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September 22, 1961     The Observer
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September 22, 1961

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FAMILY CLINIC oth Sexes t % 6 O O k tth Bastc ; 1 1 I By FATHER JOHN L. THOMAS, S.J. [ PEORIA. Ill. -- (NC) -- Thelcommunity is largely unknown Assistant Professor of Sociology ] "110 per cent patriotism" of to Catholics themselves, even at St. Louis University ] many Catholic Americans was[Catholic children," he said. [~. [ s e o r e d by Bishop John J. "In addition to the fact that ps;;:o~o;~cl~?y ~i~f?::n:;raollmy :Sa:;t~t:::U:~lY'e:r~,Ota ~mlYn aP:t Wright of Pittsburgh at the con-|Catholics in,the U. S. are still m Y . ' "1 vention of the Diocesan Coun-considered 'immigrant " even [~ cmamg some priests, tell US? 16 every woman s pnace m reel ell of Catholic Women hers Itho,~,~, +~. ~.~.'~ ~-^^- [i home even it her talents aren't domestic ones and the isn'tI This devotion he said "hasJhere~for'~r~any"gener'ations~'t~ duty hound by children? After studying people around, me l/ been "a source of weakness as|ignorance concerning the lath- S aon t see now mese meornes apply, n m no righting suttrageue] well as a source of strength. Jolic Church is part of the ten- crusading for equality, but =ome of the stuff you read about[ "One of the best thing~ welsion that exists between the ~!!:: womanhood just rubs in salt. [ can do as Christians" said tile barge city and the rural com IT ISN'T SURPRISING THAT INTELLIGENT women experi-[ prelate "i~ d i s c o'v e r what munity in America " the Bish- ~ ~ ence a slow burn as they read throu-'h some of the "stuff ou' " ' " ~, ' " ' " i::~ ::~ ::~i Y ' [ things are wron~, in our country op saio ;::~: ~ : :~ii:: ::: mention, Betty, yet you'll have to admit that not all of it is[ so that we can improve them p.i.+= n,+ ,ro.~; ::i~,: written by men--women have contributed their fare share el-[ and bring them in line with[ --.~- ~f.ons ~? ~!~ i~ ther by trying to ignore real differences or exaggerating the[ God's will. It's not a Catholic[. 'Ws me tension that existed + m ::::: ii:++::i mystery of the "eternal feminine". No sane person can denyl CONSECRATED The Most position, it's a pagan pesiti nlb'etween'Amerma -- ex,l ned'AlheSmlthaian-dEv,rural ~ :: ii+~ that men and women differ in many significant ways. Our per-| ~ to say 'My country right or[,p . en = m~ ~+~:::: ennial "roblem is to determi"~ "h ~ t.^ : ~, .~ ~ ~ = r nev. uommne uosexa, u.r.~ toctay t n e situation persists NEWLYWEDS COMBINE THEIR FAMILIES---With their combined 18 children looking on. a ] ences, their nature and degree, and their practical iml~lications| msnop ou.Jatan, t~raz, ann a tsmce rrotestantlsm is largely widower w i 10 - - native of urooKlyn, N. Y. was ' AlmOSt unknown rural--Bible belt' Catholicism ho s father of and a wMow who ts mother of 8, were married nn the hlstortc mls- m our lives. I 2 [ ' sion at Carmel, Calif. Navy Chief Warrant Officer Francis Beardsley, 45, with his bride, the [ FEW HUMAN PROBLEMS HAVE OCCASIONED more discus-| consecratetl ny bishop I~ryan Bishop Wright said it is as-[is largely urban." J MeEntegtwt of Brooklyn on tomshmg that for all the pub B~sho Wrs h x 1 r former Mrs. Helen North are shown after the ceremony holding Teresa Mrs Beardsley's ~ion or received more varied solutions and judging from the/ ~ . . " " -[ " p "g t "1 ust ated an youngest child by a previous marriage Beardsley was left with 10 ehildren'last year when his l past "the battle of the sexes" is destined to continue as long[ t.nurs~ay: ~ept. 2I.A meaner licity it receives, "Catholieism]uneritiea1 Catholic tendency in - . . e[ the Holy Name rrovince of is almost an unknown in large terence t "su +' ' wife died after a brief illness. Mrs. Beardsley s former husband was ktlled m a Navy jet bomber ] as there are men and women living this rode of heaven Of[ "r [re o per-patrmtm " ",/ r anelscan tamers, ~isnop areas of me ~meriean com-lnrvanizatinn, current in the na- crash. /course. some poops +eex mat me wnom controversy ]s reaHy~ Coseia's Diocese covers an munitv " 17, [much ado about nothing Obvious differences do exist, and we[ a ": . [tan. -r-= /may as well learn to live with them. Let men be manly and[ ~r:r~~u=~ and,; ns]~ su ~our-m-m' ~-t-aSo- -="g-tas-f~e-w- ing~'ernaps" crony rets me.act mat=no ptaceotO~stress:l "YOU, ll can always get more "11 '-=-=1~,I -,-~ ' -I- -,=-" l B ,-~JI-Jl-,-~-=,~ r I ~ ~/ ~/[ ]women womanly, and be done with it -rlests I "t r [Catho'c~ than Protestants to TI !111 ~ Ell II~ g/igl" / I I a ~ ~/I~,~n~ [ THIS SOLUTION HAS ONE DRAWBACK--it doesn't solve any-/, p n t s 1~ sonnel, Catholicism In the .~merlcan/join an organization looking for "" |thing. What does it mean to be manly or womanly? Every so-| ~ ~|the impeachment of Earl War- WBBM Channel 2, Chica o mo,day, Sept. 25 Friday, Sept. 2r ren ' he said. "Any su r- ' g [ 4:05~ovleS~atinee"CryOanoer"BJl~:10 Movie Matinee "Shi,ld For Mur0er"[clety tends to develop its own deflnmons m the practmal order,[O/7 l~m l~.r-=.r.|r-~.~-= r] l~ J. ' Satur lay, Sept. 23 Tuesdl,S*+t. 2+ " ~ a "o " .- ~ ~ o -.- + --.~ o. o, ~.a l 1' l~Jtlll lUtU acnul.ll o o U.p e r patriotic organlzauon 3.oo The BaH" Show 'Wove Th" Neig~ I +'0S Movie ~ ~,+~e+ "Steel He,met" I |ba+ed primarily on the roles that men and women are expected} l~. I~IU U 1.PlU~q::;~l:~ I ~ " " that wants me united P~ations bor ~:. - " u I ~-un F "+a [ WISN, Channel 12, Milwaukee |to fulfill m marriage and the family. Because the allqmportant| I :~unoay, .'>epl. . r o y ~ep+. z~ a k r KICKeO OUt OI ~ew ][OPK Will +0:, +h o Show "+ +.++,or ", S.o, +e.+ I Salurdsy, sop 2+ It sof ben mg and rearmg children necessarily involves soll :ne ll .'l I + l General" A-I I James" A-II I 1:00 Saturday Cinema "River= End" A-I/~.- ~ t .~ : A : . . J .t .-. ; /J-all.l L ~ULLL~J~LI ~ll.L.ILJ~L~l~l.~ ~UaUIII~----ID /always IlnO a ,~r~;~ nUL.U~r u~ 12:30 The Late, Late Show "Sealed Ver-j I "Mr. Moro's Last Warning" A-! |tttu~ t= u)- a I|lC:lllltu WUI||all ~ I~|l~f~y, tnu~rtat, axlu tithe, 1 Is| ~ |("=fh~lin ,'.vanLre onino mrn~nrl c, ct" A-, WITI, Channel 6 Milwaukee Sund~v, Se~t. 24 no! surprising that we tend to think that "woman's place isin D I Monday, Sept 25 . J [10:I$ SACRED HEART PROGRAM [ UBUQUE, owa--Lorascol-I Commerce course enrollees|collecting signatures You can 4:30 The Early Show "'Tms Man 0s [ SMurday, Sept. 13 110:45 The Big Movie "Heaven Can wsw'/the home yet th~s phrase has meant many different thmgslle,e here has announced the en I r " ~" ": ~ ~"- |alwa--~ "e" ~o"n- of r'ath"Fcs to News" A-II J12:30 The Early Show "The Golden J A-II /and clearI-- tells us little about wo ' a ! ~ -|a e: L~.Ullllt~tll 3.111lU.rl ~ 5Ugl UL IYLV./ .y~ ~ ~ 4 aua ~ u t 10:15 The Late Show "Temptation" B I Fleecing" A-I I Friday, Slph 29 J Y man s n uve ability ns corn-/ I - .-~ ' / ;t= ;.f,-= th=, r~oa'Tino= ==L- Tuesday Sept. 26 ] 6 00 Fi ms From the 50's "On Dangerous]10:45 The B g Mov e "Des= nat on Tokyo"/nared with a man Iroument oI z7 stuoents from me ano Mrs. francis Aimone of Ro-/ + +" ", " 4:30 The Early Show "The FeminineGround" A-II A-I ~" " ~1 . ins what the Foreign Policy AS- Touch" A-H Ill:00 The Late Show "They Were Expend-[ J PAST DISCUSSIONS OF THIS PROBLEM reveal several eom-[Di cese of Rockford from amon~,chelle, and Delbert Schultmg / n 10'15 The Late Show "Texas Lady" A-Iable" A-I W ' SoclaHon IS QOI g. Thursda set 28 REX, Channel 13, Rockford e adults Second, there ]s the xmphcit assumptmn that the a freshman class of 450 head pa rat sm not pa 12;30 The Late, Late Show "Courage of/ Sunday, Sept. 14 / .|men sources of error and confusion. First, there is failure to] son of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald~ Lassie" A-I I 9:00 MASS FOR SHUT-INS I Saturday, Star. ~:/distinoui=h be-,e=n amor ~+; ,~ ~. ; 0+,~ al Of the 27 diocesan students 15[ Not Patrioti=m at All Wednesday, Sept. 27,4:30 Picture For A Sunday Afternoon /ll:JS Pajama Playhouse "ComrodeX"/ .I ' r [ ng OZ .l~,as[ LtU uque. 1 4:30 The Early Show "Magnificent,"Follow Me Quietly" A-II / A-II . - ltraining and those rooted in nature. If boys and girls are raisedlare taking liberal arts courses J Th r- ---'~:--" "These little t h i n g s, you UOIJ" A-ll |11:00 The Late Show "The Road to Mor-/ Sunaly, I~lpt. 24 / 1 'l u urn: ~ v-. uuluat stuuem|know are a kind of si"k in the 10:15 The Late Show "So Evil My Love"I peep" A-II |10:15 $ACREO HEART PROGRAM /c]Herentxy, and mey usurmy are may Will reveat olHerent traitslo pro ,ot ~, o ~;~elo~tlr ~l t A I [ ", ~" " " " A-ll Monday, Sepl. 25 Tuesday, Sepl. 26 ~ . e xs ~eram ~ asper, Son t " i triotlsm +. o I,:++ +h. s.ow " o.r+ o, +o-++. +.oo r ", * + I ~ " -. l;es 2are enrolled for commercel + ,-, o, 'Z .~:30 The Early ~how,~Esc~e:' A ~-II / ~2e'; A-I Wom~'~A-I1 /male represents the most adequate expression of human nature |:: : .~~ + + t.; i my ~.t+pcr ut I ~ " .+: a ' ~+ ~ -. ~: e ~$.~ o.o+ "'~.oo~ .m ~ ou,". e es~=v, +e~ . . . . . v,--o ~ o lo~a,nt, pre-, '-estion " 12:30 The Late, Late Show"Ramrod"A-II| A-II |11:30Academy Theater "He Hirld the /llence, all oitlerence$ are evatuateo on tne basis oI tnis as-t ~. . ~, . ~rora. n~ Friday, Sept. 27 Tuesdly, Sept. 26 Boss" A-I n'teQiCal SUDJeCtS. - 4:30 The Early Show "Birth of ~he I 9:00 The Early Show "Glamour BOy" A-I/ Friday, Sopt. 19 /sumed ideal, so that whatever does not fit the defmltton of whatV ]~ I The Btshop urged an mten- B~ues" A-I /10:IS The Late Show "Suspicion" A-II |11:00 Playhouse "The Harvey Girls" A-II Jls m~ PNlino i~ ro~nrdar] nt~f nnlv =a rliff~r~=nf h+~f a~ |nf~rlr=pJ Liberal Arts I ~ ~ Isive increase in the study of 10:15 The Late Show "San Francisco" A-I,Wednesday, Sepl. 27 |12:40 Pajama Playhouse "Dark DelusiOn"I ~' J ~ . .-- Ih't'~Pf~r Haww-a American history by American 12:30 The Late Late Show "Beyond the| 9:00 The Early Show "Marred Bache-| A-II /or worse. / Llnera! arts stuQents are: .~ ,~,~,-v =~vu=,~ - Blue Horizon" A-It toe" A-, " " Ja e Buff r d r "~ Catholics especially to under- ]10:~s Th~ La~e Show "Ou~ of th= Po~t" [ WKOW Channel 27 Madison / ~ET THE BIBLE TELLS US that God made man male and[, m s,son of M . an M s.I [,- :I:h:: C~,;~:a;:lss::~,e:s~Mo??:: n I+:0~ ;~,;~vr~+ov~v s'f~'~'t'~ av H+s 1,0:00 F,nf,:~'::~iV~:+'~!: j~al:ma;:: t~ #oi~;' ,~h:ged;~fd/ik:3:S:te2;:oandh:ome:ta~l~h~lSeeBeU.ffs:nf oA~ir? aThO~;sS]Ei~t!t:::::~::;:;*a~fte~U~ ::t~.lii?:dnAmumiiie:u~Yt~i~s~enimt;a:!h~ 10: Forest~, |10"15 The Late Show "The Three Musk+|10"30 The Sunday Movi~ ';$1romboli" as a procreative couple and are consequently ~ Donald Flece, Galena; Dennis ' I g * ,0:+0 THE t~+~%~oS~'~'R~4 I eer+ ~i V, ,r I +'00''n"~=OTr::%=~."~, |not strictly comparable. Third, there is failure to note that al-IH'pmen+, son o+ Mr. and Mrs. Idayma YSr% '"teco :'h ent"] oth:rwh~l~gt~3: :(sad==i ::n H:00 Encore Theater "'Oh Suzanna" A-II,9:00 The Early Show "Yellow Jack" A-I 110:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS /thou~'h sexual differences are distinct and r~rmeate a r~r.IJonn niemenz, .~urora- nones " i,~-u + + ~, 10:35 Theater Three "l Dream of Jeannie"I10:15 The Late Show "The Uninvited" B |w:2s The Late Show "Follow the 8oyi" |~,~ ~ ~+| A t.~; =. ;AAh ;n, .~ a ~".~;,o~ ;,~. [Hasken son of Mr and Mrs. t. Mary, Galena--Eighteenth]it an authentically American "" " ++ "" da after Pe Friday, Sepl. 2r " WedneSday, SopL 27 ' ' Ed Ha ken G lena" Terr H n- Y ntecost. Icl~aractertstlc. ~0:30 Thea,er Three "W f,he Nor,hi WOC, Channel 6, Davenport |~0:2~ The Late Show "Sack From E,er,i.|ably m the degree of masculinity and feminimty they actually|! . .s a . . ~y e Country" A-I'" t Saturday Sop! 23,W" A-i I,~oss,s~ sn thatsex rel=ied intellectual or emotionaldiffer IKet ot Ulxon: -lnomas ~. riol- ~ m I 10"50 "Killer McCoy" A-II' Thurl~ly, Se t. 21 x" ,~ ~,+v - ~-* ~ " . h ~ land son of Mr and Mrs W:Ibur WNBQ, Channel 5 Chicago / " Sunday, Sept. 24 /0:2ST e Lave ~ho~/'~ii'lsbur0h" A-II |enees are very difficult to assess in practice. Il- -' . A I A V IA ,o 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH PriGiy, I~el~. ~ HotlanQ warren- ~icnard ~oo~), Saturaav, 5eO! 23 1115 Premiere Perfo ce "The S,v.hO:25 The Late Show "The Great zi -| IN THE LIGHT OF THESE OBSERVATIONS, Betty ~t should|J," 5:00 Matinee at 5 '~Drangonfly Squadron"] erlth Cross" A-H / Field" A-U I~ clear "t-a+ ther'- ;o "o sound basis f"r "+'akin" dls'-aram"'ls n of Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Koob, -- 8:00 S Aa~rday N!0h.t At The ~oyies "Howl[2:00 Movie ~ ~dn:e~'"Sl~Lo~'$' a / WMTV, Channel 33, Madison,ompariso s ~betwe~tl'~n and wo=n in re;ard ~o their inte~-lAlg~ nquin:.Paul McCa!frey, son MORRIS J. LAR$ON ro ~arry ,~ ~ittionaire" A-H 1uelally, sept. 26 . ot Mr ano t~rs P'aui ,[~cuaI- 10:10 Movie 5 "'Attack" A+II |u:10 Movie Matlnee "~ake Haste To ] SUnday, Sept. 24 |lectual, emotional, or psycholog!cal diiferences. Not only do[c +" ~ Sunday, Sepl. 24 / Live" A-11 |12:~0 FaONTIERS OF FAITH I; -1+ ; 1,ol o.n ~o re,Tor =tao~o~h, i- ,ho; o+,ro+l~rey, amooy; jt~wt~t~tt 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FA,TH r Wednesday, Sept. 27 u n~.u+v~,-~a~ ,t * ,~,~ u - ~ ~ """ "~'~' ~'~ " ""'" "'"'" '" " ' " Di " -" --" " " ' " " " 1:00 Channel 5 olayhouse "The Green |12:10 t~ovie Matinee "Johnny Gultor" A-Ill WTVO Channel 39 Rockford /abilities but we know too little about the conditionin~ effects| Also Denms P. 0 Sulhvan, son amonas I~l$1n watches Jewetr7 =repair=hi 10:]5 A~loO~ 5A;llhe Sharkfighters" A-ll |]2:]0 AAovieTMhaU~in~Iffff"R$~e~f'P~oSny"' A-I Il ' SpJurd*y, Se~]~,23 |r,f early' instruction and'training to hazard any generalizationsl f M~ and Mrs,Albert O'Sul]i- 235 W. WILSON ST. " BATAVIA 1 t~rt~un~r~'~' ~ II e| in thin rn~H~v M d wnm~n tttor~ tt~.t~'n~tt fn ht~ f. mnnn Ivan ~etvioere" lvdcnael P Rey- Phone0 Off TR 9-1534 R~ TR 9 ~547 " " "U "" ~"! 24 .+, o --,+ . ,+ m O.--r---.'-- ' ' " " ' " " ]u:+0 m~ONTS'+~ IV'oS+A'T"l icns and helpmates in a procreative partnership, and it is tl In Ids, son of Mr and Mrs. . ~,~,~ ~ |110:30 Davis Feature Theater "The Eter-lr,nmnl~mant=rv numlitles -eeAod for =u~'c-ss and hanniness inl~ames ~- tteynoKls, .~urora; II, nal sea" A-, I'thi" '~p'a"~n'er"sh~ipt;;;" sho'uld"l~e stressed~ rather than odiouslPatrick R. Sullivan, son of Mr. THE Rexall ~TARE - I~. ~'"riso-s tr~ ~ land Mrs. Francis Sullivan East =v I/ t'lan I ~:ullll~ t 11 TA ~t. Potluck "THEORIES" YOU MENTION are not nlylUUUUqU 'lson oIMr and Mrs.J A o. ,-~n u tuuy St~dth, Jr RACHIELLES PHARMACY 9 irritating but i armful, Some people speak of woman's "intu|- " " ' ' - " "'o li" ' f o "h ar'" a " a Polo' Charles W Tusssing son Corn-late Buildin- Service ~ 1 11~ . tton" ana man's "rau na ty', o w man as e t na m n . " . ;.; 'm 12 E. WILSON ST. BATAVIA I* I~, f Of Mr. ano Lvirs. WUDUr ~. lus. t aru rarer + head,almost as ff they were describing quahtattve dff or- ,~;.o n,t~f a, r'~o,q ~ U,-o] PHONE TR, 9.1400 . MT. MORRIS PHONE 4-4716 ~ :ences in two distinct species Yet women must also develop ~: ?';'~' "~'~,="~" ;;: ::='" ~ == m ~ ,-w~,JJ ~ I r~#~rr, I rr~v.~.~+ os llPa is will entertain prospective obIP'ations to societ" .- ' I "1 1U1 all(] lJ[~I~.L~~l:lOD~nO members at a potluck supper in ,~ ~" L~alena. " .+,~,--.~--,~" "*,e c~ur0~ ~, ++t ~+ a, 0~0 oo+ I "Th+H~7~+~Fm ~OUR Ghildr." |1 P" : o-,mrtunitie, for education many annarently feel that they can Ecclesiastical ;I IOE~ : +"+" ,p m Mrs Paul Eytalis is en "~'~, ~-r r [ ,~'r, I INFANTS CHILDREN'S SUB.TEENS ' II " ." . ." -- . g "ge, by on native "intuition. They go to school not primarily Taking ecclesiastical courses I Boy s Stzes To e~ e 8 Y rs era~ cnmrman ^ representauve man' o i o sta are Ronald J Z]ehnsk: son of I Boy', Si=el ~.~ To 8 Years I ": ! to develop their talents but to "g t a '. Acc rd ng t - : ", I ' I Marian Miller. Owner |ltrom tne ~octm ~ecurxty o~nce ,~ ~. . L .i. Jose.~hine Zielinski Rockford" I 4 ~t. WILSON BATAVIA PHON| TR 9-5343 I PHONE 44816~ - MT MORRVS Ilwill be - st " . u.ucs most are successmt m me pursut~,yc~ wxmt m~ t. y v ' ' tw,: |[ . ~ sue . ,spea~er,ana a prepared to contribute to the marriage? Howard H. Hornburg, son of Mr. |~ ]~a~o~ljur m ounco ann carets DON'T BE BOTHERED by the theorists, Betty. Develop and and Mrs. Elmer Hornburg, Au-I wr~r~r~ T~'~J~Iff" I S " t w. ~ use all the gifts that God has given you. If this isn't considered rora; Stanley M. Harrison, son I Johnson Funeral Service VVli P/Vq l h. ,ocle y members wm,reee~ve "womanl," then there is somethin~ wron~ with the definition of Mrs. Catherine Harrison, Am-I |nosy ~ommunion in a pony at ,~ ~ ' o, ' bo," L--,-en,-- w M-,Ti~s=, / -- " -1|7"45 a m Mass ~c+ 1 wh~'-h wm for t o~t gave you your tatents to De usea. ~ .-' "--J, I1 . son of Mr. and Mrs. William R : I RAK followed by breakfast in the (Father Thomas wd! be unable to answer personal letters.) IM "sse "I 9 so. BATAVIA AVE. I JLJrq./JLff - ~UCLICUY~I~IU II I I orrl y, ~mvoy; vncnae, J~,l Crane Funeral Home cnurcn nm~ w~tn a guest speak I II "l ~Metras, son of Mr. and Mrs. 'l I ll~f~Dll~ ~:~&l ll~ I(or. tl THE PIZZA KING I[Lawrence Metres, Woodstock; I 222 E. WILSON ST. I UllUIJ ~/-~r ~ II Tuesday, Oct. 3, members willll ~~+e Rest-Now Toth~ Best I[Francis J Murphy, son of Mr I I - -- " I|have their annual fall card par- I FLqH FRY EVERY FBIDAY I]and Mrs " Roy Murnhv. Rock: I NORMdlV E. JOHNSOn], Owner 1 I~'here you can save up to $500 on I[ty in the church hall at 8 '-m Jl ~2 2~ . L.-.-. l/. . ~ ~ 5 "' . -- v. " I I l'l~lil~,4k:'~. PI'/'/& X:, |- 'l-~ll I I|mro; X~oDert n. lvimer, son o~ OJJice 9 So. Batavia Ave. I a New or Used Car. I|Mrs. Edmund Pearce is general I ~'~'~"~'~.~ ~ = "~ '~ +. ~ I]Mr and Mrs George J Murphy tl I "Where Cars are Sold at a Savings |jchairman, and her c~mmitteell "~',~~. ",~ I/Sterling" ~rt F Smith, TR 9-1491 TR 9-1487 1 and Serviced to Satisjaction." Ilincludes Mmes. Thomas Guzzo,1 Iof Mr. and Mrs. Ru~tolph Smith, tl BATAVIA I FORD FORD TRUCKS FALCON I[P e.t~r De1 Pra. l~ y Murray,|~~jCrystal Lake; and William 1 lxzU~vv.a,~lnUrrttr- II~V mnaetgan KennethU m'cn'Gmrsch," ~nomaSRobertnO.l~lShcwartz, s,~- of Mr and ' ,[, = :.LLEe e -- := == " '- =: 1 237 Throw, St I+'E r 2440 II. ' II ~c d ~.URETOR SERVI,IIHarry Schwartz, Aurora. p r ' -- v- ilxtowe, ~yron hogan aria Mataew~l I~~ r~ / Woodstock, Ill. IIZordon The public is invitedlI ADAMS AUTO PARTS I+-* ",t~-r~ I ' II [, hti r, may be p=ch.edll ;T= iL;,h II WoodstOCK - I II II -- 'h ;,0- II.:: + T u FRED J. HICKEY I II'l P.IM I iiw ,- xup llUllUl- Reol Estote I II "'"" " " " IIn Golf ;rourney FARM[~---HOME,%--LOANS I/I I/l~ I, ROCHELLE -- The Woodstock Phs. 896 & $~.W.I~-417 ~th Ava.--Ro kello t MILLWORK HEADQUARTERS For 94 Years N gM IMgR , KIMBALL AT N. GROVi ELGIN ', V00DSTOCK . . . Only A Bank Can Serve Your Full Financial Needs THE STATE BANK OF WOODSTOCK Continuous Bankini Since 1889 Member F.D.I.C. IN WOODSTOCK Refrigeroto & Freezers All Makes- All Models We Deliver Anywhere Kelvinotor General Electric RESIDENTIAL -- COMMERCIAL- INDUSTRIAL BUILDING 1133 $o. Fifth Street St. Chsrles JUno 4.0296 iii PARKER'S BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. SELF SERVICE THE IUILDERS SHOPPING CENTIR WHERE YOUR CASH $'s BUY MORE "'It's Easy Parkin at Parker's" LUMIIR ROOFING a INSULATION HARDWAR| A FULL LINE OF O'BRIEN'$ PAINTS GOODYEAR: VINYL TILE COUNTIR TOPS SANDRAN RUGS L MAIN ot 11TH AVE. PHONE JUNO 4-0057 ST. CHARLES council of the Knights o$Colum- - bus won the four-man trophy in the recent Rockford Diocesan Knights of Columbus golf tour- nament at the country club here with a total score of 312. Honors for golfer of the day, however, were split with Jim Besenfelder of the DeKalb coun- cil and Babe Degryse of the Ro- chelle council, playing to a tie with cards of 72 each. The round of golfing activities during the day was followed by a ~teak and sweet corn dinner in the evening at which time the trophies were awarded. HARM'S & TROOP'S "Rochelle's Only Home.Owned Super.Market" FANCY MEATS- FROZEN FOODS PARTY SNACKS Quolity and Freskness Alwoym Builders o.f Fine Institutions $incs 1925 ILLINOIS CLEANERS For Finer Drycleanin$ Free Mothproofing Fur StOrage ond Repair Waterproofing Dyeing D~roperies Ru|n and Cerpets Suedes Formol8 Shirt Leun. dry Specialty 124 Benton St. Westinghouse Frigidaire i WoodstoCk, III. For A ~uolity and LOW COST Diope- Ss vice Call Rockford "Collect" WOodland S-2625 BATAVIA DE KALB AURORA RGIH ST. CHARLES GENEVA ' SYCAMORE " CARY suNcu 1911 100 Borden Street -- McHenry, Illinoii Msmbar oJ Associated Gen+rol Contractort o~ Americ8 i