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September 29, 1961     The Observer
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September 29, 1961

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PAGE 6 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1961 His Excellency, Bishop Lane, has asked me at this beginning of Freedom Week to speak to you on the sub- ject of Communism. I have not been talking much about Communism in the last few years I talked about it for twenty years. Now I am going to talk to you about this: HOW TO UNDERSTAND SOVIET FOREIGN POLICY. Why is it that we in the United States do not understand Soviet policy? There are several reasons First of all. many Americans have no standards outside of current events by which to judge Communism They judge today by yesterday, yesterday by the day before. One cannot tell time unless there is some standard outside the watch by which to set it. So there has to be some absolute moral standard outside of Communism by which to judge it. The second reason is that many Americans judge Com- munism solely by its foreign policy. Hence when Khrush- chev smiles they say everything is going to be wonder- ful; then when he growls, they say everything is terri- ble. The Church never has these moods. We know Com- munism: we never mistake its nature; we are never fooled by its foreign policy and lies because we have a philosophy of our own and we understand theirs. ORIGIN OF COMMUNISM Let me try to explain what this philosophy is behind the Communist foreign policy. I am going to explain to you the philosophy of Communism--first how it arose. It arose in the brain of a man who was descended fror~ a long line of Jewish rabbis--Karl Marx. He and his whole family were baptized Christians--not for religious reasons nor through conviction. DIALECTIC Marx studied at the University of Bonn and then went to Berlin. There he had to study had to study--the philosophy of Hegel called dialectical idealism. Hegel was concerned with how ideas develop. He said they develop by CONTRADICTION That is what was meant by dialectics. Marx wrote his thesis on this and received a Ph.D. from the University of Jena. A few years after he wrote his thesis. Marx went to France. He had to because he was thrown out of Ger- many. Full of this subject of dialectics and tensions and contradictions, he visited a French sociologist and print- er by the name of Proudhon who had as a visitor a Rus- sian by the name of Bukanin. While they were there Marx began explaining to this Frenchman his dialectic of contradiction The practical Frenchman. Proudhon. said to the theo- retical German: 'Marx, you are up in the air: nobody is interested in your problems about dialectics and ten- sion and contradiction. I have written a work about property. I do not understand how you are ever going to apply your theory of contradiction to property May- be there is a contradiction between those who have it and those who have it not.' ,MATERIALISM When he left the garret of Proudhon. Marx' system was beginning to be 5orn. In the meantime a German by the name of Feuerbach had written a work saying there is nothing in the world but matter. Man is what he eats--there is no God, no soul. no idea. Marx took the .dialectic of Hegel and applied it to the materialism of Feuerbach and got out of it his system of dialectical ma- terialism which shows how matter, how history, how nature, how society, how everything grows by contra- diction by a zlg-zag movement, by something jerky, by revolution. Suppose we were to decorate a room: you said let's decorate it in white; another contradicted and said let's do it in black; finally you began fighting one with another until you decided--let's do it in blue. That's dialectics--that's tension, that's contradiction See how something came out of it that was not in it before. A collaborator of Marx gave the idea. He said you plant barley and the barley seed is contradicted by the earth. Out of this contradiction you get new barley seed dif- fering in quantity and quality from the barley seed you planted. APPLICATION Now let us apply this. Here I am going to argue as the Communist You think a God is needed for this world--Why is it? That is because you say if anything moves it has to be moved by something else. If I roll a ball across the room, the ball has motion, but the source of that motion was myself, so you say that the world therefore had to be moved by God. No, the Communist answers. In every material thing there is something con- tradictory. One little force is in contradiction with an- other force: out of this contradiction of forces there be- gins to be movement Therefore you need no God. SOCIETY AND HISTORY What is Society? What is History? You think that history is the story of the progressive unfolding of the kingdom of God under the lore of history. No! History right to do whatever you please. It becomes a physical power. You find everyone doing his own will. You pro- duce the tremendous amount of chaos inside a civiliza- tion because of selfishness and egotism. You must have a forecable organization of this chaos. The forceable or- ganization of chaos is Communism. What is freedom? (as a communist). It is the right to do whatever you MUST--you MUST. Freedom is re- lated to MUST. We are free in our Soviet Republic sim- ply because we obey the law of the dictator. That's free- dom. Now ceasing to speak as a communist. I say both defi- nitions are wrong. Democratic Freedom is not the right to do whatever you please, it is not the right to do what- ever you must. That freedom based on doing as you please does produce chaos--juvenile delinquency, crime, dishonesty, perjury. If freedom were the right to do whatever you please it would be a physical power. Free- dom is not the right to do what you please, nor the right to do what you must. Freedom is the right to do what you OUGHT. OUGHT implies law, order, God, conscience. SOVIET FOREIGN POLICY Now that I have explained that the philosophy of com- munism is dialectical materialism--the philosophy that there is nothing in the world but matter and it grows by tension and contradiction, does it not follow -- say the Communists -- that we are to take over the world? Since this law is in matter, since it is in history, since it is in economics, since it is in freedom -- then the world is BOUND to become communistic So all that we have to do in different countries is to start this tension this dialectic and we will in any nation form a very small group. This small group will cause this tension, disorder, immorality, anything you please -- in order to disturb existing society. When this tension is suf- ficiently strong, through deceit, then we eventually take over. Dostoevsky writing in the middle of the last century seventy years before Communism came into being, saw it coming. This great Russian writer said that in the democratic countries the lawyer who argues that there is no conscience, the school teacher that denies there is a God they will all be on our side though they know it not. Having now explained the philosophy, I will now ap- ply it. One can never understand anything the Soviets do without understanding this philosophy I have re- ceived into the Church one Soviet spy, the top lawyer of the Communist party and the editor of a Communist newspaper. I have read every single line that Lenin has written that has appeared in English--over fifteen vol- umes. I have read every line Stalin has written that is available in English or French. These individuals told me, and I know from reading, that you can never under- stand what Communism is doing until you understand their philosophy. Every member of our government that has anything to do with them should be obliged to spend six months in the study of Communist techniques. Now the application -- if the world is to be taken over, by in- ducing contradiction, civil war, internal strife, con- trarieties does it not follow that there must be a kind of technique used in order to increase this tension and civil war. LENIN Lenin wrote a book entitled ONE STEP BACKWARD, TWO STEPS FORWARD. He said if we are to force revolutions in certain countries we must always throw them off guard. We must give way, pull back, and never allow them to know what we are doing. When Lenin came into power in Russia the White Russians were strong. He was afraid that he would not be able to con- tinue his Communism. He was particularly afraid of is the story of class conflict. One class a~ainst another Germany. So he said, one step backward --- he made a class. You have an aristrocracy, then you have the treaty of Breste-Lidvostk in which he surrendered 32% bourgeois. In other words, all history is determined to of Russian arable land, 34% of the population and 84% be revolutionary. It can't be anything else. Economics-- of the coal to Germany. He said we will throw them off you think economics is the story of production and the track - One step backward, two steps forward--- wealth It,is the story of this dialectic: you.have people they have it all back. who amass property; these people impoverish those who they resist -- one step backwards -- call a conference I am ready to talk, says Khrushchev -- two steps forward we go to a conference Then a step backward, then two forward, and that is the way the world is won. MAO-TSE-TUNG Second, INTERCESSION--We are not to think, f o r example, that Communism is in some other part of the ~ orld that it does not concern us, or it is apart from us. We are part of a hungry, starving world. Therefore ~ve have to make up for them. Look at all these captive ~lags. Just think since 1949, the western nations h a v e Now China The Chinese children are tau ht a march liberated 760 million people from colonial status. Dur- g - mg that same time communism has enslaved 840 mil- -- two steps forward and one step backward It is the, - - : . . ion while we are freeing the world, they are enslav- same tnlng So tne appncauon oz ~ne mcnnIque ~s to ". " . . . [ng 1L JNOW mese enslaves peoples are par m our lives incite revolution, ~o lnCll, e SlSCOr(1. it you think ~nat sial- ~nd we have to take on penance for them. In o t h e r ecucai ma~ermllsm nas no appncatmn, Iet me reas m . words the suggestion that I am g i vi n g IS t-~i,x you ~ne excerp~ irom ~ne oooz oI lvlao-lse-lung, ~om- [SPIRITUAL. The sin and the su~ering and the hunger mums~ maser oI ~nma. rle tOOK excerpts Irom a oooz land the want of other people in the world are OURS. written oy a ~nmese aoout ovv ~.~. calles Tne /~r~ . .~ I When there is any person in the world that is hungry, oI war. All warmre ~s vases on secepuon, rience wnen~we .n,~lel h~ unarv~nc] f~l~ we are near we must make the enemy believe that we Shk~'at ~h hh:/~sm'o) somet" eo le in Russia called are far away. When far away, we must make themt. Los t e p p believe that we are very near Force the enemy to re [the UrodleviesIin r~ussian it means a ~)orn ZOOl. lnese : n " IUrodlevies go into the salt mines, into the concentra- veal h~mself and so fmd out h~s vulnerable s~.ot. Now Mao continues, enemy advances, we retreat. Enemylt I n camps, wnen ~ney sees .~ovle~ a~uslng te:m:tnt: halts, We harrass; enemy tires, we attack. Enemy re-]~.ney aSK ~nat ano~ ma~punlsnmen~ ?e me o treats we-ursue Ithem. ~ney are a~rala ~nat mose wno are pumsnea ' P " - I will hate back The Urodlevies swear to God that they ]will love those who punish them--absorb the punish- ment and therefore diminish the content of hate in the [world. Our Blessed Lord did this when he drank the ]cup of the sins of the world to its very dregs So to THE WORLD PLAN Lenin said in 1920 -- "in fifty years time, armies wil no longer have much significance, but through our dia- letical materialism we shall have so undermined our enemies, that before war breaks out, it will be impos- sible for them to set a war machine in motion before the hour of need." After we have softened the people of the world through DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, we will strike. In one day we will wipe out all American bases from Spain to Alaska. On the very same day one hun- dred of the most important Americans will die. Some will be poisoned, some crushed under fallen ~:ock, some in unavoidable accidents; the sooner these American ex- ploiters, these bloodsuckers of the poor are liquidated, the better. TIME TABLE This is no COLD WAR. That is a very unfortunate ex- pression, because when using the term cold war, we assume the,alternative is a HOT WAR. Communism is not thinking of a war in terms of a battle field The So- viets will not fight unless they absolutely have to unless we start it. The Soviets will not fight until the LAST WAR. They will engage in no conflict of and by their own power and will, until the red world is com- fletely ready to be taken over. They do not need war, they.have a program, they have a time schedule for every nation -- Cuba fitted into this time schedule. What do we do? We wait until they strike. Then, we maintain the status quo. Therefore, we are always on the side of reaction . . . Khrushchev has a world plan. He turns it on in Korea, in Vietnam, in Berlin and we wait to see where he will strike. He has a plaE, he has a philosophy; he starts dialectical movements inside a na- tion and in society to weaken it, and then to take over. What is to be done? THE CHRISTIAN ANSWER I will give you three suggestions: First -- Communism will not be met by mass move- ments -- that is to say, by great, tremendous organiza- tions' of men in anti-communist activities They will be helpful -- yes! But Commumsm does not grow that way. The Gospel did not grow that way. Our Lord chose seventy disciples, out of the seventy he chose twelve, out of the twelve he chose three, out of the three, one. The Communists do the same. They call in many. They begin to form an elite. They Crain the elite. Then they send the elite back into the mass. So the first way in which we will do it will not be by fighting Communism, but by a Christian apostolate to take hold of the hearts American people who have a deep Christian spirit will take on reparation to make up for the evil of the world. This thing is not political--it is much bigger than that. It is spiritual and moral. If we put ourselves on God's side, we need never fear. Finally, you who have the faith, you who are privi- leged to belong to Christ's Mystical Body, I beg you to remember that you belong to a Wounded Church--not a comfortable church. We are relatively comfortable in the United States. When we think of the Church as the Mystical Body Of Christ spread about the world, o u r Church is wounded. That is one of the reasons w hy perhaps in certain countries it is making a tremendous impression. I always have great love and veneration for St. Thomas, the so-called doubting apostle--indeed he was to be censured for doubting, because he s h o u 1 d have taken the testimony of t h e Apostles as we do. But there was something good about him. He s a i d I will not accept Christ unless I can see SCARS The only Christ that I will love is the Christ who has been wounded. So he challenged and said unless I can put my finger into His hand, and my hand into His side, I will NOT believe. Eight days after the Resurrection, Dur Lord appeared and said to Thomas, "Bring forth lhy finger and put it into my hand--bring forth thy hand and put it into my side. Be not incredulous, but believing Then Thomas realized this was Love that wounded itself for the whole world This is the Church to which we belong--this wounded Church If you could sit at my. desk and see the missionaries that come from all parts of the world and the repre- sentatives of poor wounded people, you would under- stand how much this Church of ours is destined to'be successful simply because 'of its martyrdom and its @ wounds. After all it was the wounded Christ that in- fluenced Thomas; and it is only a wounded church that will impress the world. Only that kind--when we can see wounds--when we can hold them up and say I was wounded by detach- ment, I was wounded by sacrifice, I was wounded for love of the poor in other lands, wounded in sacrifice for my own country When we can say these things, then we are safe. Thomas demanded that kind of cri- terion. Thomas himself was right. CHRIST AND THE CROSS So the picture of the world really is a picture of Our Lord on the Cross. We live in a world of divorce of Christ and His Cross. In the last two hundred years, Christ has been taken down from the Cross. Here He at one side without his cross, and here is the c r o s s without Our Lord. Who has taken Christ without the Cross? Our West- ern Christian civilization In other words we want a Christ who does not say harsh things, a Christ who will not pick up ropes and drive the buyers and sellers out of the temple; we want a Christ who does no t speak of sin, who does not speak of judgment, does not speak of conscience. We want a soft, effeminate Christ who will talk to us about the beatitude without any reference to the hill of Calvary. On the other hand we have the cross without Christ. Who picks that up? RUSSIA! Russia picks up that cross because it believes in order, believes in discipline, believes in sacrifice, believes in dedication, believes in a kind of consecration. But that kind of dedication and consecration and sacrifice which have inspired its peo- ple without Christ Himself mean concentration camps, slavery of these nations and a kind of hell in the world. and souls of our American people that are without a due You can never understand Communism unless you sense of God and conscience and morality and begin to understand the devil himself This is the picture of revive their faith. When their faith is strong, God will our world. The problem of the world is not political, be on our side. The Communists are making far more it is religious. Which is going to happen first---will it converts than we are. It almost seems as though they have the great Un-Pentecostal fires, and t h ey do it quietly, slowly, moving in the masses and the e 1 i t e. Remember there will never be many in our apostolic group that will do this work. They will be few, as there are few Communists. But they must move in their fac- be that Christ of our Western world find His Cross, through sacrifice before the cross finds the Christ in Russia? I do not know. But I have a dim suspicion that the cross can find the 'Christ first, because when you are comfortable you do not look for a cross. have no property. The capitalist has everything, the la- STALIN tories, in their professions --- legal, medical, education --- So there is a tension in the world. It is the g r a t borer gets nothing but starvation. He sinks down and leverywhere else to reform, the American conscience. I tension between God and the devil. And may I leave man F1 all the ten Stahn signed the Nazi Soviet treaty Wl~y dIC~ ne s~gn down and down until heis hardly a . "n y - " " ". ' lam not afraid of Communism because it is anti-God. Ilyou this thought that we are witnessing the devil re- sion between the two becomes so very intense that there it? They were the enemies of the Na~s. ,~very com-lam afraid that America is becoming Godless. I am notlcrucifying the Christ: f this comes Communism munlst war orating against the ~azis ~usaenly wire begins to be a ,conflict. Out o " " -- " ' ' "lafraid that Communism wil 1 destroy America I am] "whenever there is Silence round about me n uttin all the out warning, S~alin signs tne ~rea~y ann ivloiitov says " th i " 1 be e s t doin away with private property a d p g [afraid that we may weaken tt so at t wfl a y oI By day or night, I am startled by a cry propgerty in the hands of the state. In other words, run- to Ribbentroff our frlendshlp has been stgnea in oIOOa.Idestroy" Sixteen out of twenty-one civilizations thatl It"came down from a cross the first time I ning through everything in theuniverse is this jerky, He wanted to know who was going ~rO p~: tehre wWea/e[have decayed from the beginning of the world until[ heard :~: and found man in the throes of When it became evident that the West n r" w s I se h a zi~-zag contrarieties. " " [now have decayed from within, not from without But[ " "~ ~ELIGION AND FREEDOM to win, two days before the Japanese surrend~, Stahnlour Blessed Lord said where the body is, there shall the[ AnC~U~IIslaxd nl will take you down . . Icomes out in favor of the war with Japan une s~epl 1 to-ether When a civilization be insI " " " ' - li-ionTM Keli-ion is to sus .* . . leag es oe gamereo g g I And I tried to take the naiIs out ol His feet ta/::n::f~th:s:nc~=~?Wh; i~ th:~ : C}rmm~:ehtO ~wa:k~:~ ;n tw?r;lig:lthge ~a:h:g~::lt j:;::t. ,reaty Itthd:C:Yr~nSsO, O~heasSeib:/d:s~tSp/:~l sae~dItt: s::::, fth::I B;rt He:nai~t I~: ~h~mn b~own until every man, Thou Shalt Not Steal This was wr" e f pe p ~ " have property. If all" property is in thehands of the[ KHRUSHCHEV [out of nowhere, and descend,upon t~s decaying !lesh, as[ Bu~ im:nda~hChflcda:~m;o,t~otralkeamnneof~Wnr nt:t;e~i~llo:n::d::te:ylo.nYO: h:;~yn.O commandment,n~ I .n,oo. what you are doing. Say we/tnhot k;o~?~h:d:y:f~:c:i:~t:ti:: Th:t]:'ehy~::: fn:s~/ AY~UH:rYn?swered: Go into the world and ,tell What is freedom~ (I am still speaking as a commu ]will close Berlin, seal up the walls, threaten a separate/answer is an answer of an apostolate of the elite toi everyone you meet" rest). You people m a democracy think freedom is theItreaty and throw the Western world off guard. When regenerate the American soul. -I ~ ]IS A MAN O.N THE C]~O~