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October 6, 1961     The Observer
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October 6, 1961

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1961 THE OBSERVER PAGE 3 Workers In The Vineyard By Lisa Ferris Community Chest Agency acle," located in New York Cib On the Side By Robert A. Villeins Wis to That time of month has come[stantiard the Freeport Journal- at Freeport, Ill. C.athol.ic Charities Staff . !old of he," work among the poor ~:;inaand fi:de~c:r~ein the rnwo~d! Meeting m Toledo Ohio lecent ~?mithl:r ~U~ha:ro~aSa Her ~ole lS Y g Now to anyoneBe Patlentthat has e, er, ~rr~,~h~itrkof~rne~Ibtmee~i Cw wi~ ~mi!!:(~l:~lsl !~ i/e:i:n. ue i~ Si~ i~!::tl!iSampp!!i ~ii!i [i,Mr/ Scott who Is assoclate dWeCFinesI llLIHe is mazrzed with six children, l~th~kriiii~:~i~ft[i!;." " ," "~i~s ~v~ihllp !s~}i]l bW:g," " " unusual events m Church hlst rylllll[ [Joseph W He,tkotterAUr0raNation, I 111,1,mer~ ~ ~M.~,~I~toROVEM~: ~lwarmth' :" q has finally' ''been able" Whether or not you ha e a Io cl][ sessions, many interesting aspects Family'. To gain the trust and to make an a'~aranee after thejm vmg Is no simple matter, The of social work were compared confidence of her flock is her heavier thanVusual rain of atsame is true of moving, literal!y, daft- aim and -ra er ~ ]a newsoaper And of course tho and discussed, rronLems comront- y P Y ' dreary ~eptemoer . - . " ing agency personnel were out- Endeavoring to re-educate the W=l ~"" "~-" ~l h~ hlworst part donut moving Is me hned and analyzed. Suggestmns parents m hopes the young may blustered onto the season scene handling o the hundreds of l tlle were contributed by all in the better grow is a task demanding [details that arise, bo i~ we sdp ' wire arab COolness nut tale prom- - - -- o --. hope of improving working stand- the utmost in perseverance in /here ann mere mr awnu~, Dear ," lse ot dancing tor us in a nrlgm,/with us ards and methods in the field, tegrity and spiritual knowledge, mutt-colored costume before de-] S'- ak'ing of moving reminds ATTEND CItARITIES MEETING--These four representatives One workshop dealt with Multi- Sister Francis Mary is fully aware ,~artin,~ / ~e ,e ~ me of the Columban missionary of Catholic Charities in the Rockford diocese are shown between Problemed Family' Four panel- that the pattern made by these ' Look A air / " workshops at the reent national meeting of directors and social isis led the discussions on what families is deeply embedded. Un- POPE RECEIVES MIGRATION DELEGATES--A highlight of the tenth anniversary meeting of And then welcome to Oct ]in Kumamoto, Japan who was workers of Catholic Charities agencies in Toledo, Ohio. Compar- can be done to further services fortunately, these patterns be- the International Catholic Migration Commission was the reception of the 25 migration specialists .~ ober, [surprised one day when he saw dye with the monm o[ the Holy Rosary wl~h an old lady trying to lead a hoase ing workshop- reports to conditions in the diocese are: (front given to these, families. On behalf come a part of the new genera- from Australia, Canada, Latin America and Europe by the Holy Father. Pictured ab " its shi ] " " ] " " ' li a Ital Ms r Geoa e F n ng decade of guardmn u the steps and into the corn row, 1/to r,) Mrs. Roy Murphy and Mrs. Lisa Ferris, both of of "her beat' as she termed it, tion. Recognizing this, communi- Pontiff are from the left, G. B. Vincentini, president of Junta Cato "e,y; g "g " ".' ' " " [ P " " m N r a f Rumson N J the ICMC resn angels apostles famous saints artment of a assenger train Rockford Charities office, and (back row, !. to r.) Mrs. Joseph Sister Francis Mary, M.S.B.T ties offer services to the less for- Crennan, commission director in Australia; Ja es J. o r's o p "-, " [P P '" ,Rotello of the Rockford office and Miss Marie Treadwell of the whose quarters are called "The tunate, through agencies such as dent; the Holy Father; and Auxiliary Bishop Vineente Aducci of Mercedes, Argentina. tNC and the crowning glory of the~ Can't Help It " " r feast of Christ the King Now the Japanese are nototiou,~ Sterling office. Blessed Trinity Mlsmonary Cen-ou s. Photos)," / " ' ~~ ~ As is often the case, these pen- ~~~-- Finally, a most hearty welcome ~ for bringing along all kinds of be- IPI I1 f ~ il~ $ ple scoff and ignore the efforts C~1: R~.I:. q=,e - ' I1~ l.t- (~ ~.~^~, to the readers who are, at thistlongings, even animals, when they -Lnallenae OT ~ommunlsm in ous asocial worker to help them ha V moment, looking ate NEW Ob-travel by bus or train but this I- ~,' their dilemmas of everyday liv-[/| I If / I i ~ [/~-^^.1 T ~ I'~ server, was quite unusual, to say the %JUUI~I /U/ll ua 9 least ing. Today in the metropolitan I,I~|'r|~|~ll |~lg~ |~ I~ Y Surprised. Well you needn't be ~1m, A J |JL I~J lie ~ . i, areas however, Sister Mary said,/ ~,~1 l#~:l/I,t,ll I IIm~l~I~ ~,lll 1 I The name it the' same and the] The conductor stormed up to l %l~lff' ~11" L~l[~l|nT I~'~]ll|l['~(~lTl[l[1 ~l~:~ r~Tl[~ r "the medical clinics are being/ 1 ~r~r~r~ -- ~*~u~ t ~ ~ policy is unchanged and yet iftthe lady and demanded to know mv~m,~ ,~,~m a,~v= i,w=v~, v ~v= v ,/~.= . = = tvomnteer scou[ers Will assist antt ' ~what she was tr--in" to do "I / utmzea as wed as scnools wnlcn ~ I 1 r ! i i,/ you look closely and comnare we r Y ~ - are be ' ' h ~ ~ AJ~ n~' ~A ~ A. Aql~ ~ ~, I~A /direct over lzuu scouts in me airs[ r,'can't hel it" the lad said "He coming a even mr me less " have taken on a new look--a P,Y " , AURORA -- 'The ChaLlenge of i Adult Education centers~ will lec-I last until 10 p.m. Tinkers may e,~,-~,~o o,~l 1 n ~,n ~, ]~,~ ~9' V~i~ |~ U| ~ I[~ m~ t annual Good Turn day here Satur- . [,~ets sick on the bus " Communism is the Sixties" will{ture on an appraisal of Commu. [be purchased at the door at both attem'~t'~to"~etter'the~r"~'i[:~i anal --,[day, Oct. 14, according to Norbert wmer 1oo1 . ro .de more sp~lnc, t~ And then there is "the verse by e e s e I we are now using a nine commn be the title of the lecturi~ to be nism as it is operating in the I centei's ,h ,~ "t BERLIN, (NC)The new Bishoo~ thousands of cables and c0n~ratu Garmann district executive of " .-. t i " v v's ' / --, ~ " "l - -!the U S Grant Council" Bo-Scouts format instead of an eight-columntu~eK armour, wnlcn nas nommg given a[ me Tnomas lvlore ~flun worm ttnlay p~u~ wuerv auu to ----- O[ l~erun nut tae oalance-oi nower, " v ~ " ; i Work among these neonle is i e "e I latory letters ~rom au o er r~astI ~ ." " . ' one and we are al~o usin, a dif ]at a}l to do with moving but which Education center Tuesday, Oct. wnat extent it nas taken over, *- ~- uestion in his own ers ective at . ot ~merzca. ~ ~, ", 10, from 8 until 10 p.m. by Mr. and where and why it is a dan- n Uwn-;:~ ~gichAs~ tmh:rfrPhat~e frn~: qis enthronement PltesPhere in German.y. The chairman o! the This will be the first annualferent sty!e of type, especially in IeoJnUs~: u~n talPa~:P~a~pec~alluYt Evangeucal ~uumeran~ ~nurcn Good Tmn Da for the scouts of our neaannes Vaile Scott. The center is lo. ger, along with suggestions on~i:~ll " West Berlin " Y "," [ . problemed famflms are the chll- nuclear war and fallout shelters, eated at Marrmon Mlhtary acade- how the fi'ee world can best m~et i He said that neo,qe with "un Council m Germany Rev. Kurt Freeport, Stephenson county and Notmeable Changes ! r r ' i i i e e "~ ' uom verse my 631 N. Lake St. and admis- this threat. I~ a, en s nstitut ons ~ome.s are selfish love" hold the real powerlScharf, exiled from East Berlin, Iother towns in the district. On this For those of you who read the! Aff adi-- th=t a frozen-food sion for those not registered for Education, Background equnescant p~ann~sDannagSUpe~l~Pob?:rl~Y in this world because they can[sent a letter saying "the 'Chris-]day the cubs, scouts and explor-leditorial page (and we hope / lock;;* w;uld"~e~ the safest place the seminar course will be $10. Scott "raduated from St Am I ~l e .',~.] - ]check the-force of hate I t ~t. ,lers will collect discarded clothing]everyone does ) the change iSlin the event of nuclear exnlosion s - parems wnlcn renaonl[auon 1s ' lUa" c.urc.e~ m .er nerves a. land household items for ~h'~ ho-m ~ . i v -probaoiy most nouceaole ~lrst Last In Series brose college, Davenport, Iowa n imvossible Sneaking off behalf Returns To East Berhn &vldm~ walls of political borders ~ . ^ ~ iArmour wrote: " I ' . ~ o '~ ' a~p~u wui'r.~a aL ~JOOOWlli In- This will be the second of two and took graduate studies in poh-] of these children, she said, "The] Bishop Alfred Bengsch returned]will prove that the power of the[dustries [of allLwe have added what we[, Move over, ham, l call t;ommn irene tamng its lectures on Communism On Sept tical science from the University ALGONQUIN--Martin Iarosz 73 hardest thing in the world is to to Communist-held East Ber in spirit and Our Lord's love areI .~ ~ " I And quartered cow, 29, the Rev. George Putnam rec-of Iowa. He served as national]StAuM~o~a~e.aMMrasrYuP~ra~a~, g~]0t. 27. tell them their ,parents won't belwithout difficulties after the more powerfifl than hostility and jo~: :n~"tra;nian~SUti~s thPr~:l$~: 7~t~a :; ~he th: a!d;dur eo~;mo~ My Geiger says tor at the Maryknoll seminary president of the Young. Christian tst. George ";'ar~siL sept. 27. ' ' in to see them. ' ]ceremonies: The Red authorities I hatred among people." [capped in Northern Illinois and P p. ". -po' d The time is now in Glen Ellyn explained the Corn- Stuoents from 1950 until 1951 and Mrs Johanna Strand 61 St One mother wrote weekN that ;had given him a one-time-onlyi :Recent statistics for the Berlin e ~ ltms new commn as to ~eep youI Yes now I lay me munist dialectic and the philos-lwas, a high schoo!.soclal[Th~l::7%ePra:;d~neSt~Puts's:l~ St. Nichol-she would ;e on hand to visit her[exit p.ermlt to West Berhn for the[diocese show that 201,000 Catho-[r;;:n~er;ndWlSe~:?:l~ h(~S:eh~o]~(~ d7 m Jouchow~hus ?) . Down to sleep, h of Marx and He el to an 1eaener neiorenlsassociation occasion : e ~, " an(] li 1 ale op y g ] Ins parish, sept. 24. ' son. Each week he waited and his[ . i lics live in West Berlin, 130,0001cards for the thrift centers locatedlvarietffof views" o-in~ons i:ets I estimated gatherina of over 100 ~with the adult education centers I John M Murphy 72 St Therese mother didn't c-m- ix ---a--l In what was one of the most,in East Berlin and 152 000 i- ,t. I I Y P,At least ~'n ~eep. ' "parish Se'pt 25 ' ' " u e. o ye r~ ",u me m freeport, ~etolt, /%OCKIOrCl and Wolthwhlle" " notations' and com " " " "l " "" ' " ' " ] Albert H "Beck 67 HOI" An"els passed and she has still not visited/ ' ',Soviet zone around Berlin. . Loves Park ' '~ , tot of the Chicago Archdiocesan and has lectured extensively on parsh Sep't 28 ' ' s ~ her child Situations like this s"urIthe successor to Julius Cardinal[ L~ ~~ments trom omer writers ann locker the future is something to - I hi s "ec i hi r, nthr n d twine flom you the reader in t "s ubj t "n, the C "cago area. i DEKALB--Anton Baruaski, 80 St. US on to hel- wh,~rever wo ca, /Doepfner was e o e ' -I-- I " jth" k about and I myself prefer ] - I~ On Famit~ Life !Mary parish, Sept. 26. Multi Problemed fa--ili^- -~-'-o* ~.-!Sept 19 the crowd overflowmg]~tre'~nf~r~ /~ it ~rt .~ 1 Another editorial page change,[to turn a tittle attention to mv -a I DiXON---Charles Glllan66 St m e~ mua= ue ~,/L/td.I L ~ L~LJ.L II I [ U.E7 eiha s not so cons [cuous ]s tne I ~llll~ ~T~l~ I,On Sunday, Oct 8 there williPatrick parish, sept 29 helped was the slogan held by Cor.pus Christi church, largest inI ~:/ ~ P " P P" ," ! [guardian angel who along with I qi~i~lll ~|V| lib. o Ioot- ~ ' t~ ~-h~ KH.~I FREEPORT--Mrs. Lafayette Bey- oanelist~ and nartieinant~ in thi~lEast Berlin, gave impressivel ~ ;::'~ ~a lrewording of the headline for tllelhis fellow workers, was honored I ru,-v ~.~,P u,~ II"~ l-' v ~ puu ierley' 78. St. Joseph parish, Sept. 28. r -: r,-~---r-'~. ~ .----,'I"-I^,;A f the falfhf, dnace ',f[ 1~::~ /~1~ I or m~ v,~,u'nr~ ~a~sus m ru~ua), I [ouestion and answer column writ-/~r,n~, I ,nv,- ,v ~,~,~, I~at the Bataviacenter Holy[ GALENA.--Mr~ Kntherin~ An parueuiar worKsnop, it; is tnelc~,uc-'-~ ~' l ' ~ /~, [v CA$OU,~I ~O'Y'.~L.4STDWELLING.P~4C,I/ t J" d r E,~ru ~m~s rno~ m~ ov~ rut ten oy J~atnet jonn ~yan vm I - IlCro s school Th~ Re~z' 1~. I'. puhn, St. Mary 'parish, Sept. 29.'-" youth of today who will be the Catholics in Red-dominate Ge - |// i~ ./'.~" [ ~ " ~; I " "'l Other Feastday, I,z Lo onon$ I1 l:i,;l~-~ e T ", ";ll-.-~? 1. ~," ,-,~.' ~"~'[I HARVARD--Mrs. Arlene M. Hook. ~arents of tomorrow Heln oiven I many. West Berlin Catholics, in-[ |~, : .f~ ~5~/~ ] ~o~t~ ,'~w ~s,r ~,~t~.m~a. :~ [merly known as "You Asked It"[ Other feasts for the month: The - no, ~ w,u,t ot ~:ar, ~.u pa~t=u~a stadt 55, St. Joseph parish, Sept. v -'' ~- ~' i" " 1 t 'S arents a,~ . . :i:~i~:! the column will now be entitled , I,R,=| ][,n "T~ohin~ Chilrh~n Ah tl now will be rended m the harvest, cludmg e~en the pze a e p,] [~-~:.~ ~1-~ ~d~libt ~ : :::::![,Most Holy Rosary, Saturday 0c~. .=.l [/Sex." This lecture is part of thet75MsCtrl%NatariYc"~'J;amrZ EeptD~0herty, of well adjusted adults, were.n~ allowed to enterfihe so-ll iil nu:bh~Sr]7; Maternity of:heBlessed~rg~n ' ~l]~ ~- IN MARYWOOD Lseminar course on family life be-I hoc~ Fa~.LS--Fra~ci~ X' Teaan i The Rockford contingent attend- viet part o~ me crty to attend. [ [~/ [ . f, [Mary, uet. 1~; arg,~r. ,~ : ~1 Com-lete Food Store|ling held at the Batavia center t70, St. Andrew parish. Sept.'26. ' ing the convention were the Rev. Second Enth.rnnemen.tI [~~~-~ L~=~ lot. Iea sons, me most numorous[Alacoque, Oct. 17; St. Luke, Oct. " ' f r h Blsho had a sec I oemg mat otten our reddens woum 10e / liHusbana~ "~-J '"iv al Kazemer Rajnowski 76 St ~n-,Michael J Shanahan, director of/ There o e t e " p "~ I ~L~.'-'-.:|-~-1 t " [18" St. Raphael archange t. 735 PRA RIE i u, auk w ~o a.~ u~t;~Utdrew parish Sept 25,r n ment (St t 21) m send then queries to "You Asked s lm n an ,] / Snack hr ]ito attend together if possible. The[ ROCKFOR'D---Frank'Schanock 73 !otlr Catholic Charities; Mrs. R% ,ond ent,h o e p!; . [ [~~-~:[ ~.o.~^. ~, =, ~ I~; Sain~ s o d ude. / I! seminar begins at 8 p.m. and will[st- James parish, Sent. 27. ' 'lMurphy, Mrs. Joseph Rotello and lSt. Matmias cnurcn in west ~et-[ [~, ~ '.-S~ ~ i,u," c l apostles, uct. 28; an(~ me feast oz b the A ostouc I OPEN 7 DAYS A W~=I:K |1---: I Rosa Mangiaracna, 90, St. An-IMrs. Lisa Ferris. Representingllin, attended y P ' " I t New Headline Style iChrist the King Sunday, Oct, 29. I 1 thony par!s.h, 28 Iour other branch agencies were ]Ntncio to Germany Archbishop[ I A.~ for the st-le of tvne nowi---- ~- --'~---II II l~onert l~lce, 6~, St. Ectwara par-[ ~ -' . . i i ~ --:~ ~: ~ w,~ " J . r ~n i I III In~.i.l~ -- I]ish Oct 2. IMiss Gertrude Miller Elgin" lVIiss[Corrado Baffle and thousands ot ] ~~~6E14.; ~.b ]being t~ed in our headlines if you][ I I AK1 I STERLING~Matt H Flock 87 . ' ' " ! ' i ~ I ueu^n e II I, p ris ' ept 26 ' '],; i .I~~. '~k~.A~ak~aem'ts lare interested you will find thalJ . [ I Sacred Heart a h S H11da Penner Aurora and Miss the falthftfl I [ II[ll[ll[IUIlil/,tL~ lil |] TAMPICO--Mrs. l~'ucy I~ O;Brien ~Marie Treadweil Sterlin,~ I In his sermon Bishop Bengsch / '~--~.~ ~~'~O~ [L~W'"~ ~ l I ; ~.o~ ; ~u a o I ~kWIN~$ I 81St Ma r" ' ',e i wt: at~ u~,-t~ w.a~ *a ~. ~.~u a I ,o, I]1 $1ANUAKU M:KVICI: II Mary parish, Sept. 25. [ Those in the field of social serv-/declared: "The present world is~i [ ,~1~~,~ ~ tsaRs-serif type, that is a style of[] *a~ ] I ~ II ART vnm~ |JL, . E~ [ice, want always to remember[full of dangerous tensions. It is] I ~~, ~. '~ .~'~d~1~-.~'~ -.~a~;hm't~ 1 }tvnewhichdoesnotha'vethetittle[I I I ~ Iii Ilnlamea ueleclate /the words of St. Paul to the Corin- [possible to annihilate a great part! [~ ~'~l~~t~'.c~ ~r~ ?~ [strokes at the top and bottom of[I ROBI:RT~ I I Ill Motor Tune-Up--Mindr I! v [thianChristians: "If I should/of mankind in a few minutes . [ Ll~.J:~~'~lt~b- " ~:~ the letters The official name ofll ' I DUBUQUE, Ia ~NC2--Sister . r the reat l ~ " s e k with the ton ties of men Nevertheless I da e say g [ ~ [][ Repairs--Tires--Batteries I ; ] P ~ g ] :~ [ ~ [the particular sans-serif type we/ PACKAGE I ~viary Beneamt t~ v w, president ot hav Char stdan er is a weariness and I . III I[ /and angels, but do n e -]e. g '. ' i lare now using is "Spartan." II,A, I Brake Sorv,ce Lube Jobs Of Clarke college has been ap s of hearts I lty I have become as sounding coldnes l sh i" ' - . ' .'",~ " " "" Reason for this m'ld akeup LI UI JK I pointed to represent the Assoela,alance of o~er tlon of Iowa College Presidents on t ] world ~s not decided at t I 1216 No Lak. St Aurorn I III " I" " [ity "s patient, is. kind. Charityiin the * " ' [ [ ~~ ~ ~' "~-~'~1 ,the staff here is that we have il ' " I I Ill ,HO, TW 7-2411 I ehe OW] duSc doYn CommsRee for does not envy, is r~o.t pretentious,leconomic and political confer-[ [ ~ ~i'~,~ t~ [moved our printing contract [romJl Plen,)~ *f Free Parking ] I .o~} fl~ K~ . t*,I g . is not puffed up--thinks no evil-- ences alone. Everybody with un-[ Idl~~t/J~l --~,~~ Itbe Beloit Daily News in Beloit l] I ,q= to, . ' i lbears with all things--endures all selfish love has real power in I ~!liU~[lllll~'~:~ik~gdlll I - ,- II ov y o y tr - I ' FI Ullimmdlll=ll "11,7 lllU UllllU r, and charity, these tt~ree but thefgets part'of his power from the[ l~l~:t~r~l[lllNliNll[~lltlNgrll I~ For ! I AURORA-LOHMANN III IIIIIUilI LI. @ 114[ IIUVlU ]lgreatest of these is Charity" Ittfact that there is not enough! I! " 1 I MONUMENT CO. II . . . I]is this kind of love of heart which love opposing him." ~ ~ ".s U M /~4f-~ ~ I [[ " A C;:S:te :~;. 1rr;i::a~ookm [ I 727 SouthLincoln, Aurora Ill ~oon LUncheons aria ulnner Ually Iloverflows into good deedsfor[ . Cites Courage ~ ~~v,~v,~u ,uI }[ . y y | { I ~ Assorted Colored Rosaries for Chnldren I I Tw 7.7270, I,I From Our New Kitchen IIneighb r" / During the ceremonies BishopI -- i nnd Mort nd Women | I I~1 . II----- J Ben~Zsch pointed to the courageous / %/; " ! n I . - I I II" ""~ h ]i s withinil Phone TW 7-8468 -- TW 7-8404 Iir StatUes, Crucfxe, Medal, nd Chain=, Catholic Book, [ . -.11 . . . you are a stranger here, but once . . . Ill i i talmzuzness ot bat o c iI r,ugn ,vv /-o~oo -- I! i = n n,n, " IJl KATMUNM' ) I]the Red-held German te.rritory, ii Ral.h E. Dunhv Insurance Aaencv Ill VISIT THE,[ 1250 So. Broadwa He declared: 'It is for the wel-I,uu [! ,I E.J. FARRELL III Yl III MILK DEPOT I are .of all people when -:;Y "" i"i::lle:i:::;::ET::i:' . , I. 'lln I Free Pa,king I It I Conditioned I Ill"l'.Church raises its voice for free-il { te ur UK N .t- : ervnce I[i gin i [t gl}F gguK glli/lllJ I /~kU[UI[-U I SAVE SELF SERVICE | I UllV i . ' =LI - lidom and the dignity of man andil Aurora, o n]j ,w , I m,~m mo III ' ' III A Complete Store I!his unimpeachable rights. History t ~ 1 I"N " " - -- I - ummng I[;- ,11 *Gr erie$ "~'~.*', Jlproves a. hundredfold that m-[i, . I ' : I . I[I III ~" Frozen Foods * Da ry Products IIhumanity and even mass annihila-il AURORA S FRIENDLY BANK" I I . . I I,e nl.1 I.I ' K.4 IL I=I liil liKLlr I IN i s t)ru s litton are the terrible results of ig-!l I!1 dL . . I ~ II II~bl ] ' " I - LI II [inormg rrevocablehumanr]ghts. I II ,l fl. to help you act.eve I I Ifl UKI,/I iiI v li Congratulations From East,' /iii il lil ,Ir X I neat,ng 'Aurora Ph TW 23719 ~ermally I II " ' INE RALPH M EBERLY CARL R FENDER " " [,i 'h, ' ~! " "~i!;: ul nil, Zo . ,lln ' ,~l The new Berlin bishop received n:, Member Federal --~~ . HAPP SSI i ~,Deposut Insurance Aurora National ! % 81 S LA SALLE Prescr,pt,on Drugg,sfs - CARS- TRUCKS- SPORTS CARS - Ull : and n I " III lil NEW,N0 USEO CA.S " Iii t.or oraT,on k J II I - "" I FINANCIAL I AUR RA Dutch Boy -- Acme -- Sherwin-Willioms Paints I LARK by STUDEBAKER "- ~i~!i;~ O - TEL. TW 2-0625 l~hone TW 2-07,3 " PAUL P. POCUS, Owner . - ~, ~'F'ED~R~LI~I ~ JlllmAili~ll~nliE II,' I !" ' ! ! | L I!1 14 100 and 148 So. Rover St.Phone TW 2-2376 Auror lil Phone TW 7-8494 Broadway at Main III ~.~.~ r=.u,=,~=~ ~ IL LI-I 111111/ I i -"-- . n~1 s,~ ~ )[t, UKH~ n 11 :XCsIU:IoVF.:EW:: T:EWi:LRY II HNE/TyKOTTER:oFUcEo!. OIL II;:=you. r I DR. EDWIN J. SWISS 301 e *U"l" The 1 " OPI'OMEI'RIST 1il II " II your f;iend I / illl ' - Snack Bar II ,rg II he er I : / 1 II111~ Eyes Examined.-- Glasses Fitted ~ I I]1 ~/J~. ~-'lg', Tel. TW 2-0974 li| " I r ~ti SAMARITAN PLAZ I1 = ALLGRADES 11Y0ur --'--- nn- 'pr0gressl Contact Lenses ' A ] . AL 7 Galen B|vd Auroro Phono 'ocated on fheg dHo:eVit:lI of St. Jo,eph Mercy NUMBER pur,u, persona, Aurora Hotol 'Bldg TWinoak, ,' ~11 ' " . III ~ ', ~, ~, S, ANO, I~1 I / A/W Ittt o,oro, o o o,ooo, w.o oor eoo, oooo oooo ,woo , I |, HEAT/NG QIL ,i, " n of I / Illll itl I ov. t.or d,ot. poy, to soy. o po o = i 1 ~ v Itli %1 11 ,L= : L L. r^v.ment I h i ]il ~ l i BILL KLECKNER'S I~ ,~,~ ~I Fully protect d to $10,000 by th F.S.L.I.C. n BOCKMAN . ~ ? ~1 I DIAMOND ]~'~: ~1 l I II HIGH STREET PHARMACY I| |1 , i i I IA/I I Im. Ill!ira I]1 RENTAL AND SALES . o' - ', . - . o o I IIII COLUMBIA OFFICI: SUPPLY CO. I,I CANE, CRUTCHES, WHEEL (::HAIRS, ETC. %k II / 53 MAIN STREET IIII n~,~,II ODraperies OFabrics OBedspreads oSlipcovers OHardware ~1 / AURORA III il L " I I666 High Street Phone TW 6-9631 Aurora I Aurora Illinois ,%uucura I