~ I in the near future are such g,ants " " * Bus Stop ~y~ywoo2o (NuEAu)chabT~eestOo~ i hind too much ambit!on abo~ ence~ ~eWaEu?yEMNarLO?rLeeYn ~a:r]{~t [~~i~ |[o . ve :1 A--Four: Pierre, Marie, Irene new news director. He is 28-year-f] ofaser|ousmomentl I pata, TWelVe U L.;IO~K l'llgfl early variety snows on xv-- ' [ Utm tU ~K J~~ Jl ~heGunfighter'' and "Down toland Frederick. old Roy Starks, who joined the]J aut~nh "Beaver,"] areI ma~ ng good -- too much re ire l, ~ut me clown in nim ~ept com-I her native Swe h I l I |was at the top I guess I drove,rag out The 10-inch screensl her for t une She has been ll" ~ I~ staff after two years with a TV|I ~mile$multiplyl|ke I II~JNlll~ lmI&~llIPlll menumg voices m a growing enor- ~ ~ -~ H~l'~ ltilllW i Imyself downhill " ' [zoomed him to stardom built on[ selected to star in "Paral the Sea in Sh~ps, these horn 20th II 1 ~ Station in Peoria. Starks believesll boyhood adventures! Jerry I IlWV ~ vV l US at "we re m me utm ~es now. " 1 1~ " " " Century Fox J,~ " l- -- I[ " [~ in fast, factual, in-depth report-/I Mather~star$. I ~ / ,~, ,~ :~ ,~,~ ,~ ,~o~ ~, r, I A new comedy MGM's "The] aughs ]ovle offers followed I leles, a new French film II ~a~ due to start soon (some[ ~ - ing /I I h Ilow the road to Hollywood in the ,-: IIhave already been presented) l~r~~~ O'n the news team with Starks[I ~ I rronrams footsteps of Red Buttons, Jerry I ~~'~l ]]from the Paramount studios arel are three outstanding news photog- |l I ;~ Lester, Jackie Gleason, Milton/I Iffl Al"l ltl 1 Iff- ET ",1Berle and others Only Sid Caesar~ TARG . |lsuch impressive Utles as GoingI ~~~ raphers, one of the largest news[[ ~ [ "Bus Stop', a new, hour-longlremains tobeheard from [I rUU/DHLL rl THE CORRUPTORS [[My Way," "Holiday' Inn," "SoI ~l~~~t~p~l[~ teams in the area. /I I dramatic series whose format, ." . ,-. I1 " IIProudly We Hail," "Sign of thel ~~~ Channel 13 photographers are/I ~~~ I I ~ure you rememoer .Jack war- FRIDAY, 9 P.M' [[Cross," "Frenchman's Creek,"[~~~ grounded in all facets of photo-[I ~~ [ was provmect. . oy wmmm rages, ter. ~/hen TV was only a dim" light" ' award-winning play and motion] II on a 10-1ncn screen mere was /~ "The Parson of Panamint," and[~k~~ journalism, and have 'an under-[[ I p,cture triumph, will make Rs],ph,~ ~.~b r~,-,~,-~h~ " .~ATURDAY $ 1Z X ~ "For Whom the Bell Tolls." This/~~~i~ standing of the ability of televisionll ~Y~~ "~L~ I debut on WREX-TV Channel 13 , ~/r~-~ ~,~ ~1 ~ is just a smattering of this group[ ~~~ to bring the sights and sounds of[I ~ I ' and "Cavalcade of Stars,' star-II . ~.a~w), ~unaay I ~' ~Q~l( ~t ~ --~ ~, of fine features. |~~~ news events to our viewers with[] ~~'g J " iring Jack Carter. II I NCAA COLLEGE J ~ q'~ I~~'-"'~ N~i.~ The legendary ape man will[/~ the speed of electronics. |1 "="'=" " ~""" I us stop, will present exciting[ He was one of those TV pioneers ]J,' hour-long dramasproduced by lwho introduced unknowns like[I DATE GAME TIME , ~----'J--l--I'-'('~[lat cl~ makethe u,comm.~oseveral" gappearanCeSseaso ,n tooduring[ ~~~, as[ [~J~~ii~ membersBacking WREX-TvUP this corehas Ofa scoreStaff]],lJ SATURDAY 6:30 P.M. ]] w"~ mhk"~conti'nu?t i= est "pl:o ! ~ "~""'"-W x ofW'~het ~'"ek't"' Ca--ar a^-'~n~u w~o;enem;';s'-"^a-^-a "^ ba'^ feT~-jj Oct. 7 Iowa & So. California 4:00 P.M. m WREX-TV has acquired rights to/ of part-time photographers and re-lJ ]% I Y tub s ' " " 4 Mi " " vided b a cast of re-u]ars. I- --' /I Oct. 1 ch. State at Mxch]gan 1:00 P.M. Y ~, a number of films in the Tarzan/ porters stationed in northern Ill|-[I ----.~/ ~--.ll.----~ f i Ill Oct. ~1 Syracuse at Penn State 12:30 P.M. series [ nois and southern Wisconsin help-]~/~V--'~i~ ~--i~-i~) ~e~ in me smau community o I Ill ~unmse uoio "~sus ~top" tellS l/1 " From MGM j ing to report events in our vast l~ ~.~--~'~--~" '~ i,i ue, 28 Ohio Sta,e at Wisconsin 2"00 P M the stories of the people of theI Ill Nov. 4 Mich. State at Minnesota 1:00 P.M. . " . area Of course films from the giant] " t -~-- --. -- ~ .1 c ,! ,~ 1 /I Nov 11 Minnesota at Iowa 1.00 P M ' ~i i I These are alert responsible[ ~ qv|~qv~lb~ tuwu r,~,~,~,'~ w ; Itt ~wt~vt nnrary wncn me slat on; citizens who like 'our full-time~ lalocr] r'(m~"~J[abc~ passing through are caught in I/I Nov. 18 Illinois at Wisconsin 1:00 P.M. acquired a few years ago will l the moments of' suspenseful ac-i Honor iil Nov. 2"3 Texas at Texas A&M 1:45 P.M. In C?71 " " i staff members, feel the responsi-I ~ ~t~,~,~ lion i student itl (Thanksgiving)' . C~i:/S *:'=~nUweill;nelgu~aCeuel~n~laS!r:?s ~laOrtV:rEto~N$;]~eOl~rlreeko/a~ ~ Starring in the series will be Iw,tha winnin. W I |lJ ut hot-tern ered;: : as|on| ' Camille,' 'Conquest,''David, p r i" a d H nllv b *,e sonal ties tow r - Marilyn Maxwell, Rhodes Reason tSeet taargie, Ill Vincent d'wards ,tars Copperfield,""Song of Love," and] wood and the movie studios. and Joan Freeman. ] played by Cynthia Pepper Ill SUNDAY as neuro.surgeon Ben Casey ~ "The Yearling," "plns encores of He's following in the foot- Through ii~ i~6i~ titles' like "Cuss Timberlane,"[ steps of Red Buttons, Jerry ~i!~iii~::i::ii::~i!i/~i Miss Maxwell portrays Grace Ill ~~~~~ and"The"MenHUCksterS'of Boys Town,"'B ys Town"i,Pride Lester,others. Jackie Gleason and andlnlCK iiiii iiiii ii{ii i ili Ji : i iiii{i~ whoseSherw d'bus astopbeautifUlcafe, Grace s]W manI, Ill llllI NATIONAL PRO il ~i ~!~! Diner, is a haven, stopover and ~~~ III " : thin ~{!i!iiii!!!ii!i;' " dramatic community centersundrylfOr Illlll DATEGAME TIME the people of Sunrise and ~;.~i~i:.~ Sun. 10/8 Bears & Detroit 1:30 P.M. I nterfer- i Calvin and the ~i CALVIN !:~~ ' Colonel are true pal$i::~,~f~ AND travelers* as well. ] III Sun. 10/15 Baltimore & Bears 1:00 P.M. ~!i~i!~i!:i:::~!g~:~ ioritv --sorghum-thick ~~ ~'r$11~ Rhodes Reason plays Sheriff] ~~ Ill Sun. 10/22 San Fran. & Bears 1:00 P.M ~i!!~!~ ~!~:' }~,}!i!~!~ .- . *?:~!~ii~;~ ---~- " "~<"~:~:" THE w,th scheme. ,~,~ Will Mayberry, a handsome, I ~~~ Ill Sun. 10/2' Bears & Baltimore 1:00 P.M. i::~::}::~i:~.": " ? wafer thin in ~'.~ /~ ~ULUNt/ warm-hearted and dedicated law I ~i~~ IIJ Sun. 11/5 Bears & Philadelphia 12:30 P.M. } complex. ADVENTURES the wallet !~"~ ~~- -- " officer. MAR~-I'::'~~'lm~ III Sun. 11/12 Green Bay & Bears 1:00 P.M. --.-, ,~=~,~v OF .~;~:~t ~ Joan Freeman is seen as Elma ~a " Ill s 1 1:.11 Not -- o,ly 0ZZIE un. 11/19 Ix) s Ang. & Green Bay l:0e P.M. MONDAY, 9 P M gives advicc when asked! Gahringer, the pretty young wait- THURSDAY, 8:30 P.M. I[I " Ozzi* H,rri*t Dave AND HARRIET ress at the bus stop who is blos- ill soming into full womanhood un- I ,nd Rick Nelson star. der Grace's wise guidance. J Each week leading guest stars TIME will supplement the "Bus Stop" DAY east. Prominent players such as ,Joseph Cotten, Tuesday Weld, 5:30 P.M. Gary Lockwood and Buddy Ebsen appear in the premiere episode. %