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September 29, 1961     The Observer
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September 29, 1961

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1961 THE OBSERVER the Rural Life THE REV CLEMENT P. PETIT Diocese of Rockford Rural Life Director St. Charles Borromeo Parish Hampshire, III. Prepared in cooperation with the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, 3801 Grand Avenue, Des Molnes 12. Iowa CROSSROADS COMMENT 9 By Rev. Edward W. O'Rourke mands of social justice." Not everyone is pleased with the views expressed in this col- umn. I receive numerous letters from those who are displeased. Some of these critics, wishing to thai )ugtl) discredit my views, call me a socialist. The line of argument is simple. I support the co-operative movement. The co-operatives are socialistic. Therefore, I am a socialist. Such critics will surely be amazed and dismayed to learn that Pope John XXIII in his Considerable Debate There is considerable debate in the Catholic press these days about the various meanings of the word "socialization" as used in the encyclical. Perhaps some light can be thrown on this con- troversy by recalling the three meanings of the word in the so- cial encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Plus XI. According to the first mean- new encyclical described social- iz.ation as an "expression of a natural tendency" and approved it so long as it "confines its ac- tivities within the limits of the moral order." Indeed, such mod- erate socialization according to Pope John gives rise to that "or- ganic reconstruction of society" which is an "indispensable re- quisite for satisfying the de- ing, socialization is group action by private organizations. The pui'chasing and marketing co- ops often mentioned in this col- umn fall into this category. Government Action The second type of socializa- tion is action by the government to remedy a problem or promote the common good. The federal I government's farmprogram and various county and state health programs are illustrations. Thir- ty years ago Pope Plus XI pre- sented the principle of "Subs]- condemned this third type of so cialization as it has been prac-1 tired by both the fascists and] the communists. The popes insist that the individual is prior to the { I state and that the state is creat- ed to serve individuals. On the other hand, many Americans today err through ex- treme individualism. These per- sons emphasize their rights as individuals and disregard their obligations to promote the com- mon good. They refuse to sup- port private organizations which contribute to the common good. They criticize ohr government when it tries to discharge its du- ty along these lines. Extreme Individualists These extreme individualists unwittingly invite the totalitarian sort of socialization. If large numbers of people suffer want and exploitation, they will be tempted to accept a totalitarian ' PAGE 9 8 WASHINGTON -- (NC) -- A Catholic spokesman has express- ed the hope that President Ken- nedy will veto the two year ex- tension congress has given the Mexican farm labor program. The comment was made by the Rev. James L. Vizzard, S.J as spokesman for the National Catholic Rural Life: conference, the Social Action department of the National Catholic Welfare conference and the Bishops' Committees for Migrant Work- eva and the Spanish speaking. Defeat for Religious Groups Extension of the program con- ducted under Public Law 78, is a defeat for Catholic, Protestant and Jewish groups who have vigorously appealed for changes in the operation under which Mexicans have been brought into this country since 1951 to do farm work. The religious leaders had said in a joint statement on June 12 that the nation has an "inescap- able moral responsibility" to change the program. Hurt Farm Workers They charged that the hun- Rural Reform Urgent Need Says Prelate' The Vatican secretary of state seized on the meeting of the fifth International Catholic Rural Life dreds of thousands of Mexicans, caked braceros, undermine the economic position of American farm workers. Domestic farm workers, the ;tatement said, earn an average of less than $1,000 a year and are excluded from all major governmental work regulations, such as minimum wage laws, unemployment insurance and workmen's compensation. Both senate and house first passed different extension laws. The senate added an amend- ment to its version to give Mexi- cans higher wages. Reformers thought this would have the ef- fect of pushing upwards the wages of domestic workers as well. Wage Amendment Dropped However, in a house-senate conference to iron out differ- ences in the bills, the wage amendment was dropped. After two days of debate, the senate voted 41 to 31 to accept the cam- promise bill (Sept. 23). Father Vizzard said that in the form that the extension came from congress, "it fails to take into account the unanimous voice of religious, civic and la- bar officials who condenmed the nTl." The extension bill was also a loss for the administration which had appeaied for restriction of the program and urged that it be permitted to expire at the end of this year unless changes were made, Goldberg Statement congress to urge prompt action Secretary of Labor Arthur to bring about social justice in Goldberg said in an April state- regime. Recent events in Cuba accord with the teaching of Mat- ment that his department's stud- diarity," According to this prin- illustrate this tendency, er et Magistra, the recent social ies "prove beyond doubt that the ADVERTISEMENT ciple, the government should not ,;~+; o ~.^ ~ * encyclical of Pope John. (program) has had and is hav- " --take over activities which can "~:' ""/ ~"'"~"'~" ~"~ ~:'~ " S-'~cial Messa"e ing an adverse effect on the One hundred years be performed effectively by pri-irel~erams me ~racunonm soclm u v~ b r-i conditions and teaching of the church in this 1 I :' Amleto Cardinal Cir nan] wages, wo:x ng c r t"-- ot t .r . vate organizations, matter, namely: he condemns 1 ] made his plea in a special met- emp, o ymem ^oppv,L, Unl ~CS OI icon.w-now . ale The third and most extreme totalitarian socialization, urges{ sage to the congress. He wrote ~'~e'~l'l ~as~'a' victory for your service, type of socialization is found in ,totalitarian nations such as So- so.cializat!on by private, or.ganiz- { This handsome b o o t h has and shipping crates cost $1,130. Farm and America's Future; {saying that the doctrine of the growers and farm organizations aborts and approves soemhzahon z church on rural matters should Are you planning anad pro- viet Russia. In these nations, the b-" the state so lon- a i" " [been created by Illinois Kni.hts Illinois Knights manned this The Farmer and the Rest ofI who say no changes are needed y g si:con- o~ is la in and De mane to nearirul~ an. =ram booklet a membershi- di rights of individuals are denied, fine~ its activities within the lira- of Columbus f~d sp ~y; g display booth at the Illinois Us; The Farmer --- a Partner [ " i-*^worksandm the program and that ff the ~ . . ' . .~. " Not only does the state carry on " at fairs, convenhons and other ~,{II15LILUtlOlI~ WLtlull WI ~=**aLsJ.~ b 4-" ~-~ '~ %~ 1,4 I~ 1" ; I~ rectory zoryour orgamzauon its of the moral order " ]distributing l~t~Lu meramre State Fair recently, distributing with God" Living Close to Na-[~ d ~':~ ~ ~ '~.~t:~ ~'l.~ll ^ kl. *he domestic worker neeas promc- ,lO, 1~ S,ou,~, ~,e supp,le~, ~y . ' many functions which are left to I am willing ~o await further meetinzs Linus F Kiefer, Bell NCRLC literature. The Rev. ture; Soil--God's Greatest Ma- establishment of effective and ~tate action an annlversary souvenir book r " " private effo ts in other nations, let, an annual report, a finan, the state claims that it is the official clarification of the{Rive, I~l." heads the State Rural Hugh C a s s idy and William terial Gift; Spotlight on Coop- [ lasting, social justice in rural{ cial report, a house organ, o sole source of rights and powers. Pope's use of the word, 'social- Life committee which has cam- Trac- of the Snrin~field diocese eratives; Money, Credit and Co- areas.' . . {More than 2 870 soil conger- cookbook, "a new publication? All Pt~i:ritmYo~fe:nndividu:l have ization." In the meanwhile, I[pleted this project. ==A: =rranZ~'~a:t~o -- for the epration; and Industrial Devel-I.DyTheuosmeetingiequesWaSt~eptneml !n.near: ivati nto ~) districts active in the U. pope urge those who tend to extreme{ The display is 14 feet wide "'.'-"' opment in Rural Areas. [ {S. include 80 per cent of the mdiwduahsm to stud h ,~ construction of the mspmy ann and brought together agrarian We offer editing service, ar-~ y t e ency-]and 5 feet hi~.h, The NCRLC " " Copies of these leaflets are] ~ " Ination's agricultural land and clical, Mother and Teacher, and s tubal revolves The countr were in charge of the booth at ava'la le N RL o I experts from all over the hem]s- o5 ~ o~nt of tha farms n n d tists service, ideas and exper- ~ ] y . y 1 b at C C head~uar-, . [sce e at s ters at 1.00 per 100. Orgamza-{ ". [ranches. ience. Why not check your Let- J ~[~[}~ 6;]0 P,~, recognize the clear approval n Chri t's feet is done the State Fair $ phere It was organize, m co- terheads, Envelopes, S tare- ~ Pope John gives to the sort of]with 3 dimensional buildings, Eight new leaflets were re- tions wishing to rent the display[operatlon with the U.~. Nauonai[ . ~ . co-operative actmn b ovate hm s It is c n 1ubhshed for this ur boo r o v 1 Cathohc Rural Life conference ments and Invoice supply? { "MAVER]CK" " y p" {trees and farm mac'e. " e ty p " " p - th pietu ed ab e shoud] " " . .] Whenever you seen wild orgamzatmns whmh ~s re eated 1 n 1 artist o eNCRLC These leaflets wn and held under the pawonage oz P -]the work of a profess'o a " p sby 'to to William Tracy, Jersey-[ [animal that isn't afraid of yau, ly ur ed m th,s column la r n ~ led The F a m 1 1 ~ e Ill Humbert, Cardmm ~mmero, We'll gladly quote you; what- I g " ' [at Springfield, Ill. The disp y we e e t't : " y v'll [ ' [suspect rabies. Warn children ever your printing require-I ~ * JAMES ~ }~~~]Archbish p of CaraCaSvenezuela,s[~. Among against tame wild ammals. manta, let us serve you; letter.I ~ GARNER etween 1950 and1960the{ ~ ~ . /a ~ ~ .i. |the participants was w President Romulo Betancourt cost of living, exclusive of food, - ' ' press and offset equipped; [ ~l *JACK rose 25 per eent, while the cost!l%'~)~ ~.k~.~ ~r ~'~t- ~'~.~J'~. f;~dXtl Asks For Speed {ROCKFORD Call Berg.Sundberg ~v I ~ q~.J tF I Caroinm ~icognam mane msil~ I Prlnters & Lithographers' I fhannd13 farm food increased 14 p e r . . ,~ appeal for speed in carrying out[I I cent. Farmers received none Off By Rev, John Geo. Weber ,gestions now m oeeiae': I nance companies ana oealers, i,g^ ,^.~g;.~ ~o+~. ~o,~;~ }I ll I 1 1 A ~ I 1819--9th St. Rocktord, Ill]nots,~ UI~I: IM th~.s increase. Prices they re-[ 'Did you notice m the en-{ 'Be glad to, Use common] "Whieh one is the best?" {tra this way: ]l dl%#l,td"U~l I ) WO 5.4628 { ~ sv~.a'uw re,red dechned 6 per cent. ]cyclical, Pope John speaks' of[sense single rules. First, your] "Really, that varies in eachl "Influential people, whether in|l I .-. j ~ srut~n-uw * * w Icredit in agriculture?' [returns must be greater manlcase My advice, once you have{the ecclesiastical, educational,|| I Scientists. estimate, that t h e{ "I sure did, Ted'. And he isIthe amount of principal and in-l,aecmea.: "%ma~ creal~ wm reany/-"liticali-~ or economic fields/I I~#~1~ &4 I~l I sea 1s as productive of organ!c]absolutely right that credit ]stterest. If they aren't you are in]help you, is to shop aroundJmust proceed with decision and/I I mad, acre for acre, as the land.lneeded in agriculture." [trouble. Second, .you should stu-{Lenders vary as to the interestla spirit of responsibility to bring/| HINH t 01RKT0 I were dy your operation and invest . II ,'What caught my eye ] {they charge and the securitylabout the necessary changes in][ ] .no rer best t rns de where your returns wm snow r Y I[His reasons. The re u -[ [they require. The FHA and PCAlan effective way, in o der that[I " I I ter ask the grea~es~ profl~ per oonar m In.-1. r l[ ~ Ilvelop more slowly; grea ' { " . " :]are specially designed for farm-[they may be carried out before{I n,~ r~ . ~ I h r and vesteo xms ~azes planning an. r l~[Irli[mrv Only~ 1 I~is involved due to Went e [ " " . - -' [ers and could be your best bet. '{it is too late and in conformity [I w m, ~. roorrm~r~, uw I e e " rcu stu ' u a .on ue ou av n ll Ulnil m, IIclimate, and depressed g ' -} "," ;[ "What about references andtwith the principles of justice, eq-I[ 304 North Fifth St. I # [{ture income." /xmroiy, rememoer you can get/ n,i uity and charity, as is indicatedl| Rnekfa,d I All the eaten you co. eat I/ ,~ a h;.t~ a/help from the Ag. coueges ann{ li, fh~ t~nov,-qloM " 11 I F,ida, s: o ~.m. to 9 I/. -' ~-?' .u.~L.~v~- ~.~-'~-~ "[~':.'~o {Extension Service " [ "Your best reference is your{ ~ Rue{m~eem.m'. l k ~.|I l{larm~r uusu~ ~ uuH ~! " ' ',~*,n record How have you metl ' d " for his operation~ My dad hi- "All right, suppose I decide I ~- " 9 ~- ' Banquet11:30 tOFacilities2 p.m. ways insisted on" not spending{ can" make a profit on an invest- past obligatiOnSr a "9 What nd ]s~ your I M g D V T D g I: V D I~ D T I l I: Ki' I/m?' YkYt at "'a :oaV 'policy m{cmree 'ib'where uo,go ,o ge, UY~ur:~lll~t:;:lbY~U kwn3~v laeSeat LANDSCAPING SINCE 1923 I -- n "~ ~ I]general" However, there a r e{ "That's a good question. The{great advantage. You can fig-/ 3327 N. Main St Rockford I Umes when it lS wzse to use sual ones are n To S e Th SUPPER CLUB ." " ' . /u i dividuals,lure out where you are, where/ DIAL TR 6-1811 I creal~ especially lorproaucuon bank In 11i6 S. Main Rockford l| su-'[ s, " surance co .mpames,]you want to go and how to get] I I~ ~ouia you gLve me some g'/FHA' PCA, Cremtunions, n-[there / " ~ i * GREAT LINE ,I -- [ "It seems to .me you, favor .'.~::::~:~:~:~:~ using credit at t~mes. : x,:< :.'::< {I " 0f 1,962 Full & Winter Vacahons I { ' Rzght' ",I have. . used, lt'.slBUt DIAMONDS WATCHES ~ let me repea~ k is now wi e y . F,SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY Howa, -- lor'da -- Nassau -- I I you invest that determines whe- Arizona -- California ~ Caribbean ~i~]~, I /ther you profit or lose by it. I Cruises -- Mediteraneon Cruises -- I I,Dwver & Anderso I /good chance to profit by it. ./ / ALL ARRANGEMENTS -- I / "Thanks, Ted! See y o u . At Air. Rail. Steamship Hotels Car Rentals I {aguin." Jewetry tore o, u,stmerton r r eat t ha 111 N MAIN ST ROCKFORD Alaska, ou la g s ate, d " " " ;~LDE RAVE L ,URE, kU [ {only 367 farms in 1960; about WO 3-2122 Rockford, III 1 /half are parttime farms. 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