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October 6, 1961     The Observer
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October 6, 1961

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1961 THE OBSERVER . PAGE9 ^^ r t Four Cathol,c H ghs Wtn I L. asslf i ed Advertislna Marian D("" :i::?: FUNERAL DIRECTORS ~ii:::"" : ::i:i:!: ::;: : " U ERAL HeM ~~i:~i?i!::::: ~ h:: ::: : F N " E - nter Street Eight-Year Stay ~ 1 1 P . . Used Clothing. Furniture. Dishes **lSince193011 m fr m h R kfr ' . . ' new Qepart[nen~ UUulcateu to J~,e- ' t - -- ler Catholic high school teams in[to Marian, the Marmion Cadets t J t Cat o c and Boylan is ligious articles. Prices to flit yourJJ GIN I Y g," : - " Bo,lan of Rockford and Newman feat at home Friday against a plays Beloit Catholic at South Be: Rockford in Aurora Catholic Sol-I| I ] " AII 12"15FA, [ iJ eepo s Favorite, IIERNEYS : HJWAy::FOOI},LOVES 'e runeUp do wm was an exc,tm one for |VI~ l/l~O O :::::::::::::::::::::::: ---- I To L. ave r . ',i Fvv For .Pac,flc 1 I ~ ~J I FuNECAL HOME I WfllT-KOSS-AIIOnS0n I GENEVA--Three Missionaries i! i~;~ In /I/IRIrltRln 9253rdAve. wo.~,~ I FUNERAL S V'CE CO. I of the Sacred Heart (MSC) will FRED C OLSON $1 59 Ce leave Tuesday from the SacredI d By ROBERT A. WILLEM8 [0, on the Comets home field Sat- with two straight wins against lOre-D3 Second Ave. we. 3-6521 ELGIN ALGONQUIN Heart Mission seminary here for ~~~ I I l~Iarian Central Catholic of]urday. It was the second straight Reaves of Oakla'wn and Fenton MONUMENTS, VAULTS ' mission work in the'Vicariate of ~~:!i~ I I ' Woodstock with two previous t win for the Comets against one of Bensenville. M~%~S'~R~ONUMENTS )1 I Kavieng, New.!reland, located in[ ~~:~ 1 gg wins to its-credit, maintained ajloss which was recorded in the Games This Week 114S. FirstSt. w 4274]lJ ;:'N;RALtCO~T~AC:OR I the South Pacific. erfect season record last week- season's opener against Sterling. In the fourth set of games this ~GE------- i I mho n ~; ,~i~o;,~,ie oP end, at the same time sharing On the other side of the score-week: Newman meets Momson Lamps and all household articles I I e s "~I Ithe victor's laurel with three oth-/board besides St. Edward's loss on that teams field Marmion is in the Ro ckf ord stor~ we have all Dial SH 2-1134 717 Lnden Ave. I the Revs Peter P Va ro Leon DIOCESAN TRIO ENTERS MISSION SEMINARY These three young en o t e oc o d a ohe h h EL Weisenber er and Bernard Miller. diocese have enrolled a freshmen iu the college department at Sacred Heart Mission seminary in . '. ,~f ~r~pnart frnm Anrnra wont J ~xvn ta da ~t South Beloit today while ~ h~ immediate budget. Come in andll l - . g I a -i "ar" Cutler n of Mr ]the dmcese -- Aqm r~--,; ,-'-- " -" ~ ""1 browse around. 1019 West State St I--- TWO 0[ theoun priests JYamers Geneva, conducted by me lvnsstonarles OI me aaeree heart *rneyre~ ca e,so Ir Vavro and Weisenberger have[ and Mrs. Arthur Cutler of St. Mary parish in DeKalb; John Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. ]of Sterling ' istrong North Chicago team 6-0 loit, Marian goes against Andrean is iocated at 2Ol North Zake]J teA as/~,~s I done pastoral work in RockfordI Rogers of St. Mary parish in Sycamore: and Richard Stile,on of Mr. and Mr . Denzte Stiles of St. I ,~ " IDesnite the low score the' loss at Gary Ind and St Edward "'" I VlJJJlIILJ~I~J~J I " " " a will ma lne WOOaSmCK nurz~ca.e~ ~- ' -' ' " - dmcesan ar]shes at variousPatrick artsh in St. Charles. After eompletmg two years of college at Genev,theyke J ":lwa* ~ harn one for the Cadets battles Immaculate Concentio- ot HELP WANTED FEMALE [I . -- i P P however, vy downing ~t. J~awara ~ --,- e Wanted HOUSEKEEPER to helpr es. their year of novitiate at Youngstown, Ohio. Following the nov,hate they will complete their college ] I who had started off the season Elmhurst on Saturday Mother in Wheel Chair TWO BOYSII IS OS. uatry I l three priests have also pre- work at Shelby, Ohm, before e o~r of theological stud!es ~ l *o]e*g;2i~:~ t2irse t;m*e ~o *t~YI~ "' OAFMISCyH(~3Ok00 :~ee~:::O:o'~ I Adams 3-2211, Free;ort I pared themselves for giving med-I~ / ~ ~ ; ,~fea,~nl 4~hool~nht and board. W~'EK ENDS OFF.[[ I ~" ~ uu~ut t.~ u.~y uuu~ ~u ~ ~,~,~-,f,~-~-~ Write to Mrs Fred Adams 29'1 /,I, T ical aid to the pnmztwe Kanaka D--JLJ.--. TI I &A --1 ,a--,-, /Catholic team in the diocese. The[ Thrush, Carpentersville, Illinois or natives by taking a brief periodJ " . ulae iu D~II~I IV /vtuvl~b kwo previous Marian wins " /I CLAgK'S s :nvici: TATION I of training in various hospitals. T /against Woodstock CommunityJl ~ / II ~ I Open Rate--10c a word--E4.48 peril ~':.''-:'-:;[: I in Islands WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago WISC, Channel 3,XMadison I syy.a /high and Immaculate Coneeption/I -. v. --a,I I I I inch, Contracts, -inch, 13 consecu-II ~ rr~u | , . . ~:ov r~ r~, ur re, ttn ~ t ve weeks" 1 96 weekl for a total The usual tour of duty In the] a 7 i : Saturday, Oct 7 111-15 Premiere Performance "AsiO[ Elmhurst. . I ~ I I l I * y II Be Sure W/fh Pure I . ~ ~ - L -" --, "~"" .- - . I lO:~O Theater znree "~elLow~av j' Lon~ As You'reNear ~,~, / t ; ~l / It ~ I IV I I 1~ J I of $25 48 Contracts -inch 13 con.! mlsslons is~ aooutelgin years r 4-30 The Early Show "fiesta" ,'~-II Man" A I I . .o " "'"' ! "l~i.A &~Piol T~parat /I ' ~ RJ*-,I U/ I I "~b n ,~ n II i,I Phone CEnter 2-2431 I - " 'i10:15 The Best of CBS It Should l " : .A-lz ! ~'" b"~" ~I o--- --- I I ~ II i'~ I secutive weeks" $378 weekly forll -'#,k I ~ I after wmcn mey wm return to/ " . tr, Vnu" A II I Sunday Oct 8 [ Monda'" Oct g II I I t Iv JLAI /i--. I 9 ' " 11 I . ;" - ~-v " 9:30 LOOK UP AN' O 'LIVE . . y. in bunoay's game against ~t. Pa" -,~ ~.~,~ vs -r-'~ a tara/ or ~a .14 . the States to ws~t for several[ Sunday, Oct, S. II1:30 THE CH]RISTOPHERS !z2.00 M ov:e MaUnee Romeo and i Edward,s Green Wave at El~in II Int, ng I I I It Pays To AdverUse months and to rest before return- 9:a0 LOOK UP AND LIVE,t10:35 Theater Three "The Fighting i ?lrues'da Oct 1o ~ '' Pa er Han in ~-- .----,~,~ --,~,-- ---,--,~.~ Late Show Mas I " ,12 10 Mowe MatineeBigBoodle t P ~ 12:30 The Late, " O'Flynn" A-.[ 1 Y' .:. the Humcanes found the going P g g I I I I i, PARK n-! In to the islands querade in Mexico B Fr rt Formal departure ceremoniest 4.30 The ME rnIdya~howt"'Cairo'' A-I ]11:00 Thieiater Three Betrayed [l?.la M2egne~sday'~Oe'!~r11' 184 yards in that department. How-II and Finishing I I Oeoartment Store for II Open Nites -- Sunday Iti I ' " " " m " " -- "--''--''1-- / I0"15 The Late Show "Made e " u " A i~" " erial a tack roved I h.eld m the ~SC majorI Curie" A-I [ WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago I P Thur~sda-, O"* 12 ]ever, their a t p II RESIDENTIAL--COMMERCIAL II over 84 veers I I . Ample Parking lie Elgin--Hamilton--Bulova Watches | Centrella arana ~rocerles I seminary m bneloy unlo bunflay.| T, ,~ a, ~,'t l0 Saturday Oct 7 ' "'--, - ~t0^ much for the Green Wave' "" "" " ' j l iZ:IUMovle Matinee "lne ~rass|" II Phone ADams 3 ~asa II II I1: Rosaries 4 30 The Early Show John 5 O0 Matinee at 5 Emergency Has- Legend' A II - : -,Tt~ 1119 N Washln n ,: " " : ita~" A II " I " - /gndders who found themselvesll I I 18 West Stephenson St,I I . gto Ave. II I Expert Watch & C ock Reparng 1 . Meaae's woman" A-II P " . . Frmay, uet. 13 ' " " rt " " = ~(.0,/~ I10.15 The Late Show "Unconquered" ! S:00 Saturday N~ght at the Movms[12 10 Movie Matinee ,Mortal Storm, [the vlctlms 0f l0 completed passes [I 841 $. Llberty--Freepo II II TR 9-3050 Batavm, Ill. Ill 5416 North Second Street [ - ] " A-II "Titanic" A-I[ A-II /,~ ~f ~o o.~.~.~ ~ Mor;o-! I 1 I --~ 12"30 The Late Late Show The t0:00 Movie 5 Robbers Roost B W l-' .v- [ ~ , ' '. " I "Sund"" Oct s " I REX, Channel 13, Rockford " ? Z. . A' I II Great GamDlnl A-II ] ~ty,I Saturda Oct7 /~IU~II.ttC.UU~I.UI 5 IUr a tutti1 ut .tie II A- m II,I~N ~-~ll II/l~l 1 I~1~11 I I1~1~1~ III ~ ~ ~.~,l~ ~.~.~ I : I " 1 12"30 CATHOLIC HOUR Y .~.~ .~ I,|ll~d~l~M~d~ ~ II Wednesda. y: Oct l ~i l:00 Channel '5Playhouse "Theft0 50 Crown Theater' "Words" and[yards, li r;~d~ ~F II~ DON'T MAKE A ~II i'~.~.L Y~ ~.~'~ III I"4~KI~'~)IUI" I I VIIH~/VWVVH ~ II4'30 The Early bnow "~ortnwes~l . Z2 -, I Music" AII t ' II ~111~1~11 I~ll~ll~lk I1~ ~11 N.L. PITZ III cnon MAI~T I " Stam ode A I lvluun