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September 15, 1961     The Observer
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September 15, 1961

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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1961 Clarke Accepts 5 Diocesan Girls Edited by the Jesuit Clerics DUBUQUE- Five girls from of Baden College the Rockford diocese enteredil[1,e ]i Clarke college here with honors/l-l[lgll ][ ellt last week. This is a recognition of t h e i r excellent records in We're warning you: we're go- ling to work this social-work mgn scnooi ana on me t~onegelexperienee for all it's worth. Entrance Examination Board[To say that you haven't heard Scholastic Aptitude test. ]the last of it would be the un- Barbara Helm Rockford a/derstatement' of this year and graduate of Bi'shop Muldoontquite a few others besides. / THIS GARCIA FELLOW, re- high school, and Anne Schwlrtz, tmember him? He highlighted Elizabeth, a graduate of Eliza- the plight of his fellow Puerto beth public high school, were admitted as Mary G e r v a s e Scholars the highest accorded to freshmen: i Mary Jo Carmody, R o c k Falls, graduate of Newman Cen- tral, and Karen Honl. Rockford. i a Bishop Muldoon graduate, and Margaret Kammes, Dixon, were admitted wi t h honors at en- trance The honors at entrance pro- gram at Clarke has succeeded the scholarship plan as a recog- eition of student ability. Schol- rships, which are given to gift- d students who need financial assistance and who make ap- plication for monetary grants, are not publicized by the col- : logo. Aurora Students Awarded Grants LISLE -- Duane J. Buss, Au- rora, who received his bachelor of science degree in physics from St. Procopius college in June, has accepted an assistant- ship at Notre Dame university, South Bend, Ind where he will pursue graduate work in sci- ence. Buss, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Buss, Aurora, gradu- ated f r o m Marmion Military Academy. Another Aurora man, Thomas P. Hettinger, also a June grad- uate of St. Procopius with a B.S. in chemistry, has acceoted an assistantship in the chemistry department of Yale university, New Haven, Conn. Meet ROCKFORD -- The Home and School association of St. Patrick parish will have its first meeting of the fall season Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m in the school basement. Sister Marie Patrick and the Rev. John Regan, pas- tar. will speak. Parents will have an opportunity to visit the children's classrooms, and re- freshments will be served. WOODSTOCK I Franz- Rtchards INSURANCE k ~ .*j Freeport, III. Hail & Eckert FEderal 8-0158 Woodstock, III. Ricans in the Big City by being such a go-getter for them at, great expense of money and comfort to himself. ~i"hcy get picked on, we said earlier: Fr. B the Spanish-speaking Jesuit who went with Garcia on his rounds, told me that he had isited one family of 12 livingi in 2 rooms. A nice family, too. When the reading-class staff visited M i k e Haley's father (the train-brakeman) in h i s third-floor apartment over a store on the big, busy street we asked Mr. Haley what rent he paid. $55 a month was his answel; not too bad, all things considered. "BUT THOSE PUERTO RI- CANS across the street, livin' in the exact same apartment, are payin' $120 a month," ad- ded the perspicacious Mr. Ha- lay. $120 a month for 31/2 rooms over a store! This miserable situation ' is not exclusive to the Puerto Re- cans, although they, b e i n g among the newest newcomers to the City, are most in the limelight these days. Newly- arrived Negroes have been get- ting this treatment for decades. Southern mountain = W h i t e s ("hill-billies" in street lingo) are being "rimmed" by greedy landlords in the area where they are concentrated. (THE W OR D "GREEDY," by the way, is not to describe landlords in general, but to dis- tinguish the "good guys" from the "bad guys" in this drama of people vs. living space in the Big City. Needless to say, there are landlords who take it on the chin, too, from hard-living tenants, from neighboring own- ers who have "paid off" the building inspectors -- or more likely, the inspectors' higher- ups somewhere along the line-- or from just plain young hel- lions who like to break win- dows and knock over garbage cans. Man, it gets complicat- ed!) Leaving the Puerto Ricans for the moment, let us consider the case of the neighborhood council which met regularly at our settlement h o u s e. They were some 6 or 7 men and one woman, most of them people who had grown up in the neigh- borhood and wanted to keep it a nice place to live in. Sitting in on their discussion this par ticular n i g h t (besides your ever-present FTO man) was a "detached worker" from an- other settlement (an e a r 1 y- middle-aged man who goes out to the young Puerto Ricans in the streets and in the parks) and the teen-aged son of the evening's chief complainer. THE PROBLEM FACED by I Woodward Where you can save up to $500 on a New or Used Car. "Where Cars are Sold at a Savings and Serviced to Sates/action." FORD FORD TRUCKS FALCON THUNDERBIRD 237 Throop St. FE 8.2440 Woodstock, Ill. McHENRY STATE BANK Refrigerators & Freezers All Makes- All Models We Deliver Anywhere Kelvinator General Electric Westinghouse Frigidaire 124 Benton St. Woodstock, III. THE OBSERVER the group this evening was the horde of teen-agars who ~were p r a c t i c a lly terrorizing the neighborhood with their night- long orgies of drinking, gam- bling and what-not, and who had threatened with violence any- one who signed a police com- plaint against them. Great was the hue-and-cry raised at this small, informal meeting against t he s e unregenerated members of a newly-arrived minority group which we shall not here name -- "There are good and bad of all kinds" is' the standard, very true obser- vation at this juncture. Loud were the complainings, vivid the descriptions of whatI went on in this certain building[ till the wee hours of the morn-: eng. And when the police were called, the look-outs w o u 1 d bring last-minute warning, and all would be quiet. No arrests had yet been made. What was needed? This meant facing the delinquents in the court room. Who would do it? As matters turned out, no one. OH YES, THERE was one, guy, named Rodriquez, w h o had been unable to come to this] meeting. He had said he would do it, that he was afraid of no one. And there was one other, one of those at the meeting, a broken - English-speaking Ital- ian immigrant (a heavy-set, black-haired, jowly man Who had said that in the old country people would not have gotten away with such goings-on; and we believed him). But what about~ the chief complainer, the man who had the most vivid description to give of it all, the one who knew everything there was to know and would have made the best witness of all? What would he do? What would he commit himself to at this meeting, with his son looking on? "NOW WAIT A MINUTE, John," he spouted w h e n the real leader of the group asked him if he was willing to back up the fearless Rodriguez when he brought in the complaint. "You're trying to back me into a corher on this. I refuse to be buffaloed into anything!" And on and on it went. The bell around the big old cat's neck was a wonderful ida a, but which mouse would tie it on9 The reluctant witness's l:~si- tion was perfectly understand- a b 1 e: he didn't, in his own words, want his "head bashed 'n " ' " I . But until he ran that risk, all his complainings would be worthless toward solving the problem. The hard facts of the matter were as simple as that. LATER CAME the h a r d words: "The trouble with him is," said the social worker on the way out, "he's chicken and he w o n't admit it. Such a tragedy, too, with his son look- ing on," A hard judgment. Too hard? Possibly, Possibly. Sacred Heart ROCKFORD -- The Rev. Wil- liam K. Schwienher, S.J pro- duction director of the Sacred Heart program will be guest speaker for the fourth topic on the series, "Why Marriages Fail." Father states that "mal- adjustment of personality" means a failure to set up a satis- factory relationship between two people's individual characteris- tics. No two people are born who naturally adjust to one another without effort and good will. Copies of Father Schwi~eher's talk are available to anyone writing to station WREX and re- questing Sacred Heart Program No. 441. The Sacred Heart pro- gram telecast by 149 stations throughout the world is seen each Sunday at 10:15 a.m. on WREX-TV. BEER - WINES - LIQUEURS JACK HITCHCOX'$ The House o[ Good Spirits Complete Line o/ Package Goods Free Perking Lot 323 E. LOCUST DEKALB unrral ":m t --Since 1878-- Cornet Of Sixth nna Eleventh ComDtetelv Air-Conditioned Phone 2121 ~ Fulton, Ill. CO-DIRECTORS J. M. Fay Lleweliyn Fuy John O. Seesser BRENNAN CATTLE CO. Stacker & Feuder Cattle available at oll times. We ~peCtalize In Northwestern Cattle YARDS AT LANARK, ILL. Bob Srennen, M|r. Hy. 3-2300 I| I KIRKLAND, ILL. Brennen SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT--Beginning school is a big move in itself, but 12 years of it is a staggering thought. Among thousands making their scholastic debuts last week was six. year-old Richard Sulik of Youngstown, Ohio, who is attending St. Charles school in Boardman. This preview of what lies ahead of him was a solemn moment. i WBBM, Channel 2, Chicago 10:15 The Lale Show "Sullivan's Travels" Saturday, Sept. 16 12:05 The Late, Late Show "The Kensan" 4:30 The Early Show 'Ruggles of Red A-I , 10 1 Gap" A-I Friday, Sept. 22 , : 5 .he Best of CSS "The Egg and I" 4:30 The Early Show "The Derk Mirror" a-, Sun@y, Sept. 17 10:15 TAhlel Late Show "All The King's lU:lO /ne Late :mow "SimDe" A'II Men" B 12:15 The Late, Late Show "Rebecca ot 12"25 The Late Late Show "Hold 'Era Sunnybrook Farm" A-I " Navy" A"I Monday, Sept. 18 4:30 The Early Show "Cafe Society" A-II WISC- Channel ~ Madison 10:15 The Late Show "Only the Valiant" ' . u ~. A-II " Saturday, Sept. 16 12:15 The Late, Late Show "You Belong 10:30 Theatre Three "You Were Meant TO Me" A-II For Me" A-I Tuesday, Sept. 19 Sunday, Sept, 17 4:30 The Early Show "Killer McCoy" 10:00 THE CHRISTOPHERS A-II I Friday, Sept 22 10:15 The Late Show "Cobra Woman" 10'30 Theater Three "Oh Susanne" A-II A-II 12:00 The Late, Late Show "Edison theI WNBQ, Channel 5, Chicago Men" A-I Saturday Sept 16 Wednesday, Sept 20 ,/ . , 4'30 The Early Show "My Own True 5:00 Matinee at $ The Betrayal A.II L ' Love" B Sunday, Sept. 17 10:15 The Late Show "While The City 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH Sleeps" B - 1:00 Channel 5 Playhouse "Circle of 12:]5 The Late, Late Show "Buy Me Danger" A-I That Town" A-I 10:1S Movie 5 "The Lady n Question" Thursday Se t 21 1 A-II ' ",1-55 Midnight Movie 5 "The Gold of 4:30 The Early Show "~renge Cargo' Ne"les" E A-II v Requests Moral, Spiritual Values In Public School ALBANY, N.Y. The state commissioner of education has called for revision of the ed- ucation law, including an appeal for planned programs in public schools for moral and spiritual values. Dr. James,E. Allen, Jr made the call in a 'working paper" to the-state board of regents in which he suggested changes in New York schools. Throughout the entire school curriculum," he said, "there should be planned programs and activities designed to develop in young people a strong commit- ment to moral and spiritual val- ues: commitment to honesty, accuracy and personal responsi- bility; respect for the intellect and intellectual life; respect for the dignity of honest work, etc. "Knowledge and understand- ing of facts and processes are useless in a free society unless they can be related to values." Allen's other recommenda- tions included offering every major foreign language to all high school students by 1970, and a more intensive effort to im- prove reading. (Mike Plesa, Prop.) Monday, Sept. 18 4:00 Movie 5 "Pitfall" A-11. Tuesday, Sept. 19 40:00 Movie 5 "Lost Continent" A-I Wednesday, Sept. 20 4:00 Movie 5 "Loser Takes All" B Thursday, Sept. 21 4:00 Movie 5 "Blackout" A-I WITI, Channel 6, Milwaukee Saturday, Sept. 16 1:00 The Early Show "Billy The Kid" A-I 6:00 Films from the 50s "The Thing" A-II 11:00 The Late Show "Dr. Jekyll and Mr, Hyde" A-II Sunday, Sept. 17 9:00 MASS FOR SHUT-NIS 11:00 The Late Show "Ministry of Fear" B Monday, Sept. 15 9:00 The Early Show "The Penalty" A-II 10:]5 The Late Show "The Velvet Touch" A-I[ Tuesday, Sept. i~ 9:00 The Early Show "Give Me a Sailor" A-I 10:1S The Late Show "The White Tower" A-I Wednesday, Sept. 20 10:15 The Late Show "The Spanish Main" A-II Thursday, Sept. 21 9:00 The Early Show "A Medal For Benny" A-II 10:15 The Late Show "Madame Curie" A-I Friday, Sept. 22 9:00 The Early Show "The Shining Hour" A-II 10:15 The Late Show "The Bribe" A-II WOC, Channel 6, Davenport Saturday, Sept. 16 10:50 Premiere Performance "Reel River" a Suburban Outlets Mark For Trash CINCINNATI (NC)-- Neigh- borhood drugstores, supermar- kets and newsstands are turning into schools of perversion, Charles H. Keating, Jr found- er of Citizens for Decent Litera- ture, warned here. The Cincinnati attorney said the "flood of obscenity" is in- PAGE 9 Classified Advertising creasing steadily toward the sat- ford store, we have e new deoartmenl uration point, dediceted to Religious articles. Prices t tii your immedlete budget. Come in and Profitable Business browse around. 1019 West State st. Rock ford. In Aurure, Catholi Salvaoe Ir k~ He estimated that "it is a cared at ~01 North Lake St business involving about ~2 bil-I---U,o~ ~o--- lion a year," and said obscene jWanled: Middle aged Catholic woman to and pornographic material is I live in with elderly woman. Must he able to do light housework and be a compan- "widespread" in respectable I i ncall asMisswelI.Katielf interestedR. Seuer, kindlY309 N.writeFourth r suburban stores as well as inStreet, Oregon, Illinois, for more particu- bus, train, and air terminals, lars. counsel for the national CDL or- ganization, emphasized that the current crop of obscenity deals mostly with sexual perversion. BROADWAY BODY SHOP Lose By Default "The danger of this type of book or magazine is, in my opin- ion, more insidious than that of narcotics," he told the St. Clare parish Parent-Teacher associa- tion. B ~.~i~.~,e~, : IContraCts, ,/~-,nch, i3 consL,~utve weeklb =H~.I=~=^= u~.= .I $1 6 weekly for a tota. of S25.4S ~* a ~ * . ~s,~= ~,~ Contrac $, t Inch 13 consecutive weeltl~ $3.78 weekly for total of $49.14. FRED C OLSON : It Oeys to edvertisel F['NERAtHOME '/~ + ~-~.~.~ ~':':'*~~! "~: ':~ ~-~1 1001-03 Second Ave. WO.3-6521 ~::~:~ ================================================================================================ [ RO3ERI TRIGG & SON " w ~ 114 ~, Firsf St W O l 4-274t t CATHOLIC SALVAGE l~l ~ll~ USeD Clothing. Furniture, Dishes, Lamps kEg.IN end ell household erticles. In the Rock k k'llllll l He suggested that parents write to public officials and newspaper e d i t o r s making known their concern about the traffic in obscenity. "Too often," Keating said, "people with firm moral prin- ciples neglect to speak out, and as a result we lose by default." i Sunday, Sept. 17 12:30 FRONTIERS OF FAITH 11:15 Premiere Performance "Reunion in France" A-II Monday, Sept. 18 12:10 Movie Matinee "Segtnning Of The END" A-I Tuesday, Sept, 19 12:10 Movie Matinee "Wild Blue Yonder" A-I Wednesday, Sept. 20 12:10 Movie Matinee "The Outcast" A-II Thursday, Sept. 21 12:10 Movie Matinee "Top of the World" B Friday, Sept. 22 12:10 Movie Matinee "Accused of Mur- der" A-II WISN, Channel 12, Milwaukee Saturday, Sept. 16 1:00 Saturday Cinema "36 Hours to Kill" A-II Sunday, Sept. 17 10:15 SACRED HEART PROGRAM 2:30 Matinee "Ever Since Eve" A-I 10:45 The Bi9 Movie "Scudda Hoo, Scud- de Hey' A-I Friday, Sept. 22 10:45 The Big MOvie "Arsenic and Old Lace" A-I I WREX, Channel 13, Rockford saturday, Sept. 16 10:15 Crown Theatre "Woman's Van- geance" A-II 11:35 Pajama Playhouse "Dangerous Partners" A-II Sunday, Sept. 17 10:15 SACRED HEART PROGRAM Wednesday, Sept. 20 11:30 Academy Theatre' 'if Winter Comes" B " Friday, Sept. 22 11'00 Playhouse "Or. KHdere's Strange Case" A-II 12:40 Pa]ame Playhouse "This Is MY Affair" A-I WKOW, Channel 27, Madison Saturday, Sept. 16 1:05 Matinee Playhouse "While The City Sleeps" B 10:00 Fanfare "Monte Carlo Story" A-II Sunday, Sept. 17 11:00 Fenfare "Monte Carlo StOry" A-II Monday, Sept. 18 10:30 THE CHRISTOPHERS 10:2S The Late Show "So Goes My Love" Tuesday. Sept. 19 10:25 The Late Show "Wicked As They Come" a Wednesdly, Sept. 20 10:2S The Late Show "Another Part of lhe Forest" A-ll Thursday, Seat. 21 - 10:2S The Late Show "'All Quiet on the Western Front" B Friday, Sept. 22 10:25 The Late Show "Stromboli" A-II WTVO, Channel 39, Rockford Saturday, Sept. 16 10:00 The Bi~Movle "Passage West" A-II luridly, Sept. 17 12:30 FRONT|ERS OF FAITH COAL and 01L J R. KINGSLEY Complete Painting Body & Fender RepoiHng 310 N, Broadway Aurero TW2-18|1 24 Kimboll Street Elgin, Illinoil WILLIAM J. YOUNG J REAL ESTATE--INSURANCE 73 VILLA ST. 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