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September 22, 1961     The Observer
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September 22, 1961

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THE OBSERVER PAGE 9 for tens Y l I Classified Advertising Edited by the Jesuit Clerics of The increase in juvenile delin-} ~;~ '~~~{~~'~/>~:.~=~:*~::: =:~z~~ West Baden College quency has been recognized as ] -- I~ |" la threat to our nation's securi-t [ FUNidRAL DIIU~CTORS I~Dg~D~DT IHClllli|llellCy Ity, but what remedies can beI ]~[i|ILl, s-iV|~ll a I i a-on. I I ~ o E 1, J [ Your FTO man has gotten[ TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMI [~r~-~r* ~ve. wo. s-n~]l : I ]back to his collcge life again, solely by increased spending for I /I VOHLKEN I ]and hasn't done with taming/parks and recreational facilitiesl 11001-03 secona Ave.wo. 3-ts2l/l 1 Mf~ho ~ r a,~r~l,qln~ ll,~ha ~ /about thesumme rssoclalw /or for educatmn is a little likel [ MONUMENTS-- ~ULTB 1[ ~.~'~e r~tltln/ [ "' ~ /in the Big City Bet one of his/~. ~ ; .~ ~^ .I / It ~wev,~, ,-.~ to l foundress oi two Catholic col-/~u xo~, ;,~ h~s --,~e,', wi*~/, . I i t~ARKERfl- MONUMENTS II I ~,~,~. moA ~,~ a~ ~,~ll,~ i l ~ v "'/dressing it first We must solve [ RO~aeRT TRIGG & SSh [I AIJams .i-~,Zl l Preepo~ -~s ,~. ~, Sinn interpretation ot the delin-/~ ~.~ ~ t ~ ~ ~ ~ /~a I~ $1rst St wo ~-~u,~ I a ~oth,:eek ~,enre~linSehe ?ouaSn:egi/quency problem that FTO thinks [can Pf'a~m'fl7 ,~}/be~or":~ju%'e'ni'l; l /~ C,HOLtC SAVV,Se [L ! |you might be interested in. /or; ;n ~ ~,A,~,~ I /0s~ Clothing, Furflltute, Dishes, Lamp || 1 Marycrest college here in 1939[ ]. ,=o 0= u.o~u =.= ~=- Isna el1 household erti lss. In the R~k-[I ~,~ Am ~-- 1 ~ c. ~ t. ; ~ l uur man ooesn t pretencl to IF. r:! :: :::.:: lfOrd store, we here new departmenll| ll-l'lIWAlatl'~K I ,~nu ok. ouSL'ptt junior CO~!ee, c, =11 fh,~ =ncu,~rS. h,t nf ~.~1 . !!:.::. !::: ::i: .::: [~e.flicated to Religious articles. Prices toll L"l~f ~lkl~ll~'lnl 1 nc, w Ntt,m a r-/ol,ht~ o,~ll,~.p I thing he I Let us attack not lust svmo-I :::: : : : : [flf your ,mined ate budget Come n endI " ' ~ ,:,'~ -- " - --::: :::: :: browse around I019 West Stale st Rock [Roofln9 Corn I in Ottumwa la in 1925. Is sure-deh.nquencysltoms,---,but causes as well. Let us::: |~d. n ,urole Ce,holk Setve~ ~) ~I| ,on)/ I ~.~ " .~ . ~, 1roots must oe sou,nt ilrst n me,aim a lar-e share of our effortI i:;: :-:, :::: :i: .:: /cateO el 201 North Lake St,Burrer A--r----J m z I Due was pFeslflent Ol lvlary- .~ ~ " ~:. : :i ::: .:.:: ~,1~ uv~u r.our~r~ crestcollege until her death, fa,mlly--not only there, but hrs!. at the family. All the financial[ :i::i~ [ LADY COMPANION WANTED [I Built-up Roofs I Under her direction theschooll~,mers w}u argueme point wanlaid necessary to strengthenI ~:~ ::'i~] |Wanted: Middle aged Catho~!c woman to[IFRI|PORI AO~msl-161l | nlm his 1s at least a res ectaom' -,::i::. 7:?:::: :: : "~. live in WITh elderly woman. ~ust he oble L grew [rum lts original enroll-I ' . ~ . P . [family hfe should be given to ~ji!i~::.~ ~ leo do light housework and be compen-IL ' | . -,Jposition which we nero present~)ho ~o~o ;t ;),I I~?:.!.:~ ~ lion as well. It interested kindly write or|4Lmmasmmm aa ment o~ 7o to its present enroll-] o" ou ' i~,~ o ~ ~ ~.y, u, u***~,utHtJ[ ~ [~ [Ca MiSS Katie R. Saner, 309 N. F:ourthlf~l~l|l[F~XJ mcnt of 1.105. it y "" [agencies that deal with familyI ~ ~ ]lSa~rrseet, Oregon, Illinois, tor more partlcu-llll~l~l~i:~W~ a problems Our investment in the " , From 1927 to 1939 she was l lll, Banda-es - I /. , superior general of the Sisters ~,Y ~ American family is an invest-[ ~ ~ [~i~.":~:~:~<~~::~:'~Z;~[ tl tiller of the Humility of Mar, Her[ ment in the security and moral ~ ~ /o,~ h~l ~.ta,a S SERVICE STATION ] " " "' I looay's young people navelfi~ .t. l,~+'e ,~ot, a[ ~ ~1 |C~tracts. ~-mcn, ,a onsocutIvI wee~s|l . I two six-year terms in that post/r ~ .~n q I-. n m,~o I ~,c. ut,uz .~vu~. / I st 96 weekly tot tote~ ot $25.4S. /1 tuft ~lll ~o. Products 1 were the maximum ermitted o~ ~.~,~ ~ '"~ ~ "" ~' that investment - contratts. ,ne~. t~ consecutive weeks,7" . P This generation has been given i PLAN BAKE SALE FOR NEW CHURCh--The first ,n a series of soemls conducted by tbe Jumor / s~.~s wee~, ,or s ,e,e, .t a* [I Be Sure ~ tth Pure I by the community's rule. I such titles as "shook-up [ Sodality of St. Stun]sinus Kostka parish in Rockford will be held Sunday, Sept. 24. "A Bit of i" oars to edve~lse! ]1 Phone CEnter 2-2431 | Mother Mary Geraldine was i"beat " and iust ulain rebellious. ~ ~,ZI~L ~k~llllll~[~llt [ Autumn" will be the setting for the bake sale after each Mass. General chairman of the event| ~ ;~2i:~.z~ |l Fifth and State Streets I ~r Maude Ehzabeth Upham]The zooming juvenile crime ratel FTO'seditor when asked this ] is Frances Fatla (front row, center). Assisting her win be: (seated, ltor.)Yvonne Zawlslak, 1~[| Genevo, III. | n ' ' " - m Marshallto~n Julx 18 1882 ~ k~ ' -.' -" : . has alarmed juvenile authorities]summer for some ideas on howl secretary; Patrieia Coiner, decorations; Barbara Zawislak, raffle booth; and Nancy Kotes ", [ s ==~A~ ~ [ ' " ~ne Joined the Sisters ot t helwith its shift of offences fromlto fight juvenile delinquencv,[ treasurer; and (standing, 1. to r.)Mary Dobnick, vice-prefect; Sandra Faron, publicity; and ]Al|~||~l~ [|~lmP~ ~at phmm Humility of Mary in 1899. petty crimes attributed to youth- came up with an answer wiih Sandra Zawislak prefect. Proceeds of the sale will be given to the Rev. Roman Malkowski, [Irmve~vitrs |L~JV~~ p ~[ - ' . / / ~WimF m nul.ll Iful exuberance to sadistic ones]much the same emphasis as this[ O.F.M. Conv pastor, for the parish's new church. (Van Dyke studm photo) |1 I/ , that point to deeper problems, solution by the author of "Only For Service Coil TW 2-3971 Adult Educatton . o, Not eventhehardcnedsceptmlBandages. He recommendedatT = e - . . /I I/I I can maintain a cool composure large-scale family counselling i rLa-|L~l~ MEI?OeO~ ~DD y~Rlal~.--~= Classes to Begut in thefaceofthefactsreportedlprogrambywhichparentsmight! Joseohltes oonsorlng l atlon Wide /I 0. Ill,I . ~r [by a national committee invest[-[get help in raising their children] 1 1 ~ ]l SAND--GRAVEL--BLDG, Ill PRODUCE | /s MATERIAL III anop m rnis ~ost Modern I Ate ewman uct. ,) gating juvenile crime. The re-]amid the hazards of mid-20th 1"1 1 T TO 1 z'n 1 l ~ ~-~ -- -- /I Re 25 North Autoro III Compete .elf-Service Store I /sults of the investigation were so/century city living and by which,'~l~'hd'~|'ld-t I-IIi Th I i ntp lt " |]l 5545 N. Second Loves Park I ~.t~rtt4~ --:. ~n mgnt wee~[disturbin~ to this committee that/t h e counsellorsthemselves] IL.~fllblIIUFIIIL2 lll~i~.l k ~k211~LF~LFI.ILall~L~li.~y ~L,4~U~ ll.~ ~ l~ l~/L ,| program oz ~oult Education will . ~ ~ C3 (d ]It refused to pubhsh them fortmight get to know those hazards] [l~aqPa~/la [~[ 1 ne on.erea, nt xsewman Lentr'm/public consumption. [better and describe them to the BALTIMORE, Md. -- A na-I Five-Year Program Iaugustine rnilip, r. ~. t /Kll/ilVllI /} /t'tVl= DADlg Lamolm n]gn scnoot nere start-t B,~ ,~ NEEDS FACTS'-,~ ~ n ~President of Manhattan colle-e/~rzwtr~wmar's /t bv--~ ~ ss,~ T . . .- t ~.t ,nv . . igenerat puonc, it[on-wide essay contest, wntn COl-i Lne memo WILl. center ~ n el . ~ 'l 1~ ,o, -,i. mgheUe:;LY'am~etc ~. :n sis t s. ofl, pubhshed. . by a. senate t.nvest,gatTI. SOME OF THOSE HAZARDSliege scholarship awards ha slth,nkmg"' of the partmtpants" " on[NewYork, chairman." the Hun-|| |]l JI'WI'I'KT t ~mg committee to connrm wnat]which make it difficult for even[been announced by the ; e r y the effects of segregation andlorame narom ~tevens, assoc-ii TJern,v'e Mi~=v I:nad I t~ El~in-Hzmitton-BWovo Watches I !i~i~e)kn;ig'~2c~Uu~!i!!iii;Y~td Y : r ewide::i:hr~ r~r ~n;b~ ~P ~hr~'n??:sC ~a~lcjet~ t~rPag~ntt~ ~:;erG2 GgecFal O;D~:'jSsSe~tl: d~rIsmcn~t*(~nve ~ ptmh;ntP ~'ttt~J[~:;;e~te2m:U~Ir~h~fie~liSWMR~iikr[I ~;~/mi[et:~:Zuu i l #er)wa~c:;:~it2cnk~ ~Jr,~ 1 ~ . lYOUr newspape -- c, mes y 3u-]teen years are: crowded housing IRe Missionaries, who will spun-]Negro Catholic a n d also the[ ' . ' ',P :L" ' ,-, - ;' i l Centrello Brond Grocerle| I1 - au c~asses meenng llOm ~ to r akin neaannes t~resloent oI me Uatnonc ~cnol11 19 N W " l veniles a e m " g ' . ]conditions unemnlovment and]~,~ *~, *.~t I Caucasian Catholic. The projeet l -II ashington Ave.|l 9,30 p.m. on Tuesdays. The typ-I Formerly a teen ager was ablellack of job security crowded l ]is the beginning of a five-yearlarsh~p Fund for Ned, rues. [| TR )-3O5O B,vio, Ill. ilUM.II:MDV mg class will meet on Thursday[to work into his role of responsi-[schools and sometimes back-] In ,announcing me cont es r,]program. There will be f i v e]~ [| livgnbnunl, nlntu, evening also bility as an adult in the safety of l upen ~u an ~emur ~LUUClIL~; 111I I ! wara ana inezzicient scnool aa- Ca'holic hi-h school aro hiall~ 'Uuv scnomrsmps awaras eacnl n ~,~ ~ - I~lm i ~n zour courses will be taughtihis family. The family, the verY|ministration lack of sheer run-t . . g ~ ~ 9 c :. ]year The awards will be paid[/--rlest aavocates )| Ill u DII?U t tnu ] ' and private rather ~ uea SalU I II Ih, UU~,II ~1 ~)VBI~ by members of the Newman fac rass root umt of socmty, pro -tg " ' ' ' "[ning and throwing space, etc,[,m- ' :lid tide colleges selected by the[ ]1 WELL DRILLING Itl : . I 1me purpose oI the topic ulty. Thev are typing Kenneth vided the security of restraint etc " ' :]winners / Untt ot Clera m . I m P,u~ui,g, .e oc I Sloat public speaking' Don Mc-]for the teen ager along w~th] One author has seen as the]'WHAT IS RACISM DOING TO) The essays are to be between} II . . :. n I)1 Kitchen Aid Di,h he, I ' " ' hose all im rtant in redients - THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN " Auromofic ware, ~ystems Hi thw Gmn: church h.lstory, the l~ev. ! ",- po~ . g ")really basic cause of juvenile de-)AMERICA TODAY" is to stim [800 and 1000 words, the contest[In Ctvtc Causes II TR 9 ,~4, III ,:s ~, t I ~o2r2n~e??U~t;tthe al~:vC~3U:/;:ntag :~~u~::~:~i~RTur~ntL~NW~. lt~nqUesnC:n :h~h~Crhk:: htohmee,Wb~Y u:a~en::teneS~h:mL?gaC:thsOl~]~ithsi~a;,hNe:eCmh% l: 2,W'allnbe:~] V~2RCESoTERp,riMtS~e~ (N?o)]] 3W15,e~-oPuT~%0~It~/~[[ ~:~-I~:~, ~l~i~: ] [ [does not require one) the frus-ICatholics towards their fellowTM midnight Tuesday. E a c h]-- " "11, I~ e 1 atl v we near in the iamuy clrctes It rt g str ons can be made b r r cated that clergymen of all re ," " " -I ;: It at[on felt by the teen ager whotmen in the field of human rela Ischool will have the p ivilege of~ -l~[D~t~||~ is not surprlslng to near anomer senoing your name, address and Isees all the demands made onI "lselectin= one representative es-[ligi us ~aims oand together in[~uF~s ~ e~ [|~V~||s'LLL phone number to Adult Educa-rumble echoing louder and loud-[his talents and staving' r~wer [n ns' [say to ~e sent ~o the "reading[the cause of community con-I|~TN/AI IAKi" I. ~-r :- "'r -""-"" A--*'allin'* as it' . . t---, "l~l " o, |'~=~/~=nl mn=~m,! tlon, care of Newman Central].~ ~u. ~ #; .vv s . ]by a get-ahead status-seeking~ Icollege" designated for each of]cerns; [ [J ~AD~I~V ~ I Catholic High School 1101 St is, our increased juvenne crxme sn,-i,~,v ~n,q ,h~, ~+ ,~ ~:~ /f,~,/ ~ ~ r/%,I+~o fh,* a hlr,~l Th,s[ /'*amer rtooert L nowes, di-~l Ill ~F~,~,-,~. ~ I Mary Rd Sterhng, or calhng r.a!e ~s stl)lunderstandable; Con-(t~'r~e"'l~ecoges convinced he just ~ *t,e .z-at,~,~tJ,ol5 ~tt~ ire; ing o/i .s' *s i;ct'rom/rector of community relations[[ ALTltM:I:,t MIIla un)E I/I LONGENECKER I ~,ist ations be . . " ," " "sa andycatch-D VENPORT Iowa St Am] I I [[~~ made prior to Sept. 26. n*~I::~?:c!olog!sts in fact agree alul;~sme~ fttr::lug what he s not brosA.; college here.will .offer aT? ewil~*Vt~eenS~ayss:l~ m~tte~atho at,?~ts dfi:pgarm:t:?:y has a dou- p~Fp~mlm Ithat the dissolution oz strong " icremt tor courses wnlcn wm ne/the board of judges Announce ~l ~ tm " -- I WHY COULDN T THE DE / " "In e tame m ~t ~amer rmwesll~PI/Im ~ /I 2 Phormaci~s on Duty [ rKl:l:ruK/ . . a ]family life has been the greatestl" ~u-~ u~r~l . .~'iairedby. Quad-City television~ment/ of the 25 finalists will be[staten. "we an" no~ euectivelyll~Lll/,~LigI,mu . I z PhormacistSAtAii Times n Duty [ ) ~4 come up to me on v n wnDr . [single factor in the increase in,i stati s, wu~-~ a (a -/made by Father O'Dea on March lbul a ' -- [I At All Timm i t stanaaras put before him9 TV . . W rK zorces wormng Ior me Sodos----Luncheone I FLACHTEMEIER I1,venlle dehnquency. If this ,SiLargely it seems to me be'[ " . . [19, 1.2. The five winners, one]common good in our communi-[ [] I Monument Works iiw;a e ho Za;d: WheazW;~: witHh mS . emw:rrssewnm yreog; taer ;5 mne cnya e 6 kt annn tocn[uoe m :it;r::d::s mt;ul e:: ][ ROn A bl i~l[CURITYwasthreatenedbyRus-[ ]credit for the class telecasts]standard typewriter will be [-s *--, ~+~-,-~= ,^ a t +l- UI1DTIIAi)Y I/~ mat lace even conscientious par,ua ~-,~,s ~=p=-~= ~,u uy sm s advances in the missile which will be broadcast b the awarded each of the other twen I ' ' " ' " " " " Y - providing no forum for continu- . ents Thm is not to say that,ROCKFORD [race, we poured money, mater[-]. : ]local television stations begin-]ty finalists, ling contact ]1 ey~ ~ ;== ~,e ][ zamny llIe IS as goc~ as It ever I II ll " till I|als and scientists' talent and en-[,ining Sept. 25. 1 x'he ~oara oz nudges Iorl~" I r~.l/ Ik Ill-'--.:. In~ /or into the ro'ect which fin- was, that parents are all to their,r " ~~ ~,m o ) Ichildren that the-"used to be "] WHBF-TVs offering. The/the finals will be made u,l,nr,n^~, i~l/~ a ,~. l ally lliteo Golonel ~neppara Into " , [ ~~':'~'.~ I's,~ace More recentl" con"ress/It is simply to point out someINew Biology,' is being present-|of three m e m b r s w h o[r~l[r~| ]~|~ McForland Office I ~/-- F ~ ~ ", l'.V . . .a s /causes of delin-uenc, that la,ed as a public service by the|have already accepted Father] . ,I 'B mlE |1 EauiDment Co. nas approved pmns mr spenamg he ' " ' II l L/N:u~[~ (~i~t~w " ~'~"N"~' "~EI~- I I1 [-uite outside the tam[b, circle [CBS televmmn network. T [ODeas mvltatmn to serve.l] II ,IAklil l . . . / FURNITURE M u r~ u M ~ N m ~ bflhons for a speed up mlSSlle "4 a,I - - I . li " / ' INew Biology ' which will be/They are the Very Rev Brother,I ~,tlini0tt~ biftm II ,I FILING EQUIPMENrT program to put a man on me I urc ml W I FREEPORT ILLINOIS |) ]~-7~, presented on 'channel 4 from 12] '1 ~ I]l~ll al o427 I '. - []moon wnen our national securi-/ ousan s report card was gooai ] :m ill II/ll m I A II I ~l/AI Iklt~ mi| Rockford, Illinois e. n. ~rown--w. II. urown, uwners .' ) to l~:Ju p.m. iVlOnaay mrougn, ! - I,o, s AO,ms is endangered, we act ln all su~ects except rehglon, Fr;Aay llbe+ ughtbyProfes Enr ll at Lards I I/i IflflkLIi4,/ 1 J. /UUI I3 I, I,promptly~elay is unthinkable, which rated a C sor Ra; Koppelman award win-I REAL ESTATE--INSURANCE I1 , ~- il '~usan,' asked ner father ininina University of Chicano bid- uutsu~4u~, ta. ~ uemert 73 VILLA ST. ELGINr KO~;KI;OKD FKIIqllbl~ I a~ ~IID[D KFMTflHI: DIIRRfD WAll PAIHT []dismay, "why a C in religion?" (che~nist " [Schulting, the son of Mr. and Phone,: Off ce SH 2-I124 I/ ~. / D d ' " Mrs Oswald Schulting, E a s t Re -- nd a dy she hastened to ex e r e h fir t oll e s SH I 1613 I AK ^.o [Iplain "I iove God very much " -Th( se:.i s is t.-e ' s C. eg- Dubuque Ill. has enrolled at. I, SUPPLY CO. I co ill'pl ULU l'llAP1l'L ' don't like ca--- oz me .~lr creme course to de ' be ~ (:~[;'~ THOUSM~OS OF COLORS |If do--but I presented under the auspices oflt:l~in; c:llce:me::::e cH:ur:fll ~- ~ : 214 E. Stote St. i ~ N E W B E R R Y m[tecmsm tests. ILearning Resources institute in g e, ~no II ~ -- Rockford 04"tlllll]l]~ WALLPAPER AND PAINT CO association with institutions ofI Inlel s urug store , BARES BROS. SERVICE Corner Ch|cago ena Sprinl COMPLETE AUTO CARE We Give VAL-U-CHECKS Brakes ond Whee~ Balencinfl TUNE-UP and SNOW PLOWING 1 For Nationally Advertised ACCENT AND VITALITY SHOES See SPINDLER'S . . . At Home So. Galenu ot Iroquois --- Freeport, III, EVERY NIGHT AT 10 WREX- TV Sporting Goods Point ond Hordware 128 E. Stephenson--Fteepert higher learning throughout the country. The college will again offer credit for the NBC Continental Classroom series, "Contempor- ary Mathematics," which is a repeat of last year's series on WOC-TV. This year the program will be presented on channel 6 from 6 to 6:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Further inquiries concerning the courses should be directed to the registrar at St. Ambrose col- lege, Davenport, Iowa. Painting Paper Hanqing Dry-Wall Taping and Finishing RESIDEN'I IAL---COMMERClAL Phone: ADorns 3-1916 841 S. Liberty Freeport AND GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK: SUPERIOR ICE CREAM CO. Wholesale ReteR Churches--I nstitutions--Grocers AP 2-0214 920 LOCUST ~ FSEEPOR1 $tatuel -- Roleries Sick-Call Sets -- Missals ~rayer Books -- Medals Crucifixes SINCE ll|l Reel| ~ 3eweles ~Lmlelele Gem eeef~ obort G, Ckorl4s M. SECKER PLUMBING & HEATING 512 S. Cherry Freepert, III. Diol ADams 2-5316 ATLAS Tires Batteries Accessories Adams and Winneshiek Phona AD 2-8010---Freeport CLIFFORD rHIEL Phormaci~ Expert Proscription Sorvice 161 Dundee Dial SH 2-0482 ELGIN CARPETS ~ BEDDING FURNITURE 218 SOUTH MAIN STREET ROCKFORD, ILLIhlOIS 364 D~visioe---Elgln Dial SHorwoad 1-1400 LAMPS ELEVATOR Sales & Service Williom Lomps 3103 Wollin Rockford Dial WO 5-0626 MODERN DAIRY COMPANY INC. Fine Dairy Products Diol SH 1-2536 ELGIN Blaisdell Street MEAT MARKET KENNETH J. KING, Proprietor Wholesale ond Retoi) Meets 1353 Bloisdel/St. Rockford DIAL WO 3-3313 Everything tot th MOTORIS~ Dial SHorwood !-2577 SULLIVAN'S Men's ond Boys" Weor Sterlin9, III. "'OJficial Boy Scout Store" : TH! WEATHER 18 BAD Write, phone, or come in now for free mailing fonnr . Member F.D.I.C. Federol Reserve System I II John W. Barre~ O.D. OPTOMETRIST 7 EAST STEPHENSON ST. (Over Woolworth's) AD 2-501 i COAL and OIL 24 Kimball St~ EIBin, Illin ts HAYWARD SOUTH ELGIN PHARMACY OPEN A.M. rILL l0 P.M. EVERY DAY We Speeiali=e oute 31 Ph. SH 1.4155 Se. lille in the Filling ot } y0ur d0clor's} CAPONES Fo, rou, Prescriptions I 9h0,e ( WM. L. HOWE GENERAL CONTRACTOR Expert Fitters of Trusses Sin .t930" " Elastic Stockings Surgicol Supports nial SI~ ,-113, 717 Ll~ ]eo ,yd. Italian Food ELGIN Sea Foods o Chieken ilfllII T X"I I'Bm,Wait-R0ss-Allans0n and Pizza FUNERAL SERVICE CO. Served at Table or Carry-Out Prtsrripliot ptrialisls ~1 ~ "Always. Prepared to Perfection" 51-59 Center Street FREEPORT---Cot. E. Main & So. Chicago--Dial AD 2-551S ELGIN ALGONQUIN O0~I liPPLf COIIOa~ ilml ~1. 1823 locust St Storllng A. J. ZIMMER F.~P~k MACHINERY & MARDWARlt Phone EM. S-3228 Virgil, Illinois WOODSTOCK HUBERT PHARMACY G. J. ubert, R. Ph. rai. FoderoJ 8-0434---Woodstock We Give "'S&H' Stemps i ) t