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October 6, 1961     The Observer
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October 6, 1961

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~.~* Pope ro J hn jp,ollowcalledTraflmonthethis RosarYfunda. - + v ~ v ~e,! ~ ~ Of ' i + m p . CASTELGANDOLFO, Italy, NC --His Holiness Pope John XXIII has called for recitation of the Rosary for the intention of peace I atpublic rallies and in private ~ .)l'i'lclal Newspaper the, t JKOCKI~:~.Q D ese i in an apostolic letter addressed , to the world ' ' ' I Vol. XVI--No. 40 ROCKFORD, OCTOBER 6, 1961 10 PAGES the principal form of prayer for ~ ~~ ~ - " I Catholics, second only to the i Sacraments, . He urged its recita~ [] [] wa ' l~L Aw ] [ion for 'the great treasure o [] [] m peace which touches upon [] [] ~ P 8~ A' ~ m ! A J,I ~ ,individuals, families and whole "-- .1.~ 1.~ . g ~ l-- m nations." i R+callsRally +~,J**,I IUI I l,l l The Pope recalled his own " ( I Pee;t:mr:el~Y i3t ACtS~lag:n't~ ~n # ~ -- .1 , --v v~vv ~ te 1 mn r flectmn and ~ te - Hemng ~erra mternauonai [PUS /u vl~ nvnuv~ []+ " I .av V )JLin '! ,rs pause in prayer on," m mental duty of the preservation ' [ of peace in the entire world and ' ' ' I the safeguarding of civilization. ~,m * J~,In * / I~ . ~ e ) H;e~ o~c~:d:now on the thre~-/eac r] ! cgrora r-lrst cxTensnon o( I emves I hold of the month of October I " [ ' whmh by confident tradition of A~ ~ . m pietyandChristiancharityisc n'/ t:AaI . ,I 'JO I :~ >: . . + . . +++ ues ana WhOle+on [Kere+ "ff e+ James nro-cathedral[ ~ ! ~~~~ [filled by next year, according to +takmg hun to 140 Catholic colleges ,"" " " [~ ] ~~]i the Rev John J Sullivan national and Newman clubs at state col- i 'Ihe Pontiff evoked the memory]Par'sn nere. I ~ ~ ~~ll ]director of the program of the[leges Father Sullivan also pro- " of Pope Leo XIII as an innuence miss r~eres win depart tor l I~! + ~ ~.~+ ' ~ in recalled [Cuet v M xi next week ~ ~ ~ ~ ".:i~l~:~ [ t;amolic tmurcn r~xtension society. I vines intormauon on me program HONORED IN MOST OF THE UNITED STATES--t;ommnus uay, uemner i~, a negro nonaay on ms own youm. ue "he aca, e co . n ~ ~~~~ ,- ~- ~ ,~ " ~ "h f trainin f. rI ~ ~ ~~+t~~ I ruiner ~Utilvan WhOSe OZilCe lSlOt the rapa vomnteers for ~.atm most states, commemorates the discovery of America by t;nristopner ~olumnus in 1t9~. ~oioraoo now Leo 2kill, wnn me coming, t for tour mont s o g, a: te I i~ |~ I~~;~~~i;~l~ In" unlcago'~" came' to" eorttano~" " " to" ~mnerlca. "rne' rtev. donn d. t;onsi- was the first" state leg'mlature to enact a Columbus Da~ proclamation, in 1907. This picture of of each October, would invite the!which she win de assigned to l ! I ~~~:~~ i comer" wireS' me trey. marun inle- ]~ " the "Great Navigator," in the Naval museum in Madrid, was made in Seville, Spain, In 1~04, bY Christian world to recate thelPeru. During her stay in Mexmo1 ! [ ~~~ lien archdiocesan director of thel, . an unknown artist Rosary for the benefit of their land through the course ot her/ ! i ~~~ ".:~ w :~ ~ + v.h ~+ ~ ~ ~* ~,~Am~,~.~ : i=,a I ~ own souls and the welfare of the jservme in South America she wtll/ I~ [ ":. n t al ,~m '~,~ ~1,|~ * Universal Church [be under the sponsorship of the -.-r ~.- ~, ~ -- " I + to explain the projects to students Mrs, Timothy Sullivan,This pious tradition was con-Christian Family Movement fed-[ I i ~ at three Oregon Ca[holic colleges IHunaanan tinued by Leo's successors; the eration of the Rockford diocese.| ~m,~ ~) ~ I l -- ~I -- ~ ~ m -- . Pope said, "and We intend hum-j Departure Ceremony ] [] I ~ : [ . Four Kinds ef.W?rk /O=+L ~ ~ll.e .J -- ~ ,L ~ & ~ ~ ~ IA J bly to follow these great .andI Departure ceremonies for Miss[ ~ [ I+aEXte nSi fnour aYenV ntt eSs e3i/l~|~llUP ~le~ ~ ~ ~ m ~'~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ n ,~ ~ ~k v v m~t ven erab!e shepheros oti~h~lKeres who+ has been a first grade ] [] ] ~. ]w~k he said ~' Some teach in/ VIE m ~ ~ ~ UOCK ot ~nrlst, not omy m t e' - a s ro cathed . . . ~,~a t~ -- communist- m n ~ ~ n ~,~ ~ l l N V ~ ~ for !teacher at St. J me p - -I [] I ::'!~~'~" . / parochial schools in mission areas[ l ever more intense SOllCltUUe L,: ~, m t.~ ~ ~.~ ~ u ~~.::.:+: ~ )ru e~ uungary s last reigning . . . . . . . Ira/ ~;CllUUL 8111t:t~ .t~oo Will ue u=,u, m,"~'~'"'-+""""" "where " ualitied teachersWOUla the interests ot ]ushce an~ orotn- ' q archhisho " at St James Tuesday Oct 10 ' ille p--who was ]ailed for uu nn, iU I erhood m this 11 e upon" ' 'f earth ' a t. ' v' I J ~i~: / .n t otherwise be ava ab . Some five years and earlier thin year' " " ~,~ Ar ~, U I I ~ 1" l P ~ 1"1 but also for the fervent seeking L~oras Tm'L:nea o~/i~ia[~n~ ~= a [] I [WORK as nurses. ~.ome serve .aS[defied the Reds to return him to l ~ u [ M / / ! 1 Inot me sancuneat"' "ion of souls" t s I 1 n ~ ,~ eateemsts, wad go Into .areas wlm./pllson--na$/" oleo," accordin to re- X u VU IV/q ,q l 1 fPontifical Low Mass. The cere-I A OLUNTEER TheMostRev Loras /sparse Catholic populations tar g ~lV rracficai uonsiaerauons ) +~ --~- *~ +~o ,~uhlie i l+'llg~l" tnut~v;~m,~ r r'~, v--- / ~ 1ports recei ~eo here. ' " '" ( " r anizationThe PGp-e then noted, "certain I ~' ,+ ,e ~+ -+v,] T. Lane congratulates Miss Judith Ann Keres on her acceptance /worK wa, tnpartsn priests in teach-[ He is Art: *+shop Jozsef Groesz '1he President of the Rockford Mrs. Sumvan a member or ~t ,hearted me councu o gsim-le and ~rhctical considera-t Mr. aria mrs. t,ten r~uenn, pres- as the first Pa-al Volunteer from the diocese of R::kford Miss '|ing I~otn t;amozics aria non-t;amo-t tl . the honor was recently received l ' f tations '" g " p "' ' ' : ' bee ) " derstandmg o the re hip be-l+~ r ~ i~ ~ ~a ~oo ,~, ,loon ]a chmate m Latin Amerma has ! . I Basic Qualifications!in ~auaan h vmgestm lthe U. S. legation at the Rockford chalcery fromr ~~~:. itweenparishaffiliatesandtheto.~ : VH'*]~:been exressedb theHol sei F " " a, " ' " "Ai~dbi?~' s'nce S viet tr s . . for eccleslastms after the o Y l P Y Y ' "Basic quahflcatlons for Exten- cr e 1 " P thReV:a;lt?ff: of the award bybh's. ~aalsi!}i~r!:tg~!;sHii!3S!!;a~!!i ~ySmSel?ndft:~epb;~v;3rYi'o:ndn [~: T~eMn~:~ab:~:o:fai!:ehoR:;:df all Meetmng nn Auror ~OtuV:lu:~tt~iSge:;et~t~o:heYm~3ri :ioeHSng~ilan up- . :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :: to "p " Y . ~be the sponsors of the first vol- ' club entitled "Meetin the Challen e ' i p,11o also Sulhvan will take place dmmg the[ ~~ /. ' "he use f both Sacraments I AURORA -- qhe Serra I g g " and women who are properly mo- o sed the - azis - " 1961 biennial convention of the{ ~~.: j~n generous ~nft tho :,t~.t- ,f[ Confident Prayer !untee~ z~om our diocese.[members of Districts 17 and 38'lSpeaker will be the, Rt. Rev.]tivated, he explained. I P~P~ s ~. file]r the' and Hierarchy. t to the diocesan-- " p,[ te ing. . I who p ~.t + thmt)----~[ Bishop Lane To Speak ~, . m l,' " ( " v + + r a catecnetmai program me increase Ithe proper recitation of the Ros- i I[The keynote address will bel,31sters Inv# e I,IT-- D P% z n . ~ . has reached 70 converts a year. In |U I~ A L .'--I ." . .4 Tn t')h rw tary requires three.elements! con-il OFFICIAL at 9:45 a~m. by .Rober} tI. TA ~':,~, A~.~t,;~ the beginning, there were only ~ ~]-" k .~,dklr" L! II1~1 I 111 I 1 I p,' " I I/ ' "[ 1210 Catholics in the parish." [ ROME (NC) -- A Renuier~ "~lPm lit In n urn v Ion I tee . a - appnlNTMENTS II = o- + Lane g"~'~ 4~1 I: ~ + "It is not really possible to, cal-lMass f;r Archbishop William O . . itannmvor.sarv ] -The Rosary prayed m this man-]l I'~ v It The st . t ~JII ,~#. i#amm~.~,~ iculate results of the work' he[Br--~-, ^ " !~?a?:t~oPanr:~ :falmtnh!~rCn~!iho:n~a! :ipo~ Huth[!::::et~:~leaOnfgxi~i wiHll~)?;:m:ent' Pope John XXI!Ii ~el:w/~i: otp~ugr:a:ty:,)terests of +h:p~yg~fs ~t,~o~i3mtOt:?cfl No withe :~tSuing :;t~,:nda;!~l wdo:~l,l the Observer staff :!i:!?!~;i:!:~ w~:~g:hn3 i; lu~" ~.~oMaii~l:~r~tt imknih~ rc: 'th/~ssht'fii~iI i!; ]the same treatment be accorded comptishments. Dioceses, of which he was a tcon- I A ~* . Ito other immigrants. /A I~I rector Doctorate in Chemistry . m . . I Herzfeld received his bachelor's Holds Honorsldegree in chemical engineering [from the Catholic University of [= /" L. ILl America here in 1951 and obtained urom ~Hur~H his doctorate in physical chem- n l istry from the University of Chi- I NEWPORT R.I. (NC)--John A. Icago In 1957 he was appointed ~act;one, former chairman of the(as chief of the heat and powerI Atomic Energy Commission and " " "division at the U S Bureau of -- - " "" n s n mince as' " " / FREEPORT -- The Most Rev in Dubuque, In. theological ~m- venience of those who are unablelAmbre, of Freeport and greetingsi Saturday, Oct. '7--10 a.m. -- rresioe t r~enneoy- o Standards here. He took a year's r ,r l.~r,o Ri~han of R, olr inary of the Dominican4athers of to attend Mass elsewhere before!from the National Council will be/Diocesan Board meeting at Aquin, Central Intelh~,ence Agency dl- leave of absence from this post ~ .~ . " '. "~ m " m [ I-- " atizvmg In Freepoxt for the 9 a m h lds hlghChurchhan rs'lwhenJ"'~ ": ", ": I the Defense department se'/t r 'smVntesttau!dioce e to a end the co ve ionW mennmntme the midwestern.province. He will ' "" " " i ' ' ']delivered by Mrs. Edward G./Freeport. 6:30 p.m.--Dinner hon- re~!o~ speak on "Woman's Role in 'theregal[rat on' . }Sline] y, of Elg'm. toring diocesan and deanery board tvtcuone, a t~os Angetes OUslness-I Ue,+en ~m t ~ +~o.+, man and en-ineer has been a1 ~' I of the Dioocesan Council of Cath- Church," in keeping with the con- Business" Meeting" " [ Public Relations /members, moderators and con- director of thdAdvanced Research c" 8 i Knight of St. Gregory since 1955, t Proiects a~encv and -laced him/ ac women ~unua~ u t; 7.' n vention theme, "God's work must The business meeting whichI Moderator of the public rela- vention chairmen at Freeport " the Carrel v Freeport, at Aquin t;entrai t;am- truly be our own in " Y' will be held Sunday morning as tions workshop and visual aids and m March, 1956, was decoratedt:~ .~ f +h~ Defender -ro-/ m c,a.~c u t ~ F ~ountry L~IUD r er ollc h~gh school with the Grand Cross of the 0 d I / " " " parish, community and world, part of the convention will include will De the Rev. Arthur J. O'Neill " gram of St. Sylvester by Pope Plus XII. I ' i A schedule of the convention Board Meetinga welcome by Miss Irene Doll, of Freeport, and editor of The t~onvenuon ~cneume He was in Rome in 1956 as I---'--------- i program is being published today New D rectorv ,If r the convenience of those who The diocesan board meeting Freeport Deanery president; con- Observer. Topics discussed will be Sunday, Oct. 8, at Aquin -- Sa~rday morning k will include vent on announcements by the "Let's Write" by Mrs. ,Marjorie 9:00 a.m. -- Registration, viewing President Eisenhower's personal " : " +will attend representative at the celebratmn i - election of a diocesan president, chairman, Mrs. Harold W. John- Gallagher, of Rockford; 'Our Ob- of exhibits. 9:45 a.~. -- Business of Pius XII's 80th birthday and~' The 1961 Official Directory of) Name Woman of the Year the 17th anniversary of his corn-the Rockford diocese is now avail-) Bishop Lane will confer the recording secretary and,treasur- son, of Freeport; resolutions and server Page" by Mrs. Jack meeting. 10:45 a.m.--Workshops: nation as pope ' able at The Observer office, 1260i "Catholic Woman of the Year" er; discussion of resolutions; and amendments; and reports by the O'Connor of Freeport; How to presidents, home and school, leg- Use a S15eaker's Bureau," by slat on, libraries and literature, Mccone will succeed Allen Dul- N. Church St Rockford, Ill. Di- award in the afternoon general Miss Regina O'Connell, of Chica- Newman, organization and devel- rectories are $1 each, and you assembly. He will deliver a mes- go; "Radio Programming," by opment, public relations and visu- les in November as head of the super-secret intelligence operation. President Kennedy announced his appointment (Sept. 27) during a press conference at the Naval War college in Newport, where the Chief Executive was vaca- may order them by mail by send-: ing a money order or check. The directory includes general infor- mation about the diocese: offi- cials, parishes, priests, schools, religious communities, institutions and statistics. sage to the council at that time and will close with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Another highlight of the general assembly will be an address by the Very Rev. Reginald Master- son, O.P prior of St. Rose Priory NCCW. Mrs. Bernard Warkins of Sterling. The workshop will also view the film "Radio Free Europe." The concluding talk will be "Commun- ity Consciousness" by Mrs.Fran- cis Hickey, of Rockford, civic re- lations chairman. al aids, rural life, safety, and Spiritual development. 12:15 p.m. -- Luncheon in cafe- teria 1:45 p.m Workshops re- peated to permit attendance at two. 3:30 p.m. -- General Assem- bly. Benediction. "We think it ,significant," said Father Sullivan, "that of 23 full- time volunteers at work in +~one diocese last year, 16 have return- ed this year. Four others married and one entered religious life." i Work With Pastors The volunteers work with pas-I but under the supervision ofI tots, six priests in the Southwest whoI serve as field representatives ofI the Extension society, i An Extension Volunteer receivesI I SCHEDULE ) Sunday, October 8: ! 3:30 P.M.--Aquin Central Catho- lic High School, Freeport. Fourth Biennial Convention of the Dio- cesan Council of Catholic Women. Tuesday, October 10: 11:00 A.M.--St. James pro-ca- thedral, Rockford. Papal Volun- teer departu're ceremony. Ponti- ficial Low Mass. Sunday, October 15: 11:45 A.M.--St. Mary's C]aurch, Rockford. Fiftieth Anniversary of the St. Elizabeth Social Center. Solemn Pontifical Mass. fion ing. sultor. Others followed at Sal- vator Mundi International hos- pital, where he died. Archbishop Brady succeeded to the St. Paul See Oct. 11, 1956. He was named ~.~.~+stant e#sco- pal chairman of the bepartment of Social Action of the National Catholic Welfare Conference in- 1953, 1954 and 1956. He was elect ed treasurer of the NCWC ad- ministrative board in November 1957 and was reelected three times. '- Named Administrator Auxiliary Bishop Leonard P. Cowley of St. Paul has been nameit administrator of the arch- diocese by the archdiocesan board of consul,tors ~, The board took.this action a day after the death in Rome (Oct. 1) of Archbishop Brady. Archbishop Brady:s body, after its return from Rome, is to lid in state in the Cathedral of St. Paul beginning a~ noon Saturday, Oct. 7. A funeral Mass is sched- uled for Monday, Oct. 9 at 10:30 a.m. in the cathedral. Archbishop Leo Binz of Du. buque will offer the Mass and Archbishop William E. Cousins of Milwaukee will preach th~ set- moll. k