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October 6, 1961     The Observer
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October 6, 1961

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1961 / THE OBSERVER PAGE $ WASHINGTON BACKGROUND ' J, Highlights A i nCth ( i M ram. ! I mer ca a olic urc uscles In Pu ' F Li e By NORMAKRAUSEHERZFELD ~nthesethings.'TheQuakers.Meth~distsandUnitedW~r~dFedera~.rpeaceaims~fP~pePiusXII'~ne~fwhichisdisarmament. 1In Mtssmns I MANY OBSERVERS HERE BELIEVE that the political pres- I ists did much of the lobbying to keep the bill alive. But none of this background and tradition was presented on behalf I ] in the stru le over 1of the Church to encourage this U S disarmament move HONG KONG--Wes~ ~erun nas sures generated by the Cathohc Church . gg CATHOLIC SUPPORT WAS LIMITED to a short statement from -"-" "- -- I no monoooly on refugees Hong/ 1 aid will rank among the most significant events the Catholic Association for International Peace and to the efforts: THESE TWO CASE HISTORIE~ trom tins sessmn oi t~ ngressl . - ", . / federal schoo oil ~hould Kong too, receives more man its of this interminable session of Congress. Never before in U. S. of a Catholic priest, a disarmament expert:who conferred personally lrinse some fundamental questions for Amerman Cath cs [share of neonle trvin~ to escanet history has the Church so effectwely" "flexed her muscles m" public," " with legislators to pusli an effectivek bill. A handful of articles re- theood,t~hurChob.ectivesmake usa moredisarmament,effechve rathereff rt mthanSUppOr~confineSUCnits "rCC mmOnmscle from a "Commumst ~ ~ " "Paradise. " "~ ] a one of the leading Catholic spokesmen put it, 'ih~ drive guinea ardin the disarmament effort appeared in the Catholic press It lg ] "1 'Ever" da" hundreds of refugees! s . g g " flexin to its own immediate interests? How can it best prese at end : : . - sufficient momentum m a few short months ~ was no secret around Washington that backers of the bill were l g l from Red China filter rata theI " ill mrmer ks own institutional aims ann i~s alms mr me nau~ n ann to scuttle the admmlstratmn s school md b ~ literally begging for more Catholic support 9 ]tiny British Crown colony here, ] . ~ . . . ~ manKlna wlmout Decormng too lnVOIVeCi in pOlitiCaL comroversy m deczs,vely. - I There can be httle disagreement on whether the Church favors I ~ ~ ~ ; h,; to.h.;.~l t a rli~armam,mt is it t says Maryknoll Father Eugene A./ The official statement by the aarmmstrauve ~ realistic disarmament moves. The modem rm~s have reneatedlvl"'~,~"~ :':" s ~.'- T ~' Z'T" .~" 7" ,/Thalman, of Wiimette, 'Tneyl al Catholic Welfare confer '--'- " " emitting me assistance oi trainea experts." Are ~ts own eaucauonm c " board of the Nation - called on the nations to end the arms race. The American bishops I ~m. .~ ~: o ~ 1~ ,~ ,t oo ~;olno9 Io tho oh h i- ]come byevery con ewable route] ence callina for long-term low-interest loans ~~:~ t 1. ,: ~ .~^, . ~ ~. t.^~ . ,^, . =, t. : t ,a l~,~ w,~.~,s ,-o-,- ~^w-~ ,- -,~o~ -,-.-o. o "I ann memoa, r~ecenuy t neara oH . . . o = =o~ ,h:. MnnV bishons ~~~ ]aavv a ~nu uo,ns ,u.~ t,~, ~=~, .~toty~l .~up ,p~,~g .m~ m~:fforming Amercian Catholics on the relationship between its social [a unique but successful entry. A] m pnvam sc.~i:, o~ .~-~ r.7~. ~"7""" "- ~~~ I armamem comerence canea oy rresmem rmrmng, tallowing, noc I ~-c'rin- ^nd current -roblems / .- t ements :sermons am uu t ~ o V' - couple oi ingenious unlnese IOCKeQ made strong puo, l)c stm ch l.aid becam: the ~~ merely dutifully, but with a full conwchon of ~ts supreme ira. And some questmns for public officials: Should Catholic pohtlcaltthemselves in a refrigerator trainl ized. " " : on the Popes' Peace Points wihch was established to promote fivel (Co'-'rl~'ht'l~l, The Catholic Reporter} ] . Y P Y g/ CRITICIZED IN MANY QUARTERS Ior cnls ponucai acuwty,/ . ~o - I rmssloner here recenuy. | Church spokesmen replied that the,=,C^hu::h,v had ?: ~.~ ---mUChl/~ghtlf/ISH~RlNG OUR TREASURE ] Early in the summer, Mary-| CHRISTIANITY'S BURDEN look after its own interests as any g p " " .~ ]knoll Father Robert V.Tobi.n, of/ "ALMOST INSURMOUNTABLE" Lobbying for one's own immediate interests or for what one takes to] . . ]Marion, unio, arrangea ior ms al-! be the common good is an important element of the American p liti" ] ~ l- .-- -- I I-- ~[~ .~----- ~--.~.~ L '~-- ~ .LL.ffi~.l.~ ]tar boy, Umberto, to correspond] cals stem The Catholic fight could termed "for" the common][ |I e "I" IS /urnlrla rolilI IO1 IVI IllO iISl Iwith his nephew, ~aaie vogel,| AS in the world of money-making, itis important y . b~ ~ ~ v - der the ~ back m the States. good because ~t was fought in terms of ]ushce and equity un ] I t that spiritually we take stock and estimate the fu- law, and because Catholics were defending the right of parents to~ ~,[ Last week Umberto showed/ freedom of chome, me, to be able to afford to send their children r~ev. Joan n. u ~rien, vn.u. cnimren. ~ came m leei liKe a]ma~ asslstance ann she nat oeenlmunion was indeed a red-letter~Father Bob a ohoto of his oen pal,[ ture. In the troubled world of our day, we would do . . ' ' [ (University of Notre Dame) Catholic and was proud to see my doing this for more than 19 cen- day in my Calendar. Why had/Eddie dressect in a baseball uni-| to pnvam schools. . - / I ~ " in-" to Hal- ]turies ]I waited so long To make up/form and standing in front of the! well to examine the position of Christianity and to On the whole, however, this encounter will be looked on in o ~ I ~on't you nave some non-~acn-~wne ann cmmren go g yl " RedLetter Da ~for lost time I've recewed ra " " ",- y " p c- Vogel family garage The Peruv- appraise its successes or failures in the decades to public life as a fight for the immediate interests of the Church /olic friend whom you particularly Communion " At the close of the exercises tically every day since m-" First ] mn la- looked wistfuil at the ic I," ~ I Y / a ,Y P "l rather than "for ~2hcCOmo~b:nngO~dr Po~h~irCUl::laYt b:::::ef~feth: g~;e/Want to have the blessings, l 'But after 20 years of attend-II told the retreat master that [Communion 15 years ago. As a/ture and remarked: Gee, Padre,come. " eral lack of Cath "Y" g g " g ,~,races consolations and ~ovs l in~ Sunday Mass I still wasn't l I wanted to become a Catholic. I member of the Legion of Mary your nephew sure has a nice toCOmmon ondh|onedangOOd, part " ' Expermnc.d" 't"*t':"t'w"n=" ~' '~=u v .u.~' him' ' =" ~" v' '~"~=hls""" " i"''~','~' ~ooU,ll i" "th"~ fold . It's easier to] .'Br ther', ' he saldmy" smzhng " " 'you re[' .[] I've striven" to. share . the source[ house,h.~ -. ^ ~ =id"la ard[v" b"ei~e v ellis "ea r s', ' Howt.~ ,~h,~ ~,o.o [many"f~o:~--:-:'L ]famflms" ' livel"] gearthOSFr mp~el whothe belongday of JesuS'to no Ascensionidentifiablecandclassification.the mysteri-. A CURRENT EXAMPLE OF SUCH LEGISLATION affecting the ~.~ ~, i }m. See your pastor and he wall]of my happiness with others./there~,out descent of the Hal; Spirit upon the frightened nation and the world is the effort to establish a U. S. Disarmament I make Ywee te nd ;et;ea wi :'o:]Stay at that nuaway smuon man]give the necessary instructions.' ] What better soul insurance is/ Leonine Memory | agency for world peace and security. This unprecedented step would] ~ "lyou realize. Then one any mY IFather James M. Fitzgerald, pas-/there than daily Mass and Holy[ ~,o.~,~ T,p~ Apostles and the first laity, the zealots of Christi- . . ~uwng muse tWO uay~ u~ ~.enc~, brother in law James Flani on . ~, ~~ o,~,~, -- , orgamze a permanent agency w~th the experts, funds and.authontyt ~n; ~; n h m - -,g ,]tar of St, Mark gave me a[Commumon, d,o u* unity have been charged to teach and baptize "all - j ~u ~ a,u v"~'-" ""- "'" "~ said" 'Elmo, I'mo'm wirea,~--~ ,-- s-,~ ,-o--d ~, to study every aspect of disarmament, to advise U. S. offlcmls, and ~ ~ ~ ,h ; ~, g ~g . ]thorough course of mstructmn. [ Father 0 Brien will be glad to[ w~h,~,- A.*h v E~t.n S S C [ on take active in negotiations and control. This is a beginning l:~'~r~ ~v ~:~.~ -v~,:, ~,~;;:,~.~u~s[group to make a weeKena re-iThat deepened conviction and/have converts send their names/ when l at] s r s . u, ,-v u t.~ v ,treat at the White House, soum : n "of Y:: S:: ly tG:dthh:: ::da increased by eagerness to be a and addresses to h~m at Notre that must be made if the arms race ~s ever going to be halted this - . " " re- ,]de of the abyss God. to help save ~m-of St. Louis. Come along with us. full-fledged member of Christ's t Dame University, Notre Dame, j::.zt= C:r,~'.~:hnl':]~'l~dies] The basra bill was introduced b Senator Hubert Humphrey and mortal soul I You'll enjoy it and profit by it.' true Church. Indiana, so he may write up their[ X~'it~a-'tbo"-r;~'ar~'nA-lm~d--in/ one-third of the human race. Con ressman Thomas Mar an, with some bi- artisan support and ,Tl~s will often star~ h~m on a Turning Point "The day of my first Holy Cam-ieonversion stories. /r'~'~" ,~-.~-~-~, .~o--,~,~'~.~/ g g P h We wonder why with all the supernatural claims stun oftheuat-," strong administration backing Spokesmen for the National Council,Y,I had nothing to lose and pot- - /the, "trimmings" at the end of thor "emm SuS :: !!t and appeal, Christ's followers--Catholic, Protestant, ~'s ~i/i~:hl ~~i! ii c~:~!~/~i! ~ ~ts e eat fih j!i nugr t r i! COMING EVENTS [~r ~ !ti p forand Orthodox--remain divided minorities and WhYsomany Christians religion means only a brief ~t This ~s fllus going was tough. " . . : " ~~~]words of Our Lord: What does AURORA ROCKFORD ] Upon investigation the Calvin- surcease from work, play and living and has little SENATOR HUMPHI~EY URGED WITNESSES b get out and tvr::s~onmo~neE~0~; ~~ it profit a man, if he gain theI Oct. 11, 12 -- Card party and[ Oct. 18-- Style show and card]ban missionary learned that the] t~,~ ~,th urgency of the bill and to ~,et the[ ~l whole world, but suffer the lass I style show afternoon and evening party at 8 p m in parish hall two, as oun wls, had attended onj ssmen about e I "1 Y g g [ implications of Christ's truths. ~,qe back home" to write their con~,ressmen He told the spokes- t ueczs at reoria ~lof his own soul? (Mark 8:36) ]of Oct 11 and 7"45, Oct 12 at Sponsored by Altar and Rosary so-la Catholic school conducted by the ma~ of the National Council of Churches to let Congress know that I''I, was reared,' ~lHe asked us to meditate upon ]Our Lady of Good Counsel school. I ciety of St. Mary parish, j St. Maur Sisters in Tokyo. The[ Faced with cold facts about the world's reli- ncan a Protestant relatea ~vlr ~u ~ that challenging questmn through S onsored b Home and School Oct 18, 19, 20 and 21 Fall l ra er still fresh m their memo it was speaking for 80 to 90 mi!lion Ame " s, nd the ecks, "as a Me" [ " " "t p y ] -- P Y " " " -] giant, the burden and task of Christianity looms l d whatever means we can em lo to out the retreat assocmtlon festival on St Peter school rms was for Pope Leo XIII then rePn~e:::tttZVnef:/ ma~S~ i~ ;:: our countrymen and churchn~Pen'y on!twh:sdiSi~vb:~ w~hil~n?igmheS~h::lo~ "Then,he explained God's plan CARPENTERSVILLE grounds. Evenings only first three reigning as the Holy Father. almost insurmountable. the bill. " f '~t Paul E-is ]for mans salvation: the founda-[ Oct. 8 -- Golf day at Bonnie[days, all day last day. Sponsored]~ , me vestea CHOir o ~ p The Quaker spokesman said 'eight of our people were working on " ' " t tion of a Church by His Divine I Dundee golf course. Sponsored by I by Home and School association, t Fatalism is the refuge of a con-I Today the people of earth number almost three COpe/ unurcn ann ]olnea Dam me Capi{ol Hill that day, a delegation was coming from North Carolina ' ~~ I Son, Jesus Christ, the establish-ISt. Man]ca parish. ],SOUTH BELOIT I science-stricken mind, maddenedI billions. About one billion are Christian, or exactly, the next week and they have had "60 or more working specifically cnmr ann me tmurcn. ]'ment of the sacraments to chan- [ DEKAL~ / Oct. 11 -- Style show at 8 p.m } at the sight of evils which it has I -----~ ~ Invited To Retreat t nel to us the fruits of the Re-] Nov 4 -- Chri~tm'~ .qM~ frnm/in St. Peter church hall. Sponsored brought upon itself, and cannot 32 %. We Catholics count 510,000,000 or 18%. Pro- ~.d~)~ "Later I met a lovely Catholic t demption, and the infallible guid-110 a m until 5"~ Altar and Rosary society, remove, testants of a thousand kinds number 230,000,000 or "w~"'l~" girl, Genevieve Tinen, and soon[ance of His Church in teaching[~t M~-h.~.i~'! :.~li~, :/ STERLING 1 --Cardinal Newman ] ~ we were deep in love. I couldn't His truths to all men. This made 7 ~ "F~E'EPORT''~" Oct. n--Card party atSt. Mary/i-----~----/] 8%. The Orthodox of some dozen rites number ,o, A LOAN COMPANY . . . NO CO-$1@NERS NECESSARY help but notice how much her holy sense to me. If the salvation of n~ ~ ~ q~, a~. t~o~;,~]auditorium. Sponsored by Altaril .~inc~. 18fl8 II 180,000,000 or 6%. Totally non-Christian peoples of ~ NO SECURITY NEEDED NO DEBT LIMIT ] religion meant to her, and I ad-!one's soul is so important, surely [or"Si "~ose~'~ oar;~s "~:~[and Rosary society of St. MarYil -= I/ |i,~ cat,~uo ~JZt ~Ju a,~tt. ~ ~|tltlbL i ,If a Loan Won t Do The Job I mired the fidelity with which she lane would expect diwne gmdance[ . }par sh. II ~ ~ ~t e.~Lt II earth number two billions, or 68% of the world ! . .I,i "n accom lishin ~servea zrom noon unut ~ p.m.i VIR"IL II I[ I~tll~l~.l ll$l I ,~te,~ ~tt~ ~m ~,~ I practiced ~t. After our marriage a lana asssmnce 1 P g[no 15 u 11 II masses. This leaves well over 90 million people on II ~l~/ VU/ vr I~teD/ I went with her to Mass every Sun- that end Hence the Catholic ""'.'," ,v ~ 1 Oct. ZO -- Dance at Blue Moo,[I II day. God blessed us with four i Church was established to render[s cm~" ,m,~ o~ ' [ballroom, Elgin, from 9 p.m. untiliJ ~ur.~ |t I WIT~qUT BORROWING! 11 am Sn~nsored b" ?deor o.all t'~kA.^klV 1 - I/ I ' ~ ' Oct 15 o -- . t '-'-,' -,'----, ,'-. They are s'trnply pagans, heathens, or what have ,~ ~-'" * If you wont to ~rotect yourtt.~mtE ~mt~ ~a~l~ll I |I|FFI/ PaIl~ ], "7 --" "~,'~"~ . "~)[Rosary society of Sts. Peter and[I 1[ I - r I WKtA-/V rUU/I ALL Wl:l:l -I:PlU ac nurc nt ai P.sponmr~[Paul parish. [I I/ you. ]~rL~'J" ~ %,t ~ If you want to protect you I -- - " / " WALTON I I/ I ~7,~/'~ ~'~d~ credit : SAT. 4 P, M. by Blessed Sacrament sodality. / oct IS---Barbecue sunner start I eAcoustics I/ Last year the Protestant churches sent 26,390 : 2:: .;,: ::: ::: 2@:::::: : :::::.::: " rt- "] "t - :: ::: ":: " MAYTOWN . f you want to stoD e-ups " . ::::::::: ::: in I (' X/ / I IOWA Oct $ / g at4 p.m. m parish hall. Span-II ' Rockford, Illinois I] missionaries from the United States to other . ~.~: ~::r:" ,~ia~u polly at at r'a~ 1 [ f~[ ~ff/t ~ J~ If you want to pay your bills ] ]~iiii::!iii!!~!!~ii!i:.!!~!~!!~ii!i:!:.!:i::::!:::i~: :!!~ [," ,-- "/tared by Altar and Rosary so-II PHONE WO 4-6795 I] ! ~.~|~ .~ n fu - I 'iii:: ~:~ii! i::iii:::~:(~ .:.:l VS. rink nan at 8 p.m. Sponsored by/cietv of St Mary church,I] lands. We Catholics can count but 6,782 clergy, I It~"~ ~,~ s, ~,*'~ / I~ii:::~:::;:.~ ~::~i: ::/!~!~!!::!~: :[ t~AiIgt~D~lA ltar and Rosary socmty. [ / religious and laity from our country who went i!ii:iiii!:i:i:! ::i!:ilii!i c uPEhAarTOhI 'Aner at St.]l CONERY TREE EXPERTS [/ to mission lands. BEARS VS. Oct 1~ R'~CHu~ONncapers " in LANDSCAPE CONTRACTORS Today the Church is gravely concerned with the I I I [ DETROIT formal d~nce from9 p.m. 'untiill ,i. o I[ Faith and its future in Latin America. With one-third 1 I ~ I 1 a.m. at Hunter CountLv club. ,!11 327 North Main Rockford, Illinois TR of the Catholic world in Latin America, and so many ! I ~r office toda~ Ham,*] j 1.1111111 Ill ~ - . ~ m. Sponsored by Home and School l --- --/ millions of its population with such small knowledge I i ] I~lll~ W ~ ~~ ~--"~ [ association of St. Joseph parish. [ " "[ ROCHELLE "l UCENSED AND BONDED UNDER STAT[ SUPERVI$1ON I l |LUE |TAR J l and experience of their Faith, there is every rea- l BUDGET MANAGERS I I ma'm ' You can bank on the Illinois National -/ son for concern. 1 CAR NOW! WO 8-0406 - ! I ~ t,~ I,~ylb~ ~. ~ I Sponsored by Altar and Rosary [ " in more ways than one! / As Communism stalks Cuba, Mexico, and other / 907 EAST STATE STREET, ROCKFORD I I~ I~ Pk~- $9 ~--.~."m l~ IW ! society of St. Patrick church I / lira ~ ~ ~ "" ROCK FALLS I ~' / countries, and riots, outbreaks, social and revolu- ~ Oct 22 -- Blae-Gray Jamboree Better service with ~ | I A PERSONALIZED SERVICE featuring Confederate fried chick- . mE [ tionary disquiet plague many areas, and with a I . I M I li "It I en or Virginia ham dinner. Cos- new equtpment / Catholic attitude in high places and low that seems l t~,~. ~~~I~ A N,w,v v . ,i= ~ == 1 fumes, prizes, games, auction. " '~,ill-equipped to meet the challenge, we do worry with ,Parking ~~~[~j[~ Location 1 rJ~lVF IN EXCHANGE SERVICE Serving dinner from noon until 6 ~ / ,Area "~ ~ : : I /-""--"-r :- 1 ,m Sponsored by St Andrew "r~T "ll'3t'~trlrVll~g'~'~TTt'~t "'~,good reasons. More Than ' '" " LNltLd I ,|r I 1 msh onchurchgrounds. J~laJ[~l~JLl"~kIUt ' H ] ] Chapel ~ Servic. I ~;" "61M~ :)N STREET I ~ Our new electronic machines, plus ~,Cardinal Cushing wrote recently, "Christ's mem- ~~. 77~ I 1 ~ ~,~ p~ modern checks imprinted with your name ~,bers are on the defensive in most places, on the de, I:lTT~i:DA/n-I:llMl:DA1 M~-MI: I ROCKFORD RADIATOR REPAIR 1 r~1 ~ ,and automatic sort symbol, assure ~ / cline in some, 0nthe upgrade in only a few. I "" 1 ~.~'/)~, . ,~r~ ~ ::~ greater speed, accuracy, convenience. .~" | ' "Christianity, once the center of gravity of ,Frank R. Fdzgerald Robe. H. Fdzgerald I Dial WO 8-9871 I ~ ~ / I 60o North Rockton Ave.- Rockford I r / / a Blocks No,~h"of Nalsted Road -- WO $.4~13 ~ /~~~l,civilization, is today a peripheral activity. At / work, in leisure, in political, social, sexual, edu- / 4[, J eatonal, professional and family interests, the 1 5 DAYS LOU BACHRODT S * -- mass of the modern community is almost with- / p RA -- "PEClAL " / out trace.0f Christian values." ~ ~.-.#:~.~i~i::::@ ~::~::::i~: . n v[v ,-,-,= r^tt uw r lt, lt, leR J We all agree that the hope for God's Church and 1 THE MONEY YOU I'/'klVIILL/. LJIIMIMr ~ -~ | 1 .~ i~ SAVE BY THE 15th Lou Bachrodt personally invites you to visit "Chevyville". a complete . / the world lies in a rebirth of the "apostolic spirit." / 1 L OF TH[ MONTH clty of new cars, new trucks and used car $ hug* locations serving -" J If this spirit from on high is not soon aborning, one EARNS FROM THE,t you with tb finest n au mot|ve sales and service Remember-- BRkAKFAST- '~'~~ ' / I fears that Western civilization and all that it should L i --| " ' = ''m . 100 n.w 1961 Chevrolet$ for .mmedmt. d.hvery -- no Tatting -- all I~ I) l Jr, ] I1 @Savings Insured to $10,000 Hrvi *d end ready to go. " ',/ mean for mankind shall be effaced from the earth. W 1 e'' ~ ~lrra" [ by Federal Saving, and Is A Special ~4-i!l / / k d "~l~vlit:draC:raPls Paid 330 M:~Nth OFhFlufcEh St. 323 NEW C~RrSch St. Treat After .~ ~'~} J e - ,~J ~ ~[ Promptly. Our Complete Service DeptLargest Display in this Area Church on,: : " lll/1 @Face to Face Teller Service. Sha:Ps:l:d$ a~O~OcN:=~r:96|cCoh::: lf:toSm Sunday. ' - J: The Society for the Propagation of the : I 1 ~ Open 8 a.m. Daily ~ / ' Faith ; / Open Mon. & Fri. TiJ[ 9 p.m. SUPER CAR MARKET NO. 1 SUPER CAR MARKET NO . -- / |,S07 Avenue B, | ~~" @Postage Paid Both Ways. 401 South Church Street 1515 Kishwaukee Street The Faust Takes Pride ][I I, IT%TfllI TMArlPI/11MAt ut. l,i Sterling, Illinois [ -- " ' WO 3.8425 WO 5-8681 1~1 ~lq~.JIL fl .L N.L~A~I ~ J j P ~ l~q ~ 1B l~t 74 'OK' Used Cars 'OK' Used Cars in Preparing the BANK & TRUST CO I ' ' 1 1,I / l 1 New '61 Chevrolet, * . ' I am enclosing my personal gift of [ I 1,i Ii . I ll 1 Demonstrators Choicest Menus - - / ' , I ld L=J:J ll " outh Mum nes nu ! [ $ for the support of Catholic : F [ ~ rY"Y/I1 1 su~ee CAR MARKET NO, 3'-2643 l'lth Street -- WO 2-3705,| . . | k rd:l "i Ill II,--' .mplet . 0 / ' M,ssmns throughout the world. , I M No Down a ment 56 and Older Models bankin services Sawn s Accounts Checkcng : 1 ~um~mmmm Accounts Christmag Club * Vacation Club Trust Servicel J I l~ ~t I,;| bll ll I . ,----, Ssfe Deposit Boxes * Home & Property Improvement Lo'n~',I II , Name ' Immr,wArd I'1 ,wmm |H R]X'MDfllIT flll,Vl)fll h Personal Loan- o Auto Loan$ o ln,tallment Loans for any Purpose J,I ll~ ~1, ~ " ] I,~ 1 ~ ~ 1 1 fV B~I I~ml IltVlll~/ '~ml II 111 ItVli ~ m,-w'mw-,~w .~w Bank by Mall, postage paid both ways,Free Parking whtle you j,1 Ilk;L--JI, JJ k=J.11 ROCKFORD ,! ;Address : I 1M/rJ l1 Ill ll i | g i 1 J ii i il [ "Where You Can 'ALWAYS' Be Sure" Rockford / " ' 114 NORTH CHURCH STREET -- ROCKFORD -- WO 8-2477 e| : t I~mmm|mmm||m||||m|m|m||||ml| |mmm m|m|||m|mmmm'