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September 29, 1961     The Observer
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September 29, 1961

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USE GR4DE SCHOOL 0 O Facilities for the education of Catholic high school boys and girls of the Aurora area. in ad- dition to those of Marmion Mili- tary academy and Madonna high school will be provided in September of 1962, it was an- nounced today by the Chancery Office. Because of the immediate need for additional secondary to be finished by that time, ar- rangements have been made to hold classes for both freshmen boys and girls temporarily in Holy Angels school at 19 S. Locust street. This building was occupied by the elementary school children of the parish until they moved into their new school at Kensington & Russell Avenue this month. school facilities in Aurora, the The major program to expand decision was reached that thelthe Catholic high school facili- faculties of the two proposedlties of the area was announced new high schools would begin lrecentty by the Most Reverend conducting classes in Septem- ber of 1962. Use Grade School Since the construction of the new buildings is not expected OFFICIAL APPOINTMENTS The Very Rev. Burwell E. Beddoes, V. F to be modrator of the D.C.C.W. McHenry Dean- dr:, council, The Rev. Walter C. Roberts to be moderator of the D.C.C.W. Elgin Deanery council. The Rev. Harold L. Nilgcs to be moderator of the D.C.C.W. Aurora Deanery council. The R ev. Philip E. O'Neil to be assistant, at St. Mary church, Sterling Loras T. Lane, D.D Bishop of Rockford, who revealed that the Christian Brothers had agreed to staff a school for boys on the East side of Aurora, while the Dominican Sisters of Springfield had agreed to conduct a school for girls on the West side. Discussing Design A fund raising eampaign to provide money for the construe- tion of these two new schools, as well as provide funds for the two existing,schools, Marm- ion and Madonna, will be held this tall. Discussions are presently be- ing held between representa- tives of the Bureau of Educa- tion of the Diocese of Rockford and the religious communities who will staff the two new schools concerning the archi- tectural design of the proposed buildings. ARRIVING FOR DIOCESAN RALLY--The Most Rev. Eoras T. Lane and the Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, auxiliary bishop of New York and national director for the Propagation of the Faith, are shown as they posed for photographers Sunday as they arrived for the Diocesan Holy Name rally at the National Guard armory in Rockford. Despite inclement weather which prohibited the use of Beyer stadium, a record crowd attended. (Pittsley photo) PROFILES IN CONCENTRATION Members of the clergy from the Rockford diocese were com- pletely absorbed in the speech by Bishop Sheen daring the rally which had as its theme--"The Christian Answer to Com- munism." For the text of Bishop Sheen's talk and photo high- lights of the rally turn to pages 6 and 7. (Herzog photo) Official Newspaper of the Rockford Diocese Vol. XVI--No. 39 ROCKFORD, SEPTEMBER 29, 1961 12 PAGES ON WORLD PEACE .a [ - I ! [ LI: VATICAN CITY -- (NC) --ISoviet Union's two top newspa- The Vatican City daily has told pets. Pravda and Izvestia. He V ~ --- ]Soviet Premier Nikita Khrush-tcredited the Pope with "talking [,[ehev that the Church is not pro-[common sense" and called the I ]moting peace on his particular appeal "a good sign," but used I ~ ~ [terms. [the peace plea to support his --- I i ' I I L'Osservatore Romano spoke own call for negotiations to lutVi25ICt2NthylTrYoob~eLNsC)f-nSe~[ O 'i? I~h~t ftrh:: stha~l ~nSolU;r:veai~,ndSui ~e rtp!~:t~!32 ~:e: sPl:gl:i~. '. " [ 1 "l,|,[right: through f ee and .'ncerel ' ha}runs cannot be p .t ned[ t J ~' "if [negotiations that truth and jus-t --The Church's peace efforts wlmout enaangermg melr own/ I [rice shall be vindicated by safe-[have been recognized for the futures and the security of all/ I FREEPORT--A'host of com-ldiocesan Newman co-ordinator./guarding the essential liberties first time by an official Soviet countries, the Vatican secretaryI Imittees are setting up various The program was arranged bYland the insuppressible values[s urce, of state has stated. I Iworkshops which will be vying the Rev, Hubert V. McGinn: Thelof every nation and every hu- --Khrushchev's a f f ir~nation Amleto Cardinal Cicognani] ]for the attention of those wholstudents, Rod Platt, Mary Alicelman person " [of atheism was untimely and spoke in a letter written in the[ [attend the convention of thelJulius and Elaine Knubbe willI Makes' Three Points lunnecessary" name of His Holiness Pope John[ ]Rockford Diocesan Council oIIspeak on the Newman Aposto-I I No Single Interpretation XXIII to Giuseppe Cardinal Siri,/ [Catholic Women Sunday, Oct. 8,11ate on the home parish com-[ 1he ~ovmt rremmr c o m-[ The Vatican City daily's edi. Archbist~op of Genoa and presi-I lin Freeport. [munity and world level. Thelmerited on the Pope's addressltoria1 was unsigned but it is dent of the 34th Italian Social] I Tentative plans have been an-lforeign student program will be[in answer to a request by thetknown that it was cieared withl week held in ComB Inounced by most of the work-[incorporated in the discussion.l~tthe highest authorities of the] Jshop chaii'men and most oft Several speakers have been~ Holy See ttememoer DIIIICUlIIeS i t~ommenting on me somali, !l ~ h 10 . It : ." 1 [them h a v e planned identical scheduled for the organization tin ~ * It declaredDoctrmallx and -, .' ~, ! [workshops morning and after-and development workshop . iobj ctively the peaceme~sa e weeksmeme, onaarlty ,!11 o tleatcate I g l "~ n-~'l-s-nn N~'" "re ! Inoon so mat convenuon-goerslMrs t oroon D lvicr~ee oI r~ockJ I of PopeJohn XXIII was adl amonN ~-eup ~. a u ew~y ,~ - " " ated States " Cardinal Cicogna-/ Imay attend at least two work-lFalls says. Speakers and theiri[ ~ 1 I] 1/ [[dressed to everyone, govern-I ' I snops topics will be" Mrs Peter Petit ][~O ~ n~ ~ ments and people It purposely m tom oeiegates mat "social re-/, ' tl DOVtCllt l-ltglt I - ' I~~lof Elgin, "Your Place in,I ,J ~ I refrained from any reference to sponsibilities are based on/ rl i/ ~ i[ - 'J - C~ [ I the universal destination of the[ fl Notice . ilJJt.t.w": Ivx,rs. mcr~ee, "wny![ ~/~" . At~ "](~6") [Ior judgment of particular sit-] Committees9 Mrs RaymondI /YJ[[J[. ($ I~U~ uatmns and did so because of goods of Creation" He added/ /I All deanerypresidentsmustlt .; o:" o-- ]l/ntu:Y lxu l[ ,' ' : .I ,- Lyons o aurora, "~narm~, laeas itsobviouslyapostolic a n ct that although there are rea-[ [I send the creflentlals of their I] I] ~r~r,~wr~,r~ - ,m.^ a [I ' I neports Mrs txoaert Ul "'~"~'~"~ ~'~ "*'~'~ therefore universal inspiration sons for hope in the fact that,[ I] voting delegates to Florence II- 2 =" l[ II- i :l layos and Ivirs t~narles donn It cannot s s alongside the states of ancient[ /I Stralow, 2312 School St li ", " - ll ~RVYRUth~; I] De uppo. eo, nor IS ItI son odin ot r.lgin "It works in' ~ v ~ ~ ~" ~ justifiable that such a message Ioundatmn, other states have[ [I Rockford, Ill before the con- I1 ' ' I[ ~a ~an~C'en'tra] II : . I risen and still others will rise [ [I vention, iluur rarlsn : ann me r~ev. nar-I[ ~,:"7', 2,~ [[COUld de mrceo into a single[ old Nil~'es Our S clal Role ' camoilc nigh scnom here wm l one must not forget the tremen- kin on lans for the Diocesan ' ~"," pe --, . . . "nterpretation. [ CONVENTION COMMITTEE--Freeport women who are wor g p . ] [the Lav Anostolate " ]] ~~ :g'2eTS:': It notin, thai- Sov;~e-, I OOUS flllllCUltles WnlCn accompa,~,a ~ -[ Council of Catholic Women s convention are shown entering Aqain Central Catholic high school, [ Three deanery presidents will[ o L . IIday, May 6, 1962. I]thorit~ ho~ f~- ,L i.o, ny me evolution OI me new na Rural I lie 1-'ariel ,' o " the site of the convention which will be held Oct 8 Tbe women are coordinating data which [speak at the presidents' work- ~" I "-;h'ic~':tin; aft'he ceremon-Ire -" """ " ' " " " " ' ' r / N - eo~,nlzeome t~nurcn s peace t / ha* been coming in from throuchout the diocese They are (I to r) Miss Vlneta Bloom, Mmes. [shop: Mrs Joseph Helkotter of Five deanery rural life chin-i[ ~~ I o. ol I The~e, are problems, he] Mary Coomher Kenneth Downing, Harold W. Johnson, W. F. Balles, Donald A. Perrln and IAurora; Mrs. Joseph Smith of[men will interpret the 1961-19.62 I ~i~'~.~,~" It~h=~i~n ,h~t ,t, ~,onl said, WhOSe somtions cannot ~ ' ' /rural life ro ram in that work- "~ :' ~" h, ,~ ,~,#h~ f mr ifh ~ MISS Emma Tegl. [Sycamore, Elgin deanery;, andi P,fi2,n v, ~ ~ Am [I ~i '*~V':i: Itbeen inspired by "powers pre- ~ - v,~ ~, y'~ ""Y ,7 "1 t~vnss ~rene 19ou ot ~,ena, ~ree-,~uv ,~ ~ : -~l nozzi. D.D aPOstolic dele- II ,~ ~, k,~ +~, ~ out endangering the t.uture of{ {port deanery Mrs Francisibrose Hermes NCCW and DCCW][ ~?gStatY2?" II=::'-::.=-: 2i ~ ' I . ' ~ l~u tu ~ ~.gtt Lutl Jt~t~. lIlbUlll*~tlUlI~l COll 11Ct IIIL~'IIL Oil the new nations and at the sameiPo/,/~ I ISLL3 I'IIIAI~CH BAttlAll,3: . {Hickev, Rockford will speak on,rural life chairman. The theme.[ ~ ~u ~. {i ' I time endangering the security off ~ I " - "- ' ' ^* ~ ~io-,us~ion is "The ~ ponncai mwsmn or eompmte / " ~ ~ I Icommunity uonsclousness ~ a pa.~, '~ ~'- -~ t~ r ^rvi I au natzons " " r r Christian Co operative Way " ~uu~ ~.u~. ' M s. Elbe t S. Buch, diocesan - " Cause o o r fSrow More Urgent Demands I :nnhn,g I |henry, no' lehairman of the home andThose taking part will be the ", hnn ~|l~so~7,n I He reminded delegate* that .I.~.IL tlMI.O IL, ~k al~t.~'lLIL IlalLILIL II.~.~t.~ ~ J JI, Jk./~ )JL VJ.JLJt~ ~school committee, has announc-lRev Wililam F. Boland of Dix- ~L, 1" ] ~ nescnoed t he. Church s] " v I i " " hairman Mrs JohnIT~ "~ . 1 Ipeaee enorts as "of the essencel me rope s recent social encycil- led mat her wor~snop will ot'zerlon panez c ; t-~ u.- - ~t- ~tt.-.~a~- t ' . i ca, "Mater et Magistra " calls ~ I &. ~ ~ 0 T 1 [a symposium on ";I'he Objec-]Curran of Peoria, who will pre-ll~y ,~,'L .L~ktt,~ll~ [~o~rtnt~2nsUa~C~, w~ose o~,~et,sOnno~tl for assistance to needy nations ~llLl"l ~ 14 ti'~'~7"/~ ~ 1 I #'ll'~T ~l I-[l- 14,-.l~-ii~d ]tires of Christian Education in[sent the "Viewpoint of A Farm-]~ ~gr . T~ [only today b~t forevP~erp'' I in the form of finaneial and tech- . lJk l J L / l J.1. l JIL$1. ILJ. ]Contemporary Society.' 'Four er's Wife;" Frank ,M,; Petit o!i Uql way to homeI The editorial continu;d" I nical aid. But Cardinal Cicog- e/ ~/ [asnects will be discussed by Virgil who will give' viewpointl / " ' l r ~ -- '~,n .L "r~ f' I rtUIVIl2~ -- t~L) -- Arcnolsnopl 'ine repeatea ano wnollv un-l nanl SOlO It Will oe nnore ur s akers flnanclal SOclal res oI 2~ farmer ann me rtev ~. .~.+ ~ ~' ,~ ~++,~.+; +~, ,~,~" CASTELGANDOLFO, Italy --The day of rest will be reeog- Thus it is useful, the Pope[Lpe ! P " ; r ,Vi'ew~iWilliamO. BradyofSt. Paulhas/necessary proclamations of[ ~, s;*~ ~ -,~,;, ~, - (NC)--nis Holiness Pope John nized by all as a social right said, to meet together "to es-juse, mujtar~ ann proper and ~.rem oi namp,s,m e on lbeen hospitalized here after suf-]atheism . . . are . . . a cause of and :;ithuealProtle::~on of moral XXdI~Irnh~SeU:g~y :ha~ad;S~lf3 wh~:ho C~um:t:s C:;dYla~;na; r'~agrc3h:ntm~l;nchrm:is:re]sus:} ~y:?k~.r:he::is ~li~tedl~Uly fl~ b?ev:raledPhnat;: t;fo Sslfse:YnWiollf ;l:iltog ~?me:rt attack while fly ;aO2:~iofnlr CitohOleiC:llSt~h P?rC; ," Sunday continue to be observed disinterested and supe u a . . ' . . " . . ~ . ~ ." " " The Archbishop suffered a dissonant in the context of a The new nations ask for col- . n o~,~roice of the 14 works of le~ltlmate earning for the gralnfhne, O.S.F diocesan supervl-the safety workshop, says Mrs.1 ,h,~,~i~ o~ ~,q ,hot,~; ~i.~ n ] laboration in the economic and as me o.ay o.z u~ ~,? ~ ": 'U~ ~ ' -^~ roducer which re~a-s in add sor of schools Joseph Zoda of St. Charles Inl"~" ~ : ~ (yo.o ~ ).[F.s ~.o ,~,: .s su~,~usc~, ,] technical field " ~ra;~o~ ~i- - ~peaKlng in ~:rencn to more mercy, xne ~nurcn wu~ r~ju~u~ p,v,"1 =,+." ~, . .~,: ~ iq{piane Bringing, him here to at-[nave Been olrecten lo me reve-I ~, ,~es~s~auon worKsnop me morning crime bmmy w 1 nani said "but th~v ~so'a~k~or than 200 bread manufacturers in it and the whole of society quate amount the breadpro-[ itend a meeting of the prepara-[lation of possible points of rap-I a mnr~ ~-,~ ~, ,~ ~h, ,-'~ who h a v e been meeting in will benefit by it." ducer and the seller and which,[, ~ne .~o~ oi, me ~a, ,~e m~cus~u ^uy ~ :'~P~'~.~'ttory Commission for Bishops andlprochement or of a meeting be-] woman in Iooay s woria wm LIVe I.)J. --~|~'UYL ~ll~U U~:pt:~lL ,~uireme~:"of ~:::~,~" ~::~.n:~." Rome for an international con- The Pope also sympathized at the same time, permits each r- -- ;Ithe Government of Dioceses for tween men of the most diversel ~ ~o ~ - +~. v oboen satis with the bread makers in their +, 1 d~ih, +hie i,~i~,en oN,'{de me SUBject o~ me ieaturea menL, ann u~es~mg o~ ca ~ u. ~ +he comin," ,',-,~eni,'al ,- -il I i+,~+i n ~ n ,-o ;*;,s ;. i sta~din~ lo~,alt, res,~ect and gress ~,e .v~,~ ~^v - a . .j v . - -~ '- :~- '---:- -i" u - ~, ~. o -, P' .~ f,' . T ', faction that the question of rest concern to be assured of an food which Christ Himself has speaker at ~ne leglsmuon worK- oeanery:w~e ua~ w ~.uc ~ The Minnesota prelate is ex-]terested in safeguarding thel parucularly oromerly love.' . ~ " SUB mrs Bonn ~ ~ven oi ,~u- plainea oy lvirs. ~smer r'mer oi . . ' The, ("~rAin~l .x,nf tm Ct~ ~xt on Sundays and holidays was adequate salary and also a 3ust taught us to ask Our Father m P' ,~, " ," . . . ~ : ~ pected to be hospitalized Ior]supreme good of the peace of: " " r " rora. znere Wlil also De a panel .-'~gOnqUln. ~ll Lne atLeV~luou C~vh, amon~ the nroblems to be dls p ice for their product. Heaven for several weeks, fall peoples. that unoerstanmng must mspose '- ' aiscussion on "lne t all to Ac- aezense Will ne me SUBject oi cussed by the congress, tion" by Mrs. Wilfred Kenny Walter Gage, Freeport director the mind to equity and benevo- lence, to overcoming aloofness. Loyalty must favor mutual trust. Respect of the cultural pe- culiarities of individual nations entails not only giving, but re- ceiving, for every culture has its own values which enrich the common heritage of mankind. But above all, he said, there must be brotherly love -- a ne- cessity of justice is to be per- fected. Meet the Clergy 2 Requiescant 2 Family Clinic 3 May They Rest 3 Mission Column 5 Sharing Our Treasure 5 Holy Name Rally 6-7 DCCW Page 8 Rural Life Page 9 Doris Answers Youth 10 St. Vincent's Jottings 10 High School News 10 TV Movie Guide 11 Theolog.v for Everyman 1~ Pope Feels Sad, "We well know, and it is with sadness t h a t We say it, that this important precept of the Ten Commandments is far from being observed in your profes- sional field as, unfortunately, in so many others, even in court- SAN ANTONIO --(NC)-- U.S. made his tour to study problems tries . which wish to remain programs to help Latin America to be faced by the program of faithful to the a n c i e n t law are a failure and it is because aid for Latin America developed promulgated on Mount Sinai and then confirmed and made more precise by Our Lord Jesus Christ." The Pope noted that enforce- merit of the day of rest "pre- supposes the education of the public and opportune action on the part of public officials." Looks to Future The Pope said that "all those who have at heart the true wel- fare of man, welcome with all heir efforts the time when Sunday will be able to be truly for all workers a day of prayer, of spiritual repose and of joy- ous and friendly get-togethers in fraternal charity. "Sunday will be then truly the day of the Lord and the day of the family wig.out doubt. they did not include education on how to use materials and equip- ment sent south of the border. This is the view of Father Car- los Quintana after a fact finding tour of seven Latin American countries. Millions of dollars worth of material, he said, were "stock- ~iled and wasted because the !people for whom they are intend- ed are not ready for that kind of aid." Tells of Resentment He sgld this included equip- ment sent by the federal govern- ment as well as by church spon- sored organizations and other private charity groups. Father Quintana, editor of La Voz, Spanish weekly newspaper of the San Antonio archdiocese~ i by the Missionary Activities committee of the U.S, St. Vin- cent de Paul society. He reported great resentment toward the U.S. for an attitude of "paternalism." He visited Ec- !uador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, :Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Must Learn Language "Americans dole out charity as to a needy son," he said. "La- tin America needs help, but does not ask for charity." He also said representatives of U.S. r~lief programs often fail to learn the language of the peo- ple they are serving. "Without the language, they fail to com- prehend adequately the prob- lems, the culture and the person- ality of the .Latin American and Mrs. James Boesen, with Mrs. A. C. Fonder as moderat- or, all of Sterling. These plans were set up by Mrs. W. P. Rock, diocesan legislation chairman. The parish library will be the focal point for the libraries and literature workshop, says the diocesan chairman, Mrs. C. A. Lies of Aurora. A panel will discuss how the parish library can help the Home and School association Participants will be Mrs. Ralph C. Froehlich, mod- erator, Mrs. James G. Connell and Sister Mary Bennet, O.P librarian of Aquin Central Cath- olic high school, all of Free- port. "How Our Parish Library Was Started" will be told by Mrs. Edward Siebert, parish li- brarian of St. Rita of Casein parish, Aurora. Another speak- er will discuss "The Value of nots university will conduct the Newman workshop, according Mxa. J~eli~ J, Wie~ of civil defense, with special em- phasis on preparation for fallout and simple steps for survival. "First Aid in the Home" will be explained by Clifford Stout, Sr. Discuss CCD The morning session of the spiritual development workshop, as announced by Mrs. Edward A. Bartel, will feature Mrs. John Thomas of Sterling speaking on the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. There will also be a film on indecent literature. In the afternoon a panel will dis- cuss "CCD and Your Parish." It will be directed by the Very Rev. Msgr. Raymond J. Wahl, diocesan director of the CCD. Others participating will be the Rev. Emil Falcone, Mrs. Thom- as and Mrs. Gerald Gavin, all of Sterling. A talk on spiritual reading will be delivered by the Rev. James McKitrick of Syca- more, and the Rev. Paul E. Fry of Rockford will discuss the cere- mony of solemn engagement. Plans for a public relations workshop have not been eom- ,l=t L FIRST BVM'S TO SOUTH AMERICA--The first two Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary ever to be sent to South America are shown looking over the continent which will be their new home. This assignment will be the first step in a plan whereby the community will provide teachers in Latin America, following a recent appeal from Rome. From the left, the Sister~ are: Sister Mary Ruth Marie; Mother Mary Consolatrice, su- perior general of the eongregation; and Sister Mary James /mere,