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September 22, 1961     The Observer
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September 22, 1961

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THE OBSERVER - --- PAGE 5 WASHINGTON BACKGROUND rganizing But Time Most Impo BY NORMA KRAUSE HERZFELD IT IS NOT SURPRISING in an age of organization and tech- nology that economic organization, based on rapidly-changing technology, is unifying Europe. Political attempts at unification since 1945 have generally fallen by the wayside, but national sovereignty has been yield- ed to economic supra-structures such as the European Coal and Steel Community and the European Common Market. These efforts by the "Six" (France, West Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg) have proved so successful, that the "Seven" (Britain, Denmark, Sweden. Norway, Austria, Switzer- land and Portugal), which had organized its own tariff union to facilitate trade among its members, is now on its way to dissolution as its major member. Britain, seeks membership in the European Common Market of the "Six." PREVIOUSLY UNAFFILIATED G R E E C E has just become a Common Market associate. Denmark has applied for membership, as has Ireland whose trade is intimately tied up with Britain. Sweden so far holds that joining the Common Market would somehow compromise her neutrality. Austria, in a difficult position because of her officially enforced neutrality between East and West, would undoubtedly like to join, also, but there would be stiff Russian resistance to suchI a move. Before the "Seven" moved towards consolidation with the "Six," Finland, also occupying a shaky position on the Soviel flank, had hopes of affiliating with the "Seven." Now it seems that Finland, and possibly Austria, will have to remain out- side of this greater European venture because of Soviet pressure. NO ONE IS MORE AWARE than the Russians themselves what a great threat a thriving, united Europe would be to the Soviet satellite empire, and what a bulwark a united Europe would be against communist attempts at political infiltration and division. But even a greater Common Market is still in the future, and the economic organizational problems are for- midable. Currently the "Six" are trying to bring their agricultural pro- duce under common tariff arrangements. Every country pro- tects its own farm producers with high tariffs against imports. To drop these trade barriers gradually without hurting domes- tic agriculture, which in many cases is an uneconomic opera- tion, is a problem requiring the most complicated technical ne- SHARING OUR TREASURE i i. urc Rev. John A. O'Brien, Ph.D. (University of Notre Dame) Do you ever stop to realize how many are the people who lack the sense of religious se- curity and are groping for the true Church? If you do, you will be more eager to extend a help- ing hand to persons tossed about by religious uncertainty and doubt. Because the C h u r c h speaks with divine authority, she provides her members with infallible guidance in matters of faith and morals. Explain this to a truth seeker and soon you will have a convert to your cred- it. This is illustrated in the con-, version of Kenneth Bernard l Light of Kingston, New York. "I was reared in the Anglican faith," related Kenneth, "and attended Bishop Greer school and St Stephen college- both conducted by t h e Episcopal church. While in college I came in contact with the Holy Cross Fathers, an Anglican communi- ty, and entered it. We led a deeply religious life. Disturbing Differences "As a Brother, I would some- times accompany a Father on his mission. I couldn't help but no- tice the radical differences in faith and practice in the differ- ent parishes. In some churches the Blessed Sacrament was re- served in the tabernacle; in oth- ers it was not. In some parishes confessions would be heard, in other churches t h e r e wasn't even a confessional. "High Church Episcopalians considered t h e s e two sacra- ROOFING COMPANY, Inc. Since 1888 ments of fundamental import- ance, but Low Church Episco- palians played fast and loose with them. They built the serv- ice around the pulpit and the choir. I became further disturb- ed by the controversy over the validity of Anglican o r d e r s. Rome had investigated the mat- ter and d e c i de d adversely. Hence I was uncertain whether I was receiving Christ's true Body and B 1 o o d or merely bread and wine. , Troubled in Mind 'Such uncertainty d o e s n't make for peace of mind. I read a number of Catholic b oo k s, such as Cardinal Gibbons The Faith of Our Fathers and New- man's Apologia. They unfolded the vista of a Church founded by Christ and vested by Him with authority to. teach all na- tions. Furthermore He assured her that He would be with her lican study I called at St. Paul the Apostle rectory in New York, where Father James Lantr~" O'- Nell, a Paulist Father, gave me instructions. They drove home to me with unmistakable clar- ity the importance and neces- sity of a Church having divine authority to teach if it is to of-; community as Brother Lionel C.S.C and continued my stu- dies at Notre Dame, where I've spent many happy years. God granted me another great hap- piness: my father also convert- ed from Anglicanism and, after 50 years, my mother returned to the Catholic Faith from which she had strayed as a girl. Never l can I thank God adequately for l all these wonderful graces and blessings !" Father 9'Brien will be glad to have converts send their names and addresses to him at Notre Dame University, Notre Dame, I n d i a n a, so he may write up their c o n v e r s i o n stories. Missioner Finds Spanish Often Very Contusing LIMA, Peru-Spanish can be confusing over the phone, par- ticularly to a gringo. For example, Father James S. Stefaniak, M.M of Milwau- kee, Wis received a call at the MaryknoU parish of Santa Rosa de Lima here from a lady ask- ing if the parish was sponsoring a picnic for "acolitos." Father f p r '-'-" Jim thought she said "alcoholi- -- *.lalilule guloance to 0 " n~ ~ " " "' I[ s a Q aemea ~ne plcnlc era-: memoers, wltnou~ tnaL a per-]~.haticall. son is always on the hot seat P Y'~ ,~ , When tar wu.~. ~ taa~ Beeomp Brother . [she would give her eight-year- ,saw c,ear y now. the. ng--lold son a good spanking for ly- can unurcn nan resultea ~rom aling to her the padre realized historical accident: the Church's[that her son was an acolito, hi- refusal to grant Henry VIII altar boy. and not a member of divorce and his hitting back at]the local A.A. chapter. the Church by making himself the supreme authority in reli- gious as well as in secular mat- ters in England. There are mil- lions of good, sincere and de- vout people in that Church, and I pray that they too will see the light and receive the grace of the true Faith. I was received [IC gotiations and testing their ability of the highly industrialized world to organize its technology effectively. THE NEW SPIRIT OF EUROPE, however, seems strong enough to prevail. It is embodied in the civil servants, nearly 2,000, who run the European Economic Community from its Brussels headquarters. Young men, mostly 35 to 40, they have been tagged "the Eurocrats." Bankers and financiers who used to stick close to their money in Munich or Paris or Amsterdam now meet together constantly on European problems. A "Eurosyndicat" has been formed by some to serve the European Economic Community. "Eurunion" has been set up to handle Common Market stock. European labor, which already had a tradition of cooperation. now finds itself engaged in genuine common problems. Even European-wide advertising campaigns are being set up aimed not at the Frenchman or the Italian, but at the European. EUROPE IS ALSO PROUD of its joint scientific ventures: Euratom for the development of atomic energy, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the European Organi- ization for Space Research now in the planning stage. As Europe moves towards economic union, it must develop the necessary political institutions and bring a new generation to political power. Appropriately enough, the new generation in Europe has already come to power in business and industry but in politics it is held back by the aged leaders of World War II. The transfer of political power, particularly in France and West Germany, wiI1 not be easy. Once the Common Market admits Britain, the way will be open for members of the British Commonwealth to come in. Former British and French colonies, the new nations of Africa, could band together in their own African common market and affiliate with the European group. AS THE TRADE BLOC GROWS, it will be very difficult for the U. S with its vast foreign markets, to keep from making some kind of arrangements involving a certain amount of eco- nomic union. This may well bring in Latin America which even now is being moved into the U. S.-Europe orbit by the Kennedy administration's efforts to draw Europe into aid pro- grams for Latin American development. The Far East and Southeast Asia are now planning trade blocs of their own, and they, too, will find that regional ar- rangements are only a halfway house in a tightly organized world under population and technological pressures. WITH THIS PICTURE IN MIND, it is possible to be optimis- tic about the chances of the free world to organize for growth and survival. This picture spreads over a long time scale, how- ever, and its fulfillment depends on the free world being able to ride out the nationalism of De Gaulle, the Berlin crisis, the i dangers of the arms race, and countless crises big and little which will be manufactured by its friends and its enemies. Above all, it must pursue its own objectives for their own good, not out of fear of the Russian empire. Fear has worked well thus far as a goad to common sense and unity, but in the long run it would produce a twisted or- ganization and a shriveled spirit. (Copyright 1961, The Cathoic Reporter) LERGY III I THE REV. ALFRED P. KRUK, assistant at St. Mary parish, DeKalb, was born Jan. 29, 1929, in Chicago, the son of Joseph and MaD" Kruk. After attending Holy Trinity high school in Chi- cago he studied at Quigley pre- paratory seminary, Chicago. He studied philosophy and theology at St. Mary of the Lake seminary, Mundelein, and completed theologocial studies at Ss. Cyril and Methodius sem- inary, Orchard Lake. He was or- dained by Bishop McNamara in St. Joseph church, Aurora, May 26, 1956. His first assignment was at Christ the King church, Wonder Lake, and in January, 1958, he was appointed assistant at St. Joseph parish, Elgin. Father Kruk's next appointment was as assistant at St. Peter church, Spring Grove, and in June, 1959, he was named assistant at St. Mary, DeKalb. in her teaching mission even to Plain folks but plenty smartl the consummation of the world. Gromps heads house-IIi| hold of 3 generations --III Everareens--- Bulbs Roofing This assurance was sadly lack- all with ideas of their III ""='~="'---""'~ Acoustics ing in the Anglican Church. own Walter Brennan stars. 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That the Arab world becomes daily more en- gulfed in the Communist conspiracy should be equally evident In recent days we have had word out of Egypt and the Sudan that the Church there must await only more restrictions, more per- secution and more material and moral harass- ment from anti-Christian and openly Commu- nist individuals and forces. Equality Violated President Nasser of Egypt, although claim- ing to hold a neutralist position, allows his gov- ernment to treat the four million Christians (Catholics and Orthodox) in his country as second-rate citizens. The rest of Egypt's people (20 millions) are Moslem. In Egypt Catholic schools must employ Mos- lem directors, where more qualified clergy and religious comprise the staffs; the pupils must use prescribed textbooks which bulge with Koranic quotations and allusions. Christians everywhere cannot find or hold iobs or receive promotions. Christians who have marital problems easily obtain divorces if they become Moslems. Such a renegade has full rights over his children, while his abandon- ed Christian wife has no legal, moral or fi- nancial recourse. We hear moreover of continued persecution of the Catholic Verona Fathers in the Sudan. There the wearing of a crucifix by the religious or laity is regarded as an insult to the Moslem. Last year almost a dozen Catholic priests were falsely accused of trumped-up charges, heavily fined and imprisoned, and expelled from the country. Call Is Clear One prelate revealed that he walks on thin ice, not because he fails to do more than is re- quired by law and to satisfy the caprices of a hateful officialdom, but because he knows that certain individuals are looking for an occasion to invent a charge against him. Yet these two countries, as so many others in Africa and elsewhere today, do contain major- ities of people whose daily concern is the earn- ing of bread and sheltering their families. Most people on earth are too poor, too sick, too hungry, too busy seeking enough to keep alive to hate and to try to destroy the things of God among men. It is the misguided and half-educated leaders, bureaucrats and aca- demic bubble-heads who swallow the Com- munist bait. As never before, in all our Christian cen- turies, is the call to prayer and mortification as clear and urgent. Our Blessed Lord long ago counseled the Apostles who failed to exorcise certain pos- sessed persons, that such as these are not cast out except by prayer and fasting. This, we believe, is the divine order of our day. r The Society for the Propagation of the Faith 507 Avenue B, Sterling, Illinois I am enclosing my personal gift of I $ for the support of Catholic I Missions throughout the world. I ,I I Name ! I I Address I I City I !