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September 15, 1961     The Observer
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September 15, 1961

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PAGE 8 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1961 ,2 [ i i:i:}'.:~:i~:~: f;~i:.~:iii i:!~:i ?i ~;i~':i!!~ .~. ~!i~i ?k~i ~ ~'i~i~}i~i~ ::~:i:i~i i i:~:~:?~ ~:ii:i::d i ~ L J i i~, ~;i~ i ii~!~: ~ i~::; i:: !~: ~: ~ :: ~:: ~ ~ :: ~ .': :~: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .:::: :'~@ ' i ST. VINCENT S JOTTINGS P ~ ' ' = 'l'"]~y r P 't ~,' J I ur eadquarters ~or ~~ I~ ~ID~ Illl I ~~~. .i. " I~t~' / ' : I FREEPORT -- On WednesdaYl Last Monday our Drum and %. p :r ~t} ~] ~' ~~ ~ : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~t!~ / I morning the new school term be-] Bugle corps participa ~ed in th~ I ~ ~,' i~ [~ ~~ ]~[i~~~ I gan with a Mass in honor of thel ~r A ~:~,~r dav,-arade and "" ~.~1~]1'~ l~~'~('~f~J~l~~~ I Holy Spirit. At 9 o'clock thel7 .~yff "' ~" he"'Pa . I ~r ~. ~i,l~~~ ] classroom doors were opened ]m the evening attended t . - ' ' ,',:'~= . ' geant of Drum~" at Beyer sta- ] ," 1~ ' '.1 i~~~', ~~'~ i.i'!~]iii~,~~ I admitting 166 from kindergartenl " J t t '" ' I |i~~ ~1~= i::~'"~ ~J:'i !~t~B~I~I I throuo'h the 8th o'rade Eioht oflmum' ~ne quanty m music anti ,~,~, .L, o s marching impressed the young- ' mEW ~.:::.; ~ '": ~J ';~)!1'"i~~ I our ~rl and four boys enronedl ' . J I|~ !~ . ~ ' ]1~ ~ ~L~]ll I at A in hi-" " 1 the s me/stets and has increased melr qu gn scnoo a For $ WJL ll<l I da, /eagerness to excel corps "~ ~'~" ~ Illl~r ~ ~ m ~ ~ Bill v~ I "" ] appeared again on Satm'day at i = ! ---7 - /Lena and will take part, in the I lne nnal Gay OI vacation was . . . . . -- I ." . . .^ iMexican ~merlcan festival in ,morougmy en]oyeo oy au oi purl . ' .--~ II girls. Father acted as chauffeur]SterlIng next SaturDay. ~, A "1[ 7"~1s ]r T~ir~ll 1/ for the group as they visited/ -- llfi,ZIi lY l/ "t I] O'Hare airport in Chicago, and/ The children all enjoyed a dou- .L~l.~llb~ 2 111b0 1,/~7,10 I ~ lJ.! .! II enjoyed the remainder ofothe[ble feature movie at the Free~ I day at Buffalo park in Algon-lport theater on Sunday. Thanks Doris Revere Peters sion and Mass with you When ords--something you could do quin. We are especially indebtedta~ain to Mr Harold O'Rourke. Dear Doris" " 'he feels like talking answer hisljust as well Saturday afternoon. I to Mr. and Mrs. A1 Spollar forI - ' I met a boy several weeks objections q u i e t 1 y. And, oflDear Doris" the use of their private picnicI --~--- . ago and he acted as though he course, pray for him. Whyt This fall i will be a Inn[or in[ [grounds and generous treats. / "toe ~nge~ ot ueam once again liked me He is a very nice boyldon't you and your friend make] ~ ] I imade his appearance in St. :In- , ~ m~n s*:nuu, ~o sue prumcm m a,- his time cmimm and was going to s u m me r[a private novena for him. tdate to the prom sets in. What II SODALISTS AT CHICAGO MEETING--M[. at. Mary academy sodalists from St. Charles are I This past week we,a peJ, twol hs eof tM~rs~ Eva Steel~ school in my city. He (ives 60 " - " m new Sisters to our stun. ~lster . Dear Dons . . want to know is if )t is all r)ght shown on the steps of the Conrad Hilton hotel In Chmago recently during the 31st Annual Su - ." "- n- Kindly" remember her in your miles trom here and now that Do you think it ,s okay for a/for a girl to write a letter to a] met School of Catholic Action which had as its theme "My Personal Responsibility to God and Cleopha will replace Sister La rs an. summer session is over nas r 1 o n,daline who nas neen translerrea w-~a~ . Igroup of 14-yea -o d b ys a d]boy (former classmate) and ask] Man. The delegates stopped on the way to class to obtain the autograph of the Rev Fahetty, a 1,' I gone home. noum, iorgeLnImlgirls to go to a movie--such as]him to the prom. I member of SSCA faculty and Queen's Work staff. L. to r. are: (front row) Susan Haney, Boa- lto S~. o osepn .nosp:~aI )n ,~tgIn,I ~2 ~ xn t ~mm.nitv of or sn.oulu ~ suu .nelthree boys and three girls? II Wondering ~ hie GaMachc Carol Knes, and Linda Shearer; (top row) Kathy McDonald, Jonell Linskey, ano ~ister Lmrzsune win, give us H~y~ T.-~%-~ -~- . ~w nan m.s own ear an~ ms momer[know my mother would let me1 Yes a letter is fine. Once he~ Monica Mahan and Melody Duffy. /an extra p~::~mneip~g nra2U:l~;[~h:v:r~t:rTrn Ial~]~s~at?~~ le~s nim go wnere ne wan~s so '~o alon~ with this if you saw/~ i me l~aoy . he can come up h e r e. He ~es I wtll -o alona witl~ what-/ accepts you can make mrt ner] pleased thatMiss Clara Hin-[Sept. 21, at 7:30 p.m. '~ " " arrangements ny pnone or let a a " boards at military school andlever you say. /ter " -/IFt ~.~. I Grid bchedules Iderks has offered to teach, ourI they only have pay phones sol Barbara. / : Pllll'J,llll I,iLIIUIIIU lll - ' ll I ]5th and 6th grane untiI Isterly |,lh Nloetllla uoms nevere t~e~ers answers v v ,~, ~. ,~,u,~i. x,~- ~ ~'2 I told him not to waste h i s :. ~' ~-~ ^.~ I " [ v "~ ~'~ ~ [ MARMION--Aurora [Mary Luke returns on Oct. 1. [ t ~ u.~ .~ ~u~ ~ ~p~,~ "~'llotters throu-h her c~l,~-- * o~-~ ' ' dimes in calling every nigh .t~-Icasion: if your parents know] b~ mail Pl^:se an no~'*"'sk ~o;] ~ a "~[ "~ ~ a 1 ~ [Sept. U--Reavis ot oak, t Mar-[ . [ PRO.PHETSTOWN .--,T h e that I would phone mm ~s mlS ~ ~ ,~ ~ ~o ~ ) re,on As the school term be ms we Cathohc Youth organizauon m all the boys and g i r l s, the ' "l "~ Scot. 23 Marmiod vs. Fenlon at Ben-,- g . right" Mother doesn't think so a personal ro, ~o~:~ ~ enln Ol brld 3eason-, on, o~orvo ~ new interest in foot-St Catherine parish and )ts movmyou plan tosee and what[o ]l- D ,sa ,--Norfh Chlca.o at Marm o, ,- - . .' "eg. ]time to expect you home ] It ~.2 [ OcT.'&-MarmionatJoSietCatholic. ' ]ball. Bill Gallagher and Jack O'-lmisson, St. Amorose pansn, . o~t burg uJ ll~g Lauog~ue~. Oct 13 Notre Dame of Nile, at Mar " re ular re.el- If he wants to dove 60 miles think this would be okay. But,t ' [ The 1961 football season for team of Sterling which opens its mion' (homecoming). Rourke have again offered tolErm, will hold its g .-. in date you and you have your[remember Barbara, I said aI -r~z o, . [the six Catholic high schools in['61 season against Sterling high. l o~ft" 2~ -~'aPr~ oc,~Pi~uss ~,M~m~ r"~i at coach our boys each evening, ling in the Prophetstown pamsn parents permission go ahead, lspecial occasion. Fourteen is/ ron i. tan ; /the diocese kicks off this week-lThe Comets, coached by Ed/E'N~ni *7~armion vs ',mrnacu,ate con/This year, even our little boys hall Sunday evemo~g,s ~;oPtl. s~t~, As for phoning him that is too young to begin dating of/ " ]endwith a full r~rogram of grid Scheck will go against their op- ce-tion ~ Elmhurst " " will have a chance to part[el- when all phone mgn .c - another matter Your mother is any kind even group datingA~r~l~ ~Tglgqr~#][l~]rl~t It[Its scheduled'- Five of thelponents with an aerial attack] ~ Ipate After several weeks otldents who have not as yet v --v~ ~ ~ ~ T la;Uw~mu--i~l in . ~' r mrea to r:ght. Girls just don t phone So don't rush things / /schools will play their openers and "will frequently go for the ~ g practice the coaches hope to re~.istered wm be eq . bovs unless they have a spe-[ .-. 1 DAVENPORT Iowa--(NC)--]today Ilong one" Coach Scheck re-[ I. 2g 2;ggnZee' ]have a number who will be able/register. Religion classes Ior cific reason, and certainly not near ~ens ^~i~-,~ }Parental opposition to religious/ The one exeeotion to the Fri-t~orts ] ~Zi: of oodatock/to enter the "Punt, Pass and]high school students in the pun- every night. Your offer to pay I ~ ~,v""'~""~ ,~.a'*~, '""a,~ vocations often stems trom mlS-[day opening schedule- is Boylan l--in" another Friday till Marmi /atoct.St. 7Edwarnst. Edward~at~ern mat Immaculate Con-[ Kick contest sponsored by thetlIc" schools will begin the. first for the calls is generous butl~.~'~'[=:~":'au~2 "~;~2""~ ~,~*~:iunderstanding, a driest told a/eentral Catholic high school of]nn Militnr rlomv n} A ~[ceg~gn (2,ternoonL;~r~ ~t st p i ]Ford Motor company ISunday in October. way out of line. Your mother l2~':~""~' "~:"," ="'~ '"'= ~:lconference here of-vocation di-|Rockford which makes its de-lf~a'ce's-'t~eav~iso-f-()ak"]~awn too'~nl a~t;/no~,o)-.--: .-[ -~-~]~ knows this: and I 11 bet she lS],~,o, ** ,~ m~ * wh~t they rectors, but In varsity competmon, sport- the season for the Marmion Ca- (aUernoon, homec ming2: . . LEGION OF DECENCY LIST . . *.*,~,y o ~.--~ .~* =---~-~ " ' Oct 29--Matin[on at ~I ~=owaro I, arTer- at o thmkm of the phone bill If arents sometlme~ seem h T~ s. " g,lwere talkingabout The shy] P - : . ling the new nickname of t e -Idets. The game will be playedlnoon): " . A call to a person 60 mimsl ,^ :. k ]to oppose vocations it's oecauseltans against Winnebago in Bey-Ion the Cadets' home field Varsi i Nov. 3~St. Edward at Notre Dame ou| - " - - . Ill OII~S I! lOl~lV~ ULIU IJffdllJIUl~ll ~ * - N[~e$ ax~a~ takes more than a few " Is they do not understand the spIr-ter stadium Saturda at 7"30 y " ~'" ' ul b used to lr,Y t coach is Neff Flchtel. t Movies boyssho d e g,Moral Clasuhcatmn 0 d mes . :'itual ioy and contentment that pm The affair is one of four - , " n ]eli me ma[,uas[ nut not leas] OI the open- :'::::::: ::::::::::::::,:::: :::::::::::::::::::::~:~a:~:~:~:~:is:i non. D-ris" l lviy g~r) :rielus ]priests and S~sters have, said!contests against varsity teams[~ .m t.^ ~ ^n ~ ] : ::: : ::.=:::2 [I The following is o moral estimote of mohon mct u,res sh,owmg "Th=~o"i '~ bov whom I know tm ver.y pre~y anQ nave alMsgr. Joseph Erbrick, vocations]for the freshman - sophomorel~:7~'~%,:'~,~L~? =~,;2122%l ~ay xou ~aw,m II inthe Rockford Diocese prepored under thedirectl .r~ t me,~ t' .a,' ,"'~L"~ ,? ~ loveIy ngure, t nave nearu me ldirector of the Dallas-Fort~crew of Coach Ed Callahan ],~ ~. ~.w~u ~ ,J;y~. ,v,~w ;~ THE OBSERVER I Legion of Decency 453 Madison Ave New ~o[k. ZZ: ~.~ w~ x~.o noesn [ go ~o ~lass. ~v,y hovs sav I am lust aor~eous ~ ~l~lgin at uunaee varsky coacfll ~ . .u ~ D .~ r~e.artment of the interna~ ono~ . --~- a ~ - ~, worm mocese. T ' r li co-operanon OT m, ,nu, u, r =,~ ~, gu'l fr)end and I have been try- I don't wear tight clothing sol He s"'ke at St Ambrose col 1. he Aqum Cent al Catho Clat S.t. Edward is Greg True. t [] Federotion of Cotholic Alumnoe. ing to convince him to go but clothes can't be my problem o ~'Y)'~ ~ ","/high school l~uudogs of Freeportt --~~ 1 I --- we haven't succeeded. H i s Is there something wrong withl fli~tn annuai m. eeting will meet the first challengers to[ I,--=~=====~A~=m tl A-I---MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR GENERAl. famiiy has also been trying to me or is it the boys~ I'm 17 o[. west ann lvliowesl aiocesan their Stephenson conference title/ ]] R PUR/ . . . /I PATRONAGE - nd Cas, e " " I aired[ors OI vocanons, r" D rand/ Absent M}nded Professor Gorgo :~a make him go but he still re- Kathy ~ IF Iday when they meet U N IEWS II II -,amp Green H,me an,a c,aua fuses. Could you please help ~, . ~wsgr, ~rDQcK sal.~ .mat par-tat that team's home gridiron. ! [ B[ ~:~m~i~:~:~:~::~::~::~:~:~:~:~:J~:~:~:~N~:~N~I X~aka~am. ~htG~eat Oun,gh? r ne Secret of Monte Cr,sto e" ~nere is no~nlng wrong w~Ln ents must de [augnt It is an non- 1 Althou"h losin" the services ol t l/ ;~!~i~i!ili!!ii'iii~:::::i~i:::::ii ~ii:~ii:i~i~:~i~i/I A Hands on ueel y.uns o, i~anvg o Serengetl Sha I Not Dill me [Igure ou~ SOIIl~ Wilow ~O~ ~ " ' N N r .:i:~:;" .::"":"" "':: i' ':" ":"":: '?":i:i:i " !:'':"""';:::::::::~ Amazing Transparent Nana n a t ; - a boy who appreciates a pretty or and privilege to have children/ ,~ ; ,~ [ W gr ~ ~r ~ I:: D II e Honevm0on Much ne The Seven Wondere of h. h,n t, M,~, ~ d o.feosion. He ~: ~ ' : .~ ~:, ~ ,u,t. . 119 l tt~r e, Cv,~ch D k D~- I ~ ,-n a --e~, ml ~ ~*:::::::::::~::~:::~::~:::~::~;~::::';~:~:~:::::~:~;/I a '.'?~':, -" ~ wa's a Par sh Pr est World oes to a Cathohc school but Schnver says the Bulldogs plan :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .: :: -.:. :: .:. ::::::::::::::::::::::: Bernadette ot Lourdes . Q . g THERE I S N O T H I N G have a duty to create a home at- - ,H Be Dud the Time Barrier Lad,es Man, Snow^Wh.te and the Three ~,y', h~ do snt hke tobe to hold their own this season ~*~:::*,::::: z: :::~:~ :~:~:~:~:~:::~ ~-: "Y ,e The Laat Dawn f d to ~, t. Ma ~ ,n Sun Marian Central Cathohc hi~,h S O ~S ":::: ": :: " " ;:::!:!:::i:{.~ wood Fore.l i:::,/I Cimaron ittle Shepherd ot K,n|- ! Tell Me rr u"'"" " " ~S ~ WRONG with you that cant be mosphere condueive to voca ~ P RTS days 2" school s squad lrom Woodstock B~. Gum b== nan ~eH and Center Sword and the Dragon g ~ corrected quite simply. Just tions," . ~Ji~!J~::i::~;[i[' :;:: ~; .i{;i~::;::~: .i !i::~ .iii:: ::~i!::!~i!::~::~::!J::~i~i~:~i capture That Capsule Little Angel . Sword of Sher ~ don't pay so mucn attennon to"Une of rne sustaining Iaeasl=)~n f~o ~ i~ ~,~;ti=] ~,~o ~,qa=- II~Yl=I( NIgH I A I IU Ill ~:.~:::~~i~~:/1 Cinderfela dora Come jeacner an.d. the ~mracm ~,~ ,~ o ,~.~ ~ ~ .v =,~ ~.; =================================================== ========================================= leenage NUluona re " o I oks " ~::::~:::::::::: ;:.; x :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Cinerama South Seas All. ~Aaster of the World yourself and your .odd o in family hfe he saidought].m~ ~,~,o~ ,o ,o. o I I/ . - /I ders Ten Commandments " " " ' -~-* ~ e- o xu~,-,~- :~+;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:-:.:> ==================================== t C u Do the. pmests or. BrotherSo lnr I'f a pretty, girl overemphasizes, to be r.espect, for the priesthood hint" ~season ~:'dimmed by injuries"" " m :~$:"!!!~$~::ii~[" ,~ ~J ~ ~. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.::.: Dav=d'~:' and Goliath ~iety Ten Who Dared the high school know of yu her rettIness (consciously or and religious life so that chil I WREX--TV hr''ls'nd ; :rP 2s %";o%dMao . " unconsciously) she is a bore. dren will be taught to admire will "-In" Woodstock communit- I I/ HAIVIDLt J '11 . North Thrae Wor s o; Gu,ve, . - ~ P . ' ~ to two regulars, lne hurricanes ~ L.u~,m . /~- Thief of Ba dad The fI lend s attitudeIf they did Dent,st In The Cha r A Nlkkl W,ld Dog of the g they could help ,more man any- Accept your good looks for this way of late." ]hlah m,o +.ooU ' q| D 11-t A "XT /Ir :)le Rex . . Tomboy and,? h.e Champ one. In large scnools a ooy like oif from 2"" o~ ? .~ ~/ /-~ 1 1 P~ rl~l~JZ']kl'q /I Everylhing's Ducky One Hundre l and une~own Lm.e ~,~-~. o what t h e yare, a ~, t,-- held with the game marking the - /I Fabulous WorlP ot Jules Oalmalians ,~r?2 ~,e,ln~k=l~r~r~ons 1; n 1 s occaslonauy ~,ue~ un- or akin - " ' - rn On the uou0m v~,=y u, ,~ ,-,- ~ - God Thank God f m g,Ve e Vo a e to tba Bottom ot noticed and unhel~d because - Fort Hours " first lntra city rivalry between F,del,o Operahon Came Y g ,you attractive and pleasantto y Ith=,fu,o~ohon]~in=m~inr~nnrfREI;PORT- I /J Five Guns to Tombstona Parent Trap, The the.Sea. no one knows of his promem, look at Ask Him to helpyou Ann-nciation A-r,-o -~,~v 12 L"~=7; 2 ~ ~ ;;%'Z 5'^q'L2 ./ - " " /I F[a.min~ Star Passport to China W~Cr~.~e/st ~n,P ,o me I/? IUU ~INUYV rllo r.~t%" ~ e v e 1 o p an aEtracuve aria . The Po ce Dog blory, lna vvm~ .uu. ~. , enteenth Sunday after Pentecost three years ago Hurricane I] 9- ~-~ iI ~" ,4 in i: of Hemelin When The Clock Strokes Er~TS well you might suggest pleasant personality too. This is ~+ .T h A "v'] " TER HARK'S m/~ ~P/~/////~.:~ll r:~,: ;,~ Xs~ s~' i~genPo'fethe Pirates W~ngs of Chance they speak to one of }he teach- more important t ha ngoodenteenthSun?ay a"fter'Pent%cost~ J"~l~in"e'm;no';raZ~;einne~'s form STUDIO STORE I] ~i~r~trr"UwPorieSi~g Gun RQUeStir~ ~f 7nd Ju et WiZa~av el TBoagR~udnadFest ers a counselor or the princl-looks in winning and keeping "" ~:.:iil! ' . St. Mary West Brooklyn---Sev- the nucleus of the Newman Cen- . i !~ ~a:~.~ .:.::i=~:i,~:~:~:~:~:::~:!a:~[| * s ~ ~tnn~/tY 1114 BJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS | .' . enteenth Sunday alter Pentecost. tral Catholic h~gh school s gr*d "'" II " AND ADOLESCENTS al--or to their parish priests, frienas ~t is a necessk in ut- "' ' " o H !:~:~*~:~:~:::~::.;!~:.: ~ :.:~:!~!:~:~:~:~:~:~:!a~:~:~?~:~: ,--, O , xour trlena needs some wise tin boys at ease. ~!:~i!~i:~:i~i~::~!~!~!~:~!!!i~:i~:!!!~:t~:~k.~t~!~{*~i%!:i:::~!~:~i:~:~:!:i:!:!:i:~:!:~:~:i:i::%;:i.~.~ ~:~ :.~: ,~ A rt ]~na g ~ Sales Service Instructiona i !';.'~~~;L~:,d~i~i;i!i!i." 'ii~i~i~;!}i~[| At ant s, the Lost Con- Journey 'to the LOSt[C,ty Sniper $ R,d.e ,~ s ~ noo~ n |= II :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: tinent I: -, : . Trap,~, Te girl was because she was too I Counterplot Operehon Bottleneck Trunk COW end I, The Pey or Die Twenty Ph~s Two Jerry Powers Harvard, Ill. Cleaners & Laundry young. Am I? Thank you very much. Mary Age isn't nearly as important as your parents consent. Some- times parents of college girls turn thumbs down on pa~ama parties. Each parent has his own reason Generally it is the noise and time involved Your father may not think it is neces- sary that you keep the whole household awake an e nt i r e night just to talk and play rec- 65 NORTH AYER STREET WHitney 3-5425 c,s ]!I : Cunningham ,n Service General Auto Repairing Automatic Transmissions For A Quality and LOW COST Diaper Service Call Rockford "Collect" WOodland S-262S I 1312 E. MAIN Phone JU 4-3655 115 INDIANA ST. Phono JU 4-3S81 ST. CHARLES Prescription - Specialists 7-9 E. IAIN ST. Phone JU 4-2385 ST. CHARLES and NDAB LI Plumbing Heating Air{0ndili0ning Call PHONE JUNO 4-4980 or JUNO 4-4981 MODERN PLATING CORPORATION Complete Electroplating Service Authorized to Do Work on Sacred Vessels GENERAL OFFICE AND PLANT 121-129 SO. HANCOCK AVENUE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: ADAMS 2-6139 BRANCH PLANT 2500 N. MAIN STREET I ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS TELEPHONE: WOODLAND 2-6451 ! grrite or Phone Us for Details and stimates ! Religious Articles for The Catholic Home Everything Available At MERCK BOOKSTORE 214 W. Stephenson FREEPORT, ILL. J. H. PATTERSON CO. Established 1886 Lamber and Building Material Fuel, Paint and Hardwar. Telephone ADam. 2-7132 324 Ea.t Stephen~on St. FREEPORT. ILLINOIS FREEPORT BOTTLING CO INC. Ph. ADems 2-5712 -- 641 E. Stephenson FRED J, KULL MODERN COIFFURE STYLING Notice Your Appearance . . Others Do Let Ue Help You To Look Your Beat. Since 1934 14 South Chicogo Avenue COURTEOUS EFFICIENT SERVICE IT'S CAPONE'S FOR PlllA Open Sunday 3 P.M. to Midnight Dial AD 5-SSlS For 108 East Stephenson Carry-Outs ROSARY DEVOTIONS AUTHORIZED RCA VICTOR DEALER for the largest gathering can be held in the quiet privacy of our large, reBtful rooms. BASIL HARTMANN Schwarz Funeral Home TV & APPLIANCES Dial ADorns 2-9611 15 N. Chicogo Ave. FREEPORT SINCE 1928 816 S. GALENA AVENUE B. Leo Schwarz AD 2-9017 FREEPORT, ILL. Glen T. Schworz Deadly Comoaniona Dr, Blood's Coffin Fanny Ferry to Hong Kong Fiercest Heart Frantic General Della Rovere Gidget Goes Hawaiian Gold of the Seven Saints Goliath and the Dragon Great Imposter, The Hand, The Home Is t,e Hero Homicida! Two Rode [ogether Pit and the Pendulum Two Way Stretch Pleasure or His Conl~any Unforgiven Possee from Hel Valley of the Redwood. Vittage of the Damned Raisin In the Sun, A Visit To a Small Planet Rommel's Treasure Wake Me When It's Over Scream ot Fear Walk Like a Dragon Secret of the DeeO Harbor Walking Target Secret of the Purple Reef Weekend With Lulu Secret Partners White Warrior Secret Ways World of Apu Seven Ways from Sundown Young Doctors, The Shadow ot the Cat, The Young Sa~/agea A.111~MORALLY UNOBJECTIONABLE FOR ADULTS Ada End ot Innocence Let No Man Write MY All In A Ntght'a Work Exodus Eoitaph All the Fine Young Facts ot Life Magician' Cannibals Fate of a Man Make Mine Mink Angel Wore Red Fast and Sexy Malage AngrY Silence, The Fever in the B|ood, A Murder, me. Anna's Sin Five Golden Hours Music Box Kid Apartment, fhe Four Fast Guns North to Alaska Armored Command 400 Blows One Plus One Back to the Well French ~lstress Operation Eichmann Best of Everythlna Goliath and the Ber- Our Man it~ Havana Big Deal on Madonna barians Plunderers, The Street Return to Peyton Place Black Orpheus Grass Is Greener Ring of Fire Blast of Silence Great War, The Rocco ano Hill Brothere Breakfast at Tiffany'e Heller in Pink Tights Senechal, The Magmh- By Love Pnssessed cent Captain'a Table Hell is a City Sins of Rachel Cade Career Heroes Die Ynung Soartacus Cash McCall House of Intrlgue Stop Me Before I Kill Chance Meeting Summer and Smoke Claudelle Ingtish Hypnotic Eye Susan Slade College Confidential Idiot Threat Come September Ikiru (Jeo.) Three on a ~pree Couch, The I'm All Right Jack Thunder of Drums Cover Girl Killer Tunes of Glory Cranes are Flying Inherit the Wind Two Women Crimson Kimono I Passe~ For Whlta Unfaithfuls, The Crowded Sky Javhawkere Virgin Spring (Swedish) Dark at the Top ot Key Witness Wolf Laraen the Stair~ League of GentlemenYoung One B~MORALLY OBJECTIONABLE IN PART FOR ALL Angel Baby Hiroshima, Mort Amour Privates Live Of Adam Back Street Jazz Boat and Eve Joker, The Proper Time Big Show, the Last Sunset Psycho Bimbo the Great Leda Purple Noon B/ood end Roses Let's ~ake Love Rat Race Lisette Revolt of the Slaves Breath of Scandal Look in Any Window Right Approacn, The Bride Is Much too Beautiful) Fr. Butterfield 8. Can-Can Carry On, Nur.~e Carthage in Flames Cry for Happy Desire In the Dust Elmer Gantry Enterteiner, The Esther and the King Foxhole in Cairo Girl i~ Room t3 G. I. Blues Go Naked in thl World Goodbye Again Hell to Eternity Her Bridal Night (we,: Herod, The Greet Love and the Frenchwo. Sanctuary man Sex Kittens Go to Love in a Goldfish Bowl College Mad Dog Coil Shakedown Man-Trap Sons and Lovera Mania Splendor in the Gres~ Matter ot Morals Sauao Car Marines, Let's Go Terror of rne fong.~ N~arriage-Go-Round Thunder In Caroline Mary Had A Little Two Faces of Dr, Jeykll Millionairess Two Loves Minotaur Underworld, U.S.A. Misfits, rhe Vice Ra)d Adorable Creatures (French) And God Created Woman Mademoiselle Gobetta (French) Mademoiselle Strlotease Baby Doll (French Bed of Grass (Greek) Magdalena Bed, The (French) Maid in Paris (Fr.) Breathless Marie du Port (French) Cold Wind in August, A Mating Urge Come Dance WithMe (French) (French) Miller's Beautiful Wife Desperate Women, I'heMiss Julia (Swedish; Expresso Bongo Mitsou (Fr.) Green Carnation (was Trials of Oscar Wilde) Morn end Oad Heroes and Sinners Moon Is Blue, The Husband for Anna, A I Am a Camera Naked Night, The Illicit Interlude (Swedish) (Swedish) Karamoia Nana (Fr.) Lady Chatterley's Lover Never o~ Sunday Llane, Jungle Goddess Love Game (French) Night Heaven Fell (Ft.) Love Is MY Profession Oscar Wllde Morgan the Pirate Warrior Emoress, Thl Most Dangerous Men Alive Where the Boys Are Parrish Wild in the Country Pharaoh'a Womai~ World by Night Portrait ot a Mobster World of Suzy Wong Portrait ot a Sinner 20,000 Eyes C---CONDEMNED Lover, the (Frl Please, Mr. Balzac (Ft.) Lover's Return (French) Port ot Desire Pot Bouille (Lovers of Paris) Fr Private Property A Question of Adultery Rosanna Saturday Nlghl end Sunday Morning Savage Eve Sins of the Borgia. (French) Smil es of a Summer Night (Swedish) Sins of Mona Kent 5tella (GreeK) Third Sex Trials of Oscar W=lde Truth, The Wasted Lives and the Births of Twins Woman of Rome tltal.) Passionate Summer fFr -Itel.) SEPARATE CLASSIFICATION IA eeparate Classification le given to certain fJlme which while not moral- ly offensive, rein re some analysis and exDlanotion os o protection to ttl. uninformed against wrong interpretation and false conclusions.) Mertin Luther Caee of Or Leurent Suddenly Last Summer Storm Center Girl of the NightCrowning Experience Anatomy ot Murder Circle of Decention La Dolce Vite Never Take Cendy From Adem and Eve King of Kings A Strenger