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September 15, 1961     The Observer
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September 15, 1961

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i ! [Group Plans t I " /Fashion Show AURORA--"V0yage in I Fash- meanaddresSedservethat bOthhiSmcontes,able ]w rdsSeXes shoUldespeciallyll haVeto eqUala omfuncti nS'Frtendl~ f persons I par'll/Wi{] ~iw:U~be attended~ by presHents WO 54~ ~ ~i ~!J $ . ~i~0?;!:!;~!~!~!~:! ~:~iii~:~ii:::~:i LW |4th St~=.~! [[/j/ CASTELGANDOLOFO Ital '~" ~" I .m lions", the annual card party ~~ ,y--t~--rupe Jonn ~ola ~nousanasI ~- /and style show sponsored by !iiii!iiiiiiiiiiii:: ~ot f pilgrims here that equality of rights of men and women does[ the home and school associa- iii~i:i!ii::ii!;i:::;]iiii] -'-- jtion of Our Lady of Good Coun- i::!iiiiiiii:.!:.ii!::.i:~::~i:ii:!:i ::i:: hereThe Pontiff at his regular weekly audience at this summer villa{ PAGE 6 THE OBSERVER FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1961 ~el parish here, is scheduled i:::~::~::i::~:ii i::i:iii;~i~i:;iiiiii::~:".:iii:::~!ii!! ~/:iiiiiiiiii:iiii~!ii group ~ : - [for the afternoon and evening i::ii}iii:!!ii:ii:::ii~ili!!~!::::" " .::!i!::!iiiiii}ii!:!ii::i::i!i ticipating in a study course on the place of women in the pro-I,of Oct. 11 and the evening of ::::/::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:: .:===:=======:=:=====:==============================: fessional world. The course was sponsored by Milan's CatholicJ ~ ~ $::~+i+ ~:+i+:::::+::+::i+~ +i+i~:::+:+:;:+i+:/:3+i++:::!~!+!+:::: ~i+:::+ ~,~ +:{+i:i+i+i~i:i:!+!+!+i+i+i+i+i+i:i+i:~:i:!:i+i+::++~i++~ ~ /he, 12 University of the Sacred heart ['~[~ ~ ~::~:~i~ ~::::i:::::~iii::iiii::i::i::i:::i::!::i ~ii::~i~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::[~ ~ |'-';~' " .~ !: ::s ~:::~" ~:::~:::~i~:~i:~!i!~!~i~i:::~:::::?.:~i~: :::$':::x~ ~-~!:~::i:i:i:i:!:!:i:!:!:i:!:::i:~:!:i:::i:!i!!i lvlmes lnomas lVleUonouga : :i:!:i:iki!ii:ii:i:i:i:i::i:: In Public Life ~i:: ~:::::::~:::::::~ ~:;:::::! :'~ ~ " i !::! ~; ::.:.::iiii!:::::"" -:::!:i::.:;:!~iii~!i:;;;;$:~;:~.~ .~!;~ i ~~:. . :j~:. .~!~ii~i:i:iiiiii~i;i;iiiiiiiiiiiiii!i!i!i~i:i:i~ and Mrs Stephen Stanoy are "-::i:iii::!iiii!ii~ Pope Johnstated that"the many forms ofspiritual moth- ~-i ~!iiiiii ii!iiii:i:~iiiiii~:!~!~!~!~i~i .::~:i~i~ ~:~: i~;;~!:!~ !}~:!:~}!~iii!ii~i~i!i~iiiiiii!iiiii~iii!}!ii!iii!iiii;ii~ ' h nt h iiiiiiiii dynamic rhythm of technicallerhood." I ~ }~::::i:: i:::.:::::::~j~ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~ii!ii::::~.~: ~ ===:==:======::==============::==:=============:====::==============:==== H! /ers on the committee are . " . !:~:~!:~ :::i:i:~,~:::f~ ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: "~:i:~:~i~:~i:.~$~i~:::~ -~ ~:~::. ~'.::::~i:::::!:~:i:i:i:::i:i:i:!:i?i:i:i:i:i:i:i:i:::!: . and socml evoluhon of the past[ Needs ofFamily [ ~ ~'~.~!~.~ :~:i~ ~i~:/:@~::~:i!i::~i:::i!~:~i/ ~!i~i ~iiii~!:ii~::~i~iiii!i:::i~ ~ [Mmes. Charles Vaughn W~i- 50 years has had the effect of/ Last, the Pope asserted that[ ~ ~ iiiii!~ ~!!:iiii!!~:i::i::iii::iiiiiii~ i~i!ili~~.~'~ ~iiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiii!i~ ~ [liam Keck Jerome Hurd Ro- taking woman outside the home ]"it is always necessary to bear / ~ ~ ~ iiiii!iiiiiiiiii:i:i:i~i~i~:i:i~ :~iiiiiiii:!ii~i~ ~iiiilililiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiliiii~i:ili:i:ii!:i~ ~ ~ lbert Regnier Francis a u d i- ~,~,~,~ ~ ,~.o and placing her in direct con-[well in m in d the particular] ~ ~ lllii:i: !:i:i:ii:i::i:i:i:i:!~:>:i:i!:!:!:!:~ ~ii~!!~:~]ll ~iii!iii!i!:!:!iii!:iiiiiiiii!i:~ii:iii:!:i]:i:i:i~::::::i~:i::!:i: .~i~.~:i:!:i:i~ /gier Lawrence Soboeki Wil- .~'~"-~"~%~;1~"'---~a~';'=~-'^~r*''~ tact with public life needs of the family, which con- ~ ~!!~i::~ i~!!:i:.~i::~:~ ::~!~ ~.~:~: ]fred Lorenz Clarence Wilkin- ~= ~=. A,~.m t ~ r stltutes for woman the m a i n :: :::::::~:~ - : :::::.z~ :::::i son Rudy Peterson Edwa d . ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::!:!~ ~il:~:::~, L 1 n" Jr I Patrick parish, Rochelle, wast t h r e e r~int~ ~nnogrnin~ fhi [center of her activities and in/ ~ ~i~:!i ~:i:i:~:~i~i~ :::::~!/i i:iii ::i:.:. :!~ :~::~ ~ [~!i;i::i!~ii~ ~ii::;!i!~;;i:~!::;:?:!ii::~!~i i~:~ ~!~ /Morrm anct ~nulp ~eu a c~ th -1 t u a hen - which her presence is indispen- ~::::~;~ .:~::~:::::~:~:: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~i~ :~ ~:~:~1~: ~:~:~;::~'~ ':~ Other committee members p omenon. The first was that I / ~ ?i:;:::i:i:i:i ~ili:i:i:i: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ~ :i:i:::!:i:i:i:i:i:::i::~ii ~i~ ~ / women who recently entered a woman's ,~rof~ ~i,~ ",~ +lsaole ~ ~i~::~ ~:ii~'~:::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: : ::: iii::~i ::i i ~::::. ~ :~ ~ ~ii:i:::!i::::i::ii i::::i~/ii:: ~:.~!ii:::: |include Mmes. James Tews, th~ F~n~i ~nn nn~tnl~nev =t rescind r '" ~ Pope John said that, unfor- ~:~.ii.i.i.i .i.!!.::.i :::~i~.~i:i:i::::::::i::i:i::::::::i:i::::::::::::!::::::i:::::.::i ii.i.~.i/.~.i.iiiiii.i:.:-: ~i:~. :::::::::::::::::::::: Richard Villwoek Paul Fran- I Mt.-" "t--'~lar-" onve-nt:"~lin" p f om the :::i:::i:!: i:!:!:!:::i:i:i:i:i:i::i:i:i: :!:i ::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: :::i:~,~ .~:,S. C e e . C - characteristie. with whk-h eh~[tunately, women often m u s t] ~[~[~ii ~:~:~:~:::~ ~:.~!:~:i:~:~::~:~:~ ~:~:;~:::~:~:::::::i:~i:i:::::~:.::~i~i~i~::~::~::::::~i~i~i~i~i~::~i:i~i~: ~:~:::~~ ~ii:::::~::;~;~ ~:~;~;~;~;~: /z e n Nicholas Pauls Donald] t-- Ia Mother Mar,~ Leona ;roEe~l:~ h:s ::t~i: ~:ti' the/lme:V:;h~: h rg:~ ~hewlP ~ :iii!iiiiiii iiiiiii~!ii:iii:ii:ii iiii:::iiiii!iiiiiiii:iiiiiiii;iiii:::i ii!iiii~!:ii:ii~i~i~i~iii~iiiiii~!ii~iiii~:i~ii!iii!iii~i~iii~iiii~i~i~ii!i~i ili!!!i:i!!ii::i!ill ~i~:iiiii~ii!!i!!i Ii:;~!:: AWii~re Di:~!~c:~K?linds ,~i;~:s' s~p~l. rFrg:n:f:lo~f :h! gl~.g "Th,~ C~,~ "hoe ] be paid sufficient wages so that / iiiiiiii i i iii iii i iiil ili iiiiiiii i ::i!i!iiii :iiiiiii iii!!iiii::iiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii a",' ",: Immaculate Conception of the ~" wives and mothers ma a ain ~:? ::~??~ ~:~:~:::~ ~?::~:~~?~:~;:~:#:::::~:::::::~:::::::::::~:::; :~::~~:~: :~: :~ ~:::::~;~ ~?~~:: :.'.'~ ?~~?;:;; [:eth W e a v e r and Edwam e Vir " r " gwen women gifts mchnahons . Y g . :: :~ ~ ~: Bless d gm Ma y, received r "::':::::: ::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::'" :~:~:::;:::::::~:~:~:~:::~:~:~:::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~?~:~:::::~::::~:~::::;: :::~:::::::::::::::::::::::::=::::::::::::::::: :::::: : " '~'~IWalsh the class be pe m~tted .to fill their proper .iii~:~:::i:i~i:ii :i::iiiii:::: .:~ iiiiiiiiiii!ili::iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ii!iiii: !:~,"~ Corn letin t h e committee and natural dispositions which s i!iiiiiiii'ii~ ~ P are specifically the,rs and are place"m the'r h mes" ] [~i ~i~!:i!ii~:: -- :: i;::!:: i!i!ili!i!::i::i::i::i:i:i:i:i:: iii: ::: i: :: i::ii iii :: ::i:: ::! i::~:::~i :i::i::: i i:! ::: ! :~ iii~iii:!~!:!~i! iiiiii!i ;;i:~iiii: : are" Mmes g Eugene Abel Le- "" ' ~ k Mr M" ~eed New Solutions : |::::!::::!:: : ~::::~::::::::::i::~:~ii:.i ~::::~::::::.~:. i~:.i~ ~: *:~ ~ :.::~ ~::~ :~ ~naries top e; uu~w, s . dlffer,ent from t hose given Th . . ~i!i~iii~ ik i~i~ii!:iliiiii:::!: iiii:~iiii!iiiiiiiii:! iiii!ii~iiii:iiii~iii:ii!i~ :::::~ii:iii:ii:' . .ii:i:i:iiiii:~i:iii:iiiiii: i!i~i~i!~!~!iil :ii~: Roy S c h r a m ~- r, Raymond . . men I e Pope concluded h,s talkl ~ ~ ~ ~:~ ,::::t Daughtery-sp,r,tual develop-. :::::':"" :::::::::::::::: ~!:~::~i ::::::::::i:: :i:i:;::::i:!:!:i:i:!:!:!:i::i:!:;:~:~:!:: i:i:i:i:i:i:i:!:i:i:::!:i:!:~:::!:i:i:i::$::~::::::::::: :.:.:.::::::::::::: -. " .:~:::::::::::.".:~: :::::i:: ueu~scn Wltllam rroosL, ~u- ' . . -- [by saying that because the pr,~s- ] [~it i~:!~i:!!ili~!!i !~:~:~i:::!~!~!:!:!!!~i ~!i~!~!:~i!!i!ili!iii:i!iii!iiiiiii!i:i!::i!~i:i:iii:il ~!~,~,i:::i:!:i:i:i:i,i:i:i:i:i:iii!~ii:~ ~:.~i~i!i! ~::~! ~!~!~!;~i~!:i ~!~!!,~ ' ment and leg~s]ahon, Mrs. E. uiversit of Function . " ::::~,'." :::::~:::::::~:~ ::~:::~:~:~:~:::~:~:~:~:~:~:~: :~:~:~:~:~:~. .~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~: :::~:~:~::~:::~;~:~:~:~:~:~:~:::~:::~:~::~:: ~:::~:~:~~:~*~:~:~:::::~:~:::?.:? ::::~::. win woo~rac~, ,~em D ~ ~, . . . Y lent day social structure leaves [ ~ : :!:!:i: :~::~:i::,::::~:!:;:~:::i::: ~:i:i~i i! i::i::::::i:~:i:!:i::i:i:::i:!:::i:i:i:i:i:i:::: ~::i::~ n Lort:e" orgamzahon and devel- H " ' ::~: .! i:i;!:i:!i!i~iii iii~i:i:!:!~:!ii:i:~:;:~:~:~: ~<~! :!:!:~:!::. .!:!:i:i:i:~:~:!:!:i::i:!:~:~::!:i::i:i:::!: :i:i::::i::i:!:!:!:!:i:i:i:i:i:::i:i:!:i:i:i:i:i:i:;:i:~ :!:i:i:::::::::: ~:~i:i:i: ,xtalpn ~cnramer, oonn z~auma ' . . : e stud that to fail to d~stm-[much to be deared m terms ofI ~ii :~:~ ~i:~i~::i::::ii ~i:::::~i::~i~::~i~ii~i~i~::~:::::~::~ii~i~i~i~::~i:::i:i~i i:ii~i~:::::::~::~i~i~i~i~:~:~:~ ii::::iii:: ~!][ ~ ~ ~,T,~h,~U~ VI,~U opment Mrs. O. Fmld, hbrary, guish this "diversity between]working women, it is urgent] I~i~i :::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::!:::~:::::::!:::!:::::::::::::::: ~!:::::::::::i:!:::::::i!:i:i:i:i:i::::::!:i:i:i:i:i::::i:i:i:i:i:i:i:i:i: 'ii::i::i:::i::.i:ii!i::ii:ii!i:iii::ii:i:i:!:::::::i::! ~i~.~:~i~.~:~.~:~i~::~:::::i~:~i:~ i::::~i~ "~ ""~'~'."~.~"~'~.;~'~ ~ o~ Mrs F. Johnson sewing, Mrs. the respective functi~ons of men "to seek new solutions so,as to ~:::: ::::::i:::::::::::::i i:i::::i::::::::::::::::::::::::.::::::: .i::~i~:~:~:~:~:::i~:::|~:~::~|~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~.~:~i~i::~::.~ :::::::::::-::::::::::::: ::~:::|:::: .~'~ ~ th E. Anderson member of the and women, as well as their ne-[acheve an order and balance[ ~i ~:~:~ :::~:~ i~:~i~;~::~:~::~ ~: ~:~:::~:~:~:~:~:: ~:~:~:~::: :~i~ ,~ c,~,~,~ ~I h, governing board Mrs. R. Mc- . - .::::: :::::::::::::::: :~:::::~:::~:~:~:~:~:::::::~:~: : :~:~:::::::~:~:~:~ ::~:~:~:::~:~:~:;:::~:~?~:~:~:::::::::::::: ::::::::::::~::~:~:::~::::~:::::::~:~:~:~:::~,~:~:~:: ::::::~:::~:::~: ::~::::::::~: th~uugh the courtesy of e . c es s a r y complementarmess, ]more suitable to the human and ] ~iii :::::::~:~:::~:~: :~::~:~:~:~:~i::~ !:~i:~:~:~:;~;~:~::i~:~::~:~ i~::~:~i~!~:i~:.~i~::~i~::~::::.~ :?::~!:: ~i~ h,~ ~n,q th, ~lothes Gallerv [ Mfllan. would be to go against nature[Christian dignity of women." J I I~~ and would result in debasing] At the same time the Pope[ ENTER FRANCISCAN NOVITIATE -- Three of these eight I the name of Sister M Annette; Marcia McCaughey, Quincy, /~wr 9 [:3 ~ ~ ill~a~ ~rzr alllmn*-~a woman and destroying the true/asserted that Catholic women[ Brides of Christ who entered Mt. Alverno novitiate in Peoria] Sister Bredan; Barbara Bunch Aurora, Colo, Sister Daniel; /women S oeletyI y foundation of her d~gmty. [must take part m the develop-J recently are from Rockford. The girls, after making an eight- and Sylvta Bruscato, Rockford, Sister Joseph; and (Second [ ~r~ ~ ]~k/[,~,~th~, ][)l,-,~,~,] Secondly, the Pope warned ment of the social and civil life [ day retreat, donned the habit of the Sisters of the Order of St. row, 1. to r.) Mary Woodshank, Peru, Sister Marie Cordis; [ De. ms eason ~--,~u that one should never lose sight of today, and that their duties in,Francis in ceremonies at St. Francis hospital chapel in Peoria. [ Mary F. Titone, Rockford, Sister Marie Therese; Phyllis De- [ r~v~c+^~ LAKE Tuesda, [ ROCKFORD -- Mmes. Ro- of the maternal nature of wom. lthese fields are not "as in tho [ Conducting the ceremonies was the Most Rev. J. B. Franz, I Salvo Pueblo, Colo Sister Terrenee and Pauline Amundson, / ,~o~,~ "-- ~. ~'l~er~ w e 1 ~ h and R,~e~ en. In giving work to a woman, [past, confined within the narrow [ bishop f that diOeese.r ti Shown in their gowns before the reeep-[ Rockford, Sister Peter. /Sept" 19' the "~x~ar anth:~ksa:: Monahan are co hostesses for'asoc:ety of St Thom s p[ he said, it is necessarythat a:e~e:: ~nflYlainfeis.neWOmen, on are: (F,rst row, I. to r~) Ann Shea, Peoria, who will take tle parish will hold its firs tlmeeting of the.~Rockford chap- she iinos in tne exercise oi nerl,o .or/ / :-- ~ "~" 1%1 62 -.ear Re Iter oi ttosary ~=o~zege ,~mmnae profession a means for develo - social progress, especially in all ' ~-r~ r [ ,~,~==,~n==,~=~ [~.~u,~ u~ .~,~ ~-~ ~ " -[ lin the Welsh home Sent. 27 at ingeverfurtheramaternalsp~- these fields that require sensi lDCCW Deanery [Serve Falrgoers ]W ,IIF .%ore I p.m. = , ~t He sald women best employ tvty dehcacy andmaternalm-| [ [ I ~ g] $ I I ! ~[o ~ h;,~ +~ ~-~ i]l~ The Rev David Rock ass,s- . ' ~1. ~u~---U~b)--rarlsnlon- ,~ w ' their natural talents in suchltum n. IODen lffeetm z I ! 1 I I/I ] .].12 ~[ad:ourn to the all-urpose room{tant pastor at St. Peter parish . . = u ers Ol ~. oonn me ~vangeilst g/t/~q4(~gg~ ~ ~ J -v " ak r fields as teaching and socmlwel- ~ /,~r~ [ I J[J~l~c~eo~, ell ~ ~ [for the installation of the new'here, is guest spe e . fare and in the reli"ious andI'1~ a ~ /zlt I~'~n,a~f ]church, Little Canada again[ / I ~- ~$| I z~ L#.L/~L/ t~V ' . OlIlcers. Iney are: Mrs. rtoDer[ apostolic spheres, "thus trans-[ l e ln 3fluare r ]staffed a snack stand and din- ~f,t?l~ ~r~s~ I nrosident. Mrs Norbert/I ~ - ] 1 FREEPORT An open meet kJ~, ~c, ~.;#tt~ forming their occupations into]-r~ ~ /. . -- -. "ling h a 11 at Minnesota's 10{~h] .y { ~MeOV- ross ~udi,h A. o,en~heime]Jacob, vice president; Mrs. l[ uencer s I ~]U~:~I'~[~ ~'~I~Q ling of the Freeport Dmcesan[state fair. [ ROCKFORD -- The Women's]~drcJ,a~u,Ek a~ay~es ,n St. Patnek[Frank Novak, secretary; and[l 1 ] nlllola [ ~.-,~ [Council of Catholic Women willi It marked the eighth ye a r[Catholic Order of Foresters. l ~UaOR~ -- ~iss Sharon Marie Straka[Mrs. Daniel Strelcheck, treas-l~ 312 LOCUST ST. l ~l~Vi~ AURORA--S ua I and Dona d E Poss In St Joseph church I q re dancing in|be held Sunday, Sept. 17, at 2~members of the parish have[Court 674, are planning a lunch-[sept 9 " - '{urer. The Very Rev. Burwe.ll eT~ltLlUa IU ] A r " " " ~ == "~# ==* ~[ u ora and the surrounding area|n m in St Mary hall The Rev served fairgoers in a dining hall~eon and style show Wednesday, ross viola R d John A Jurge on.]E. Beddoes, V. F pastor, will[I I "1 ~ J - |will start with a series of easy[~'rthur j "O'Neill pastor of St"land lunch counter They. aver-~Oct 4 at 12-30 pm. at Sweden[is;~StN~iChaet church, Sept. 2. [continue as chaplain of the so-I| CardsI 1," ' ' " " . . ~ -- Miss Judy Morris and Wil- 1 """: : :,v~*y I/evel dances Saturday, Sept. 16 ]Thomas Aauinas narish, Free-lade $13000 profit at each fair. {House. Mrs. Robert Klein, eh:ef[ m i, s Patrick church, ~u~.]c,ety. /I t I 7 " " /at Holy Angels school All adult]r~t ~,~ ~,~'~,~- ^~;+.~ ~[ ' ]ranger announces that the co-[26' I Chairwomen and co=chairwo-/| "='='==" I v----, ~,m~ ~u.~ ~, ~" ~ ' . DURANO -- ~iss Sharon Ann Cronk men for the fiscal ear are Handbogs 1 DIXON NATI ON AL BANK l[and, teenage, couples interested]Tl41~, n~R~RV~R, will ~r~kr on[ [chairmen for the affair ar e]and Richard F. Fenske in St. y. :/I I m learning some of the basic "The Why and HOW of Catholic ~'~ew (~lub Meets Mmes. Anthony Castriogiovani church Aug. 26. program, Mrs. L. Swhla, Mrs. Unusual Gifts I " BUITING" I/figures are invited to attend. IAction.''" m.--~, Iand w:lham McKeever''. lard Lloyd in St. Joseph church, Sept. 2. IW. O~Ne~ ;, ways and l~ea s,]IELGIN -- ~iss Caro! $chultz a~d Rich- 'ill n Decorative Items I -, LZ~/VlV/L,U ~ 1he Bewly or- FREEPORT -- ~iss Sandra Kay Bowen Mrs. IVl. uanm Mrs. a. ~cnwer- 1 lr--=l ll l| These .First N:ghter square [ Plans for the DCCW conven-[.anized St Anne Discussion[ Other women working on theland vk# Enge,s i, S Joseph ehureh,/ -hn*? hfl~nfh Mr~ ,ona, ,a Goods I K~ ~| I l/dances will be designed for be-ltion which will be held Sunday, Is " Ifall event are: Mmes. Guy F or-lsept 2. /~';--'~,~' ~- T~","'-~L--'/1 I ' . ClUD OI bt.lvtary parlsn nere n ari R rl Za Miss Mar Louise Murray and Fred- r~iKenDerry; memDersnip, tvlrs ! |~=-|a seu'~=-=- /ginning dancers and those who[Oct. 8, at Aqum Central Catho-[held its first meetin" a" thelenza' Leo ard Segn,e o .'[crick H. Ell'is, Jr ,n S~. ~an, ehurch,[ I~l=i|~=~U [have not danced for some time Ilic high school Will be dis-[ s .~. [vagnin, Peter GracelIa, Flail- I Sept. 2. |1 t . . " ' nome oI Mrs. arnoto lvlc~auley " f o GALENA -- Miss Julain J Morley and I AUii'HL I l|The dance series will be held the Icussed The Freeport deanery] ' Ihp Emordeno, AntomeLeSe .-I re*r V o.t :. o, ~, II I h'r ~ teaaer oz [ne new group ~ls- 11 J h T ri i n P se t ~ 1 ----:.5-'---== = " l|t ~ d Saturday of each month Iwill act as host deanery at thel 2 ]a a, osep u c a o, eteri P- .|1 R/I N I; ~ I 1 VtlO21E~ OFC. AT 2.8174 ||is bein~ snon~nrgd hv f~::|~,~o,nul ~,-n,enqon jcuss!on was a~out ~ne unr]sL-iGraceffa and Theodore In~ras-I HAMPSHIRE -- M. Carol Jean Reisertl i~,L. 1 m. ~ I ~ ~" ~.~n~ lI "~ -'-- ~ "=/"" . ]ian Altar " The next meetin~rl . -- land George T. Hicks in St. Charles Bor-~l 1 m - m~aitarand~osary society of Holy ! Committee reports setting tnel i =Is]a, dr. Iremeo church, Aug. 26. [I ' YOUR FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE I ~|Angels church ]goals for convention participa-]W~l{~e ne~ ~ep~,; ~a~ ~ne nor e] Fall and winter fashions from]. ~O~RR~SON~MiSs Deborah^An.n Wilson ][ ~ " I ~l~{tion will be given by all com-] ~.~wrs" harry l~eeie. ~v, rs, xtOV]Mary DeFay wiU be modeled, ~e~t.'~ '1 s ,~ I[| I~mittees. There wiU also be dis-]anct ~gan ~S secretarY, land Mrs. Vincent LaLoggia wiU]R OhO~ei~e~rSeE~ean0rstG.e~endan~ruracahd' [ See Our Se[eeh0n 0t [ I,:/t H I ! I 7~ iil I|plays on committees and pro-[ [serve as narrator. Tickets arelAug, 24. " '[I }bw hli fldhiM ~nr | I ~ ~XIJULI.~I.Z U I|l V ~ I I .1( INects Iport deanery, will conduct the/available to members only untill Miss Noralee M. mfed and B y A :1 "'-- "" "''"'"S "" I --.Z. aX.L~LJ J " . m . . . Gray in St. Mary church, Sept. 2. ' , I - I]1 " I1 A board meeting at 1:30 wfll[ eetmgs; Every woman m ev-lSept. 2O when they will be onI ,oeK~O,D -- ross Agnes A Stewart][ Every Member of lhe Famdy ] I cclrtt; oaop inc. Ill f'I l~r~I~[|]l~]l~Q I/nrecede the ooen meeting, and/Cry parisn of the deanery Is in-|sale to the public, la.~ George L. Peterson in St." Edward!l 1 x.--uxJxxxxx~xto ~ - -" vited to attend cnurch, Aug. 12. I ill --.- w l/ 1 I MiSS Jeann,ne L S,cofle and James B II s u.G DiXO. I I il' m~of affiliates, deanery officers/~|'~T~"~'~W ~/l[~a~'~c~. [~a,s,on in St. James Pro-Cathedral, se.t. il I na ~elngerator$ .t ~.~,K~ .L 1~L~lllJ[~LAL , and committee chmrmen Miss AV A I" rl{I & oy,' me= I] Kathleen M, Swanson and J.m,:| $ E TIM[ S VE STEPS SAVE MONEY I I Co = & III "': " [[Lena Doll, president of the Free-lOne hundred years [ WASHINGTON i, s James Pro-Cethedra,[| | I Ro ; - Ill I/~l t lk" k . molic women living on a military| Miss Judith A Vince and Richard D I "' ~ " ": III AT 2-6513 IlllW JJ~M~lJ I /bas*" on +h ;~I~,A ,~f rib; ]Mantello in St. Xnthony church, Sept. 9:1~|~ ONE: AT 4.0011 "~ ~IUN, our service. ' Miss Norma A Schmidt and William H I ~,%',~T': ': li t/l~ Jy ]are members of the rlewest affil- ]Gernon in St. Ja'mesPro.Cathedral Sept'[[ U~J[~JJ~Illi J~lll~jmrDJJJlm J]J J I III 112 Fir. St DixonIll .=o P M j" Jiated organizations in the Na-[9'~iss Judith Ann Jencen and Charles A !1 "'"'"" "'"'"" III I I v- lil ~ ||ll~:.' "~ " le, re you planning an ad pro-Jtional Council of Catholic Wom-IFarrell in St. Peter church, Sept. 9. '[I III f ---I t- I Mis t~tectrtcal t, ontracttn wmt.nt [gram booklet, a membership di-[en. . i ~ Mis~kas,DeRo~2' 2~d eRa~pb D. I t~tectrtcat Lontractm$ I I L I ~1~~-/i~l~~ [rectory for your organization.] The Okmawa Council of Cath-I ~,s ~arc,a Ann Novak end Job. *.ll III I I mu, u u e M I ~|l~~ Chnnnel /an anniversary souvenir book |olic Women is the newest mem-iVi~=e~n st. Peter church, Aug. 26. II ~ - ~ I I I 'i:b. . LING -- Miss Marie R. Gartner I =u I~lIK D ~nur IIII ~ithoutObli~atio. [[l~ 1~ | ]ber organization directly affill-[and Joseph E Henry in St Mary church II ( u~r/'le r ) III I ] -:::~::;:::::,~uhau axmua~ report, a tlnaa. Sept 2 ' " ' " " ' " ~|11 WRITE OR PHfiNE II/l~~ .I / [ated with the Military Council,[ ' ' II I[[ ,"Sterling's Leadin$ I I IIII II|l Jcia] report, a house organ, aJ,;+h ,~n ~ ~ [. ,FORT, L&qDERDALE~ FLA. -- ~issll I/i' . o : I iHi .~. *-.~.t~ II/l~i t 1--" = =a~,qua~.a s.~u~-/~fizaoem J. ~.rin}gan ana ~